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Woman beats husband for not impregnating her, refer him as an impotent (Photo)

A lady identified as Chinwendu Chita has been arraigned before Ejigbo Magistrates Court on charges of alleged assault of her husband, Okechukwu Chita and a Police woman at their residence in Alhaji Agbeke Street, Ago Palace in Okota area of Lagos.

Chita, 32, was accused of continously assaulting her husband for not showing enough commitment in their marriage by getting her pregnant, leaving him scared of returning to their home.

The lady who allegedly began assaulting her husband in 2018, subjected him to more physical abuses after the police intervened.

The accused allegedly asaulted her husband after locking him up in their apartment 22nd December, 2019. She reportedly used a frying spoon to smash his head and face causing him grievous injuries, before forcefully collecting the sum of N650,000 from him in exchange for his life.

Chinwendu who continued beating her husband despite warnings from the police, also allegedly assaulted a police woman Sgt. Ojooniyan Omonike, who was sent over by the DPO of Ago Police division to invite her to the police station.

NobleReporters learnt that she pleaded not guilty to the charges against her after being arraigned before the Magistrate of the Ejigbo court, Mr. T.O. Shomade.

Shomade who fixed a date for the police to prove the charges against the lady, granted her bail of N700,000 with two sureties in like sum.


Relationship: Stop thinking about him – He doesn’t deserve you

Stop thinking about him. Stop torturing yourself. Let go of him.

What you two had is gone. And regardless of how many hours you spend hoping that things will change and destiny will bring you back together, nothing will change the fact that your story is over.

You need to learn when it’s time to hold on to someone and when it’s time to let go of someone. Because holding on to someone who doesn’t deserve you and reciprocate your love prevents you from thinking clearly and logically. It prevents you from seeing things as they really are. It makes you think that settling for one-sided relationships is normal. It makes you think you don’t deserve anything better.

That’s the reason why you need to let go of him. He is not your greatest love. He is not your soulmate. He is not your forever person. He never was.

Stop thinking about what you two had. Stop thinking about the things you did together. Stop hoping that he still feels something about you.

And instead of fantasizing about him and idolizing him, try to remind yourself of the reason why your relationship fell apart.

Perhaps he didn’t treat you the way you deserved and wanted to. Perhaps he couldn’t love you the way you wanted him to love you. Perhaps he betrayed your trust. Perhaps he lied to you. Perhaps he cheated on you. Or perhaps you just grew apart. It no longer matters.

All I know is that when someone truly loves you, they would never leave you feeling this disappointed. They’d never make you question your worth. They’d never make you wonder whether they deserve your attention, respect, trust, or love. They’d never give up on you.

So, instead of hoping that fate will bring you back together, accept the truth. The truth that he is no longer interested in you. The truth that he is no longer in love with you. The truth that he’s already moved on with his life.

And you should do the same too. Because you deserve to find someone who will be able to love you just the way you deserve. Someone who will treat you with kindness, compassion, and dignity. Someone who will deserve your trust. Someone who will fight for your happiness.

You deserve to find someone who won’t walk away at the first sign of trouble. Someone who won’t be afraid to argue with you when you disagree about something. Someone who’ll only be afraid of losing you.


After what I’ve tasted, Nigerian women not my taste – 26 year old said

Sulaiman Babayero Isa, a 26-year-old Nigerian, says he cannot love a woman from his country of origin again after his experience with Jeanine Delsky, his 46-year-old lover from the United States.

Isa and Delsky recently made headlines when the latter touched down at Kano airport last week to finally meet the Nigerian whom she met on Instagram — a year ago — to conclude plans for their marriage.

The two love birds would then depart Nigeria for America, where they hope to start a new family, after their marriage expected to take place around March.

According to BBC Pidgin, the Kano-born Isa, who already appeared overwhelmed by the growing bond between them, said he cannot marry a Nigerian woman again.

