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Lagos Gov, Sanwo olu celebrate Buhari’s wife, Aisha at 50.


Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has felicitated with the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Mrs Aisha Buhari, as she marks her 50th birthday.

The governor, in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Gboyega Akosile on Wednesday, celebrated the first lady, saying she has touched the lives of millions of Nigerians, especially women and children, since the assumption of her husband as President of Nigeria in May, 2015.

He described her as a courageous and amiable woman, kindhearted and a strong pillar of support for President Muhammadu Buhari.


“On behalf of the good people of Lagos State and my adorable wife, Ibijoke, I heartily congratulate the First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari on the occasion of her 50th birthday celebration,” Governor Sanwo-Olu said.

“Our First Lady attaining the age of 50 years in grace, elegance and good health is worth celebrating. Over the years, you have shown your passion for the needy in our country and as a women’s rights activist and child rights advocate, you are a major critic against child marriage.

“As an advocate of women’s and children rights, your campaign for young girls to get primary and secondary school education before getting married has yielded positive results in the country.

“Your passion for women and children made you establish a Pet Project, ‘Future Assured’ an initiative to continue your advocacy work for the health and well-being of women and children through community mobilisation and health promotion. This programme without any iota of doubt has impacted positively on millions of people directly and indirectly.


“On the political turf, your ideas and contributions on national issues are of good use. You have displayed courage and bravery on many occasions to show your passion for a better Nigeria.

“On this landmark occasion of your golden Jubilee celebration, I pray that God will continue to grant you good health to enable you render more service to humanity.”



EndSARs: Lagos Gov decries police brutality against Lekki protesters.


The managing director of the LCC also stressed that an estimated N2.5 billion worth of assets were lost to the violent protest.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, yesterday, condemned the alleged brutality against protesters at the Lekki tollgate. The governor, therefore, ordered the state’s Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, to investigate the incident.

The state’s Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Gbenga Omotosho, disclosed this at a joint briefing by the state government and the Lekki Concession Company in Lagos. He reiterated that Lagos State government, under the leadership of Babajide Sanwo-Olu, would never trample on people’s rights.


Meanwhile, making clarification on some issues, Managing Director, Lekki Concession Company (LCC), Yomi Omomuwasan, who spoke on alleged use of the firm’s operational vehicle to convey protesters at the tollgate, said that the vehicle was donated to the police to assist them as a logistical support.

He said: “We have operational vehicles. One of them is that donated to the police to assist them in their logistics support. On some people wearing LCC logo vests, remember that is our site and we have our men working around there but we didn’t engage in arresting people. We don’t have the power.”

Omomuwasan said the request to reopen the tollgate from the judicial panel of inquiry was based on the fact that the firm needs to assess the worth of the volume of valuables that was lost to the October 20, 2020 violent protest with the aim of getting the necessary insurance cover. He stressed that the reopening was not to immediately start tolling on the facilities.

The managing director of the LCC also stressed that an estimated N2.5 billion worth of assets were lost to the violent protest.


“As of 2011, we had N24 billion owned by local lenders and N49 billion borrowed from the International Development Bank. We need to bring a formal report of assessment of the damage back to our lenders because when you don’t pay, you are blacklisted. The claims could be verified. Assets would require a team of engineers both within and outside to do critical assessment. We need to do civil and electrical works, which cannot be completed within three months.

He also denied claims that the firm refused to give its full consideration to the forensic investigators from the judicial panel of inquiry, adding that all the needed support according to demand were rendered.



Okada riders rule Lagos roads over Sanwo olu’s ban order.


For Chinedu Azodoh, Max NG co-founder, the ban was an opportunity for the company to pivot into other business units and drive growth in other cities in Nigeria.

When the authorities in Lagos State, Nigeria’s commercial capital and one of the country’s most populous states, banned commercial motorcycles and tricycles from major routes in Lagos city, officials said the move was aimed at securing lives and sanitising transportation in the city.

Traffic in the city is maniacal, frenzied, time-consuming, and can be outright dangerous.


To reduce the number of hours spent daily in traffic, thousands of residents of the state resort to using commercial motorcycles and tricycles – okada and Keke Marwa as they are popularly called. Their sizes provide ease of navigating through hellish gridlocks.

Besides, thousands of Nigeria’s army of young people are employed in the most disorganised public transport sector ferrying people on around the city’s major highways and inner streets.

“It’s a lot easier for me to take a bike from here (Festac on the mainland) to Ebute Metta to get what I want to buy and come buy quickly,” said Ibrahim Bashir, an auto mechanic said, although he has a car of his own. “The traffic is discouraging.”

But state officials said in February 2020 that the motorcyclists and tricyclists, the former especially, have wreaked more havoc than could be imagined.


Consequently, the government restricted their operation in six local government areas. It said the ban will restore sanity to roads and reduce security threats. The ban encompasses Okada riders and bike-hailing companies like O’Ride, Max NG, and others.

How are Lagos roads now?
It is over a year since the ban has been imposed and Okada riders still rule on major Lagos express roads, defying the government’s order. In fact, they now ply the roads in Alausa Secretariat, the seat of the Lagos State Government despite signages that reads “Okada/Motorcycles are prohibited”.


