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NobleTokUrMind: It’s the 3rd day in BBNaija’5 house – ‘Who will be evicted first?’


Good day friends and fans, it’s the third day in the prestigious Big Brother Naija reality TV show..

Noble Reporters Media hopes you’re not lagging..


The question is:

“Out of the 20 BBNaija Season 5 #Lockdown housemate, who will be evicted first?”

– Noble Reporters Media

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General Question:
Is BBNaija Scripted?

Valid Answer: (as at publish time)
The producers of these shows usually have a sketch of how they want it to go and would try to influence it in that direction. While some shows are usually just a sketch some other so called reality TV shows are very much scripted down to the crying scenes and emotional meltdowns.


NobleTokUrMind: If You’re To Get Monthly Salary According To Your Current Electricity Debt – How Much Will You Get???? 😃😃


Fans, all over the world, this is an heart cooling question for a season like this to be entertained.

If you’re to get monthly salary according to your current electricity debt, how much will you earn??

Noble Reporters Media

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NobleTokUrMind: What If Yahoo Yahoo isn’t a crime?? | Options


Due to viral trends of Yahoo boys arrest by Interpol, EFCC, others, Olamide Noble have decided to ask the above question with options to back up his question;

What if yahoo yahoo isn’t a crime in the world?



NobleTokUrMind: City Facing Serious Hardship This Season.

Right or Wrong


Let’s know how you feel by commenting in the comments box below.


Viewing all loses and wasteful matches played by Manchester City, NobleSport concluded that City is facing serious hardship this season…


Who could be the cause?

What could be the constraint?



Let’s hear from you