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BBNaija: Vee blasts Ka3na over her comment on #EndSARs protest.


According to Ka3na, following the recent arrest, it is hoped that Nigerian youths will put an end to the protest.

Former Big Brother Naija Housemate Vee dragged her colleague, Ka3na Jones, following a controversial tweet on the #EndSars protester after their arrest on Saturday morning.

Ka3na had faulted many Nigerians embarking on the #OccupyLekki tollgate protest, saying it is the least of Nigeria’s problem.


According to Ka3na, following the recent arrest, it is hoped that Nigerian youths will put an end to the protest.

While urging Nigerian youths to trade with caution, the reality TV star warned they people should not start what they cannot finish.

Reacting to the post, Vee dragged Ka3na as she question when she will stop clout chasing.

Vee also recalled that people died during the #EndSars protest at the lekki tollgate on 20th October 2020.


Ka3na wrote: Hopefully This Time Y’all Will End What You’ve Started
Remember So Many Innocent Lives Were Lost For This Very Course In 2020…
Let’s Not Start What We Can’t FinishPouting face
2021 Is Going So Well Let’s All Trade With Caution.

EndSARS #peacefulprotest

Vee replied: Give it a rest man. Release yourself from the bondage of clout for one day. peole have died ffs.



BBNaija’5: Nengi, Vee reveal why no one else will win but Laycon.


Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates, Nengi, and Vee on Friday predicted that rapper and fans favourite, Laycon will emerge winner of the grand prize of the show on Sunday (today).

In their separate diary session, Big Brother posed the question about who they think will emerge the winner of the show aside themselves.

Nengi said her reason for tipping Laycon was because aside from being a great guy and intelligent, his songs were enjoying massive airplay with DJs of their Saturday night parties and were a testament that he has lots of fans.


Corroborating her, Vee said she felt Laycon’s intelligence and his foresight on his career makes him a good candidate for the grand prize, saying it would please her if he emerges winner.

“He is real, he is intelligent and he wants the best for people and out of everyone, he has a strong plan of what he wants to do with the money. He deserves the money aside myself and if he wins I will be very happy,” Vee said.

Laycon on his part tipped Dorathy to win the star prize. He said her aura and attitude have placed her as a favourite adding that she is a likeable person.

Neo on his part tipped Nengi to win the prestigious prize if he fails to claim it.


Reacting to Biggie’s question, Neo said that Nengi will win the Reality Show due to her beauty and down to earth attitude.

Dorathy on her part, fancied Neo to win, adding that aside been a people person, his journey in the house has been smooth.

“I’m leaning towards Neo, I see him as an energetic person. I feel he has been lucky throughout the show. He is quite a people person,” she said.

On Sunday, the BBNaija reality show will come to a close as the ultimate winner will be announced for the grand prize of N85m, a breakdown of which includes N30million cash, a brand new SUV from Innoson Motors, a trip to Dublin, a trip to Dubai, plus other mouthwatering prizes


BBNaija’5: Video of Neo washing Vee’s panties trigger funny reactions.


Nigerians expressed their outrage over a video of Big Brother housemate Neo was spotted washing fellow housemate’s Vee‘s panties.

During the week, Neo and Vee settled their differences and decided to support one another with house chores respectively, thus the reason for washing her panties.

Nigerians have taken to social media, however, to ridicule Neo after he demeaned himself on National Television to wash Vee’s panties.


BBNaija’5: Nengi, Laycon, Kiddwaya, 3 Others up for possible eviction.


Big Brother, BBNaija 2020 housemates, Trikytee, Nengi, Kiddwaya Laycon, and Lucy have been put up for possible eviction by other housemates.

The organizers of the show had announced last week that they have decided to go back to the previous way of nominating housemates who would be up for eviction.

Following the development, after the Arena games on Monday, the housemates were called individually into the diary room to nominate the housemate they want up for possible eviction.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that Wathoni, Brighto and Tolanibaj were evicted yesterday.


However, after the nominations, Laycon, Trikytee, Lucy , Kiddwaya and Nengi got the highest nominations.

This is how the housemates voted.

Dorothy- Laycon, Vee

Nengi – Lucy, Laycon

Laycon – Lucy, Trikytee

Kiddwaya – Trikytee, Lucy

Trikytee – Lucy, Laycon

Ozo – Kiddwaya, Lucy

Vee – Trikytee, Dorothy

Prince – Nengi, Ozo

Erica – Vee, Laycon

Neo – Kiddwaya, Lucy


BBNaija’5: Neo dumps Vee.


Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate, Neo on Saturday night revealed he’s no longer interested in the relationship between him and Vee.

The disagreement started over an argument about food.

After the Saturday night party, Ozo approached Neo to settle the fight with Vee. However, during the discussion, Neo flared up and said he is no longer interested in the relationship.

“I don’t have any other focus aside from the fans that brought me here and I’ll keep it that way henceforth. I don’t have the energy for someone to be feeling so important. The reason for the fight is so dumb, about food.” Neo told fellow housemate, Ozo.

He continued

“I tried to hustle food for her to eat since she had stomach pains but then Brighto made Semo instead of Poundo Yam and that’s how she got angry. Sometimes I think if Vee is a 5year old.


“I was awake the whole night checking on her to know if she’s not in pain. I put her in front and let her know I’ll look out for her. I’m not doing again henceforth, she does not know the kind of person I am”.

NRM learnt that Vee earlier asked Neo to be scared as she has not seen her period in the BBNaija house.

The lovebirds were having a chat on pregnancy and menstrual cycles in the kitchen when Neo suddenly made a pregnancy gesture.