Unregulated okada riders are ubiquitous on Oshodi-Apapa Expressway and other major roads. In some cases, the motorcyclists charge exorbitant rates and mostly without safety measures.

And as traffic jams continue to exert more stress on commuters and road networks in the city without any tangible solutions yet in sight, thousands of commuters still rely on the banned motorcycles and tricycles to move around even in the areas where they were restricted from.

The Bus Road Transit (BRT) owned by the Lagos State government would have been an option for some commuters because of the subsidised transport charges and a section of the road dedicated to the blue-coloured vehicles but they are not immune to the traffic situation.


“Going to work late isn’t an option for me – I must avoid a sack from the bank I work in this economic situation,” one Ademola Adekola who said he relies on using Okada from Ikeja to Oshodi told The Guardian.

GoKada, O’Pay, Max NG, others gone. Is Lagos State killing businesses?
While Okada riders continue to be ‘king of the roads’, ride-hailing companies whose operations have been halted would feel hard-done, with millions of dollars into the Lagos transport sector almost going down the drain.

The prospects of mass employment and reduction in vehicular movements on Lagos’ over-stretched roads has been cut short by the ban.

Some investors in the transport sector believe the ban is a bad signal for potential investors in the state.


Lagos State information and strategy commissioner Gbenga Omotosho on Tuesday refuted claims that the government was working against the growth of businesses because of the Okada ban.

“There’s been talks of so many people bringing investments and all of that but safety of lives is paramount to the government of Lagos State,” Omotosho said.


Omotosho insisted that the ban on motorcycles was in the best interest of the people of the state to safeguard their lives from road accidents often caused by the reckless operation of Okada riders.

He stated that the government did not target bike-hailing companies but said none of the private and public motorcyclists should be operating on the road because they have tendencies of similar dangers.

“The hailing services were not targeted at all,” Omotosho said.


“In fact the problem is that the hailing services were seen to be committing the same offence that the popular motorcyclists (Okada riders) you see around were committing. So they (bike-hailing companies) had to go with them.

“There is no way one could be left for the other.”

Enforcing the ban

Taofik Adebayo, the spokesman of the Lagos State Taskforce, an agency responsible for the enforcement of the ban, said a minimum of “250 motorcycles are confiscated by operatives during operations every week.”

Adebayo absolved the government of any blame for the halt in the operation of bike-hailing companies in the state.


“Nobody asked them to go,” Adebayo told our correspondent on Tuesday. “They choose to leave the roads. The only thing the government said was that there is an engine requirement for any bike to be on the road.”

Despite glaring views of unhindered operations of Okada riders in the restricted roads, Adebayo said the enforcement is on course and has recorded success as “lesser accidents have been recorded in Lagos State since the restriction was announced”.


His claim was corroborated by the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Yaba where victims of road accidents are often treated in Lagos State, especially those with severe wounds and injuries.

Ranti Babalola, head of emergency services in the hospital, said they “observed a cynical decline in road traffic injuries resulting from motorbikes” when the ban was just announced in 2020.

He, however, said there has been a corresponding increase in road accident fatalities due to the “poor enforcement” of the ban.


Babalola did not disclose figures of road injuries and fatalities caused by motorcycles pre and post the restrictions.

Bike-hailing companies diversify

While the restriction hit hard on their operations, bike-hailing companies have since diversified to other businesses. Gokada, ORide, Max NG have all moved to logistics and courier services in Lagos State.

For Chinedu Azodoh, Max NG co-founder, the ban was an opportunity for the company to pivot into other business units and drive growth in other cities in Nigeria.


“Since the ban, we have been aggressively pushing growth in other markets. Today we’re outside Lagos, we currently operate in Ibadan which is a bigger market than Lagos for us then Akure, Kano, Ekiti, Ogun state,” Azodoh told The Guardian in an email.

But he admits that “the government restrictions were difficult, it was unexpected because we thought as a company, we had done a lot of work in building relationships.”


OPay, the operators of now-defunct ORide, declined to speak about the effects of the restrictions on its business and investment. A spokesman for the company said, “the company has moved on to other things.”

The company announced the closure of three of its units – ride-hailing services, ORide and OCar, and logistics service OExpress in July, blaming harsh business conditions and the coronavirus pandemic for its decision.

With Max NG’s 1000 bikes in operation in Lagos prior to the restriction, the bike-hailing company’s investment into the state’s transport sector is estimated to be about $1.8 million. According to Azodoh, one bike costs N700,000 on average.


Max NG had a minimum of 1000 bikes and tricycles before the ban. GoKada arguably had the largest chain of motorcycles with other bike-hailing companies sharing a proportion of 1000 motorcycles on average.

The ban consequently meant a massive loss of jobs for the riders, many, whose means of livelihood was hampered. Though it was hard for the companies to swallow the restrictions. It was harder for the bike riders.

“I was hopeless (when the government ordered the restriction),” Olamide Ogunronmbi, a former O’Ride motorcyclist said. “There was nothing to eat and I couldn’t perform my responsibilities to myself and my family.”

