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Sex Kills Love! – Adigun Michael Olamide


At the point when we, guys and ladies, engage in sexual relations, the attention is on what the sex give us and not on how we really feel.

We need to accept that by having intercourse, we’re “having intercourse” thus numerous individuals talk about “having intercourse” to portray their sexual experiences or acts.

Love is the component that drives the world as we know it and it in a real sense does precisely that; not sex. Love-energy is the part that causes all that live to exist and without it we can’t and won’t exist.

Since we presently know, from research and past articles that “sex isn’t love,” sex in all actuality executes the adoration that should be all finished – the affection that we should insight toward uncommon individuals in our daily routines, toward living substances in our lives and toward our “neighbors.” Visit :- คลิปโป๊ XXX


Sex particularly kills the possible development of affection in a man, in light of the fact that a man can just develop adore and connect with his emotions when sex is avoided him – kept out of the relationship for the right timeframe while the couple become more acquainted with one another, are caught up with collaborating to get viable with each other, to see one another, to develop love to full limit and to get lenient toward each other.

Every one of these things require some serious energy and when we conflict with nature and the creation things simply don’t work any longer.

We were not made to have intercourse first, at that point experience passionate feelings for and finally get hitched. It simply doesn’t work that route around as that is the incorrect path around.

File Photo: Sexual Act | Noble Reporters Media | Adigun Michael Olamide | NoRM News

In the event that we need to have a dispassionate relationship-bond with another in a probably extraordinary relationship, for example, a day to day existence association or marriage, we can have intercourse with any individual we so pick, simply the manner in which men figured it very well may be accomplished for quite a long time, even millenniums.


Then again of we need the connection between life-accomplices to be significant and profound, the best way to accomplish that, is develop love and not sexual experience, delight or fascination. All in all, the emphasis ought to be on affection and not on sex!

At the point when we, guys and ladies, engage in sexual relations, the attention is on what the sex give us and not on how we really feel.


A female could accept she has met her genuine romance, when in all actuality she just made a passionate association because of the sex, catching her in something she shouldn’t be a piece of.

A male then again, never gets to that degree of adoration, being not able to associate with his actual emotions when sex is a piece of the relationship, as there isn’t a need to arrive at that degree of affection, since what he should get as an award for getting in contact with his actual sentiments and encountering genuine profound love, he got in the first place.

There are consistently the special cases; where individuals fall head over heels in love profoundly in a brief time and whose affection endure forever, however these are generally superiorly secure and entire individuals, ready to build up their adoration at super speed.

Most of us genuinely typical individuals need time to appropriately and altogether begin to look all starry eyed at, also, to become acquainted with a potential life-accomplice totally all around.


There are individuals who get hitched via an organized marriage and there are individuals who decide to wed prior to knowing the other party well or even prior to having any affections for the other.

This could possibly work if the two players are completely secure and know inside, they can cherish any individual who treats them with nobility and regard, who acts well and who contributes rather sully.


This way the spirits are combined first through the pledges; and the unifications in the soul world is sufficiently able to withstand any test and obstruction.

The lesson of the story here again is love. Just when two individuals are secure, which signifies “effectively loaded up with adoration” to contribute the affection to the relationship, could an organized marriage succeed and by and large it does.

The purpose behind this is that the guardians are so associated with their youngster’s life, which gives the security and love that the kid could get hitched to any individual, the guardians have picked and make an accomplishment of it.


Guardians pick out of rationale and not because of misinterpreted passionate activities and emotions, something that ends up peopling everywhere on the globe when sex is included.

Individuals have such a longing to be made sure about some place and since the vast majority mistake sex for adoration, they engage in sexual relations with some unacceptable individuals and afterward power marriage or a daily existence organization when it should occur.

At the point when sex is brought into a relationship, it stops the advancement of affection, as sex is the award to a set up and secure relationship and not the beginning of making a relationship.

