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[Nigeria] Police Officer Argue With Soldier Over Superiority. (Video)


A mobile police officer and a soldier were filmed arguing over who is superior between them.

The verbal altercation which was caused by a disagreement over road usage, took place in the middle of a highway.

The soldier got out of his car, left the door open, and confronted the mobile police officer who placed himself in front of the car.

“You don’t know your senior, abi? Am I your mate?” The police officer said, pointing his finger in the soldier’s face.

“Are you my senior?” The soldier countered, adding, “God will punish you. Are you my senior?”


Getting aggressive, the soldier said, “I’ll change it for you now. Am I your mate?”

As the argument unfolded, citizens, who were sitting on top of bags of goods placed in open trucks, watched both uniformed men with interest.

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Hot: Man slaps soldier punishing him. [Video]

A viral video on social media shows the moment an unidentified man slapped a soldier for flogging him while being punished.

Though why the man and two others were punished by the soldier is still unclear, he, however, took to his heels after the soldier cocked his gun and pushed back when he was slapped.

Facebook user Abdul Waris disclosed that the incident occurred in Old-Tafo (3 miles Gee Junction), a suburb of Kumasi amid a Coronavirus lockdown.



Chike – Soldier | Mp3 & Lyrics >> N.Rs


Year: 2020

Song: Soldier

Artist: Chike

Album: Boo of the booless

Feat: —





Soldier oh soldier
Soldier oh soldier
Na mama pikin you be oh
Oh soldier

Soldier come oh
Please don’t go to war
Mama dey for house
She’s been crying for so long
She say why do you play with bullets
Don’t go to war
She say why do you play with your life
Don’t go to war
Don’t go fight another man’s battles
Don’t go to war
Don’t go fight your countries battles
Don’t go to war
She say I born you
I carry you for nine months
And I love you
And when I’m old I want you to be here to take care of me
Soldier please oh
Please don’t go to war
And if they lose you they only lost one soldier
But if I lose you
I’ve lost my whole damn world
Ouuu ouuuuu
Ouuu ouuuuu

When you’re deep at war
If them say make you go the frontline
Say no no no
Na there the heat e hot pass oh
Disobey the order (no no)
Anybody wey wan fight make e go (no go)
If they lose you
They only lost one soldier
But if mama lose you
She’s lost her whole damn world

I know it’s a matter of duty
I know it’s a matter of honour (honour)
She never really liked this job oh
She say why play with your life oh
Mama go cry
Mama fit die
Mama go cry
You no go wipe her eyes
Mama go cry
Mama fit die
Mama go cry
No one to wipe her eyes
If she lose you
She’s lost her whole damn world

Soldier please oh
Please don’t go to war
If she lose you
She’s lost her whole damn world
Ouuu ouuuuu
Ouuu ouuuuu



Don’t wear camouflage; does this law make sense – Akin Alabi questioned ..

NairaBet CEO, Akin Alabi, who is also a member of the House of Representatives is making moves to repeal the law making it illegal for Nigerians to wear military camouflage.

According to Mr. Alabi, the law is archaic.. See his tweets below ;


Nigeria is one of the countries where it is illegal to wear a military camouflage. Some other countries are Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua and others

How does this make sense?

I get a lot of messages from young Nigerians complaining about being harassed by soldiers because they wore military camouflage. While I don’t agree it makes sense, it is clearly stated in our laws that it is illegal to wear a camouflage or any clothings worn by the military.

Section 110(1), Criminal Code states that it is illegal for non military person to wear the uniform of the armed forces, or any part of the uniform of such forces, or any dress having the appearance or bearing any of the regimental or other distinctive marks of such uniforms.

There are two exceptions. You can wear it if you have the approval from a governor of the president. The other option is if you wear it during an entertainment performance, like in a Nollywood movie or a music video. The penalty for this is 1 month imprisonment or a fine of N10.

So the law is clear. Do not wear a camouflage. But does the law make sense? I’m sure some people will argue it does. Many will say it doesn’t. I’m one of those that say it doesn’t and I thought it would make a lot of sense to repeal that law.

Not only is it an archaic law, one major reason why I believe the law has to be repealed is because many soldiers ride on the law to abuse the rights Nigerians. We have heard numerous cases of Nigerians being beaten for wearing the camouflage.