Private transportation companies in Lagos are heavily reliant on investor participation. This may have dampened their morale but some of the companies have stayed afloat due to resilient innovative business drive and investor’s belief in the companies.


For Max NG, Azodoh said, “the blessing is that we have really amazing investors who stood by us during the trying times by helping us turn things around and figuring out strategic ways to continue to deploy capital to drive success.”

Azodoh, however, declined to speak on the almost seamless operation of their okada counterparts but said they are willing to resume operations if the government reverses the restriction and leaves the door open.



Nigeria’s National Theatre to become number one event centre in Africa – Minister.


The minister then lauded President Muhammadu Buhari, Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos and the entire Federal Cabinet for making the agreement a reality.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, on Sunday said that the National Arts Theater would become the number one event centre in Africa.

The minister disclosed this during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Bankers’ Committee and the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture in Lagos.


Mohammed also added that the renovation of the theater would lead to no job loss but rather, create more jobs during and after the reconstruction.

“The main essence of what we are doing today is to set the stage for restoration and upgrade of the national theatre and the development of the fallow land within its premises.

“When completed, the new national theatre will become the number one event centre in Africa.


“There can be no more fitting tag for this edifice that is situated in the home of Afrobeat, Nollywood and the pride of Black African Arts and Culture.

“For the Federal Government, this is a win-win situation. Not only will the national theatre be restored and better managed, the project will not lead to a single job loss and some 6,000 jobs will be created during the construction phase of the clusters.

“Upon completion, it is estimated that an additional 600 permanent and 2,000 to 3,000 call-on/call-off jobs will be created,” he said.

The minister further clarified that the theatre had not been sold to any individual, as was wrongly speculated, adding that it was a world class facility for Nigeria’s creative industry.


“Like I did in July, let me make a clarification. This iconic edifice, the national theatre, remains a national heritage and will not be sold to any person or group, as some have chosen to frame the agreement between us and the Bankers’ Committee.

“Apart from the restoration of the national theatre, there will be the development of a purpose-built clusters to provide world class facilities for Nigeria’s creative industry.


“The clusters will comprise hubs for fashion, music, film as well as information and technology hub.
“We are excited by this project because, for over 40 years, no major renovation work has been done on this theatre, while the adjoining land has been lying fallow.

“Many attempts to restore the theatre have failed and the government has no money to restore the complex, which is the hub of the creative industry in Nigeria.

“Let’s remember that the national theatre was established to encourage the advancement of the performing arts throughout the country,” he stated.


He added that it was also to create opportunities for performing artistes of the country, as well as to aid the promotion of social development and the improvement of quality of life.

“In its present state, it is not living up to its billing, hence this innovative decision to partner with the Bankers’ Committee,” he added.

The minister then lauded President Muhammadu Buhari, Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos and the entire Federal Cabinet for making the agreement a reality.

He also commended the Central Bank Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele; the Bankers’ Committee and the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, Dr. lfeoma Adaora Anyanwutaku.


Recall with NoRM that the National Arts Theatre in Iganmu was handed over to the Banker’s Committee for renovation on July 12, 2020.

However, work could not commence as the Federal Executive Council (FEC) was yet to approve the deal. On Feb. 10, the FEC approved the agreement that would lead to the renovation and commercialisation of the theatre in Lagos, for N21 billion.



Just in: Gov’t proposes ‘master plan’ to wipe out yellow buses.


Commissioner for Transportation, Dr Frederic Oladeinde, made this known in a virtual forum on Thursday

The Lagos State Government has disclose it plans to phase out yellow buses by its transportation masterplan of the state.

Commissioner for Transportation, Dr Frederic Oladeinde, made this known in a virtual forum on Thursday, adding that the busses would be displaced by blue buses.

The virtual forum was titled ‘Transport and traffic conference’.


He said, “We are reforming the bus sector and over time, Lagos will phase out the yellow buses because the yellow buses are not conducive for a mega city like Lagos. That is why we are coming with blue buses you see around.

“We are inviting the private sector to participate in the provision of public transport services. We are also deploying technology just to ensure that we can up our game in terms of efficiency.”



COVID-19: Lagos shut schools indefinitely

Meanwhile, another lockdown is likely in Nigeria with the rising COVID-19 cases, the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on the Novel Coronavirus Control has warned.

In lieu of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, all the public and private schools below tertiary level in Lagos State have been instructed to remain closed indefinitely.

This was disclosed in a statement issued by the Head of Public Affairs, Lagos State Ministry of Education, Mr. Kayode Abayomi to Kemi Filani News.

“The recent directive makes it mandatory that all schools earlier scheduled to resume on 4th of January, 2021, must remain closed until a new resumption date is announced in due course.” the statement partly reads.

Parents and students were also urged to ensure strict adherence to guidelines issued by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19 such as the wearing of face masks, physical distancing, washing of hands under running water and use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers.


National Coordinator of the PTF, Dr Sani Aliyu, said the only way to prevent a re-introduction of a lockdown is by adhering to the advisories. He said this while speaking on a television programme on Sunday.

