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COVID-19: Brazilian President, Bolsonaro to take fresh test


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has been in quarantine nearly a week after testing positive for the new coronavirus, announced Monday he plans to take another test as he “can’t stand” being in isolation.

The result of the test, which is scheduled for Tuesday, “should be out in a few hours, and I will wait quite anxiously because I can’t stand this routine of staying at home. It’s horrible,” Bolsonaro said in a telephone interview, from his official residence at the Alvorada Palace in Brasilia.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the far-right president has dismissed the seriousness of the epidemic and criticized containment measures ordered by governors in Brazilian states.


During his interview, Bolsonaro said that he feels “very well” and has no fever or problems breathing. He also has not lost his sense of taste, one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19.

“Tomorrow, I don’t know if the new test will confirm (the virus), but if everything is fine, I’ll go back to work. Of course, if it’s the other way around, I’ll wait a few more days,” said the 65-year-old, adding he hoped to resume his activities within a week at most.

“Otherwise everything is fine. We are working by videoconference all the time and we are doing our best not to let things accumulate,” he said.


Brazil is the second-worst hit country in the world, after the United States. As of Monday, 72,833 people had died out of 1.8 million confirmed cases.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro speaks on a mobile phone next to an emu outside the Alvorada Palace in Brasilia, Brazil, on July 13, 2020, in the midst of the new COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. – Bolsonaro tested positive for the coronavirus on July 7, after months minimizing the dangers of the disease. (Photo by Sergio LIMA / AFP)

During his weekly Facebook Live post last Thursday, Bolsonaro said that after feeling unwell, he had started taking one hydroxychloroquine tablet every day.

The drug, originally tested to fight malaria, has been pushed as a treatment for COVID-19 in many countries — but its effectiveness has not been formally proven and the issue is deeply dividing the global scientific community.

“I took (hydroxychloroquine) and it worked, and I’m fine, thank God. And let those who criticize it at least offer an alternative,” he said during the Facebook Live.


Presidential aide debunks report of national broadcast today. [NIGERIA]

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has debunked reports that President Muhammadu Buhari will be addressing Nigerians today (Monday).

Mr. Adesina stated this on his Twitter handle, following the first phase of the gradual easing of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Adesina said there will be no presidential broadcast on COVID-19 updates today, stressing that none was planned.

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President Buhari to Address Nigeria on Monday.

He added that the Presidential Task Force will, during its daily briefing, bring the nation to speed on the next steps to follow.


“No presidential broadcast on COVID-19 updates today.

“None was planned. Rather, the Presidential Task Force will during its usual media briefings bring the nation up to speed on the next steps”.



[Nigeria] Farmers should resume farm works – Buhari Government give reasons.

Boss Mustapha, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, has said farmers should prepare to return to farm amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

Mustapha, who is the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) for COVID-19, said this would avert food crisis as Nigeria was currently battling with health and economic challenges.

He spoke during the daily PTF press briefing on COVID-19 in Abuja, yesterday.

The PTF Chairman assured that the federal government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, will make adequate arrangements to make things go smoothly for farmers.

“​I also wish to use this opportunity to restate that food security and self-sufficiency remain important to our national life.

“I therefore, urge all our farmers to begin to prepare for their return to the farms as the planting season.

“The Federal Ministry of Agriculture has put in place arrangements for access to farm inputs, extension and others services,” Mustapha said.


Lionel Messi Speaks On False Acquisitions Against Barcelona

Lionel Messi Addresses ‘Strange’ Accusations Levelled at President in Barçagate scandal…

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has described it as a ‘strange subject’ after the club was forced to deny wrongdoing amid claims they organised public criticism of players in order to protect the reputation of under-pressure president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The bizarre claims emerged earlier this week and there was a ferocious backlash with former president Joan Laporta in particular, calling for top-level resignations.

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We are suing Buhari – Falana (SAN)

Human rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), says a court process will be filed this week seeking the removal of the service chiefs based on the expiration of their tenure.

He had argued that it was illegal for the President, Maj. Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to extend the tenure of the service chiefs.

When asked why no one had challenged the matter in court if indeed it was illegal, Falana said, “I can assure you that it is already being escalated. To the best of my knowledge, a suit will be filed during the week in respect of this matter.”

Falana recalled that activist, Mr. Festus Keyamo (SAN), who now serves as the Minister of State for Labour and Employment had sued the President Goodluck Jonathan’s government for failing to seek the approval of the Senate before appointing the service chiefs.

He said the Federal High Court had stated while delivering judgement that the National Assembly must approve the appointment of service chiefs before they can be installed.

The activist said it stands to reason that if the Senate approved the appointment of service chiefs, then the Senate’s approval must be sought before their tenure could be extended.

The senior advocate said, “My colleague who is now a minister in this government, secured a judgment that service chiefs must be approved by the Senate and President Jonathan had to seek the approval of the National Assembly in line with the judgment of the court.

“Now, going by that judgement, the President cannot extend the expired tenure of service chiefs without going to the National Assembly. So, when the House of Representatives recently passed a solution that the service chiefs should go, they should have relied on the judgment to say you cannot extend without approval if you cannot appoint without our approval.”

When asked if he implied that Buhari was breaking the law, Falana responded, “for sure.”

Falana said under the Public Service Rules and the Harmonised Terms and Conditions of Service of Military Officers and under Section 26 of the Armed Forces Act, there was no provision for the extension of tenure beyond the period stipulated by law.

Human rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN)

The activist said it was wrong even though it had been done in the past.

“You cannot extend the tenure of certain officers while you ask others to go upon putting in 35 years in office,” he said.


Presidency blames Libya for crisis; refuse to sack service chiefs

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, says the military is doing a good job and deserves the support of Nigerians.

On calls for the sacking of service chiefs, Shehu said those criticising the President did not have the kind of information that he had as regards security and thus could not pass informed commentaries.

Shehu said the reversals in the successes recorded against Boko Haram were being undermined by the Libyan crisis which led to the proliferation of small arms.

The President’s spokesman said this on Monday while reacting to calls for the removal of the service chiefs.

He said, “Our Armed Forces are doing an enormously good job, they are not sitting on their laurels but the challenges have mounted because of factors extraneous to the region and Nigerians should have an appreciation and be sympathetic and see that all of the things about the collapse of Libya is no fairytale.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu

“Europeans for their competing interests in Libya were dropping weapons into villages in Libya. A lot of these elements have found their way into ungoverned spaces in the Sahel. Could it be better with the sacking of the service chiefs? My sense is that the President as the commander-in-chief is not a novice in the first instance.

“He was a military commander, a military head of state and the latitude of opinions intellectual, security, military available to him is not available to most of the critics. So, it is wrong of them to interlope in a way and begin to speak on matters of which they do not have the competence to pass judgement. I hope I don’t seem arrogant but I am stating facts as they are.”


Insecurities: PMB has no right to stop peaceful protest – Femi Falana

Human rights lawyer, Mr Femi Falana (SAN), has said that the Presidency has no power to stop any peaceful protest by aggrieved Nigerians who are calling for the replacement of the service chiefs.

Mr Falana, while responding to a statement credited to a presidential spokesperson, Mr Garba Shehu, on Sunday, said Nigerians have the fundamental right to demonstrate for or against the Federal Government.

The senior lawyer quoted Mr Shehu: “The Presidency wishes to caution a section of the political class against misleading the public and inciting protests against the heads of military institutions.

“This has become necessary in view of received reports that about 2, 000 men and women have been hired to demonstrate against Nigeria’s service chiefs on Monday.”