According to him, Nigerian women do not understand the basics of true love, noting their love is often tied to perceived benefits in the man they want to marry or be in a relationship with.

“The truth is that our women don’t know what true love means, it is either they see something or they have plans of getting something from you. But if a white woman boldly tells you she loves you, she means it from the depth of her heart,” he said.

Isa, a fresh secondary school graduate and a barber, stated he was afraid after being invited by operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) and hisbah, following media reports on his relationship with Delsky.

He however, stated his fears disappeared upon discovering that such invitation was merely to advise him and not to grill him as early anticipated.

He went on to explain how the love journey between the two started, stressing the relationship between them shows true love still exists on social media. Isa also urged others to also try their luck.

“We met after I started to follow her on Instagram and started liking her pictures whenever she makes a post. After a while, I discovered some Yahoo boys were trying to swindle her,” he said.

“Sensing this, I sent her a message, telling her to ignore them and that got her attracted to me and she immediately considered me to be an honest person. That was her first attraction to me.

“This was followed by frequent chats, video calls and all that which accumulated to the present bond between us now.”

Isa noted since Delsky arrived Kano to meet his family, the two had not passed the night in a room, adding his family has approved of the marriage between them.

“We don’t sleep in the same room. I do stay with her till night before I tell her good night. People have even started to complain about our open display of affection for another such as holding hands and hugging each other. So imagine what now happens when we start sleeping together in the same room,” he said.

“After our wedding coming up by March by God’s grace, we are heading for the US immediately where I intend to get a job and continue my school because I only had my secondary education. I also hope to get a football team which I can play for.”

Relishing finally meeting with Isa, the mother of two expressed her happiness visiting Africa for the first time and the fact that his family has agreed to the union.

“I have met his family members, more than 100 of them and I am happy they have all agreed that we can get married. Many of them are yet to see a white woman before, so they do play with my hair and sometimes touch my hand,” she said.

Desky, who works at Afgghani restaurant in California, stated she would be traveling back to America next month before returning for their wedding in March.


Here’s how Cristiano Ronaldo celebrate New year with Georgina Rodriguez.

Juventus striker, Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner, Georgina Rodriquez celebrated the New Year by locking lips in these loved-up photos the footballer shared to his Instagram page.

The Portuguese star wrote in his caption: ‘Happy New year, my love! Let the year 2020 will be full of love, health, peace and success for everyone! Happy New year.’


2 sisters burnt in their burning shop set by lover of one. (Reasons)

Two sisters were left with serious burns after their shop was set ablaze by a police officer one of them was in a relationship with.

27-year-old Phanice Nyabaro and 17-year-old Ruth Nyabaro who are now in a stable condition after being rushed to Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital, were admitted with difficulties in breathing.

According to the hospital’s head of clinician services, Joseph Keriyo, Phanice sustained 18 per cent burns while Ruth Nyabaro sustained eight per cent burns after the incident over the weekend.

He said;

“The patients were … resuscitated, their wounds dressed and they were given fluids to stabilise their condition.”

Two sisters left with burns after their shop was set ablaze by jilted police lover

Recalling how the incident occurred, Ruth said her sister who ended her relationship with Saka Achimba, a police officer attached to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit, was threatened several times.

It was gathered that Achimba first visited the shop by 6:30pm on the day of the incident and reportedly returned with a jerrycan of petrol by 8pm after Phanice turned down his overtures. He allegedly shut the shop’s doors behind him and doused the sisters with petrol before setting them on fire.

Nakuru Town East Deputy Commander, Phanton Analo confirmed the incident and also disclosed that Achimba is being held at Nakuru’s central police station.

He said;

“A probe was launched when the crime was reported. The officer is being interrogated.”


OMG! Groom plays video of bride having sex with his brother on their wedding day. (Watch)

A wedding between a Chinese man and his partner ended at the venue after the groom played a naked video of the bride having sex with her brother-in-law in front of shocked guests.

The wedding reportedly took place in the province of Fujian in south-eastern China last Thursday.

