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Why offerings are curse – SCOAN prophet, TB Joshua

Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua is of the opinion that “most offerings collected in churches all over the world are a curse, not a blessing.”

The cleric made this statement at his Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) while responding to a question raised on why offerings are not collected during his weekly Monday ‘Living Water Service’.

“We cannot begin bothering distressed people – I mean, the sick ones, the poor ones – asking for financial support,” the cleric explained.

“The question remains: Whom are we asking for support? The distressed, the sick, the poor?”He continued saying

“When you are healed and delivered, your ‘Thank you’ is a blessing from God. But when you are distressed, your ‘Thank you’ is distress. When you are sick, your ‘Thank you’ is sick.”
“You are your ‘Thank you’ because you cannot live above your word. That is why most gifts today are a curse, not a blessing… That is why you have to be very careful.”

The cleric explained how judging by mere appearance is misleading as people are often pretentious.

“I know people beyond appearance because I look at the heart. Appearance is deceptive”, TB Joshua added.


Presidency react to U.S travel ban set to hit Nigeria

Nigeria’s presidency has spoken about United States travel ban set to hit Nigeria.

On Tuesday, news had it that the Donald Trump administration had plans to add seven countries across the world, including Nigeria, to United States travel ban list.

The affected countries included Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania and Eritrea from Africa while Kyrgyzstan and Belarus from Eastern Europe and Myanmar from Asia.

A presidential aide, however, said:

”Yes, we have read the news that the Trump administration is planning to add a host of African, Asian and Eastern European countries to its travel restrictions list as reported by the U.S. media.

”We are not going to react to speculations. We urge you to wait for us to see what unfolds under the new policy, its scope, its reach, the implications, and its consequences before we react.”


Operation Amotekun: Yoruba leaders blast Tinubu for not speaking up

Pa Ayo Adebanjo says Tinubu will never become the president of Nigeria, adding that Buhari is only deceiving him.

Yoruba elders have come for Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for keeping mum over Operation Amotekun, a security outfit established by his region’s governors.

On Saturday, January 18, 2020, Afenifere chieftains Pa Ayo Adebanjo and Senator Femi Okurounmu, lambasted Tinubu, who is seen as a political leader in the South-West for refusing to comment on the security initiative.

The South-West Security Network code-named Operation Amotekun was launched by the region’s governors on Thursday, January 9,2020, and almost immediately after the launch, the Federal Government through the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami declared it illegal.

Leaders of interest groups in the north have also condemned the establishment of Operation Amotekun as regional security outfit for the South-western part of the country.

While the Federal Government has expressed its opposition for the initiative, Yoruba elders have voiced their support for Amotekun, but Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos state is yet to say anything on the issue.

Reacting to Tinubu’s silence on the security outfit, 91-year-old Adebanjo in an interview with Punch tackled the politician for forming an alliance with the North.

“It was the likes of Tinubu that told us that the South-West would enjoy many privileges but what has the South-West benefitted from the alliance? He shouldn’t have forged an alliance with them in the first place, he said.

Adebanjo further said, Tinubu will never become the president of the country. He added that the APC leader has been keeping mum over Amotekun because he is being deceived with a presidential ticket.

“He asked the Yoruba people to vote for him (Buhari) and that things would be better. Now that they are being slaughtered and they don’t want us to have our security, you are keeping quiet all because you are being deceived that you will become the President which you will never be.

“I have continued to tell him that they are just deceiving him and he is deceiving himself. Which promise has Buhari made and fulfilled? In 2015, he said he would be a born again democrat but does he even obey court orders?”

The Afenifere Chieftain also said that the Federal Government had not right to discount Operation Amotekun when it had failed to provide adequate security for the region.

He recalled that since Pa Fasoranti’s daughter, Mrs Olufunke Olakunrin was murdered on Friday, May 12, 2019, there has been no single arrest.

“I have always told you that the Yoruba people know who their real leaders are. The problems that the Yoruba people are facing today were caused by men like Tinubu. If they had not gone to forge an alliance with Buhari, we wouldn’t be in this problem.

“I told them then that Buhari was only after power. If not, how is it that they neither want to protect us nor allow us to protect ourselves? Why is the North allowed to have security agencies while we are not allowed to protect ourselves against armed persons?

“The police refuse to do anything because of the President’s body language. How could they have killed the daughter of our leader (Pa Reuben Fasoranti) and there has been no single arrest?