He, however, cautioned that the Nigeria Police Force should not harass aggrieved Nigerians for protesting against perceived injustice in the country.

“The authorities of the Nigeria Police Force are urged not to harass aggrieved Nigerians for protesting against perceived injustice in the country.

“Nigerians have the fundamental right to demonstrate for or against the federal government without official fiat the Presidency has no power to stop any peaceful protest in the country.

“In fact, the right to assemble and protest peaceful was won by the Nigerian people in the case of All Nigerian People’s Party v Inspector-General of Police (2008) 12 WRN 65,” he stated.

Human rights lawyer, Mr Femi Falana (SAN)

Mr Falana noted that leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) had in 2014, held a protest against insecurity.

“It was in the exercise of the right of freedom of expression that APC leaders including General Mohammadu Buhari, Chief John Oyegun, Dr Sylvester Onu and Mr Rotimi Amaechi had participated in the protest held at Abuja on November 20, 2014, against insecurity under the erstwhile Jonathan administration.”

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Falana (SAN): Buhari is breaking the law

Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana on Monday said President Muhammadu Buhari is running afoul of the law in his decision not to terminate the current crop of security Service Chiefs.

Mr Falana, who appeared on Sunrise Daily, argued that the laws regulating military officers require the retirement of military officers who have served for 35 years or have reached the age of 60.

He added that a lawsuit would be filed this week in respect of the matter.

In an interview that lasted more than 20 minutes, Mr Falana also said President Buhari “must be prevailed upon” to acknowledge the possibility of “internal sabotage” within the military in the war against insurgency.

Responding to statements from the Presidency cautioning against public protests against the government, Mr Falana said such comments should be “embarrassing” to the President who, before he took the country’s reins, had led public demonstrations.

What Falana Actually Said
“Under the public service rule, under the harmonised rules for military officers in Nigeria and under Section 6 of the armed forces act, which empowers the President to make rules and regulations for the military, there is no provision for extension of tenure (for Service Chiefs) beyond the period stipulated by law. It has been done in the past, but that does not make it right. There is equality before the law, so you can’t extend the service of certain officers while you ask others to go after 35 years of service or the attainment of 60 years of age.

“To the best of my knowledge, a suit will be filed during the week, in respect of this matter.

“The President must be prevailed upon to appreciate that we may also be undergoing what you might describe as internal sabotage (in the fight against insurgency) by many members of the armed forces who simply feel since these are the people who can stop insurgency or terrorism, let them go ahead. Because the Chief of Army Staff himself has had an occasion to accuse members of the armed forces of not doing enough.

“The Service Chiefs are retiring officers who have served for 35 years or have reached the age of 60 – it is their fault not to appeal to the President for them to go or to resign.

On Caution Against Public Protests
“Is the Nigerian state telling us that a protest by 2,000 people cannot be managed? What on earth is going on? We have to recognise the right of Nigerians to protest for or against the government. And just last week in Abuja sponsored agents of the government staged a protest asking the government to expel Amnesty International from Nigeria. Even against me, the government had sponsored some elements to demonstrate in Abuja. I have evidence. If the government can mobilise support and get its agents to demonstrate in favour of its own policies; Nigerians must also be given the opportunity to demonstrate against policies of the government considered inimical to their interest.

“I want to believe that some of these statements oozing out of the Presidency are meant to embarrass the government, particularly President Muhammadu Buhari. Because the case of ANPP and Inspector General of Police decided by the Court of Appeal in December 2007 on the rights of Nigerians to demonstrate without police permit, without the fiat of the government, was handled for the former leaders of the ANPP, who are now in the APC, by my humble self, from the High Court to the Court of Appeal; and that is the law today.

“Following that judgement, the National Assembly in 2015 amended the Public Order Act by imposing a duty on the police to provide security for Nigerians who wish to demonstrate. That is the law today.

Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana

“Whenever I have had cause to lead a demonstration or participate in one, we have always written to the police for protection, not for permit. And I must confess, so far, I have not had any case where we have been told not to demonstrate. The only time, I think, was last year when Professor Soyinka and I were supposed to address a meeting and the police said it won’t take place; I said no, call the authorities, this is the right we have fought for and won. And in fairness to them, we were allowed to have the program.

“What is particularly embarrassing is that on the 20th of November 2014, the Presidential Candidate of the APC, General Muhammadu Buhari, now President Muhammadu Buhari, the then APC Chairman, Chief John Oyegun, two current Ministers, Dr. Sylvester Onu and Rotimi Amaechi, led others to demonstrate in Abuja against insecurity in the country, and they were more than 2,000. Heavens did not fall and heavens will not fall this time around.”


Don’t avenge! – PMB warned after katsina attack

President Muhammadu Buhari has warned citizens against taking laws into their hands in seeking revenge following an attack on two communities in Katsina state.
More than 30 people were killed in the communities located in Batsari local government area of Katsina on Friday night.

The police say they have been able to arrest a suspect connected to the incident.

In a statement on Sunday, Garba Shehu, presidential spokesman, quoted Buhari as saying that authorities must be allowed to investigate any security breach.

“No one in the country has a right to take laws into his hands by the way of self-help or revenge,” Buhari was quoted as saying.

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“Local communities that catch bandits should hand over the suspects to law enforcement authorities instead of meting out capital punishment, leading to a cycle of revenge and counter revenge.

“The authorities must be allowed to investigate and deal with any breach that occurs. There is no place for violence in a decent society.”

President Muhammadu Buhari

The president urged community leaders to work with law enforcement agencies to ensure that there is peace between farmers and herders in the state.

Buhari prayed that God will comfort families that have lost loved ones in the attacks.


Reasons Donald Trump was acquitted – Pelosi open up

…slammed Republican senators

Donal Trump wasn’t acquitted of the impeachment charges against him because he didn’t have a proper trial with witnesses, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, Pelosi said the president is “not vindicated” despite Republican senators voting against removing Trump from office.

“You can’t have an acquittal unless you have a trial and you can’t have a trial without witnesses and documents,” Pelosi told Amanpour. “So he can say he was acquitted, and the headlines can say acquitted but he’s impeached forever, branded with that and not vindicated.”

The White House has been contacted for comment.

Pelosi also slammed Republican senators for not having the “courage” to vote guilty on the impeachment charges against Trump, despite some acknowledging that the president’s actions on Ukraine weren’t right.

But she praised Mitt Romney, the sole Republican senator who voted to convict on one of two articles of impeachment. “God bless him,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi also defended her decision to rip up her copy of Trump’s State of the Union speech moments after his address ended last Tuesday.

Democrats celebrated the viral moment, but Republicans accused her of metaphorically “ripping up” Trump’s accomplishments and guests.

Pelosi told CNN that it “wasn’t a planned thing,” but she decided to do something to “get attention” after realizing during the address that “almost every page had something in it that was objectionable.”

She said: “One of my disappointments is the fact that with all that we have done legislatively, whether it’s equal pay for equal work, raising the minimum wage, gun violence protection, issues that relate to our children, the list goes on.

“We had very little press on it. It seems if you want to get press, you have to get attention. I thought, well, let’s get attention on the fact that what he said here today was not true.”

Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump

Immediately after the State of the Union, Pelosi said that she tore up the speech “because it was the courteous thing to do considering the alternative” and branded it “a manifesto of mistruths.”

The White House tweeted a response to the incident, criticizing Pelosi’s actions. “Speaker Pelosi just ripped up: One of our last surviving Tuskegee Airmen. The survival of a child born at 21 weeks. The mourning families of Rocky Jones and Kayla Mueller. A service member’s reunion with his family. That’s her legacy,” the White House said.