According to online reports, the five-minute sex tape was played at the event in front of family and friends to humiliate the unfaithful fiancée after her affair with her pregnant sister’s husband was discovered.

In the viral video, the emcee is heard telling the crowd ‘now we are going to show you the videos of how the newlyweds grew up’. But seconds later, an X-rated video starts playing from the projector.

The clip then shows the groom accusing the bride on stage ‘you thought I didn’t know?’ and the bride throwing her bouquet at her partner before people ran to the stage to separate them.

An influential Chinese entertainment blogger known as ‘Jiang Zhe Hu Ba Jie’, claimed that the bride cheated on her fiancé after suffering from domestic violence from him and she also admitted the affair.

He also added that the bride and her brother-in-law developed feelings for each other after the latter started to intervene between her and her fiancé during their dispute over domestic violence.


Actress Dayo Amusan reacts after being dragged for saying “Sex is Sweet”

Dayo Amusa has fired back at trolls after being dragged for publicly admitting that she enjoys having sex.

The heated exchange came after the Nollywood actress shared her thoughts about sex and the stereotype attached to women having sex with different partners.

Dayo Amusa wrote;

The ish am about to raise here now might probably offend some of you, even if it result to an unfollown, Iyen gan tun nice. Proceed with caution

I enjoy having sex. I mean good sexual intercourse. You know the thing that people do that is acceptable in society if you’re married, or if you’ve been in a partnership with somebody for sometime but most definitely not acceptable if you have sex with somebody on the first date or if you have sex somebody that you don’t know all that well. Why can’t people just have sex for the sake of having sex? Why can’t people just have sex for the sake of havings ex?

Why the actual fuck does a woman that enjoys having sexual relationships with a partner or partners automatically make people jump to conclusion that the woman doesn’t respect herself? Why does a woman have to justify herself? I don’t give a fuck if you sleep with 200 people or you’ve only ever been with 1 or none. I don’t a fuck if you’re sleeping with two, three or twenty partners. I don’t give a fuck if you have sex on the first date or wait until the 30th date. Want to know why I do’t give a fuck? Because it’s none of fucking business.

You know your body, and at the end of the day it’s your body therefor you make the rules. Why are women being shamed for having sexual relationships? The sad part is majority of it is women shaming other women. SUPPORT EACH OTHER FOR FUCK SAKES. SEX IS A NATURAL HUMAN INTERACTION. Fuck who you want, when you want, where you want. You don’t owe an explanation to anybody. And you surely are not ‘disrepectin yourself’ because you enjoy having sex. Be transparent, and educate yourself before expressing such stupidity. But make sure you are playing safe o. Make safe choices

Dayo Amusa reacts after being dragged for saying she enjoys having sex

The actress was however forced to react to certain comments which attacked her career and accused her of not being a good role model and representative of the Yoruba culture.

See the exchange below;

Dayo Amusa reacts after being dragged for saying she enjoys having sex


Lady who saved for 2 years to buy her boyfriend Toyota Camry on boxing day trends.

… says she didn’t buy anyone a car.

A story of a lady who “saved up to buy her boyfriend a car” made the rounds on social media on Boxing Day. But the lady has now responded.

Photos were shared of a woman and her boyfriend. A photo of a Toyota Camry was also shared and the caption accompanying the photo claimed the woman, from Port Harcourt, saved 20k every week for 2 years to buy her boyfriend a car after people mocked him for not having a car and mocked her for dating a broke guy.

Woman whose picture circulated on social media with claims that she saved for 2 years and bought her boyfriend a car, speaks up

The story went viral on Twitter and generated a conversation as people debated the pros and cons of buying a car for a man who isn’t married to you.

The woman whose photo is being circulated has now reacted.

She revealed she’s neither Nigerian nor a makeup artist. She added that she didn’t buy anyone a car.

