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BBNaija’5: Lucy gets Refrigerator, Generator gift from fans. [Video]


Some of Lucy’s fans also extended their love to her after the show by giving her thoughtful presents.

Big Brother Nigeria 2020 star, Lucy Edet, is no doubt loved by a number of people despite her controversial reputation during the show.

While Lucy was one of the housemates who did not seem to have a huge fan base, she surprised many by surviving many evictions on the show.

The young lady who is also a businesswoman recently received a generator and a refrigerator from some of her fans.


In a viral video that made the rounds on social media, Lucy was seen unboxing the gen-set as she thanked her co-star, Kiddwaya, for giving her benefactors a means to reach her.

See the video below:

However, a number of people misinterpreted the video to mean that Kiddwaya was the one who got her the gifts and the young lady took to her page to clear the air.

According to her, Kidd had only given them her contact details. She also thanked the fans for their thoughtful gifts and told her followers to show them some love.



BBNaija’5: Lucy evicted from Biggie’s house.


Lucy has come to the end of her journey in the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) house after spending seven weeks in the competition.

The housemate alongside some other contestants had been put up for possible eviction by fellow housemates earlier on in the week.

This makes Lucy the 12th housemates to be evicted from the BBNaija house

Recall that some days ago, Big Brother left the housemates surprised after he introduced a new eviction and nomination method in the game.


Prior to this week, four contestants with the least votes from the public were put up for possible eviction, after which fellow housemates were individually called into the diary room to evict two contestants from those who have been put up.

However, the new eviction process leaves the fate of housemates at the hands of their fans and supporters.

The nomination process introduced also resulted in Nengi, Kiddwaya, Trikytee, Vee, Lucy and Laycon being put up for possible eviction.

Meanwhile, BBNaijaLockdown housemate, Erica, who is the current Head of House (HOH) may not be enjoying the best of times in Big Brother’s house.


The young lady had launched a verbal attack on fellow housemate, Laycon, and called out others who tried to keep the situation under control.

Although Erica’s actions may have been driven by the fact that she was under the influence of alcohol; while apologizing to fellow housemates, the sober lady admitted to crossing a line.

In an online poll conducted by Noble Reporters Media‘s known Media to find out the best punishment that fans want for the housemate, 17.6% of respondents were of the opinion that Erica should be given a strong warning while another 12.3% suggested that the housemate should be pardoned by Big Brother.

However, 66.1% of respondents voted for Erica to be disqualified from the reality show.


BBNaija’5: I don’t care about winning ‘the title’ – Lucy tells Erica.


Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate, Lucy has shocked her fellow housemate, Erica, after she revealed that she doesn’t care about winning the money, but cares about her values.

Lucy revealed this when Erica approached her about the heated argument in the afternoon.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that Lucy earlier argued with Erica and Prince after she refused to be in the same group with Kiddwaya and Erica for the weekly task because Kiddwaya once refused to work with her in the same group.


When approached on Thursday night, Lucy defended herself saying she would rather uphold her values than be in same group with Kiddwaya because of money.

“I’m not all about winning money, I would not kill myself because of money.

“I’m going to uphold my values, you guys place more value on the money than feelings.

“Leave my feelings alone, you don’t understand my feelings.”


BBNaija’5: Nengi, Laycon, Kiddwaya, 3 Others up for possible eviction.


Big Brother, BBNaija 2020 housemates, Trikytee, Nengi, Kiddwaya Laycon, and Lucy have been put up for possible eviction by other housemates.

The organizers of the show had announced last week that they have decided to go back to the previous way of nominating housemates who would be up for eviction.

Following the development, after the Arena games on Monday, the housemates were called individually into the diary room to nominate the housemate they want up for possible eviction.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that Wathoni, Brighto and Tolanibaj were evicted yesterday.


However, after the nominations, Laycon, Trikytee, Lucy , Kiddwaya and Nengi got the highest nominations.

This is how the housemates voted.

