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Sex Kills Love! – Adigun Michael Olamide


At the point when we, guys and ladies, engage in sexual relations, the attention is on what the sex give us and not on how we really feel.

We need to accept that by having intercourse, we’re “having intercourse” thus numerous individuals talk about “having intercourse” to portray their sexual experiences or acts.

Love is the component that drives the world as we know it and it in a real sense does precisely that; not sex. Love-energy is the part that causes all that live to exist and without it we can’t and won’t exist.

Since we presently know, from research and past articles that “sex isn’t love,” sex in all actuality executes the adoration that should be all finished – the affection that we should insight toward uncommon individuals in our daily routines, toward living substances in our lives and toward our “neighbors.” Visit :- คลิปโป๊ XXX


Sex particularly kills the possible development of affection in a man, in light of the fact that a man can just develop adore and connect with his emotions when sex is avoided him – kept out of the relationship for the right timeframe while the couple become more acquainted with one another, are caught up with collaborating to get viable with each other, to see one another, to develop love to full limit and to get lenient toward each other.

Every one of these things require some serious energy and when we conflict with nature and the creation things simply don’t work any longer.

We were not made to have intercourse first, at that point experience passionate feelings for and finally get hitched. It simply doesn’t work that route around as that is the incorrect path around.

File Photo: Sexual Act | Noble Reporters Media | Adigun Michael Olamide | NoRM News

In the event that we need to have a dispassionate relationship-bond with another in a probably extraordinary relationship, for example, a day to day existence association or marriage, we can have intercourse with any individual we so pick, simply the manner in which men figured it very well may be accomplished for quite a long time, even millenniums.


Then again of we need the connection between life-accomplices to be significant and profound, the best way to accomplish that, is develop love and not sexual experience, delight or fascination. All in all, the emphasis ought to be on affection and not on sex!

At the point when we, guys and ladies, engage in sexual relations, the attention is on what the sex give us and not on how we really feel.


A female could accept she has met her genuine romance, when in all actuality she just made a passionate association because of the sex, catching her in something she shouldn’t be a piece of.

A male then again, never gets to that degree of adoration, being not able to associate with his actual emotions when sex is a piece of the relationship, as there isn’t a need to arrive at that degree of affection, since what he should get as an award for getting in contact with his actual sentiments and encountering genuine profound love, he got in the first place.

There are consistently the special cases; where individuals fall head over heels in love profoundly in a brief time and whose affection endure forever, however these are generally superiorly secure and entire individuals, ready to build up their adoration at super speed.

Most of us genuinely typical individuals need time to appropriately and altogether begin to look all starry eyed at, also, to become acquainted with a potential life-accomplice totally all around.


There are individuals who get hitched via an organized marriage and there are individuals who decide to wed prior to knowing the other party well or even prior to having any affections for the other.

This could possibly work if the two players are completely secure and know inside, they can cherish any individual who treats them with nobility and regard, who acts well and who contributes rather sully.


This way the spirits are combined first through the pledges; and the unifications in the soul world is sufficiently able to withstand any test and obstruction.

The lesson of the story here again is love. Just when two individuals are secure, which signifies “effectively loaded up with adoration” to contribute the affection to the relationship, could an organized marriage succeed and by and large it does.

The purpose behind this is that the guardians are so associated with their youngster’s life, which gives the security and love that the kid could get hitched to any individual, the guardians have picked and make an accomplishment of it.


Guardians pick out of rationale and not because of misinterpreted passionate activities and emotions, something that ends up peopling everywhere on the globe when sex is included.

Individuals have such a longing to be made sure about some place and since the vast majority mistake sex for adoration, they engage in sexual relations with some unacceptable individuals and afterward power marriage or a daily existence organization when it should occur.

At the point when sex is brought into a relationship, it stops the advancement of affection, as sex is the award to a set up and secure relationship and not the beginning of making a relationship.

Sex can never be utilized as establishment for a safe relationship, yet many attempt to and even in the wake of understanding the error, they actually attempt to drive it to be like this.


Sex is the announcement and obvious act, demonstrating to have a place with another, another spirit, not in lawful terms or in principle, but rather by activity.

The issue here is that a huge number of individuals don’t uphold love and the improvement of affection, but instead sex that would at last bring about the obliteration of encountering genuine romance.



