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Fahim Saleh: Former P.A to late Gokada CEO apprehended


The Personal Assistant to Fahim Saleh, who founded the Nigerian ride-sharing app Gokada, was arrested on Friday in the shocking murder of the 33-year-old tech entrepreneur in his Manhattan apartment, Noble Reporters Media reports.

Saleh’s body was found dismembered and decapitated in his luxury condo on Tuesday, New York police said.

The suspect, identified by the Times as Tyrese Devon Haspil, 21, is expected to be charged in the murder, NYT said citing two officials briefed on the matter.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the New York Police Department disputed the report.

“Last I was told, we don’t have anyone in custody,” police spokesman Sergeant Vincent Marchese said by phone.

“There is no arrest. I don’t know where they’re getting the information from.”


166 killed, 167 injured over Hundessa’s murder in Ethiopia. | 2 Stories


Killing of pop star, who gave voice to the Oromo group, highlights the African nation’s simmering ethnic tensions.

Haacaaluu Hundeessaa rides a horse in traditional costume during the 123rd anniversary celebration of the Battle of Adwa where Ethiopian forces defeated the invading Italian forces, in Addis Ababa last year [File: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters]

• How Hundessa’s Murder Reveal Ethiopia’s seperation •

Firaol Ajema and his friends, dressed in black T-shirts, have been meeting each afternoon in recent days to listen to the music of Ethiopian pop star Hachalu Hundessa, also known as Haacaaluu Hundeessaa.

The homemade shirts bearing the dead singer’s portrait and the slogan “I am also Hachalu” are their way of honouring the man whose murder on Monday sparked violence that killed at least 166 people and highlighted Ethiopia’s simmering ethnic tensions.

“We haven’t been able to properly mourn,” said Firaol, a university student in the town of Legetafo outside Addis Ababa, where security has been tight since the killing. “We are suffocating inside our own houses.”

Hachalu’s death, which remains unsolved, was destined to become a political flashpoint.


In uptempo pop songs riddled with political references, Hachalu gave voice to feelings of marginalisation among fellow members of his Oromo ethnic group, Ethiopia’s largest.

His music was the soundtrack to anti-government protests that swept Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the country’s first Oromo leader, to office in 2018.

Yet, as Ethiopia prepares for elections that will test its democratic transition under Abiy, many Oromo nationalists feel betrayed, arguing the prime minister has failed to champion their interests.


Opposition politicians claim many of the deaths were instigated by security forces who have fired on protesters in multiple locations in Addis Ababa and the surrounding Oromia region.

Firaol and his fellow young Oromos in Legetafo agree.

“The killing has caused a lot of sadness among us, but the way the government is handling it is even worse,” said Birhanu Gadisa, also a student. “It’s totally unacceptable.”

Contested capital
The issue at the centre of this week’s crisis is the historic Oromo claim to Addis Ababa, which many ethnic nationalists refer to as Finfinne, the name given to the territory before Emperor Menelik II founded the capital in the late 19th century.


The catalyst for protests that swept Abiy to power was the unveiling in 2015 of a master plan for Addis Ababa’s expansion into Oromia.

Hachalu’s resting place has been contested with some arguing he should be buried in Addis Ababa, rather than his native Ambo to the west.

Hachalu, a former political prisoner, rose to prominence during prolonged anti-government protests [Screengrab/ YouTube] 

“He needed to be buried with respect inside Addis Ababa. Finfinne belongs to the Oromo people,” Firaol said.

Government officials and some of Hachalu’s relatives, however, wanted him buried in Ambo, leading to an unseemly tussle over his corpse.


According to an account provided by federal police commissioner Endeshaw Tassew, a group of Oromo nationalists, among them prominent opposition politician Jawar Mohammed, intercepted the body en route to Ambo on Tuesday and tried to take it back to Addis Ababa, where they clashed with security forces.

One police officer was killed and Jawar was arrested, further inflaming tensions in Oromia.

Two days later, the funeral in Ambo turned deadly when soldiers opened fire on crowds of mourners in a botched attempt at crowd control.

At least nine people were shot, two of them fatally, triggering fresh grief for Hachalu’s fans.


“Even when many people go out to mourn his death, we lost more lives,” said student Chala Tola.

‘Eyes of the Oromo’
Hachalu is now buried, but the divisions his killing has exposed will shape Ethiopian politics in the months to come.

People gather to protest against the treatment of Ethiopia’s ethnic Oromo group, outside Downing Street in London, Britain, July 3, 2020 [Simon Dawson/Reuters]

Jawar remains jailed, alongside another prominent Oromo politician, Bekele Gerba. Officials have provided scant information about the charges against the two men who are due to appear in court this month.

And, as Hachalu made clear in one of his final interviews, Oromo nationalists’ grievances are deeper than recent events. Last month the singer called for the removal of a statue of Emperor Menelik II from the capital’s Piasa neighbourhood.


While Menelik is widely respected as the creator of modern-day Ethiopia, for Oromo nationalists he embodies a system of marginalisation.

During the recent protests, a crowd advanced on the statue, seemingly intent on toppling it to make Hachalu’s wish a reality, but security forces pushed them back. City police officers have been stationed around the statue since.

For Firaol, back in Legetafo, that Hachalu is dead and the statue stands says everything he needs to know about the government’s priorities.

“While they should have been protecting this guy, they have been protecting the statue,” he said. “For me Hachalu was not one person. He was the eyes of the Oromo people, and now they have blinded us.”

