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Bobrisky speaks on rift with Tonto Dikeh, react to Churchill’s new marriage.


Confirmed the alleged rift between them, Bobrisky said, he is aware that Tonto Dikeh has been upset with him for a while because of his rudeness.

Controversial crossdresser, Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky, has confirmed the rift between himself and Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh.


Bobrisky also weighed in on the controversies trailing Rosy Meurer’s marriage to Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband, Churchill.

Social media has been buzzing with several reactions after Churchill officially announced his marriage to former P. A Rosy Meurer.

Irrespective of several backslash and trolls, the Nollywood actress has continued to flaunt her beautiful diamond ring and several photos with her husband, Churchill.


In a post on his Instagram page, Bobrisky made it known that the new Tonton Dikeh is less concerned about gossip and drama on social media, the more reason she has remained silent on the controversial marriage.

Confirmed the alleged rift between them, Bobrisky said, he is aware that Tonto Dikeh has been upset with him for a while because of his rudeness.

According to the popular crossdresser, irrespective of what happens, she will always support Tonto Dikeh.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media, the duo has not been getting along as they use to on social media, raising questions among their fans.


Bobrisky wrote: How I wish you all know d new @tontolet she is too busy for gossips and drama! Love u always. Keep winning..
You might be upset with me cos I was kinda rude to u but trust me i will always support, stay loyal to u regardless and never let anyone bring you down ❤️.



Famous Actor, reveal Tonto Dikeh’s intention for forgiving Olakunle Churchill


Popular Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu has disclosed the real reason why controversial actress Tonto Dikeh finally decided to forgive her ex-husband Churchill Olakunle.

In the early hours of Monday, a video of actress Tonto Dikeh and journalist Dele Momodu came out which saw the actress telling the journalist that she has finally forgiven her ex-husband Churchill Olakunle.

According to Tonto Dikeh, she forgave him because of their son.

However, Uche Maduagwu thinks otherwise. According to his claims, Tonto Dikeh forgave his ex-husband because he will be the governor in Nigeria soon so she wants to reap where she did not sow.

Uche Maduagwu took to his Instagram page to make his analysis. He posted a photo of Churchill’s election poster and added an inscription “Even Rihanna will forgive an ex who is about to become a Governor. Who no like national cake?”


Olakunle Churchill break silence as Tonto Dikeh says she’s forgiven him


Olakunle Churchill has reacted to an interview in which his estranged wife actress Tonto Dikeh revealed that she has forgiven him even though he doesn’t deserve it.

The actress who spoke in an Instagram live chat with Ovation Magazine boss, Dele Momodu, stated that she decided to forgive him just because of her own growth.

She said: “Yes, what I said is what I said. I forgive every single person who tried to hurt me(Knowingly and Unknowingly).

“I deserve all the good things of life so yes I do accept the gift of forgiveness..

“Yes you may not deserve or asked for my forgiveness but I’m giving it anyways not for your sake but for my own growth.


“Because I love myself so much, I am giving myself a chance to also be forgiven by my Heavenly Father!!

“Ooo No, I ain’t asking for forgiveness in return, never will. I am doing the right thing just for me, period!

“Although my forgiveness doesn’t mean I am stupid, not all forgiveness needs reconnections”.

Hours later, Olakunle Churchill took to Instagram with the post saying, “If we are not talking, count me out. #churchillsdayoffwork #mondayenergy”.


Tonto Dikeh forgives Olakunle Churchill


Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh, in an interview with the journalist, Dele Momodu revealed that she has forgiven her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill for the sake of their son, King Andre.

Tonto while talking about the value of forgiveness, states that she forgives so she would not be stagnated in life, career and other areas and that she has gotten to read the part of the bible where God said he wouldn’t forgive us if we do not pardon others.

She also said that she forgives quickly now but doesn’t like being bothered by the things a person does after she has forgiven such a person.

She also spoke about her acting career where she reveals how she rejected certain roles so she doesn’t get stereotyped.

Citing Pete Edochie as an example of an actor who has been stereotyped over the years, Tonto said she has often rejected the attempt by the film industry to get her to always feature as a particular character.

She also spoke about her clash with the law enforcement agency in Dubai last year


Father’s Day: Churchill in fresh war with Tonto Dikeh


Apparently, estranged couple, Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill will always continue to verbally attack each other at every available opportunity.

Celebrating Father’s Day today, Tonto Dikeh mocked her ex-husband and son’s father, Olakunle by revealing how she single handedly plays the father role in their son, King Andreh‘s life.

