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Prophet Fufeyin reveal how he heal COVID-19 patient

The founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Prophet, Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin has claimed that a U.S. based COVID-19 patient, identified as Tyeisha has been healed through one of his online miracle church services.

Narrating the development in a video made available to journalists, the church said the miracle happened on 22nd May, 2020, in an interactive online service tagged “Dreams, Interpretations and Solutions (DIS).

As gathered by NobleReporters, Prophet Fufeyin received a video call from a middle-aged Californian woman, Tyeisha, who had been diagnosed with the COVID-19 disease and was being housed in a disease control isolation center.


It added that, with further conversation with the patient, Fufeyin discovered that she had developed aggravating conditions such as the inability to walk or use her legs, hence, restriction to bed and dependence on a wheelchair, dependence on supplemental oxygen through Nasal Cannula (NC) as well as constant dry cough.

“The Man of God, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin immediately got a leading to pray and call forth the patient’s healing.

”He prayed with her, shortly and also asked her to provide a mantle for him to pray on. In minutes, and through video call, a woman who was bedridden and clinging to dear life, fully reliant on machines and assistance, took off her Nasal Cannula and began to breathe without supplemental oxygen!


“While the online congregation was still reeling in shock and singing the praises of God, Tyeisha obeyed the command of the prophet and stood up, regaining use of her legs! She walked about her room and even to the corridor, where other patients and caregivers were shocked to see her.

Tyeisha is one of millions of COVID-19 patients, and her story has been changed, miraculously, thanks to the God of Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin. Distance cannot defeat God, and neither can this pandemic,” the church narrated in the video.



Something is transpiring between Billionaire Prophet and Popular Nigerian OAP.


It has been brought to the notice of, Man Of God and founder and head prophet of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, a misleading statement from his friend, social media influencer and OAP, Daddy Freeze.

Daddy Freeze’s statement, which has since gone viral, was made on the 25th of April, 2020, as a response to a comment on Instagram.

It involved Daddy Freeze trying to defend his transparency as a social media influencer; the OAP’s comment may have unintentionally or intentionally implied that Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin had offered him some sort of monetary gift or bribe, which he refused to accept.


Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin has, however, come out to clear the air over the highly misconstrued statement. In a press release signed by his publicity secretary, Mr Moses Akpovotiti and his Media aide, Engr Tare Franklin Fufeyin, the man of God made it unequivocally clear what transpired between himself and Daddy Freeze was a working plan to assist Nigerians during the Lockdown period, using Daddy Freeze’s social media page.

The Man of God planned to use the social media influencer as a channel to disburse Five million naira to Nigerians, and never made any bribe offer or any such offer to Daddy Freeze.

As seen in the release,


“The statement made by Daddy Freeze is confusing and misleading to his personality, suggesting that he attempted to bribe him for any reason whatsoever. It should be clear, on record, that this supposed 5 million naira was meant to be distributed to distressed Nigerians during the Lockdown period.”

“The Man of God is known for his humanitarian activities and general goodwill, and the information being passed around is quite misleading. Daddy Freeze should not have used Prophet Jeremiah’s charitable gestures as reference, in whatever defense he was trying to make for Apostle Suleman. It is quite offensive and misleading, and we have since gotten public insinuations that Prophet Jeremiah offered Daddy Freeze a Five million naira bribe. Let it be very clear that the purpose of this money offered was to assist Nigerians during this Lockdown and not as a gift to Daddy Freeze, as his statement may insinuate.

In other news, we would like to draw the attention of the general public to Prophet Jeremiah’s prophecies about the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has started to find fulfillment.


The Man Of God who, on the 21st of March, gave a prophecy of the end of the pandemic within a month and one week, batch by batch, from nation to nation, has been celebrated by many as the prophecy is currently being experienced across the world, with the virus gradually disappearing from nation to nation. This is indeed a validation that Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin is a spirit-led Man Of God!

Hopefully, according to President Buhari Nigeria, we will join other nations to come out of the Lockdown measures, just as the Man of God Prophesied on 21st and 24th of March, respectively.



Why offerings are curse – SCOAN prophet, TB Joshua

Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua is of the opinion that “most offerings collected in churches all over the world are a curse, not a blessing.”

The cleric made this statement at his Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) while responding to a question raised on why offerings are not collected during his weekly Monday ‘Living Water Service’.

“We cannot begin bothering distressed people – I mean, the sick ones, the poor ones – asking for financial support,” the cleric explained.

