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Hollywood film producer, Harvey Weinstein charged for rape

...plus sexual assault with another woman

Disgraced Hollywood film producer, Harvey Weinstein has been charged in Los Angeles with raping one woman and sexually assaulting another in separate incidents over a two-day period in 2013.

The 67-year-old now faces new felony charges of forcible rape, forcible oral copulation, sexual penetration by use of force and sexual battery by restraint, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said in a statement.

“We believe the evidence will show that the defendant used his power and influence to gain access to his victims and then commit violent crimes against them,” Lacey said.

The charges came hours after Weinstein appeared in a New York court for the start of his criminal trial on similar charges in a separate case and after his attorney, Donna Rotunna said any new charges would be “highly prejudicial” to a jury in the New York case.

According to the criminal complaint, Weinstein and a woman attended a Hollywood film festival on February 17, 2013, and later that night, he knocked on her hotel room door and was allowed entry into her room. Once inside, they talked briefly before he allegedly attacked the woman, forced her to perform oral sex on him, digitally penetrated her vagina and raped her, the complaint says.

She said that she did not disclose the assault because he threatened her life if she spoke, the complaint says. The charges of forcible rape, forcible oral copulation and sexual penetration by use relate to that incident.

On February 19, Weinstein met with a woman and her acquaintance for a business meeting at a hotel eatery in West Los Angeles, the complaint says. Weinstein persuaded the two to accompany him to his hotel suite, and one woman unwittingly followed him into the bathroom, the complaint says.

He allegedly took off his clothes and prevented her from leaving, and then he held her in place by her breast as he masturbated, the complaint says. He faces a charge of felony sexual battery by restraint for that incident, Lacey said.

Weinstein has denied all allegations of “nonconsensual sexual activity” related to the New York case and other claims made against him.

Weinstein’s career collapsed in October 2018, after numerous accusations of sexual harassment and assault were leveled against him.

Since then more than 80 women including young female assistants and actresses have come forward to accuse him of various sexual harassment and assaults.


Just in – Man arrested for sleeping with widow woman and 2 daughters out of deception

A randy artisan identified as Monsuru Adesiyan a.k.a. Oba Idan told Olanike Ali, has been apprehended after deceiving a widow and her two daughters into sleeping with him.

Adesiyan lured the widow into the sacriledgous affair with claims of sleeping with her and her two daughters as the only remedy to avert a looming spiritual attack on her family.

The widow and Adesiyan reportedly began having issues after he continued sleeping with her 19-year-old and 13-year-old daughters, after initially claiming that the ritual which involves cleaning their private parts with a white cloth for a propitiation at a deity’s groove was for a short while.

The leadership of the Odua People’s Congress (OPC) at Iju Station area of Lagos where they live intervened when their issue degenerated into an altercation.

Fakorede Oluifa, a chieftain of OPC in the community said;

“Four days ago, I met the couple (Olanike and Adesiyan) fighting. It was such a big fight and the woman’s daughters from another marriage were crying. She opened up to me that her new ‘husband’ had been sleeping with her two daughters on the pretext that he wanted to fortify them against evil and help cure her only son of his mysterious illness.

“We wanted to apprehend Monsuru (Adesiyan), but he ran away from home. However, yesterday, he neaked into the house and wanted to take the girls away so they would not reveal to us how he had been violating them and subjecting them to sacrilegious sexual intercourse.

“We, however, intercepted him and he opened up on how he had been sleeping with the two girls and wiping their private parts with a white cloth for evil purposes.”

Confessing to the sad act, Adesiyan said he believed sleeping with the girls with the consent of their mother was the only solution to her son’s illness.

He said;

“My name is Monsuru Adesiyan. I am a mechanic by profession and a native of Akufo village in Ibadan, Oyo State. I have two children, a boy and a girl, with my former wife who died some years ago. I started dating this woman (Olanike) about six months ago and we live at Crossing area of Agbado (Lagos).

“Her only son, named Mathew, was sick and I consulted one of my brothers, Fabunmi, who is a herbalist, and he said the solution to the boy’s mysterious illness was for me to sleep with his older sisters, Morenikeji and Opeyemi, for seven days.

“My brother said that I would have to wipe the girls’ private parts with a white cloth which I must bring before a deity for propitiation.

“I have since been sleeping with the girls with the consent of their mother (who is also pregnant for him). I discouraged their mother from taking them to their father’s funeral by telling her that they would be attacked by evil people who are members of their father’s family.’’

On if he will be happy if anyone defiled his daughter same way he violated the girls and their mother, he said;

‘’I won’t be happy if anyone violates my eight-year-old daughter.’’

On their own part, 13-year-old Morenikeji and her 19-year-old sister Opeyemi said they initially refused sleeping with Adesiyan but yielded to it after their mother said it was the only solution to their brother’s ill-health.

Opeyemi said;

“I used to be a teacher in a private school in Ibadan, Oyo State. I was living with my late father’s younger brother.

“Suddenly, my mother visited me and told me that a member of my father’s family was using my glory and disturbing my siblings spiritually. She told me that I might run mad if certain atonement involving spiritual cleansing was not done for me.

“She said the spiritual cleansing would involve Monsuru (Adesiyan) sleeping with me. I was shocked that she could yield to such a distasteful arrangement. I was reluctant about it but my mother continued to persuade me until I gave in to Monsuru. My mother said he would sleep with me for four days only for Monsuru to change the timing to one week. He has slept with me for two weeks now. He made love to me and my sister every day until the situation became unbearable and I cried out and threatened to return to Ibadan.

“It was in the midst of the altercations that OPC operatives got to know that Monsuru had been having an affair with us, against our wish.’’

