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Court dismiss case filed by former Boko Haram spokesperson

A Federal High Court in Abuja has dismissed the application filed by former spokesperson of the Boko Haram sect, Ali Sanda Koduga, for lacking in merit.

Konduga, who was convicted for terrorism and sentenced to three years imprisonment by a magistrate court in 2011, alleged that he was unlawfully detained by the Department of State Service (DSS), after serving his jail term.

He approached the court to enforce his fundamental human rights, demanding N500 million as compensation for the alleged breach of his fundamental human rights.

According to his counsel, Emmanuel Edu, the applicant was seeking his fundamental rights after what he described ‘illegal detention’.

“He was supposed to be released after three years because if you have served your sentence as stipulated by the court, you were supposed to be released, but he was further detained for another three years before he was released.

“So the applicant was seeking for his fundamental right; in an egalitarian society like Nigeria, all we need to do is for a wrongdoer to get justice; there is a proportionate amount of sentence that is required for any crime.

“So if that person has served that, he shouldn’t be subjected to any other sentence or illegal detention and that’s what we were trying to seek that justice should be done.”

However, his appeal did not scale through as Justice Anwuli Chikere dismissed his application.


Why Ogun state governor delayed appointing commissioners – APC Aide ..

Tunde Oladunjoye is the Publicity Secretary, APC Caretaker Committee in Ogun State. In this interview, he speaks on the recent defection of the three-time governorship candidate in the state, Gboyega Nasiru Isiaka, former deputy governor, Salmot Badru and other political bigwigs to APC. He also speaks on the return of the governorship candidate of Allied Peoples Movement (APM) in 2019 general elections, Abdul Kabir Adekunle Akinlade and his supporters to APC, among other sundry issues.

Governor Dapo Abiodun, during the formal defection of a three-time governorship candidate, Gboyega Nasir Isiaka, former deputy governor in the state, Salmot Badru and other political bigwigs to the APC, said anyone who wanted to come into the party should not come through the backdoor. What is the implication of the statement, particularly with the declaration of Abiodun Akinlade and other former APM members that they were back in the APC after the Supreme Court judgement?

Well, everybody experienced and knowledgeable enough should know that there are processes of joining the party. The party exists at the ward, so what ever you want to do as a member, you have to go back to your ward to join the party. That is why during election period, President Buhari will go and vote in Daura because his ward is in Daura. During Obasanjo’s time as president, he would go and vote in his ward, Ditto for former President Jonathan who would go and vote in his ward at Otuoke. So, the membership of the party emanates from ward and if they (Akinlade and his APM supporters) claimed that they have come back, we have asked them to go and join the party at the ward level. But up till now, we have not been informed that any of them has been seen or resumed meeting at their various wards.

In a political party, there is no carryover of membership. If you have been in APC for five years and you leave the party, when you return to the party, you will start afresh.

Political party arrangement and membership is like when Muslims line up to observe their prayers; there is what they call ‘Saafu’. There is no reservation of space; once you leave your space, you have forfeited the space.

We have thrown our doors open; we say we welcome all genuine members, all genuine people who want to join us, but we have not seen them. For those we have seen from the ADC, the PDP of Alhaja Salmot Badru, Gbenga Daniel, the Yewa Peoples Movement, we have welcomed and celebrated them because they came through the normal channel and they came through the open door. So, if they say they are in our party, we have not seen them and we don’t know them.

The governor is very clear that those who matter in politics in Ogun have joined the APC, so the question is who remains? And that is not to say that we don’t have one or two hangers-on trying to remain in other parties for whatever they will gain when the election comes.

But Akinlade claimed that they never left the party, but only used the APM platform to contest when his governorship ticket was snatched for the incumbent governor?

They are comedians! Even you that are interviewing me know that they left the party. If they didn’t, how did they become members and candidates of APM? They said they were cheated out, but the point is that they left APC. The claim that they were cheated is an assumption and is not correct and I don’t want to go back into the old long story because we have passed that stage. We have a new government, that is focused; we have a new government that you yourself can testify, as a journalist residing in Ogun State, that since the March 11 election, the state has been peaceful as against what we had between October 1, 2018 and March 9, 2019 when we had the governorship election. It has been peaceful, the governor has continued to run an inclusive government. And you will realize that in the history of this state, it has never happened that political opponents would be rushing to Iperu to congratulate Dapo Abiodun for his governorship election victory.