Sex can never be utilized as establishment for a safe relationship, yet many attempt to and even in the wake of understanding the error, they actually attempt to drive it to be like this.


Sex is the announcement and obvious act, demonstrating to have a place with another, another spirit, not in lawful terms or in principle, but rather by activity.

The issue here is that a huge number of individuals don’t uphold love and the improvement of affection, but instead sex that would at last bring about the obliteration of encountering genuine romance.



Adultery; Taboo in Nigeria?

Is adultery a crime in Nigeria? With the rise in the number of cases of violence due to adultery in recent times, one has to wonder.

According to Daily Star, a 36-year old man, Mumo, in the southern Kenyan county of Kitui tried to glue his wife’s vagina after finding text messages and nude photos on her phone.

In law, there are crimes we call crimes of passion. Cornell Law school defines it as a crime committed while in the throes of passion, with no opportunity to reflect on what is happening and what the person is about to do. An example given on the site is when a man finds his wife in bed with her lover, and out of rage, he kills the lover.

So, does a crime of passion excuse this man who tried to glue his wife’s vagina? Let’s see what the law in Nigeria says about adultery.

Should adultery be a crime in Nigeria?

To put it simply, adultery is when two persons, one of whom is married to a different person, have sexual intercourse. In Mumo’s case, he was angry and in shock to find out she was cheating on him after ten years of marriage.

However, outrage led to something else and he tied her up with the help of his neighbour and covered her vagina with superglue. Other neighbours soon came to her rescue while Mumo was arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault.

Due to the damages, she had to undergo surgery at the hospital. The Gazelle News reported that she was in severe pain before the operation and was unable to use the toilet.

While Mumo is facing charges for damaging his wife’s reproductive system, his wife will face charges of adultery. Her husband’s lawyer is asking the court to sentence the woman to 100 lashes if she’s found guilty of adultery.

What does the law in Nigeria say about adultery?

In Nigeria, marriage is recognised and respected by the law. Which is why it steps in when one of the party’s rights is violated. The Marriage Act gives the party in question the power to ask a court for a divorce and claim damages. However, the law only considers adultery a criminal offence in Northern Nigeria where the Penal Code applies. However, some states adopted Sharia law.

In these states, adultery is punishable with 2 years imprisonment and/or with an option of fine. While in the Southern and Eastern part of Nigeria where the Criminal Code Act applies, adultery is not a criminal offence.

The law sees adultery as a matrimonial wrong which can entitle a person to divorce if they find that they can’t live with the party who committed the adultery. Although the law requires that the accusation of adultery not be based on suspicion, emotion or speculation.

Also, the third-party with whom the adultery was committed must be included in the petition for divorce. This will enable the party that’s asking the court for divorce to be able to claim damages against the third party.

Usually, damages for adultery are compensatory. The court considers the following in awarding damages for adultery:

  • The loss suffered by the petitioner
  • Injury to petitioner’s honour and feelings.
  • Hurt to family life.
  • Value of the adulterous spouse to the claimant

The pain of your spouse breaking your marriage vows is not measurable. However, we do not support violence in any form. We believe there are many ways to reach a resolution. Going for marriage counselling can heal your marriage. Also, if you both do not see any chances of reconciliation, taking it to court is the next best option.


Why I cheated on Juliet Ibrahim – Iceberg open up.

Iceberg Slim has finally opened up on why he cheated on popular Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim.

The Nigerian rapper said he cheated on the Ghanaian actress because “I was looking for something that I didn’t know I had in myself.”

He added: “I got to a point where I wasn’t sure if I truly loved myself, and I ended up seeking emotional comfort elsewhere.”
He revealed this while taking questions from his fans on Instagram.


Lady narrate how she bought her boyfriend ring to propose but what he did was shocking. {Check}

Lady reveals how she bought an engagement ring for her boyfriend to propose to her only for him to sell it to fix his car.

According to the social media user, Malondi, she bought an engagement ring and gave her man because he had mentioned he couldn’t buy it for her because he had no money, only for him to sell it off and use the money to fix his car.