“If you don’t want a lockdown, the only way is to make sure we use our facemasks, avoid mass gatherings, avoid people who have respiratory tract infections, sanitise our hands and follow those non- pharmaceutical interventions. The very vaccines that we currently have are those non-pharmaceutical interventions.



Lagos Gov’t decries Manhole roguishness on roads


Some other residents complained of accessibility of roads on the GRA to commercial vehicles, which they claimed caused increased vehicular traffic and quick road degeneration.

Lagos State Government has raised alarm over continued theft of manhole covers on roads in the state, promising to continually pursue infrastructure delivery that would meet needs.

Mrs Aramide Adeyoye, Special Adviser to the state Governor on Works and Infrastructure, raised the alarm at a stakeholders’ meeting for the rehabilitation of Sobo Arobiodun Street in Ikeja GRA.


She was responding to concerns raised by some residents over missing manholes in some parts of the GRA, constituting danger.

Adeyoye said that she was saddened by continued `serial’ vandalism of manholes in the state.


“It grieves my heart that it is not because the state government has not provided the manholes.

“Eric Moore Road was constructed eight or 10 years back with every manhole on that alignment but if you go there now, 90 per cent of those manholes is gone.

“They are gone not because government has not provided them, but because of the serial vandalism that we have seen taking place.


“On most of our major roads, they are gone,’’ she said.

She said that influx of people had made scavengers to steal manhole covers for sale, adding that some other residents turned them to refuse cans.

She appealed to the residents to assist the government to take ownership of manhole covers and other road infrastructure to prevent their damage.

Adeyoye added that the state government would revisit its environmental laws to profile scavengers to ensure they would not sell stolen road infrastructure.


She said that the Sanwo-Olu administration was following a standard operating practice which must include stakeholders’ input so that people would understand projects and get involved.

She said the planned rehabilitation of Sobo Arobiodun Street in Ikeja GRA was in line with the Urban Regeneration Intervention Programme which recommended upgrading of road infrastructure within Ikeja Government Reservation Area (GRA).


“Sobo Arobiodun is a major arterial which connects directly, Bank Anthony Road to Oba Akinjobi Street and interconnects eight roads to form a network.

“The road is for you, and we need to have your buy in so that there will be less friction during the course of the project,’’ she said.

She said that the road was located in a high-end residential area with commercial businesses, adding that its construction would improve socio-economic activities due to its interconnectivity with other roads in Ikeja.


She said that the construction which included provision of a functional drainage system would eliminate gridlock and reduce travel time.

Adeyoye also said that the government would address other issues raised at the meeting including security challenges and inadequate laybys.

A town planner from the state Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr Akeem Animasaun, said the Right of Way (RoW) recovery would follow due process.

He said that staff of the ministry would be visiting the site in collaboration with some other ministries to mark affected buildings in line with dimensions given to the ministry.


The General Manager, Lagos State Parks and Gardens, Mrs Ibilola Popoola, said that an assessment of the green areas had been done and 75 trees on the RoW would be given the right treatment.

She said that those constituting nuisance due to old age would be removed and viable ones transplanted.


She said that on completion of the road, the remaining portions would be landscaped and trees replanted.

“We have estimated that we should be able to plant about 200 to 300 trees depending on what is on ground including grass,’’ she said.

Dr Muize Banire, a three-term Lagos State Commissioner, thanked the government for the project but noted that heavy trucks were going through the GRA.


He promised cooperation of residents and urged that a maintenance package should go with the contract for the contractor to maintain the road for some time.

Banire who is the Ikeja Residents Association Chairman called for measures on Adekunle Fajuyi Road – a major road linking a rail line and has a lot of pot holes.

He called for increased budgetary allocation to tackle flooding on the Remi FaniKayode Road.

He also called for fixing of emerging potholes on Isaac John Street while urging improved street lighting facilities in the area.


A representative of the contractor, Mrs Grace Okoya, while giving a brief of the project, said that the contractor had the capacity to handle the project and assured commitment to deliver high quality work.

She said that the delivery period would be 12 months but cooperation of stakeholders could reduce the completion period.



EndSARs: AAC puts Sanwo-Olu on fire over #LekkiMassacre


The governor has also denied reports that over 17 deaths were recorded during the incident, noting that only two persons died later as a result of gunshot wounds.

The African Action Congress, ACC, has asked Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State to account for the dead victims of the Lekki Shooting.

Recall with NoRM that officers of the Nigerian Army opened fire on unarmed #EndSARS protesters at Lekki Toll Gate on October 20, 2020.

However, the army has repeatedly denied the allegation, saying its operatives only fired blank bullets into the air, not at the protesters.


But in a tweet via its Twitter page on Thursday, the opposition party said the governor lied to Lagosians that he has been to all morgues in the state and cannot find dead bodies.

The party noted that a CNN report showed that the army used live bullets on #EndSARS protesters at Lekki Toll Gate.

According to the party, the Lagos governor must be held responsible for inviting the Nigerian Army to the scene of the protest and earlier denying that he has no idea that soldiers were at the toll gate. The AAC also mocked the governor and the Lagos state government for calling for the identification of missing persons.


