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Photos of 3 porn actresses that quit for religious mission


Many people believe, acting Blue Film is not a way of God, well, that might be true.

But most of them Joined the movie, not because they love the work, but they lost their hope of surviving.

It will be unfair to blame them, because most of them has an heartbreaking past.

But Glory be to the Merciful one, God accept whosoever that is ready for him, in these article I’m going to show you some Blue Film star that encounter Christ.

Most of them has over 50 blue film, but God still show them Mercy, as they accept Jesus and became a Christian even some became an Evangelist.

These are 3 top Blue Film Stars that quite Blue Film and Became a Christian:

  1. Britney Ruiz

Britney Ruiz popularly known as Jenna Presley, used Seven years in Blue Film industry, and acted a least three times a day, try and do the Calculations, the amount is heartbreaking.

Britney Ruiz

After some years Ruiz feel Depressed and started doing drug, before she met an Anti-p0rn and XXXChurch.

This church help the people doing Blue film to Change and Convert to God, the Church tried to Convince Ruiz and she actually accepted Christ.

She said “The devil wanted me back, but God kept tugging at me,” Brittni says. “The devil had a plot, but God has a plan.”

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When she was asked about her life in Blue films ‘I never found love in my life and was looking for it in all the wrong place….I have finally encountered the unconditional love of God, And I will never go back”

  1. Crissy Moran

Crissy Moran quit the BlueFilm industry to become Christian Preacher. She started her film in 1991, she has over 50 Blue Films.

Crissy Moran

Moran is an American, she later became a devout Christian and quit working in the industry after arrested by the Holy spirit.

  1. Teresa Carey:

Teresa Carey started Blue Film when she was just 17 years old.

Teresa Carey

She contested in a Beauty pageant in America, because of her Beauty she won.

After some years, she started doing Blue film, after someone introduced her to it.

But thanks to the Loving God, who found her life, after encountered with Christ, she quit the Movie.

Teresa Carey

Carey now shared her Testimony with School and teaching the words of God.

Today Carey is now a successful Christian author and has released two books, ‘God’s Plan for My Life – What is it?’ and a book of hymns called ‘Rhapsody! In The Name Of Jesus!

God is a merciful God he said “”Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.


Police seek to arrest pornstar after filming sex scene on bus without face mask


A porn star is wanted by police after she filmed a sex scene on a bus without wearing a face mask

The actress, named in reports as Kaori Dominick, filmed the scene in Cali, Colombia.

The video was then uploaded to Pornhub before it was later deleted, after breaking Valle del Cauca regulations that require a mask to be worn at all times on public transport.

In pictures shared online, the woman is seen wearing gloves and a facemask when she is approached by a man as she is buying a ticket for the bus.


The pair agree for her to use a “Lovense” vibrator which is controlled by an application on the man’s phone and he records her while she uses it on the bus.

At some point while using the vibrator, she removed her face mask, and this meant she broke the country’s health rules.

The woman then reportedly gave the man her underwear as a memory as the video ends.

The video is said to have been widely popular before it was taken down and the authorities are now working to confirm the identity of the man and woman in the clip.


The pair could face fines for breaking safety measures ordered during Colombia’s coronavirus lockdown, according to reports.

Oscar Ortiz, the President of Metrocali, the company in charge of buses in the city, said: “The porn video on the bus will be sent to the authorities in order to identify the actors.”

The company added in a statement that the video showed a lack of respect for other bus users.

The police investigation is ongoing and no fines or sanctions have been reported.