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BBNaija’5: Nengi is ‘the vivid’ winner – Neo affirms.


Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate, Neo Akpofure, has opined that Nengi will emerge winner of the show.

According to him, Nengi might win the N85 million naira grand prize because of her personality.


Neo revealed this during his diary session with Big Brother.

“I think Nengi might win because she has a good personality and is true to herself” He said.

He also stated he didn’t see himself getting emotionally connected to Vee but he’s being himself and doesn’t regret it.

On Sunday, one housemate will be announced as winner of the N85 million grand prize after spending 71 days in the lockdown house.


BBNaija’5: Video of Neo washing Vee’s panties trigger funny reactions.


Nigerians expressed their outrage over a video of Big Brother housemate Neo was spotted washing fellow housemate’s Vee‘s panties.

During the week, Neo and Vee settled their differences and decided to support one another with house chores respectively, thus the reason for washing her panties.

Nigerians have taken to social media, however, to ridicule Neo after he demeaned himself on National Television to wash Vee’s panties.


BBNaija’5: I will cry if Neo is evicted – Laycon tells Trickytee.


Big Brother Naija Housemate, Laycon reveal how he will feel if housemate, Neo is evicted in coming weeks.

Laycon tells Trickytee that he will cry if Neo is evicted.

Laycon also made mention of evicted housemates that really caused him pain as he hit hard on Praise’s eviction.


BBNaija’5: Neo speaks on being errand boy.


Big Brother Naija housemate, Neo has narrated how he visited a girl who was giving him green light but ended up as her houseboy and cleaner.

Neo revealed this while conversing with his fellow housemates about what he ended up doing after visiting a babe.

Narrating the story, He said;

”I once went to visit a girl that has always given me some green light. I got to the lady’s house around 11 pm, spent the night and slept off without taking a closer look at the room.

The next morning the lady left me alone in the house for her gym session. He woke up and realized how dirty the room was. He said he couldn’t stand how dirty the toilet looked. Neo said at that point he became a houseboy because he planned to spend the weekend.

I started the cleaning from the lady’s toilet and then mopped the room and washed the lady’s ‘white turned brown’ bedsheet back to its original colour.”

The other housemates couldn’t hide their feelings on how Neo stooped so low to do all of that for a woman he only went to catch fun with. Laycon added that Neo will work as a houseboy if he ends up with Vee.


BBNaija’5: Neo dumps Vee.


Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate, Neo on Saturday night revealed he’s no longer interested in the relationship between him and Vee.

The disagreement started over an argument about food.

After the Saturday night party, Ozo approached Neo to settle the fight with Vee. However, during the discussion, Neo flared up and said he is no longer interested in the relationship.

“I don’t have any other focus aside from the fans that brought me here and I’ll keep it that way henceforth. I don’t have the energy for someone to be feeling so important. The reason for the fight is so dumb, about food.” Neo told fellow housemate, Ozo.

He continued

“I tried to hustle food for her to eat since she had stomach pains but then Brighto made Semo instead of Poundo Yam and that’s how she got angry. Sometimes I think if Vee is a 5year old.


“I was awake the whole night checking on her to know if she’s not in pain. I put her in front and let her know I’ll look out for her. I’m not doing again henceforth, she does not know the kind of person I am”.

NRM learnt that Vee earlier asked Neo to be scared as she has not seen her period in the BBNaija house.

The lovebirds were having a chat on pregnancy and menstrual cycles in the kitchen when Neo suddenly made a pregnancy gesture.

In response, an agitated Vee threatened to f**k him up and told him to be scared instead of making a joke out of the issue.
“you should be scared idiot” She said.


BBNaija’5: Neo tells Laycon how to deal with Erica.


Neo has advised Laycon to forget about his crush Erica because she has made herself clear enough by choosing Kiddwaya over him.

This was after Erica snubbed Laycon to pick Kiddwaya has the deputy to her position as Head of House. This she did despite her claim that Laycon has a good mentality.

However, when it came to a situation where the mentality is needed, she decided to pick Kiddwaya who has a physique she once wished had Laycon’s mentality.


Shortly after Erica made her decision, Neo walked up to Laycon to console him. He advised him to move on and remember why he’s in the BBNaija house.

He said, “Access the situation from sunday to now. She had made her decision already.

“I want you to be focused, this is a game. You are a people’s person and you can always talk to me.

“Never be alone, always hang around people, especially those that like you.”


BBNaija’5: Neo & Vee’s advise to Laycon after Erica chooses Kiddwaya over him


Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates, Neo and Vee have advised Laycon who appears to be emotionally down to move on after Erica completely ignored him for Kiddwaya.

Noble Reporters Media earlier reported that Erica ignored Laycon and chose Kiddwaya as her deputy.

The model who was the person to get the highest number in the puzzle within a short period of time. Being the 3rd female housemate to become the head of house, Erica has made many BBNaija fans proud.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that few days ago, the 26 year old during a conversation with Ozo and Dorathy, mentioned that it would be dangerous to choose her lover, Kiddwaya as her Deputy Head of House. Her reason was that she is afraid the privacy they will get as Head of house and deputy head of house , might be an opportunity for her and Kiddwaya to get intimate.

Laycon on the other hand has a crush on Erica. He appeared hurt over her decision.

Vee and Neo begged him to ignore her, move on and face the game.


BBNaija’5: Nengi speaks on what happened inside shower with Ozo


Big Brother Naija, Nengi has shared her own side of the reason why she went to meet Ozo in the shower inside the Big Brother house.

