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Obasa revalidates APC membership.


Obasa said that the exercise was like carrying out a population census because at the end of the day, it would be able to tell them the strength of each state, local government and ward across the country.

Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly Mudashiru Obasa has revalidated his membership of All Progressives Congress (APC).

Obasa revalidated his APC membership at his Ward E005, in Agege Local Government Area (LGA )of the state on Tuesday.

He assured that the state would turn out the highest number of registered members of the party at the end of the registration/ revalidation.

“If you talk about the exercise, it has been good and perfect and the major exercise has just started today.

“However, we await report from the field so we can know how dedicated and loyal our members are toward the exercise.

“We have faith on our members and I believe they will comply with the party structure,” he said.


Obasa said that the exercise was like carrying out a population census because at the end of the day, it would be able to tell them the strength of each state, local government and ward across the country.

He said by extension, the party would be able to tell the number of members in each state ahead of 2023 general election.



Court proposes 21-years jail for Cultists.


Speaker of the Lagos State Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa, directed the clerk of the House, Olalekan Onafeko, to transmit the law to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for assent.

The Lagos State House of Assembly has passed a bill banning the activities of cultists and related illegal societies across the state into a law.

The new law stipulates a 21-year imprisonment for anyone found guilty of engaging in cult activities. It also stipulates a 15-year jail term for anyone convicted of abetting cultists or who allows his premises to be used by cultists as a meeting place.


The proposed legislation titled ‘A law to provide for the prohibition of unlawful societies and cultism in Lagos state and for other connected purposes’, it says a society shall be regarded as unlawful if its members carry out illegal, destructive activities contrary to public policy, safety and peace of members of the public.

Speaker of Lagos State Assembly, Mudashiru obasa. (Noble Reporters Media, Olamide)

Section 3 of the law states that “Any person who is a member of an unlawful society or cult, identifies as a member or solicits for members of an unlawful society or cult, attends a meeting of an unlawful society or cult whether as a member or an intending member of the unlawful society or cult commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a term of 21 years imprisonment.”

The jail term also concerns anyone who attends such meetings or does any illegal act which may probably cause a breach of peace, disturb public peace or conducts activities in such a manner a to pose a threat to life and property.


It said “Anyone who forms, organises or combines and agrees with anyone to form or organise an unlawful society or cult, manages and assists in the management of an unlawful society or cult or knowingly allows a meeting of members of an unlawful society or cult to be held in any property under his control commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a term of 15 years imprisonment.”

The 15-year jail term further applies to anyone who intimidates or compels people to join a cult group.

“Any person who injures or uses violence on a person to compel the person to join an unlawful society or cult, commits an offence and liable on conviction to a term of 21 years imprisonment,” the bill said.

“Any person who administers or is present at and consents to the administering of any unlawful oath that appears to bind the person who takes it to become a member of an unlawful society or cult under this law, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to seven years.”


It also stipulates 21 years for any member of a cult group who sets fire on anything or uses firearm or deadly objects including acid and other chemicals in any manner as to cause harm to anyone.

The law which prohibits campus cultism says anyone of them who is convicted would face a jail term of two years.



My hands are clean – Lagos NASS speaker, Obasa react to EFCC’s charges against him.


The Lagos assembly speaker was accused of embezzling public funds and abusing his office.

Mudashiru Obasa, speaker of the Lagos state house of assembly, says he has nothing to hide on the corruption allegations against him.

On Thursday, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had begun questioning Obasa over the alleged fraudulent activities linked to him.

In a statement after the interrogation by officials of the EFCC in Lagos, Obasa said he decided to honour the invitation of the anti-graft agency as a responsible lawmaker.

“The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission invited me today (Thursday). As a responsible citizen and lawmaker, I honoured the invitation. I have nothing to hide,” Obasa said.

“When we are called upon by law-enforcement agents in their investigations, as responsible citizens, it’s our duty to oblige them.”


Noble Reporters Media known Media had carried out an investigation on the speaker who allegedly owns more than 60 bank accounts.

He was accused of using his office to misappropriate funds and allocate contracts to himself through third party sources, as well as other acquaintances.

The state house of assembly had cleared the speaker of the allegations, saying they are untrue.

However, civil society organisations petitioned the EFCC to carry out a comprehensive investigation on the matter.


Shocker: Lagos Lawmaker walks out on Speaker, Obasa | Full Story


A Lawmaker representing Lagos Mainland 1 at the Lagos state House of Assembly, Hon. Moshood Oshun has walked out on the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa over allocation of a seat during the plenary session on Tuesday.

The Speaker had directed the Lawmaker to take his allocated seat instead of the one he was sitting on.

Upon this directive, the lawmaker said, he had earlier complained that the seat allocated to him was not convenient.

The Speaker, thereafter, told Oshun, If everyone chooses his or her seat, how would the chamber looked.

Obasa, therefore, stated that Oshun should comply with the rule of the House or should take a leave.


At this point, Oshun takes a walk out of the chamber.

Recall that the House had in March removed two of its principal officers, the Chief Whip, Rotimi Abiru and the Deputy Majority Leader, Olumuyiwa Jimoh.

Two other members of the House, Moshood Oshun (Lagos Mainland Constituency II) and Kazeem Raheem Adewale (Ibeji Lekki Constituency II) were also suspended indefinitely.

Announcing the suspension of the members, the Speaker of the House, Mudashiru Obasa, stated that the House is the hope of the people and the heartbeat of democracy should be well guided.


“I hereby invoke Section 68 and Section 70 4 (a, b) 2 and 3 of the House Rules in respect of gross misconduct, insubordination and action that can destabilise this House. I hereby move that Moshood Oshun and Raheem Adewale be placed on suspension indefinitely,” the Speaker said.

The two decisions were supported through voice-votes by members present during plenary. Notice and change in the leadership were contained in a letter read on the floor of the House by the Clerk, Azeez Sanni.

Sanni stated that the 26 members that signed the letter urged the House “to change the leadership of the House, including Rotimi Abiru as the Chief Whip and Olumuyiwa Jimoh as Deputy Chief Whip.”

However, the suspension of the four lawmakers had been lifted after the intervention of the party hierarchy.