I decided to put together a bill so we can repeal this law but I gathered that a distinguished Senator has already submitted a similar bill. I will be waiting for it’s progress. If nothing happens in a few months, I will push mine. For now, I wait.

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Buhari mourns 89 soldier’s death

Scores of Nigerien soldiers have been killed by a terrorist gang at a military base in Chinagodrar.

The attack happened on 9 January near the border with Mali. Eighty nine soldiers were killed by the terror group, worse than another attack on a military outpost in December 2019, in which 71 soldiers were killed by the terror group.

Military troops in Niger and Mali are fighting to suppress a jihadist insurgency, which has seen army outposts in both countries attacked by militants in recent months.

In November, 13 French soldiers were killed in a crash involving two helicopters during an operation against jihadist fighters in Mali.

President Muhammadu Buhari like he did last month on Sunday evening spoke to Nigerien President Mahamadou Issoufou on the telephone to commiserate with him, the government and people of Niger Republic, over the attack.

He expressed deep sympathy and condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of the victims.

He condemned the heinous attack by the terrorists and assured his Nigerien counterpart that Nigeria will continue to work closely with his country and other international partners to overcome terrorism and violent extremism.

The President reaffirmed that the perpetrators of such cowardly acts and their sponsors deserve no peace and comfort, stressing that Nigeria stands in solidarity with her allies to ensure that justice is served.

In Niger, three days of national morning has been declared, during which Niger’s flag will also be flown at half-staff throughout the the country.

President Mahamadou Issoufou has also sent his “deepest condolences” to the victims’ families and wished those wounded in the attack a speedy recovery.


2020: Why we will put more effort – Army

…Reviews 2019 activities in Kaduna during WASA

The General Officer Commanding (GOC), 1 Division Nigerian Army, Maj-Gen Faruq Yahaya, has charged its personnel to redouble their efforts and achieve more this year.

The army boss made the call during this year’s West African Social Activities (WASA) held at Ribadu Cantonment, old NDA in Kaduna on Saturday evening.

According to him, “2019 has been successful for the division, where all training directives of the Chief of Army Staff and that of the GOC were implemented satisfactorily.

“We have conducted several operations and exercises with a lot of successes. We have challenges in other areas which we have worked on and with the support, guidance and direction of the army chief, we have been able to do all and have severally been commended for achieving results.

“We were lucky to host the Chief of Army Staff first-quarter annual conference, which was combined with combat arms training week at the beginning of the year and was adjudged very successful.”

The GOC further added that the division participated in the Nigerian Army small arms championship held in Ibadan where the division came first in the championship and collected prizes for all the events.

“For us in the division, it was a well-accomplished year and that’s why we can’t afford to have anything less this year.”

In a remark, former General Officer Commanding 1 Division Kaduna, Maj-Gen Jokotola (retd) commended the division for its contributions towards the successful conduct of last year’s general elections peacefully within its area of responsibility.

“The fact that there were no crises in 1 Division Area of responsibility before, during and after the elections is a testimony to the dedication to duty of personnel of the division.

“These efforts have facilitated an environment where socio-economic activities now readily thrive,” he noted.


Removing troops from attacked communities with be on gradual basis – Presidency

President Buhari has commented on the planned withdrawal of the military from some communities in the country where peace has been restored.

In a statement released by the President’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity Garba Shehu, the Nigerian leader said the withdrawal will not be done in a manner that will expose communities to more risks of attacks.

The President who urged Nigerians and public affairs analysts to carefully study the statement released after a security council meeting with service chiefs, said his “administration will not abandon citizens in need of protection.”

He further disclosed that that when it’s been confirmed that the withdrawal will not in any way jeopardize peace already achieved, the military pull out will be in a careful and gradual way.

President Buhari said;

“You don’t need to worry. We will not expose our people and their communities to harm or danger

President, Muhammadu Buhari

“The withdrawal is to allow the military focus on its primary duty of defending the nation against external aggression. It is the duty of the police to handle internal security since Nigeria is not at war.

“The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps will support the police to provide internal security. When it is time to withdraw, nothing will be rushed.”


Tukur Buratai Visits Police Training College.

Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai, has visited the Police Training College, Limankara-Gwoza, and climbed the hills as part of operational visit to North East.

The college is one of the critical security institutions overran by the Boko Haram terrorists during the peak of their activities in Borno state in August 2014.