Morenikeji said;

“Monsuru has already impregnated our mother. I am 13 years old and was a virgin until he forcibly made love to me.

“He had accompanied my mother to where my younger brother, Mathew, was receiving treatment for prolonged cough.

“He told my mother that my brother’s illness was beyond the ordinary, noting that my late father’s relations were behind it.

“By then, my father was receiving treatment for swollen legs which later led to his death. He moved in with my mother at my father’s house in Fagba area of Iju Station, a Lagos suburb, and said the only solution to my brother’s sickness was for him to sleep with me and my elder sister. He used our mother to lure us into the plan and said he would have sex with me for just three days but later changed it to one month. He was making love to me morning, afternoon and night. We want Nigerians to save us from him o.’’

The mother of the two girls who admitted being pregnant for the Lagos-based auto mechanic, said she was deceived into believing that certain people were after her and her children.

She said;

“Monsuru (Adesiyan) said his brother, a herbalist, told him to make love to my daughters as a solution to my son’s sickness, and to prevent those responsible for my husband’s death from attacking my children and I.

“I asked him to allow me to speak with his brother on the telephone but he refused. He tricked me into believing that my little son’s blood had been sucked dry by unseen evil forces and that making love to my daughters would heal my son, hence, I reluctantly agreed. He said he would wipe my daughters’ private part with a white cloth that he would subsequently take to a shrine for atonement. I reluctantly agreed because he said my son would die if I refused to approve of his intervention. He said that I would also vomit blood and die if I told anyone about him having sex with my daughters.

‘’We started dating shortly after my husband died in July (2019) and he discouraged me from taking my children to my husband’s funeral. He said that some persons behind my husband’s death would attack me at the funeral.’’

OPC authorities in the community said the randy artisan will be taken to the Red Brick Police Division in Iju.


20yrs rapist confessed to crime of raping 54yrs, says I raped her while I was drunk & angry.

20 year old herdsman, Laolu Isa, has confessed to raping to death a 54 year old woman, Mrs Mary Okereke, in Ebonyi state.

Laolu who was paraded before newsmen at the state police command in Abakaliki, the state capital on Monday December 30th, said he committed the act under the influence of alcohol. According to him, the deceased woman insulted him and that led to a struggle before he was able to overpower her and raped her to her death. The incident happened in Ufuezeraku, Ugwulangwu in Ohaozara local government area on Saturday December 28th.

Speaking to newsmen, Laolu said

” I am Laulo Isa, I am from Nassarawa. I came to work here in Ebonyi. I was seriously drunk and saw a woman in the night walking along the road. I approached her for sex and she started abusing me”

“We started abusing ourselves and I immediately pounced on her and she started struggling with me to free herself. I was seriously drunk at that time. As I was on her, a man who was passing flashed his torchlight on me and I ran away”.

“I don’t know whether I was having sex with her but she was on the ground with me. I did not hit her with any object but is like I had sex with her for one round. We were both on the ground when a man flashed light on me and I ran away”.

“I am not happy with what I did and I want to die. I want to die!, I want to die!! I have never done this type of thing since God created me on this earth. I am begging for forgiveness”

Commenting on his arrest, the state Commissioner of Police, Awotunde Awosola, said Isa would be charged to court soon.

”On December 28, 2019, at about 8:pm, one Laulo Isa a herdsman aged 20 years accosted and waylaid one 54 years old Mary Okereke on Ufuezeraku Ugwulangwu road in Ohaozara local government area. There was a struggle between the two of them but he overpowered the woman and had carnal knowledge of the woman. Unfortunately, the woman lost her life during the incident” he said

Awosola added that the joint efforts of Fulani herdsmen led to the arrest of Isa who fled the scene of the incident, leaving some of his belongings behind.


13 years old dies after giving birth to her father’s child.

A thirteen-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her father for four years died while giving birth to his child.

Police in Brazil confirmed that the girl Luana Ketlen died on December 11 after she was admitted to hospital for severe abdominal pains before it was discovered that she was actually pregnant.

13-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her father for four-years dies giving birth to his child

Luana was induced to labour by doctors who helped her deliver a premature baby boy who miraculously survived, but the mother who was diagnosed with acute anaemia didn’t make it after suffering complications including cirrhosis of the liver, water on the lungs and low blood pressure

13-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her father for four-years dies giving birth to his child

Police later issued a warrant for her 36-year-old father Tome Faba, who they believed began abusing his daughter when she was just nine. He first went on the run before being caught in the city of Coari a week later.

Mr.Tome appeared in court for the first time on December 27 and was charged with child abuse and manslaughter.

13-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her father for four-years dies giving birth to his child

According to Mail Online, Luana died while being airlifted to a specialist hospital in Manaus, the Amazonas state capital, some 225 miles away (363km).

At a press conference, Coari police chief, José Barradas said: ‘The teenager lived with her parents in a rural area outside the city.

‘She did not realise, until two months ago when she began to feel pains in her abdomen, that she was five months pregnant.

‘Luana claimed she was ordered to go fishing with her father and was allegedly raped by him while there.’

The Police chief Barradas also alleged that Faba threatened to kill his daughter if she reported what was happening.

Barradas said: ‘Members of the family tried to step in and protect the child by alerting social services.

‘They reported the abuse to police and a warrant was issued for Tome’s arrest but before it could be executed Luana’s health deteriorated and she died shortly after childbirth’.


British woman found guilty after lying of being raped. (Photos)

A British woman has been found guilty of lying that she was gang raped by a group of Israeli teenagers while on a working holiday in Ayia Napa, a Mediterranean resort town on the southeast coast of Cyprus.