Also reacting to Tinubu’s silence on Amotekun, former senator, Femi Okurounmu said the politician has been exposed for who he is.

He said, “Tinubu doesn’t need to be prompted before speaking. We have all been speaking on the matter. Their silence is ominous. This thing was launched by the governors, not Afenifere. And such initiatives should be supported by all Yoruba people.

“Yoruba people are not idiots, we are not fools. If he doesn’t talk now, then we will know how to describe him. Nobody needs to tell us what he is. Nobody needs to call him anything. Even the illiterate man knows what he is.

“If the ordinary man on the street is in support of Amotekun, if all Yoruba people say this is what they want and he is refusing to talk, then his silence has exposed him for what he is. His silence speaks loudly.”

Also, in an interview with Punch, the Secretary-General of the Yoruba Council of Elders, Dr Kunle Olajide said Tinubu being a leader in the ruling party is expected to speak up on an issue affecting his people and region.

Olajide said, “The Federal Government, through the Attorney-General of the Federation, is challenging the legality of our entrenched constitutional right to protect our lives and property. I expect our political leader (Tinubu) to be in the forefront of rebuking whoever authored the statement. We see him as a leader and we expect him to say something.”

Meanwhile, Tinubu’s Media Adviser, Tunde Rahman has said that the APC Chieftain would speak at the appropriate time.

He said, “You know he is a deeply reflective person and a deep thinker. I know that at the appropriate time he would speak on the matter. What time is appropriate is his prerogative in my view. And I think we must all grant him that indulgence.”


Naval personnel invade community, chase residents

Residents of the Tarkwa bay area of Victoria Island, Lagos State, were on Tuesday thrown into confusion when some naval personnel allegedly invaded the community and sacked the residents from their homes.

An eyewitness, who spoke with media on condition of anonymity, said the naval personnel, who had been on surveillance of petroleum product pipeline in the area, accused members of the community of vandalising the pipeline in a bid to steal fuel.

He stated that the naval personnel used that as an excuse to cover up their alleged collaboration with vandals in puncturing the pipeline to steal fuel, adding that in a bid to cover up their action, the personnel invaded the community and shot indiscriminately and sacked residents from their homes.

Footage recorded by one of the victims showed the residents moving their belongings to the community’s football field.

When contacted, the state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Gbenga Omotosho, said he needed to make some findings and get back to our correspondent.

He had yet to get back to our correspondent as of the time of filing this report.


Nassarawa: Owners of land taken by FG protest justice

The residents of Akurba Village in Nasarawa State have staged a peaceful protest over purported inadequate compensation for their lands taken by the state government for the on 330 KVA Step Down Electricity Substation Project.

Speaking to newsmen on Sunday in Lafia, Mr Yasir Arafat, spokesperson of more than 300 protesters, noted that they were not against the project on their lands but the compensation paid to them was grossly inadequate.

He said that though the project would help them and the state at large, but wondered why some of them were given as low as N8,000 for their land that was taken over.

“Farming is our only source of livelihood and now that our source of livelihood is taken over, we need something reasonable to enable us start-up another business.

“What can N8, 000 do for us to provide for the needs of the family amidst the present economic condition,” Arafat added.

He, therefore, called on the Federal and State Governments to come to their aid to prevent them from being exposed to hardship.

Similarly, Baba Badamasi, a community leader in the area, appealed to Gov. Abdullahi Sule to intervene in the matter to ensure justice.

He explained that some of them are making up to N1 million every year from their economic trees, but were given an amount that cannot sustain them and their families as compensation.

He, therefore, appealed to the government to look into the issue again with the view to addressing it in the interest of the overall development of the state.

When contacted, Mr Salihu Alizaga, Commissioner for Lands and Urban Development, said that the assessment for the payments of the compensation was done during the last administration in the state.

“The assessment was done by the last administration before we came into office, so we paid the compensation base on the records of the assessment that was carried out,” the Commissioner added.

Alizaga, therefore, urged people whose lands were affected by the electricity protect to remain calm and not to take the laws into their hands.

The ongoing 330 KVA Step down Electricity Substation Project is being executed by the federal government with the state government providing the land which covers over sixty hectares.


Forces in doubt if Nnamdi Kanu will attend parent’s funeral

..says funeral, 14th of February

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu has kept Nigerian security agencies in doubt on whether or not he would attend his parents funeral ceremony.