She took to her social media page to recount the ordeal, she wrote;

I bought an engagement ring for him to propose because he once told me he couldn’t afford to buy one for me. He took the ring, pawned it and fixed his car.
I’m still breathing through the wound!


Nawe uyi Clown Clown face – dont be that desperate, if a man wants to engage u he will make means even when broke….. – @samnyakudya

Dont do that next time, you dont buy a ring for a man, when he wants to propose he will definitely have money to get a ring for you even if it’s a cheap one. – @biife007

But baby… why didnt you want to stay unmarried? How did you think a guy that can’t afford a mere engagement ring would fulfill their patriarchal ordained duties of providing. – @redvelvetcake4

No matter what, dont compel a guy to commit you..be it being pregnant for him or paying your bride price for him or buying engagement ring for him…
Dont even show him you want to be his wife until he shows that he wants you to be his wife. – @NewestBaby

Just nicely ask him to borrow the car just for a day and go to Vaal………your investment would be very profitable – @tmd1195

I’m starting to feel like my ancestors did something wrong cause ive never met someone this kindFace with tears of joy Leave him and live for yourself, you can do much better than him – @uncle_wii


You don’t have to be dirty after one birth mistake.

Most of young ladies today finds it difficult to get back in shape after kolabo and single birth.

You don’t have to place yourself as an old woman of 4 when you’re just with 1 at tender age.

>> Life is too short to cage yourself… Chop life and flenjo.

These are what to do to move on quickly and find better opportunities in life.

• Forget about the past, no one is above mistake.

• Think of the next big thing.

• Stay neat and fresh always (if compulsory, use perfume, roll on or spray)

• Don’t use wrapper.

• Change your underwears daily, better still twice daily. {Neatness is key}

• Slay again.

• Schedule your target, this time don’t looseguard.

• Do it again if you can’t hold it but be wise.

• It has happened, there’s no reverse.


Pst. David – It’s a taboo for woman to see her fiance’s manhood before marriage. {Video}

He said this while discussing relationship matters at the Youth Arise service. A member asked if it’s allowed for a woman to see her fiancé’s sex organ before marriage to check if he’s OK sexually and Pastor Ibiyeomie said it is not in the woman’s place to check, instead, if the man has a sexual problem, he should confide in his wife-to-be. He added that it is self-deception for a woman to think that she will look at the penis and just stop at looking.

Watch funny video here..



True love won’t let her feel free to ask you for money – Dr. Toolz

A popular Nigerian twitter user known as Dr. Toolz’ has taken to the micro-blogging platform to share her opinion on a very controversial topic.

The lady is of the opinion that a girl who really loves a guy, would find it difficult to ask the guy for money.

Dr Toolz (@toolzbabe) | Twitter

Here is what she said on Twitter;

A girl who loves you would never feel comfortable to ask you for money, a girl asking for money just like that is a clear sign she doesn’t love you and does not see anything in you except what she can gain from you.


Broken homes now trend – Victoria Inyama.

Victoria Inyama has slammed women who break families with their sexual prowess.

The former Nollywood actress took to Instagram to call out women who put other “women in tears”.

She went on to ask men who entertain mistresses why they bothered to get married in the first place



Abuja Lawyer Says His Colleague Lied About Over 4000 Couples Applied For Divorce

Abuja-based lawyer, Firsts Baba Isa has debunked claims by his learned colleague that 4000 divorce applications have already been filed in 2020 in Abuja

Recall that a lawyer, Annebrefa, made the claim on Twitter last Friday, adding that some of the marriages involved were just a year old.

However, Barr. Firsts Baba Isa described the claim as a “lie from the pit of hell” adding that the total number of all cases including divorce filed at the FCT High Court since the beginning of 2020 is not even up to 2000.