A court in Cyprus today, December 30, found the woman, 19, from Derbyshire, lied about being sexually abused by up to 12 tourists at a hotel in the holiday resort in mid-July.

She was arrested after police said she withdrew her accusation 10 days after the alleged attack.

In a case closely followed by rights groups, a district court in the town of Paralimni today delivered the ruling and the 19-year-old now faces a prison sentence after being found guilty of “causing public mischief”.

Lawyers for the British woman said she withdrew her accusation under duress after nine hours of police questioning with no lawyer present. They argued that she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at the time she withdrew the accusation. But prosecutors and the court dismissed that claim.

Throughout the trial which lasted four months, the British teenager vehemently denied that the ordeal was made up and argued she was forced to sign a false confession following pressure from the Cypriot and Israeli authorities.
The Israeli teenagers she accused of assaulting her denied any accusation of rape. They were released 10 days after their arrest without charge on the day the woman gave her retracting statement.

British woman found guilty of lying that she was gang raped while on a working holiday in Ayia Napa

The individuals she had accused of assaulting her were not summoned to court because prosecutors considered it a case of public mischief and not rape.

In testimony in open court, the defendant said she was in a hotel room with one of the Israeli teenagers with whom she had a relationship, before others appeared and she was pinned down.

Defence witness, Marios Matsakis, a forensic pathologist who formerly worked for the state, said the British woman’s injuries were consistent with rape.

British woman found guilty of lying that she was gang raped while on a working holiday in Ayia Napa

However, prosecutors said she fabricated the allegation and was angry at being filmed during sex.

In his verdict at Famagusta District Court, the presiding judge described the woman’s claims as “inconsistent”.

He added: “My conclusion is that the guilt of the accused has been proven beyond reasonable doubt.”

British woman found guilty of lying that she was gang raped while on a working holiday in Ayia Napa

The teenager spent more than a month in prison before she was granted bail at the end of August, but has not been allowed to leave the island. She could face up to a year in jail and a 1,700 euro (£1,500) fine when she is sentenced but her lawyers have asked for a suspended sentence.

Judge Michalis Papathanasiou adjourned sentencing to January 7.

British woman found guilty of lying that she was gang raped while on a working holiday in Ayia Napa

In a message published by the family’s lawyers just before today’s ruling, the woman’s parents wrote that they were “hopeful” she would be allowed home.


Kebbi: 11 years girl raped twice the same day.

Kebbi State Police Command has arrested one Suleiman Umar and Aminu Siri, indigenes of Gwandu local government area of Kebbi for raping an 11-year-old primary school girl in a public toilet.

Commissioner of Police, Garba Muhammad, confirmed the incident to newsmen at the police headquarters, Birnin Kebbi.

According to him, Umar of Gwandu town lured the victim, Karima Abubakar of Sarkin Fawa Model Primary School into a public toilet and raped her.

“In the course of investigation, it was revealed that Aminu Siri of the same address also deceived her and took her to his house and raped her.

“The suspects were arrested and both confessed to the alleged crime. Suspects will be arraigned before the court of law,” he stated.

The Commissioner of Police also disclosed that two suspects have been arrested for killing a farmer.

According to the CP, the farme Luka Jagaba of Tungan Bindiga in Ngaski LGA went to his farm and met the suspects destroying his farm products.

When he cautioned them, they violently used their Fulani stick and cutlass and inflicted injury on the farmer, which resulted to his death.

Efforts have been made by the police to arrest Alhaji Ibrahim and Ibrahim Sa’adu, residents of Kamfanin Maga village in Danko/Wasagu local government, who were said to be aiding kidnappers by supplying them foodstuffs, recharge cards and information in their hideouts.

Police said the two suspects had confessed to their crimes and would be charged to court.


Cyprus court charged ‘Briton’ of Rape.

A court in Cyprus on Monday found a British woman guilty of falsely claiming she was gang-raped by a group of Israeli tourists in the resort of Ayia Napa.

Sentencing was adjourned until January 7.

The woman, who was 19 at the time of the incident in July, had pleaded not guilty to the charge of “public mischief”, which carries a sentence of up to one year in prison and a fine of around 1,700 euros.

“The statements you have given were false,” the judge told the defendant in remarks translated by the court interpreter.

She appeared frustrated by the delay to the sentencing, telling her lawyer: “He already made his decision! I thought we were asking for a fine.”

More than a dozen women from an association for the protection of women attended court wearing white scarves with an image of lips sewn shut printed on them.

The woman’s lawyers had claimed she was pressured into signing a statement written by a detective.

The judge said during the trial that police had acted properly at all times, with no pressure exerted to change the woman’s mind about her initial claim she was raped by 12 Israelis on July 17.

The Israelis, aged 15 to 18, were released without charge the same month after the woman was arrested on suspicion of making a false statement.

Rights groups argued the teenager has suffered humiliation and been mistreated by the police and media.

They have called for an investigation into police handling of the case and criticised the way rape cases and victims are treated in Cyprus.


NSCDC official arrested for defiling underage.

An operative of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) identified as Sani Yahaya has been arrested for allegedly defiling a 7-year-old girl in Zamfara State.

Yahaya who lured the little girl with fruits into a vacant house at Samaru area, Gusau where he was deployed as a security guard, was arrested by his colleagues after a complaint was lodged against him by the victim’s family.

Recounting how the incident occurred, the father of the victim said the sad act was exposed after his daughter started crying bitterly in the house, attracting the attention of passersby.

He said;

“Our daughter was sent on an errand by her mother close to the house where the Yahaya was posted to.

“As she was passing along the road, he asked her to come into the house to collect fruits. That was how he got the girl and

forcefully defiled her.”