Prince Buruji Kashamu, Gbenga Daniel, Dr Ruben Abati, Rotimi Paseda, Gboyega Nasir Isiaka were among those that visited him to congratulate him and even Omawale Omoniyi that was in London also sent him a congratulatory message for his victory at the polls, it has never happened in the annals of our state.

Political watchers in the state are of the opinions that the return of Akinlade and lifting of suspension on former governor Ibikunle Amosun, will portend a serious challenge to Governor Abiodun in 2023. What is your take on this position?

God is in Charge of 2023. My principle is that I don’t talk about 2023 and I use to laugh when I see politicians in 2020 talking about 2023. Many of us don’t have the fear of God, nobody is sure of who will wake up tomorrow, it is only by God’s mercy. Nobody is sure of who is going to last till the end of the month or who is going to last till the end of the year and now talking of 2023. For me, I think it is very wrong for someone to start running around now because of 2023.

There is no doubt that I personally saw the coming back of Akinlade and co. To me, it is return of the biblical prodigal son, the only difference is that unlike the prodigal child that was humble, they have not been humble, they are out for mischief, they are out to heat up the polity.

But I am not moved, and I don’t think the governor should be moved, I don’t think our party should be moved. If Amosun as governor, with all his shenanigans and big pocket, with all the connections with security agencies and with all that they did for us when we were campaigning and they still lost the elections, what more could he do when he is outside government and when his popularity is dwindling? We are relying on the Almighty God, when we reach the bridge, we will cross it.

For us, we just want to do our job. Amosun has used his tenure, though some people are still hanging around him to deceive him, praise-sing him that he is this, he is that. And he should know that even the multitude of those hanging around him could not help APM win the last governorship election for him. My advice for him is that he should realise that he is no longer the governor of Ogun State; someone else is there now. And whether he likes the person there or not, whether he supports the person there or not, it is no longer his term and he has to be cautious and give regards to the person that is there now

What about the federal appointments being facilitated by the former governor for his loyalists?

On the issue of appointments, Mr. President owns the prerogative of giving federal appointments just like the governor owns the prerogative on state appointments. But the point is that we are in power in Ogun State and what we need is people, the people we are serving. Once the people we are serving like what the governor is doing, advise and encourage him, we don’t have to worry about any individual. This is because you would ask yourself that when this particular individual was at the saddle, what was he able to do? Was he able to stop our candidates? What people need to do is continue to have faith in this governor that I call an Omoluabi. No matter the shenanigans that the former governor puts up, Governor Abiodun will be focused on delivering on his electioneering promises.

And when you take a look at the recent statement credited to the failed governorship candidate of the defunct APM, that they just went into the APM as a platform to contest for election, it showed desperation.

It is clear to everybody now that you cannot enjoy the mercy of the party on one side by celebrating the lifting of suspension on Senator Ibikunle Amosun by the National Working Committee and be on another side saying you don’t recognise the Caretaker Committee set up by the same National Working Committee of the party.

Politicians and some stakeholders in the state were of the opinion that Governor Abiodun’s administration was slow both on the appointment of commissioners and in the delivery of good governance, do you share this view?

The governor was only taking his time; don’t forget we didn’t get any hand over note from Amosun; the meetings where they were supposed to meet to talk, to advise and receive handover note never took place. And when you are in such a situation, you can’t behave like a blind man. You have to investigate before you start running around.

He had to set up several committees; you have to look at the various sectors to look at how the state is standing. What is the issue of salary and a lot of other issues. You cannot just come into the office running and chasing shadows. Those who did it yesterday, where are they today? How did they end their tenure? But this governor is a business entrepreneur who takes his time to study things in order to make an informed decision. So, I don’t see him as being slow or that the government was shut down or he wasn’t doing anything or project were not going, even if it is to provide palliative works on roads; reconstructing our schools, providing furniture, healthcare and water. So, I don’t see that as being slow. It is even better to be slow and to achieve result at the end, than to be having a motion without movement.


Stop attacking Buhari – Femi Adesina Call Out Shaka Momodu

On Monday morning January 13, Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, shared an article online, calling out a newspaper columnist, Shaka Momodu, for always ”attacking and criticizing” the person and government of President Buhari.

In his article, Adesina described Momodu as a hater-in-chief. Read his article below

For many years, week after week, Shaka Momodu opens the sewers, and pours vitriol on President Muhammadu Buhari on the back page of This Day Newspapers. We ignore him, reasoning that when a mind is diseased, there is hardly much you can do to point such soul to decency. It remains impervious to anything not from the very nether region of hell.