The incident was exposed by fellow housemate Neo who told Eric that he saw her enter the shower when Ozo was inside.

The incident was disclosed by fellow housemate, Neo who shared with Eric that he saw her enter the shower when Ozo was inside.


A lot of fans of the show had thought she went in to have sex with the birthday boy who has been catching feelings for her. She probably might have felt that she needed to talk on the matter so as to clear the air for viewers.

Nengi cleared the air while discussing with Praise who is alleged to have had s*x with evicted Ka3na. She said,

“Ozo was not fully dressed but not naked though.

“I wanted to have a conversation with him about something and it definitely had to be in the shower.”


BBNaija’5: Neo shocking compares Dorothy’s brain to Frog


Big Brother Naija housemates, Neo and Dorathy were recently engaged in a conversation and in course of it, Neo got pissed over Dora’s inability to understand an idea he was trying to sell to her especially about Ozo’s “situationship” with Nengi in the house.

Appalled by the fact that Dorathy’s comprehension was slow, he in course of their talk told her she thinks like a frog.

On Monday night, Ozo emerged as head of house for week 3 and chose Dorathy as his Deputy. Not long after, Neo cornered Dorathy to explain the ‘situationship’ Ozo finds himself in with Nengi.


To Neo, Dorathy is misunderstanding Ozo and failing to act as the best friend in the situation – he asked if she’s interested in Ozo to which she replied “NO” and that none of them has interest in the other as lovers but just friends.

According to Neo, Ozo has placed Dorathy at a high point in his life because he values her as a friend but she’s making it difficult for him when she fails to see him in the same light.

And with her inability to understand his stressed point, a frustrated Neo was left with no other option than to tell her “you dey think like frog“.


BBNaija’5: Moment Neo & Vee won Big Brother’s heart with their circus skills | Video


Big brother was delighted with the performance of Vee and her boyfriend Neo during their circus wager task last night.

The couple was in their beast mode especially Vee who promised biggie in the diary room that the special talent she will showcase is for his eyes only.

As promised, she delivered without any mistake and was rewarded for it.

Neo on the other hand did not disappoint.

Video here:

Watch video here


BBNaija’5: Neo reveals why he and Venita wasn’t chosen last season | Video


Neo has revealed that he made it through last season’s Big Brother Naija PepperDem Season 4 but wasn’t chosen at the end.

It appears he auditioned for the show with his cousin, Venita Akpofure but didn’t make it as his cousin was the only one who got the chance to enter..

According to him, he was picked on his birthday which makes him feel they did that to compensate him.

Watch video here:


BBNaija’5: Neo shower praises on Vee


Neo seems to be in high spirit this morning as he was spotted praising and admiring his girlfriend, Vee while she went about her morning chores.

As big brother ordered them to clean the house after they cheated in a game task, Vee hurriedly went to her plot right after leaving the arena.

While cleaning, Neo stood still admiring and praising her for her magnificent beauty and ability to do house chores effortlessly.


While showering her with praises, he said:

Neo: shenke’s Wettin you chop when you fine like this ?????

Vee: the blood of Jesus

Neo: God use 21days create you..as e they carry you, e put you for fridge, continue the next day.


BBNaija’5: ‘You be my bae any day’ – Neo tells Nengi | Video


Neo has pledged allegiance to female housemate, Nengi after she sought clarification from him.

Neo is the kind of friend your parent would like to see you have around to help shape your life and perspective due to his knowledge about life and intelligence.

While relaxing in the garden, Nengi seemed worried and approached him to assess his output in the house and involvement in activities, most importantly during her head of house regime.

Apparently it was their first time holding a meaningful conversation and Neo just did his magic. He spoke from the heart on how he feels about her. He praised her for carrying herself well in the house and commanding respect from the other housemates.

He likes her for staying real and being honest to herself and the game.

Video here:


BBNaija’5: Neo reveal the woman he wants to be with in his next life


BBNaija male housemate, Neo wishes to be born a woman in his next life due to the benefit that comes with it.

Neo threw the ladies into laughter when he said women benefit more than men and that he wishes to be born a woman in his next life.

Making his point clear, he said a man’s life revolves around women ie, all the money and properties men struggle to make ends up being spent or given to women.


BBNaija’5: Neo and Eric finally share friendship goals | Video


Eric and Neo have been the best of friends since they entered the house and they don’t seem to break the bond anytime soon.

The two have moved from mere friends to brothers in the show and it’s jut the content viewers signed up for in the show.

The two have spent time discussing their life before and after the show and their relationships with two female housemates who also happen to be friends. Yesterday, they both faced possible breakup in their relationship were their “wives” showed signs of leaving them to their own fate.

Later in the evening, they were seen at the table where Eric was seen helping Neo with his fractured thumb. Lilo was there to help as well.


BBNaija’5: Housemates shades Vee for sleep-talking, says ‘Neo The Monster’


Vee was trolled for sleep-talking after Praise heard her referring to Neo as a monster while she slept in their room.

Vee and Neo have taken their relationship to the next level where they share a bed in the room.

Praise raised concern on the strange noises from the corner of their bed, implying they have been sleeping with each other.


He cited an example where Vee talked in her sleep saying “I’m going to bed with a monster“.

The house was thrown in hysteria over the revelation made by Praise. To make it more fun, they settled on calling him (Neo) ‘Monster’ henceforth.

Well it didn’t get to Neo as he laughed off and covered themselves with the blanket.