Read Isa’s post below:

This is a lie!
Immediately I saw this tweet, I knew it was a big fat lie. But I still called the appropriate authorities to confirm, it is a lie from the pit of hell.
I don’t know why anyone will put up such a lie out there. But if the purpose is to get people to bash marriage and lose faith in the institution, I think they have succeeded, a lot; see how a massive lie has gone viral. Even those who should know better have been broadcasting this falsehood.
I’m a core litigation lawyer. Family law is one of my practice areas and I handle quite a number of divorce, custody, adoption, maintenance, etc cases. I’m based in Abuja. Bottomline? I know what I’m talking about.
The total number of cases (all cases o, not just divorce) filed at the FCT High Court since the beginning of 2020 is not even up to 2000, yet. So where did she get her figures from? And note that the High Court is the Court that has jurisdiction to entertain divorce proceedings for marriages contracted under the Act (Court Marriage).
Though other inferior courts like the Customary Court have jurisdiction to entertain divorce proceedings for marriages contracted traditionally, but only a negligible number go there for divorce proceedings. So where did she get her 4000 figure?
How many couples dey this our Abuja sef?
Another crazy angle of this lie is that some of these marriages are less than a year old. In law, you can’t bring a divorce proceeding to dissolve a marriage that is less than 2 years old, unless you satisfy some stringent conditions to get the permission of the court.
And less-than-a-year-old marriages have satisfied these conditions and gotten the permission of court to commence divorcé proceedings in two months? Mtcheew.
Na wa o.
Now that it has been proven that Aunty Madam was lying, oya, make una follow share this post o.
– By Firsts Baba Isa (FBI)


Davido speaks to single men in sexual relationship

Nigerian entertainer, Davido has advised single men on how to comport themselves in a sexual relationship.

The singer tweeted: “To all my single niggas out there .. Don’t try to fuck her, make her want to fuck you … #Freegame.”

When a twitter user quizzed if it was for married men too, the “Risky” crooner replied by saying the advice doesn’t apply to married men like him.


BBNaija: My bride price wasn’t paid on installments – Nina Ivy

Former BBNaija reality TV star, Nina has revealed that her bride price was paid in full by her husband.

Recall that Nina got married last week with her husband reportedly absent at the event.

It was reported that the man failed to turn up because he didn’t want to have anything to do with her because he already has a wife who recently accused Nina of abortion.

This might be why Nina took to Instagram to reveal that he was supportive of the traditional marriage because he paid her bride price.

She wrote:

“I want to thank God Almighty for a successful “Ime ego “My hubby paid everything in full….

You all know how owerri bride price list is it’s huge And I want to specially thank @house_of_dova for making my outfit in such a short period and to everyone that made this a success…. It was initially meant to be just “ime ego “ and very low key but I was wowed by the crowd, and started regretting why I didn’t invite any of my friends but thank you all for your understanding, God Bless everyone that wished me well I appreciate”.


Sacred ties: Olakunle Churchill sued Tonto Dikeh

Actress, Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill has issued her with a N500 million lawsuit over allegations published in her infamous May 2019 interview.

Tonto had revealed shocking details of her short-lived marriage to Churchill, a businessman, in a three-part YouTube series which was posted in May 2019.

In the video series titled ‘The Evidence’, the actress made some provocative and indicting claims against her ex-husband. She said the claims are some of the reasons she quit the marriage, which produced a son, King Andre Churchill.

She also alleged that Churchill is into cyber fraud, popularly called Yahoo Yahoo. According to her, she found out he was a fraud when she caught him clad in a red cloth, surrounded by red candles with a laptop placed on his lap.

The actress further claimed that contrary to widespread speculation that Churchill was related to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, his father was Mr Obasanjo’s gardener.

Legal Redress
Following the series of claims made in the viral videos, Churchill approached a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja to seek legal redress against Tonto.

In the court documents, the court summoned Tonto warning that should she fail to appear in court 14 days from December 10, 2019, it may proceed therein with judgment even in the absence of the defendant (Tonto).