NSCDC Spokesperson in the state, Mr Aminu Maru confirmed Yahaya’s arrest and further disclosed that investigation is ongoing.

He said;

“The corps member is still in our custody. The father of the girl reported the case at the command’s headquarters through the Intelligence and Investigation Department, complaining against one of our staff members, Sani Yahaya on alleged rape.

NSCDC officials on truck

“While investigating the issue, the suspect said he did not have the carnal knowledge of the girl, confirming, however, that he grabbed her into a room where he gave her two nuts of umbrella tree.”

Describing the sad act as an embarassment to the NSCDC, Maru disclosed that Yahaya will be arraigned in court if a doctor confirms that the girl was raped.


Calabar: Group attack rapist and beat him to death.

…body dumped in a waste bin

An angry mob in the early hours of Wednesday, December 25th lynched a suspect for allegedly robbing and raping a girl in Calabar, Cross River State.

The incident occurred on Ekong Etta Street by Okoro Agbor in the early hours of Wednesday when an angry mob pursued a suspected thief who allegedly raped his victim.

A witness said he suspected the rapist was trailed by the mob who later beat and dumped him in a waste bin, close to Apostolic church where he later gave up his ghost.

He said: “They were three (3) of them that committed the act, but the other two ran away, but he (the victim) couldn’t as the mob caught up with him and mobbed him.

“People said he’s a first-timer and that he followed the other two who have been robbing the area and going scot-free. They even raped the girl they robbed.

“The incident happened in the early hours of Wednesday and the screaming from the girl alerted the mob who later came to her rescue.”


Okada rider arrested by oyo police for committing 3 crimes.

The Oyo state police command have arrested an Okada rider, Gbenga Oduola, who allegedly abducted a woman, Bosede Jimoh (34) with her five-year-old son, Fadeyi Opeyemi Ramadan, raped the woman and then severed the head of the boy at his house in Igbo-Ora community in Ibarapa Central Local Government Area of the state on December 9th.

Parading the suspect before newsmen today Friday December 20th, the state Commissioner of Police, Shina Olukolu, said the woman and her deceased son had boarded a commercial motorcycle on December 8th with Gbenga as the driver. However instead of taking them to their destination, he took them to his house where he raped the woman and then killed her son.

The police boss said the suspect raped the deceased woman three times before daybreak.

“The following day, December 9, the motorcyclist took the victim’s son to another room in the house where he beheaded him with a cutlass. He confessed to having dumped the remains of the boy at a nearby bush beside his house, where they were recovered and deposited at the General Hospital mortuary for autopsy,” CP Olukolu said

Speaking with newsmen, the suspect said he liked the deceased and intended to marry her. According to him, while he was taking the deceased to her destination, he asked her out and she agreed. He maintained he doesn’t know why he killed her son.

“I then took her to my house where we had sex. I didn’t know why I beheaded the boy. I didn’t abduct them. I made love advances to the woman and she agreed, so I took them home. She had even agreed to marry me but I didn’t know why I killed the boy; it was the devil’s work.”

The suspect said he had previously married two women but the two had left him and that was why he became desperate to marry another woman.

The police commissioner said the suspect will be arraigned in court soon.


Jos – Gunmen rape female student in plateau.

A student of the Plateau State University was reportedly raped by unknown gunmen, who attacked the school.

President of the Students’ Union, Ezekiel Lutei said the gunmen attacked the university located in Bokkos Local Government Area of the state.

He said, “What happened was that there was a rehearsal for a play production by some 200level and 400level students of the Theatre Arts Department at the Open Air Theatre.

“While the rehearsal was going on, the gunmen stormed the place around 10pm on Monday and attacked the students. In the process, one female student was raped while others sustained injuries.

“Several others had their belongings including phones and money forcefully taken away before the gunmen escaped.

“This is not the first time students would be attacked in the university by gunmen and there is the need for those concerned to secure the lives of students to avoid further occurrence”


Breaking – Yobe governor suspends ward, Lawan for defiling six year old boy.

Governor Mai Mala Buni of Yobe state has ordered the suspension of the district Head of Fannami Ward, Lawan Mari in Bade Local Government of the state for alleged defiling a six year-old-boy.

According to a statement released by the state’s Commissioner for Information, Home Affairs and Culture, Abdullahi Bego, the Governor has directed swift action against the district head.

The statement reads:

His Excellency has directed that appropriate administrative and legal measures be taken swiftly to investigate and prosecute the matter.

Consequently, the traditional ruler involved has been suspended indefinitely from his position as ward head of Fannami Ward, Gashu’a pending the outcome of police investigation into the matter.

A letter to that effect has already been served the ward head by Bade Local Government Council.”

As directed, a letter of suspension has already been issued to the district head.


Non violent rape with condom should not count for penalties – Indian Filmmaker, shravan says

…after the rape and murder of indian doctor

A filmmaker has said that rape is “not a serious thing” and that women should “co-operate” if they are being raped.

Daniel Shravan, an Indian filmmaker, made this shocking statement while reacting to the death of Priyanka Reddy, 27, a vet who was raped by a man who offered to help her last week when she got a flat tyre. Her charred body was found under an overpass near Hyderabad in India last week.

Following her death, Daniel Shravan tried to explain why “non-violent” sex attacks should be legalised. He also said that women should carry condoms in preparation for being raped and they should “co-operate” with their rapist.

Daniel Shravan said: “Rape is not a serious thing, but murder is inexcusable.”

He also said, “the government should legalise rape without violence for the safety of women.”

Shravan argued that women were being killed because they fought back or used pepper spray on their rapists. He added that men are killing women because they are frustrated sexually.