EndSARs: We are unplease with Sanwo-Olu’s denial – Army tells panel


He shocked panel members when he said that the governor called for military support on October 20, shortly after the protests became chaotic.

A Brigadier General of the Nigerian Army has disclosed that the Governor of Lagos, Babajide Sanwo-olu did invite them to intervene in the #EndSARS protests that held in Lagos last month.


Ahmed Taiwo, on Saturday revealed that the Nigerian Army is not happy with Mr Sanwo-Olu for denying that he didn’t invite soldiers to restore peace and order in the state.

“I spoke with the governor and said the army was unhappy that he said he did not ask the army to intervene. But I’m sure, after we’ve watched everything, we saw he had more than reasonable grounds to ask he army to intervene,”.

“Perhaps, it was the way everything went that made him say so.” he said.


Update: Tinubu react to Sanwo olu’s move to abolish Lagos ex-govs pension.


This was made known by the former governor of the state, Tinubu on Wednesday while tweeting via @AsiwajuTinubu.

Bola Tinubu, National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has shown support to the plan of Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu to abolish pensions to former governors, deputy governors and others in the state.

He wrote: “Congratulations to Governor Sanwo-Olu over the Y2021 budget which he appropriately christened ‘Budget of Rekindled Hope.’


“This audacious and enterprising budget will empower our people and begin to rebuild Lagos State.

“In particular, I would also like to commend the Governor for the plan to commence the repeal of the Pension Law giving pension packages to former governors and their deputies.

“This is a bold and courageous move by Mr Governor and I wholeheartedly support him. I encourage all APC loyalists to do the same8.”

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that Sanwo-Olu, on Tuesday, said his administration is resolved to sending a draft Executive Bill to the State House of Assembly for the repeal of the Public Office Holder (Payment of Pension Law) in respect of former governors and deputy governors, with the aim of keeping costs of governance low and to signal selflessness in public service.


Lagos Gov, Sanwo olu set to scrap pension for ex-govs


He made this known while presenting the 2021 budget to the Lagos State House of Assembly

Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Tuesday announced his intention to repeal the Public Office Holder (Payment of Pension Law 2007), which provides for payment of pension and other entitlements to former Governors and their Deputies.

Detail later…


EndSARs: Lagos State Gov, Sanwo olu unveils plan to rebuild destroyed properties


The governor also constituted an eight-man LRTF committee, noting that he would soon send a bill to the House of Assembly in respect of the trust fund.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Lagos State Governor, has set up the Lagos Rebuild Trust Fund for the reconstruction of public property destroyed during the violence that stemmed from the #EndSARS protest in the state.


Sanwo-Olu, who disclosed these on Wednesday while signing an executive order to inaugurate the committee, said the state government had received offers from outside the country to rebuild the affected property.

He stated, “We have decided to look to the future with hope as we work on healing the wounds of our recent past. Instead of wallowing in our pain, we have chosen to positively move forward. We will embrace new standards of governance; we will build stronger partnerships, stronger people, stronger institutions, and a stronger state.

“In the last few weeks, we have been inundated with local and global offers of assistance to rebuild our state and recover all we lost to arson and violence in October. It is obvious that we can no longer wait to begin the onerous task of reconstructing Lagos State. In the next few days, our government will send a bill to the Lagos State House of Assembly for the establishment of a trust fund to rebuild Lagos.

“However, with the deluge of offers of immediate help and assistance that we have received locally and internationally, we can no longer wait until the bill is passed. It is expedient that our enumeration, recovery, and rebuilding efforts start as soon as possible.”


Sanwo-Olu said the trust fund committee would be responsible for getting the detailed cost of restructuring and rebuilding the destroyed property, identification of the state’s most critical needs, among others.

He noted that the committee would be dissolved when the bill became law, while its functions would be transferred to a newly established trust fund.

Members of the trust fund committee are Mr Yemi Cardoso, Prof. Kanyisola Ajayi, Mr Gbenga agboola, Mrs Bola Adesola, Mr Sam Egube, Jimi Hotonu, Mr Abubalar Suleiman and a member of an international donor agency.

Other committees constituted by the governor are the Business Continuity Committee, Assessment committee, Planning Committee, Execution, Measurement and Evaluation Committee, Security and Enforcement Communication and Community Engagement Committee.


EndSARs: Sanwo olu orders lekki billboard be switched off – Tinubu.


The statement informed that the board was switched off based on the governor’s curfew request as they had no idea what was going to happen to the unarmed #EndSARS protesters.

The management of Loatsad Promomedia Limited led by Seyi Tinubu has cleared the air on report making the round that the billboard at the Lekki Toll gate was deliberately put out by the agency.

Lekki Toll gate was where the Tuesday massacre happened with some lives lost and many injured.


A statement from the advertising agency owned by Seyi Tinubu, one of the sons of the Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Wednesday said the billboard was switched off on Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s order.

It reiterated that the agency had lent its support to the #EndSARS movement since the peaceful demonstrations began across the state.