El Rufai behind my win in 2015 – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari felicitated with the executive governor of Kaduna State, Gov. Nasir El Rufai on his 60th birthday.

The celebratory message was sent by the president’s media aide, Shehu Garba on Saturday. In his message, President Buhari said that although the governor’s entry into public service was accidental, his contributions so far to the growth of the nation have been well-thought-of and strategic.

Nasir El Rufai | Muhammadu Buhari

The president commended el-Rufai for his insight and wisdom to lead people to achieve greatness at various levels, adding that the governor’s efforts were instrumental to the victory of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2015 presidential election.

He also prayed for more good health and wisdom as he continues to lead the state to greater positive heights.


U.S election: Could it be Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders is firmly the front-runner in the race to become the Democratic challenger to Republican President Donald Trump, fresh from a victory this week in the second state-by-state contest. His support is fervent but is his party, let alone the country, ready to embrace such an unusual candidate?

Bernie Sanders likes to call his presidential campaign a revolution, but these days it feels more like a touring rock concert.

The Vermont senator may seem like an unlikely front-man for bands like Vampire Weekend and The Strokes, but both have served as his warm-up acts, playing at recent campaign rallies.

But the thousands of fans in packed arenas reserve their loudest cheers for the scruffy-haired 78-year-old candidate with a clipped Brooklyn accent.

After nearly a year marathon of rallies, meetings, debates and ground-laying, the Sanders campaign is now entering a sprint of near-nonstop activity that will carry it through dozens of states across the country – an impressive test of endurance for a man who just months ago was hospitalised for a heart attack.

“Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that has given me the courage to believe that we cannot only demand bold, radical change, but that it’s actually very attainable,” said Aletha Shapiro, who travelled to New Hampshire from Long Island, New York, to help the Sanders campaign.

“If the people stick together, we can actually put power back in the hands of the people.”

The end result of all this effort was a split decision in Iowa, as former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg claimed the most delegates to the Democratic National Convention even though Sanders won a few thousand more votes.

In New Hampshire, Sanders finished narrowly ahead of Buttigieg again, with the two tied in the state’s delegate count.

That didn’t stop Sanders from claiming victory both in Iowa and New Hampshire on Tuesday night, however, and looking ahead to a showdown with Trump in November.

A simple guide to US primaries and caucuses
How Bernie Sanders always beats the odds
“The reason we won tonight in New Hampshire, we won last week in Iowa, is because of the hard work of so many volunteers,” he said. “Let me say tonight that this victory here is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.”

The crowd, packed into a college gymnasium, responded with deafening applause, as though the volume of their cheers could will their beloved candidate to more victories in the days ahead.

“It was electric,” said Scott Sandvik, a music teacher from Boston. “I really think it was a release of tension after a nail-biter of an election.”

If the Sanders “revolution” does take hold – an outsider campaign pitted as much against the Democratic Party’s establishment as it is the incumbent president – New Hampshire could very well be seen as where it all began.

But the campaign still has a long road ahead.

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Another shot at the prize
Four years ago, Sanders also followed a tight result in Iowa with a victory in New Hampshire. That contest was actually more decisive – a 20-point win over Hillary Clinton, who was considered the prohibitive favourite entering the race.

Sanders’ 2016 New Hampshire triumph, however, was a springboard into an empty pool.

He followed his win in the overwhelmingly white New England state with a narrow loss in Nevada and a drubbing in South Carolina, where the Democratic voting population is majority black. Although there were a few bright spots after that – victories in Michigan and Wisconsin – Clinton spent the next few months pulling away from Sanders in the nomination race.

Now Sanders is back, hoping history doesn’t repeat itself. Facing a more crowded field, he appears to be in a much better position, as the nomination fight becomes a state-by-state slog on a battleground that stretches the breadth of the nation.

There is no Clinton machine waiting to do battle against the Sanders insurgency this time around. Instead, the Vermont senator heads out of New Hampshire along with a ragtag mix of candidates all scrambling for a foothold.

Joe Biden, the apparent front-runner through much of 2019, is grievously wounded by poor showings in in the first two contests. Elizabeth Warren, the other candidate appealing to the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, has finished behind Sanders twice now and shows no signs gaining any ground.

Meanwhile, the continued presence of Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar among the moderates of the party ensures middle-of-the road and establishment Democrats will remain divided.

Buttigieg has money, but a thin resume and doubts about his appeal to the more diverse rank-and-file of the Democratic Party. Klobuchar is counting on media coverage of her late surge in New Hampshire to make up for depleted campaign coffers and a virtually non-existent national organisation.

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Who is Bernie Sanders?
Sanders had his first political victory in Burlington, Vermont, where he toppled the reigning six-term Democrat in 1981 for the mayoral seat by a margin of just 10 votes
Despite efforts by establishment Democrats to thwart his early career, Sanders served four terms as mayor before being elected to the US House of Representatives in 1990 – the first independent politician in four decades to do so
He won his current senate seat in 2007 and is currently in his third term
Sanders has an older brother, Larry, who lives in the UK and is currently the health and social care spokesman for the Green Party

How Bernie Sanders always beat the odds

Meanwhile, Sanders has risen in national polls as Biden falters. He boasts a veteran campaign structure that has basically been up and running since 2015, and a donor and volunteer network that spans the nation.

His $25m (£19m) fundraising haul in January alone will ensure he has more than enough resources to compete in every state on the crowded March primary calendar.

He has been officially or unofficially supported by figures from Labour MP Diane Abbott to YouTube star Joe Rogan. On Friday, he picked up another endorsement, from New York mayor and erstwhile 2020 candidate Bill de Blasio.

If Bernie Sanders isn’t the Democratic front-runner at this point, the word has little meaning. He’s far from a lock for the nomination, but his path ahead appears to be the clearest of any of his competitors.

On Tuesday night, Sanders essentially said as much.

“The reason I believe we are going to win is because we have an unprecedented grass-roots movement from coast to coast of millions of people,” he said. “The reason that we are going to win is that we are putting together an unprecedented multi-generational, multi-racial movement.”

History is certainly on Sanders’ side. Putting the Iowa popular-vote result in his column means the Vermont senator joins Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004, both eventual nominees, as the only non-incumbents to win there and New Hampshire. In fact, no candidate has finished outside the top two in New Hampshire and gone on to the nomination.

“I think the people of the United States will unite around his message supporting the true hard working people of this country,” said Tomas Amadeo of Hooksett, New Hampshire, echoing the optimism of many at the New Hampshire Sanders rally.

“He can resonate with people of all ages.”

The current disposition of the Sanders campaign has his supporters hoping for the best, however, a big chunk of the Democratic establishment and moderates in the party are fearing the worst.

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Incoming fire
Last Friday, in the spin room before the Democratic candidate debate in Manchester, senior Sanders campaign adviser Jeff Weaver was clear-eyed about what’s in store for his candidate, as a Democratic establishment that views Sanders as a meddlesome and disruptive outsider prepares to fight back.

“There’s always a target on his back,” he said of Sanders. “They won’t stop until they’re beaten. Well, we’re ready for it.”

In Iowa, Sanders was the subject of negative television advertisements from both the left and the right. The conservative Club for Growth aired a spot that painted the Vermont senator as an extremist – and said that his health was suspect after his heart attack last fall.

A pro-Israel Democratic group ran an advert featuring Iowa voters saying Sanders couldn’t beat Trump.

“It is no secret that our campaign is taking on the political establishment and the big-money interests who are now running negative ads against us in Iowa,” Sanders said in response. “The billionaire class is getting nervous, and they should.”