Members of the Ethiopian military patrol the streets following protests in Addis Ababa [Tiksa Negeri/Reuters]

• Hundessa’s Murder caused protest in Ethiopia, 166 killed – 167 injured and over 1,000 arrested, 5 murder suspect nabbed •

Police confirm at least 166 deaths in violent protests over killing of popular Oromo singer Haacaaluu Hundeessa.

At least 166 people have died during violent demonstrations that roiled Ethiopia in the days following the murder of popular singer Haacaaluu Hundeessa, police said.

“In the aftermath of Hachalu’s death, 145 civilians and 11 security forces have lost their lives in the unrest in the region,” said Girma Gelam, deputy police commissioner of Oromia region, in a statement on the state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate on Saturday.


Another 10 people are known to have died in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Girma said a further 167 had “sustained serious injuries” and that 1,084 people had been arrested.

Pop star Haacaaluu, a member of the Oromo ethnic group, Ethiopia’s largest, was shot dead by unknown attackers in Addis Ababa on Monday night, heightening ethnic tensions and threatening the country’s democratic transition.

Five people have been arrested in connection with his killing.


Officials have repeatedly suggested the Oromo Liberation Front, a rebel group, and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, an opposition party, were implicated.

Officials have attributed the deaths to a combination of lethal force by security officers and inter-ethnic violence.

Haacaaluu Hundeessaa rides a horse in traditional costume during the 123rd anniversary celebration of the Battle of Adwa where Ethiopian forces defeated the invading Italian forces, in Addis Ababa last year [File: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters]

Girma added that the violent unrest had now “completely stopped”.

Last week, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Haacaaluu’s killing and the subsequent violence represented “coordinated attempts” to destabilise the country.


Three high-profile opposition leaders – including former media mogul Jawar Mohammed – have been arrested in connection with the unrest, though officials have provided few details about the cases against them.

Haacaaluu, 36, the Oromo-language singer and song writer was buried on Thursday under heavy police and military presence in his hometown of Ambo, about 100km (62 miles) west of Addis Ababa.

He is survived by his wife and two children.

Haacaaluu’s music gave voice to Oromos’ widespread sense of economic and political marginalisation during years of anti-government protests that swept Abiy to power in 2018.



Tragedy: 5-year-old killed in Ibadan days after 21-year-old murder


Another five-year-old boy, Mojeeb Tirimisiyu, was killed on Monday by yet-to-be-identified assailants in Akinyele Local Government Area, Ibadan.

The deceased was allegedly hit with a shovel by the assailants when he went to defecate at the back of their house in the Tose area of Akinyele LGA.

The killers escaped into the bush after the incident.

According to the mother of the deceased, Mrs. Tirimisiyu, Mojeeb had told his older siblings after the rain on Monday morning that he wanted to defecate and the back door was opened for him.

“Had I known I would have asked him to defecate in the front of the house. Suddenly, he cried out, ‘Mummy, Mummy’. His elder one and I rushed out to the backyard but we didn’t see him initially.


“Then I checked beside the bush and found him macheted. He hadn’t died when we got there. So, people took him from my hand to the hospital but he later died,” the bereaved mother said.

The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), SP Olugbenga Fadeyi, confirmed the incident to the NRM on Monday in Ibadan.

“At about 2p.m. of June 22, at Olorunsogo Area of Tose, Moniya, Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State, one Mojeeb Tirimisiyu ‘m’ aged five years, while defecating in a nearby bush close to the backyard of his parents house was attacked with a shovel on his head and sustained a serious injury.

“He died later as a result of injury sustained and corpse deposited in a hospital.


“Investigation has since commenced while concerted efforts intensified to track this hoodlum that has been carrying out this heinous crime,’ Fadeyi said.

Mojeeb’s death would be the fourth case of murder carried out in Akinyele LGA in the last one month.

An 18-year -old, Barakat Bello, was raped and killed on May 31 by unknown hoodlums, while a 29-year-old, Azeezat Shomuyiwa, was killed on June 5 in that axis of Akinyele Local Government Area, Ibadan.

Also, a 21-year-old, female student of Oke –Ogun Polytechnic, Grace Oshiagwu, was murdered on June 13 in the same Akinyele area.



Jamal Khasoggi’s murder not personal – Saudi Arabia’s Activists.

Saudi activists say perpetrators in homicide cases cannot be pardoned and reaffirm Jamal Khashoggi’s case as political.

Many leading Saudi activists have stressed that slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder remains a political issue, despite alleged efforts by authorities in the kingdom to reduce it to a familial one.

Khashoggi, a well-known journalist in the Arab world who also wrote opinion pieces for The Washington Post, was killed in October 2018 after he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to obtain documents to marry his Turkish fiance. His body was dismembered and never recovered.

The remarks by the Saudi activists came after Khashoggi’s son Salah posted a brief statement on Twitter earlier on Friday, saying his family has pardoned those responsible for his father’s murder.

“In this blessed night of the blessed month [of Ramadan], we remember God’s saying: If a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah,” he posted.

“Therefore, we the sons of the Martyr Jamal Khashoggi announce that we pardon those who killed our father, seeking reward God almighty.”


However, Khashoggi’s Turkish fiance, Hatice Cengiz, renounced the statement, saying “no one has the right to pardon the killers” and that she will not stop until justice is done.

“The murder of Jamal Khashoggi is not a family case, it is not a mistake in a normal context,” said Yahya Assiri, the head of the United Kingdom-based Saudi rights group, ALQST.

“The authorities killed him because of his political work,” Assiri said. “His case is political, so keep silent.”

تبرئة سعود القحطاني وأحمد عسيري في قضية الاغتيال الغادر للشهيد #جمال_خاشقجي رحمه الله هو حماية للدائرة الصغيرة للقتلة الحقيقين والتضحية بشخصيات لانعرف حتى اسماءها.