Replying to one of the tweets about her buying a car for her boyfriend, she wrote: “I never knew I was Nigerian or a makeup artist or even rich enough to save. And I bought a CAR !!!!! This is news to me.”

Woman whose picture circulated on social media with claims that she saved for 2 years and bought her boyfriend a car, speaks up

Woman whose picture circulated on social media with claims that she saved for 2 years and bought her boyfriend a car, speaks up

Woman whose picture circulated on social media with claims that she saved for 2 years and bought her boyfriend a car, speaks up


Ex Nigerian Player, Ogbonnaya Is Engaged, Proposed to girlfriend. (photos)

Former American football running back, Christopher Ogbonnaya is engaged to his white girlfriend, Jeanine Juliano.

The 33-year-old took to Instagram to share photos of himself proposing to his stunning partner during a romantic outing in Lotte, New York Palace.

He simply captioned the post: ‘ YES.’

Former NFL player Chris Ogbonnaya proposes to his girlfriend, Jeanine Juliano (Photos)

His wife to be, Jeanine Juliano also shared similar photos to her Instagram page and wrote:

‘YES.YES.YES 100 million times over. Yesterday was something out of a hallmark movie and couldn’t have been more perfect. You are the most perfect thoughtful and extraordinary man, I can not believe someone would ever do all this for me. And that everyone I know was in on it and had been keeping this a secret for the past month!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO BE YOUR WIFE!!!!

Former NFL player Chris Ogbonnaya proposes to his girlfriend, Jeanine Juliano (Photos)

Chris Ogbonnaya, whose dad is of Nigerian descent played college football at the University of Texas. Ogbonnaya also played for the Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, and New York Giants. On June 19, 2015, he announced his retirement from American football.

See more photos below.

Former NFL player Chris Ogbonnaya proposes to his girlfriend, Jeanine Juliano (Photos)Former NFL player Chris Ogbonnaya proposes to his girlfriend, Jeanine Juliano (Photos)

Former NFL player Chris Ogbonnaya proposes to his girlfriend, Jeanine Juliano (Photos)

Former NFL player Chris Ogbonnaya proposes to his girlfriend, Jeanine Juliano (Photos)


I will not cover any s*x scandal – Unilag VC.

..Says no fake professors at UNILAG

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, has assured Nigerians that the recent sex scandal involving two lecturers of the institution will not be swept under the rug.

In his words: “There will not be any cover up. Globally, they are watching us to see what we will do with the case.”

Prof Ogundipe disclosed this at the 2019 edition of UNILAG annual media parley held at the Senate Chambers.

Recall that Dr Boniface Igbeneghu of the Department of European Languages and Integrated Studies and Associate Prof Samuel Oladipo of the Department of Economics were caught on video recording by a BBC undercover reporter allegedly demanding for sex for admission and marks.

Related: “S*x for Grades”: BBC documentary exposes UNILAG lecturer, more
UNILAG management has since set up a panel headed by Prof Ayodele Atsenuwa of the Faculty of Law to probe the alleged sex-for-marks and admission scandal against Dr Igbeneghu and Dr Oladipo.

According to the Vice Chancellor, when the sex scandal broke out, the university management took prompt action and issued queries to the two lecturers caught in the BBC video, after which they were placed on suspension.

The VC said the case will follow due process, adding that “if we don’t follow due process, the two lecturers will sue UNILAG and that is what we are trying to avoid.”

The next stage of the case, he explained, will be the administrative report being passed on to the Governing Council to act on the recommendations of the panel.

Prof Ogundipe said that the ‘Cold Room’ captured in the BBC investigations has made the word popular globally.

He warned that henceforth no student will be allowed into the Staff Club and that leaders of the club have been advised to introduce identity cards for members.

On the recent revelation of the existence of fake professors in the Nigeria university system by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Prof Ogundipe said UNILAG does not have any in its system.

“In UNILAG, we don’t have fake professors. In UNILAG, there is nobody with even a fake PhD,” he said. “We even check WAEC certificates of staff on a regular basis with concerned exam bodies. We know each other on campus and such things doesn’t exist here.”