There’s reason to believe Sanders’ political-jujitsu strategy could be effective.

In 2016, as the Republican establishment finally acknowledged the threat that Donald Trump’s candidacy posed, its scions – including 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney – began to speak out. Their attacks only made Trump stronger, however, as he painted them as the “swamp’s” last-gasp efforts to stop him.

“The establishment has never taken Sanders seriously, and now that they’re having to they’re going to attack him,” said Caleb Gates, a Sanders supporter from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who joined Sanders at a volunteer organisation event the day before the Iowa Caucuses.

“But I think that will only increase his appeal to a lot of people, especially those who are not politically active.”

In New Hampshire, Biden and Buttigieg hit at Sanders directly, both warning he was too extreme to be the party’s nominee and that his ideological views were too rigid.

Buttigieg accused Sanders of “dividing people with the politics that says, ‘If you don’t go all the way to the edge, it doesn’t count’, a politics that says, ‘It’s my way of the highway’.”

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What are his key campaign promises?
“Medicare for All” single-payer health system
Eliminate medical and student loan debt
Free public colleges, universities, trade schools
Green New Deal
Wealth tax
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The wildcard
Time and again, it’s the “electability” criticism that is used as a cudgel against Sanders, a self-described Democratic Socialist.

One recent poll indicated that more than half of Americans would not vote for a “socialist” president. Trump, at his rallies, regularly promises to his cheering support that “American will never be a socialist nation”.

The “conventional” view of a Sanders candidacy can be summed up in in a tweet by Sean Trende, an elections analyst with the website RealClear Politics.

“Bernie Sanders is a complete wildcard,” he wrote. “He could win by 10 points or lose by 20.”

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A blunter take by a Sanders critic was offered by the New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait in a column that particularly irked the Sanders faithful.

“No party nomination, with the possible exception of Barry Goldwater in 1964, has put forth a presidential nominee with the level of downside risk exposure as a Sanders-led ticket would bring,” he wrote. “To nominate Sanders would be insane.”

When the stakes are so high – defeating Trump has been a central focus of Democrats since the day he was elected in 2016 – why, they ask, would the party choose a candidate so far away from the comfortable middle of American politics?

Moderate members of Congress, in particular, have expressed apprehension about sharing a ticket with the independent-minded Vermont senator who only joined the Democratic Party to run for president.

Dean Phillips, a newly elected congressman from Minnesota who has endorsed Klobuchar, told CNN that Sanders could have a “disastrous” effect on congressional races in November, jeopardising the majority Democrats won in the 435-seat chamber in 2018..

“There are probably are probably 25 to 30 seats that absolutely would be impacted directly by having a self-avowed socialist at the top of the ticket,” he said. “He’s not a Democrat, you know, and that’s something that I wish was better understood.”

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Redefining ‘electability’
The Sanders campaign clearly realises that winning the “electability” debate is essential to securing the party’s 2020 nomination. It’s why they hand out “Sanders beats Trump” stickers at their campaign events and chanted the refrain at his New Hampshire victory celebration.

They’re quick to cite head-to-head polling that shows little significant difference between a Sanders-Trump matchup and one between Trump and Biden, the candidate frequently offered as the safe and electable option. A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll had Biden on top 50-44, while Sanders led Trump 49-45 – a statistically insignificant difference.

They also argue that the entire debate about electability is framed incorrectly. American politics, they say, isn’t a battle for the middle, it’s a battle of ideas and a battle for authenticity.

“What we did last time was nominate someone who was down the middle and another Washington person who wasn’t going to change anything,” said Pat Miguel Tomaino of Boston. “There are people hurting in this country who bought a lot of fake change from Donald Trump, and now we’re all suffering for it.”

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Media caption‘We voted for Obama, then Trump’
Tomaino, who volunteered for Sanders in New Hampshire, added that the economic collapse of 2008 destroyed the trust many Americans have in the current economic and political order, and unless the Democratic Party acknowledges this and adjust to the new reality, it’s going to lose to Trump again.

“We have no illusion about elites coming to save us or tinkering around a little bit for a better technocratic way of ordering an elitist system where just 1% benefit,” he said.

“We know that Bernie Sanders doesn’t want any of that. We know he has our back, and we have his.”

To pull this off, however, the Sanders campaign has to successfully identify and turn out voters who have sat out past elections. They’re counting on the younger voters who polls show overwhelmingly back Sanders for the nomination, as well other disaffected Americans who have been marginalised by the system.

In Iowa, at least, the results were not encouraging. Although young voters made up a larger share of caucus participants, the total numbers were down from 2008, when Barack Obama’s first campaign was electrifying many Democrats.

New Hampshire’s numbers were better, but early indications are the higher turnout was in part due to moderate and independent voters showing up to support Klobuchar and Buttigieg.

“I’ve always believed strongly that our case for winning this nomination and also beating Trump is that we can expand the base,” said Faiz Shakir, the Sanders campaign manager.

“We have the most ambitious and difficult path to winning this nomination because it requires by, by its nature, that people will be brought into this process.”

He added that he thought the campaign had laid the groundwork for increased turnout in the states ahead, but there is reason the whole party should be concerned.

“We’ve got much more work to do,” he said.

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Take a closer look at the other candidates
Banner showing some 2020 Democratic presidential candidates

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New states, new troubles
As the focus turns to Nevada, which holds its caucus a week from Saturday, Sanders is facing criticism from a different direction. The state’s powerful culinary union is circulating literature suggesting Sanders’s plan for replacing private health insurance with a government-run programme will abolish their union-negotiated plans.

The union then released a statement saying that Sanders supporters, upon learning of the union’s criticism, had “viciously” attacked the organisation.

Already Sanders’ Democratic opponents, sensing a vulnerability in Nevada, are positioning themselves as defenders of union healthcare plans.

“Let’s be clear: attacks on the union are unacceptable,” Klobuchar wrote in a tweet. “I come from a family of proud union members and I know when unions are strong, America is strong”

Four years ago Nevada was the staging ground for Clinton’s counterattack, as she won over union support in Las Vegas hotels and restaurants – even without an outright endorsement.

If Sanders stumbles in Nevada again, the momentum he gained over the past two weeks could be lost, opening the door for one of the candidates he beat in New Hampshire – or for another, unexpected candidate who looms on the horizon in the weeks ahead.

Short presentational grey line

Enter the billionaire
After Iowa and New Hampshire, the outcome of the race may uncertain, but it has at least followed a somewhat predictable course. The field is narrowing as candidates struggle at the ballot box or run out of money. The hardiest campaigns have moved on to the later battlegrounds.

That may all head out the window soon.

There hasn’t been a presidential candidate quite like Michael Bloomberg.

The New York multi-billionaire is sitting out the first four Democratic nomination contests, and instead using his vast resources to campaign in later states, which award the lion’s share of delegates to the Democratic national convention, where the party’s standard-bearer will ultimately be decided.

The Democratic 2020 race – in five charts
How Bloomberg could shake up 2020 race
The Bloomberg challenge presents one additional, unprecedented hurdle Sanders must clear if he wants to be the party’s nominee – a circumstance not lost on the senator’s team.

“He’s standing there waiting on Super Tuesday to try to block us if some if these other people can’t,” said Weaver of the Sanders campaign. “So, this race has got a long way to go and the ruling class in this country will do whatever it takes to stop Bernie Sanders.”

Sanders’s supporters have been even more blunt.

“It’s not subtle at all what Michael Bloomberg is doing,” says Tomas Armadeo of Hookset, New Hampshire. “It’s very egregious how he’s buying and funding his own way into this election. And I think people are going to see that.”