The Limankara village where the college is located and the entire Gwoza Local Government Area was under the control of the terrorists for months before the troops retook the area in 2015.

Buratai was conducted round the college by top police officers in the college.

After the ascent of the two hills, Buratai disclosed that the value of climbing the hills was borne out of the desire to feel what the troops feel in carrying out operations there.

“This what they do virtually every day, they don’t only climb, they equally trek far distances and so it is good for us to appreciate what they are doing and we will be in a better state to understand their feeling and also address them as the case may be.

“As you can see, it is equally a morale booster because I have gone up there to see the observation course officer at the peak of this hill which is almost the highest around here.

“Seeing the chief of Army Staff with him there is something that he never imagined but this is encouraging them and to tell them we are with them,” he said.

Buratai commended the performance of the troops against terrorists in the area and the North East in general, adding that the performance had been impressive and encouraging. He said troops had exhibited high level of professionalism and resilience with the knowledge of the terrain.


Pa Adama Aduku, oldest surviving Nigerian army soldier dies at 101

Pa Adama Aduku, the old soldier who stole the show at the 2018, Nigerian Army Day Celebrations(NADCEL), heldIn Lagos is dead.

Aduku, who was presented with an award of excellence by Vice President Yemi Osibajo, given to him by the Nigerian army, was said to have died yesterday, December 31, 2018.

His death was announced by one of his relations on the WhatsApp platform of the Director Defence Information Defence Headquarters news platform early this morning.

Born 1918, to a peasant farmer at Abejukolo-Ife, at Omaha Local Government Area of Kogi State, Aduku joined the army in 1945.

The old man who was the Centre of attraction, told media in an interview that he was still very strong in bed strong in bed at his age.

The old soldier who said he never planned to join the army however had a change of mind when one day he met a young man beat their local chief.

“I was coming back from the farm one evening when I saw a man who was younger than me at the time beating our village head,” Aduku recalled with nostalgia as he shared his life’s story with our correspondent earlier in the week during an encounter. “The man named Salikawa was a soldier who resorted to beating up our chief for refusing to carry his bag and seeing him off to his house, which was 10 miles away.

Pa Adama Aduku | Old surviving army soldier

“When the matter was reported to the District Officer, the chief was advised to obey the soldier in his own interest or face whatever consequences that resulted from that.

“I was very angry and bitter and I made up my mind to join the military so that I could go back to the village and also beat up Salikawa for humiliating our chief. He told Punch in an interview.


Update: 3 Soldiers Injured In Yobe Explosion

Three soldiers attached to Sector 2 Command of the Operation Lafiya Dole in Yobe State were on Monday evacuated to hospital following the explosion of the Armoured Fighting Vehicle they were returning to base in.

This was revealed by spokesperson for the operational unit, Captain Njoka Irabor.

He said the AFV was completely burnt down due to a sudden mechanical malfunction, damaging all the ammunition on board.

Irabor said, “There was an uneasy calm in Damaturu metropolis as a result of the sound of explosions heard at about 11:30 am on Monday December 30, 2019.

“The fire incident occurred when an Armoured Fighting Vehicle returning to base from a routine standby duty, suddenly developed an electrical malfunction. This led to a fire outbreak on the AFV and subsequent explosions of the ammunition on board.

“The fire incident happened along Damaturu-Maiduguri Road. The AFV was completely burnt down, while troops in the vehicle were able to extricate themselves during the fire outbreak.

“However, three soldiers sustained injuries and have since been moved to our medical facility for prompt medical attention.”


Boniface, Soldier arrested over Imo robbery.

Men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Imo State Police Command, have arrested a soldier, Boniface Nwachukwu, for alleged robbery, N.Rs culled.

As a result of his alleged involvement in robbery, Nwachukwu had been dismissed from the Nigerian Army and handed over to the police for prosecution.

It was gathered that Nwachukwu, 48, was arrested on Christmas Day in an operation coordinated by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad Commander, CSP Victor Godfrey, in Onitsha, the commercial hub of Anambra State.

A source stated, “The suspect was arrested for armed robbery and handed over to the army authority and he was immediately dismissed from service.

“On December 25, 2019, at Onitsha in Anambra State, SARS operatives arrested one Boniface Njom Nwachukwu, 48. He was arrested in connection with a robbery incident on May 25, 2019, where our operatives arrested four soldiers in connection with armed robbery.