The statement reads further “When we started in 2014, we had a plan to change the perception of African start-ups in the global space. We believed as Africans, we could create something great and we set out with a N4m loan from a bank and we started trading, going from door to door begging for work and relentlessly grew the business employing and empowering over 200 Nigerians today directly or indirectly. We have supported many upcoming businesses, artists, people in need as giving back to our community has always been our passion (all this can be verified).

“All of our achievements thus far have come the from hard work, sweat and determination of our work force and everything Loatsad has been doing has been open, all taxes are remitted and payments to agencies and regulatory bodies have been timely, so we can be proud to say we are contributing the growth of the industry and Nation.


“When the “EndSars” and “say no to police brutality” protests started from day one we wholly supported the movement and used all our platforms to promote the messages (I believe the promoters can verify this information) as we believed in the cause.

“On Tuesday when the curfew was announced we heeded the governors warnings and didn’t want our staff in any danger, hence by 3pm our staff had been ordered to leave the site and the board was switched off based on the governors curfew request.

“We had no idea what was going to happen and we feel the same anguish, pain and shock at the events that unfolded and our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and families of this ungodly act.

“We believe in this movement and that it was the start of the change our generation needed to move our country forward and we will continue to support the youths of this great nation.”


EndSARs: Lagos Gov, Sanwo olu’s family house set ablaze. [Video]


Meanwhile, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has denied the allegation that he ordered the military to attack peaceful protesters in Lagos.

The family house of the Lagos state Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has been set ablaze by angry mob, News Direct can report.

According to videos shared on social media, hoodlums set fire on the governor’s family house located in Lagos Island.

Bola Tinubu made the denial in a chat with angry callers.

APC leader Ashiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in a phone conversation which some #EndSARS protesters urged the youths to be law-abiding citizens.


EndSARs: Lagos Gov’t declares 24-hour curfew to begin 4PM.


This comes after the #EndSARS protest turned violent in parts of Lagos including Ikorodu, Orile and some parts of Yaba.

The Lagos State government has declared a 24-hour curfew across the state.

The announcement was made by the Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.


Recall with Noble Reporters Media that hoodlums burnt down the Apapa Iganmu Police Station in Lagos earlier today.

The incident occurred around 09.45 am, according to an eyewitness.

The spokesperson of the Orile-Iganmu Local Government Area, Ayo Micheal said, “Yes, the station has been attacked.

“The burnt Station is in Apapa Iganmu but serviced both Iganmu community in Apapa Iganmu and Orile Community in Coker/Aguda.”


EndSARs: Gov. Sanwo Olu pleads after protesters block major Lagos roads.


Some of the roads already Alausa, Agidingbi Road, Allen Roundabout, all in Ikeja; Agbara on Lagos-Badagry Expressway; Arepo, on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway; Ojuelegba; Lekki Toll Gate; Mushin Bus Stop; among others.

Economic and transport activities across the Lagos metropolis was on Monday virtually brought to a halt after #ENDSARS protesters blocked major roads across the city in a bid to press home their demands.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, while inaugurating the judicial panel of inquiry into the brutality of the defunct police unit, pleaded with protesters to open up the roadblocks and allow the over 25,000 civil servants access to the State Secretariat in Alausa, Ikeja.

Locations of Roadblocks of As A Results #ENDSARS Protests

  • Allen Roundabout/ Awolowo Road, Ikeja
  • Agidingbi Road/ Lagos Radio/LTV, Ikeja
  • Alausa, Ikeja
  • Isheri Olowora, Magodo
  • Agbara, Lagos- Badagary Expressway
  • Lekki Toll Gate
  • Ikotun Roundabout
  • Arepo, Lagos Ibadan Expressway
  • Mushin Bus Stop
  • Sadiku Ilasa, Apapa Oshodi Expressway
  • Ojuelegba
  • Inward Shitta Roundabout from National Stadium
  • Multiple roadblocks between Ikorodu Roundabout and Mile 12
  • Ketu
  • Costain Roundabout
  • Iyana Ipaja


EndSARs: Police sectors to be reformed – Sanwo olu give detailed report on his meeting with Buhari.


The governor delivered the demands of the protesters to the president part of which calls for an end to police brutality.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State has said that the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has restated his commitment to police reform.

Sanwo-Olu met with the president in Abuja hours after he took part in an EndSARS protest in Lagos today.


He said:

“Today, I met President @MBuhari to present the demands of the Lagos #EndSARS protesters. The President restated his commitment to embark on a holistic reform of the entire Police Force.

He added:

“Just today, the President has approved a panel made up of Civil Society leaders to look at all the cases of abuse by the police. The benefits of this genuine protest will be fully realized and I will continue to work to defend the rights of all Lagosians any and everyday.”


As school resumes: Sept. 14 resumption, only for final year students – Lagos Gov. [Nigeria]


The Lagos state government has announced that only final-year students will be resuming when tertiary institutions reopen next Monday in the state.

Tokunbo Wahab, Special Adviser on Education to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, stated this.