Not everyone considers Bloomberg’s presence as a threat, however.

“Bloomberg’s a perfect foil for Bernie because Bernie has been railing against the billionaire class for decades,” said Gates of Cedar Rapids. “And the chances of running against an actual billionaire, I think that plays right into his strengths.”

That may be easy to say at this point, but if Bloomberg does become a serious obstacle for Sanders – and if he either denies the Vermont senator a majority of the delegates at the convention or becomes the nominee himself – there could be hell to pay from the Sanders faithful.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has spent millions campaigning

Outside a Sanders canvassing rally in Newton, a tiny town in central Iowa, campaign volunteer Krissy Haglund hands out leaflets and says Bloomberg is a “test for the American people”.

“I think it’s a test to see if they’re willing to believe that money should be out of politics.”

Four years ago Haglund, a physician from Minneapolis, Minnesota, said the American people missed the “gift” that Sanders was offering them. And when presented with the choice between Clinton and Trump, she opted to vote for the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

This time around, she’s not sure she’d be able to support anyone but Sanders.

“I feel as though Bernie is in a class by himself and none of the other candidates are even close,” she said. “And I think if he doesn’t get it, it will be because of politics and not that he hasn’t earned it in the numbers or from the American people.”

And if it’s Bloomberg, she’s definitely looking elsewhere.


Prosecuting Sowore, waste of time – Wole Soyinka tells Buhari

Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, has described the prosecution of Omoyele Sowore as a waste of time and the nation’s resources.

Soyinka, who spoke during an interview session with Plus TV Africa, also slammed Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, saying he had committed a lot of blunders in his administration.

Speaking on the ongoing prosecution of Sowore by the government for calling for a peaceful protest, he lamented that the government was wasting the nation’s resources to prosecute the case.

He also condemned the bail conditions Sowore was admitted to, which includes his confinement to Abuja even though Sowore had no place of residence in that city.

He said, “I don’t understand why this young man is being barricaded in one city that is not his own with very stringent bail conditions and the whole exercise, this is punitive and petulant.

“The case is time-wasting and person-wasting and also wasting the time of lawyers who could be attending to far more serious cases.

“Definitely, time-wasting and wasting of public expenses and attention on serious issues.”

Soyinka, who was at the court to witness the trial last week, berated the prosecuting team for displaying lack of readiness to get done with the matter.

Wole Soyinka | Omoyele Sowore

He added, “The prosecution was obviously not prepared to move on after this long adjournment and to see the fireworks they have in their stock but we didn’t, I can’t understand this nonsense.”

Soyinka described Buhari as one, who wakes up late to happenings in the country.


You will make a great president – Mercy Johnson urges 2baba

Nollywood darling actress, Mercy Johnson has disclosed that she’ll vote music legend Innocent Idibia popularly known as 2face, if he runs for Nigeria president.

She revealed this to Goldmyne TV weeks after her new movie “Legend of Inikpi” had hit the cinema.

Narrating 2baba’s encounter with Prince Okojie, her husband, the talented actress described the singer as one who has a “contagious personality” that rubs off on people with whom he associates.

What’s your view on this???


Open Letter: FFK talked some sense into Buhari. (Must read)

Critic and former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has sent an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari on the state of the nation.

Read the letter below:

Mr. President, many believe that you cannot read and those that believe that you can claim that you cannot go beyond three lines and that outside of that you can only comprehend cartoons.

I do not share either view. I know you well enough to concede that when you consider a literary submission of sufficient importance you have the presence of mind, discipline, health, intelligence and ability to read through it very slowly and very carefully weighing up every word. And that is precisely as it should be.

The first open letter that I wrote to you was in December 2015 and the following serves as the second.

You will forgive me because this is a long letter and I am fully aware that your attention span or ability to retain too much information in one fell swoop may not be as good as it used to be.

Nevertheless I urge you to do your best to muster the courage, energy and intellectual stamina to stay the course and to find the time out of your busy schedule to read it from beginning to end.

I have written it because our nation is entering into dangerous and precarious waters and I sense that something will give very soon. I am therefore constrained to use this medium to bring my observations to your attention.

Be rest assured that I speak out of nothing but love and concern for the welfare of the Nigerian people and it is not my intention to insult you or undermine and disrespect your office but rather to shine the light of truth on all your activities with a view to assisting and encouraging you to change your ways.

You will agree with me that, no matter how bitter it may be, that truth must be told. This is a sacred obligation on our part as leaders and a matter of duty and honor.

I owe you, the Nigerian people and posterity that much and I have little doubt that no matter how badly you may feel after reading it, history will vindicate me and prove me right and one day you will acknowledge and recognise the profundity, wisdom and foresight in my constant and consistent criticisms, admonitions and counsel.

Outside of that it is my earnest prayer that the God of Heaven, whose I am and whom I serve, will judge between you and I.

Your Excellency, kindly note and consider the following.

You released hundreds of Boko Haram fighters from prison claiming that they are reformed and a few days later 30 of your citizens are blown up by the same Boko Haram in Borno state.

Worse still on that same day 16 members of the same family and four others were herded into a room and burnt alive by Fulani militants in Kaduna state.

After these terrible events instead of rushing back home to stand with your people, you stayed in Addis Ababa, lamenting and crying about the security situation in Libya and you sent your Vice to a funeral in Nairobi. Such insensitivity, even by your own standards, is rarely seen.

It took you three long days to finally see fit to leave your foreign friends, leave Addis Ababa and fly directly to Maiduguri to express your condolences to the Governor and people of Borno.

Even then you could not muster the courage to go to the town of Auno where the bombing took place but only to Maiduguri, the capital of the state.

Understandably you were received with boos, jeers and shouts of “ba ma so” (meaning “we don’t want”) by the crowds that lined the streets and this was an eloquent testimony to the fact that the entire nation, including the north that you claim to represent and be a champion of, is fed up with you and can no longer bear your incompetence and inability to run the affairs of our nation.

Worst still hours after your condolence visit Boko Haram attacked Maiduguri itself hitting one of its suburbs called Jidari Polo.

Their leader, a cowardly creature that can best be described as a psychopathic, delusional, sociopathic, mentally-deranged, murderous, bloodthirsty, blood-lusting and unconciable monster by the name of Abubakar Shekau, even had the nerve to send you a public warning in a recorded message that was released to the public after you left in which he arrogantly and boastfully declared that you must never come back to Borno again or you would be attacked and that you “should fear and serve God and not cows”. He added the following:

“Buhari thinks he is a general but God says he is nothing. He hasn’t achieved anything in the sight of God. Buhari is deceiving the people and playing to the gallery”.

Mr. President, he has sent his message to you and to Nigeria and we have heard him loud and clear.

Yet most disturbing was not his sheer effrontery but the fact that the only thing that you had to offer the leaders and people of Borno state when you got there was a lame and self-debasing question which was “I wonder how Boko Haram still survives?”

You went further by blaming them for “not taking care of local security” forgetting that that is meant to be your job and not theirs.

In your so-called condolence visit you refused to take responsibility for your own inaction and failure and instead you sought to pass the buck to the very victims of terror that you claim to have come to mourn!

You refused to inspire and encourage them and instead you accused them of, at best, irresponsible behaviour and, at worst, collusion with the enemy.

This is not just a case of rubbing salt in their wounds but it is more like blowing them up and killing them all over again. Worse still as you spoke your Minister of Defence, who sat just a few feet away from you, fell fast asleep!