He said: “Rapists are not finding a way to get their bodily sexual desires and getting these killing thoughts. An evil thought provokes crime (Killing). Better, women should accept Men’s Sex.”

He added that Indian women should be “aware of sex education” including “carrying condoms and dental dams” so they can use them if they encounter a rapist.

Shravan also said that the Indian government was frightening rapists. He said laws that punish rapists after victims report them cause most rapists to kill their victims in order to silence them.

His comments were roundly condemned and he later deleted the post after people said they would boycott his films.

One person said: “What kind of sick mentality does he have? Disgusting and disturbing. I am tired of this misogyny and victim blaming.”


Anambra – Mount zion ministries general overseer arrested.

…for raping a minor

34-year-old General Overseer of Mount Zion Ministries in Obosi community of Anambra State, has been arrested by the police for allegedly raping a minor.

Evangelist Chukwudi Chukwumezie a.k.a Agudo Jesus allegedly lured the victim to his church with a prophesy of her bright future being hindered by evil spirits.

Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Haruna Mohammed confirmed the arrest and also told newsmen that they’ve obtained a medical report showing that the victim’s hymen was lacerated after a penetration.

Haruna said, “On 24th September 2019, we got a report from a woman in Obosi police station that the pastor of Mountain Zion Ministry, Obosi had an unlawful canal knowledge of her daughter.

“Police officers went to the scene, inspected it and victim was rushed to hospital and medical report revealed that her vagina was penetrated and laceration of the hymen of the victim occurred.

“Police went to the hotel and the evidence seen at the hotel corresponded with what the victim told the police.”

Mount Zion Ministries General Overseer arrested for allegedly raping a minor

The 15-year-old Secondary School Student who recounted how the incident occurred, said she lost consciousness after entering the Pastor’s car and regained it at the hotel where she was stripped naked.

“I didn’t know what happened immediately I entered his car, but I regained consciousness in a room, and I was naked, and the pastor was on top of me, and there was blood in my private part.”

Mrs Edith Idika who confirmed that her daughter was raped, said the Pastor told her that her daughter needed a deliverance.

“I sent my daughter there, especially as the pastor had said that my daughter had bright future, but had something covering her. He even said he was ready to train her for us” she said.

The Pastor however denied having carnal knowledge of the minor. According to Evangelist Chukwudi, he is being set up by another Pastor based in same Obosi. He recounted speeding past the girl’s house while dropping her off as she was the last person in church on the day of the incident.

“When I asked her, she said I had passed her house, so I stopped at Nkwo ATM point since I had to withdraw money to pay transportation for our members who were going to the mountain” he said.


FUTO state policy against sexual harassment on campus.

…during pre-convocation press briefing

The Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) has come up with a policy to combat the incidents of sexual harassment on campus.

This is also, as the university prepares to award first degrees and higher degrees to a total of 2848 graduates during its 32nd Convocation ceremony scheduled for Saturday.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Francis Eze disclosed these during the pre-convocation press briefing of University on Wednesday.

According to the Vice Chancellor, the draft policy against sexual harassment on campus is presently being considered by the Governing Council of the university.

Professor Eze said: “It is important that I inform you that the university has developed the Sexual Harassment Policy and is being considered by the Governing Council. This became necessary following the recent national outcry on cases of sexual harassments in our universities.

“This document spells out what constitutes sexual harassment as well as appropriate sanctions for same.”

The Vice Chancellor also noted that an Anti-Plagiarism Policy and University Research Policy have also been developed and are awaiting approvals of the university’s Senate and Council.


NUT called for inclusion of ‘gender-based violence (rape)’ in school curriculum.

Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has called for inclusion of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in school curriculum, aimed at eradicating rape and other forms of sexual molestation against children.

The NUT National President, Dr Mohammed Idris, made the call during an education conference with the theme “Oranging Our School: Teachers, Boys and Girls Stand Against Rape’’ held in Abuja on Thursday.

NobleReporters reports that the conference was organised to mark the 16-day Activism Against Gender-Based Violence on Women and Girls, jointly organised by UNESCO, federal ministries of women affairs and education, NUT and others.

Represented by Mr Mike Ike-Ene, the NUT Secretary-General, Idris said the inclusion would go a long way in educating children on the dangers, effects, preventive measures and the appropriate authorities to seek for help when sexually abused.

He said “the issue of rape can be easily taught and disseminated by teachers, because in the past, people were always afraid to talk about it, but teachers could educate students and it would become an internal part of them, which would subsequently become part of our lifestyle.

“ We, therefore, want the study of GBV be included in school curriculum under civic education, so that the young ones would be better equipped to fight rape.”

He condemned the incessant cases of rape and molestation against women and children, calling on teachers to support efforts at ending the scourge by educating students and encouraging them to speak out.

Dr Lydia Giginna, the Director, Education Support Services Department, Federal Ministry of Education, said that the theme of the conference, which focused on rape, was aimed at educating students on the risk and appropriate authorities to consult when molested.

Represented by Mrs Eucharia Chime in the Department, Giginna advised students to be conscious of their environment and be agents of change toward ending GBV.

She said “to avoid this menace, you must always be conscious of your surroundings. Rape sometimes occurs in strange places but always happen in comfort zones.

“When you get back to your school, be an agent of change, a peer educator and gradually, like a mustard seed, we shall have a dream world where sexual assault shall be no more.”

Mrs Funke Oladipo, the Director, Women and Gender Department, Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, said that the ministry was collaborating with religious and traditional leaders, schools and other relevant stakeholders to end the menace.

Oladipo said that the ministry had shelters across the country to enable victims to seek help.

She added that the integration of study of GBV in schools would assist in grooming the society, especially the young ones.