“The question remains: Whom are we asking for support? The distressed, the sick, the poor?”He continued saying

“When you are healed and delivered, your ‘Thank you’ is a blessing from God. But when you are distressed, your ‘Thank you’ is distress. When you are sick, your ‘Thank you’ is sick.”
“You are your ‘Thank you’ because you cannot live above your word. That is why most gifts today are a curse, not a blessing… That is why you have to be very careful.”

The cleric explained how judging by mere appearance is misleading as people are often pretentious.

“I know people beyond appearance because I look at the heart. Appearance is deceptive”, TB Joshua added.


Mother and 30 year daughter died from cleansing concoction given by prophet.

An unmarried Zimbabwean woman and her mother have died after they allegedly drank a lethal concoction that was given to them by a self-proclaimed prophet.

According to iHarare, Ms. Sithandazile Nyathi, 30 and her mother Ms. Thokozani Ncube, 51, who are based in South Africa died shortly after drinking a ‘cleansing’ concoction they allegedly got from a prophet named Brian Mpofu from Cowdray Park suburb over the weekend. The mother, Ms. Ncube, had accompanied her daughter to see the prophet.

It was claimed in the report that the duo had approached the prophet to express Sithandazile’s problems including marriage pressures as suitors were not coming for her.

The deceased’s aunt, Seyiso Ncube, revealed that Sithandaziles had been in contact with the prophet since she was in South Africa.

Speaking to the publication, Ms. Ncube’s sister, Ms. Elizabeth Ncube said:

‘We were not there when this occurred but what we have been told is that they went to consult a prophet in Cowdray Park on Saturday. Sithandazile is the one who sought the services of the prophet and requested her mother to accompany her. They went there with our 15-year-old nephew who narrated to us what really transpired.

He said the prophet gave the three of them some substance to induce vomiting claiming that he was casting out a bad spell. After that, he gave them a concoction consisting of bluestone, aloe vera, and lemon which he said they were going to drink at home the following day before eating anything.

Prior to drinking the mixture, we are told that the prophet sent them a message, instructing them not to give it to the boy but share his dosage. Soon after drinking the mixture they started complaining that it was making them bleary, complaining of stomach cramps. Sithandazile instructed the boy to give her a bucket so that she could induce vomiting.

My sister was of the view that probably that was how the medicine worked and she did not attempt to induce vomiting. When the boy brought the bucket, Sithandazile was already struggling to breathe prompting the boy to call his uncle who is my late sister’s husband.

We are told before my sister’s husband could attend to Sithandazile, he discovered that his wife (my sister) was not responding when he called her in her bedroom and when he went in to check on her he discovered that she had white fluids coming out through her mouth and nose.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Chief Inspector Precious Simango also confirmed that they are investigating the issue.

‘Yes, we received a case where mother and her daughter died after drinking some poisonous substance they were given by a self-proclaimed prophet. I can’t say much at the moment as it could jeopardize our investigations. We have, however, arrested a suspect in connection with the pair’s death.’


Segun philip, the prophet confessed, said the spirit did not bring any money after eating LASU undergraduate’s heart.

Segun Philip, the white-garment church Prophet who colloborated with Adeeko Owolabi and his mother Bola in killing of a final-year student of the Lagos State University (LASU) Favour Daley-Oladele, has revealed that the money-ritual they embarked on did not work out.

The Pastor disclosed that he went through the money ritual process with Owolabi without the knowledge of his mother upon being paraded before newsmen.

He said;

“What Owolabi and I discussed is that when they use the concoction once, the money will come once, but his mother doesn’t know that; we just told her that when she uses it, she will be receiving contracts from everywhere.

“But the spirit did not bring money at all, the ritual did not work.”

23-year-old Owolabi who expressed regrets over the sad act, said;

“There was a well there already which the church was planning on using but they abandoned it for years. It was there we put the remaining part of her body then I covered it with sand.

Owolabi said that “my dad has lost his job for some years and my mum has been the one helping the family; she also lost her job, but she started doing some contract jobs. After some time, she stopped receiving contracts.

“From that day, I started regretting my action, even before we were arrested.”

The emotional father of the money ritual victim, said they all looked forward to Favour becoming the first female graduate in the house.

He said;

“It is quite emotional, having raised that girl for that number of years; Favour happens to be a golden girl to the family. We waited for some years before having her, she went to school and when we envisaged that in a few months, she will be going for her NYSC, and start celebrating a female graduate in the house, then some people conspire to kill her is touching.

