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Pastor Chris slam Pastors in support of Churches lockdown. [Nigeria]


Founder of Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has attacked pastors who supported the closure of Churches during the lockdown period caused by coronavirus.

In the video below, Oyakhilome stated that the pastors should have first asked the government to permit them to pray for coronavirus patient before accepting the closure of Churches.

“In different cities, countries, states, before the government went ahead with the lockdown, they held meetings with pastors, leaders of churches. Why did the pastors and leaders not say give us a few days to go and pray? Because they were not prayerful before.


“As a Minister of God, you were called for such a meeting and you couldn’t say give us a few days to call other Ministers and say this is what we just heard from the government authorities and we need to pray. We have asked them to give us three days. Then you would have seen the hand of God,” he said.

He added that the pastors who accepted the closure of Churches and even warned members to stay away don’t really know Jesus as their Lord.


“They were not thinking about the father’s house when they made the decision. Do you know what it is for you to shut down the congregations of the lord? It never meant anything to you, that is why.

“Even the pastors and Ministers are warning others not to enter the church because of coronavirus. This is because Christ has never truly being your lord and you have been the master of your life. You have never truely known him,” Oyakhilome added.



Drama as Nigerian Pastor, Ministers Scale Fence in Abuja to Escape Arrest.


A pastor in charge of Shekinah Glory Church, Jabi, Abuja, alongside church ministers on Sunday took to their heels and scaled the fence of the church to evade arrest by the FCT Enforcement Team.

Chairman of the team, Mr Ikharo Attah, said he had immediately mobilised his team to the area following an intelligence report that the church was in full session, a clear contravention of the ban on religious gatherings in the territory.

He said the pastor and deacons on sighting the team, jumped the fence and disappeared.


Attah said luck ran out of some of the church members, especially the women, who could not scale the fence as they were arrested and arraigned before the court.

He said the team has commenced manhunt for the fleeing cleric and the deacons, adding that they must be made to face the law for disobeying government’s directives and endangering the lives of his members.



COVID-19: Lockdown is evil, it can lead to suicide – T.B Joshua confess


Prophet T.B Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, has described the lockdown order as an evil spirit, adding the government doesn’t know this.

The cleric said what the government is trying to protect people from (COVID-19) is not as dangerous as they are portraying it.

T. B Joshua warned that lockdown is an evil spirit that could lead to laziness, depression and suicide.

He said the government has succeeded in putting the spirit of fear, addiction and the spirit of violence in the people.


“Our government doesn’t know that lockdown is a spirit, an evil spirit – spirit of laziness, spirit of depression, spirit of suicide,” he said during a live Sunday worship.

“Those who once surrounded themselves with people find themselves surrounded only by four empty walls. This can cause depression and suicidal thoughts.

“Those who never stayed on a spot are now confined to one spot. Our government doesn’t know this. They think they are protecting us from the spirit of COVID19 but what is COVID19 in comparison to the repercussion?


“Our government, our leaders, our presidents, you are doing good for the world but what you are trying to protect us from is not as dangerous as what you are putting us into.

“That spirit that has entered your life – spirit of fear, spirit of addiction, spirit of violence – be cast out! Be cast out! In the name of Jesus! “



COVID-19: Tide has turned in Spirit realm – Adeboye.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the world, Pastor Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, has said that the tide has already turned in the spirit realm.

In a sermon delivered, the clergyman also revealed that the journey to normalcy has started.

Pastor Adeboye stated this whe Nigeria prepares to ease the lockdown period from May 4 after four weeks.

He said, “I can assure you that the tide has turned in the spirit realm and the journey to normalcy has started.

“In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, all will be well”.


Meanwhile, Nigeria has expressed interest in the clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines.

This was disclosed by Fiona Braka the head of WHO in Nigeria while speaking at the daily press briefing organized by the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 in Abuja.



Nigerians blast Pastor TB Joshua for praying against COVID-19 at mountain top.


Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, can be seen in the video below praying against coronavirus at the top of a mountain.


The video which he shared on his official Facebook page has led to criticism from some Nigerians who questioned why he had to go with cameramen who filmed him while he prayed.