Mr. President I really do wonder whether you have any feeling or any compassion at all? Has the milk of human kindness stopped flowing through your veins?

Do you know that young students, women, infants and babies were amongst those that were blown up in the Auno atrocity?

Yes, you issued a statement immediately but you didn’t show up till three days later and your Vice, who was in the country the day it happened, never showed up at all and instead jetted out to President Arap Moi’s burial in Nairobi!

Kindly tell me what the Nigerian people have done to deserve this level of contempt? Or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Forgive me Mr. President but I am constrained to ask, why do you love terrorism, bloodshed and violence so much? Why do you find it so easy to forgive terrorists that are slaughtering your own people? Are you feeding your spiritual foundation and getting your power from the spilling of innocent blood?

Meanwhile your own Chief of Army Staff has told us today that:

“We have defeated insurgency but we are facing the challenge of terrorism. There is no-where you will not find Boko Haram, even in Lagos here, there are Boko Haram. In Kaduna there are Boko Haram. There are more across the North East. Many have been arrested here in Lagos. We have been tracking them. We arrest them and taken them into custody”.

I commend the Chief of Army Staff for his admission of failure but what he didn’t add was that after taking them “into custody” you ordered him to release them and even draft some of them into the Nigerian Army on the spurious grounds that they have repented and that they have been reformed.

Again the truth is that neither you or him ever “defeated insurgency” or anything else. Instead you encouraged and supported it! Both of you have failed the Nigerian people just as I predicted that you would and if you had any decency or honour you would BOTH resign.

Aside that it takes a very mean, callous, wicked and cruel President and Commander-in-Chief to release 1,400 terrorists who have murdered, butchered, slaughtered, tortured and maimed his soldiers and terrorised his people over the last 5 years.

Mr. President I am constrained to tell you that some believe that you are a sadist! They believe that your heart is as hard as stone and your soul is as black as night.

Relevant and instructive are the words of Mr. Charles Ogbu, a brilliant writer and essayist who has consistently proved that he is not only insightful but also deeply profound. Three days after the Auno bombing he wrote the following:

“Those who are asking for the sack of the Service Chiefs as a solution to the upsurge in Boko Haram terrorism are missing the point.

Nigeria is not currently being overrun by terrorists because we have a set of incompetent service Chiefs or soldiers who cannot fight the terrorists. Not at all. The only reason the Boko Haram terrorists are having a field day is because we have a President and a Commander in Chief who shares the same ideology as the terrorists and as a result prefers pandering to them as opposed to fighting them”.

He went further by writing,

“In fact a betting man would bet that the only difference between the Boko Haram terrorists killing, maiming and beheading Nigerians in the Northeast and our President and Commander-In-Chief is in their name and location. One is named “Boko Haram” and operates from the bush while the other one is named “Muhammadu Buhari” and operates from Aso Rock. If we were to remove the cloak of fear of detention by state oppressive forces, we would all admit they are both pursuing the same goal and doing a very good job of it. You that is reading this, you know this is exactly what is happening even if you may not want to publicly say it for whatever reason”.

He concluded by asking,

“Who ‘rehabilitates’ and releases captured terrorists back into the wild at a time the terrorists are still visiting death and destruction on his country? Even America with her sophisticated military doesn’t release arrested terrorists in the heat of the war because the chances of these terrorists going back into the wild to continue killing are very high”.

Mr. President, forgive me for saying so but the verdict is out and Mr. Ogbu has made a valid point. This calls for much soul-searching on your part.

I urge you to bear in mind that trading in the blood of your own people and indulging in all manner of barbarity, suppression of dissent, persecution of your perceived enemies and evil comes with a heavy price.

Every Pharaoh, Sennacherib, Herod, Jezebel and Nebuchadnezzar has a bad end.

Every tyrant, no matter how powerful and highly-placed, will eventually account to God and the people for his brutality and wickedness. Yours will be no different.

Anyone that doubts that should consider the plight of the Sudan’s former President, General Al Bashir. As the great black American Nation of Islam leader and one of my favourite heroes, Malcom X, once said “the chickens have finally come home to roost”. This has always been the case and it will always be the case. It is only a matter of time.

Over the last 5 years hundreds of thousands have died under your watch and virtually all have been killed by those from your core northern region. You turned a blind eye to it and even encouraged it.

Today belongs to you but let me assure you that tomorrow belongs to those of us that you have killed, persecuted, oppressed and treated with disdain and contempt.

On the 11th of February, at the burial ceremony of the 18 year old Christian martyr Nnandi Michael (the Seminarian that was abducted and later murdered by Fulani herdsmen) the respected Catholic cleric Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, a man of immense moral authority and intellectual vigour, courageously admonished you before the entire world, spoke the bitter truth and reflected the thoughts of millions from all over the country. Amongst many other things he said the following:

“This President has displayed the greatest degree of insensitivity in managing our country’s rich diversity.
He has subordinated the larger interests of the country to the hegemonic interests of his co-religionists and clansmen and women. The impression created now is that, to hold a key and strategic position in Nigeria today, it is more important to be a northern Muslim than a Nigerian.”

He did not stop there but went on to say,

“We are being told that this situation has nothing to do with Religion. Really? It is what happens when politicians use religion to extend the frontiers of their ambition and power. Are we to believe that simply because Boko Haram kills Muslims too, they wear no religious garb? Are we to deny the evidence before us, of kidnappers separating Muslims from infidels or compelling Christians to convert or die? If your son steals from me, do you solve the problem by saying he also steals from you?”

He then said,

“The Fulani, his (President Muhammadu Buhari) innocent kinsmen, have become the subject of opprobrium, ridicule, defamation, calumny and obloquy. His north has become one large grave yard, a valley of dry bones, the nastiest and the most brutish part of our dear country”.

He added,

“Today, our years of hypocrisy, duplicity, fabricated integrity, false piety, empty morality, fraud and Pharisaism have caught up with us. Nigeria is on the crossroads and its future hangs precariously in a balance. This is a wake-up call for us. As St. Paul reminds us; The night is far spent, and the day is at hand. Therefore, let us cast away the works of darkness and put on the armour of light. It is time to confront and dispel the clouds of evil that hover over us.”

He concludes by saying,

“On our part, I believe that this is a defining moment for Christians and Christianity in Nigeria. We Christians must be honest enough to accept that we have taken so much for granted and made so much sacrifice in the name of nation building. We accepted President Buhari when he came with General Idiagbon, two Muslims and two northerners. We accepted Abiola and Kingibe, thinking that we had crossed the path of religion, but we were grossly mistaken. When Jonathan became President, and Senator David Mark remained Senate President while Patricia Ette was chosen by the South West became a Speaker. The Muslim members revolted and forced her resignation with lies and forgery. The same House would shamelessly say that they had no records of her indictment. Today, we are living with a Senate whose entire leadership is in the hands of Muslims. Christians have continued to support them. For how long shall we continue on this road with different ambitions? Christians must rise up and defend their faith with all the moral weapons they have”.

I assure you that these were not the words of Bishop Kukah alone but rather the Holy Spirit speaking through him. He spoke the mind and the oracles of the Living God and you would do well to humble yourself, take heed and appreciate the Lord’s admonition and counsel.

Let us hope that you disregard the advice of the hardliners around you, learn from these words and change your dastardly ways though I doubt that you will.

Whatever the case and whatever you choose to do or not to do, know this: the die is cast, Caesar has crossed the Rubicorn, the horse has bolted from the stable, the cat is out of the bag, our eyes have been opened, we have lost all sense of fear and Nigeria can NEVER be the same again.