In response, an agitated Vee threatened to f**k him up and told him to be scared instead of making a joke out of the issue.
“you should be scared idiot” She said.


BBNaija’5: Vee lucky to have escape eviction – Praise leaves.


Sensational dancer and Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate, Praise has been evicted from the show while Vee was saved by the housemates.

This comes after they were both among the housemates with lowest votes.

Noble Reporters Media earlier learnt that Vee, Praise, Wathoni and Trikytee were up for possible eviction today.

The other housemates were informed to kick out who they want to be evicted.


BBNaija’5: I saw Brighto get married to Kaisha in my dream – Vee


Vee has revealed that she had a dream in which she saw Brighto get married to Kaisha who has been evicted from the ongoing BBNaija reality TV show.

Vee disclosed this during a discussion with Brighto about Kaisha who he was close to before her eviction.

Vee: “I saw you in my dream, you were marrying Kaisha.”

Brighto responding said: “God’s plan.”

Vee is not the only one having dreams about Brighto who is yet to find a girl in the BBNaija house.


Erica today revealed that she saw Brighto in her dreams and that he likes her.

Erica said, “Brighto I had a dream about you. In the dream you were telling me that you have feelings for

“I knew it. I knew it. I know you are trying to hide it but I see the way you look at me. I’m serious.

“I see the way you look at me. I see the way Brighto looks at me.”


BBNaija’5: Neo & Vee’s advise to Laycon after Erica chooses Kiddwaya over him


Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates, Neo and Vee have advised Laycon who appears to be emotionally down to move on after Erica completely ignored him for Kiddwaya.

Noble Reporters Media earlier reported that Erica ignored Laycon and chose Kiddwaya as her deputy.

The model who was the person to get the highest number in the puzzle within a short period of time. Being the 3rd female housemate to become the head of house, Erica has made many BBNaija fans proud.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that few days ago, the 26 year old during a conversation with Ozo and Dorathy, mentioned that it would be dangerous to choose her lover, Kiddwaya as her Deputy Head of House. Her reason was that she is afraid the privacy they will get as Head of house and deputy head of house , might be an opportunity for her and Kiddwaya to get intimate.

Laycon on the other hand has a crush on Erica. He appeared hurt over her decision.

Vee and Neo begged him to ignore her, move on and face the game.


BBNaija’5: Moment Neo & Vee won Big Brother’s heart with their circus skills | Video


Big brother was delighted with the performance of Vee and her boyfriend Neo during their circus wager task last night.

The couple was in their beast mode especially Vee who promised biggie in the diary room that the special talent she will showcase is for his eyes only.

As promised, she delivered without any mistake and was rewarded for it.

Neo on the other hand did not disappoint.

Video here:

Watch video here


BBNaija’5: Neo shower praises on Vee


Neo seems to be in high spirit this morning as he was spotted praising and admiring his girlfriend, Vee while she went about her morning chores.

As big brother ordered them to clean the house after they cheated in a game task, Vee hurriedly went to her plot right after leaving the arena.

While cleaning, Neo stood still admiring and praising her for her magnificent beauty and ability to do house chores effortlessly.


While showering her with praises, he said:

Neo: shenke’s Wettin you chop when you fine like this ?????

Vee: the blood of Jesus

Neo: God use 21days create you..as e they carry you, e put you for fridge, continue the next day.


BBNaija’5: “I won’t stress myself” – Vee tells Lilo | Video


Vee has threatened to quit her entanglement with Neo should he continue to keep to himself and not tell her what his problem with.

Last night in biggie’s house we saw trouble in the homes of the real husbands and wives of big brother Naija lockdown season 5. Lilo sees Eric as a distraction and wishes to free herself from her, her friend Vee has also threatened to do likewise.

The two ladies spoke about their entanglement with their fellow male housemates, Eric and Neo respectively. Vee seems to be the stronger female in a relationship, unlike Lilo who is vulnerable and backslides easily. Apparently, Neo has been moody for days and has refused to talk to Vee about it. She is worried as Neo has failed to let her know the reason for his sudden change of attitude towards her.

Speaking with Lilo, Vee made a wild claim saying if Neo doesn’t tell her the reason for his actions towards her, she will happily forget about it, after all, he is not her boyfriend and she won’t stress herself over him nor anyone.


BBNaija’5: Housemates shades Vee for sleep-talking, says ‘Neo The Monster’


Vee was trolled for sleep-talking after Praise heard her referring to Neo as a monster while she slept in their room.

Vee and Neo have taken their relationship to the next level where they share a bed in the room.

Praise raised concern on the strange noises from the corner of their bed, implying they have been sleeping with each other.


He cited an example where Vee talked in her sleep saying “I’m going to bed with a monster“.

The house was thrown in hysteria over the revelation made by Praise. To make it more fun, they settled on calling him (Neo) ‘Monster’ henceforth.

Well it didn’t get to Neo as he laughed off and covered themselves with the blanket.


BBNaija’5: Vee speak on neglecting University for Music


Victoria Vee Adeyele, one of the BBNaija 2020 housemates has revealed why she refused to go to the university.

The London returnee stated that she ditched university and chose a career in music.

Vee revealed that she still marvels that her parents still support her today after she made the decision which she said was difficult.

She said, “I told my parents I don’t want to go to university. I said I will not attend a University, but I will have a career in music.

“I didn’t want to spend as much as 9000 euros and not like what I studied. It was a difficult decision because I am the firstborn.”

“Till date, it is still surprising that my parents are so proud of me, sometimes I’m shocked at their support.”

Vee will be competition alongside 19 other housemates for the N85 million grand prize.