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Imam of peace blast Buhari’s govt again after begging for ventilators in fight of COVID-19

Popular Islamic cleric, Imam of Peace, who has put the Nigerian government on blast several times, is at it again after the FG made an appeal to billionaire businessman, Elon Musk.

Recall that yesterday, the Ministry of Finance via its Twitter handle, appealed to billionaire businessman, Elon Musk, to help the Nigerian government with ventilators.

Reacting to the news via his Twitter handle this morning, Imam of Peace wrote

If the Buhari government is begging for ventilators in public, imagine what they beg for in private. I’m not the one dragging the country, it’s Buhari that drags the country’s reputation through the mud every single day. I wonder if he’s begged Boko Haram for things in the past!!” he tweeted


Check: ASUU begin 2 weeks warning strike.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has embarked on a two- week warning strike with effect from Monday.

The National President of the union, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi, made the announcement at end of the National Executive Council meeting(NEC) held at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT).

Ogunyemi said the strike action was to compel federal government to implement the agreements and resolutions of Memorandum of Action discussed in the 2009 ASUU-FGN agreement, the 2013 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the 2017 Memorandum of Action (MoU), all of which have not been implemented.


Jan-Dec: Notable People We Lost In 2019. (Checkout)

From Nigerian scholar, Pius Adeyemi to Nobel-winning novelist Toni Morrison and Zimbabwe strongman Robert Mugabe, here are some of the notable deaths of 2019.

– 10: Emir Of Lafia died of an undisclosed ailment at the age of 84.

– 13: Former South Africa star Philemon ‘Chippa’ Masinga died aged 49 in a Johannesburg hospital from cancer

– 21: Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala, 28, was killed when the plane he was in crashed into the English Channel.

– 30 Grammy-Winning R&B Singer James Ingram dies at 66; his rise to fame came after he lent his smooth vocals to the songs “Just Once”

-11: NFF General Secretary Taiwo Ogunjobi died of a brief illness.

-16: Bruno Ganz, the actor whose role as Hitler inspired countless parodies died in Zurich, he was suffering from cancer. Ganz died aged 77.

-19: Iconic Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld died at 85. Lagerfeld was artistic director at Chanel.

-28: Veteran Musician Andre Previn died at 89.

-01: Former Kano Governor, Hamza Abdullahi died in Germany of a brief illness.

-09: Mr Temitope Olatoye, a House Of Reps Member was shot dead in Oyo State.

-10: Nigerian scholar, author and popular columnist/activist, Pius Adesanmi, was among those killed when an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed.

-o1: Grammy-Nominated US Rapper, Nipsey Hussle was shot dead, he was only 33.

-13: Former Appeal Court President Mamman Nasir died at 90.

-12: Respected boxing judge turned broadcaster Harold Lederman died of cancer, he was 79.

-13: Hollywood Icon Doris Day died at 97, she had always been in good health till she contracted pneumonia.

-31: The President, Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN), Francis Johnson died of a brief illness.

-01: Ex-Arsenal Striker Jose Reyes died in a car crash.

-17: Egypt Ex-President Morsi died after fainting in court.

-07: Disney Star Cameron Boyce (20) died in his sleep.

-22: Precious Owolabi, a corps member serving with Channels TV died in a clash between Shiites and men of the Nigerian Police Force.

-25: Tunisia’s President Beji Essebsi died at 92, he was severely ill.

-27: Veteran Sports Journalist, Akinloye Oyebanji, died at the age of 62.

-06: Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison died at 88,

-12: DJ Arafat died in a road crash.

-27: First Gambia President, Dawda Jawara died at 95.

-06: Zimbabwe Ex-President Robert Mugabe died aged 95, he died of an undisclosed ailment.

-19: Tunisia’s Ex-President Ben Ali died at 83.

-22: Ex-Ghanaian international Agogo died at 40, he suffered a stroke.

-23: Nigeria’s Chief Trade Negotiator, Ambassador Osakwe passed on. It was undisclosed what the cause of his death was.

-26: Former SGF, Ufot Ekaette (80) died of a brief illness, he was appointed SGF in May 1999 by the then President Olusegun Obasanjo.

-26: Former French President, Jacques Chirac died of an ill-health.

-29: Popular Twitter commentator Stanley Nwabia died following an unsuccessful blood transfusion procedure in Lagos.

-03: Nigeria’s Olympic Silver Medalist, Isaac Promise died at 31, he is said to have collapsed at his apartment gym in Austin.

-07: Veteran Broadcaster Kunle Olasope died at 82.

-26: Deborah Jibowu died at 95, she was Nigeria’s first female science graduate.

-31: First Lagos Governor, Mobolaji Johnson died at 83. Johnson became governor of Lagos State in May 1967 until he retired from the Nigerian Army in July 1975 during the military regime of General Yakubu Gowon (rtd).

-11: Former Petroleum Minister, Tam David-West died at 83, he served as Minister of Petroleum and Energy under President Muhammadu Buhari’s military regime.

-15: Nigeria’s Former Minister of Information, Alex Akinyele died at 81, he died of a brief ailment.

-07: Renowned Pentecostal Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke died aged 79, he was widely known for his gospel missions throughout African countries, including Nigeria and South Africa.

-18: Senator Ben Uwajumogu who was representing Imo North Senatorial District in the National Assembly, died at the nation’s capital, he was aged 51.

-31: Dr Muhammadu Adamu Fagengawo, a Reps Member representing Garki/Babura Federal constituency in Jigawa state, died at a hospital in Dubai.

May their families, friends and loved ones find comfort, solace and fortitude to bear the loss.


Izuogu – Peace in Nigeria, Igbo Presidency.