Nigerian Lady cry out for s*x amid COVID-19 lockdown. [Video]

A Nigerian lady who claims to be s*x-starved has shared a video which shows her crying out for help amid coronavirus lockdown.

The lady stated that she’s tired of staying at home because this has made her deprived of s*x.

According to her, if a male organ can be found inside a transformer which is known to be dangerous due to its high voltage, which won’t mind going to get it from there.

She made the video while laying on her bed with nothing but a wrapper on and a facial expression that shows how starved she really is.


Man Dies In Anambra Hotel After Taking Drugs To Boost His Sex Performance. {Photos}

A 40-year-old man, Paul Okwudili, died in Plus View Hotel Onitsha, Anambra state over the weekend after allegedly taking suspected drugs to boost his s*x performance.

A statement from the state police command public relations officer, SP Haruna Mohammed, says the manager of the hotel reported at Central Police Station, Onitsha that Okwudili, a resident of Ogboliolosi, off Awka Road, Inland town Onitsha, allegedly took a lady to the hotel and lodged. Minutes later, the lady came out shouting for help and the hotel management went to the room and discovered the man gasping for air.

He was rushed to St Charles Boromeo hospital Onitsha for medical attention where he was confirmed dead on arrival by a medical Doctor on duty.

The hotel was visited by Police detectives attached to CPS Onitsha and photographs of the victim was obtained. No marks of violence was seen on the deceased body but some drugs believed to be for s*x enhancement, were seen in the room.

Haruna said the corpse of the deceased has been deposited at the hospital motuary for autopsy. He added that the lady has been arrested for questionning.


Religious studies & sex education set to be compulsory in schools

Parents will no longer have the right to withdraw children from lessons about relationships, sexuality and religion, the Welsh Government has confirmed.

Education Minister Kirsty Williams said the move would be tested next year before becoming statutory when the new curriculum is launched in 2022.

Parents are currently able to request their children do not take part in sex and religious education.

Parents have greeted the announcement with mixed opinions.

Sally Stephenson, a mother of a 13-year-old and 15-year-old from Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast with Claire Summers: “I just think it’s a really good idea to teach children about different religions and different relationships.

“I want them to understand that we are all different and there are people who lives different lives to us and most importantly I want them to be open-minded and respectful of other people and their beliefs.”

Dad-of-two Russell Williams from Cardigan has concerns about the change

But Russell Williams, father to a 10-year-old and four-year-old from Cardigan, Ceredigion, told the programme: “I don’t think it can be taken as a one size fits all decision.

“There should be discussions involved, different schools have different levels of ethnic diversity and sexual diversity.

“There should be local level discussions as to whether you can take your children out of these classes. I don’t think it’s simply yes or no.”

HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust tweeted it was “great news for young people in Wales”, adding: “RSE lessons will give pupils skills for life and no-one should stand in the way of this.”

But Humanists UK, which campaigns for a secular state, said it was “particularly concerned about the scrapping of the right to withdraw from RE in faith schools, because such schools will still be able to teach the subject from a faith-based perspective”.

Ms Williams said black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities and faith groups would be involved in developing school guidance for relationships and sexuality education.

She said an eight-week consultation had highlighted “a wide range of views” on a “sensitive matter”.

Education Minister Kirsty Williams announced the move at the Senedd on Tuesday

The minister promised clear guidance for schools as well as resources and training.

She said a group made up of representatives of BAME and faith groups would meet for the first time in February with the aim of developing “a shared understanding of the new curriculum and address concerns raised by faith and community groups during the consultation”.

Speaking at a press conference at the Senedd on Tuesday, Ms Williams said: “In making these decisions I think about children, children first and always and I believe they will truly benefit from having unfettered access to the entirety of our new curriculum.”

People also reacted to the announcement on Facebook.

Jill Davies posted: “In the world today [it is] more important than ever that people are educated about different religions and cultures.”

Cherylley Jones-Carr added: “I’m atheist but still let my kids take part in RE, its not just about ‘god’ it’s also about accepting the beliefs of others and learning what those beliefs are about and about the conflicts it has caused, just because I’m atheist doesn’t mean my kids have to be.”