Dorothy- Laycon, Vee

Nengi – Lucy, Laycon

Laycon – Lucy, Trikytee

Kiddwaya – Trikytee, Lucy

Trikytee – Lucy, Laycon

Ozo – Kiddwaya, Lucy

Vee – Trikytee, Dorothy

Prince – Nengi, Ozo

Erica – Vee, Laycon

Neo – Kiddwaya, Lucy


BBNaija’5: Moment Erica tackles Lucy for being rude to Kiddwaya.


Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate, Erica Nweledim, has come for fellow housemate, Lucy over her lover kiddwaya.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that the housemates has a Pepsi challenge on Wednesday. The Pepsi task was a musical performance Challenge, courtesy of Pepsi Naija.

Each of the housemates was given the opportunity to represent one popular Nigerian music star through the course of the day. They were required to partake in the task in pairs.

There were seven teams in total and to determine who their teammates are, they had to all participate in a quick game.

Lucy and Erica’s lover, Kiddwaya were in the same Team [Team Cuppy] and delivered the song ‘Green Light’ for the challenge.

During the course of their performance, Lucy forgot her lines.


Erica wondered why Lucy spent all her time complaining about her teammate, Kiddwaya to the other housemates but ended forgetting lyrics of the song on stage.

She said Lucy is fond of making others feel bad all in the name of speaking her mind.

Discussing with Tolanibaj about the incident, obviously angry, Erica said, “That was very rude of her [Lucy]. What kind of stuff is that? It doesn’t make sense.

“She wasted all the time complaining about Kidd… shouting, ‘have you seen me dancing? Have you seen me singing before? And after everything she didn’t even sing sh*t on stage…


“How can she spend hours complaining about Kidd? That was very rude of her and went on stage and messed up.

“I told her [this face to face]. Is she going to beat me? You know me now, I always say my mind.

“She spent hours making another person feel bad, then went there and messed up. All the time she should have used to practice, she used it to complain about Kidd throughout.

“And when she started crying after the performance, I was like, ‘why are you being dramatic?’


“If she put in that much time [she used in complaining in practice], won’t she go there and do something good?

“If I were in a group like that and someone kept complaining about me openly to everybody that was so rude and I can [also] easily start pointing out all the flaws in front of everybody.

“She does that all the time and would be like ‘oh, I’m just saying the truth. I’m just saying my mind’, without considering how bad you make other people feel.

“The thing is Kidd is like, ‘I’m not bothered’ but I know he’s bothered but just doesn’t want to make it a big deal. Me, I’ll make it a big deal…I don’t care. Are you going to beat me?”


Moment Toyin Lawani throws shade at BBNaija housemate. [Reason]


Fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani has slammed a BBNaija housemate with a claim that she dated her baby daddy Lord Trigg.

Toyin Lawani recalled a 2018 post on her baby daddy’s Instagram page which threw shade at her and also mocked her cosmetic surgery body.

She revealed that she later realized that it was the BBNaija housemate who shared the post on Lord Trigg’s page after collecting his phone.

Toyin Lawani gave a hint as to who the housemate is by referring to a statement made by Lucy during a heated argument after the eviction night of the BBNaija 2020 last Saturday.

She said: “See a lot of people judge me for my actions times, but don’t know the real reason behind them&call it hating, A while back I had issues with my ex over our kid, his new female counterpart took his phone &wrote all this about me which I later found out he didn’t do&those were not his words,I didn’t respond to this then, we settled behind closed doors cse that’s where relationships shld be settled cse my kid was involved,I had my own love interest too at that time so that wasn’t my issue at all, the blogs took it up&started trolling me&yet I didn’t respond, cse of my son.


