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BBNaija’5 Grand Finale: Ozo reveals why he ignored Nengi.


Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Ozoemena has revealed that he did not internationally ignore Nengi during the BBNaija season 5 finale party.

In a recent interview, the sports enthusiast and budding entrepreneur stated that it was never his intention but a directive from the organizers of the show to stay clear from the finalists.

In his words when asked, “No, that was the directive. We were instructed not to get too close to the housemates because they didn’t want us to give them clues.

“I felt bad when I saw her cry and couldn’t wait for Sunday to come so I’d tell her why I did what I did.” Ozo said.


BBNaija’5 Grand Finale: Ozo rocked Ka3na aggressively last night.


Big Brother Naija Ozo had so much fun last night with Ka3na at the last Saturday party of BBNaija season 5 edition.

Ozo who ignored his love interest was pictured rocking Ka3na aggressively couldn’t keep their hands off each other last night, as they rocked, danced and cuddle up at the party.

This action was one of the reasons why Nengi became heartbroken as she claimed Ozo ignored her completely.

Watch Video HERE

Few hours before the party, Ka3na shared a video of Ozo hanging out with her in her hotel room as the new friends laughed and joked around.


BBNaija’5 Grand Finale: Actor Wole Ojo hypes Ozo for ignoring Nengi.


Former BBNaija2020 housemates had stormed out, look dazzling as they join the top 5 at last night’s grand party.

It is obviously a party like no other at the Big Brother Naija Lockdown house.

However, during the party, it was observed that Ozo intentionally ignored Nengi, his love interest in the house.

Ozo’s attitude towards Nengi made her cry, felt disappointed and lamented to the remaining housemates.


However, for popular Nollywood actor, Wole Ojo, Ozo did the right thing after his mother must have talked sense into him.

Ojo also shaded Uti who had fully supported Ozo’s behavior in the Big Brother House.

He wrote; ‘Hey Idiot. Yes you. The 1 that called us (some men) cowards/cowardly for not loving like your “love ambassador. Wawuuu! At last he’s awakened and now a coward like us too. For rejecting rubbish!

Eyes don clear! Mummy go don talk sense enter coconut head! Welcome to the “cowardly”! Hiiisssssss! Sometimes it’s good to be a “coward”


BBNaija’5 Grand Finale: Nengi cries bitterly as Ozo ignore her during last night party.


Just a few hours to the Lockdown season’s grand finale, the finalists were treated to one last Saturday night party, this time with evicted housemates in attendance.

And according to Nengi, Ozo ignored her. Even when she tried talking to him, Ozo gave her attitude. His actions hurt Nengi and she couldn’t hold back her tears.

It was all fun until the party ended and housemate, Nengi broke down in tears, crying that most of the evicted housemates who she thought were her friends ignored her during the party, including her ‘best friend’ Ozo.

It appears as a surprise to many considering Ozo was so much into Nengi during his time in the house. He even declared his love to Nengi countlessly but got turned down. He, however, promised not to give up on her.


BBNaija’5: lady from Arab claims she is Ozo’s wife to be.


A very beautiful Arab lady, Leylaa who appears to be a fan of evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, Ozoema Chukwu, popularly known as Ozo has thrown shades at his in-house love interest, Nengi and her fans over their ‘love story’ which never kicked off.

From her photos, Leylaa is very beautiful, reserved and likes to rock her hijab.

Leylaa took to micro blogging platform, Twitter to share her photos and wrote;

The question on everyone’s lips now is, does Nengi stand a chance where Leylaa is?


BBNaija’5: Reactions after popular OAP embarrassed Ozo during interview.


Multiple award-winning On-Air Personality (OAP), Henry Ogunbodede popularly called EmceeRNB has received backlash from fans after embarrassing BBNaija lockdown ex-housemate, Ozo with questions during a recent interview session.

In the video that became viral, the renowned OAP was pictured querying while asking recently evicted housemate, Ozo about his love interest, Nengi

Some social media users who identify themselves as fans of OZO slammed the OAP and some went as far as threatening his life.