Gemma Uphill added: “My kids partake in RE but I remove them from collective worship. I say remove, they have permission to sit quietly while others pray or sing hymns. It’s vital to learn about other cultures, religious practices and I find they have more discussions about moral dilemmas during this lesson than others.

“Philosophy, tolerance, history, how other people live around the world, RE is an important lesson. And vitally, so is sex education!”


Sex4Grade: Lady want lecturer sacked in OAU

Following the shocking accusation of sexual harassment by Motunrayo Afolayan, a 400-level student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, and other students of the institution against their lecturer, Olabisi Olaleye.

Motunrayo who is from the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Administration of the institution recorded Mr Olabisi Olaleye threatening to fail her for turning down his sexual advances.

The audio recording is part of the evidence presented by Ms Afolayan before the panel set to probe the allegations.

In the seven minutes recording, the lecturer was allegedly heard in Yoruba language demanding for hugs from Miss Afolayan.

He also accused the student of refusing to cook for him from the “excess money” she receives from her parent, and that she also “didn’t want to sleep with him.”

Mr Olaleye also asked Ms Afolayan when she would be free to “be with him” but the student said she wanted to write another examination.

But in his response, Olaleye told the student he wasn’t expecting her to be with him forever. “Or are you bewitched?” he asked the student angrily.

Having established a prima facie case against him, the management of the university said it had halved the lecturer’s salaries pending the outcome of the matter before the panel.

According to the university’s spokesperson, Abiodun Olarewaju, the university took the decision after it had confirmed the authenticity of the evidence presented by the accuser.

Meanwhile, Nigerians on major social media platforms are calling the institution’s authorities to sack the accused lecturer after other students and alumni of the department took to social media to narrate their experiences with the lecturer, showing evidence including screenshots of messages reportedly exchanged between them and Mr Olaleye.

See some reactions;


Breaking: See how same sex marriage went in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has announced that same-sex marriage is now legal after an October 2019 Westminster bill changed the law, five years after other provinces in the United Kingdom, allowed the civil ceremony.

The law comes into force on Monday 13 January, 2020 with same-sex couples now allowed to register to marry in the country, and those who are already married will have their union recognised by law.

The first same-sex weddings are expected to take place in February as couples have to indicate their intention to marry 28 days before getting married.

The new law brings Northern Ireland into line with the rest of the UK including England, Scotland and Wales who all made same-sex marriages legal since 2014.

Speaking to BBC News NI, Mr McGinn said ‘everyone who values equality, love and respect can celebrate today’.

‘It’s a good day for Northern Ireland, an important day for citizens’ rights across these islands and an exciting day for same-sex couples who can now register to marry,’ he said.

Patrick Corrigan from Amnesty International said it was a ‘historic day for equality and human rights in Northern Ireland’.

‘For too long, LGBT+ people in Northern Ireland have been treated as second-class citizens. So, today is an incredible moment for same-sex couples who can finally marry and have their relationships recognised as equal,’ he said.


Boniface arrested after f*cking a dog before killing it

…used condoms found

...case to begin January 22

Boniface Mutuku Munyao, a middle-aged man from Kangundo in Machakos County of Kenya was arraigned before a Kangundo Magistrate’s Court on Thursday January 9, for allegedly engaging in bestiality with a female dog before killing it.

The suspect’s last sexual act on the dog was on Wednesday January 8, after which he strangled the animal with a rope. He was reportedly arrested after neighbours made a complaint of hearing the dog yelping at night.

Man who had sex with dog before killing it, arrested after used condoms were found at the scene

It was gathered that Munyao’s neighbours broke into his house after a foul smell emanated from the building on Thursday January 9. A neighbour told the police;

“We found used condoms and the dog’s carcass in his house.”

The area chief, Bethwel King’ele who backed the claim said;

“He was found having sex with the dog after some neighbours noticed a foul smell in the abandoned homestead which belongs to his grandmother.

“In his own confession, the man said he ‘defiled’ the dog for several days and later strangled the animal to death using a rope. Dozens of used condoms were also recovered from the scene.

“That is a very shameful and an ungodly act which we cannot tolerate in society. Those claiming the man is of unsound mind should also tell us why he decided to use condoms on the dog”

Commenting on the incident, Mateta area chief Bethel Kingele said it was suspected Munyao was under the influence of hard drugs while engaging in the unnatural act.