The UN System Representative, Ms Patience Ekeoba, restated the organisation ‘s commitment toward ending all forms of violence against women and children in the country.

Ekeoba added that the organisation, through the UN, EU Spotlight Initiative, was working toward eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls.

She added that the recent launch of the Nigeria Sexual Offenders Register, which would form database of all those convicted for sexual offences, would be made accessible to the public to name and shame offenders and deter others.

The UN representative, while calling on the society to end all forms of stigmatisation against victims of sexual abuse, encouraged victims to speak out and not feel threatened or intimidated.


COZA – Fatoyinbo may have won the rape case in the court but he is ruined forever – Former Chairman, NHRC


Chidi Odinkalu, former Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission NHRC, has said that the Senior Pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly COZA, Chidi Odinkalu, might have won in the rape case filed against him by Busola Dakolo at the Abuja High Court but his name is in ruins and he might never be able to clear the rape allegation leveled against him by Mrs Dakolo.

Chidi Odinkalu shared his opinion in a new artilce he wrote titled ”Busola Dakolo: In Praise of Soft Vengeance”. Read the full article below

At the end of June 2019, #MeToo became #ChurchToo in Nigeria.

Busola Dakolo, a mother of three who grew up a gifted child was the unlikely heroine in this script. She first laid bare her claims in an interview with Chude Jideonwo, lawyer and co-founder of the digital platform, YNaija. These claims later became the basis for her civil claim filed at the Abuja High Court on September 6, detailing harrowing allegations of rape perpetrated against her by Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, best known as the senior pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA). The acts took place on 23 and 26 September 2002.

To be clear, this was not the first time allegations of sexual predation had been made against this pastor. Mrs. Dakolo’s allegations, however, felt different. They were detailed; as a married mother, she had very little to gain from making these allegations public and an awful blowback was both predictable and to be expected from partisans and propagandists of the alleged perpetrator.

The first incident of sexual assault allegedly took place when she was 17 in her parents’ house in Ilorin, Kwara State. Neither parent was at home and the pastor knew this. She had never experienced sexual intimacy before then. She looked up to the pastor as her “Spiritual Father”. The facts would suggest that the alleged perpetrator probably groomed her for this moment. After the sexual act, he reportedly gave her a bottle of “Krest”, a lemonade-flavoured soda and forced her to drink it. There was a second incident which reportedly took place in or on a car. As a young Christian girl from a polygamous home, Busola Amupitan, as she was when these sexual assaults reportedly took place, initially was unable to confide in anyone about these crimes.

Expectedly, these allegations set off a firestorm across Nigeria and beyond. The alleged perpetrator initially issued a statement offering a general denial of the allegations and threatening both civil and criminal proceedings. For the first time, Pastor Fatoyinbo found himself issuing a public response to such allegations. In the past, he had not dignified similar allegations with an acknowledgement. Pastor Fatoyinbo’s threat of criminal proceedings sounded like bluster. He did not have a plausible path to criminal proceedings against her.

In the end, Mrs. Dakolo sued before the civil courts. A mere nine weeks after her case was filed, Justice A.O. Musa, sitting on the outskirts of Abuja in Bwari, delivered a ruling on the outskirts of the jurisprudential season, holding on November 14 that it was statute-barred. Under the applicable laws, he ruled, such cases must be filed not later than 75 months (six years and three months) after the act complained of. Having dismissed Mrs. Dakolo’s action, the judge then added: “…what we are now left with in this suit is sentiment. This suit is soaked in emotions and ferried into this court by the claimant riding on the thick clouds of bourgeoning sentiments”, claiming that it will “occasion grave miscarriage of justice” to ask the pastor to answer to these claims after 16 years.

This ruling raises many questions about the state of both law and procedure concerning sexual assaults in Nigeria, especially, one reported so many years after it happened. As the world marks the International day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, it is important to return to these.

Criminal proceedings, if one were to take place, become a trial, not of the alleged perpetrator, but an ordeal for the victim, in which her intimate life is subjected to humiliating micro-examination for the purpose of granting the perpetrator a free pass.

In principle, there is no limitation on criminal prosecution for rape or sexual violence. The fact that the allegations in this case happened long ago does not preclude an investigation or, if evidence of rape is in fact unearthed, of prosecution. Achieving such an outcome, however, would be dependent on overcoming some constraints of law, evidence and practice.

Let’s begin with the broad regime of laws affecting rape and sexual violence in Nigeria. At present, Nigeria has a multiplicity of sources of laws on rape and sexual violence. There are at least five. In the Federal Capital Territory, the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act (VAPPA) of 2015 has a robust definition of rape as a crime that can be committed by both men and women and involves penetration of any bodily orifice. Nine states – Anambra, Benue, Ebonyi, Edo, Ekiti, Enugu, Kaduna, Osun, and Oyo – seven in the south and only two in the north – have adopted the VAPPA. In nine other states of Southern Nigeria, the Criminal Code applies. Separately, Lagos State enacted a Criminal Law in 2011, which defined rape in terms that both anticipated and resemble the VAPPA. 12 States of Northern Nigeria that have adopted Sharia also recognise a Huddud crime of rape. Additionally, the Penal Code remains applicable in 17 States of the north in relation to the crime of rape.

Both the Criminal and Penal Codes are Victorian pieces of legislation, the gist of whose prescriptions on sexual violence were defined in the last quarter of the 19th century during the reign of Queen Victoria. By the way, she died in 1901. In the terms alleged, the crimes against Mrs. Dakolo took place in Kwara State, where the Penal Code is applicable.