However, on Friday, January 10, 2020, Shaka Momodu overreached even himself in hatred and deviousness by his piece with the headline, The General is Divider-in-Chief. Yes, you know who he was talking about. He usually has no other topic than President Buhari, whom he takes delight in using the foulest language against. Foul language is often evidence of poor breeding.

In the build-up to general elections last year, Momodu embarked on a crusade, urging all and sundry to vote out President Buhari. And what did he, and his cohorts, get at the end of the day? A shellacking, drubbing that left them reeling in shock. But rather than wake to reality that he is among the tiniest of minority voices in the country, the columnist rather gets worse by the day. He still stubbornly waves a flag that is perpetually limp, not even at half mast.

In the very repetitive January 10 verbiage, the columnist, who curiously is also an editor with This Day, demonstrated that hatred for President Buhari was deeply embedded in his bones. He dug up, and kept repeating long discredited narratives, parading them as truths, to attain his jaundiced purpose.

Hear one thing he kept repeating like a broken gramophone record in the piece: “He declared from the outset of his regime that he would pursue a policy of 97 percent and 5 percent and proceeded to implement his regime’s policies and appointments on that basis.”

Thick skulls and sick minds keep repeating falsehood, even when their follies have been repeatedly pointed out. The columnist was referring to what the President said in the early days of his administration, as he met with Nigerians In Washington, United States of America. He said in rewarding those who voted for you in any election, it stood to reason that those who gave 97 percent of votes should get more positions than those who gave 5 percent. But he ended by submitting: “The Constitution forbids me from such, and I won’t do so.”

What did perennial haters do to that speech? They took the earlier part only, cut off the conclusion, and began to trumpet it on all media of mass communication. We explained the true position, but since it didn’t favor their narrative, they refused to listen. It is amazing that an editor and columnist is among those still advancing the jaundiced position after much explanations. See what hatred can do to a man!

Another falsehood, talking of President Buhari: “He so defended Boko Haram that it nominated him as one of its negotiators with the Jonathan government.” But that is just a tiny part of the story. When that purported nomination came from Boko Haram, it was seen clearly for what it was. An attempt to cleverly demonize the then General Buhari by the government of the day, who saw the Daura born General as the greatest obstacle to its continuation in office. Buhari denounced the nomination, and said he had nothing to do with Boko Haram. Why did Momodu leave out that part of the story, if mischief was not at play? Hatred addles the mind, and makes people lose all sense of reasoning.

If Gen Buhari was to be Boko Haram negotiator, why did the same group attempt to terminate his life in Kaduna in July 2014, leading to many loss of lives? Except maybe it was not Boko Haram…

And the columnist gave himself out again, when he posited: “For those who have chosen to forget, the support of people like Buhari, the Borno Elders’ Forum, the Northern intelligentsia, and the All Progressives Congress (APC) made it difficult to defeat the group…. Boko Haram is what it is today because it had a big supporter in Buhari and his party, the APC.”
Ah ha. This is about hatred for a man, a section of the country, the North, and a political party. Can we rightly say then that Shaka Momodu is one of those who miss the wheeling-dealing days of the People’s Democratic Party? Well, those days are gone, and a new order is here. You may resent and deride the new order, but here it is. And it is laying a new foundation for our country, giving the people a future and a hope.

The bilious article was written based on a statement issued by the Presidency, after 11 people were executed in December by Boko Haram. Momodu said they were of the Christian faith. Does it really matter which faith they belonged to, except to somebody who wants to divide Nigerians further? Long ago, it has been established that Boko Haram is not about religion, but sheer evil and anarchy. They kill Muslims (even possibly more than adherents of other religions), kill Christians, animists, and anyone they can lay their hands on. It is not about religion, except to columnists with convoluted minds.

He alleges that “useful idiots” foisted Buhari on Nigeria. Fifteen million voters are idiots, while Momodu and his ilk are the only wise ones. Good luck to them. Before the elections last year, we told them that Buhari would give them a whacking. They didn’t believe. Now, they are still licking their wounds. The pains would endure till 2023, God willing.

There is something about believing, and chronic unbelief. Those of us who believe in Buhari will follow him from Cape to Cairo, while those who don’t believe are welcome to their unbelief. Momodu is in the latter group. How do I know? He gave himself out again: “I scoff at his speeches and preaching of peace each time I come across them and turn away in perplexing bewilderment at how successfully he has managed to fool so many people.”