Below are some reactions from Nigerians concerning the display by TB Joshua.

@omotuyoleoye said “I really admire this man, it’s not easy to deceive so many people and profit of it without any legal retribution.”


@mr_chukwuebuka said “And he have to go with cameramen🤦‍♂️ I wonder why ELIJAH of the idling days no Dey move with cameramen or even JESUS CHRIST himself”

@sansabankz said “Why use camera to show everything… what kind of eye-service is this…… are I reading ur bible well sir”


Video link: TB Joshua on mountain top



Evangelical Pastor behind 5G link with COVID-19 pandemic exposed.

An evangelical pastor in the United Kingdom, Jonathon James, has been identified as the voice behind the viral recording linking 5G to the spread of COVID-19, NobleReporters gathered

James, who claimed to be a former Vodafone executive, preaches regularly at churches in Luton, Bedfordshire.

In a 38-minute recording, circulated to millions of people across the world since last month, the pastor made unverified claims that COVID-19 is a plot to hide the installation of 5G mobile network.

Not only that, he said it was meant to monitor the world through computer chips inserted into the human body as vaccines.

“It has nothing to do with biological warfare but is our bodies reacting to radiofrequency radiation,” James said in the recording.

“They are using coronavirus to try to hide the fact that people are dying from the 5G frequency. The coronavirus is not what’s killing people, it is clearly, categorically, unequivocally proven that the radio frequencies we are being exposed to are killing the people.

“God has blessed me with the ability to bring disparate pieces of information together that puts the puzzle together and makes sense of it,” he had said.

Nigerian, Pastor, Chris Oyakhilome of the Believers Love World, aka Christ Embassy, had also backed the claim.

Oyakhilome had linked the Coronavirus pandemic and 5G network to antichrist, saying that the pandemic was created in order to popularize the 5G network which is gradually gaining attention across the world.

The cleric said that what is making a lot of people sick at the moment is the 5G.

As a result of these messages, telecommunication masts in the UK and some countries were vandalised.

The newspaper reports that James worked for Vodafone in the sales unit for less than a year in 2014 when the company didn’t have 5G as top priority.

When he was contacted, the pastor said he was absolutely shocked that the private message he sent to a dedicated small community went viral.

“Had I known my voice note would have gone to a wider audience I certainly would have contextualised my thoughts, been more specific on what I was sharing citing references, and far less explicit.

“I was simply trying to summarise what the ‘perceived truth’ was behind this bizarre pandemic in the interest of serving my community,” James said.

Although the recordings were deleted on YouTube, they are still being circulated on other instant messaging platforms.


[Nigeria] I slept at T.B Joshua Church’s Altar for weeks yet, no miracles – Daniel Amokachi.

Former Super Eagles forward, Daniel Amokachi, has revealed that he slept at the altar of Prophet T.B Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations for weeks in search of a miracle but that never came to pass.

Amokachi had flown back to the Lagos-based Synagogue Church of All Nations, while attempting to relaunch his career after suffering a protracted knee injury he sustained ahead of the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

Amokachi said on Friday that he was not healed even though he saw miracles at Synagogue. NobleReporters sort

His words ;

“I was at the church on invitation of a friend who is a member. My friend, at that time, told me about the man of God and that I could meet my miracle if I met with the Pastor.

“At first, I wasn’t giving to it, but I later agreed and flew down to Nigeria from England to see the Pastor.

“I slept by the church’s altar for several weeks to receive healing. I was not healed, but I saw lots of miracles that happened to people.”


[Nigeria] Let Churches Re-open and watch COVID-19 end in one month – Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

Pastor Lazarus Muoka of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Church, has said that coronavirus will end in one month nite if churches are reopened.

In a sermon delivered, Muoka stated that the virus which is currently ravaging the world was caused by God.

According to him, people have been carried away with homosexuality, murders and all kinds of corruption.

For the virus to stop, the Clergyman advised people to return to God and stop seeking for solution elsewhere.

Muoka also criticized the closure of churches which he says are where the solution to the deadly virus lies.


