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COVID-19: PACAC member dies as Nigeria reports 749 new cases


The news publication noted that though Boss Mustapha, the chairman presidential task force on COVID-19, stated that a good friend of the government passed away at 6:30 pm, however, he did not state if it’s Odekunle.

Femi Odekunle, a member of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC) headed by Itse Sagay has died from COVID-19.

NoRM reports that Odekunle a professor of law died on Tuesday evening, December 29, at the COVID-19 isolation center in Gwagalada, Abuja.

Mustapha, the secretary to the government of the federation speaking at the PTF on COVID-19, said discussions were ongoing to help the deceased before news of his death broke.

Meanwhile, It was reported that 2 doctors in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja died from the novel coronavirus disease.


This was disclosed in a statement issued on Tuesday, December 29, by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA).

According to Anthony Ogunleye, chief press secretary to the FCT minister, 2 weeks ago a female doctor at Gwarimpa General hospital died, while a private medical doctor passed away last week.



EndSARs: Seize protest now or Gov’t takes it by force – Sagay to Nigerian Youths


According to him, continuing the protests after all that has been done by the government may be as a ploy by the youths to destabiliise the country using #EndSARS as a smokescreen.

Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC) on Monday enjoined Nigerian youths to put an end to the #EndSARS protest in the country following the intervention of President Muhammadu Buhari and the disbandment of the unit by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP).

Sagay who said the protest is being hijacked by hoodlums added that having done what the youths requested, the federal government may be have no choice than to forcefully put and end to the protests if the youths continue.

Speaking in a chat with News Agency known to Noble Reporters Media, Sagay said having proven to be a listening government, the youths should be satisfied with the steps taken by the government and suspend the protests.

According to him, continuing the protests after all that has been done by the government may be as a ploy by the youths to destabiliise the country using #EndSARS as a smokescreen.


He said “My observation is that hoodlums are already hijacking the protests. The IGP has already disbanded the SARS. So, it no longer exists officially as a unit. The youths refused to stop protesting, they said they wanted the President to issue an Executive Order dissolving it. Executive Orders are not used for that purpose”.

“Executive Orders are lawmaking instruments to make laws, just like National Assembly will make a law, although this type of Executive Order is below that level. It wouldn’t have been an appropriate thing to do”.

“But it’s as if the President is listening, he now came and made this address in which he accepted everything the youths are asking for. He went on to even say that the squad people who are responsible for various harmful and illegal activities will be identified and dealt with. To me, that should be the end of the matter”.

” I believe the youths should be satisfied at this stage. If the youths still come out tomorrow again, then it will look as if the whole demonstration has a hidden agenda for which EndSARS is being used as a cover. It will seem there is an agenda to disturb the stability of the country and engage in activities that may be along the line of #RevolutionNow which itself is the highest crime in our constitution”.


“In such a situation, the government will have no choice than to bring an end to it and nobody will be able to complain then”.

“This is what they were doing in Hongkong for nine months. They got all that they want in Hongkong but they refused and continued protesting; they stopped all commercial activities; stopped flying in and out of Hongkong and paralysed all activities until the Chinese stepped in and were forced to pass the law, completely suspended their rights, and now they are complaining”.

“So, our youths must know how far they should go. Since they have gotten more than they want, at this stage, everyone should quietly go back to their homes and not continue obstructing the highways, disturbing commercial activities in the state”.

“Otherwise, it could give rise to much more serious consequences which they themselves will not be happy about” Sagay said.


Panic as presidency sets to dismiss IMC


The corruption controversies in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) may be generating tension as the Nigerian Presidency makes move to dissolve the Interim Management Committee (IMC) which members are in the storm of the corruption crisis.

President Muhammadu Buhari has come under pressure to rescue the image of his administration from corruption dents.

Accordingly, Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), Professor Itse Sagay, demanded President Buhari to dissolve the board and sack all the members of the NDDC. Professor Sagay advocated total overhaul of the NDDC and bringing on board fresh members following the allegations of corruption against the IMC.

The PACAC Chairman decried that he was opposed to the character of two of the nominees when the appointments were made by the president, but no one listened to him. Today, he has been vindicated.