…issues with Arthur nzeribe

Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu, a revered politician and scientist in this interview with STANLEY UZOARU expressed his mind on the security challenges in the country and ways to tackling it. He, however, attributed most of the challenges to Nigeria’s poor immigration system which he said allows every Tom, Dick and Harry to lay claim to its citizenship. Also, he recalled the troubled days with maverick politician, Senator Arthur Nzeribe.

How do you feel about the reoccurring cases of kidnap in the country today?

Well, it underscores the bad security situation in the country; this is what we have been speaking to President Buhari about, that everything needs to be done to secure Nigeria. Every Nigerian citizen needs to have a sense of security in his home country and we say President, take note of that, give it a special attention in the interest of all Nigerians, whether from the North East or South East or even South West or North Central, every Nigerian needs a sense of security. That is very important. I hope Mr President is taking note of these complaints from all kinds of Nigerians.

Do you think the federal government is living up to its expectation in resolving it?

I think the President is making some efforts. For example, the recent instructions to the armed forces on security appears to have come from the President but what is important is, how effective it is. Any measure that is taken should be very effective to average Nigerian. The average Nigerian wants to stay alive first before he talks of what to eat or drink, it is very important.

There have been outcries of herdsmen invasion on farmlands in Imo State lately. If you were in the governor’s shoes, how would you tackle it?

The best way to handle that kind of situation is to identify who is a citizen of Nigeria and who is not; all over, the important countries are careful of those they admit into their country. If you want to go to the US now, it’s a problem getting their visa, if you want to go to UK, Germany, it is difficult getting their visas because they want to minimise those that are entering their territories. So, if the government of Nigeria is very serious of the insecurity situation of the average Nigerian, they should mount proper surveillance on those who want to enter Nigeria, they must have them properly screened, they must have means of livelihood, because if you allow somebody who is not employed to come into Nigeria, the man has to eat, has to drink, and that leads to temptation if he has no means of making money. He may start thinking of funny things to do in order to raise money to eat. So, they want to minimise that in a descent country. If the country is decent, the people being admitted must be very decent.

I guess that was your suggestion as the President; now what if you were Governor Ihedioha?

If I am the governor of a state, I will take special interest in those who are entering the state, knowing their identity, everybody would have an identity; if you don’t have an identity, you are not a citizen. There is national ID; there is driver’s licence, there must be a place where your name is recorded, that is very important. If you don’t do that, you are exposing the people to the market square because anything can happen in the market. Whoever is entering Imo State, if I am the governor, I must know the person; I must know his credentials, I must know what he is coming to do in Imo, whether he is coming to do business or live in Imo, those things are very important now, you don’t joke with it. If you do, you will be joking with the lives of your citizens.

The Igbo are jostling to take over from Buhari in 2023; in all fairness, do you think this is achievable?

They are Nigerians, why can’t they achieve it? They are one of the most populous ethnic groups in the country. There are three major ethnic groups and the Igbo are one of the three; they need to occupy the position. Other people have been doing that; Yoruba have done it several times; the Hausa/Fulani have done it several times, even our brother, minority Ijaw, have done it. We supported Jonathan, so why can’t we now? We have supported all the presidents. Those who wanted to be President, from the West, the Middle Belt, I supported all of them. so, why can’t they support the Igbo now? This is how to build a stable and peaceful country; you must be fair to all the parts of the country. If you are not fair to them, that means you have hidden agenda to the particular people and that would have a reverse reaction in their minds which would not make for peace in the country. If anybody wants Nigeria to be at peace, they should give the presidency to the Igbo. I admire the northerners and the westerners who have been championing it, the way they have spoken; Balarabe Musa and so many others, they said give it to the Igbo, remove your hand, it’s their turn, let it be for Ndigbo alone; just as we brought out Olu Falae and Obasanjo from Yorubaland some time ago, only the two of them were the candidates and we supported them, eventually one of them became the president, they should do the same thing for Ndigbo.

President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo might take its turn of rotation to Imo, who would you tip to become the next President-General?

(Laughs) Well, it is still far, as an old politician, I have to watch and see. I have to watch those who are showing interest, I want to know their character, I want to know their antecedents, I want to know if they want to go and collect money and sell the interest of Ndigbo, I want to know if they just want to use it to advance their political career, those things cannot mix. Ohanaeze is a sociocultural organisation, it is not a socio-political organisation, so, whoever has political ambition cannot go there. They have to allow it for those who have cultural values, who understand Igbo tradition, allow it for them, those who have political ambition either to become governor or president should not go for the President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. It is not like Afenifere; Afenifere in the West is a socio-political organisation, it is not socio-cultural; Ohanaeze is a sociocultural organisation. So, I am going to support a socio-cultural personality who has integrity, who has character for which the Igbo are praised, admired, so, let them come, we are watching them, very soon, we would make our position known.

Can you give us five likely best shots for the position?

You are giving me a tough task, however, it’s too early. There are some names in my mind, I would want to think it over before I answer that question, because anybody I mention now is important, I can’t just mention anybody. People know my standard; I have to take that standard into consideration before I mention them.

Recently, maverick politician, Senator Arthur Nzeribe turned 81; could you recount some of your experiences with him?

Nzeribe has done his bit in politics; he has been a senator of my senatorial zone, Orlu. We both disagreed in SDP. I don’t hold this against him, I have forgiven him, I am a Christian; he was opposing my candidature because he wanted another person and all that, no problem, the past is gone. Arthur Nzeribe is my friend; if he had invited me to his birthday bash, I would have attended and wished him many more years, no problem, it’s okay.

For not inviting you like you pointed out, do you think he is still bearing grudges against you?

I don’t know why he did not invite me, may be because he has so many friends to invite and I am not one of the important friends, no problem (laughs).