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Nigeria @ 60: I can’t wish anyone happy independence – Yul Edochie spills


Veteran Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has shared quite a deep and heartwarming message to celebrate Nigeria at 60.

The actor via his Twitter handle wrote about the plights Nigeria faces as a country and expressed displeasure about the current state of things in the country. According to him, he can’t wish anyone happy independence when people are not happy with the state of the country

I cannot wish anyone happy independence when my people are not happy.
What are we celebrating?
Fuel price increase? Electricity tariff hike? Hardship? Bad roads? Killings everywhere?
Jobless youths turned beggars?
The list is endless.
Speak the truth.
Nigerians are suffering.


There is more to Ibidunni Ighodalo’s demise – Yul alleged


Coming after the sad passing of everyone’s favorite and former beauty queen, Ibidun Ajayi Ighodalo, popular Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has taken to social media to air out his opinion.

Yul who noted that he has never met her in person before, he opined that there is more to her death than cardiac arrest.

Taking to his Instagram page, he wrote:

“Why do I feel there’s more to her death than the cardiac arrest story?
I never met her but watching her videos brought tears to my eyes.
She was so full of life, full of love for humanity.


If your life was taken by someone, may suffering and painful death befall that person.
They shall know no peace till they are gone.

Ibidun died in her hotel room days ago in Port-harcourt, reportedly of cardiac arrest.

She has since been laid to rest. May her Gentle soul rest in perfect peace, amen.



COVID-19: PMB should give Nigerians N50,000 each – Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie have beckoned on Nigeria’s President, Muhammad Buhari, to give out at least 50,000 naira each to all Nigerians to aid them during the Coronavirus lockdown.

“Dear President @MBuhari Pls provide an economic relief package for Nigerians, even if it’s 50k each, it will go a long way.People are hungry, locked down with no money, begging left, right & centre.With the situation like this, it’ll be difficult to keep people at home”, Yul Edochie wrote.

This is coming after President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the nation on the wild spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria, announced complete lockdown in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun for the next two weeks.

The measure, he said is to contain the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), said to have been linked to persons who have travelled from these centres.
Buhari said inter state and intercity movements are restricted to prevent further spread.


COVID-19: God save us – Yul Edochie.

Yul Edochie, Nollywood actor, says Nigeria lacks the capacity required to contain the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The 38-year-old filmstar disclosed this in a tweet on Tuesday, just after Nigeria had recorded it’s first death from the zonotic disease.

While describing the virus as a plague and stating that the whole world is in a mess, Edochie prayed that God saves the country from the pandemic.

“God, please save us from this coronavirus pandemic. The whole world is in chaos. Our country does not have the capacity to contain it,” he wrote.

“We look to you Father in heaven, our creator, please be merciful, look upon us with pity and take this plague away.”

Nigeria has recorded nearly 40 coronavirus cases spread across six states while the global death toll has exceeded 16,500, with over 380,000 infected in more than 170 countries.

The federal and state governments in Nigeria had, as a result, put measures in place to prevent a further spread of the virus.

Such includes travel bans, suspension of long-scheduled events, closure of educational institutions, and restriction of large gatherings.

But some of these directives, particularly involving the ban on large gatherings, have been ignored by some religious leaders.


Why I didn’t kneel to propose to my wife – Yul Edochie

Veteran actor, Pete Edochie’s son, Yul has opened up on his stand on men who kneel down to propose marriage to women.

According to Yul, he didn’t kneel to propose to his wife after all.

“I didn’t kneel because I didn’t have to. My wife didn’t ask me to kneel and propose to her. I got married many years ago, 2004 or so. But I will tell you what I think about kneeling to propose.To an extent, my father is right. It is not our culture. It is foreign.

“But it is actually no big deal. It is not that serious. Whether you kneel or lie down to propose, the woman who would leave you, would. The one who won’t respect you, won’t respect you. The one who would love you, respect you and stick with you, will surly do regardless of how you proposed.

“My father is 73 years ago, much respect to him, but you see, he is speaking from his own era. He lives in that time when they don’t need to kneel to propose,” he said.

Recall that last week, a video surfaced online in which Pete Edochie insisted that men who kneel to propose were idiots and foolish.

He said, “Any young man who gets down on his knees to propose to a girl is not just an idiot, he is a bloody fool. The reason I am saying this is simple– we try to copy white people.

“The white man kneels down to propose to a girl. You know what it means? The girl takes over the family. That is why whenever a man disagrees with his wife overseas, he would be kicked out and his wife would take over the house.

“If you call that civilization; it is alright. Kneel down before your wife and I would sympathise with you when she takes over the home.”


Why Nollywood will continue to do Juju film – Yul replies Fashola

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has reacted to the statement made by Babatunde Fashola, the Minister of Works and Housing. The former governor of Lagos State said that Nollywood movies could be fueling kidnapping and ritual killings given the number of persons the police have arrested with human skull and other body parts, with the motive of money ritual.

Yul Edochie had a different view and according to the Anambra State born actor, he is not in support of filmmakers banning such movies because he believes it is all about entertainment and it ends there.

Insecurities: Nollywood movies promoting money rituals – Fashola


Yul Edochie: Wives should not submit to slavery

Actor, Yul Edochie took to Twitter and Instagram to share his opinion about marriage and how progress can be achieved in a home.

He wrote:

“The man is the head of the home. That’s certain.
But women should be seen as partners not people that must be controlled.

If you have a good woman, involve her in ur business, seek her opinion on different issues, believe me you’ll be amazed at your progress.
Women get power oo!”


Now that I’m wiser – It’s best for Catholic priests to get married – Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie shared his thoughts on Catholic Priests and celibacy which in the last few months has ignited an online controversy.

According to Nollywood actor, he believes it’s best for Catholic priests to be allowed to get married. Yul Edochie who asked not be questioned, said his thoughts came from getting older and wiser.