The man who denied the charges against him after being arraigned before Magistrate D. Orimba, was freed on Ksh100, 000 cash bail. The case will be mentioned on January 22.


Daddy freeze react to pastor omashola’s prophecy following sex tape

Media personality, DaddyFreeze has reacted after Apostle Chris Omashola known for his viral sextape, said that God revealed to him that Naira Marley is a demon in his 2020 prophecy.

According to Omashola, God told him Naira Marley is satanic and he’s out to destroy the destiny of youths of this generation.

Reacting to Omashola’s claim, Freeze wrote: “I won’t use the word demonic. It’s business as far as I’m concerned. He is simply serving a wicked and adulterous generation what they are craving for.
“This is formed on the crucible of demand and supply; if there is no demand, there won’t be any supply! ~FRZ.”


Apostle Chris Omashola’s sex video revealed after calling Naira Marley a demon

Naira Marley seems to have served a response to Apostle Chris Omashola for describing him as a demon in one of his 2020 Prophecies.

The Nigerian singer retweeted a screenshot of the sex tape of the Lekki-based Pastor with one Princess Tamaratokoni Okpewho.

The tweet read;

To all Naira Marley fans aka Marlian Please what’s your final judgment on this #NairaMarley and Apostle Chris Omashola case

Naira Marley retweets a screenshot of the sex tape of Apostle Chris Omashola who called him a demon

Naira Marley retweets a screenshot of the sex tape of Apostle Chris Omashola who called him a demon

He also shared a lyric from his hit song “Tesumole” which meant “If you’re a child of God, use your leg and step on the devil”.

Naira Marley retweets a screenshot of the sex tape of Apostle Chris Omashola who called him a demon


Hollywood film producer, Harvey Weinstein charged for rape

...plus sexual assault with another woman

Disgraced Hollywood film producer, Harvey Weinstein has been charged in Los Angeles with raping one woman and sexually assaulting another in separate incidents over a two-day period in 2013.

The 67-year-old now faces new felony charges of forcible rape, forcible oral copulation, sexual penetration by use of force and sexual battery by restraint, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said in a statement.

“We believe the evidence will show that the defendant used his power and influence to gain access to his victims and then commit violent crimes against them,” Lacey said.

The charges came hours after Weinstein appeared in a New York court for the start of his criminal trial on similar charges in a separate case and after his attorney, Donna Rotunna said any new charges would be “highly prejudicial” to a jury in the New York case.

According to the criminal complaint, Weinstein and a woman attended a Hollywood film festival on February 17, 2013, and later that night, he knocked on her hotel room door and was allowed entry into her room. Once inside, they talked briefly before he allegedly attacked the woman, forced her to perform oral sex on him, digitally penetrated her vagina and raped her, the complaint says.

She said that she did not disclose the assault because he threatened her life if she spoke, the complaint says. The charges of forcible rape, forcible oral copulation and sexual penetration by use relate to that incident.

On February 19, Weinstein met with a woman and her acquaintance for a business meeting at a hotel eatery in West Los Angeles, the complaint says. Weinstein persuaded the two to accompany him to his hotel suite, and one woman unwittingly followed him into the bathroom, the complaint says.

He allegedly took off his clothes and prevented her from leaving, and then he held her in place by her breast as he masturbated, the complaint says. He faces a charge of felony sexual battery by restraint for that incident, Lacey said.

Weinstein has denied all allegations of “nonconsensual sexual activity” related to the New York case and other claims made against him.

Weinstein’s career collapsed in October 2018, after numerous accusations of sexual harassment and assault were leveled against him.

Since then more than 80 women including young female assistants and actresses have come forward to accuse him of various sexual harassment and assaults.


(18+) Twitter debates as young lady expose her boobs in transparent dress. (Photo)

A woman shared a photo of her bare breasts which were visible beneath her sheer top and this led to an argument on Twitter.

Some who commented pointed out that by exposing her boobs on Twitter, the woman was exposing herself to being abused and sexualized by men. But others said boobs aren’t meant to be sexualized because they are meant for feeding babies.