Once you have resolved not to believe a man, and “scoff at his speeches,” you are really beyond redemption. Chronic unbeliever! Right is the man who said to those who believe, no explanation is necessary, and to those who don’t believe, no explanation is possible. Shaka Momodu is obviously in the latter group.

At the end of 2017, the Presidency released a comprehensive list of all appointments made since 2015. It was very revealing. Ogun State had the highest of 21 positions, Imo and Kano followed with 15 each, Edo and Katsina (the President’s home state) had 14 each, Ebonyi and Abia, two each, Kebbi, three, while Zamfara, Sokoto, Oyo, Enugu, Ekiti, and Akwa Ibom, had four each. Yet, the cry then was still about lopsided appointments, till statistics put the lie to it. More than two years later, Momodu still repeats the same hollow lie: “His high profile appointments to strategic national parastatals are so lopsidedly in favor of his tribal/ethnic/religious stock almost to the total exclusion of other parts of the country.” God, give us journalists that are not blinded by hate, those who won’t attempt to feed the populace with noxious substances in the name of Information .

To the columnist in question, all is fair in love and war, including lies. The Hate Speech Bill , he says is promoted by President Buhari, “to now gag us.” Lie! The President has nothing to do with the Bill, and it has been said repeatedly. Even the lawmaker promoting the Bill has said so. But when you are Hater-in-Chief, reason flees.

All attempts to bring amity between farmers and herdsmen in the country, Momodu describes as land grabbing gambits. He seems to prefer that the bloodletting should continue, thinking it would discredit Buhari. It’s like swallowing poison, and thinking it would kill your neighbor. Issorait (as it’s said in local lingo).

Let’s leave Shaka, who usually attempts to treat the President shakashaka (Yoruba word for treating someone like what the cat dragged in), and go attend to more serious things. We simply commend to him the words of William Shakespeare : “Love me or hate me, both are in my favor. If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart… If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind.”


Femi Adesina replies Pst, Tunde Bakare says Buhari won’t choose his successor

… says the president will ensure free, fair and credible process

President Buhari’s spokesperson, Femi Adesina has replied Pastor Tunde Bakare over his advice of the Nigerian leader picking his successor in the 2023 presidential election.

The founder of the Latter Rain Assembly made the call on Sunday January 5, as he pointed out that leaders in countries like China, Singapore and South Africa put in place such succession plans.

Pastor Tunde Bakare said;

“We must also learn from Nelson Mandela who stepped aside after one term, but not without positioning the likes of Thabo Mbeki and Cyril Ramaphosa.

“Therefore, even as we build institutions of democratic governance, a key responsibility that history has bestowed on President Muhammadu Buhari at this turning point in our journey to nationhood is to institutionalise systems of accurate succession that will build and sustain the Nigeria we desire. This is a task that must be done.”

However reacting to the advice as he appeared on Channels Television on Monday January 7, Femi Adesina stated that Buhari “will not pick a successor.”

According to the Presidential Spokesperson, Buhari might be interested in who succeeds him but he will not manipulate the process. He said;

“By May 2023 God willing he would have finished his second term as president, he would not have stood for another term and he will be exiting. So, he has that at the back of his mind.

“Pastor Bakare said he should be interested in who succeeds him, yes I’m sure the president will be interested in who succeeds him but he will not manipulate the process, to pick a successor.

“The president will not pick a successor. We know him, he is not somebody like that. Will he be interested in the process? Yes, he will. He will ensure that there is a free, fair and credible election; that nobody will come to use money and resources to bamboozle his way into the leadership of the country. It will not happen. The president will ensure free, fair and credible process; but to handpick a successor? No, he will not do that.

“Nigeria over to those who will take her back or hand Nigeria over to looters once again. No, that will not happen.

“One thing that is clear is that the president will do whatever is needful before the next set of general elections. Early enough is relative but the president will do whatever is needful.”


Since 2015, No Journalist Has Been Detained – Garba Shehu Boast. #Buhari’sEra

… sowore calls for overthrowing government of Nigeria

Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, has denied media reports that Omoyele Sowore, the owner of Sahara Reporters and convener of Revolution Now protest, was detained by the Federal government because he is a journalist.

In a post shared on his Facebook page this afternoon, Shehu said Sowore was detained because he called for a revolution against a democratically elected government.

Garba in his post stated that the Buhari government has since its inception in 2015, not arrested or detained a journalist nor seized copies of newspapers nor shut down a medium of information. Read his post below

The Presidency wishes to clarify the release on bail, of the Presidential Candidate of the African Action Congress in the February 2019 elections, Omoyele Sowore.