“All we want is justice for Favour and I believe it will serve as a deterrent to others who are in this kind of thing.”


LASU undergraduate killed and eaten by friend, mom and prophet. Police nabbed.

Three suspects linked to murder of a final year student of Theatre Arts at the Lagos State University (LASU) identified as Favour Seun Daley-Oladele, have been reportedly arrested by the police.

LASU final year female student allegedly killed and eaten by friend, his mum and a Prophet

The deceased who was reportedly pregnant was allegedly killed on December 8 at Ikoyi Ile community in Ikire, Osun State.

Favour was allegedly killed by an ex-student of LASU, Owolabi Adeeko in collaboration with his mother Mrs Adeeko and one Prophet Segun Phillip, said to be a serial money ritualist. The deceased’s body parts was allegedly eaten by Owolabi and his mother in a bid to change their family’s misfortunes.

LASU final year female student allegedly killed and eaten by friend, his mum and a Prophet

Omojola Omotayo who shared the story on Facebook, wrote;

FAVOUR SEUN DALEY OLADELE Aged 22yrs, a 400 level theartre art student of LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY(LASU) was gruesomely murdered on the 8th of December 2019 at Ikoyi Ile in Ikire,Osun state . She came home to see her parents, attended church service on Sunday ,while with her parents that sunday, she received a call from one OWOLABI ADEEKO who was an ex Lagos State University student who asked her to meet with him at undisclosed location.

Favour had told her parents she would be going to school as well as seeing a friend that afternoon this person happen to be OWOLABI ADEEKO whom she met about two months ago . That same Sunday afternoon she spoke with her father and he wishes her the best of luck in her forth coming final examination.

From then on, everything started happening in quick succession, her phone stopped going through, she did not returned calls neither did she call any of her parents to inform them of her arrival at school . Unknown to the parents she had been murdered by OWOLABI ADEEKO an ex student of LASU in Collaboration with One prophet SEGUN PHILLIP who happened to be a serial money ritualist practising his satanic trade at Ikoyi Ile in Ikire, Osun state and One Mrs ADEEKO who also happened to be OWOLABI ADEEKO’S mother.

These three people and others gruesomely murdered Favour SEUN DALEY OLADELE. In his confessional statement, OWOLABI ADEEKO admitted inviting her to an undisclosed location before using One black Honda to take her to Fortress hotel at ikoyi ile ,later that evening OWOLABI ADEEKO and her mother ,Mrs ADEEKO lured her to prophet SEGUN PHILLIP place, introduced later as an uncle,Favour was drugged while at the named hotel, Owolabi futher stated that by the time they got to prophet Segun PHILLIP’s place she was already tired, the three of them simply put favour under the tree close to an uncompleted well dug for that purpose, favours mutilated body was dumbed inside that well.

OWOLABI ADEEKO admitted futher that he used pestle to smashed FAVOUR’S head while prophet SEGUN PHILLIP admitted that he used sharp knife to cut favours throat. Prophet Segun PHILLIP also admitted in his statement that he caught her open ,removed her heart and certain parts of Favours body to cook native stew for OWOLABI ADEEKO’S mother. Mrs ADEEKO a collaborator in this evil scheme admitted eating the said native stew called(Aseje) so that her family misfortunes can be changed and so that she and her family can become rich.

Again it’s important for us to appreciate the good work of the investigating officers but what is most troublesome is that the duo of OWOLABI ADEEKO and prophet SEGUN PHILLIP were boasting that they will soon be released by the police. We are calling on well meaning Nigerians to demand justice for Favour SEUN DALEY OLADELE, we are calling on Nigeria’s Students to rise up through various medium to demand justice for Favour.

We are calling on good people within LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY to use their position to demand justice for Favour. Favour was said to be pregnant at the time of this incident.. Please #justice for Late Favour Seun Daley Oladele and spread the news .These perpetrators must be brought to face the justice…#justiceforFavour-Oladele

LASU final year female student allegedly killed and eaten by friend, his mum and a Prophet

LASU final year female student allegedly killed and eaten by friend, his mum and a Prophet

LASU final year female student allegedly killed and eaten by friend, his mum and a Prophet


Up to 13 suspects arrested for burning down Ondo prophet’s church

…and killing of policeman

13 suspects arrested in connection with the killing of a policeman and burning of Sotitobire Miracle Centre, were remanded in prison by an Akure Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday December 24.

