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COVID-19: Psquare’s Mr. P test positive with wife and daughter


Noble Reporters Media reports that Peter Okoye made the revelation moments ago on Instagram via a series of videos.

In his narration, Peter Okoye disclosed that he was first to be diagnosed with the virus three weeks ago while his daughter, Aliona caught the virus a week later.

He added that his wife, Lola, caught the virus in an attempt to take care of their daughter.

Lola Omotayo Okoye, Aliona and Cameron
Peter, however, ended his narration on a good note by stating that everyone who contracted the virus in his family has recovered.

He, however, urged all his fans to stay safe and adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.


Rita Dominic, Kemi Adetiba and others have sent him goodwill messages.

“Wow.. sending you and the fam love and light” Actress Rita Dominic posted.

Actress Nancy Isime wrote “Oh wow! Glad you and your family are better. Keep staying safe”

While DJ Switch wrote “uys this thing is real… Please don’t play! When I saw them … HM, no one would wish their enemies this! Everything is worse… I’m so happy you guys are good… Now let’s get back to work! #prodigal you are grace filled! Grateful your story ended with a good result “



WTF! Jude Okoye writes back to Cynthia Morgan, May D.

Jude Okoye has finally responded to the allegations made against him by his former label, Northside Records signees Cynthia Morgan and May D.

In a 1hr long live interview with social media influencer Tunde Ednut, Jude Okoye addressed some of the allegations made against him by the dancehall singer who accused him of ruining her budding music career.

Her Stage Name And Social Media Accounts

Cynthia Morgan who now goes by the stage name Madrina alleged that she was not allowed to use her stage name and that she no longer had access to her social media accounts following her exit from Jude Okoye’s Northside Records.


Speaking to Tunde on the issue, Okoye denied the claim.

“I never took that name from her. I don’t have that power.”

Okoye added the songstress still had access to her social media account two years after leaving the label.



Cynthia claimed that Jude was not promoting her.

“Why are people not asking questions; how come this girl has been down this so long and not even one colleague came up to her rescue? Not rescue as in giving her money or sponsoring her. Rescue as in identifying with her.”

He said she burned all the bridges he built for her and stated Cynthia Morgan once questioned his value in her life.
“Cynthia Morgan looked me in the eye and asked me ‘what the f**k have you done for me?’”


On May D
Jude Okoye also addressed the allegations made by Akinmayokun Awodumila better known by the stage name May D. Following the allegations by Morgan, May D whose brief stint with the defunct PSqaure ended in 2012, stated that while he was with the label he was poorly treated. He claimed that he slept on a carton in the boy’s quarters which he shared with their driver.

In his reaction to the allegation, Jude said he spent over a hundred thousand dollars on May D. According to Jude, trouble began after he gave May D a contract and the singer came back after 2 weeks stating that there were no incentives in the contract.

Jude said May D had demanded a car and an apartment in Lekki despite the fact that the singer was still up-and-coming and had not done any shows.


On Psquare

Jude also revealed the lingering bad blood between him and Peter. He stated that the only reason he decided to speak up on the Cynthia Morgan allegations was because Peter had involved himself.

Jude Okoye stated that the reason PSquare broke up was that Peter didn’t want his (Jude) involvement in the group. When asked if he could bring back the group together again, Jude said no and that “there is nothing humanly possible for me to do to bring Psquare back”.



I was a gold digger when I met my wife – I had no wealth – Peter Okoye.

Peter Okoye, Nigerian singer better known as Mr. P, says he had nothing when he met Lola Omotayo-Okoye, his wife, adding that he was the gold digger.

The former member of P-Square, a now-defunct music group, was speaking about his relationship during a Live Instagram session, from which a clip has now gone viral.

Mr. P also advised men to always pick the woman they love and make her into what they deem. He said he wasn’t any better in looks when they both met 18 years ago but she now makes him look younger every day.

“I met my wife 18 years ago. Me? I was the gold digger. When I met her, I f**king had nothing. Men, I’m telling you. Not every women is a harlot, whore or slay mama,” Okoye said.

“Bro, you have money. Pick one, push her up and make her the way you want her to be. My wife was never perfect, don’t get me wrong.

“But, have you seen me before, I was ugly. Look at me now, I looking younger everyday. You’ll have peace of mind.”