Some also said it was all about self-control. They pointed out that women walk about in skimpy bikini abroad yet their men exercise self-control and do not go about abusing them. They added that our great grandmothers moved with their breasts out in their time and it was seen as normal. But others argued that if you put yourself in a position to be abused, then you deserve some blame.

Debate about sexualization of women ensues as Twitter user exposes her boobs while wearing a sheer top (+18)

@Tar1807sha tweeted: “I will always say this: walk lackadaisically on the pedestrian crossing and you will get hit by a car. Yes the driver will be prosecuted, go to jail, serve his term and guess what? He will come back and drive again. But wena, your broken legs wont come back.”

@StevenMacatsha commented: “Boobs aren’t meant to be sexualised. In pre colonial African women used to show them. I think it’s cool that you’re breaking ‘norms’ of this world we’re living in today. Nice boobs though…”

@Polite_Yelwa said: “Call me whatever but this is perverted. If men were to free any of their body parts that are sexually lucrative to the other gender it would be a huge offence. But when its this gender it’s freedom of expression. Men continue to be oppressed as women seek to be liberated.”

Read more comments below and tell which side you’re on.

Debate about sexualization of women ensues as Twitter user exposes her boobs while wearing a sheer top (+18)

Debate about sexualization of women ensues as Twitter user exposes her boobs while wearing a sheer top (+18)

Debate about sexualization of women ensues as Twitter user exposes her boobs while wearing a sheer top (+18)


20yrs rapist confessed to crime of raping 54yrs, says I raped her while I was drunk & angry.

20 year old herdsman, Laolu Isa, has confessed to raping to death a 54 year old woman, Mrs Mary Okereke, in Ebonyi state.

Laolu who was paraded before newsmen at the state police command in Abakaliki, the state capital on Monday December 30th, said he committed the act under the influence of alcohol. According to him, the deceased woman insulted him and that led to a struggle before he was able to overpower her and raped her to her death. The incident happened in Ufuezeraku, Ugwulangwu in Ohaozara local government area on Saturday December 28th.

Speaking to newsmen, Laolu said

” I am Laulo Isa, I am from Nassarawa. I came to work here in Ebonyi. I was seriously drunk and saw a woman in the night walking along the road. I approached her for sex and she started abusing me”

“We started abusing ourselves and I immediately pounced on her and she started struggling with me to free herself. I was seriously drunk at that time. As I was on her, a man who was passing flashed his torchlight on me and I ran away”.

“I don’t know whether I was having sex with her but she was on the ground with me. I did not hit her with any object but is like I had sex with her for one round. We were both on the ground when a man flashed light on me and I ran away”.

“I am not happy with what I did and I want to die. I want to die!, I want to die!! I have never done this type of thing since God created me on this earth. I am begging for forgiveness”

Commenting on his arrest, the state Commissioner of Police, Awotunde Awosola, said Isa would be charged to court soon.

”On December 28, 2019, at about 8:pm, one Laulo Isa a herdsman aged 20 years accosted and waylaid one 54 years old Mary Okereke on Ufuezeraku Ugwulangwu road in Ohaozara local government area. There was a struggle between the two of them but he overpowered the woman and had carnal knowledge of the woman. Unfortunately, the woman lost her life during the incident” he said

Awosola added that the joint efforts of Fulani herdsmen led to the arrest of Isa who fled the scene of the incident, leaving some of his belongings behind.


13 years old dies after giving birth to her father’s child.

A thirteen-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her father for four years died while giving birth to his child.

Police in Brazil confirmed that the girl Luana Ketlen died on December 11 after she was admitted to hospital for severe abdominal pains before it was discovered that she was actually pregnant.

13-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her father for four-years dies giving birth to his child

Luana was induced to labour by doctors who helped her deliver a premature baby boy who miraculously survived, but the mother who was diagnosed with acute anaemia didn’t make it after suffering complications including cirrhosis of the liver, water on the lungs and low blood pressure

13-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her father for four-years dies giving birth to his child

Police later issued a warrant for her 36-year-old father Tome Faba, who they believed began abusing his daughter when she was just nine. He first went on the run before being caught in the city of Coari a week later.

Mr.Tome appeared in court for the first time on December 27 and was charged with child abuse and manslaughter.