The suspects who were arraigned before Magistrate Charity Adeyanju on a six-count charge of murder, arson, theft, and vandalism, were remanded at the Olokuta Correctional Centre pending the ongoing investigation into the matter.

13 remanded in prison for murder and burning of Ondo Prophet

The charge sheet read in part;

“That you Udeme Eyo ‘m’, Ikechukwu Njoku ‘m’, Ayodimeji Jimoh ‘m’, Bamisaye Ojo ‘m’, Balogun Ayomide ‘m’, ‘Steve Adekunle ‘m’, Agbi Sesan ‘m’, Stephen Omotosho ‘m’, Omogbolahan James ‘m’, Ademola Aderibigbe ‘m’, Oluwadare Rotimi, ‘m’, Ayo Ifedayo ‘m’, Samuel Shitu and others at large, on 18/12/2019, at about 9.45 am, Sotitobire church, Oshinle, Akure, in the Ondo State Magisterial District, did conspire together to commit felony to wit: murder, arson, malicious damage and stealing and thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under section 324 & 516 of the Criminal Code, Cap 37, Vol.1, LAWS of Ondo State of Nigeria 2006 respectively.

“That you Udeme Eyo ‘m’, Ikechukwu Njoku ‘m’, Ayo dimeji Jiomoh ‘m’, Bamisaye Samson Ojo ‘m’, Balogun Ayorinde ‘m’, Steve Adekunle ‘m’, Agbi Sesan ‘m’, Stephen Omotosho ‘m’, Omogbolahan James ‘m’, Ademola Aderibigbe ‘m’, Oluwadare Rotimi ‘m’, Ayo Ifedayo ‘m’, Samuel Shitu and others at large, on same date, time committed the offence In the aforementioned Magisterial District, did unlawfully kill Sgt Sheidu by smashing him to death with tyre ream and stones at Sotitobire church, Oshinle, Akure while performing his lawful duty and thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under section 319(1) of Criminal Code, Cap 37, Vol.1 Laws of Ondo State of Nigeria 2006.”

13 remanded in prison for murder and burning of Ondo Prophet

Though the defendants counsel, Femi Saliu pleaded with the court to grant his clients bail as the prosecution had a lot of defects, the trial was adjourned till January 3, 2020.


Ondo miracle center prophet arrested and six others.

…over missing child

The founder of Sotitobire Miracle Center, Akure, Prophet Alfa Babatunde, has been arraigned before a Magistrates’ Court sitting in Oke-Eda, Akure.

They were arraigned by officials of the Department of State Services on two counts of felony and kidnap.

Babatunde was arraigned alongside six other members of the church – Omodara Olayinka, Margaret Oyebola, Grace Ogunjobi, Egunjobi Motunrayo, Esther Kayode and Peter Anjorin.

Recall that one-year-old boy, Gold Kolawole, was declared missing during a Sunday service in the church on November 10. Angered by the perceived unconcerned attitude of the leaders of the church over the boy’s disappearance, youths on Wednesday, December 18, burnt down the church.

Property worth millions of naira belonging to the church was destroyed, three people, including a police officer, were killed and several others injured.


How south, igbos can be president come 2023 – Prophet chukwuma.

…challenging Buhari’s election to apologise to God

The presiding pastor, Christ Foundation Miracle International Chapel, Lagos, Prophet Josiah Chukwuma has revealed what the Igbo must do if they are serious about the 2023 presidency.

In this interview, he stated that the high level of disunity, distrust, cold war, betrayal and bad blood among the Igbo, have been their Achilles’ hill, stressing that unless they urgently work on them, their dream of producing president in 2023 would not come to reality.

Why did you ask those who attacked you for urging the former vice president, Atiku Abubakar to withdraw the suit challenging Buhari’s election to apologise to God?

They must apologise, not for attacking me but for attacking God’s message. They must seek divine forgiveness. They called me names and rained all manner of curses on me for advising Atiku and his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to withdraw the suit challenging President Muhammadu Buhari’s victory in the interest of peace. After Atiku lost at the tribunal and went ahead to appeal the tribunal’s decision, I repeated my call and advised him to withdraw the case. The message was published in some national dailies, and what followed were threats and condemnations from individuals within and outside the country. I had advised the former VP not to waste his money by seeking justice at the election tribunal or any court, but that he should rather give the funds he had earmarked for litigation or part of it to charity.