see if u knw me u will knw my kids mean alot to me&I’m a very peaceful selfless dwn to earth person but I don’t tolerate bullshit& I say my mind,most people dnt like people who speak their truth, I will do anything to keep my kids safe&connected to their family regardless of our differences, is it not ironic that the same words written on the internet were words used on national tv for everyone to see yesterday on @lucyedetofficial Be with whoever u want to be but don’t go forming super hero making videos with my kid whn u are not d mother, people need to respect other people’s boundaries&Family

if I hear anyone say shit on my Page again about trolling anyone or dt I’m hating on any1 cse I chose who I chose, I will make matters worse 4u guys, all week y’all Been writing Shit abt me on blogs&on my Page calling me names yet ignored,d proof is there for u to see on national tv, At least I didn’t go on tv to put words in the mouth of the culprit, yet the same person went under d knife to look like me
Is life not so funny

wow, yet it was Fibroid surgery&breast lump removal I went for, See the internet never forgets, be careful of ur actions for future reasons like this, Well I have forgiven all parties involved a long time ago, I know more but won’t play all my cards at once.

I’m here waiting for all d names u hv called me& abt to call me, later they will say u want to trend, are u blind I hv bn trending before social media, if she didn’t look for my trouble low key in the past I wouldn’t look for hers in the future, do me I do you God no go vex, note that I can be petty too”


BBNaija’5: Nengi, Lucy fights dirty after live eviction.


BBNaija housemates, Lucy and Nengi have been involved in a heated argument shortly after the live eviction show on Sunday that saw the elimination of Eric and Tochi from the show.

The verbal exchange started after Nengi confronted Lucy for allegedly speaking about her bathroom, accusing Lucy of saying she leads men on in Big Brother House.

The altercation quickly exploded into full-blown name-calling between the two housemates exchanging insults.

During the exchange, Lucy, while the head of house Ozo trying to calm her down shouted at him, saying;


Don’t touch me, if you are looking for who to touch go and touch her. She is the one that likes to be touched by men.

There were attempts by other housemates to prevent Lucy and Nengi from getting physical with the fight.

Shortly after the war of words, Ozo called on all the housemates for a meeting to address the fight.

Few of the housemates spoke about the issue, cautioning themselves to desist from name-calling and monitoring each other’s activities in the house.


Lucy then apologized to Nengi for her weighty statements during the fight, however Nengi made no comment during the meeting.



BBNaija’5: Lucy can’t stand where I stand – Nengi blasts


Big Brother Naija housemate, Nengi has dragged her fellow housemate, Lucy to filth for saying she has nothing to offer.

Nengi had a conversation with fellow housemate, Ozo where she ranted about the gossips going on about her, and how Lucy said she has nothing to offer.

Nengi dragged Lucy in the presence of Ozo, insisting that Lucy can never stand where she is standing, if not for Big Brother reality show.

According to Nengi, she came into the house and humbled herself and now she’s regretting it because the housemates are now riding her and seeing her as a nobody.

“On a normal day, Lucy can’t stand where I am standing”, Nengi bragged.


BBNaija’5: Fans mock HoH, Lucy’s hair, compare her to mop stick


Big Brother Naija housemate, Lucy is currently being dragged by Nigerians over her hairstyle and “attitude”.

Comparing her to a mop stick Nigerians shared the photos below..

“I’m not going to say anything because they don’t listen to me in this house” the troll wrote.


See comments below..

“I said it😂.. no difference between mop and the hair”

“This Lucy girl is the real deal. We need action and drama”

“Mop the whole house”

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that Lucy emerged the head of house for the week. This is coming after a Biggie made the housemates contend rigorously against each other in what can be termed as a game of luck.

Although there was a tie between Lucy, Neo and Ozo, the 29 year old came winner by throwing the highest number on the die.


BBNaija’5: HoH, Lucy get Prince’s advice on food roaster


Deputy head of house, Prince advised Lucy (HOH) on the measures that should be taken to cook and serve food in the house.

Prince called the Head of House, Lucy into their head of house chamber and advised her on the need to make food roaster and menu in order not to fight on food in the house.

According to Lucy, it’s been Ka3na, Dora and herself who have been constantly cooking but Tolanibaj doesn’t but hoards food.

Prince calls for a house meeting!


BBNaija’5: Lucy, Ka3na, Praise & Tonibaj fights over food | Video


The reign of Lucy has seen the house fight over food between Ka3na and Tolanibaj before escalating to another war of words between HOH Lucy and Praise.