The 1st and 2nd claimants, Churchill and Big Church Foundation respectively, are claiming that “The series of malicious and fallacious allegations, assertions and accusations through media campaigns and publications by Tonto Dikeh and her charity group was defamatory.”

They also said the allegations are baseless and sponsored to tarnish and damage the image and his political ambition of the claimant.

Churchill said he might have told Tonto of his intentions to run for the House of Representatives in his constituency.

Back in April 2019, Churchill petitioned the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammad Adamu, over his feud with the actress.
He accused his former wife of document forgery and illegal sale of his Toyota Prado SUV vehicle worth N22 million.

It is unclear if Tonto has filed her response in court as efforts to confirm from the actress proved abortive.

Churchill has however, confirmed the suit to local media.

“Shortly after the suit was filed in December, a bailiff went to Tonto’s Abuja home to serve her the papers but didn’t meet her. He went to her home at the end of January and realised that she has been out of the country,” he said.

According to the documents, a hearing will commence on Tuesday.

Prolonged Marital challenges

The lingering marital drama between both parties took another twist in January 2018 after Churchill filed a suit against Tonto at the family court of the Lagos State Magistrate court.

He was challenging Tonto’s decision to feature their son, King, in a reality show.

According to him, the aim of the show is to exploit his son for financial gains and expose the life and times of the little boy at a period when he cannot make a decision for himself. According to him, the production is entirely an adult content.

Because of the suit, the Reality Show called “King Tonto” being produced by Linda Ikeji Media Limited and featuring King Andre could not be released or aired.

Tonto decided to lay bare her life for all to see on a new reality show titled, “King Tonto.”

Tonto and Churchill met in 2015 at Escape Nightclub in Lagos during the birthday party of the latter’s brother.

Tonto got pregnant six months after they met and they staged a glamorous traditional marriage on August 29, 2015, at Tonto’s hometown, Rumukani in Rumukwuta, Rivers State.

Speaking in an interview at the time, Tonto opened up on the reason why she didn’t wed in church.

She said, “There was no white wedding because I was pregnant, I was also pregnant when I did my traditional wedding which was a big secret. My families were really excited and happy for me because that’s all they have ever wanted. One fear was me being an actress and the question was if I was ever going to get married.”

In February 2017, the Nollywood star confirmed there were cracks in the marriage.

Actress, Tonto Dikeh

By June 2017, Tonto’s dad returned her traditional marriage bride price to his ex-son-in-law.

Tonto, 34, who underwent a much-publicised beauty surgery which she said cost N5 million, has been outspoken about her crashed marriage.


BBNaija: Nina’s wedding photos (See..)

BBNaija star Nina confirms Her Marriage With Official Photos From The Ceremony

Apart from updating her bio on Instagram to display her new name “Mrs A”, Big Brother Naija star, Nina Ivy has also shared photos from her introduction ceremony to her undisclosed fiancée.

We reported earlier that the former BBNaija housemate wedded on Saturday February 15th, in a traditionally marriage ceremony to her man, Mr A.

Though he wasn’t present at the wedding, Mr A’s mother and other family members were in attendance. Nina shared more photos from her big day and also announced her new name, Mrs A.

Today I Traditionally Wedded The Love Of My Life ..
Latest mrs.


See what boyfriend did after his girlfriend proposed to him in school {Video}

A video has gone viral on social media showing the moment a young lady defied status quo and proposed to her boyfriend.

The lady is seen kneeling down and offering her man the ring while the crowd behind her cheer and beckon the man to accept his proposal.

He accepts and allows her to put the ring on his finger, then proceeds to hug her as onlookers jubilated over an act considered so rare in this part of the world.

The incident reportedly happened in a school which is yet to be identified.


Two teenagers contest in election, one win to marry girl in bauchi. (Details)

Two boys identified as Inusa and Ibrahim contested in an election in Bauchi state to know who will be with a girl who had fallen in love with both of them.

