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See who attacked Roman Reigns during segment with Edge.


Edge teased challenging for Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship and Finn Balor’s NXT Championship.

Edge appeared at the end of this week’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown to talk about who he will face at WrestleMania 37.

In the opening segment of the show, Roman Reigns demanded for Edge to walk out but Edge had not arrived yet at the building so Reigns demanded Edge to make his decision by the end of the night.

Earlier in the week, Edge teased challenging for Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship and Finn Balor’s NXT Championship.

Reigns asked Edge to acknowledge him as the main event of WrestleMania but before Edge could give his response, Kevin Owens appeared out of nowhere and he hit Reigns with a stunner and the show ended with Edge standing over Reigns.


Edge has yet to say who he will face at WrestleMania but you can click here if you want spoiler news on plans for the main event.

WrestleMania 37 will air across two nights on Saturday, April 10 and Sunday, April 11 and the shows will emanate from Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium with approximately 25,000 fans in attendance on both nights.



Roman Reigns wins His first title after his return


WWE’s decision to run the Payback PPV event one week after SummerSlam was bold.

The company did very well to build hype for back-to-back shows, but with Roman Reigns returning seven days ago, this Sunday’s main event was set.

It saw ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt put his Universal Championship on the line against Braun Strowman and The Big Dog.


Talk about a heavyweight clash. The first 10 minutes of the match saw The Fiend and Strowman go to war, with no sign of Reigns.

The pair wore themselves down, battling around the ThunderDome, before a Superplex from the top rope COLLAPSED THE RING.

Absolute madness! At this point, Reigns appeared from the back with Paul Heyman in tow and entered himself into the match.

He tried to secure multiple pinfalls on both Wyatt and Strowman but was unsuccessful.

After pulling out a chair – which was legal in the no holds barred match – The Big Dog went to town beating down both his opponents, before catching The Fiend with a low blow.


With Wyatt out of the ring, Reigns hit a spear on Strowman to win the Universal title.

He celebrated on the ramp with Heyman, leaving no doubt that he’s turned heel upon his return to WWE.

The Payback main event was absolutely brilliant and this is expected to be a new era, with heel Reigns sitting at the top of the tree.

Fans have been desperate to see The Big Dog turn for years and now it’s finally happened, so we can’t wait to see where this goes.

At Payback, Reigns did exactly what was written on his shirt. He came to ‘wreck everyone and leave’.

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Roman Reigns edited out from WrestleMania highlights package on RAW


Roman Reigns has not been seen in WWE since March.

The Big Dog pulled out of his Universal Championship match at WrestleMania 36 as he didn’t want to compete during the coronavirus pandemic.


He has battled leukaemia twice and because of that, his immune system is compromised, meaning COVID-19 is especially dangerous to him.

Staying away from the ring is absolutely the right call given the circumstances.

According to reports, Vince McMahon has instructed people to avoid even mentioning Reigns during his absence from WWE.


From one viewpoint, that’s fair enough. The show must go on – and there’s no point giving airtime to a Superstar who won’t be around for a while.

But WWE took things to another level on this week’s RAW, by removing Reigns from a WrestleMania 31 highlights package.

Hyping Money in the Bank, the footage showed Seth Rollins cashing in to win the WWE Championship – but rather than showing him pinning Reigns, the screen cut to black.

~Roman Reings

That’s just ridiculous… and very petty.

Surely it took far more effort to edit out the pin, rather than just showing three seconds of Reigns from five years ago.

It’s like WWE are trying to erase him from memory.

If you’ve never seen the match, you wouldn’t know The Big Dog was involved, and you’d think Rollins pinned Brock Lesnar from that footage.

~Roman Reings

Reigns was pinned at WrestleMania 31
Talk about misleading. Don’t expect to see Reigns back in WWE anytime soon, either.

Despite being airbrushed out, he’s allowed to pick his own return date and will not be forced back to work earlier than necessary.

His health needs to come first at a time like this, so it seems WWE will be pretending that Reigns doesn’t exist for a while longer.



Roman Reigns’ name “Banned” from being used on TV

Roman Reigns hasn’t been seen in any WWE action since before WrestleMania due to him having to pull out of his Universal Championship match with Goldberg amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Due to his battle with leukaemia, Reigns could be deemed high risk to the virus, and that’s why he withdrew himself from competing.

Now, a report from the recent Wrestling Observer, as per What Culture, has claimed that WWE employees have been put under strict order not to mention Reigns’ name on television.

It seems as ‘The Big Dog’ is out of action due to the coronavirus pandemic, WWE have swiftly moved to take him out of the minds of the WWE Universe.

The exemption of Reigns’ name in WWE would make sense in the fact that Roman’s WrestleMania stand in Braun Strowman hasn’t mentioned him once since becoming the new Universal Champion, even though it was Reigns’ absence that meant The Monster Among Men was able to become the new champion.

It was first suggested that Reigns’ WWE future was in doubts after he made the choice to pull out of the WrestleMania title match as he needed to put his health first, due to him being at more of a risk.

However, the Observer clarified that it was up to Reigns when he will make his SmackDown comeback. Hopefully Reigns’ absence from WWE action won’t affect his future with the company, as it was obviously him that was meant to walk out of ‘Mania 36 as Universal Champion.

As of now, no one is certain when Roman will return, but with the coronavirus pandemic still looming large, you can’t imagine it will be anytime soon.

Due to how serious the matters are concerning Reigns’ health, one would hope that he takes his time to return to the company and only doing so when it is safe to.

In more positive news, Reigns announced in an interview with Muscle & Fitness that he is to become a father to another set of twins.


WWE Smackdown live result to a new #1 contender

Tonight’s WWE SmackDown, the final show of 2019, opens live from the Little Caesar’s Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Elias is in the ring to perform a new song. He starts out repeating “We want Elias!” and sings about tonight’s matches & segments. We cut to the usual SmackDown opening video.


– Michael Cole welcomes us to the final SmackDown of the decade as the pyro goes off inside the arena. Cole is joined at ringside by Corey Graves. They hype tonight’s show and we go right to the ring.

Triple Threat to Crown a New #1 Contender: Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz vs. King Baron Corbin

We go to the ring for tonight’s big Triple Threat as Daniel Bryan makes his way out. The winner of this match will go on to face WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt at the 2020 Royal Rumble pay-per-view. King Corbin is out next as Greg Hamilton does the introductions. Corbin is carried out on his caravan. He takes the mic and stops the music. Corbin addresses Bryan as Bryan looks on from the ring. Corbin says we’re going to do SmackDown his way. He knocks the fans as bottom-feeders and says they are jealous of his career. Corbin goes on and says Bryan and The Miz are both bad fathers. Corbin says Bryan should just step aside. He says he deserves the next title shot because he’s defeated Roman Reigns twice since he returned, something no one else has done. Corbin keeps ranting about how he’s the only one who can beat The Fiend. The boos get louder. Corbin continues to rant until the music of Reigns hits.

Corbin’s servants freak out at the sound of Reigns’ music and they drop his caravan, sending Corbin falling to the floor at ringside. Reigns then comes out and unloads, beating Corbin around the ringside area as fans cheer him on. Reigns calls for a Spear at ringside as he waits for Corbin to get up. WWE officials and referees run down and calm Reigns down a bit. Corbin retreats now. His servants are also gone. Reigns stands tall and looks out at the crowd while his music starts back up. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see what just happened. We go backstage to see King Corbin yelling at WWE Producer Adam Pearce and referees. Corbin mentions something about the Triple Threat should be postponed tonight.