COVID-19: Journey to Normalcy has began – Adeboye

>>> Nigeria will survive COVID-19 first <<<

The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has declared that Nigeria will survive the scare of Covid-19 before other high-risk countries in the world.

Adeboye gave the pleasant and hope-filed message through his broadcast to church members on Sunday, April 19, available on Twitter.

His message came as a sigh of relief and hope amid the mounting pressure and unrest over the escalating cases of coronavirus in the country.

Pastor Adeboye Speaking on Sunday, declared that the “journey to normalcy has started.

“He also said Nigeria and Africa will recover from Coronavirus crisis before the rest of the world.

“I believe that I have good news for us. I believe that the journey to normalcy has started,” Adeboye said.

“I am believing God that your pastors will soon return to their normal duties probably at most, I will spend one more Sunday with you after which the pastors will be back to their duties in Jesus name.

“The return journey to normalcy might not be very rapid or sudden. It might be gradual but it will be steady. I sincerely hope that when the battle is over, we will give all the glory to God.”

Adeboye urged all members to observe stay at home and suspend any journey abroad after the lockdown is relaxed.

“After the lockdown has been lifted, any journey abroad that is not essential, please suspend it. “God is going to grant Nigeria and Africa healing before the rest of the world so stop jumping up and down. If the journey is not essential, don’t go.”

Adeboye further stressed on the need to maintain personal hygiene during the pandemic period and getting close to God.


COVID-19 will be defeated in Africa first – Pastor Adeboye.

Amidst rising deaths as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, globally, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG), Enoch Adeboye, on Sunday said the journey to normalcy had begun.

In the wake of the emergence of the virus which has infected over 2.3 million people globally and killed over 150,000, many nations around the world have effected lockdown and restrictions on movement on citizens to curb the spread of the virus, from which over half a million persons have recovered.

Despite the lockdown, which was also enforced in Nigeria, many continue to die daily as scientists across the globe battle against time to find a vaccine for the virus, which first emerged in Wuhan, China in December, 2019.

In Nigeria, over 500 persons have been infected while about 19 deaths have so far been recorded even as the federal and state governments locked down large swathes of the nation to curb the spread of COVID-19.

But Adeboye, a former lecturer, who superintends over one of the largest churches, with millions of members across the globe, in a televised broadcast on Sunday, said “the return to normal living will commence in a matter of weeks”.

Scientists have argued that it would take months for a vaccine to be developed for coronavirus and many nations may have to curtail social gatherings and employ stringent social measures to ensure the virus does not do more damage.

Since the lockdown in Nigeria, many church leaders, including Adeboye, whose church headquarters is in Ogun, one of the states under a federal government-initiated lockdown, have held online services with their members since public gatherings have equally been banned.

Ogun, Lagos and the Federal Capital Territory have been under a complete lockdown for over three weeks.

Adeboye had, in the wake of the emergence of the virus in Nigeria, revealed how God told him the world would experience a ‘compulsory holiday’.

‘‘I have good news for you. The return journey to normalcy has begun,’’ Adeboye told members on Sunday. ‘’Very soon your pastors will return to their duty posts. I have perhaps one more Sunday to spend with you (televised broadcast), then everything will return to normal.’’

Adeboye, who lauded the efforts of doctors in curtailing the scourge for the past few weeks, however, urged members and indeed the global community to continue ensuring high hygienic habits to ensure the world is not hit by a worse pandemic any time soon.

In Nigeria, he urged the federal government, (which has one of its top officials, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as a member of the RCCG), to always include the clergy in any future committees set up to tackle national health challenges as they were key in helping to contain such outbreaks.


I am technology enthusiast – Pastor Chris backtrack on his claims that 5G and COVID-19 are part of Antichrist’s plan.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Founder and President of LoveWorld Ministries a.k.a Christ Embassy has backtracked on his earlier comment of 5G and Coronavirus pandemic being part of the Antichrist’s plan for a one world order.

Recall with NobleReporters that Pastor Chris stated that Coronavirus was created to instill fear in people who will embrace 5G as a way of escaping the pandemic.

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Pastor Chris link 5G Network with COVID-19. Bisi Alimi react.

