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Update: Did Nigerian Govt. Pardon Maryam Sanda?

The Nigerian Correctional Service has refuted speculations that a death row inmate, Maryam Sanda, was granted presidential pardon last Thursday, alongside 70 other inmates of the Medium Security Custodial Centre, Kuje.

The NCoS said Sanda did not meet the requirements for the pardon, noting that she was still in custody and “will remain as such.”

Sanda was convicted and sentenced to death by a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, in January, for killing her husband, Bilyaminu Bello.

Justice Yusuf Halilu said every available evidence had proved that Sanda fatally stabbed her husband to death in Abuja on November 19, 2017.

The NCoS spokesman, Deputy Controller of Corrections, Chuks Njoku, in a statement in Abuja on Thursday, said the condemned inmate did not fit into any of the categories of inmates who qualified for pardon as listed by the Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

The statement explained that the categories for the amnesty include, convicts who are 60 years and above; those serving three years and above with less than six months to serve; inmates with ill-health likely to terminate in death; inmates with mental ill-health and inmates with an option of fine not exceeding N50,000 with no pending case.

Others are convicted pregnant women and women with child, convicted inmates with minor offences and those who had spent 75 per cent of their sentence after remission.

Njoku stated, “It obvious that Maryam Sanda did not meet any of the above-mentioned requirements and therefore, did not benefit from the presidential pardon. We further want to assure the public that Maryam Sanda is in our custody and will remain as such.

“The Controller General of Corrections, Ja’afaru Ahmed, advises the public to discountenance the rumour that Sanda benefited from the presidential pardon.”


Update: Maryam Sanda appeal to court judgement

Maryam Sanda has approached the Court of Appeal in Abuja to challenge the judgement which sentenced her to death.

She filed the appeal three weeks after she was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging by a Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court over the death of her husband, Bilyaminu Bello.

In the Notice of Appeal predicated on twenty grounds, Sanda prayed the appellate court to set aside the verdict of the lower court and acquit her.

She claimed that the trial judge, Justice Yusuf Halilu, was tainted by bias and prejudices.

According to the appellant, this led to the denial of her right to a fair hearing and her consequent conviction based on circumstantial evidence.

Sanda alleged that the judge gave the verdict despite the reasonable doubt that was created by evidence of witnesses, lack of confessional statement, absence of murder weapon, lack of corroboration of evidence by two or more witnesses, and lack of autopsy report to determine the true cause of her husband’s death.

She insisted that the judgment of the trial court was completely “a miscarriage of justice.”

The appellant also pointed to the failure of the trial judge to rule, one way or the other, on her preliminary objection, challenging the charge preferred against her and the jurisdiction of the court as evidence of bias and a denial of her right to fair hearing as constitutionally guaranteed.

She, therefore, asked the Court of Appeal to allow her prayers and set aside her conviction and sentence and subsequently acquit her.

Justice Halilu sentenced Sanda to death by hanging on January 27 for stabbing Bilyaminu to death, bringing an end to the protracted trial of the appellant.

Late Bilyaminu was the son of a former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Haliru Bello.

Sanda’s trial centred on a judicial drama that lasted almost three years as a result of various setbacks such as multiple adjournments and failure of witnesses to appear in court, among others.

The police finally charged Sanda for culpable homicide in November 2017 and sought a death penalty against her on two counts.

They informed the court that the killing was premeditated, stressing that Sanda stabbed her husband with broken bottles at about 3:50am on the day the incident occurred.

Sanda has, however, repeatedly pleaded not guilty to the crime.


Maryam Sanda was calm 7 years ago – Former classmate react

A Nigerian man identified as Usman Rasheed, who is claiming to be a former classmate with Maryam Sanda, has taken to his twitter page to write about the ‘unforgettable memories’ they shared together during their MSC days in the UAE.

Maryam Sanda was recently convicted and sentenced to death by hanging for killing her husband and father of her child, Bilyaminu Bello in 2017.

In the wake of the conviction and sentencing, the ‘former classmate’ said It’s emotional that Maryam will be put to death by hanging adding that she was a very cool and calm person seven years ago.


Who will take care of Maryam Sanda’s child – FFK reacts ..

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to the death sentence issued to Maryam Sanda for killing her husband.

On November 19, 2017, Maryam stabbed her husband to death on accusation of infidelity after she found a message on his phone.

The Nigerian police charged Ms Sanda for culpable homicide in November 2017, and sought the death penalty against the accused in a two count charge.

On January 27, 2019, The Abuja Division of the Federal High Court, found Maryam Sanda guilty of killing her husband, Bilyaminu Bello.

Ms Sanda was sentenced to death by hanging by the judge.

Reacting to the news, Femi Fani-Kayode wondered who will now take care of the child left behind.

His wrote on twitter ;

”First the wife stabs the husband to death in a fit of jealous rage and now she has been sentenced to death by hanging.

”This is so sad! Who will take care of their children now? What a tragedy”


BBNaija: Here is what Tacha have to say about Gianna, Kobe Bryant’s death, Maryam Sanda’s death sentence ..

On Sunday, January 26, 2020, the sporting world lost one of its greats in the person of legendary NBA player, Kobe Bryant, and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, in a helicopter crash that also killed the seven other people on board.