13-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her father for four-years dies giving birth to his child

According to Mail Online, Luana died while being airlifted to a specialist hospital in Manaus, the Amazonas state capital, some 225 miles away (363km).

At a press conference, Coari police chief, José Barradas said: ‘The teenager lived with her parents in a rural area outside the city.

‘She did not realise, until two months ago when she began to feel pains in her abdomen, that she was five months pregnant.

‘Luana claimed she was ordered to go fishing with her father and was allegedly raped by him while there.’

The Police chief Barradas also alleged that Faba threatened to kill his daughter if she reported what was happening.

Barradas said: ‘Members of the family tried to step in and protect the child by alerting social services.

‘They reported the abuse to police and a warrant was issued for Tome’s arrest but before it could be executed Luana’s health deteriorated and she died shortly after childbirth’.


OMG! Groom plays video of bride having sex with his brother on their wedding day. (Watch)

A wedding between a Chinese man and his partner ended at the venue after the groom played a naked video of the bride having sex with her brother-in-law in front of shocked guests.

The wedding reportedly took place in the province of Fujian in south-eastern China last Thursday.

According to online reports, the five-minute sex tape was played at the event in front of family and friends to humiliate the unfaithful fiancée after her affair with her pregnant sister’s husband was discovered.

In the viral video, the emcee is heard telling the crowd ‘now we are going to show you the videos of how the newlyweds grew up’. But seconds later, an X-rated video starts playing from the projector.

The clip then shows the groom accusing the bride on stage ‘you thought I didn’t know?’ and the bride throwing her bouquet at her partner before people ran to the stage to separate them.

An influential Chinese entertainment blogger known as ‘Jiang Zhe Hu Ba Jie’, claimed that the bride cheated on her fiancé after suffering from domestic violence from him and she also admitted the affair.

He also added that the bride and her brother-in-law developed feelings for each other after the latter started to intervene between her and her fiancé during their dispute over domestic violence.


Kebbi: 11 years girl raped twice the same day.

Kebbi State Police Command has arrested one Suleiman Umar and Aminu Siri, indigenes of Gwandu local government area of Kebbi for raping an 11-year-old primary school girl in a public toilet.

Commissioner of Police, Garba Muhammad, confirmed the incident to newsmen at the police headquarters, Birnin Kebbi.

According to him, Umar of Gwandu town lured the victim, Karima Abubakar of Sarkin Fawa Model Primary School into a public toilet and raped her.

“In the course of investigation, it was revealed that Aminu Siri of the same address also deceived her and took her to his house and raped her.

“The suspects were arrested and both confessed to the alleged crime. Suspects will be arraigned before the court of law,” he stated.

The Commissioner of Police also disclosed that two suspects have been arrested for killing a farmer.

According to the CP, the farme Luka Jagaba of Tungan Bindiga in Ngaski LGA went to his farm and met the suspects destroying his farm products.

When he cautioned them, they violently used their Fulani stick and cutlass and inflicted injury on the farmer, which resulted to his death.

Efforts have been made by the police to arrest Alhaji Ibrahim and Ibrahim Sa’adu, residents of Kamfanin Maga village in Danko/Wasagu local government, who were said to be aiding kidnappers by supplying them foodstuffs, recharge cards and information in their hideouts.

Police said the two suspects had confessed to their crimes and would be charged to court.


Cyprus court charged ‘Briton’ of Rape.

A court in Cyprus on Monday found a British woman guilty of falsely claiming she was gang-raped by a group of Israeli tourists in the resort of Ayia Napa.

Sentencing was adjourned until January 7.

The woman, who was 19 at the time of the incident in July, had pleaded not guilty to the charge of “public mischief”, which carries a sentence of up to one year in prison and a fine of around 1,700 euros.

“The statements you have given were false,” the judge told the defendant in remarks translated by the court interpreter.

She appeared frustrated by the delay to the sentencing, telling her lawyer: “He already made his decision! I thought we were asking for a fine.”

More than a dozen women from an association for the protection of women attended court wearing white scarves with an image of lips sewn shut printed on them.

The woman’s lawyers had claimed she was pressured into signing a statement written by a detective.

The judge said during the trial that police had acted properly at all times, with no pressure exerted to change the woman’s mind about her initial claim she was raped by 12 Israelis on July 17.