وحتى طلب القتل جاء بصيغة “القصاص” ليتيح لأولياء الدم (الذين تبتزهم نفس فرقة القتل الصغيرة) العفو!

د. عبدالله العودة

“We categorically reject the Saudi trial in the Khashoggi case and its resulting judgments,” said the statement.

“The trial is unfair, the Saudi judiciary is corrupt and not independent, and the main suspect in the case is the Saudi Crown Prince, who controls the conduct of the trials.”


The signatories in the statement said they condemned Saudi authorities using the late journalist’s family members to “whitewash the country’s judiciary, … dwarfing Khashoggi’s case”.

It said Khashoggi’s family or some of its members did not have their full freedom to say what they wanted.

“[The] fact is that the issue does not concern Jamal Khashoggi’s family only, but rather is an issue of public opinion as Khashoggi was a political writer who criticised the political system and was killed for that.”


Omaima al-Najjar, a Saudi activist, said it was imperative to continue pushing for Khashoggi’s case as one framed within freedom of speech. It would remain in the public eye for several reasons, she said.

“What we intend to do is continue to flag the case as a fight for freedom of speech and call for an independent transparent trial carried by international laws and not by Sharia laws that enable a murder case to escape penalty through a pardon or blood money,” al-Najjar said.

“There was never closure of the case since the body was never found,” she said. “The Turkish authorities are also still keeping records of the audio of the killing – which is described by the UN as chilling and graphic – that they could leak at any time.”


Al-Najjar accused the Saudi authorities of trying to find ways to spare the lives of those who committed the crime.

“There have been ongoing trials of the case where international observers are allowed to attend but without translators. The trial has been a complete joke and I would describe it as a theatre.”

New details revealed on Khashoggi’s murder
‘Martyr for a cause’
Some activists also shared on social media a Saudi Supreme Court document from six years ago that said there can be no pardoning of perpetrators in homicide cases.


Under the Islamic law followed by Saudi Arabia, death sentences could be commuted if the victim’s family pardons the perpetrator.

But activists argue this applies to cases of family disputes or personal grievances, and not in a political case like Khashoggi’s.

“The public prosecution’s framing of the punishment [of Khashoggi’s killers] as ‘retribution’ from the outset made it clear there was an intention to exonerate his murderers by way of a pardon from the family,” said Abdullah Alaoudh, a Saudi academic at Georgetown University.


“Unfortunately, what happened was expected.”

Karen Attiah, editor at The Washington Post for which Khashoggi wrote columns, said his sons had “surrendered and allowed the murderers of their father to go free”.

“We the sons of the martyr, Jamal Khashoggi – That we have pardoned the killer of our father – God have mercy on his soul – for God’s sake, as we all seek and hope for God’s reward.”

Jamal’s sons have surrendered and allowed the murderers of their father to go free. No justice.

But Abdulaziz Almoayyad, a Saudi activist based in Dublin, said he disagreed with any backlash directed towards the Khashoggi family. NobleReporters learnt


“It is immoral for the media to focus such attention on Khashoggi’s family, especially since it is clear they are being pressured by the fascist Saudi regime,” he said.

“They are in the lap of autocracy, and we have no right to criticise or judge what they say,” he added, calling Khashoggi a “martyr for a cause”.

‘Parody of justice’
On Friday, Agnes Callamard, the UN rapporteur for extrajudicial executions, said the “shocking” decision by Khashoggi’s sons to “forgive” their father’s killers was just another step in Saudi Arabia’s “parody of justice”.


Callamard said the move was “the final act in [Saudi Arabia’s] well-rehearsed parody of justice in front of an international community far too ready to be deceived”.

“Act One was their pretence of an investigation,” she said, adding that the team Riyadh sent to help with the probe had in fact been ordered to “clean up the crime scene”, accusing it of “obstruction of justice”.

Nearly a month after Khashoggi’s killing, a report by the CIA concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) had issued orders to kill the Saudi dissident.


In September 2019, the Saudi crown prince indicated that he assumed some personal responsibility for the crime since “it took place during his reign”.

Last December, the Saudi judiciary issued preliminary rulings in the case, according to which three prominent officials – Saud al-Qahtani, former adviser to MBS; Mohammed al-Otaibi, the Saudi consul in Istanbul; and Ahmed al-Asiri, the former deputy director of intelligence – were acquitted of the crime.

Around the same time, five people were sentenced to death and three others imprisoned for 24 years for the killing, with the prosecution not revealing the names of the convicts.


The rulings were criticised by the international bodies as a “sham”, pointing that their purpose was for the kingdom to avoid holding the real perpetrators to account.

In the US, chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, said the rulings were a continuation of the kingdom’s efforts to distance Saudi leaders – including the crown prince – from the brutal assassination, adding that the crime was deliberate and not the result of a sudden decision or abnormal process.



Suspect kill Jamal Khashoggi – Son forgive killer.

Salah Khashoggi releases statement on Twitter as activists hit back saying murder case is not familial but political.

In the statement, posted on Friday, Salah Khashoggi said his family pardons those who took the reporter’s life in 2018 when he visited Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul.

“In this blessed night of the blessed month (of Ramadan) we remember God’s saying: If a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah.”

“Therefore, we the sons of the Martyr Jamal Khashoggi announce that we pardon those who killed our father, seeking reward God almighty” he added.

Khashoggi was last seen at the Saudi consulate where he had gone to get the necessary documents for his wedding. His body was dismembered and removed from the building and his remains have not been found.