It was gathered that Khadijah had requested for the election which was conducted by elders of Giade town in Bauchi State. Inusa reportedly scored highest number of votes to defeat his rival, Ibrahim.

@Mubarack_Umar tweeted;

Khadija has fallen in love with 2 boys but couldn’t chose 1 between them; none of the boys also ready to accept defeat. The elders of Giade town, Bauchi State (with Khadija’s request) conducted an election and Inusa scored highest number of votes, against his rival, Ibrahim.


It’s shameful, lots of married women not having penetrative orgasms – Joro

Joro Olumofin, who claims to be a “love doctor” and relationship expert puts it that marriages of nowadays are in danger because of lack of orgasms.
Joro took to his page, and pointed out that women are not getting orgasms and that’s why today marriages suffer.

”A lot of marriages & relationships are suffering because women are not having orgasms. So many wives have written me because of this Orgasm issue.

“Husbands / Boyfriends are not paying attention. It’s a shame that a lot of wives have never had penetrative orgasm. They only have orgasms when they masturbate.

This technique In the video above allows you :

1 Penetrate your lady with your Penis whilst also stimulating her Clitoris with your finger

2 Allows you kiss her ear & bite her neck

3 Lastly, allows you stimulate her nipples at the same time. Your woman deserve happiness. It’s not fair if you cum and she doesn’t.

This road to your lady “cumin” is a process.

If your man is not willing to learn. He is not a serious minded partner.”


Why side chicks look hotter than house wives

Social media commentator, Reno Omokri has stated that side chicks look hotter than the main wives because they have not started living with the man.

He added that they look hotter because they see the men when have perfected their make-ups.

Speaking via a tweet he sent out on Monday, he further advised that it is wrong to leave a wife for a side chick because with time, the hotness of the side chick would disappear once marriage sets in.

He wrote:

Dear men, Side chicks look hotter than wives because you don’t live with them. You only see them when they perfect their makeup. Dont leave a wife for a hot side chick. Her hotness is a mirage that will disappear once you start living with her!


See who WWE star, Alexa bliss is dating

American singer, Ryan Cabrera, 37, and Dynamic WWE wrestler Alexa Bliss, 28, are reportedly dating.

According to TMZ, the new couple have apparently spent time together in Los Angeles, Chicago, and St. Louis in recent months. Just last week, they spent a day together at Disneyland and posed for a number of photos together in the Grammy’s gifting suite.

Bliss and Cabrera were reportedly introduced to each other at the premiere of WWE Smackdown on Fox last November. Reality star turned wrestling star, The Miz, is said to have played the matchmaker between the couple

Sources also said that after the pair met at the Smackdown on FOX premiere they ‘immediately hit it off.’

Cabrera previously dated Lisa Origliasso from The Veronicas, actress Riley Keough, and Audrina Patridge.


Joro tell ladies: Not every relationship must lead to marriage

Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has taken out his time to carefully list out some notes to be taken by single and desperate ladies.

In a video he posted a while ago on his Instagram page, Joro stated that not all relationship would lead to marriage, so on that note ladies shouldn’t get desperate when the love goes sour.

” This needs to be said. Ladies, Not every relationship is going to lead to Marriage. Some relationships are meant to teach you a lesson for the next one. Stop setting mental traps for yourself. Men are taking advantage of women because of this.

You’ll see ladies washing plate, doing chores for boyfriends family members because they have set wedding date in their mind.

Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin

Also, the association of “God when”. Ladies have said God when so much that when they meet any guy he is definitely God sent and he’s the ONE.

Ladies, take control of this narrative. Let guys be the one saying God when will this girl say yes to me, he captioned the video.” he shared.


Woman beats husband for not impregnating her, refer him as an impotent (Photo)

A lady identified as Chinwendu Chita has been arraigned before Ejigbo Magistrates Court on charges of alleged assault of her husband, Okechukwu Chita and a Police woman at their residence in Alhaji Agbeke Street, Ago Palace in Okota area of Lagos.