“The victims, who are husband and wife, were dispossessed of their Toyota Avalon car and inflicted with serious injuries, while the robbers went away with their valuables. The suspect, Boniface Njom Nwachukwu, bought the stolen car for N200,000 from the robbers.

“After collecting N200,000, a dismissed soldier, Usman Abubakar, and others ganged up and arrested Nwachukwu for buying a stolen vehicle and was released after he paid another N200,000.

“The soldier, who was handed over to the military, was court-martialled and dismissed, and what is more, he was found guilty of armed robbery was formally handed over to us on December 25, 2019.

“The vehicle used for the robbery, an ash Golf car with two different number plates, RLU 824 SG and WER 824 SG, has been recovered. The dismissed soldier confessed that his gang hit the victims car from the rear and when the victims stopped, they were dispossessed of their vehicle.

“The operational car belonged to the dismissed soldier and it has been recovered. Both suspects have confessed to the crime. Investigation is currently ongoing.”


Samuel Ortom cries as military withdraws fight with insurgents, police to take over.

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has appealed to the Federal Government and the military to rescind its decision of withdrawing troops from some parts of the country to allow the police tackle internal insurgency.

Recall N.Rs reported that Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ibas who made the announcement said the police will take over from the military in the ongoing internal security operations in various parts of the country in the first quarter of 2020. The plan will take off after an assessment of areas peace has returned to.

Governor Ortom who reacted to the development via a statement released by his Chief Press Secretary Terve Akase, urged President Buhari to extend the life-span of the troops at least by a year. According to the Benue State Governor, this will enable IDPs resettle in their ancestral homes.

Samuel Ortom & Military Meeting

He said;

“Our position is an appeal to Mr President. He had done Benue well by deploying Operation Whirl Stroke to help tame the menace of herdsmen at the time Benue needed intervention.

“We appeal to the President to extend the life-span of the troops at least by a year to enable our people at the IDPs camps to resettle in their ancestral homes.”


Bayelsa attack: Jonathan and wife can check on injured soldier.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife Patience on Sunday December 29, visited a soldier who was injured during the gunmen attack at his residence in Otuoke, Bayelsa state.

During the visit at the hospital where Lance Corporal Umar Muttaka was receiving treatment, the former President commended him and other security operatives over the bravery they exhibited during the attack. He stated that they stood firm and fought for the interest and security of the nation.

Goodluck Jonathan visits soldier injured during gunmen?s attack at his Bayelsa home

It was gathered that the injured soldier is responding to treatment as security has been beefed up at the residence of the former President, both in Yenagoa and Otuoke since the attack.


Xmas’19: Soldiers In The North East Cheer The Communes.

Nigerians soldiers serving in the North East on Christmas day went the extra mile to put smiles on the faces of members of different communities tormented by Boko Haram terrorists in the region

The soldiers shared food items and drinks to the children in the communities. One of the soldiers, Cpt. Duniya, spiced up the ceremony by adorning the Santa Claus attire to the admiration of the children.

See more heartwarming photos below.

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Photo of the soldier behind the Santa Claus attire

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)

Nigerian soldiers fete members of communities tormented by Boko Haram in the North East (photos)


Tragedy as Gunmen attacked GEJ hometown in Bayelsa.

… killed 1 soldier, injures 1

Gunmen numbering 20 in the wee hours of Tuesday attacked the country home of former President Goodluck Jonathan in Otuoke, Ogbia Local Government Area killing one soldier and injuring another.

The gunmen according to investigation had thrown dynamite into the compound before they invaded it from the water side at about 2am shortly after Jonathan left to sleep in his house in Yenagoa.

Eye-witness account said after they threw the dynamite into the compound the gunmen approached the house from the waterside at the back and went for the gun at the gunboat but unfortunately the gun was not mounted.

It was then two soldiers stationed at the back sighted them and a heavy shoot-out commenced with the gunmen.

The eye-witness account said if not for the timely intervention of the other soldiers that were coming to the back of the house with the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), the gunmen would have entered the compound and kill everybody inside.