In 2016, Mr. P had finally initiated a split from P-square after he and Paul Okoye, his twin brother, had engaged each other in heated arguments both in public and on social media.

The duo had a disagreement as regards what peter perceived as a lopsidedness in individual input of songs getting featured on their joint albums, with Paul getting a lion share of his songs selected.

He was said to have relocated from the home they both accommodated their extended family in after which a lawyer was involved to help split their fortune and joint ventures over the years.

In 2013, Peter had gotten married to Lola, his longtime girlfriend, whom he was said to have dated for seven years. He has had two kids to show for the relationship.


Nigerians disgrace Mercy Eke moments she pose with a Lamborghini Aventador belonging to Paul Okoye

Reality TV star Mercy Eke aka Mercy Lambo’s few minutes of fame have been truncated by thick-minded fans after she paraded a Lamborghini Aventador on her social media page today. Thank God she. didn’t claim ownership for clout, the story would have been worse by now.

After the ‘pitch fork’ people went extra mile to know who borrowed the reality TV star a Lamborghini, and now the world is now sure that it’s courtesy of ‘Paul Okoye’.

Well we think there is one of Paul’s music video coming up very soon that will feature Mercy Eke.

Recall that Mercy announced weeks ago that the end of her career as a video vixen is here, stating that she promised to do only one more job after the BBNaija show before ending her video vixen career.

We guess this would be her last job as a vixen.


Paul Okoye accuses NCC of ‘Kidnap’

Singer, Paul Okoye took to Instagram to call out the Nigerian Copyright Commission, NCC.

Paul wrote: “I never knew that Nigeria Copyright Commission NCC are also kidnappers, they can detain and ask for bail… Dear NCC am about to f**k s**t up for you guys… try me. (sic)”

He went on to tag the NCC’s official Instagram account to his threat.


In spite of feud, Peter’s wife allegedly seen taking picture with Paul’s children (Video)

Wife of Peter Okoye, Lola Omotayo has shown what it means to be family in the new photo making rounds on social media.

In spite of the feud between her husband Peter Okoye and his brother Paul Okoye also known as Rudeboy, she did not let their differences stop her from expressing her love for Paul’s children.

In a photo shared by Peter Psqaure’s wife, Lola Omotayo is seen caping a good time with her husband’s brother’s twins Nadia and Nathan.

She captioned, ‘Auntie Lollipop and her favourite twins Nathan & Nadia! 😍😍🥰🥰🥰😇😇😇❤❤❤❤👸🤴🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️👫 Gosh they both make my heart melt. TGIF‘.

It will interest you to know that Anita and Lola are in very good terms unlike the perceptions of many as majority of the fans blamed the wives of the P Square brothers for their split.

It is also revealed that their wives have kept their children together despite the rift that still lingers between their husbands after parting ways in 2015.


Money and women destroyed the love between Psquare – Reno Omokri blames

Reno Omokri tweeted that money and women can separate twins and he used Peter and Paul Okoye as examples.

According to him, money and women are to blame for the separation of the twin brothers who once made up the music duo, P-Square.

He tweeted: “Money and women can separate even twins. No need to look too far. Think of PSquare. If you want your brotherhood and friendship to last, compartmentalise your life. Have boundaries between love and financial life separate and family and friendships.”


Ruffcoin ft. Rudeboy – Yati Yati | Mp3 Download & Lyrics >> N.Rs


Ruffcoin comes through with a new tune titled “Yati Yati” to start 2019. He features Rudeboy on this Dbigwish produced record.

“Yati Yati” is a sweet blend of hip hop and highlife only a genius can create. Ruffcoin and King Rudy delivered a smashing sound you can’t resist. Mixed and Mastered by MixMonsta.