Mr. President, here ends my counsel to you but permit me to conclude this contribution with a closer look at the north that you love so much and that you seek to empower and enthrone forever.

According to the World Bank “87% of poor people in Nigeria are in the North”.

One wonders what 58 years of northern oppression, tyranny, aggression, manipulation and hegemony over Nigeria has actually done for the northern masses.

Since Independence mass poverty, terrorism, religious bigotry, ethnic hegemony, Islamic fundamentalism, arrogance, born to rule syndrome, the worship of cows, ignorance, disease, hate, racism, feudalism, pedophilia, child marriage, VVF, gender inequality, male chauvinism, the persecution of Christians, the suppression of women, corruption, deceit, greed, ingratitude, a sense of entitlement, tyranny, insensitivity, bloodshed, genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass murder and gratuitous violence have all been deeply embedded in and associated with the core north.

Worse still, according to UNICEF, if Nigeria were to ever break up the core north would be the poorest spot on planet Earth.

I guess this is why northerners keep screaming “one Nigeria” and threatening the lives and liberty of those that do not share their view. Without Nigeria they would be groping in the dark, wobbling on their feet and literally starve to death.

All this yet they insist that they were “born to rule” and that southerners and Middle Belters were “born to serve” them and be their slaves!

Professor Yusuf Dankofa of the Faculty of Law at Ahmadu Bello University who happens to be a northerner himself put it in very clear terms and spoke the bitter truth when he wrote the following:

“I think the north is only interested in power and nothing more.The sweetness of power and the allure it brings is what appeals to them and not work. If not, how can a region be so decimated by its own internal contradictions and trudge on as if the region is not regressing. In the face of calamity, what you see is eerie silence, since power is with their elites who are thoroughly dependent on public treasury to survive. The poor too draws happiness from the fact that power is in the hands of their elites even if they will die of poverty and insurgency. We are happy that power is with us even though we don’t know what to do with it. This mindset will definitely lead others to seek to move out of the union. You can’t slow down your own progress and those of others and expect them to clap for you.”

Dankofa is absolutely right! What a people! What a country!

Yet I do not blame the core northeners: I blame southern and Middle Belt politicians and leaders who have refused to unite and who have failed to resist them and stand up to them over the last 58 years.

The history of our nation records that there were a few great men of remarkable courage, extraordinary fortitude and immense valour that not only did their best but were also gallant, fearless, selfless and outstanding in their quest to deliver our people.

Some of them were martyred and others were jailed whilst all suffered an unprecedented and unbearable level of humiliation and persecution. Yet despite it all they continued the struggle.

They identified and understood the problem and fought hard in their respective ways to fix it and deliver our people from northern hegemony, domination and bondage but sadly they all failed.

The new generation of southern and Middle Belt leaders must NOT fail because this is the final lap. For our generation failure is NOT an option.

We have no choice but to use all lawful and non-violent means to break the yoke of subjugation, servitude, slavery and bondage and to succeed in our quest for total liberation. If we fail to do so future generations of our people shall NEVER be free again.

We need the prayers of the saints and the fastings and supplications of the intercessors, the Prophets, the men and women of God and the Body of Christ!

We need the Holy Spirit of the Living God: the El Shaddai, the Elohim and the Adonai.

We need the Man of War, the Comforter, the Lord of Hosts and the Ancient of Days!

We need a great deliverer: a Moses, a Joshua, a Caleb, a David, a Cyrus, a Samson, a Gideon, a Jeptha, an Esther and a Jehu all rolled into one.

We need men and women of courage to pick up the gauntlet, take up the challenge and lead us in this great and cataclysmic battle and this monumental struggle.

We need to close ranks, build bridges amongst ourselves and forget past hurts, past disputes and past disagreements and agree to be totally and completely united.

Finally we need to look within ourselves and firmly resolve that it would be better to live a short life and die as free men than live a long one and live as slaves.

FFK and Buhari

We fight not for ourselves but for future generations of our family, our lineage, our loved ones and our compatriots.

God forbid that they should have to live through the hell that we had to suffer called Nigeria: a land where the accursed rule over the blessed and where slaves ride on horseback whilst Princes and Kings walk around in bare feet.


PDP’s Plan to destroy Buhari’s government exposed – Presidency

The presidency has exposed grand plans by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to tarnish and rubbish the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The presidency said as part of this overall scheme, the PDP, with its belligerent politics, had been marching from one embassy to the other in protest against the Buhari’s administration and the nation’s highest court of justice, the Supreme Court.

Garba Shehu, presidential spokesman, said “They are keen to give the impression that Nigerians are in support of them as they take to the streets, and they will go to any length to promote this false narrative.

“The recent incident in Maiduguri, Borno State, where an overwhelmingly cheering crowd gathered to welcome President Buhari, while a handful were recorded booing him, is a part this elaborate scheme. It is misleading, as some analysts have tried to do, to read this as verdict against President Buhari, who emerged winner with 94 per cent of the votes cast in the Presidential election in the state in February last year.

“This was clearly a hired few, but the news was promoted by the opposition who had of course positioned themselves to record the booing – all just to embarrass the President.”

Shehu also cautioned a section of the political class against misleading the public and inciting protests against the heads of military institutions.

He said this had become necessary in view of received reports that about two thousand men and women had been hired to demonstrate against Nigeria’s service chiefs on Monday.

“This imminent gathering is the latest in a series of demonstrations orchestrated by the opposition to embarrass the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“We urge the media to remain unbiased and discerning in their reporting, instead of becoming unwitting tools in the hands of the opposition.

“A group of politicians and beneficiaries of the Boko Haram insurgency is right now paying for people to join their planned protest against our country’s service chiefs, and they will no doubt seek the media’s collaboration on this as usual.

“But there is news and there is promoted content – two very different things, one of which should never make the headlines as these recent fake protests have done,” he said.


Just in: Nigerians can heal Nigeria – Osinbajo

The Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo (SAN), has noted that Nigeria is blessed with all the human resources needed to solve most of her problems.

The Vice President who stated this when he received a delegation from the West African College of Surgeons (WACS), in his office in the Presidential Villa, said the fact that Nigerians, home and abroad, have been identified with impressive performances and achievements.According to a statement issued by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Laolu Akande, the Vice President, speaking after listening to a brief on the achievements of the WACS, the VP said “I am glad to hear the good things that have been done by the college through the years.

“I believe that a lot of our problems, some of the aids that we need, can be provided by ourselves. We have the resources including human capacity to do it.” He thanked the delegation for the visit, assuring the College of the Federal Government’s continued support.The delegation led by Prof. Ibrahim Yakasai, mni, was at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa to brief the Vice President about the activities of the College including its planned 60th Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference scheduled for Abuja. Yakasai is the Local Organising Committee chairman.

Earlier in his remarks, the immediate past President of the College, Prof. King-David Yawe highlighted some of the achievements of WACS especially with regards to free medical outreaches to several Nigerian communities.He said while working with the Presidential Committee on North East (PCNE), the College has conducted 9, 000 surgeries on 49,000 patients in the Northeast with the insurgency in the region, adding that the body was currently conducting free medical outreaches in 14 hospitals across the FCT, some North Central States and Maiduguri.

Prof. Yawe added that as part of the 2020 pre-conference events, the College is currently conducting free surgeries in the FCT, Borno and other States, noting that 700 such surgical operations have so far been conducted in the past one week with a target of reaching 1000 before the commencement of the conference.He also said that the outreaches which started 14 years ago include eye surgeries, orthopedic, paediatric & plastic surgeries, brain tumor amongst many others complicated health challenges that otherwise cost patients several millions of Naira, and for which many travel out of the country to treat.