Some international news outlets have mistakenly been describing his release as that of a journalist.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Buhari administration has never, since coming into office in 2015, detained a journalist, seized copies of newspapers or shut down a medium of information.

Sowore called for a revolution to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nigeria. He did so on television, and from a privileged position as the owner of a widely read digital newspaper run from the United States of America.

He founded an organisation, Revolution Now, to launch, in their own words, “Days of Rage”, with the publicised purpose of fomenting mass civil unrest and the elected administration’s overthrow. No government will allow anybody to openly call for destabilization in the country and do nothing.

The government believes strictly in observing the rule of law but must safeguard public security and will not allow trouble makers to incite the public and cause a breakdown of law and order.


Every president has cabal of advisers – Garba shehu.

…Insists plan to regulate social media not political

A media aide in the Presidency says that President Muhammadu having advisers around him is not unique to his administration, arguing that every President has a “cabal” of such advisers.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Press Corps at the weekend, the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Buhari, Mallam Garba Shehu, said a lot of the people labelled as being part of a “cabal” in the Presidency’s “are successful people who are making extreme sacrifices to even be coming to serve government.

“Every President must have people who advise him. It is not a sin, it is not an offence to have people that you take into confidence,” Shehu said.

“What is the meaning of cabal? I just googled Thesaurus and among many other definitions, what they are saying is that cabal means “conspire, intrigues, mystique, occult, secret”. There is no government in this country that we have had that some people were not accused of being a cabal in that government, and it is because every administration, every President must have a secretariat.

“Elsewhere, they call it ‘Kitchen Cabinet’, but in our own country we are being derogatory and we term them the cabal so that it will tarnish their own good standing.

“In fact, for some of our elites, Buhari is a bad man because you cannot go to him and say give me oil well and he will sign paper and give you.

“So, we understand the game that is playing out and there is always a price, in any case, to pay for that kind of exposure. Even the President himself, the kind of things that are being said of him, if he did not offer himself to serve, some of those things, people would not even have the chance to say them against him. So, we will live with it, we will accept it because it goes with the territory,” he noted.

On the controversy about the plan to regulate social media, the President’s spokesman ruled out a political undertone, explained that “Social media has become a problem for many families because rights of women and children are being abused.

“There is a need to protect vulnerable members of the society. There is a need to protect minorities, whether tribal or religious, in our own country.

“So, it makes sense that you as media stakeholders come around the Minister of Information and Culture and formulate the kind of regulation you want so that it is not that there is top-bottom approach, so that government will not be accused of imposing a regulatory mechanism on the media.

“The Minister is saying come, sit down with me and let us talk about it. And I was told that the day he called on NUJ, they walked out on him. If that the report is true, I think it is very unfortunate. I think we need to come around him and offer media driven solutions so that at the end of it this, the country will have a vibrant and effective social media communication system.

“…It is the one that does not drive children to addiction and that also protects consumers of media content from harmful invasion either of our privacy of addiction for children of commercialism that are profit driven and are taking advantage of our own exposure to a mass communication system.

“I think I will be like to appeal that please give serious consideration to some of these elements and see how the media in the country can work together with government to find communication solutions to a purely communication problem.

“It is not political, the government has no reason to undermine or weaken the mass media… In a country where the mass media are being suppressed, where there is no freedom of expression and information, you find out that the media space tends to decline, it becomes smaller, media houses close down; but the Irony of what is happening in the country is that, while some civil society groups are crying here that freedom of expression is being threatened, we know why they were shouting because they are looking for donors abroad who will send in US dollars for the protection of Hate Speech. That basically it is a selfish thing,” he noted.


PDP must change its name to win future elections – GEJ Former spokesperson.

…as we go into the new year

Doyin Okupe, former spokesperson of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, has advised the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to change its name if it intends to win future general elections in the country.

Okupe gave the advice in an article posted on social media today December 20th. According to him, the PDP suffered major setbacks in 2019 but it can redeem itself if it changes its name amongst other things.

“Now as we go into the new year and look forward to 2023 we must prepare for a new beginning. I recommend that the party and its leadership consider the following: The party must urgently rebrand and take up a new name and a new constitution if it intends to win general elections in the future,” he said.

Read the full article below


Pdp has suffered major and serious setbacks in 2019. In spite of this it is still the strongest and most resilient party in the country. The present national executives have performed very well in this very trying and daunting if not perilous circumstances.