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Its boy ruff coin nwa Aba
Enyi no. 1
King of the Benz
(Onye ka akpali ego a)×2
(Ogini di putawa nu nogbo)
Now i gari gari gari
Baby toku yati yati yati
See I weep back outoustide yea
Borri borri borri
Now we balling balling balling
She be calling calling calling
When we get girl you talking lover out of warning warning warning
Haters got some for you
Get off! Yati oooh!
See them come up all on your face
Say your don’t care nobody… Yes!
Cause I gari gari gari. hu!
And now you have not even started
And keep on be doing b’cus
No send anybody body body
kpata ego, m gata kwa nu ego
Oga agba kwa apkiri ego ×2
Ihe ga eme ihe ga eme
Ego abata nu (egoo)
Nnukwu ego ka anyi ga eli ma guys
Puta na ogbo…,
I gona live lfe my way no be your life oh
Spend my money kamsi choo
No be your money oh
Onye ka ana akpali ego a brother
(Ipu ikonu)
Onye ka ana akpali ego a sister
(ipu ikonu)
Achugide ya chugideya, nke aga eji kubie onu,
achugidiya chugideya nkea ji eje gbujia ya olu… Yes!
Now I gari gari gari
Ha na akozi yati yati yati
Dem be ya boiling d boy before
But now they wanna paly paly
He he dem don taya to run
Now they don dey circle rest
Start to let whole wide know
Sleeping on the best
When you see a brother were Ego
Don’t you ever hate … Don’t!
Do your best and live the rest
Uwa by cha cha rotate
Are you looking for your loving
Loamy my home
Ain’t nobody do it for me
Gat to do it on my own
Now I gari gari gari
I even never started
Ima keep on just do it me no send anybody body
Obu nwetaa ego iga twa ego
Changie gbam ego Oga gbakwa gi
By ego. ×2
Ife ga eme ife ga eme
Ma ego abata nu ooooh
Nnukwu ego kanyi ge eli ma guys puta
I gona live my life my way no be your life oh eeh
Spend my money kamsi choo
No be your money oh
No be your money Yeee eeeeh!
If you sabi eeh.,
you go chop the money eh
Eeeh busy body Yeee eeh!
Ndi ilo, I go chop my money eeeh eeh
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Credit: Video✓


Like Dis, Like Dat – Mr. P. (MP3 Download & Lyrics) >> N.Rs


Mr P makes a quick return with a new song tagged “Like Dis Like That” to follow up with the rave of his last release, ‘Too Late‘.
Talented RnB and Afro pop artiste, Mr P is not ready to slow down the pace as he releases another impressive RnB pop song titled “Like Dis Like Dat“. He employs the production services of his favourite producer, Daihard Beats who gave him a classic tune that blends with his international vibe.

On this song the singer wants to have a enough of his lady lover who he is madly in love with and can do anything for. You need to listen to this classic love song…

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Uh yea
It’s Daihard beat
Yea yea

The love wey I get for you
Anything wey you want, I go buy for you
You know you got me in the mood
And I just can’t let you go
You know

I’m in love with you my baby
I know it feels so right
* belong to you my baby
You always on my mind
Yea eh yea

Like dis like dat
I like it like dat like dis
I want it Like dis like dat
I like it like dat like dis

I like it like dat like dis
I want it Like dis like dat
I like it like dat like dis

No no no

I can’t get enough of you
Anywhere wey you go, I go follow you baby
Cause you got me hypnotized
I can’t lie
Can’t keep this feeling that I’m feeling

I’m in love with you my baby
I know it feels so right
* belong to you my baby
You always on my mind
Yea eh yea

Like dis like dat
I like it like dat like dis
I want it Like dis like dat
I like it like dat like dis
Uh uh uh

I like it like dat like dis
I want it Like dis like dat
I like it like dat like dis

I’m in love with you my baby
I know it feels so right
* belong to you my baby
You always on my mind
Yea eh yea

Oh na na na
Uh uh

I’m in love with you my baby (Like dis like dat)
I know it feels so right
* belong to you my baby
You always on my mind
Yea eh yea

Credit: Video


Jude Okoye And Ify Celebrates Their First Daughter As She Clocks 5.

Jude and Ify Okoye’s daughter, Emma Okoye is 5 today.

Jude celebrated her by sharing photos of her to Instagram. He captioned the photos: “Happy 5th birthday to my angel Emma Adanna Okoye. May the Good Lord keep blessing and showering you with good health and all you desire in life. Mummy& daddy’s angel “

Jude Okoye celebrates his first daughter as she turns 5

Jude Okoye celebrates his first daughter as she turns 5

Jude Okoye celebrates his first daughter as she turns 5

Jude Okoye celebrates his first daughter as she turns 5

Jude Okoye celebrates his first daughter as she turns 5