See reactions below;

One Twitter user, Pam Ella wrote; ‘who even employed you? You’re supposed to be working as a cleaner’

Another user, Pearl swore with his father’s grave to deal with EmceeRNB; ‘listen here, dick head, if ever we saw you, I swear to my father’s grave, will show you heaven’


Likewise, @BakiStl wrote; ‘your days are numbered, be careful stupid fool’.

However, EmceeRNB has replied to the attacks, saying he was only doing his job, warning those sending him the threats to desist from the act.

He wrote; ‘can you all just calm down and act sensible? It was only a friendly and fun interview just like the previous evicted BBN HM. Whoever said I hate OZO? Why should I hate a fellow human being? All I did was to ask a question everyone was shying away from’.

‘’And for the death threats and curses, on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, ‘Better comot leg for high tension’’ He warned.


BBNaija’5: You have no current – Nengi tells Laycon moment she touched him and he didn’t move like Ozo. (Video)


Nengi, Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate, has mocked fellow housemate, Laycon for not having the kind of body Ozo has.

Nengi in their conversation hours ago, claimed that Ozo’s body reacts very quickly whenever she touched him, while the case is different with Laycon.

“This boy, you have no current. You’ve lost everything… Ozo now if I just touch him once like this…”, she said.


In response, Laycon said, “Ozo’s body moves quickly. That’s why I don’t like doing anything. My body no dey quick move. My own dey take time. If I don’t want to do, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

“If I don’t want to move I would not be moved . That’s why I like straining myself.”

Nengi replied, “You look like all those guys that will not agree to cum. Before they cum it would be like a great problem . It would be like war.”

Ozo, who spent his time in the Lockdown house seeking a relationship with Nengi, was evicted from the Lockdown house on Sunday.


BBNaija’5: Laycon, Nengi caught doing this after Ozo’s eviction.


Hours after BBNaija lockdown housemate, Ozo was evicted from the reality show, his love interest Nengi has been spotted having a wonderful time with Laycon unbothered.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that Ozo was evicted from the show on Sunday night.

After the eviction party last night, Big Brother allowed the housemates to use the jacuzzi in the garden just after Ozo left the house and guess what, Nengi who was shedding uncontrollable tears before was seen having serious fun with Laycon.

In the video, Nengi was spotted hugging and playing with Laycon as if they were out of the house.

Watch Video HERE


BBNaija’5: Why i had to trash Ozo’s proposal – Nengi tells Laycon.


BBNaija’s housemate, Nengi released the bombshell on Ozo after being evicted from the house by her one-time close pal Ozo.

Nengi had a chat with Laycon where she uncovered the reason behind her rejection of Ozo ‘s proposal, with many viewers believing they were actually dating.

In her own words, “It will take time for me to date anyone because I need to be friends first and be sure he can deal with the excesses.

“I like him a lot, cried in the diary room several times because of him but I need to be outside the house before I make any decision.

“Most of my exes were my longtime friends before we started dating because I know the kind of person I am.

“When I fall in love it is really deep.” she added.


BBNaija’5: Moment Nengi denies Ozo kiss after his eviction.


Big Brother housemate Ozo has become the latest housemate to be evicted from the reality show after being put up for possible eviction.

The housemate who was nominated for eviction alongside Laycon, Ozo and Dorathy in the ninth week of the reality show, was evicted after Trickytee was shown the exit door.

During his exit, Ozo who went up to Nengi for a hug tried to kiss her but she shoved his kiss which made Ozo a little bit embarrassed before walking away.

Following his eviction, Neo, Nengi, Dorathy, Laycon and Vee are now the housemates who made it to the finale of the reality show.


BBNaija’5: Ozo evicted, leaves Biggie’s house


BBNaija season 5 housemate, Ozo has been evicted from the ongoing reality TV show. The consultant and entrepreneur was evicted few hours after Trikytee’s eviction from the show.

The 27 year old who obviously had the least number of votes was asked to leave the house just like every other evicted housemates.

For those who do not know, one of Ozo’s greatest achievements is working with a UEFA Federation in Europe.

According to the Imo state born, when he is not busy consulting or managing his urban clothing line, you’ll find him analysing sports and watching documentaries and TV shows.