However in a new Live teaching, the Loveworld Ministries founder described himself as a technology enthusiast. He disclosed that he was concerned about 5G because of its health implication and also because he is into the healing ministry.

Pastor Chris further added that researching on the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies makes him want to use it, but he was also concerned that regulators seemed not to care much about its health implication.

He said;

“I have to look at my calling as a priority and I’m into the healing ministry. You may be a pastor or a minister and not be into the healing ministry, this may not concern you.”


Nigerian Clergyman, Omashola Slam Buhari Government.

In a short interview, the outspoken Senior Pastor and General Overseer Of The Zionwealth Church, Lekki, Lagos called out President Muhammadu Buhari over the sparse measures that have been set in place, so far, by the government, towards assuaging the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown.

Since the right of the poor Nigerian to fend for themselves has been taken away by the Federal Government due to the Lockdown, it is therefore the responsibility of the Government to help out which they’ve obviously ignored, therefore Allah will hold them responsible for untold and unbearable suffering and frustration Nigerians are currently going through.

President Buhari should do something quickly. Nigerians are crying, frustrated and hungry.

“In an unjust and unfair society like ours, where the rights of the poor masses are constantly abused, undermined and taken for granted, where the average citizens are deprived of their rights, wellness and citizenry privileges…SILENCE IS A SIN! We’re all equal in the eyes of the Almighty Creator. Nigerians are been taken for granted, Let’s not keep quiet” -ACO

Mr. Omashola, a prolific writer and media pr expert who doubles as the CEO of both ACO Media PR Consultants and Kevwe Autos Ltd, stated that the Government has, so far, proven to be highly insensitive to the plights of the average Nigerian, in this season, stressing that Nigerians are begging for what, ideally, should be their basic right.

The Man of God was incensed at the fact that billions of naira have been donated to Nigeria, from both local and international philanthropists and bodies, towards easing the strain caused by the lockdown and the pandemic as a whole, yet, no tangible measures have been set in place by the government, to that effect.

According to Apostle Omashola,

“whatsoever you give to the greedy, will never get to the needy. Nigerian pastors and business men, who obviously are not collecting our tax, have affected more lives during these trying times, than the so-called Nigerian politicians. I hope Nigerians can see that the government has no tangible plan for them. NCDC bombards us with cautionary SMS’s instead of credit alerts to meet actual needs. It has become increasingly clear that the government is wicked and corrupt.”

Pastor Omashola went on to say that the Nigerian government has made more money from the Coronavirus pandemic donations, than any other country in Africa, yet Nigerians are dying off, everyday, from ‘hunger virus’ and lack of basic amenities that support general wellness.

“I know everyone wants to be diplomatic and politically correct, but, Nigerian citizens have been scarred by the sheer wickedness and tyranny of the government. Someone has to speak up for the OPPRESSED! I do, willingly, lend my voice.
You can’t even begin to imagine the plight of Nigerians, who have been observing the lockdown for weeks now, with inadequate preparations, and little or no input from the government.
Even though many Nigerians have cried out on social media, about light and water challenges, in this time, their cries seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Can you imagine?”

The Man of God complained about the Inflation in prices of commodities, in Nigeria, and the major scarcity in the makeshift markets, and most of all, about the governments lack of concern.

“Even though I am a friend to the Presidency, I will not compromise my conscience. This Government is wicked, abusive and satanic.
The responses so far of Femi Adesina, Lauretta Onochie, Shehu Garba and most notorious Lai Mohammed are an insult to the intelligence of the Nigerian populace.

The issue of 5G, Coronavirus, Antichrist, and all the many conspiracy theories are obvious plots to distract us from the real conspiracy and Antichrist-ism in Government. Nigerians are truly being taken for granted by their sick and wicked leader; with inadequate prior information and support, they have been detained in their homes, and left to die of hunger, GOD FORBID! as if they’re the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Apostle Omashola also expressed his gratitude to philanthropists and men of God, who have contributed generously, towards the welfare of Nigerians.

“Even though public giving is not my style, God bless the likes of Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Rabiu Abdulsamad, Mike Adenuga, Tony Elumelu and other businessmen and philanthropists, for their kindness to fellow Nigerians.