Wahab said, “Basically, we are at a point where scientifically we’ve been proven to have flattened the curve. And it invariably means that we are not as exposed as we used to be some five, four, three months back.

So, consequently, we have to find a way to bring our lives back to normal. And in doing that, education is very critical to whatever we are going to do.


“In the past few weeks, we’ve been putting in place measures and facilities that will enable our children come back to school.

“Even at that, what we seek to do from next week is to start a phased reopening of our tertiary institutions.

“On the 14th we have announced that our tertiary institutions are going to open to our students for the first time after six months.”

Wahab said the students have been having their lectures online all along and “they are going to come on campus to have their revision one-on-one and then they can now have their exams and their projects.”


“For our tertiary (institutions) from on the 14th, we are going to start with the final-year students across our tertiary institutions. With those final-year students, we are sure that they are older, they are more mature, and they are going to meet up with the protocol as put in place by the institutions based on the regulations of the NCDC (Nigeria Centre for Disease Control).

“After we have phased them out, maybe after their exams, then, those in the penultimate year will come on campus. So, we are not going to put all our students on campus at the same time.

“For our secondary, from on the 21st, they are also going to have a phased resumption.” Wahab concluded.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that Schools in the country had been shut in March as part of measures to curb the spread of the deadly covid-19 disease.


As school resumes: Sanwo olu announces resumption dates for Lagos schools


– 6:08 PM –

After months of being shut down, schools in Lagos are set to re-open in September, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu revealed on Saturday.

The Governor, in a regular briefing on the state’s COVID-19 status, said tertiary institutions in the state will re-open from September 14.

Primary and secondary schools are also tentatively scheduled to re-open from September 21.

“This decision is not cast in stone and is subject to review of our ongoing modelling and what procedure comes out from the Ministry of Health,” Sanwo-Olu said.

– 6:12 PM – 

The Governor explained that the decision was based on indications that the pandemic has peaked in the state, as the number of new cases continues to steadily decline.

Sanwo-Olu reiterated that restaurants are now permitted to open for in-dining services in the state, although they must continue to ensure spaces are only filled up to 50 percent capacity at all times.

On the re-opening of event centres, bars, night clubs, beaches, cinemas, the Governor said a review will be done in September to decide whether to allow a re-opening of such public spaces.

Responding to a question on whether the Federal Government’s 10 pm curfew still holds in Lagos, Sanwo-Olu replied in the affirmative.

“These are challenging times for all of us,” he said.


Lagos Helicopter Crash: Sanwo Olu Visit Accident Scene.


Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Saturday, visited the scene of the helicopter crash 24 hours after the incident.

The governor, who met with the residence of both buildings where the crash occurred, rejoiced with them for not recording any casualty.

Mr Sanwo-Olu stated that he was out of town when the incident occurred, and made it a point of duty to come and visit the residents before another day passes.

A Bell 206 helicopter, belonging to Quorum Aviation, was traveling in from Port Harcourt, the Rivers state capital with two crew members and a passenger before it crashed into a residential building in the Opebi area of Lagos at mid-day on Friday.

Shortly after the crash, the Lagos State Emergency Agency confirmed that two persons died in the accident, with the third person taken to the Lagos State Teaching Hospital for treatment, but it was confirmed by the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) later on Friday that the third person died in the hospital.

The AIB said it has commenced an investigation into what led to the crash, with a view to carrying out a fast and robust one with the help of the general public who have clips or saw the helicopter before it crashed.


OndoDecide’20: APC will win by landslide – Lagos gov, Sanwo olu


The Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Campaign Council for the Ondo State governorship election and the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, is optimistic that the party will win the October 10 election by a landslide.

Governor Sanwo-Olu said APC’s confidence in the governorship election is further buoyed by the giant strides of Ondo State Governor, Mr Oluwarotimi Akeredolu (SAN) in different areas of human endeavours during his first term in the State.

Speaking during the inauguration of the 104 members of the APC National Campaign Council for Ondo State Governorship election by the party’s Caretaker and Extra-Ordinary National Convention Planning Committee headed by Governor Mai Mala Buni at APC’s Secretariat in Abuja on Saturday.

He assured President Muhammadu Buhari and APC leadership that Ondo will remain within the fold of the All Progressives Congress.

In his acceptance speech, he pledged the commitment, passion and dedication of the National Campaign Council members to deliver Ondo State to APC come October 10.


“Today, our great party the All Progressives Congress has begun a march to another victory in Ondo State. I have described this journey as a repeat performance of what we did less than four years ago when the people of Ondo State filed out in their numbers to elect my brother and friend, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu (Aketi) as their sixth executive governor. The only difference in this year’s experience is that our victory will be a landslide.

“Four years ago, the residents of Ondo State affirmed their belief in progressive governance and today, that belief, the validation of our party, the APC as an assemblage of well-spirited Nigerians who are poised to serve the humanity has yielded positive results with several achievements recorded by the Governor Rotimi Akeredolu-led administration.

“The need for us to do more and because we know that we can do more for the people is the reason why our party is confident of victory at the polls. The party’s confidence is further buoyed by the giant strides of Governor Akeredolu in different areas of human endeavours”, he said.