“The gunmen opened fire on the soldiers and the soldiers replied. It was a heavy shootout. The Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) positioned in from of the house, made a u-turn blaring siren to join his men behind the house. The soldiers while engaging the gunmen at the back of the house were not aware some gunmen were coming into the house on land. Those gunmen on foot shot dead a soldier and shot another in the leg. The gunmen, escaped after sighting the APC moving to reinforce the soldiers. The gunmen abandoned a boat filled with blood. The gunmen suffered heavy causalities because at the jetty blood was everywhere and some watching from inside the house saw the gunmen moving some bodies of their colleagues into another boat.”

Many residents of Otuoke who were thrown into panic commended the soldiers for their gallantry at repelling the attack from the gunmen.

Jonathan who was at the scene with Commander of the 3rd Brigade, Elele and the Bayelsa Commissioner of Police was shocked at the incident and motive behind it.

The Operation Delta Safe, Joint Task Force is working to issue a statement on the incident.


Insurgency: Operation set to degrade Boko Haram terrorists – CAS

The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadiq Abubakar, says the service has fully begun air operation code named “Operation Rattle Snake’’ to finally wipe out remnant of Boko Haram insurgents in the North East.

Abuabakar stated this on Wednesday during an operational visit to the Nigerian Air Force (NAF), 105 Composite Command in Maiduguri.

He said the visit was to appraise the progress of the operation, interact with personnel and encourage them in the execution of the air campaign against the insurgents.

“The idea of the operation Rattle Snake is to further deal with the issue of terrorism in the northeast and give necessary support to the ground troops of the Operation Lafiya Dole (OPLD) and Multi National Joint Task Force (MNJTF).

“From the briefs; I am happy with the progress so far made, we have identified a number of targets, neutralised them and it will continue.

“The rate of efforts now is much more than what we used to have in other operations. We have quite a number of airplanes and many more will be deployed to support the operation.

“The idea is to take full advantage of the situation on ground to degrade Boko Haram insurgents and ensure a secured country,” Abubakar said.

NobleReporters culled that NAF on Dec. 10 launched the operation Rattle Snake against Boko Haram terrorists hibernating in the fringes of Sambisa Forest and Lake Chad basin.

The campaign targets selected locations in the region to further degrade remnants of the insurgents.


Boko Haram killings of soldiers was the Fab of the outlawed IPOB.

The Nigerian Army says the recent video clip allegedly released by Boko Haram terrorists portraying capture and killing of some Nigerian soldiers was the fabrication of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

The Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Col. Sagir Musa, in a statement on Wednesday said that the video was not an occurrence that took place in Nigeria.

He urged the public and personnel of Nigerian army, especially those in the North East theatre of operation, to disregard the video.

According to him, it is a video concocted to cause disunity and fragmentation of Nigeria.

“Accordingly, the call by one Simon Ekpa, (the principal actor in the clip), calling on soldiers of South East extraction presently serving in the North East to desert the Army and return to Biafra proved it.

“Also, the call on South Easterners not to join the Nigerian Army is an obvious indication of the essence and objective of the masterminds of this fake video which should be discountenanced by the public.

“Meanwhile the leadership of the Nigerian Army wish to also reiterate its unflinching commitment to sustain the war against terrorism.

“It shall not be deterred by the evil machinations or propagandist activities of mischievous persons whose main interest is the disunity of our beloved nation,” he said.

NobleReporters recalls that a video purportedly released by the terrorists portraying the stage showing the capture and killing of some Nigerian soldiers by the terrorists group went viral on social media on Tuesday.


Presidency frowns at death of 67 soldiers in Niger.

…expressed Nigeria’s solidarity with the government

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday condemned the terrorist attack in Inates, western region of Niger Republic, near the Mali border, which resulted in the killing of 67 military personnel, with 34 people still unaccounted.

Expressing deep shock and sadness over the heinous and despicable attack by terrorists that reportedly crossed in from neighboring Mali, President Buhari expressed Nigeria’s solidarity with the government and people of Niger Republic in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Stressing Nigeria’s strong condemnation of this terrorist act, President Buhari reaffirmed the resolve of his administration to continue working closely with countries neighbouring the Sahel and the Sahara, as well as international partners, to defeat the roving terrorists creating havoc in the sub-region.

”On behalf of myself, the government and people of Nigeria, I send our deepest condolences to the families of the bereaved, the government and the people of Niger Republic following this dastardly attack.

”We offer prayers for the repose of those murdered and for the safe recovery and return of those who are still to be accounted for,” said the President.