Continuing on the activities of the surgeons, Prof. Yawe said the College has accredited training centres in Gombe, Borno and Yobe States.He commended the Buhari administration’s support to the association in partly funding some of its activities and meeting its responsibilities especially in solving its 20-year-old problem regarding a request for land in the FCT.

The Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo (SAN)

Prof. Yawe informed the VP that the land has been allocated to the College for the establishment of a Skills and Simulation Centre to train surgeons in West Africa in hi-tech surgeries.The leader of the delegation, Prof. Yakasai also informed the VP that the College works in partnership with the ECOWAS and has surgeons from 18 countries with over 7000 fellows across West Africa. The College conducts training, postgraduate education and research activitiesWhile Yawe is the immediate past President of the College, Yakasai told the VP the current President is from Senegal. (Prof Serigne Magueye Gueye.)The WACS was formed by a group of young Nigerian surgeons 60 years ago predated the Economic Community of West African States.


Insecurities: Boko Haram is in Lagos – Buratai

Top Boko Haram members and foot-soldiers have been arrested in Lagos, says army chief Buratai.

Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Buratai, says no part of the country is immune from the terrorist Boko Haram sect, including Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital and most populous city.

Lagos state government officials recently told Pulse during an exclusive chat that members of the deadly Boko Haram sect were arrested in the city last December; and that the fear of terrorists invading Lagos partly informed the decision to ban commercial motorcyclists (Okada) from the city center.

In an interview in Lagos this week, army chief Buratai said that members of the sect have been picked up in Lagos in the past.

“There is nowhere you will not find Boko Haram – even in Lagos here, there are Boko Haram (members). In Kaduna, there is Boko Haram. There are more across the North-east. Many have been arrested here in Lagos. We have been tracking them. We arrest them and take them into custody,” Buratai said.

‘Insurgency has been defeated, terrorism hasn’t’

The military and presidency continue to receive plenty of flak for insisting that the Boko Haram insurgents have been “technically defeated,” despite sporadic attacks and killings by the terrorists every other week–especially in Nigeria’s restive northeast region and epicenter of the insurgency.

Buratai said it is important to distinguish insurgency from terrorism.

“We have defeated insurgency, but now facing the challenge of terrorism,” he said.

“We must differentiate between insurgency and terrorism. I have tried to tell them at the national assembly. Someone said three local governments are under Boko Haram. How? These guys are not controlling any territory. They attempted to establish their territory, caliphate in Gwoza but they have not been able to because they were flushed out. That is insurgency. They are not holding any territory.

“Typically, that is the end of insurgency. But what of terrorism? Terrorism will outlive you and me and probably everybody in this house because terrorism, since it started, just like armed robbery, like kidnapping, burglary, cultism, it would continue.

“These are all smaller parts of terrorism. It is when it goes higher that you have arsonists, like it happened in Borno yesterday, murder and so on deliberately, no cause.

“What is happening now is just criminality. Since last year, we have not given them any respite. They are now blocked. They no longer have access to foods; their movements are constrained; they no longer get the fuel they need easily because we have strangulated them.

“They are now in a depressed state; so, they go out with vengeance to attack commuters, to abduct individuals and targeting certain religious persons just for their propaganda. This also is one of Boko Haram’s strategies – propaganda,” Buratai added.

Suspected Boko Haram terrorists killed 30 travelers on a busy highway in the northeast this week.

The insurgents are still capable of mounting soft target attacks that have led to the deaths of some 50,000 people and displaced millions since 2009.


Bayelsa election: Arrest Oshiomhole – Lawyer tells Buhari

A legal practitioner, Mr Tope Akinyode, has called on the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately arrest and charge National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole, for treasonable felony over his utterances after Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling nullifying the election of David Lyon as new governor of Bayelsa State.

Oshiomhole, a former governor of Edo State, had after the apex court’s verdict said that nobody would be sworn in as governor of Bayelsa as a result of the development, which he stated was unacceptable to them.

According to Akinyode, who is the National President of Revolutionary Lawyer’s Forum, such utterances could cause chaos and further heat up the already tensed polity.

He said, “Our attention has been drawn to the unpatriotic and extremely pathetic statement of the APC declaring that from Friday, there will be no government in Bayelsa.

“Oshiomhole overran himself to utter the mischievous statement while reacting to the Supreme Court judgment which declared the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Diri Douye, winner of the election against David Lyon of the All Progressives Congress.

“Although, we are a bit taken aback by Oshiomhole’s obvious lopsided reasoning, which embraces the Supreme Court over Hope Uzodinma’s declaration as winner of the Imo governorship election despite public outrage and now disparages the judgment of the same court in the Bayelsa election.

“Notwithstanding the foregoing, we hereby demand that the Federal Government urgently arrest, charge and prosecute Oshiomhole in court for treasonable felony and conspiracy with the APC to overthrow the government.

“This is particularly desirable because it is on similar but frivolous grounds that Omoyele Sowore, convener of #RevolutionNow, was arrested and is now being prosecuted before the Federal High Court in Abuja.

“For moral justification, display of impartiality and commitment to equity, it is important that the Federal Government prosecute Oshiomhole as it is doing to Sowore, so that the courtesies of the SSS and the pleasure of its facility will also be enjoyed by Oshiomhole.”


Presidency reacts to Victor Olaiya’s death

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday mourned the death of popular high-life music maestro, Victor Olaiya.
Buhari, in a statement, issued by Femi Adesina, his spokesman, condoled with the family, friends and all lovers of vintage high-life music as played by Olaiya, who passed on at 89.

The President noted that the high-life maestro, known for his mastery of the trumpet, brought joy and delight to people across generations, with his songs which were both entertaining and didactic.

According to Buhari,

“His place in history is guaranteed. He sang, not just for the entertainment value, but also taught critical lessons on life, good neighbourliness, and national cohesion. He will be sorely missed.”

He urges the younger generations of musicians to learn a lesson from Olaiya, so that their songs could also remain evergreen, and outlive them.

Noting that the departed musician’s works transcended Nigeria, the West Coast, and, indeed, the African continent, the President prayed God to rest Olaiya’s soul, and comfort all those who mourned him.


Boko Haram: Shekau warns Buhari not to visit borno again

gives updates about abducted chibok girls

Abubakar Shekau, the factional leader of Boko Haram sect, has given a condition under which the remaining Chibok school girls that are being held in captivity, would be released.

In a video released, Shekau said the schoolgirls would be set free if the federal government let go of the sect members currently in detention.

In the video, Shekau warned President Buhari not to return to Borno as his members are fully on ground in the north-east and would attack the president if he ever returns to Borno.

President Buhari was in Borno state on Wednesday February 12th on a condolence visit to the government and people of the state following last Sunday’s attack by the sect members in Aonu community that left over 30 travelers dead while many others were abducted.

Recall that the sects abducted about 276 female students from Chibok girls Secondary School. Over 100 of them are still in Boko Haram captivity while others have been released by the sect.


Buhari visits Maiduguri after insurgence attack

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari has arrived Maiduguri, Borno State on a solidarity visit after Boko Haram terrorists killed 30 people few days ago.

Bashir Ahmad, Personal Assistant on New Media to the President, on his twitter, said the visit was sympathise with the government and people of Borno State.

Buhari arrived Nigeria today after spending five days in Ethiopia, where he paid a state visit and also attended the 33rd Ordinary summit of African Union in Addis Ababa.

While in Ethiopia, he condemned the Boko Haram killings in Auno and promised to free the fresh dozens of abducted women and children.