Tolanibaj, asked for food which according to Ka3na, asked her to hold on while she serves others who have not had breakfast because Tolani had eaten earlier.

This brought a huge misunderstanding which ended in both of them using unprintable words at each other.

Lucy asked for a solution on how to solve the situation but never got it, Praise tried calming the food fight but ended up exchanging words with Lucy who had earlier offended her by asking him to dissolve his clique, something he claims he doesn’t have.

Praise warned the house to prepare for the worse when he is being made the head of house.

Watch video here;


BBNaija’5: Prince becomes deputy HoH under Lucy’s administration


BBNaija housemate, Lucy emerged the head of house for another week in Big Brother’s house.

This is coming after a Biggie made the housemates contend rigorously against each other in what can be termed as a game of luck.

However, Big Brother called her into the diary room to select a deputy.

Without hesitation, Lucy chose Prince as her deputy.


This makes him immune for possible eviction this week as well.

According to Lucy she chose Prince because she’s cool with him


However, Big Brother gave her a chance to pick a second and third choice in case Prince rejects her offer.

She chose Laycon and Neo as her second and third choices respectively


BBNaija’5: Lucy emerges house head for week 2


BBNaija housemate, Lucy has emerged the head of house for another week in Big Brother’s house.

This is coming after a Biggie made the housemates contend rigorously against each other in what can be termed as a game of luck.

Although there was a tie between Lucy, Neo and Ozo, the 29 year old came winner by throwing the highest number on the die.


See how Nigerians are reacting to Lucy’s win on twitter;

@ahuoizabakes wrote “WTH I’m so fucking pained Loudly crying faceLoudly crying face.. Lucy walaai your head strong o, ahhh shit Person facepalmingPerson facepalming#BBNaijialockdown2020”

See ehh if God wan bless you ehh he will shock all your enemies and that’s what just happened with Lucy now. I’m guessing she will pick between Laycon, Trickytee, Brighto, Tochi (padi)”

@Householdessse1 wrote “Nawa o! True true this life no balance at all. See aunty Lucy o !#BBNaijialockdown2020”

@damieikeji wrote Lucy sure deserves it. I’m happy for her. #BBNaijialockdown2020″

@ObKeeng wrote “I was so happy that Lucy won HOH honestly, so she would pick ka3na and eviction night would be interesting… Only for big brother to spoil the whole thing by saying her deputy must be male. I also liked how Ozo was the first runner up. Great tension #BBNaijialockdown2020


BBNaija’5: Kaisha, Lucy fights dirty again over used sanitary pad


Lucy and Kaisha have been involved in another fight in the ongoing BBNaija 2020 reality TV show.

Both housemates had been involved in a shouting match a few days ago which resulted in name-calling.

Lucy had insinuated that Kaisha acts like a baby. In response, Kaisha slammed Lucy and labelled her an old cargo.

Sunday night saw both of them at each other’s throat again and this time it is about a used sanitary pad.


Lucy had complained about the sanitary pad which she found inside the bathroom and also the bloodstain on the bed in the garden.

Angered by Lucy’s complain, Kaisha shouted at her and told her to allow the issue to be resolved among housemates.

This led to a second shouting match between both housemates while others looked on.


BBNaija’5: Kaisha drags Lucy as they fight dirty


Big Brother Naija housemates, Kaisha and Lucy has a messy midnight fight last night which also affected their fellow housemate, Praise.

The housemates who have been at each other’s throat since they got into the house, had a heated exchange which degenerated into a shouting match and name calling.

Lucy took the first shot by insinuating that Kaisha acts like a baby and is also indecisive, after she (Kaisha) complained about her sleeping spot. Kaisha fired back by asking Lucy to “shut up” and also went on to call her an “old cargo”.

Watch the fight below…

This led to shouting match which had Praise alleging that Lucy passed off a rude comment about other housemates. While Lucy defended herself by accusing Praise of doing the same, Praise on the other hand told her to be diplomatic about her remarks.