President Muhammadu Buhari receives the Express of Interest form of Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu on June 16, 2020. (Noble Reporters Media //)

Governor Sanwo-Olu stressed further that: “Since APC-led Government of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu was sworn in on the 24th February 2017, Ondo has moved from her hitherto parlous state and has returned to a trajectory of growth and development. This is a major feature of our party. We pride ourselves as harbinger of peace, progress and purposeful leadership wherever we have our foothold.


“Mr Chairman, let me assure you that the tasks you have given us will be approached with the highest sense of responsibility. We know that the people of Ondo State cannot afford to return to retrogressive life after experiencing progressive governance offered by the All Progressives Congress. Therefore, all the 104 members will roll up our sleeves and work hard for the victory that we truly and genuinely deserve.

“On behalf of members of the National Campaign Council, I hereby pledge our commitment, passion and dedication as we take up this national assignment to deliver Ondo State to the All Progressives Congress.”

Speaking on the task given to him to head the campaign council, Governor Sanwo-Olu said he is deeply honoured to be appointed as Chairman of the APC National Campaign Council for the October 10 Governorship election in Ondo State.

He said it is humbling to lead a team of very experienced women and men who would be working with his other colleagues and stakeholders for APC to retain Ondo State in the coming election.


“This is a moment of personal honour for me, but also of deep personal responsibility. I do not take this lightly and I believe every member of this high-level committee feels the same way.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu speaks during the inauguration of the 104 members of the APC National Campaign Council for Ondo State Governorship. (Noble Reporters Media / Adigun Michael Olamide)

“I will like to thank our great party, APC, for giving us this great opportunity to serve at the national level. It is a rare privilege and we will not take it for granted. We also thank the Governor Mai Mala Buni-led National Convention Committee for believing in us to retain Ondo State for our party.

“We wish to send a message of assurance to the President, Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) that Ondo will remain within the fold of the All Progressives Congress.

“On this note, I wish to invite all party faithful to join the committee to achieve this task that has been placed before us by the leadership of the party. I will end by saying we are on the march to victory in Ondo State.”


Top Story: Lagos APC Chief dies in his early 70s


A member of the Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC) of the Lagos State All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Lanre Razak, has died.

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu announced the news in a tweet on Saturday.

He passed away “on Saturday morning at the age of 74 after a brief illness,” the Governor said as he expressed his sadness over the news.

Razak, who was also the Balogun of Epe, died at Reddington Hospital, Lagos.

Sanwo-Olu described Razak’s death as a rude shock, describing him as a great politician, a strong party man, and an advocate of masses oriented programmes.


“I am saddened by the death of one of our political leaders in Lagos APC, Chief Lanre Razak. He was a loyal party man and committed democrat, with a deep understanding of the state’s political landscape,” the Governor said.

“He was an extremely loyal politician, who did his best for our party, the All Progressives Congress.

“Chief Razak served his people and Lagos State passionately as Chairman of Epe Local Government Area and Commissioner of Public Transportation.

“He brought a lot of development to Epe as a council boss and also made a lot of positive contributions to turn around public transportation in Lagos during his tenure as member of the State Executive Council.”


COVID-19: LG council boss, Babatunde Oke dies, Lagos govt mourns.


Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu has expressed sadness over the sudden death of the Chairman of Onigbongbo Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of the State, Hon. Babatunde Oke.

Governor Sanwo-Olu in a condolence message issued on Wednesday by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Gboyega Akosile, said Oke’s demise is a big loss to his council and Lagos State.

Oke, a second term Chairman of Onigbongbo LCDA, died in the early hours of Wednesday (August 12, 2020) from complications arising from COVID-19 infection.

The Governor implored Lagosians to use the death of the council chairman as a reminder that all hands must be on deck in reducing the spread of the ravaging coronavirus pandemic, as well as obeying basic rules and regulations in respect to COVID-19.

He said: “The death of Hon. Babatunde Oke is a painful and great loss to the State. We must however not allow the death of Hon. Oke to deter us from forging ahead in our quest to finding a lasting solution to the dreaded coronavirus, which is ravaging the world. In fact the best way we would preserve the memories of those we have lost to the virus is for the world to find a solution to the pandemic.

Lagos State governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu (Noble Reporters Media / Adigun Michael Olamide)

“Needless for me to say that I am saddened by the death of this fine gentleman; a loyal party man and committed democrat, who had a deep understanding of local government administration and the political landscape.


“Hon. Oke was an extremely loyal politician and an invaluable asset to the All Progressives Council (APC). He started his political journey with the progressives and remained in the fold until his unfortunate exit today.

“There is no doubting the fact that he would be missed by the entire political class, particularly Onigbongbo LCDA, Lagos APC family and the State as a whole.”

Governor Sanwo-Olu also condoled with the immediate family of the departed, the National Leader of APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Lagos APC, Conference 57 and the entire people of Onigbongbo LCDA over the death of the late council boss.

He also prayed that God will grant “the soul of our beloved Hon. Babatunde Oke eternal rest and comfort the immediate and political family of the deceased.”