BBNaija’5: Moment Nengi blast Ozo, says ‘I don’t need your stupid love’


Nengi told Ozo who has always opened up about his feelings for her that she doesn’t need his stupid love.

Nengi told Ozo on Saturday during the night party.

It seems like both housemates had an unsettled issue before the party started and when Ozo approached Nengi for reconciliation, she told him to leave her alone, saying that she doesn’t need his “stupid love”


BBNaija’5: Ozo fondles Nengi? – Nigerians react.


Below are reactions from Nigerians concerning a video which apparently shows Ozo fondling Nengi’s boobs in the ongoing BBNaija reality TV show.

@Toluwanni “It has finally happened. I hope Nengi fans will let my kiddrica breathe now. Both are adults, let them enjoy.”

@Yvonne “I have watched the video 10 times I still don’t understand o, but I can see movements.”

@Adeolablessing “ Ozo has graduated he is touching breast now. My guy is woke. The patient dog.”

@Thessa “ Dude(Ozo) is so horny. Damn ! He’s starting to harass her.”

@Giftntaji “ You guys should stop it , I don’t like any of them ,but it clear that Ozo was just holding her hand.”


@Erms “ Don’t think it’s fingering but he is touching something maybe but why is Ozo whining his waist and having that look on his face and touching himself.”

@VanessaLarry “ They are obviously not doing anything.”

@AmaravhiPearl “ There is a caught. Holy boy finally touch breast and thrusting going on.”

@Anu_GD “It is so clear that he is rubbing her face only a crazy person would say he is fingerin her.”


@Gloween “ Ozo fans are jubilating for their fave
Nengi’s fans are crying that their Virgin Mary has been Kemenized. Some others are blaming it on Erica Elites.”

@Babatundea78 “ This ship must sail!!!! All of una saying Ozo was just rubbing Nengi hand under duvet. So hand no pain her before Kayode off light.”

@PurpleCaribbean “ Ozo Pressing her and masturbating. Did she know?

@Melortalor “ You ppl should stop dragging ozo for continuing to chase nengi anymore. She says she wants to be just friends but showers with him and lets him touch her so I don’t know again.”


Ugy, BBNaija’5 Ozo’s sister marries long time lover. [Photos]


Ugy Chukwu , elder sister to Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate, Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu, popularly known as Ozo’s has wedded her long time lover and best friend, Emeka Aneke.

One Maame Tina took to popular micro blogging platform, Twitter, to share adorable photos of the new couple and congratulate them

Sharing the adorable photos, Maame Tina wrote:

“Awwwww lovely. Ozo’s second sister got married today to her long time bestie. congratulations @narccyugy wish u the very best in ur marriage”.


Ugy Chukwu is a medical doctor and Elder sister to Ozo. She took to her Instagram page days ago to gush about marrying her man.

She wrote:

“I still can’t believe I’m marrying this man. We have had our ups and downs but through all of that I have never been more sure that it’s You…it has always been You…and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with You. Always and Forever my beloved Addy.”


BBNaija’5: “First of all, who wants to date you?” – Ozo asks Nengi | Video


Big Brother Naija 2020 housemate, Ozo has hinted that he has no interest in a romantic relationship with Nengi.

From within and outside the house, Ozo is believed to have strong feelings for Nengi who he has spent much of his time trying to woo.

The on-and-off duo were chilling in the garden and they made known their feelings towards each other.

During the ‘garden talk’, Nengi spoke about Ozo snubbing her for a week and how she made attempts to talk to him to no avail. Ozo rebutted and said they both had conversations during the same timeframe she claimed he was ‘beefing her’.


However, as the conversation on dating lingered on, Nengi reminded Ozo, “I’ve told you that I don’t want a relationship in this house.”

This rubbed off on Ozo’s ego, who swiftly replied, “First of all, who wants to date you?”

Responding to this, Nengi, asked, “Then why are you catching feelings? Why are you catching feelings because somebody likes me?”

Videos here;


BBNaija’5: Nengi speaks on what happened inside shower with Ozo


Big Brother Naija, Nengi has shared her own side of the reason why she went to meet Ozo in the shower inside the Big Brother house.

