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Update: Uche Elendu react, after Nigerians blast Destiny Etiko.


Actress Destiny Etiko was dragged on social media on Friday, February 19 for her choice of outfit to meet with Kogi state governor, Yahaya Bello.

Some Nigerians were of the opinion that her outfit was inappropriate for a meeting with a government official. Read here.

Destiny couldn’t withstand the heat that she had to lock her comment section.


Her friend and colleague, Uche Elendu, has come out to defend her as well as give an explanation for her choice of outfit.

According to Uche, Destiny and others were on their way to the airport when the governor called for them to meet with him in his office.



Nollywood shower wishes at Uche Elendu as she clocks 34


Top Nollywood celebrities on Instagram took out time to celebrate Uche Elendu as she clocks 34 years old. In the mood of celebration, the single mother of two shared lovely photos of herself on Instagram.

The screen goddess looked as elegant as she used to. Donned in a red outfit, she had silver earrings to match. Her hair was packed to the back and a lovely gold sandal on her legs. With the vibe of a queen seated on her throne and a huge smile on her face, Uche is unarguably a beautiful woman.

See picture below;

Captioning the pictures, Uche wrote “On my head is a very visible crown, but only the pure in heart, and they that are Blessed with Discernment can see it… Happy Birthday Chief. Amb Uche Elendu. God bless your new age. Someone saw this pic and said this is big osinachi.. is that true??”

Nollywood Actress, Uche Elendu

See how celebrities are celebrating Uche;

euchariaanunobi wrote “Shine on darling”

nina_ivy_ wrote ” Happy birthday”

cubana_chiefpriest wrote “Happy Birthday Shine Forever”

destinyetikoofficial wrote “My diva”

omannadi wrote “happy birthday my darling”


I need man in my life – Actress Uche Elendu open up.

Nollywood actress Uche Elendu has bemoaned her loneliness, revealing that life, as a single mom of two, is not easy.

She said: “It is not easy not being married and also not having a man of my own. But I have kids who keep me company the whole of my time. I interact with them, take care of them and teach them. As an entrepreneur, I am also making research and relating with my client. I feel the need to be in the company of a man on rare occasions. I don’t really feel bad because I am single. I know I would be in the right relationship when the time comes.”

The movie star also expressed worries after learning that one of her colleagues who attended the recently held African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) tested positive for coronavirus.

“I was scared stiff when I heard about it. There were lots of people at that event, so it is expected that there would be exchange of pleasantries, hugging, handshaking, pecking and all. I am really praying that the person that tested positive didn’t spread the virus to other people. If not, it would be a very tragic situation. I hope that at the time he was at the AMVCA, the virus wasn’t strong enough to be transmitted, because lots of people had mingled with family members, friends and more. After the awards, everyone went about their respective businesses. It is really a sad situation, but I am very hopeful.”


COVID-19: Plead with God, don’t panic – Actress Uche Elendu.

Just like every other concerned Nigerian, Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu is calling on her fans and followers on Social media to make peace with God and calm their panic over the spread of Coronavirus.

The single mother of two lovely daughters expressed her concern over the level of unsafeness of everyone who is liable to contract the deadly virus.

Uche Elendu shared the cryptic image above and captioned it, ” This is unexplainable but if youve suffered for something thats absolutely no fault of yours, then you can relate. We blamed HIV on sexual misconduct, kidney issues .. that one don use cigar kill himself, cancer, haa that one too dey chop processed foods, Now corona virus… that one dey shake hands??

😳😳Guys lets wake up to reality, the signs are there, we all need to make peace with God and be positive instead of creating panic.

Wash your hands thoroughly Use hand sanitizers..Stay hydrated. Observe social distance..Dont shake hands or hugs. PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY. May the good lord see us through this🙏 .”


Social media validation is worthless – Actress Uche Elendu.

make comparison between hustling queens and slay queens

Uche Elendu has advised women to stop living their lives for social media validation and she did a comparison of “slay queens” and “hustling queens” to drive home her point.

The actress shared an animated photo depicting a “slay queen” whose motive is to get validation from her followers, and a “hustling queen” who is working to survive.

The slay queen’s efforts earned her 670k followers while the hustling queen has 670k in her bank account.

Uche added in the caption:

Beautiful women, Choose your path wisely, Social media validation leads you no where, cos all dem singing your praise in your comment section will train their daughters to be everything BUT your kinda woman, theres no real love out here, the number of followers u gat is equals to the number of monitoring spirits watching and waiting to see you fail. Hey sis! Yea you I’m talking to you… social media is an illusion, dont get carried away by the love you’re getting on here, is your bank account showing you same love? Are your family and friends benefiting from the love??? Will your children in years to come be proud of what you put out there? I ain’t no saint guys but I’ll never need social media validation to tell me Hey Uche you’re a huge Success… I am grateful Lord!! Thank you.
You all are doing well… I love you