But Atiku received a lot of sympathy as well as accolades from several Nigerians for pursuing justice up to the Supreme Court; do you have a problem with that?

Commendations and consolations are okay. But, I am saying that spiritually, Atiku led a fight without the light. When you are confronted with a fight without a light, you should let the fight go; that is what makes a great man. If Atiku had listened to divine advice, he would have, rather than litigation, set aside even half of all the money that he wasted in the legal battle for charity. It would have been more honourable and worthwhile for him. You can imagine how many indigent Nigerians that such move would have lifted out of poverty and given a new lease of life. All he needed to do was to announce such a decision to Nigerians and set up a committee to start implementing it immediately. That would have earned him optimum image boost because it is said that tomorrow never ends.

Having said that, I would add that God has a reason for allowing anything to happen, including allowing Buhari to continue in office; how his victory came about does not matter. It is like the biblical story of Esau and Jacob. Esau was meant to serve Jacob until the pottage incident occurred. Who knows whether God had allowed Buhari’s emergence in the first place, so that Nigerians can learn some lessons and appreciate Him? All I am sounding to Nigerian politicians is that they must learn to listen to God. I have been reiterating this call since Obasanjo’s era, and all our prophecies since then have come to pass. They are there on the internet and newspaper archives. And to deceptive prophets and men of God, I say that flamboyance and earthly wealth are only ephemeral. Speak the truth; speaking God’s mind to those in authority does not amount to hatred. Good leaders require truth to be on the right pedestal. Those who had called for my head for urging Atiku to withdraw legal suit against Buhari’s victory were quick to forget that I had advised against Buhari’s candidacy for second term, before 2019 general election. They also forgot that I had suggested that Atiku be given a chance to try his luck in the presidency. Buhari’s proponents and those who knew that I had served Buhari, as a little boy, had rebuked and accused me of being sponsored by the PDP.

Did you say you have served President Buhari before?

Yes, as a little boy, when he was still a young military officer. I knew him through late Mrs. Obeya. I used to wash his car and do laundry for him. So, I knew him very well. I knew him as a very gentle, principled man. But, as a prophet, that cannot stop me from speaking truth to him or his government whenever the need arises. It is in the archives that during the build-up to the 2015 general elections, I had prophesied about all the sufferings and difficulties of Nigerians under the current administration, as directed by God. In that pre-2015 election message, I had also advised Buhari not to run for the election, that God had revealed that those urging him to run were doing so for their selfish reasons; that he lacked the grace to rule Nigeria again according to his original motive; and that cabals would hijack his government and would not allow him to lead the country according to his true conscience and agenda. All these are there in achirves.

What is your view about the clamour for and against a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction in 2023?

I am not a politician and I don’t speak like politicians. But, if you want the truth, I would tell you that the issue of Igbo becoming president or not in 2023 lies in the hands of Ndigbo. They must learn how not to betray themselves only to end up blowing away their chances. You cannot put something inside a leaking bag because whatever you put there will pour away. The level of disunity, cold war and distrust among the Igbo is so annoying, embarrassing, shameful and unfortunate. When everybody schemes and fights to be the one to occupy a lone seat, there is bound to be massive betrayal and counter-betrayal. I had prayed recently about the fate of Ndigbo over the 2023 presidency. But, you know what? I was ashamed of the answer that I got, which I would not share in the media. So, Ndigbo must stop destroying, selling, and lying against themselves as well as committing all manner of evils against themselves. They are the ones preventing the glory of God from shining upon Igboland as He wills. Many of our people pretend to be dining and wining with God, while the devil is their actual best friend. We must love God, love ourselves and look upon Christ and depend on Him for liberation. That is the only way that we could make substantial political inroad in this country.

What is your take on the rebirth of third term tale in the country and alleged plot by some individuals to create a window for the extension of Buhari’s tenure?

Mark my words! If Mr. President fails to firmly kill the third term conspiracy, he would be messed up in the end. Third term is an evil plot that may consume many politicians, if care is not taken. When I prayed over the issue, I was shown two major things that would happen, except the idea is killed. Buhari would be messed up in the end and a hostility that would give birth to two rival groups would ensue, which would force some people to flee the country. I saw the crisis escalating to the extent that politicians would become endangered species. Politicians would be targeted and subjected to brutal attacks without party, religious or tribal consideration.