Professor Sagay noted that the question on some NDDC board members degenerated into a bad impression of corruption in the Niger Delta region.

Professor Sagay had declared in an interview: “I will suggest that everybody there should be cleared out and the President should not appoint a new set of people very quickly under temporary conditions so that a permanent board and management can be established in the place that will then be monitored.

“My view is that everybody should be removed right now. Clear the place, sweep it clean. Start afresh with a new set of people.”

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives on Wednesday commenced two days investigative hearing on the allegations of financial impropriety in the NDDC.


Chairman of the House Committee on NDDC, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, had at the legislative session on Wednesday emphasized that the expanded interim management of the commission expended N81.5 billion between January and May 2020. Hon. Tunji-Ojo, declared untrue, insinuations that the National Assembly is not in support of government’s efforts to conduct forensic audit of the NDDC.

He noted that the committee allocated funds for forensic audits in the budget even when no request was made by the Commission.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, stated that the attempt to impugn on the integrity of the Committee will continue to fail, he encouraged the panel to be above board in the discharge of its duties.

Also, the Presidency is impressing on President Buhari to set up an investigative panel into the NDDC corruption allegations.


PACAC Passes Vote Of Confidence To Ibrahim Magu… (Details..)

The Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), yesterday, passed a vote of confidence on the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu.

Chairman of PACAC, Professor Itse Sagay, while speaking during a solidarity visit to the EFCC in Abuja, said prior to Magu’s appointment, the EFCC was totally ineffective and in some cases, compromised.

Sagay stated that the courtesy call was more of a solidarity visit to express its support and admiration for the EFCC, saying that the EFCC is a body that has surpassed every other organisation, past and present in the fight against corruption.

Sagay further said when Nigerians pretended and asked questions about the difference the current administration has brought into the fight against corruption, it amazed him, adding that it was a sign of patent bad faith being expressed by the elite who were the beneficiaries of corruption and who are undergoing the pains of having to earn their living rather than simply collecting unearned, easy money that used to go round the country.

Although sagay said the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) had also done well, he however added that there was no question that the EFCC had been outstanding.

“And then, the so call acting. I call him chairman, his presence, because you know leadership is very important. Leadership is very important.

“Before his appointment by this government, the EFCC was like any other parastatal, totally ineffective and in fact, in some cases, compromised. But now, we have a very, very firm and thoroughly determined EFCC.

“As they say, the fear of EFCC is the beginning of wisdom now and the looters now know that they cannot just loot and get away with it. They have to look over their shoulders because sooner or later, they will be arrested and made to face the law,” Sagay said.

On the fate of Magu as Chairman of the EFCC, Sagay said Magu deserved everything, including being given a substantive appointment.

Sagay however said presenting Magu’s name is a presidential prerogative which is above PACAC, even as he said PACAC and other Nigerians were hoping that the President will do the right thing.

He lambasted the 8th Senate for not confirming Magu, insisting that the 8th Senate was never interested in the fight against corruption, but was very hostile to the fight against corruption.

Sagay also said the 9th Senate is different from the 8th Senate, expressing confidence that if Magu’s name cropped up again, it will sail through.

On his part, Magu said he was overwhelmed with Sagay’s verdict, saying that even a billion dollar cannot buy the encomium showered on him by PACAC.

“Thank you very much Sir. What would I say? I don’t know. Even a billion dollar cannot buy that. There is no money that can force through Professor Sagay and team and would come and pass a commendation like this. You can’t get him with a billion dollars. I know them, I know them very well,” Magu said.

Magu said the credit was not for him alone, but to the entire commission, urging the personnel of the EFCC to take their job very seriously.

Magu further said as long as he remained in the EFCC, the commission will continue to do the right thing.

“I assure you, as long as I am here, we will continue to do the right thing. Believe me, we will continue to. We will chase them out.

We will kill corruption. That was the mandate they gave us,” Magu added.

Magu also assured PACAC that he will ensure that all the activities of the commission are in line with the rule of law, even as he said the EFCC will never do anything outside the rule of law.