The presidential flag bearer has demonstrated commendable courage, experience and commitment and deployed personally unprecedented resources in the pursuit of our collective noble objective of taking over power from Apc.

The Apc is not our match. They are bullish and brutal in their political pursuits. But our position of not subjugating national interest and unity to parochial and selfish desires is not something we should regret.

A few individuals also did us proud. Former Senate President Dr.Bukola Saraki and some of his colleagues in the national assembly, including but not limited to, senator Dino Melaye deserve our commendation. So also are former governor ayo fayose and Femi fanikayode. Both Performed as self appointed spokespersons for the opposition in critical times.

Now as we go into the new year and look forward to 2023 we must prepare for a new begining.
I recommend that the party and its leadership consider the following:

1. The party must urgently rebrand and take up a new name and a new constitution if it intends to win general elections in the future.

2. The leadership of the party should cease from been allocated to the state governors. Government and party must be separate to avoid authoritanianism and corruption.

3. Every state branch must work strenuously to find within their respective states at least 25/30,000 financial members who can contribute minimum of N1000 per month to the party. This is apart from monthly contribution of members at the ward levels.This will guarantee collective ownership and independence.

4. Any party official that collects bribe from an aspirant should automatically lose his office once found guilty by a disciplinary committee.

5.Campaign organisations for all aspirants at all levels, can only come into existence 6 months before the primaries of the particular elections. All aspirants at all levels should after submission of expression of interest forms, join the party executives and work with them to build and strengthen the party for victory at the elections.

6. The party must compulsorily agree on some critical national issues which must be clearly stated in the new constitution. This will include:
Federalism, Restructuring, role of religion in governance including Sharia, state police, Revenue sharing, issues relating to Herdsmen,Ruga,immigration, indigene and settlers issues, power rotation, federal character, upholding the rule of law, economic policy, foreign relations policies including relationship with Isreal and middle east, IOC etc.

7. Lingering crisis must be addressed. President Jonathan must be reconciled with Dickson. Also Dickson and the leadership of the party in Bayelsa.

8. President Jonathan should be appeased to forgive party leaders and government officials especially of northern extractions, who betrayed him in the 2015 elections.

9. President Jonathan must be acknowledged and acclaimed as the leader of the party. He should host a grand love feast where the foundations for these healings must be laid.

10. The pdp governors from the south east must be appealed to and appeased if necessary, for them to maintain their steadfastness and loyalty to pdp and resist pressure to the contrary.

11. The leadership of the party must begin to identify with and stand by party faithfuls under persecution or trials all over the federation to increase bonding and sense of camaraderie among members.

12. Party members nationwide must stand firm and remain within the pdp family instead of deflecting to APC, a fledging party though in power. People should take cue from the overwhelming misfortunes and lack of proper recognition that has befallen most of pdp members who defected to APC.

I have said it in the past and I repeat it again, apc is not truly a political party in the real sense of the word. Rather it’s a conglomeration of incongruous and immiscible components which will eventually disintegrate irretrievably when it comes under power struggle intensity which is already building up.



He is healthy – IBB spokesperson.

…may Allah forgive those wishing him dead.

Former Nigeria’s military president, General Ibrahim Babangida is not dead.

Rumors were rife earlier today that the ex-military leader had passed on. However, a statement released by his spokesperson, Kasim Afegbua, said contrary to the rumour, Babangida is alive and bubbling and is in his Minna residence attending to visitors.

Read the full statement below:


It has become consistent fake news for quite some time now wishing our own IBB, the one we easily refer to as “the last don” of Nigeria politics, dead. The “fake news bill” would be a suitable response to this category of fake news carrier. IBB is very much alive and bubbling. He just started attending to friends and associates who came to see him today, Sunday, 15th December, 2019 right here at his Minna Hilltop mansion. He is full of life and in his characteristic bubbling mood.

May Allah forgive those who wish IBB dead. God is the giver and taker of life, not humans. Death, as the irrevocable end of all creation, will surely come to everyone some day and at the appointed time and hour, but to deliberately spread fake news and wish someone dead, is to take humanity to another bizarre level. May Allah forgive them. IBB, by the special grace of Allah, the omniscient and omnipotent One, shall live to fulfill his journey and destiny in life, to the consternation of those who are always wishing him dead. This is about the third time this year.

We wish to thank those who took time to reach out to us, home and abroad, to find out the truth. We thank you all for your love, care and concern. May Allah grant us all good health, sound mind and long life. Amin.