Kudos to Nigerian pastors like Bishop David Oyedepo, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, Apostle Johnson Suleman, Dr Paul Enenche, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and others, for portraying the compassionate and generous nature of God, by making much-needed donations, as well”.

He didn’t end there!

“I make bold to call on the Nigeria Government to assist Nigerians financially nationwide no matter how small just to show that they are humans and not robots.”

What are your thoughts on the matter?


3 Kenyan pastors sue country’s government over lockdown.

A coalition of at least three pastors have sued Kenyan government after church services stopped operating due to the Coronavirus lockdown put in place to halt the spread of the deadly disease.

Justice James Makau of The High Court revealed on Friday that three pastors, Don Mutugi Majau, Joan Miriti, and Alex Gichunge sued the Interior, Health and ICT Cabinet Secretaries, the Attorney-General and the Inspector-General of Police.

According to Nairobi News, Justice Makau set the hearing for April 16 and ordered the pastors to give copies of the case documents to the sued parties before the close of business on April 14.

In the suit, the pastors acknowledge measures put in place by the government to stop the spread but argue that as the pandemic worsens, Kenyans will look to churches for solace.

They are protesting the directive against social gatherings that saw closure of churches, saying it was reached without consultations with relevant stakeholders.

The religious men also say the state imposed the curfew and the restriction on gatherings without consulting the church.

They said that if consultations had taken place, the public would have been sufficiently educated on social distancing and proper hygiene, peace, and unity would have been promoted and food drives would have been held for the sake of the less fortunate.

Their lawyer, John Swaka said: “The petitioners (and) other believers are in no way approaching this court in efforts to spread the coronavirus. Their sole wish is to congregate whilst adhering to the directive issued,”

He added, “The church’s role in such times is to give hope amid the crisis not only in this country but also in the world at large. They humbly seek the intervention of the court since their rights and freedoms are being infringed.”

The pastors further note that judges, doctors, and journalists are risking their lives to serve Kenyans and that pastors should be added to the list of essential service providers in the fight against the deadly disease.

The religious leaders note that their services can go on with those in attendance wearing masks and gloves and using hand sanitisers.

They want churches allowed to conduct services with leaders compelled to ensure members adhere to guidelines for curbing the spread of the virus.

The alternative, they say, is for the government to allow the broadcasting of services on specific days.

The case will be mentioned on April 16.


Some pastors now confused, no assurance of heaven – Mike Bamiloye allege.

Mike Bamiloye, founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, says some pastors are now confused about choosing between heaven and earthly possessions.

The 59-year-old clergyman took to his Instagram page on Tuesday to address the recent developments with “ministers and God”, explaining that many are not sure of heaven and don’t want to lose their earthly empire.

“Some ministers of God are confused. They’re not sure of heaven and they don’t want to lose their empire on earth. They are not expecting him,” he wrote.

Bamiloye’s post comes at about same time when Matthew Ashimolowo, a London-based Nigerian pastor, lambasted his colleagues for attributing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to 5G and antichrist.

Ashimolowo had lamented that it was unfortunate that many people, including pastors, have joined in the fray of spreading falsehood without any scientific proof.

He had also urged Christians to avoid being deceived by some church leaders who often associate any major technology breakthrough or shock in the world to the antichrist.

“Yeah, there may be things that are pointers to the last days. But not everything that happens around us should make us think that the antichrist wants to take over out lives,” Ashimolowo had said.


Pastor Chris link 5G Network with COVID-19. Bisi Alimi react.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has weighed on the controversy surrounding the 5G network amid the Coronavirus pandemic, which has crippled activities in many countries around the world.

The Founder of Believers Love World a.k.a Christ Embassy who was preaching to his congregation on a live TV program, stated that the pandemic was created in order to popularize the 5G network which is gradually gaining attention across the world.

Pastor Chris affirmed that with the attention given to the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies due to the pandemic, everyone will embrace it as a solution to their problems out of fear.

He added that these are part of the Antichrist’s plan for a new world order which includes; one world government, one world religion and one world economy. Pastor Chris backed his claim with Revelation Chapter 13.