Under Islamic law, death sentences in Saudi Arabia can be commuted if the victim’s family pardons the perpetrator, but it is not clear whether that will happen in this case.

Hatice Cengiz, Khashoggi’s fiance, wrote on Twitter on Friday that “nobody has the right to pardon the killers”.

“The murder of Jamal Khashoggi is not a family case, it is not a mistake in a normal context!” he wrote on Twitter, saying Khashoggi’s murder was not due to a personal disagreement.


“The authorities killed him because of his political work,” Assiri said. “His case is political, so keep silent!”

Assiri shared a statement signed by dozens of other Saudi activists and politicians, refuting what they called the repackaging of Khashoggi’s murder by the Saudi authorities into a familial one.

“We reject the use of Saudi authorities of some of Khashoggi’s family members to whitewash the country’s judiciary and dwarfing Khashoggi’s case,” the statement said, adding that Khashoggi’s family or at least some members of it do not have their full freedom to say what they want.


“Secondly, and more importantly, the fact is that the issue does not concern Jamal Khashoggi’s family only, but rather is an issue of public opinion as Khashoggi was a political writer who criticised the political system and was killed for that.”

Saudi officials say he had no role, although in September 2019 MBS indicated some personal accountability, saying the grisly killing “happened under my watch”.

Saudi Arabia sentenced five people to death and three to jail over Khashoggi’s murder last December. The suspects were put on trial in secretive proceedings in the capital Riyadh.


The trials were condemned by the United Nations and rights groups. UN Special Rapporteur for extrajudicial summary or arbitrary executions Agnes Callamard accused Saudi Arabia of making a “mockery” of justice by allowing the masterminds of the 2018 killing to go free.

However, Salah Khashoggi said of the December verdict: “It has been fair to us and that justice has been achieved.”



Suspects behind Mrs. Funke Olakunrin’s death test positive for COVID-19. [Nigeria]


Governor Rotimi Akeredolu on Sunday morning disclosed that one of the recently arraigned suspects in the murder of Mrs. Funke Olakunrin, Pa Fasoranti’s daughter has tested positive for Coronavirus(COVID-19).

Akeredolu made the announcement via his verified Instagram page.


The governor, however, confirmed that the suspect has been isolated from others and will be moved to the IDH for treatment.

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu said, “We have confirmed three other cases in Ondo state. One of the cases involves one of the recently arraigned suspects in the murder of Mrs. Funke Olakunrin, Pa Fasoranti’s Daughter.


“The Commissioner of police has been duly informed and the line tracing of police officers and others in the SARs facility where he was kept has started and their specimens are being collected.

“The commissioner of police has assured the state that there will be adequate security around the IDH premises to prevent his escape and while on treatment, he will be manacled to the bed.”


[Nigeria] 4 killers of Funke Olakunrin nabbed in Akure (Photos)

Ondo government Friday docked four men suspected to be the killers of Funke Olakunrin, the daughter of the national leader of Afenifere.

Among the accused were Lawal Mazaje from the Felele area of Kogi State and Adamu Adamu from Jada area of Adamawa State.

Others are Mohammed Usman from Illela area of Sokoto State and Auwal Abubakar from Shinkafi area of Zamfara State.

The suspects were arraigned at a Chief Magistrate Court in Akure, the capital, a week after the police announced their arrest.

Funke was killed last year at Kajola, on the Ondo-Ore Road, by people said to be Fulani marauders.

But last week, police said they have recorded a breakthrough with the men’s arrest.

Police spokesman DCP Frank Mba said the police had established sufficient physical and forensic evidence against the suspects


[Nigeria] Abia driver killed by NSCDC official.

An official of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) identified as Isiala Ngwa Division, in Abia State, allegedly shot a commercial driver dead.

The victim was reportedly carrying perishable and non-perishable food items in his car to deliver when he was stopped by the NSCDC official.

The driver and the official later got into an argument. The reason for the argument cannot be verified at the moment but some people have claimed that it was over bribe.

The driver allegedly tried to drive off during the argument and the NSCDC official allegedly shot at him, killing him.

The death of the driver led to heavy traffic on the Umuikaa, Isiala Ngwa South LGA axis of Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway as youths in the area took to the road to protest the alleged killing.

The incident was said to have angered youths in the area who attempted lynching the NSCDC official.

The NSCDC official narrowly escaped death by running into a police station in the area.

The state governor has expressed shock over the development.

In a press release signed by the State Commissioner for Information, Chief John Okiyi Kalu and made available to newsmen in Umuahia on Wednesday, the state governor condemned the act.


[Nigeria] Fulani Herdsmen kill more than 10, raze 20 houses in Plateau.

At least 10 persons, including a woman who was nine months pregnant, were reportedly killed on Tuesday, April 14, when gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen attacked Hwra village in Kwall District of Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Survivors, mostly women and children, are reportedly moving out of the community in droves for fear of further attacks.

It was gathered that the attackers invaded the village at about 8 pm when the villagers were asleep as a result of the total lockdown in the state, according to an account of the incident.

The president of the Irigwe Development Association, Hon Sunday Abdu, who confirmed the attack, said that the attackers burnt down the entire village with foodstuffs and other valuables worth millions of naira, Abdu said.

“The attackers attacked the village and burnt the entire houses in their usual way when the people were sleeping as a result of the lockdown. Nine people were killed including a pregnant woman, and these people do not obey the laws of the land; we have outlaws in Nigeria.”

A community leader, Moses Gata, said soldiers were withdrawn from Miango communities a few weeks ago after which the attackers dislodged four villages with dozens of people killed.