Section 282 of the Penal Code defines the crime of rape as comprising four essential elements:

(a) penetration of female genitals with the male phallus;
(b) the act of penetration achieved without the consent of the woman or the consent – if one is alleged – was obtained by fraud, force, threat, intimidation, deceit or impersonation;
(c) the woman is not the wife of the perpetrator; and
(d) the perpetrator intended to achieve penetration of the woman without her consent or acted recklessly without regard to whether or not she consented.

The two most important of these four elements are the physical act of penetration and the communicative act of lack of consent. Every investigation of rape invariably turns on these, making rape a trial of the body of the woman or victim.

Rape typically occurs outside public view. Overcome invariably by personal feelings of guilt and filth, victims are often too ashamed in the immediate aftermath of the crime to confide in anyone. As a result, rape kits are often not performed until after loss of biological evidence. By the time a rape kit is performed, essential biological evidence would have been lost, making the likelihood of effective investigation or successful prosecution rather low or non-existent. Criminal proceedings, if one were to take place, become a trial, not of the alleged perpetrator, but an ordeal for the victim, in which her intimate life is subjected to humiliating micro-examination for the purpose of granting the perpetrator a free pass. Unsurprisingly, many victims, unwilling to subject themselves to such ordeals, would rather nurse their violations and not report rape.

This is the context for assessing the ruling dismissing Mrs. Dakolo’s civil case. The victim was too young at the time of the alleged incident. The judge, having held the case was statute–barred, went on to venture gratuitous put downs that did not do him a lot of credit. He rendered judgment with neither compassion nor humaneness and was too enthusiastic to lay into the victim. The award of punitive costs against her counsel (in the sum of one million naira) appeared rather uncalled for at best.

…the definition of rape in both the Criminal and Penal Codes is clearly very outdated. It makes the crime near impossible to prove. To achieve this, VAPP Act needs to be taken to all the States and made the standard all over Nigeria. This will make it possible to harmonise the laws of sexual offences across the country…

Whatever the difficulties of proof, cases like Mrs. Dakolo’s remind us of the need to scale up rape law reform in Nigeria. Some basic steps can help.

First, the definition of rape in both the Criminal and Penal Codes is clearly very outdated. It makes the crime near impossible to prove. To achieve this, VAPP Act needs to be taken to all the States and made the standard all over Nigeria. This will make it possible to harmonise the laws of sexual offences across the country, eliminating the confusion that presently exists. The Conference of Attorneys-General in concert with the inspector-general of Police can commit to legislating to make this possible.

Second, at present, the law allows evidence of the sexual or intimate histories of victims from the proceedings but mostly precludes such evidence on the part of alleged perpetrators. This incidence of the laws of evidence in rape proceedings in most jurisdictions in Nigeria can be reversed by amending the relevant laws in all the states other than Lagos where this has already been achieved.

Third, in civil cases alleging the rape of minors – as in persons under the age of 18 – or culpability of persons in authority over the victim (as in a pastor), it should be possible to allow for a doctrine of continuing violation triggering the commencement of computation for limitation purposes from either the attainment of majority or the end of the power relationship between the victim and the perpetrator (whichever is later). If this requires updating legal doctrine or amending the statute of limitation, then it should be done.

Fourth, predictably, propagandists for the alleged perpetrator have gone to town with unfounded claims of his exoneration. That, sadly, is far from what has happened. It is impossible, however, for victims in cases such as this not to feel let down by the system. We must invest in weaning judges through training of a prevailing Victorian mind-set about remedying rape.

Pastor Fatoyinbo may have achieved a technical legal victory but it has left his name in ruins. He may never be able to clear himself of allegations that he is a rapist. That is a terrible burden for a “Man of God” to live with, a testament to the soft vengeance of Busola Dakolo’s incredible courage.


I miss that robber that raped me in 2004 – Actress Elvina Ibru..

Nollywood actress, Elvina Ibru, has revealed that she would love to meet the robber who raped her in 2004.

Ibru, who played the role of Mopelola in the blockbuster movie, “Bling Lagosians” urged rape victims to speak out.

In her words, “I was raped by an armed robber in 2004. It wasn’t my fault and not an incident that warrants me taking up microphone about, so I set up an advocacy group to address it. The group is to manage the young and old ones who had been through the same ugly incident like me. I know if I had to go all out to the media about the situation, it will fizzle out.

“However, it is not something I have been silent about; I don’t know the person that raped me, but I will meet him again, I know I will meet him”.

Ibru went on to advise Nollywood stakeholders to be professional in their conduct, adding that the industry needed the touch of core professionals.

“Although I can say that I am not a veteran in the movies because I just spiced up my acting recently, but I have been on stage for a long time. What I can bring to the table for my colleagues is that they must be professional with their jobs as much as possible.

“There are times that we need to up our games as actors, producers and other professions in the film making industry; we need to be professional and do things right. The fault in our movies did not just happen because we lack money, they also come with the way we handle things as professionals, though, money is also a big factor.

“There are other things that are attached to film making which we need to look at to move the industry forward,” she said.


Nigerians reacted as first sexual offenders register is launched in Nigeria, See how Busola Dakolo reacted..

The Nigerian Sexual Offenders Register was launched today, November 25, 2019, and Nigerians have hailed this move as a step in the right direction.

The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) launched the sex offenders register to curb sexual violence in Nigeria. They chose today, which marks the beginning of the 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women, to launch the register.

To clamp down on sexual abuse, NAPTIP set up a database of those convicted for sexual violence. Record will be available online to help the public, agencies & police.

With this register, victims can now report an incident and also go through the names of those convicted. The register has a search feature which enables individuals and organisations to access information on the identity and location of arraigned sexual offenders.