Kobe Bryant was just 41 years old and he alongside his daughter, and other families were going for basketball practice.

Also, barely 24 hours after the tragic Kobe Bryant news went viral, Nigerians were left in shock with the death sentence given to one Maryam Sanda, who stabbed her husband and killed him in 2017 during a jealous rage.

Maryam was sentenced to death by hanging and a chilling footage emerged on social media of how she kept on calling on God as she tried to run out of the court room after she was convicted.

The negative news plus other tragic happenings in the month of January 2020 has generated so much reaction from social media users BBNaija 2019 star, Tacha also joined in sympathizing .

The reality star to her Twitter page to react to Kobe’s death and Maryam’s death sentence.

In her tweets she wrote: “I feel sad this night!! Kobe yesterday now Maryam”

“Get into relationships for the right reasons…Figure out all red flags before saying I DO”


Maryam sanda sentenced to death for husband’s murder ..

The Federal Capital Territory High Court, on Monday, found Maryam Sanda guilty of killing her husband, Bilyaminu Bello.

Ms Sanda was sentenced to death by hanging by the judge.

The Nigerian police charged Ms Sanda for culpable homicide in November 2017, and sought the death penalty against the accused in a two count charge.

The victim, Mr Bello, was the son of a former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Haliru Bello.

Justice Yusuf Halilu said there was compelling evidence to convict the accused.

The judge dismissed Ms Sanda’s statement that her husband fell on a broken Shisha pot during a fight on the ill-fated day as a “smokescreen to deceive the court”.

He said available evidence proved that the accused stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife with intent to ” kill”.

As the judge pronounced Ms Sanda guilty, the accused attempted to run out of the court room while her relatives started shouting, causing an uproar in an attempt to draw public sympathy and soft landing.

A short break was called by the judge to restore calm before the sentence was delivered.

Earlier, media reported how charges against Maimuna Aliyu, Ms Sanda’s mother; Aliyu Sanda, her brother, and Sadiya Aminu, her housemaid – for allegedly tampering with evidence by cleaning the blood and other proofs from the crime scene – were later dropped.

The trial has dragged on for almost three years due to delays, multiple adjournments and failure of witnesses to appear in court.

Witness Account
The storm in the marriage between Maryam and late Bilyaminu reached boiling point on the night of November 18, 2017. Multiple court testimonies, including that of the accused, indicated that the tragedy was triggered by a heated argument between the couples that ill-fated night.

Ms Sanda allegedly issued many threats to her husband, including to chop off his sex organ if he declined to grant her divorce, Ibrahim Mohammed, one of the six witnesses called by the prosecution said, according to a report.

He told the court he was with the deceased for over eight hours that night.

Mr Mohammed, a friend of Bilayamin, said their argument had degenerated into a fight.

Mr Mohammed said he tried disengaging Ms Sanda’s hand from her husband’s neck before she rushed to break a bottle of groundnut on the wall and tried stabbing her husband with it.

“I held her hands and Bilyamin went behind her and collected the broken bottle from her.

“She said she would not stop until Bilyamin divorced her that night; that either he divorced her or she would cut his private part,” the witness said.

Mr Mohammed said Ms Sanda made bold her threat as she launched more violent attacks on the deceased before his eyes.

The witness narrated that the first defendant made another attempt to stab her husband after breaking a bottle of perfume, but her husband collected the bottle.

“The first defendant then went to the kitchen and picked a knife with which she attempted again to stab the deceased.”

The witness said his late friend sustained several cuts while trying to disarm his wife.

Mr Mohammed said he left the house with another friend who he had called to help separate the fight, thinking that calm had been restored only to receive news of his friend’s death in the morning.

“I went to Maitama Hospital in the morning and met Bilyaminu lying on a bed in front of the hospital. There was a hole in his chest near the heart, bite on his stomach. There was a cut on his thigh and there was a sign of stitching on him,” he said.
Sanda’s Account

In her testimony before the court, Ms Sanda admitted that the two-year marriage that produced a baby girl was fraught with quarrels.

She, however, denied killing her husband or nursing such intentions. The mother-of-one said trouble started after she discovered nude pictures of another woman in her late husband’s phone and confronted him.

Ms Sanda said she had asked for a divorce before arguments which continued late into the night snowballed into a fight.

“He pushed me and as I was falling down, I mistakenly broke his Shisha bottle and the water inside spilled on the floor. He pinned me to the ground and I heard our daughter crying. I told him to leave me so that I could attend to her and he loosened up a bit and I struggled to my feet”, she narrated.

The accused said the deceased fell against the broken Shisha pot in an attempt to hold her down again. “I saw a broken bottle pricked into his chest which I removed and covered the chest with a scarf.”

The young woman said she rushed her husband to Maitama General Hospital where he was confirmed dead.
Sketchy Evidence

Sanda’s relatives allegedly assisted her in cleaning up the crime scene and no autopsy was carried out to ascertain the actual cause of Mr Bello’s death.

Regina Okotie-Eboh, lawyer to the accused, argued that the prosecution failed to prove the allegations. She said the prosecution did not call nurses or doctors from the hospital where the deceased was taken to as witnesses.

Mrs Okotie-Ebor added that they failed to tender the knife with which the defendant allegedly used to perpetrate the act.

The judge in December fixed January 27 to deliver judgment.