She wrote “Happy Father’s Day to all the non biological fathers of babies, they are standing in for cause they love the mom..
Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Step Dads and Father figures…
Happy Father’s Day to all the Amazing Single Dads..
Happy birthday to All the Yet to be Daddy’s…
God bless you all for Us, you are a gift..
We love you My BABY MY KING MY WORLD(Happy Father’s Day my World)
We love you Mj(Happy father’s day) and
We love you granPa(Happy Father’s Day)”


The controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh further wrote “Happy Fathers Day TO ME BECAUSE I’VE DONE IT ALL BY MYSELF AND ACED IT ANYWAYS.. Actions prove who someone is.. Words just prove who they want to be…

Immediately responding to her post, Olakunle Churchill via his Instagram page stated that a father is a father irrespective of marital issues.

Sharing a photo collage of himself and his four year old son, Andreh, Olakunle Churchill wrote “Happy Fathers’ Day to all the fathers in the world. A father is a father irrespective of marital challenges. A father is not only by way of giving birth to a child; but by way of taking caring of children around you, and children around the world who are in need.

I pray for all the fathers in the world that your child/children will not be used as a tool of jealousy, because of broken relationships like it’s done in the old Era.


As I celebrate this day, I pray this won’t be the era when single parenting ends up affecting a child/ children’s mentality thereby confusing them.

This is a new Era and things have changed. Relax, you’ll reconnect with your child at the right time.
You Are A father!
We Are Fathers!! I Am A Father!!! Happy Father’s Day To You!”

Earlier in the year 2018, Churchill reportedly filed a lawsuit against Tonto Dikeh at a family court.

He seeks to protect his son’s image and to shield him from being exploited.



Fool, I made you trend – I have you fame – Tonto Dikeh blast Olakunle Churchill.

Coming after Tonto Dikeh alleged that her former husband, Olakunle Churchill is bisexual and a “40 seconds cow”, the Abuja based Yoruba born philanthropist has come out to deny the claim.Well, Tonto Dikeh is not giving up on her online battle with him even though it appears as if her Bestie, Bobrisky has abandoned her to carry her cross alone.

The Port-Harcourt born mother of one after daring him to sue her if he’s not gay, has continued to drag him.This time around, she called him a glorified goat and an idiot she made famous.

She wrote:Tonto Dikeh and her former husband, Churchill have been at logger heads after their messy divorce. Their union produced a son.


Churchill reply after Tonto dikeh called him ‘Bisexual’.

…says, leave me alone and focus on your career

It is no longer news that the actress, Tonto Dikeh holds a great dislike for her ex-husband and the father of her child.

This is obvious by how she dedicates her time to sharing unsavoury claims about her marriage with him from time to time on social media.

Just recently, the mother of one took to social media via her Instagram page to claim that she walked out of her marriage with Churchill because he liked to sleep with both men and women.

Well, the allegation seems to be a very big one and Churchill has also taken to his Instagram page to react.

In a post shared on his Instastory, the businessman pleaded with Nigerians not to succumb to the temptation of anyone trying to use his name to trend.


Your son is you – Fans tell Churchill after sharing throwback photo.

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill went back in time to recall his childhood memories.

The philanthropist shared a photo from his childhood and it is great to see that there is so much resemblance from his younger and older self.

The mood of the photo revealed that the entrepreneur and the other kids may have been dressed for an occasion.

Donned in a green and white t-shirt, Churchill was easily noticeable as his complexion and his smile made him stand out among the other kids.

For many of them, they could not help but point out the resemblance between him and his son, King Andre.

engr_jessynma: “OMG your son is you”

des_catering_services: “It seems as if it’s King that is in this photo. Striking resemblance”

nnenzekwe: “OMG this is King Andre”

posh_suprisebymj: “King’s twin”

modupeoluwajosephadebanjo: “Just like your son king”

weymzy: “OMG, your son look so much like you.”

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Throw back 😂😂😂

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Sacred ties: Olakunle Churchill sued Tonto Dikeh

Actress, Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill has issued her with a N500 million lawsuit over allegations published in her infamous May 2019 interview.

Tonto had revealed shocking details of her short-lived marriage to Churchill, a businessman, in a three-part YouTube series which was posted in May 2019.

In the video series titled ‘The Evidence’, the actress made some provocative and indicting claims against her ex-husband. She said the claims are some of the reasons she quit the marriage, which produced a son, King Andre Churchill.