Chita, 32, was accused of continously assaulting her husband for not showing enough commitment in their marriage by getting her pregnant, leaving him scared of returning to their home.

The lady who allegedly began assaulting her husband in 2018, subjected him to more physical abuses after the police intervened.

The accused allegedly asaulted her husband after locking him up in their apartment 22nd December, 2019. She reportedly used a frying spoon to smash his head and face causing him grievous injuries, before forcefully collecting the sum of N650,000 from him in exchange for his life.

Chinwendu who continued beating her husband despite warnings from the police, also allegedly assaulted a police woman Sgt. Ojooniyan Omonike, who was sent over by the DPO of Ago Police division to invite her to the police station.

NobleReporters learnt that she pleaded not guilty to the charges against her after being arraigned before the Magistrate of the Ejigbo court, Mr. T.O. Shomade.

Shomade who fixed a date for the police to prove the charges against the lady, granted her bail of N700,000 with two sureties in like sum.


Relationship: Stop thinking about him – He doesn’t deserve you

Stop thinking about him. Stop torturing yourself. Let go of him.

What you two had is gone. And regardless of how many hours you spend hoping that things will change and destiny will bring you back together, nothing will change the fact that your story is over.

You need to learn when it’s time to hold on to someone and when it’s time to let go of someone. Because holding on to someone who doesn’t deserve you and reciprocate your love prevents you from thinking clearly and logically. It prevents you from seeing things as they really are. It makes you think that settling for one-sided relationships is normal. It makes you think you don’t deserve anything better.

That’s the reason why you need to let go of him. He is not your greatest love. He is not your soulmate. He is not your forever person. He never was.

Stop thinking about what you two had. Stop thinking about the things you did together. Stop hoping that he still feels something about you.

And instead of fantasizing about him and idolizing him, try to remind yourself of the reason why your relationship fell apart.

Perhaps he didn’t treat you the way you deserved and wanted to. Perhaps he couldn’t love you the way you wanted him to love you. Perhaps he betrayed your trust. Perhaps he lied to you. Perhaps he cheated on you. Or perhaps you just grew apart. It no longer matters.

All I know is that when someone truly loves you, they would never leave you feeling this disappointed. They’d never make you question your worth. They’d never make you wonder whether they deserve your attention, respect, trust, or love. They’d never give up on you.

So, instead of hoping that fate will bring you back together, accept the truth. The truth that he is no longer interested in you. The truth that he is no longer in love with you. The truth that he’s already moved on with his life.

And you should do the same too. Because you deserve to find someone who will be able to love you just the way you deserve. Someone who will treat you with kindness, compassion, and dignity. Someone who will deserve your trust. Someone who will fight for your happiness.

You deserve to find someone who won’t walk away at the first sign of trouble. Someone who won’t be afraid to argue with you when you disagree about something. Someone who’ll only be afraid of losing you.


My relationship with Ray J is over – Princess Love ..

Despite welcoming a son just a month ago, it appears Ray J and Princess Love have not put their marital issues behind them.

Princess Love just revealed in a question and answer session with fans that she and Ray J are “not together right now “.

The Instagram follower asked Princess Love: “Are you and Ray J still together?”

And Princess Love responded: “Not right now…..Right now we are just focused on the kids.”

Princess Love confirms that she and Ray J are “not together”

Recall that in November 2019, just weeks before their son Epik Norwood was born, the couple had a fight after Princess Love accused Ray J of abandoning her and their daughter in Las Vegas and blocking her so she couldn’t reach him. The fight played out on social media and Princess threatened divorce.

In spite of the fight, they reunited days later for a maternity shoot. They were also together for her baby shower on December 21 and for their son’s arrival on December 30.

But it appears the worst isn’t over for them. Ray J has stated how sorry he is and also his plans to “step it up” and be a better husband and father. But Princess isn’t budging.