Bisi Alimi React As Pastor Chris Linked 5G Network With COVID-19 pandemic.

Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has reacted to the controversy surrounding the 5G network and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bisi Alimi reacts after Pastor Chris Oyakhilome linked Coronavirus and 5G network to Antichrist

While some prominent Nigerians have opined that the 5G mobile network is the cause of the coronavirus outbreak, Bisi is of a different opinion as he says there is no known link between the coronavirus and 5G technology,

He took to Instagram to blast ‘irresponsible pastors and conspiracy theorists’ for peddling the new controversial claims, saying: ‘they know you are so stupid enough to believe, and that your stupidity will make them prey on your income. ‘

”Have you research 5G and the energy it produces and why the rest of the world isn’t really ready to take the plunge or think it’s a good idea for the masses just yet. I agree that anyone who’s spreading news to get money from innocent people is wrong but please do the research on 5G fact check before also spreading news as well. Scientists and Government officials alike are still doing research to see if 5 G is save they are getting mix signal about the whole thing. He added in another post.

Bisi’s reaction comes after Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Believers Love World a.k.a Christ Embassy claimed that Coronavirus and 5G network ‘is part of the Antichrist’s plan for a new world order.’


Kenyan pastor in trouble for selling oil he claims to prevent COVID-19.

A Kenyan Pastor and founder of Bishop Climate Ministries in Camberwell District in South London, Climate Irungu Wiseman is currently under investigation in the UK for selling an oil he claimed could protect his members against Coronavirus.

According to a report by Independent UK, the Pastor who sold the bottle of the oil at £91 (N40,950) each, was accused of exploiting the public by selling the so-called “plague protection” kits, consisting of oil and red yarn.

A post by Bishop Climate Irungu Wiseman read;

“It is by faith that you can be saved from the Coronavirus pandemic by covering yourself with the Divine Plague Protection Oil and wearing the Scarlet Yarn on your body.”

Kenyan Pastor investigated in UK for selling oil he claims can protect his members from Coronavirus

Bishop Climate had claimed in a post shared on March 21, that he was “instructed” by the Lord to prepare an oil “mixed with cedar wood, hyssop, and prayer” for the pandemic.

He said;

“As you use this oil, along with a special scarlet yarn, every coronavirus and any other deadly thing will pass over you.”

The Kenyan Pastor further claimed that his product has worked before and will work again. Another page on the group’s website suggested followers could pay up to £910 for “sacrificial seed of divine protection” for their family.

The charities regulator has now launched an urgent probe into the Camberwell church over its sale of the oil it claimed could protect from coronavirus.

Kenyan Pastor investigated in UK for selling oil he claims can protect his members from Coronavirus

A spokesperson of the agency said;

“We are looking into the serious concern about Kingdom Church GB’s alleged sale of false COVID-19 protection devices, as a matter of urgency.

“We have opened a regulatory compliance case to assess the matter, and will be liaising as appropriate with other agencies.”

Southwark Council also confirmed that the church is being investigated over the products. Councillor Victoria Mills said in a statement;

“It is wrong for anyone to exploit people’s fears at this time of high anxiety and we encourage people to report any issues like this to London Trading Standards.

“This particular issue is already under investigation by our teams. There are many scams relating to Covid-19 and the council will be working hard to support consumers to be on guard for bogus test kits, cures and treatments and other financial scams.”

Southwark New reported that the post has now been edited and the specific reference to the £91 kit protecting wearers from coronavirus was removed. The post now claims that the oil will protect members from “every plague.”

A disclaimer on the church’s website now reads;

“This articles and its opinion on this website is solely under Bishop Climate Ministries and Not the Kingdom Church.”

Defending himself, Mr Wiseman who is also a trustee of the Kingdom Church charity told the PA news agency that he has sold 1,000 of the kits, but that the price tag was only to cover the cost of ingredients, packaging, and posting.

He added;

“What is so wrong about putting into practice what the Bible says.”


COVID-19: Pastor arrested after violating ‘public gathering’ rule in Abuja, Nigeria.