The VC blamed former students for their inability to process their transcripts, stating that within one year, 32,000 applied for transcripts.

He said that out of the 32,000 that applied, only 22,000 paid processing fees, meaning the 12,000 complaining have not completed the process.


Woman scatters wedding as she slap bride after telling the groom how much she love him (watch video)

There was pandemonium at a wedding ceremony as a jealous woman crashed the event to pass a message to the groom in front of shocked guests.

The drama unfolded in Mexico City, Mexico, according to local reports.

In the video below, the couple were celebrating their wedding ceremony with friends and family when a woman stormed in and divided attention as she was screaming hysterically.

While three men tried to stop her from approaching where the newly weds were, she screamed out loud and shouts to the groom: “Richard you cannot get married. I love you, you cannot marry,” before running towards the bride and appeared to slap her in the face.

Wedding dissolves into chaos as woman crashes the event to tell groom

As she continued screaming hysterically, the man who appeared to be the groom was heard saying ‘take her out’.

Youtube user ‘Ciro Vazquez’ wrote on social media “He slept with her and then he married the other one.”

One commenter said: “The one that married Richard seems to be a bit clumsy, he is obviously unfaithful.”


Louis Vuitton condom! You need to see how much this cost.

Photos of a Louis Vuitton condom which costs $68 (N25,000) has gone viral on social media.

The condom which was designed by Georgia Republic architect Irakli Kiziria, is enveloped in the label’s notorious brown packaging and adorned with what looks like raised lettering which many claimed is for enhanced pleasuring.

Twitter user @Adeke_Funso who shared photos of the condom tweeted;

Louis Vulton Condom cost $68. That’s #25,000 in Nigeria. 10 of that condoms will buy my laptop

Photos of Louis Vuitton condom that costs N25,000

Photos of Louis Vuitton condom that costs N25,000

Photos of Louis Vuitton condom that costs N25,000


18+: A$AP Rocky’s sex tape leaked, see reactions from social media users (Photos)

A$AP Rocky’s alleged sex tape was leaked online last night and it has caused a social media melt down.

The video was originally shared on Pornhub, showing a man with an “ASAP” chest tattoo and another on his left hand which the rapper also has.

A$AP Rocky

While some social media users were not impressed with Rocky’s sex tape, others praised him over his stroke game which they claimed was on fleek.

Though the rapper is yet to comment on the sex tape leak, he however disclosed before now that he is addicted to sex. During an appearance on Martinez’s new television show, Untold Stories of Hip Hop, ASAP Rocky revealed that he has struggled with sex addiction for nearly his entire life.

A$AP Rocky

Here’s how Twitter users are reacting to the video;

A$AP Rocky


Ghanaian man convicted for romance in the US.

A resident of Virginia identified as Henry Asomani has been convicted by a US court after being found guilty of a $3 million scam that ripped off people looking for love online.

The naturalized American citizen who was born in Ghana reportedly served as the middleman in the fraudulent scheme in which his accomplices persuaded users of social media and dating sites to provide money for gold mines, school and travel.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Missouri disclosed that the two-year scheme involved 13 victims, including three from the metro area.

Asomani received a total of $2,993,354 through the operation, kept back some of the money for himself and sent the remaining to a network of individuals in Ghana. He faces as much as 30 years in prison.


Obasanjo visits Kaduna governor, romance and pass good commentary about Rufai.

…says he is a near genius

Strong indication emerged on Wednesday, that Former President Olusegun Obasanjo may be supporting the much talked about 2023 presidential ambition of Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State.

Former President Obasanjo in an usual manner of relating with his former subordinates visited Governor El-Rufai in Kaduna, passing good commentary about him.

Obasanjo though was not categorical about 2023 presidency in his statement, said, people of Kaduna state have a good leader to work with, adding that, “We need a character like this (El-Rufai).”