The Israelis, aged 15 to 18, were released without charge the same month after the woman was arrested on suspicion of making a false statement.

Rights groups argued the teenager has suffered humiliation and been mistreated by the police and media.

They have called for an investigation into police handling of the case and criticised the way rape cases and victims are treated in Cyprus.


Actress Dayo Amusan reacts after being dragged for saying “Sex is Sweet”

Dayo Amusa has fired back at trolls after being dragged for publicly admitting that she enjoys having sex.

The heated exchange came after the Nollywood actress shared her thoughts about sex and the stereotype attached to women having sex with different partners.

Dayo Amusa wrote;

The ish am about to raise here now might probably offend some of you, even if it result to an unfollown, Iyen gan tun nice. Proceed with caution

I enjoy having sex. I mean good sexual intercourse. You know the thing that people do that is acceptable in society if you’re married, or if you’ve been in a partnership with somebody for sometime but most definitely not acceptable if you have sex with somebody on the first date or if you have sex somebody that you don’t know all that well. Why can’t people just have sex for the sake of having sex? Why can’t people just have sex for the sake of havings ex?

Why the actual fuck does a woman that enjoys having sexual relationships with a partner or partners automatically make people jump to conclusion that the woman doesn’t respect herself? Why does a woman have to justify herself? I don’t give a fuck if you sleep with 200 people or you’ve only ever been with 1 or none. I don’t a fuck if you’re sleeping with two, three or twenty partners. I don’t give a fuck if you have sex on the first date or wait until the 30th date. Want to know why I do’t give a fuck? Because it’s none of fucking business.

You know your body, and at the end of the day it’s your body therefor you make the rules. Why are women being shamed for having sexual relationships? The sad part is majority of it is women shaming other women. SUPPORT EACH OTHER FOR FUCK SAKES. SEX IS A NATURAL HUMAN INTERACTION. Fuck who you want, when you want, where you want. You don’t owe an explanation to anybody. And you surely are not ‘disrepectin yourself’ because you enjoy having sex. Be transparent, and educate yourself before expressing such stupidity. But make sure you are playing safe o. Make safe choices

Dayo Amusa reacts after being dragged for saying she enjoys having sex

The actress was however forced to react to certain comments which attacked her career and accused her of not being a good role model and representative of the Yoruba culture.

See the exchange below;

Dayo Amusa reacts after being dragged for saying she enjoys having sex


Rape victim who set herself ablaze died in hospital

A 23-year-old rape victim, who set herself on fire outside the office of Superintendent of Police (SP) in Unnao, India on December 16, has died in a Kanpur hospital.

According to India Today, the deceased had alleged that the police were not acting on her complaint against an accused rapist, Avadesh Singh. Therefore, in protest, she reached the SP office in Unnao on December 16 and poured kerosene on herself and set herself on fire, walking into the office in flames.

She died on Saturday night. She claimed that he had promised to marry her, but was now refusing to acknowledge the relationship. A case of rape was registered against Avadesh Singh, but the latter had obtained anticipatory bail from the court.

The police had filed the charge sheet against the accused. The cops immediately doused the flames and took the woman to the district hospital from where she was referred to the Lal Lajpat Rai hospital in Kanpur. She suffered 70 per cent burns.

The doctors said she developed swelling in her abdomen and respiratory organs, and had been put on a ventilator since Saturday morning. According to SP Unnao Vikrant Veer, the woman was in a relationship with the accused for several years. She had lodged a complaint against him on October 2 , accusing him of having sexually exploited her.


I will not cover any s*x scandal – Unilag VC.

..Says no fake professors at UNILAG

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, has assured Nigerians that the recent sex scandal involving two lecturers of the institution will not be swept under the rug.

In his words: “There will not be any cover up. Globally, they are watching us to see what we will do with the case.”

Prof Ogundipe disclosed this at the 2019 edition of UNILAG annual media parley held at the Senate Chambers.

Recall that Dr Boniface Igbeneghu of the Department of European Languages and Integrated Studies and Associate Prof Samuel Oladipo of the Department of Economics were caught on video recording by a BBC undercover reporter allegedly demanding for sex for admission and marks.