An enforcement team from the Federal Capital Territory Authority has arrested Pastor U. Uden, General Overseer of Jesus Reign Family Church located at Apo in Abuja.

He was arrested for violating the ban on public gathering imposed by the FCT Minister, Muhammad Bello.

The team led by Mr Ikahro Attah stormed the premises of the church and apprehended the pastor and whisked him away to FCT Police Command headquarters in Garki.

It was gathered that the pastor continued with the service to the end despite the presence of the team while the task force waited to avoid confrontation.

Recall that the FCT Minister had announced a total shutdown of churches and mosques in the city and also banned public gatherings as part of measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

FCT officials had on Saturday stormed a wedding in Wuse Zone 6, Abuja, and shut down the ceremony.

Nigeria so far has 97 confirmed cases of the virus and one recorded death. NobleReporters earlier report


COVID-19: FR Mbaka cancels church prayer meeting.

As efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to gather pace, the Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Fr Ejike Mbaka, has cancelled the Christian congregation’s popular prayer meeting usually held every Wednesday.

This, according to the ministry, is in compliance with the social restriction order issued by the Catholic Church which is aimed at limiting the spread of the virus.

In a statement on Tuesday, Mbaka said: “The Wednesday prayer of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, also known as ‘E No Dey Again Programme’ will not hold tomorrow March 25, 2020.

“This is in adherence to the Diocesan regulations and in joining the whole world to manage COVID-19 pandemic. On that date, all worshippers are urged to stay safe and continue to pray for God’s intervention in the pandemic.”

Meanwhile, Enugu residents have continued to go about their normal businesses despite the rising cases of COVID-19 infections in the country, which currently stands at 40 confirmed cases, with one dead, a former Managing Director of the PPMC, Suleiman Achimugu, who died early Monday morning.


COVID-19: Hilda Dokubo dares pastors who claim to have healing powers to lay hands on infected patients.

Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo has challenged pastors who claim to have supernatural ”healing” powers to lay hands on persons infected with the coronavirus.

The actress wrote on her verified Instagram page; ”Can all the Pastors who are convinced that they have supernatural powers to heal go to the hospitals and lay hands on those infected? So this virus can go back to where it came back from and we can return to our normal lives”.

Nigeria now has 40 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus as reported by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).



COVID-19: There is no coronavirus in Nigeria – Abia Pastor.

Abia-based Pastor, Kingsley Innocent a.k.a Talkanado has shared his thoughts about the recently recorded cases of coronavirus in the country.

According to the General Overseer of Bible-Believing Mission, there is no coronavirus in Nigeria because it cannot survive in the country.

He added that the flu-like virus cannot survive in Nigeria when there is “corrosive anointing”.

He added that anytime it is genuinely confirmed in Nigeria, it will stop all over the world.

Pastor Talkanado who insinuated there is a plan to divert N620m meant to combat coronavirus in the country, backed his claim by pointing out that the identity of the Italian man who was the index case of the disease was not made public.


COVID-19: God knows of this pandemic and he is doing this to show his might – Adeboye.

.. COVID-19 will never go away but reduce – Adeboye

RCCG General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye says God told him in the beginning of the year that there will be a compulsory holiday worldwide and that he would use the plague to prove to the whole world that he is still the Almighty God.

He said this during a sermon in his church on Sunday morning.

In his words;

He told me loud and clear that this year, the whole world is going to be on compulsory holiday. I know the last time we got close to the world being on holiday. It was after 9-11. Remember there was this attack in America on the World Trade Center towers that all planes were grounded, at least around America.

So when he said the whole world is going to be on compulsory holiday, I thought maybe something like that is going to happen. Now, if that is what it meant and somebody had prophesied it and it happened, the Interpol would have come and picked the follow and said you had about the plot, you knew when they were planning this thing and you didn’t speak.

But now, the compulsory holiday is here. You can see the major nations of the world locking down. The smaller nations are also going to be locked down. This is because nobody wants to travel by air because if you travel by air and there is just one person on that plane that is infected, they would look for you and put you on Quarantine.