The former president whom El Rufai had served as Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), pointed out that the governor of Kaduna state is “one of the best persons to work with. He is a near genius.”

While going down memory lane, Obasanjo recalled El Rufai’s spat with the senate, maintaining that the former FCT Minister was asked to apologise but ‘’he refused to write a letter of apology to the senate.’’

“We need a character like this, a man that you know where you stand with him. Any job given to him will be well done,’’ the former president further explained.

He said the people of Kaduna state that they ‘’have a good leader to work with.”

The former president also described El Rufai as a good student because he copied gender inclusiveness when he served in his administration, adding that ‘’I made women to matter in my government. He has done the same in Kaduna. He is a very good learner.’’

He described Kaduna town as a melting pot of all the ethnic groups in Nigeria and commended the pan-Nigerian character of Governor Nasir El Rufai’s cabinet.

The former president who was in Kaduna on a private visit to Governor El Rufai described himself as a son-of-the soil having lived in Kaduna from 1959 to 1967 and built built his first house at the Makera area of the town.

According to the two-time Nigerian leader, he was at the Mogadishu Battalion in Kaduna between 1959 and 1967, adding that his visit to Kaduna is like a home-coming.

Chief Obasanjo further said that the battalion was the first to be Nigerianised and it had soldiers from all over the country. He expressed happiness that El Rufai has recreated the Kaduna of old because his State Executive Council reflects a mini Nigeria.

Governor El Rufai in his remarks described former President Obasanjo as a mentor, adding that he learnt many public service skills from him when he served in his government as minister.

The governor of Kaduna state further thanked Chief Obasanjo for finding time to come to Kaduna to see things for himself.


Kano – Hilarious Man of 75 Married 82 years old woman after courting.

…I will be cooking him delicious food – Fatima

An elderly couple, Muhammad Liti and Fatima Malam got married in Kano state after eight months of courting.

According to a report by the Dala FM, the wedding took place on Sunday night at Kan Fako area of Dorayi town in Gwale local government area of the state.

Mr Liti paid a bride price of N10,000 to his heartthrob who fries Kosai and Wainar Rogo in the area. The couple reportedly threw a colourful ceremony as families and friends as well as hundreds of residents trooped to the venue to witness the occasion.

The bridegroom, who expressed happiness on finding a life partner, said the marriage was based on true love.

On her part, the bride said she would be an obedient wife to her groom, even though he is seven years younger than her.

“My happiness today is equal to that of a pilgrim travelling to Mecca. I am in a happy mood because I have found the love of my love. I promise to be obedient to him. We shall live as husband and wife and do whatever married couples do, not only to be bringing him water or taking water to the toilet for him. I will be cooking him delicious food,” she promised.


New marriage certificate fees law set against churches – PFN

… traditional and Islamic wedding exempted from paying fees

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has alleged that churches are being targeted by the Federal Government following the new marriage certificate law introduced by the Ministry of Interior.

PFN’s National President of the fellowship, Rev.(Dr.) Felix Omobude who lashed out at the Ministry of Interior over the imposition of a compulsory N30,000 charge licence for Christian worship centres for the conduct of statutory marriages in churches and N21,000 for each marriage certificate, alleged that it is an attempt to commercialize Christian marriages in the country.

Omobude called on the Federal Government to shelve the unpopular policy which he said is exploitative and targeted against Christian marriages in the country. He added that they will use every legal means to stop the new marriage certificate law.

He said;

“This is very unfair and to the best of our understanding, the new law is targeted against the Church because the Traditional and Islamic weddings are exempted from paying the new marriage certificate fees.

“PFN is at a loss as to why Church Marriages should be in the exclusive list of the nation’s constitution. The PFN, therefore calls on the Federal Government to immediately shelve the unpopular policy targeted against Christian marriages in the country.

“If the Ministry of Interior is in dire need of funds, it should look elsewhere and resist the temptation of placing extra financial burden on the Christians and their churches.”