He confirmed that 23 houses were burnt with valuables worth millions of naira and called on the people and government of the state for urgent assistance to rehabilitate the devastated communities.

The deceased persons were mostly children and women who have been given mass burial.

“Yes, the incident happened yesterday night; it was very unfortunate and when the incident occurred, we mobilised our men to the scene immediately,” said Major Ibrahim Shittu, spokesman of the special task force Operation Safe Haven (OPHS), confirming the incident.

Community wailing at the corpse

“As we speak, the commander of Sector 3 who has been in the area and the commander of the Operation Safe Haven, Major General Chukwuemeka Okonkwo, has gone to the scene and addressed the people and assured them of more personnel to protect lives and property.”

Major Shittu said he did not have the casualty figure as of press time, saying, however, that military personnel were working round the clock to find the perpetrators of the deadly attack.


Nigerian man beat pregnant wife to death in Ondo state.

A nurse who is 8-months pregnant has died and her husband has been accused of beating her to death.

The woman, identified as Ms Anya Adaeze, aka Mummy David, was allegedly beaten by her husband, Olabode Oluwasanmi, in Akure, Ondo State.

According to sources, the incident happened last week. The deceased was 8-months pregnant when the domestic violence incident occurred.

It was revealed that she had a misunderstanding with her husband and he allegedly beat her up with an iron rod.

The beating was so serious that she was rushed to Federal Medical Centre, in Owo, and upon examination, it was discovered that her uterus had been ruptured.

An emergency Caesarean section was done to bring out the baby but the baby didn’t survive. Adaeze was placed on oxygen and died on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020.

It was gathered that Adaeze, who was the breadwinner of the house, had allegedly revealed to her colleagues at Federal Medical Centre, Owo, about the abusive nature of Olabode before her death.


[Nigeria] Painter in trouble after killing evangelist in Oyo state.

The alleged killer of a woman evangelist with the Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Imole, Agbeni, Ibadan, Mrs Grace Ajibola has been paraded by the Oyo State Police Command.

The suspect, Olaniyi Abegunde, 34, who is a house painter, allegedly attacked Ajibola at her Oluyole residence on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, and went away with some of her belongings, including three Automated Teller Machine cards.

During the parade of suspected criminals at the state police command headquarters, Eleyele, Ibadan, on Tuesday, the Commissioner of Police, Shina Olukolu, said Abegunde was an errand boy to the victim.

The CP stated, “Abegunde attacked the woman with a wooden object, strangled her and later stole her Tecno mobile phone and three ATM cards, having discovered about N2m in the victim’s account, when she sent him to withdraw money for her.

“The suspect was later arrested in his hideout in Akure, the Ondo State capital. Upon interrogation, he confessed to the crime and explained how he withdrew the sum of N120,000 from the victim’s account.”

Abegunde, a resident of the Apata area of Ibadan, said, “I am a painter and I just got married. My wife is pregnant. I had not killed anybody before now. I have no criminal record. I am from Otun-Ekiti in Ekiti State.

“I met the woman (Ajibola) when I painted her house. This made her to like me. I have been with her for about a year now; I used to run errands for her, such as saving money, buying foodstuffs and so on.

“I knew she was rich. I don’t have parents and I don’t move with bad gangs. I know two of her children. One lives in Ibadan, while the other lives in Lagos. She was not the only one I used to run errands for. I run errands for other elderly people, because I like them.

“I strangled the woman in her home in the morning. The child, who was living with her, had gone to school when I perpetrated the act. I don’t know what actually came over me when I killed her.”

Other suspected criminals, who were paraded, included a gang of kidnappers, who allegedly also engaged in robbery.

Members of the gang are Ibrahim Mohammed, aka Dogo, 39; Kasimu Salisu, 27; Buhari Musa, 35; Folorunso Elijah; and one other, simply called Shago.

It was gathered that Mohammed and his cronies abducted Mrs Omobola Adepoju and her sister, Abiodun Ifeoluwa, from a poultry farm in Badeku village, Egbeda area of Ibadan on March 16, 2020.

The sisters are daughters of a former Director of Sports, old Western State, and Proprietor, Subuola Memorial Nursery/Primary School, Ibadan, the late Chief Emiola Adesina.

According to Olukolu, the hoodlums dispossessed the sisters of an undisclosed amount of money, their mobile telephones and other personal effects after taking them to an unknown location.

The CP said the hoodlums released the women after the payment of an undisclosed ransom, adding that items recovered from the suspects included five Bajaj motorcycles, which they used for operations, and N730,000.

Also in the police net are Usman Umar, 24; Shaibu Haruna, 20; Lawal Haruna; Usman Haruna, 28; and Aliyu Mohammed, 18, who allegedly specialised in robbery and kidnapping in Oyo town and its environs.

They were said to have attacked one Mrs Mary Oyeladun, and her daughter, Deborah, at their residence on Bode Thomas Estate, Oyo, with guns, cutlasses and other weapons on March 17, 2020.

The police said the hoodlums went away with Mary’s mobile phone, an undisclosed amount of money and her Toyota Camry car with number plate JBL 204 SA, and also took her to an unknown destination.

“The hoodlums contacted her husband, Rev. Israel Dada, and demanded ransom. A team of SARS operatives later rescued the victim after her husband had paid the sum of N1m as ransom,” the CP stated.


Kenya – Wife killed husband, herself over food.

A 36-year-old man, Bryan Indimuli has been confirmed dead after being stabbed by his 25-year-old wife, Joy Indeche at their residence in Ikoli Village in Malava Constituency, Kakamega County of Kenya.