The sexual offender register will contain the names of anyone prosecuted for sexual violence in the country since 2015.

A number of Nigerians took to various social media platforms to react to this.

Busola Dakolo, who accused COZA pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of rape, also reacted writing: “Today, marks the beginning of the 16 days of Activism against Violence Against Women and is also the day when National Sexual Offenders Register is being launched by NAPTIP with the support of the European Union.”

Busola Dakolo, other Nigerians react as the first national Sexual Offenders Register is launched in Nigeria

Busola Dakolo, other Nigerians react as the first national Sexual Offenders Register is launched in Nigeria

Busola Dakolo, other Nigerians react as the first national Sexual Offenders Register is launched in Nigeria


Cleric Abdulrahman re arrested for rape accusation in Osun state…

Abdulrahman Habeebulah, the Islamic who was made headlines in July for raping a 16-year-old girl attending his Qu’ranic school in Ede community of Osun State has been re-arrested by police after the case was re-opened.

The suspect whose trial was initially stalled after he claimed the girl was his wife though not denying the rape allegation, was discharged without any compensation for the victim after her family opted for an out-of-court settlement. He was also not able to provide evidence of the marriage which was debunked by the girl and her family.

Premium Times reported that the elder brother of the victim, Muideen Oloyede confirmed that the case was re-opened and transferred to the state criminal investigation department in Osogbo after his family was summoned by the police.

“The police said they got a signal when we went there last week. Although they did not show us the signal, we were told it was owing to a series of petitions the IGP got,” he said.

“I’ve spent a lot on the case till the point that I already gave up. Since the family had earlier opted for a settlement, I was disappointed and handed over everything to God.”

It was gathered that Mr Abdulrahman was re-arrested on Thursday November 21, following a petition written by a human rights group, RULAAC.

Nigeria police spokesperson, Frank Mba said the group had written them demanding the re-arrest and prosecution of the Islamic cleric for rape.

“Nwanguma is really following up that case,” Mr Mba

Anti-trafficking agency, NAPTIP is also conducting its investigation on the case.


23 year old mother cut off man’s penis for raping and killing her 5-years old daughter in S.A,.. case moved to court..

A 23-year-old mother Veronique Makwena appeared in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, November 20, for assaulting and cutting off penis of man who allegedly raped and murdered her 5-year-old daughter in August.

Makwena, her sister-in-law, Noxolo Manelin (pictured above), together with a family friend Siyabonga Pakade, have been charged with attempted murder.

The suspect was arrested after the body was discovered but later released from custody two days later. Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Alwin Labans had said the man was released pending further investigation. Labans added that the police were also still waiting for DNA results.

“The suspect was released pending further investigation. Depending on what they get the suspect might be arrested again,” he said.

August 2 will forever be embedded in the memory of the young mother. On that day three months ago, her daughter Chantelle, went missing from their home in the Rocklands farm area, Port Elizabeth.

“I left her with my friend who had been staying with us, because she was not well – I was going to the shop with my elder sister,” said Makwena. “We walked to the shops, which is some distance away, and when we got home my daughter wasn’t there and it was night already.”

Makwena said they looked everywhere for Chantelle but when it became dark, they had to stop.

“What boggled my mind was the fact that I could see Chantelle’s shoes lying on the floor. She never went outside without her shoes on.”

Her body was found a day after she disappeared, bloodied and slumped over in a ramshackle toilet seat close to their home.

“When she was found, my heart sank, I was crushed. My pinkmeisie was gone. While we looked for her through the night, she had been lying in that cold toilet. I was broken, I still am.”

The three women were arrested in September after they confronted the alleged perpetrator who is known to them. They were held in custody in September for two weeks.

Their plight received widespread attention and they were later released on bail through the assistance of people who had heard about their plight on different platforms.

Advocate Fundile Matoto offered to represent the three pro bono.
Matoto said he was concerned about the charges that have been levelled against them.

“In my opinion, this case is a matter of assault, at most, grievous bodily harm.”
He said he was prepared for the case and work toward either a dismissal of the charges or go to trial.

Matoto added he would follow-up on the absence of the third accused, who is in custody for another case.

He also raised concerns about the failure of the police to make an arrest for Chantelle’s murder, despite DNA samples having been taken on the day her body was discovered.

The case has been postponed to February 6, 2020, for further investigation.
Police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu confirmed no arrests have been made for the rape and murder of Chantelle.

“We are still waiting for the DNA results,” she said.


Anambra: 4 Gang-Rapers Arrested By Nigerian Police After Taking Advantage Of Woman.

The Anambra State Police command has arrested 4 persons for allegedly gang-raping a 21-year-old woman in Ozubulu community of Ekwusigo Local Government Area of the state.

The suspects identified as Collins Okpala, 25, Nwachukwu Chimanya, 20, Kenechukwu Anyasi , 23, and Pascal Ogbuagu, 22 reportedly filmed the rape and also collected N1m from their rape victim in order not to release it to public space.

They were however arrested by operatives of Special Anti-robbery Squad in conjunction with the recently launched operations Kpochakpu.

Police spokesperson, Haruna Mohammed who confirmed the arrest said “Suspects had on the 14/2/2019 abducted a girl of about 21years old (Name withheld), robbed her of her belongings and equally gang-raped her.

“The suspects made a pornographic video clip of the rape incident and used the video to blackmail the victim to the tune of N1m.

“Consequently, suspects have confessed to the crime while the said video clip was recovered from their phones and registered as exhibit.”

He added,” It is pertinent to reiterate that the command under the watch of CP John Abang will continue to provide safe and secure environment for all the citizenry before, during and after the Christmas and new year celebrations.”.