The incident was exposed by fellow housemate Neo who told Eric that he saw her enter the shower when Ozo was inside.

The incident was disclosed by fellow housemate, Neo who shared with Eric that he saw her enter the shower when Ozo was inside.


A lot of fans of the show had thought she went in to have sex with the birthday boy who has been catching feelings for her. She probably might have felt that she needed to talk on the matter so as to clear the air for viewers.

Nengi cleared the air while discussing with Praise who is alleged to have had s*x with evicted Ka3na. She said,

“Ozo was not fully dressed but not naked though.

“I wanted to have a conversation with him about something and it definitely had to be in the shower.”


BBNaija’5: Ozo reveals what he did to Nengi inside ‘the shower’


Birthday boy, Ozo has shared what happened between himself and his potential love interest, Nengi inside the shower in the ongoing BBNaija 2020.

The incident was disclosed by fellow housemate, Neo who shared with Eric that he saw her enter the shower when Ozo was inside.

A lot of fans of the show had thought she went in to have s*x with the dude who has been catching feelings for her. The entrepreneur and consultant has now cleared the air by revealing that Ka3na witnessed the scene and that nothing happened other than him taking his shower and leaving.


He said,

“I did not ask Nengi why she got in the shower with me, although Ka3na said I should have walked her out.

“I just told her if she was going to stand there, no problem and I took my shower and left.”

Ozo clocks a new age yesterday and his fans can’t keep calm about it. He emerged the first male housemate of this year’s BBNaija show and Ozo described the win as the perfect gift he could give himself.


BBNaija’5: Dorothy’s birthday message to Ozo leaves fans in shock


Big Brother Naija ‘lockdown’ housemate, Dorathy Bachor had fans in their feelings over the emotional message she shared with housemate, Ozoemena Chukwu simply referred to as Ozo who turned a year older today.

Celebrating Ozo’s birthday today, Dorathy’s social media handler penned a heartfelt message to Ozo relishing how great a friend and a brother he is and has been to her in these few days of knowing each other.

On behalf of Dorathy who was chosen by Ozo as his deputy Head of House, the handler praised Ozo’s mother for raising a ‘king’ in Ozo.


Read below,

“My amiable HOH Sir, My buddy, and the one and only BBnaija UltimateLightSkin…
Its only been a couple of weeks since our paths crossed, and i can say for free that its been an eventful friendship. The arguments, the frank talks, the banter, the teases and more are few of the things that define our relationship.

You are a gentleman indeed, your mama def raised a King!!•
Today marks the beginning of another year in your life, and I pray it will be best your year so far. I pray God grants all your heart desires.
And thank God say you no shame me…
I remain your humble Deputy HOH and your all time Bully”



BBNaija’5: Ozo turns 28. [See reactions]


Big Brother Naija ‘lockdown’ housemate and current head of house, Ozo, clocks a new age today and his fans can’t keep calm about it.

Consultant and entrepreneur Ozoemena “Ozo” Chukwu, is from Imo State. One of his greatest achievements is working with a UEFA Federation in Europe. It is no surprise then that when he is not busy consulting or managing his urban clothing line, you’ll find him analyzing sports, watching documentaries and TV shows.

He emerged the first male housemate of this year’s BBNaija show and Ozo described the win as the perfect gift he could give himself.


His fans on social media also celebrated him, see some tweets below ;


BBNaija’5: Nengi wants to use and dump you – Dorothy tells Ozo


The stars in the ongoing BBNaija reality TV show are beginning to figure out each other’s game plan.

Busty housemate, Dorothy Bachor could be seen telling Ozo that Nengi is only trying to use him.

She also told him to state the definition of his relationship with Nengi.


According to her, the definition given by Ozo will determine if she will continue to keep her distance from the light-skinned dude who likes to hang around her while crushing on Nengi.

She said, “I am just your friend, I’ll look out for you and wouldn’t let Nengi mess with you

“But define whatever you have with Nengi and don’t put me in the middle.

“I don’t hate Nengi but just dislike her game and how she’s trying to use you. That’s the reason I’m keeping my distance.”