Compulsory holiday because my daddy says he wants to show the world that he is still the one in control. He wants to show those of us who thinks hat we are someone that Heaven is still his throne and the whole eart, his foot stool. So if you think that you are big, he is compel you to seat down at home and not move at least for two weeks.

The good news about this is that as soon as he has proved to the whole world that he can shut down the whole earth if he wants, then he would remove the plague.

How long before that happens, I am sorry I can’t tell you but from the look fromthe look of things, he is already achieving his purpose if he stops the plague now. The world by now should know that there is someone called the Almighty” he said

The clergyman added that Coronavirus would never be washed away like some prophets have predicted. He said the only thing is the virus would subside but that it will never go away.


COVID-19: Oyedepo react to closure of schools, churches.

...CAN order churches not to send back members

coronavirus cure would be found this week – Bishop Oyedepo

Founder of Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has reacted to some state governors’ decision to close schools due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at a fully-packed service at Canaanland Ota, despite a ban on religious gatherings of more than 50 people in Ogun State due to outbreak of Coronavirus, Oyedepo stated that the only disease that has no cure is hunger.

He said;

“May God help our policy makers to make the right decision in finding solution to this scourge called Coronavirus.

“Now children are out of school, to go back to that crowd. Would they not be more secured in school where they are only 20 in class? They will now go to help their mama, to sell pepper in the market where you contact about 500,000 people a day in big cities. Everybody is trying to find solutions, may we find the right solution.

“May God help our leaders to make the right decision in search of solution to this pandemic.”

Oyedepo also disclosed that his church is working on programmes to enable localised congregation instead of mass gatherings on service days.

“What we are doing is to ensure that the plague doesn’t spread. This has never happened in my lifetime that nations are shutting their doors against each other.

“The world is at war with an invisible enemy and we must pray. Schools are being shut down, people are entering buses where everyone is breathing on everyone, every market in Africa is an open market. Can we test everybody taking a bus? Only God can rescue the world at this time.

“We are a law abiding congregation and must follow measures being put in place to contain the spread.”

He told his members that the cure for the deadly virus will be out soon and nations shall rejoice again.

Oyedepo added;

“Only the help of God can save Nigeria and Africa in a while from this Pandemic.

“Plagues cannot stop us. Coronavirus cannot stop God’s children, but I assure you that the solution will be found this week.

“Strategies are being developed on how to manage this in respect to our worship programs. We will come up with specific programs during the week that will be communicated to everyone.

“Our Zonal positions may have to be enlarged to accommodate a lot of people.”

Following the criticism that trailed the fully-packed church service, David Oyedepo’s Ministries International shared a memo in which CAN instructed churches not to send back members who attend services today.


COVID-19: COZA to hold Sunday Service in Abuja.

The Senior Pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, Biodun Fatoyinbo, invites members of his church for a physical worship service on Sunday, Mar 22, despite the need for social distancing as coronavirus cases increased to 26 in Nigeria.

NobleReporters learnt that Abuja, where the headquarters of COZA is located, recorded three cases of the deadly virus on Saturday.

Several state governments have banned social gatherings of more than 50 persons to prevent community transmission of the novel virus.

Top clergymen including Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God; Pastor W.F. Kumuyi of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry; Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Centre, amongst others told their members to stay at home and join their online services.

But Fatoyinbo, through a post on his verified Instagram page, invited his members to a physical Sunday service in Abuja.

He wrote, “Hello family, we are geared up to excitedly receive you tomorrow, 22nd of March by 07:30 am at our #CentrePointCampus, Evelyn Events Centre, Gwarinpa.

“Worshippers can be assured of our unwavering commitment to a clean and conducive environment for service.

“Your safety is paramount to us and we are complying with the directives of the FCT administration by ensuring:

“Temperatures are measured using electronic thermometers; availability of alcohol-based sanitisers; a considerable space between worshippers; effective air flow system; and above all, the blood of Jesus severes us from pestilence.

“See you there and remember #GoodDaysAhead! #BiodunFatoyinbo #Pb #COZAGlobal #March #2020 #COZACentrePoint #COZAGwarinpa #CovenantofProtection #Exploits.”