John Dumelo Announce, Says ‘My Wife Dealt With Me After My Comment On Polygamy’

…Most married women have external affairs

Ghanaian actor turned politician John Dumelo has served an update on his Instagram post which called for legalization of polygamy and according to him, it didn’t go down well with his wife Gifty Mawuenya.

N.Rs culled that the actor opined that polygamy should be legalized in Ghana since most men have side chicks. According to John, most married men have women they have affairs with outside their marriage who also perform same duties as wives.

However in an interview with Joy FM, John Dumelo said he took down the Instagram post which was meant to be a question after he realized it looked like a statement. He further revealed that his wife was aware of the post before he shared it, but she dealt with him thereafter.

” Before I shared the post, I showed it to my wife and told her I was going to post it. She was aware of it but as expected, she “dealt” with me later on at home. She showed me her typical “Ayigbe” woman side” he said.


Hilary Clinton says ‘NAY’ as she was asked if she’s ever had an affair with same female gender.

Former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made an appearance on Howard Stern‘s SiriusXM show, where she spoke on politics, her love life, and many more.

When Howard asked about the rumors that Hillary might be gay, the 72-year-old politician and former First Lady of the United States replied: “Contrary to what you might hear, I actually like men.”

Howard then said, “Raise your right hand, you’ve never had a lesbian affair?”

“Never, never, never!” Hillary declared. “Never even been tempted, thank you very much.”

Hillary then went to say that she had “dated a lot of different people” and added, “boys were not my problem.“

Hillary Clinton, who lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, served as First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001 when her husband Bill Clinton was President. She also served as a United States senator from New York from 2001 to 2009, and as the 67th United States secretary of state from 2009 until 2013.


Men should be allowed to marry 2 wives to reduce rate of adultery – Gospel singer, Stella Aba Seal.

Popular Ghanaian gospel singer, Stella Aba Seal has openly advocated for men to be allowed to marry 2 wives as long as they can take care of them.

Speaking in an interview with Becky on E with Becks, Stella said a polygamous marriage will help reduce the high rate of adultery on the part of men and women.

”If a married man is responsible and I’m his first wife and he wants to marry [another wife] and he can take care of both of us…I don’t have a problem with that,” Stella Seal said.

“If you think you love the woman enough, do the needful or fix your marriage. I speak to ladies who tell me they have four to six boyfriends just because they don’t know who will give them security,” she added.


BBNaija: Gifty Powers Warns About Giving Sex To Pigs Who Has No Future.

Reality show star, Gifty Powers has shared her view on sex in a relationship which according to her shouldn’t be given to “pigs”.

Gifty who weighed in on the recent trend of women claiming some top Nigerian celebrities are the fathers of their baby, also wished that Barrack Obama was the father of her child.

She also warned ladies against opening their legs for pigs who have no plan for their future but depend on money made by women.

Gifty Powers wrote “This one wey everybody dey claim top celebrity as the father of their child…well me I so desperately wish I can say Barack Obama is the father of my child too…with so much pride in my heart, I will so shake the universe.

“So please ladies be careful who you open your for oo…never open legs for pigs who don’t have plan for their future and who always depend on women (money). “

BBNaija Gifty Powers warns against

Recall Gifty Powers was enmeshed in a paternity scandal with singer, Mr 2Kay shortly after welcomed her daughter in 2018.


Lady will not stop praising her husband for not allowing her to kneel and feed her on their wedding…

A Nigerian lady, Abiodun Babatunde, shared on her Twitter page this morning praising her husband, Abidemi, for stopping her from kneeling to feed him during their traditional wedding. Abiodun basically has an issue with women kneeling for men and this is something her man knows and respects.

She shared a video showing when her man stopped her from kneeling to feed him during their wedding and wrote

“This man knows! He knows my reservation about this kneeling down thing but my decision to do it because of culture. But he said No and insisted to everyone that I don’t have to kneel to feed him. Ahn, I made the best choice!”