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UNILAG management has since set up a panel headed by Prof Ayodele Atsenuwa of the Faculty of Law to probe the alleged sex-for-marks and admission scandal against Dr Igbeneghu and Dr Oladipo.

According to the Vice Chancellor, when the sex scandal broke out, the university management took prompt action and issued queries to the two lecturers caught in the BBC video, after which they were placed on suspension.

The VC said the case will follow due process, adding that “if we don’t follow due process, the two lecturers will sue UNILAG and that is what we are trying to avoid.”

The next stage of the case, he explained, will be the administrative report being passed on to the Governing Council to act on the recommendations of the panel.

Prof Ogundipe said that the ‘Cold Room’ captured in the BBC investigations has made the word popular globally.

He warned that henceforth no student will be allowed into the Staff Club and that leaders of the club have been advised to introduce identity cards for members.

On the recent revelation of the existence of fake professors in the Nigeria university system by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Prof Ogundipe said UNILAG does not have any in its system.

“In UNILAG, we don’t have fake professors. In UNILAG, there is nobody with even a fake PhD,” he said. “We even check WAEC certificates of staff on a regular basis with concerned exam bodies. We know each other on campus and such things doesn’t exist here.”

The VC blamed former students for their inability to process their transcripts, stating that within one year, 32,000 applied for transcripts.

He said that out of the 32,000 that applied, only 22,000 paid processing fees, meaning the 12,000 complaining have not completed the process.


Okada rider arrested by oyo police for committing 3 crimes.

The Oyo state police command have arrested an Okada rider, Gbenga Oduola, who allegedly abducted a woman, Bosede Jimoh (34) with her five-year-old son, Fadeyi Opeyemi Ramadan, raped the woman and then severed the head of the boy at his house in Igbo-Ora community in Ibarapa Central Local Government Area of the state on December 9th.

Parading the suspect before newsmen today Friday December 20th, the state Commissioner of Police, Shina Olukolu, said the woman and her deceased son had boarded a commercial motorcycle on December 8th with Gbenga as the driver. However instead of taking them to their destination, he took them to his house where he raped the woman and then killed her son.

The police boss said the suspect raped the deceased woman three times before daybreak.

“The following day, December 9, the motorcyclist took the victim’s son to another room in the house where he beheaded him with a cutlass. He confessed to having dumped the remains of the boy at a nearby bush beside his house, where they were recovered and deposited at the General Hospital mortuary for autopsy,” CP Olukolu said

Speaking with newsmen, the suspect said he liked the deceased and intended to marry her. According to him, while he was taking the deceased to her destination, he asked her out and she agreed. He maintained he doesn’t know why he killed her son.

“I then took her to my house where we had sex. I didn’t know why I beheaded the boy. I didn’t abduct them. I made love advances to the woman and she agreed, so I took them home. She had even agreed to marry me but I didn’t know why I killed the boy; it was the devil’s work.”

The suspect said he had previously married two women but the two had left him and that was why he became desperate to marry another woman.

The police commissioner said the suspect will be arraigned in court soon.


Louis Vuitton condom! You need to see how much this cost.

Photos of a Louis Vuitton condom which costs $68 (N25,000) has gone viral on social media.

The condom which was designed by Georgia Republic architect Irakli Kiziria, is enveloped in the label’s notorious brown packaging and adorned with what looks like raised lettering which many claimed is for enhanced pleasuring.

Twitter user @Adeke_Funso who shared photos of the condom tweeted;

Louis Vulton Condom cost $68. That’s #25,000 in Nigeria. 10 of that condoms will buy my laptop

Photos of Louis Vuitton condom that costs N25,000

Photos of Louis Vuitton condom that costs N25,000

Photos of Louis Vuitton condom that costs N25,000


A$AP Rocky reacts to his leaked sex tape.

A$AP Rocky has finally come out to address his alleged sex tape leak.

On Thursday, December 19, an explicit video allegedly showing the Harlem rapper having sex with a white woman surfaced on Pornhub. The face of the man in the tape wasn’t visible, but fans linked the man to A$AP Rocky because of the similarities between the tattoos of the man in the video.

Last night, the rapper took to his Twitter account to address the sex tape leak, saying he doesn’t know that man in the video.