She also alleged that Churchill is into cyber fraud, popularly called Yahoo Yahoo. According to her, she found out he was a fraud when she caught him clad in a red cloth, surrounded by red candles with a laptop placed on his lap.

The actress further claimed that contrary to widespread speculation that Churchill was related to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, his father was Mr Obasanjo’s gardener.

Legal Redress
Following the series of claims made in the viral videos, Churchill approached a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja to seek legal redress against Tonto.

In the court documents, the court summoned Tonto warning that should she fail to appear in court 14 days from December 10, 2019, it may proceed therein with judgment even in the absence of the defendant (Tonto).

The 1st and 2nd claimants, Churchill and Big Church Foundation respectively, are claiming that “The series of malicious and fallacious allegations, assertions and accusations through media campaigns and publications by Tonto Dikeh and her charity group was defamatory.”

They also said the allegations are baseless and sponsored to tarnish and damage the image and his political ambition of the claimant.

Churchill said he might have told Tonto of his intentions to run for the House of Representatives in his constituency.

Back in April 2019, Churchill petitioned the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammad Adamu, over his feud with the actress.
He accused his former wife of document forgery and illegal sale of his Toyota Prado SUV vehicle worth N22 million.

It is unclear if Tonto has filed her response in court as efforts to confirm from the actress proved abortive.

Churchill has however, confirmed the suit to local media.

“Shortly after the suit was filed in December, a bailiff went to Tonto’s Abuja home to serve her the papers but didn’t meet her. He went to her home at the end of January and realised that she has been out of the country,” he said.

According to the documents, a hearing will commence on Tuesday.

Prolonged Marital challenges

The lingering marital drama between both parties took another twist in January 2018 after Churchill filed a suit against Tonto at the family court of the Lagos State Magistrate court.

He was challenging Tonto’s decision to feature their son, King, in a reality show.

According to him, the aim of the show is to exploit his son for financial gains and expose the life and times of the little boy at a period when he cannot make a decision for himself. According to him, the production is entirely an adult content.

Because of the suit, the Reality Show called “King Tonto” being produced by Linda Ikeji Media Limited and featuring King Andre could not be released or aired.

Tonto decided to lay bare her life for all to see on a new reality show titled, “King Tonto.”

Tonto and Churchill met in 2015 at Escape Nightclub in Lagos during the birthday party of the latter’s brother.

Tonto got pregnant six months after they met and they staged a glamorous traditional marriage on August 29, 2015, at Tonto’s hometown, Rumukani in Rumukwuta, Rivers State.

Speaking in an interview at the time, Tonto opened up on the reason why she didn’t wed in church.

She said, “There was no white wedding because I was pregnant, I was also pregnant when I did my traditional wedding which was a big secret. My families were really excited and happy for me because that’s all they have ever wanted. One fear was me being an actress and the question was if I was ever going to get married.”

In February 2017, the Nollywood star confirmed there were cracks in the marriage.

Actress, Tonto Dikeh

By June 2017, Tonto’s dad returned her traditional marriage bride price to his ex-son-in-law.

Tonto, 34, who underwent a much-publicised beauty surgery which she said cost N5 million, has been outspoken about her crashed marriage.


Olakunle Churchill wishes Rosy Meurer on her birthday

Actress Rosy Meurer celebrates her birthday on Saturday and her friends and fans pulled out all the stops to make sure it was a great day.

Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband Olakunle Churchill, who was rumored to be in a romantic affair with Rosy Meurer, also took to Instagram to wish her a happy birthday.

Dr. Olakunle Churchill shared pictures of Rosy as she marked her birthday and the message that came with it has gotten Instagram users talking.

Despite the rumors of their marital affairs that was part of the reasons Churchill’s marriage to Tonto Dikeh crash, the pair remains inseparable.



Tonto Dikeh told to rebuild her life

A recent post from Olakunle Churchill, estranged husband of Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh seems to be an indirect shot fired at Tonto.

Churchill has advised his followers to stop looking for a partner, and focus on their lives through hard work and determination.

According to the astute businessman, the right partner will find his or her way to you when the time is right.

The part of his message that really seems like a direct message to her ex-wife, is the part where he advised his followers to focus on rebuilding their lives.

“Stop looking for partner. Focus on your goals and rebuilding your life. The right person will eventually find their way to you,” he said.

See his post below;