Father of the deceased, John Indimuli said the incident occurred after his son complained that Indeche tripped over a chair and the ugali (maize porridge eaten in east and central Africa) she was carrying fell on the floor.

He said;

“My son suspected his wife had taken alcohol, hence her wobbly feet, which led to her tripping over and resulting in the fall of the ugali”

Following her husband’s attempt to cane her, Indeche picked a kitchen knife and drove it into his abdomen repeatedly. The lady stabbed her husband multiple times before turning the kitchen knife on herself. She is currently fighting for her life at Kakamega County Referral Hospital, where she was rushed to by their neighbours.

Ikoli Assistant Chief Walter Moses Namutali said;

“Her intestines were ripped out.”

John Indimuli admitted that his son’s marriage was filled with unending conflicts. He told K24TV;

“One year ago, the two had gone separate ways before reuniting. My son had married Indeche when she had a daughter from a previous relationship. The two would, thereafter, got a son together.”

Mzee Indimuli, a police officer in Busia County revealed that they buried the deceased on Saturday night, in compliance with the county government’s directive on burials during this period of COVID-19 crisis.


Man who jump into Lagos Lagoon allegedly kills girlfriend for dumping him.

The Lagos State Police Command has revealed that the Uber passenger, who was rescued after he jumped into the lagoon, did so to escape justice after allegedly killing his girlfriend.

Recall with NobleReporters that Princewill David, 28, who lives on Tajudeen Balogun Street, Igando, Lagos, ordered an Uber from his residence to Lekki on February 27, 2020. However, when the driver got to Third Mainland Bridge around 12am, David asked him to stop so he could ease himself.

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My girlfriend broke my heart – Man who jump into 3rd mainland lagoon speak out

The driver, who had heard of a man jumping off the bridge into the lagoon below days earlier, became suspicious. He drove to where some personnel of the Rapid Response Squad were stationed on the bridge and alerted them of what was going on.

Before they could get to David, he had jumped. However, he landed on some floating logs of wood on the surface of the water and was later rescued by the RRS personnel, the Marine Police Unit and some local divers.

When asked why he tried to commit suicide, he said he had been dumped by his girlfriend.

His motive for wanting to take his life has now been revealed.

While parading some suspected criminals at the Lagos State Police Command headquarters in Ikeja, the state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, said that David had an altercation with his girlfriend and allegedly killed her in the process.

Odumosu said: “He had an altercation with his girlfriend and killed her in a hotel and went to jump into the lagoon to escape justice for the crime he committed.”


Secondary school student stabs mate in Calabar.

A secondary school student suspected to be a cultist allegedly stabbed his fellow student in Calabar, Cross River State

The incident occurred at Government Secondary School, State Housing, Calabar, during school hours.

It was gathered that the student who brought an axe to school, hit the other student who is also a suspected cultist, in the head, before attempting to flee.

He was caught and handed over to the men of the Anti-cultism Unit of the State Police Command in Calabar.

The Special Adviser on Education to Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State, Mr. Castro Ezama, who visited the school, ordered that the suspect and others involved in the act be handed over to the police for further investigation and possible prosecution.

Ezama insisted that the administration of governor Ben Ayade will not tolerate any form of cultism and anti-social behaviours in the State’s school system.


Pandemonium in Abuja commune after 20-year old herder got killed

The harmonious co-existence between herdsmen and Gbegi community in Abuja Municipal Area Council is currently threatened by the gruesome murder of a twenty-year old herder, Mustapha Iliyasu.

Already tension is mounting in the community over fear of possible reprisal attack by the herdsmen.

The victim was allegedly waylaid by a group of Gbegi youths suspected to be members of a dreaded cult gang terrorizing the community was hacked to death in the presence of his pregnant wife, Mariam Iliyasu, who he was trying to protect him from the assailants.

According to the victim’s uncle, Iliyasu Haruna, he was attacked in the company of other Fulani youths who were also wounded.

He said two of them narrowly escaped death with severe machete wounds and cannot still stand up five days after the attack.

Narrating the incident, Haruna said he sent the victim to deliver a cow to a customer where he was eventually attacked and killed. N.Rs gathered

In his words, “the Councilor representing our ward was organizing a remembrance ceremony for his late father and Chief of Gbegi and he bought a cow from me but because I was not disposed, I sent my elder brother’s son to take the cow to the man, I also gave him some cash donation to give to the celebrant since I won’t be coming.

“I was in the house around 11 am when one of the boys called me that they have killed my brother’s son and I saw some of the boys who were attacked with him running to the house.

“When I asked them what happened, they told me that they were going home after they have delivered the cow when some boys armed with machetes stopped them and started dragging the only woman among them who happened to be the wife of the victim. At that point he came out to stop them from taking the wife away and they attacked him with cutlasses and killed him and fled”.

Continuing amid tears he said, “I got there about 1am and saw his lifeless boy soaked in blood then I went to Jukwoyi Police station and reported the matter and the Police came and took the corpse to a mortuary.

“Two of the suspects have been arrested; one of them is the son of the Councilor who organised the event, while others are still walking the streets as if there is no consequence to killing an innocent man.

“All we are demanding is justice because some influential people are trying to suppress the matter but if that is done it will result to a fight and we don’t want that, we have been living with Gbegi people for a long time, infact most of us were born in Gbegi the only thing that can avert possible reprisal is justice.

“We want the Police to give us the corpse for burial but we are demanding that every person that was involved should be brought to book”.

However when contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer in charge of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Command Njuguri Manzah, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), said he will get back to our reporter.

But a Police Officer at Jikwoyi Police station where the matter was reported said they got a distress call about 1am Sunday morning about the killing of a herdsman.