In a statement by IPOB spokesman Emma Powerful and obtained by Sunday Sun, the controversial separatist leader maintains that he will not disclose to anyone if he would be attending his parents funeral ceremony. Kanu’s parents – father Eze Israel Okwu Kanu (JP) and mother Ugoeze Nnenne Kanu – according to the family died as a result of trauma after soldiers raided their Afaraukwu residence in Umuahia, Abia State.

Meanwhile, the date for the funeral has been slated for February, 14, coinciding with the Valentine’s Day celebration worldwide.

The family has announced that the ceremony will begin with a procession according to the customs and tradition of the people.

According to the statement by Powerful:

“IPOB leadership will not be disclosing any information and have not disclosed any information regarding the likely attendance or non-attendance of our leader to this event. However, arrangements are being put in place to ensure the ceremony is held in a secure and safe atmosphere.”

The IPOB spokesman said that their movement is peaceful and hopes to maintain its approach until their dream of an Igbo ethnostate (Biafra) is restored.

Nnamdi Kanu & Late Parents

“The movement and anticipated presence of our leader in his home during this period are yet to be finalised and, as such, no confirmation or otherwise will be issued to that effect. IPOB High Command will determine under what circumstance any announcement will be made in the future.

“We are inviting every media outlet, local and international, print and electronic to be present in Isiama-Afaraukwu on that day,” the statement concludes.


Amotekun, Operation against Fulani, arrest supporters – Miyetti Allah tells FG

National President General of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Bello Abdullahi Bodejo has called on the federal government to arrest Yoruba leaders promoting Operation Amotekun, the Southwest regional security network.

In an interview with VINCENT KALU, the leader of the Fulani socio-cultural association emphasized that the aim of setting up the security outfit was to ban Fulani herdsmen from Yorubaland.

The Southwest has set up a regional security outfit, Operation Amotekun, what is your view on that?

I read it on the internet. However, it would have been a good development, if the national security agencies – the Army, the Police, the DSS, the Civil Defence, etc, were not living up to expectations. Will Amotekun have more security intelligence than these national security orgnisations? The answer is no. Anything security should be left with those security organisations, so, I don’t know the reason for this one from the Southwest, except that it has sinister motive.

Look at how the vigilantes are causing troubles all over; there is what is called interest in setting up this type of thing. Look at Zamfara where the vigilantes and the Fulani are having issues.

The Attorney General said the WNSN is an illegal outfit, are you in support of that?

They should not only ban it, but should arrest the leaders of this group. Like I said earlier, nobody or group has more security intelligence than the Police. The Army is doing enough; the DSS is also doing enough, likewise the Civil Defence.

They are just doing all these things in order to stop the Fulani from coming into their area; it is just a hidden agenda to prevent the Fulani herdsmen from grazing in their God-given areas.

If you say you set up Amotekun to protect your region, what about the Northern Nigeria, what about the Southeast and the South-South and other places that don’t have that kind of thing. Nigeria is one; everything is one, unless they want to divide the country.

I know some of their leaders have good hearts, but others have evil hearts, and those are the ones coming up with this agenda that the Fulani can’t do this and the Fulani can’t do that; all these things are happening because of Fulani; they are just against the Fulani.

I support 100 percent the federal government banning it; and the leaders should be arrested. It is a deliberate plot against the Fulani. How many Fulani have been involved in crime and criminal activities in the area? Go and check, those people they have been parading as criminals are not Fulani; if they see a Fulani with his cattle inside the bush, they will be calling the Commissioner of Police, DPO, Area Commander and other personalities that they have caught a Fulani committing one crime or the other. The moment this is done, the herdsman is scared and he would be made to sell all his cows to free himself from that wicked accusation, that is why you see some of these people are jumping from here to here supporting illegalities and they have their aim.

The headquarters of Amotekun is in Oyo State, where your organization has dragged the state government to court over the anti-grazing law. What do you say to this?

We are following the anti-grazing law in Oyo very carefully, and we are sending our lawyers, but not much progress is being made in the court.

I had a meeting recently with some Fulani from Oyo who came to visit me, they told me how pressure was being mounted on them; and that the environment was being made so harsh and uncomfortable for them. I told them to be law abiding while carrying out their businesses. There, they don’t have fathers or mothers, so the only solution is to approach the court where we can have justice as we are in Nigeria.

I tell you, whether the headquarters of Amotekun is in Oyo or any of the states in the Southwest, as a governor, you are the chief security officer of that state, and in that state, you have the police, the army, the DSS, civil defence, why can’t you use these security agencies that are very well organized, well accepted to tackle any security issue in your state, instead of bringing a different thing to create confusion. I don’t think that the Nigeria Police will support this kind of illegalities.