He said that two of the suspects have been arrested, while manhunt is on for others who participated in the gruesome act.

The officer, affirmed that there is mounting tension in the community, “we are appealing to the Fulani community to remain calm and allow the law take its course because justice must be done in this case.”


COVID-19: 1st patient brutally killed in N’Korea

Though the world has been speculated about the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in North Korea, the country insists it doesn’t have a coronavirus problem, even growing furious at a public offer of assistance from the State Department.

For all we know about the North Korean virus response, the government might have simply brainwashed the North Korean people into believing that loyalty to the Workers Party and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un grants immunity to the virus. However, there have been whispers.

A few weeks ago, there were whispers that one of the first coronavirus patients in the country was brutally killed by the regime after escaping from a (probably unimaginably brutal) quarantine. Moreover, according to the rumor, he was executed via the traditional North Korean punishment of extirpating criminals by shooting them with an anti-aircraft slug.

Now, IB Times, a shady English-language news website with a reputation for occasionally scooping its more cautious competitors, is reporting that Kim Jong Un allegedly ordered the execution of the country’s first coronavirus patient. IBT cited an anonymous twitter account called “Secret Beijing”, claiming it has a history of reporting accurately.

According to Secret Beijing, an anonymous social media commentator, who terms himself as an analyst on China affairs, the patient was shot dead. The story is still developing and there is still no clarity on the details of the patient executed by North Korea.

The account points out that such brutal tactics are in line with the regime’s reputation.

It had been suggested last week that the patient had left quarantine to visit a public bath, and was killed for doing so. The victim caught the virus in China, then brought it back to NK. Pyongyang reportedly told the WHO that it had tested 141 suspected cases of coronavirus, and that all came up negative.

The South Korean press has reported that several cases have been identified in the North, with some of them leading to death, mirroring what’s happening in Iran’s obviously overwhelmed health-care system.

It’s believed that fear of the virus has kept KJU from appearing in public over the past few weeks.


SARS officer who killed Nigerian footballer unveiled. {Photo}

A SARS officer identified as Oyato has been fingered in the killing of Nigerian footballer, Tiyamiyu, Kaka, Kazeem in Ogun State.

Officer Oyato is reportedly notorious for scouting perceived internet fraud operators, also known as “yahoo boys” in order to obtain money from them.

Reports also have it that he has amassed wealth for himself from proceeds of his extortion of internet fraudsters arrested within his jurisdiction.


Lesotho Prime Minister Appeared In Court Over Murder Of Wife

Lesotho Prime Minister Thomas Thabane appeared in court on Monday over the murder of his estranged wife after a weekend in which he was said to be receiving emergency medical care in South Africa.

In the latest twist of a saga that has gripped the southern African kingdom, the 80-year-old premier attended the magistrates court in the capital Maseru, NobleReporters heard

Charges had been expected to be formally read out to him for allegedly acting in “common purpose” in the June 2017 killing of 58-year old Lipolelo Thabane, whom he was in the process of divorcing.

But after a brief sitting, the matter was deferred to the High Court and the prime minister was not formally charged.

He was accompanied by his current wife Maesaiah Thabane, 42, whom he married two months after Lipolelo’s death and who is considered a co-conspirator in the murder case.

She has already been charged with murder and is out on bail.

Defence lawyer Qhalehang Letsika argued that Thabane should not be charged as long as he remained a prime minister.

“My client cannot be prosecuted while in office but he is not above the law,” said Letsika, adding the beleaguered premier was “entitled to immunity” because of his status.

During the hearing, the lawyer asked whether a sitting prime minister should be subject to criminal prosecution as this could mean that he be placed in custody.

Thabane had initially been due in court on Friday for the preliminary appearance but was a no-show, prompting police to warn they could issue an arrest warrant.

His aide initially said Thabane had gone to neighbouring South Africa for “routine” health checks, but later his office said he was seeking “emergency” medical attention and would appear in court on his return.

– Appeared nervous –

On Saturday police said Thabane’s sick note said that the premier would be “unfit” until February 27.

Wearing a navy-blue striped suit with a powder-blue shirt and flanked by his spouse, Thabane appeared nervous as the couple sat on one of the court benches.

Lipolelo’s murder sent shockwaves through Lesotho — a tiny landlocked nation of 2.2 million with a history of political turmoil.

She was gunned down outside her home in Maseru just two days before her husband took office. The couple had been embroiled in a bitter divorce.

The accusations against the prime minister came after communications records from the scene of the murder included Thabane’s mobile phone number.

The case has piled pressure on Thabane to step down.

His All Basotho Convention (ABC) party has accused him of hampering investigations into the killing and asked him to leave.

Last week Thabane announced on national radio and television that he would retire by July 31, citing his advanced age.

But at the weekend speculation mounted that he could go earlier than expected.

The main opposition party the Democratic Congress, on Friday filed in parliament a motion of no confidence in the prime minister and his administration.

If Thabane loses the motion, he could either step down or advise King Letsie III to dissolve parliament and call for fresh elections.


Man Dies In Anambra Hotel After Taking Drugs To Boost His Sex Performance. {Photos}

A 40-year-old man, Paul Okwudili, died in Plus View Hotel Onitsha, Anambra state over the weekend after allegedly taking suspected drugs to boost his s*x performance.

A statement from the state police command public relations officer, SP Haruna Mohammed, says the manager of the hotel reported at Central Police Station, Onitsha that Okwudili, a resident of Ogboliolosi, off Awka Road, Inland town Onitsha, allegedly took a lady to the hotel and lodged. Minutes later, the lady came out shouting for help and the hotel management went to the room and discovered the man gasping for air.

He was rushed to St Charles Boromeo hospital Onitsha for medical attention where he was confirmed dead on arrival by a medical Doctor on duty.

The hotel was visited by Police detectives attached to CPS Onitsha and photographs of the victim was obtained. No marks of violence was seen on the deceased body but some drugs believed to be for s*x enhancement, were seen in the room.

Haruna said the corpse of the deceased has been deposited at the hospital motuary for autopsy. He added that the lady has been arrested for questionning.


Wife sentenced to death by hanging after husband’s murder

A Kano High Court presided by Justice Ahmad Tijjani Badamasi on Friday sentenced a Kano-based house wife, Rashida Saidu to death by hanging

The convict was charged following her alleged complicity in the death of her husband, Dr Adamu Ali, who was until his death, a staff of the Federal College of Education, Kano.

Prosecution Counsel, Mariam Jilbrin, had told the court that Mrs Saidu engaged her husband in a fistcuff at their residence in Dorayi Quarters about a year ago during which she pushed him down from a storey building, which eventually led to his death

The prosecution produced four witnesses to the court to prove their charge against the suspect.

However, the suspect through her lawyer, Illiya Dauda, denied the charge and proceeded to produce two witnesses to counter the allegation of culpability in the death of her husband.

In his judgement however, the judge held that the prosecution had proven their case beyond reasonable doubt and that suspect was pivotal to the death of her 56 -year- old husband.

The Judge, therefore, sentenced her to death by hanging

The family of the late Dr Adamu Ali has described the death sentence passed on the ex- wife of their brother as just and fair, saying it has served the course of justice.

A relative of the deceased, Ali Usman, who reacted to the judgement on behalf of the family held that with the judgement of the court, the right of the deceased has been upheld observing that justice has come the way of the deceased barely a year after his death


Dagan’s Death: Aso Rock Suspect Put Behind Bar

The Nigeria Police Force has arrested an alleged conspirator in the murder of an Assistant Director attached to the State House, Abuja, Laetitia Dagan, who was killed by some assailants in her home in the Galadimawa area of the Federal Capital Territory.

The FCT Police Command on Wednesday confirmed the arrest of the suspect, identified as Edirin Ohonre, who is said to have conspired with others now at large to perpetrate the crime.

The police said the suspect, who is currently under interrogation, is assisting the team of detectives with information that will lead to the arrest of the other suspects connected to the crime.

Dagan, an Assistant Director with the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, was reported on Tuesday to have been murdered in her apartment in Galadimawa, Abuja, on Monday, shortly after she returned from work.

The 47-year-old Plateau State indigene was said to have left her office in the Presidential Villa, Abuja, around 8pm while the incident happened around 11pm.

She was said to be a participant in an ongoing training for civil servants holding at the Manhattan Event Centre, Uke, Nasarawa State.

The FCT Police spokesperson, DSP Anjuguri Manzah, in a release on Wednesday, said members of the public should disregard inaccurate information on social media, and not to pre-empt the ongoing police investigation.

He said, “Preliminary investigation into the suspected murder by the Criminal Investigation Department of the FCT Police Command led to the arrest of one Edirin Ohonre who is suspected to have conspired with others now at large to perpetrate the crime.

“The suspect, who is currently under interrogation, is assisting the team of police detectives with information that will lead to the arrest of the other suspects connected to the crime, that are now at large.

“While commiserating with the family, friends, and colleagues of the deceased on the unfortunate incident, the FCT Police Command is assuring members of the public that it has deployed relevant investigative tools to unravel the circumstances surrounding the victim’s unfortunate death and ensure the arrest and prosecution of suspects behind the heinous act.

“The command is urging members of the public to disregard insinuations making the rounds in some social media platforms, and also wish to appeal to the members of the public to desist from pre-empting the ongoing police investigation.”


Man arrested for killing ex wife in Bangkok

A man killed his ex-wife and wounded another person at a shopping centre in Bangkok on Tuesday, February 18, ten days after a mass shooting at another mall in Thailand’s northeast.

The man had gone into a beauty clinic at Century The Movie Plaza mall where his ex-wife worked and opened fire, killing her and wounding a bystander, Colonel Kissana Pattanacharoen said.

Thai police arrest man for killing ex-wife at Bangkok shopping mall

The gunman then fled the Century The Movie Plaza, near the Thai capital’s Victory Monument.

“One person died and another was injured,” police Colonel Kissana Pattanacharoen told Reuters.

Thai police arrest man for killing ex-wife at Bangkok shopping mall

The gunman was arrested while on the run in another province, police said on Wednesday morning. He was charged with premeditated murder and illegal gun possession, and three other charges.

Ten days before, a soldier killed at least a dozen people at the Terminal 21 shopping centre in the northeastern city of Nakhon Ratchasima. He had earlier killed his commanding officer, other soldiers at his base and several people at a Buddhist temple.


Man jumped into 3rd mainland lagoon

A yet-to-be-identified man has jumped into the Third Mainland lagoon in Lagos on Saturday for unknown reasons.

Nosa Okunbor, the spokesperson of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), who confirmed the incident, said a rescue team has been sent to the scene in order to rescue the victim.

According to him, the man had come down from a car believed to be for one of the car hailing companies and took the decision around 11am.

“The guy boarded Uber from #Gbagada and when they got to the Third Mainland Bridge, he told the driver that he had stomach upset and that he needed to relieve himself.

So when the driver parked, he got down from the vehicle, abandoned his belongings and jumped into the water. The incident happened around 11 am and our team has responded but I can’t confirm if he would be rescued alive or dead,” Nosa Okunbor revealed.