Some people are suggesting that the reason for Amotekun was to send a warning signal to the core North that is working to produce the next president after Buhari in 2023. What is your take on this?

We are in a democracy, everybody has freedom of speech. If Nigerians decide that a Northerner would succeed Buhari, no any group can stop it. I’m just saying my mind not as a leader of an organisation. Even these people who have set up this group with hidden agenda to protect themselves, cannot stop any person from any part of this country from being president no matter how they plan it.

Which part of this country do you think should produce the president in 2023?

From what I’m seeing, 2023 is going to be very interesting, but it is still very far one to say, it should be this or that person. Those who were elected last year are just settling down; they are just less than a year in office. In the next two years or so, the pictures will begin to get clearer.

With Amotekun in the Southwest, do you think RUGA, grazing reserve or grazing route is still possible in the region?

Thank God that it is not only Fulani that are rearing cows now, Yoruba and other tribes are now rearing cattle, but I still insist that RUGA should be created for the Fulani to protect them because they cannot leave Nigeria; they cannot stop their business, as they will continue to do their businesses. The state governors should carve out specific places for the Fulani to continue their businesses; they don’t have any place to go.

With this security outfit coming up in the Southwest, don’t you think the South East, South-South and the Middle Belt will follow suit?

Nigeria is one, and Fulani are everywhere in the country – South West, South East, South-South and other places, and they are contributing to the revenue base of the states, as about 99.9 per cent of cows consumed in the country are from individual Fulani cattle owners. If they are contributing to the revenue of states from the cattle markets, then these people that are banning them don’t want their states to generate enough revenue.

If other regions come up with their own security organisation, do you support the federal government to ban them as well?

I support the federal government to ban any of such organisation and also arrest all these people coming up with this small small laws. For any other tribe that wants to come up with its own security organisation to protect its own people, it is not good for the country. Let Nigeria continue to use the already established security agencies. With this, Nigeria will continue to be very peaceful.


90-year Old Renowned Librarian Olusesan Dipeolu buried in Lagos

Family and friends of the late Mr. Olusesan Dipeolu gathered at the Chapel of the Healing Cross, CMUL/LUTH, Idi Araba in Lagos to give the deceased a befitting burial.

The funeral service which started at exactly 10 a.m on Friday 17th January was well attended by all a sundry. The Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo was also at the event.

The Darlington event center, Ilupeju, the venue of the reception party was fully packed with people who came to rejoice with the Dipeolu family. Music was supplied by the legendary Mr, Jimi Solanke who serenade the audience with music from yesteryears.

About the deceased, Mr. Johnathan Olusesan Dipeolu was a teacher, historian, journalist, librarian, and scholar.

He was born on 13th January 1930 to the family of the late Mr. Joseph Dipeolu of Oke-Ijeun and late madam Felicia Dipeolu. He died on 18th December 2019, he was 90-year-old.


Minister of works, Fashola Commends Chief Michael Ade Ojo. (Reasons)

The Minister of Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola, has commended business mogul and Founder of Elizade Motors, Chief Michael Ade Ojo for his contributions toward the development of the Ilara-Mokin community in Ondo State.

His commendation was at the recent inauguration of the 6-kilometre road network in Ilara-Mokin, near Akure, Ondo State, constructed by Chief Ade-Ojo.

Ilara-Mokin also hosts Elizade University, also founded by Chief Ade Ojo.

Fashola lauded Ade-Ojo’s commitment toward investing in the development of his immediate community.

According to him, infrastructure development plays a key role in community and national development.

“This 6-kilometre road construction which connects Ilara-Mokin and Ikota will ramp up social and economic growth to both communities, bringing transformation to Ondo State and Nigeria by extension.

“The road construction has also led to the creation of jobs for both skilled and unskilled workers, and other professionals who were involved in the project,’’ Fashola said in a statement by him.

Expressing his gratitude to Ade-Ojo, the minister said that it was remarkable for an individual to embark on an infrastructure development that contributes meaningfully to the speedy actualisation of community growth and the enhancement of the citizens’ welfare.

The occasion was graced by many dignitaries, including the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, the wife of the Ondo State Governor, Mrs Betty Anyawu-Akeredolu and the Alara of llara-Mokin, Ondo State, Oba Abiodun Aderemi Adefehinti.