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Where is Lassa Fever? – By Olamide Noble | Historic


The illness was discovered in 1969 and is named after the town in Nigeria where the first cases occurred. An estimated 100,000 to 300,000 infections of Lassa fever occur annually, with approximately 5,000 deaths. Surveillance for Lassa fever is not standardized; therefore, these estimates are crude.


Lassa fever (LF) is an acute and sometimes severe viral hemorrhagic illness endemic in West Africa. The disease was first recognized in Nigeria in 1969. Humans contract Lassa virus (LASV) primarily through contact with contaminated excreta of the rodent Mastomys natalensis, which is the natural reservoir.

Who Discovered Lassa Fever?

Lassa fever was first described in the 1950s, and the viral particle was identified in 1969 from three missionary nurses who died in Lassa, Nigeria, after caring for an infected obstetrical patient.

Where Was Lassa Fever First Discovered In Nigeria?

Lassa fever is an acute viral illness that occurs in West Africa. The illness was discovered in 1969 when two missionary nurses died in Lassa Village in Borno State. The cause of the illness was found to be Lassa virus, named after the town in Nigeria where the first cases originated.

Where Did Lassa Fever Originates From?

Descriptions of the disease date from the 1950s. The virus was first described in 1969 from a case in the town of Lassa, in Borno State, Nigeria. Lassa fever is relatively common in West Africa including the countries of Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ghana.

How Did Lassa Fever Spread?

The Lassa virus is transmitted to humans mainly through handling rats, food or house- hold items contaminated by rats’ urine and faeces. The virus can spread between people through direct contact with the body fluids of a person infected with Lassa fever, as well as contaminated bedding and clothing.

Symptoms of Lassa Fever

Symptoms: Fever, headaches, bleeding

Other names: Lassa hemorrhagic fever

Deaths: 5,000 deaths per year

as written by: Adigun Michael Olamide ‘Olamide Noble’

source(s): Google



Lassa Fever: 188 Nigerians killed.

According to a report by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), a total of 188 persons have so far died of Lassa fever in Nigeria this year.

This is coming at a time the world, including Nigeria, is battling the spread of the dreaded coronavirus.

The casualty figure was recorded between January 1 and April 5, 2020.

Lassa fever is a disease spread to humans through food or household items contaminated with rodent urine or faeces.

The disease is endemic to the West African country and its name comes from the town of Lassa in northern Nigeria where it was first identified in 1969.

It is endemic in parts of West Africa including Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria. Neighbouring countries are also at risk.

The NCDC’s report also indicated that Nigeria had so far recorded 963 confirmed cases and 14 probable cases of the disease this year.

These are against the 537 confirmed cases and 15 probable cases recorded during the same first 14 weeks of 2019.

The confirmed and probable cases recorded this year are from the 4,287 suspected cases documented during the same period.

The cases are said to be spread across 27 states and 126 local government areas across the country.

The report read, “In Week 14 (of 2020), the number of new confirmed cases decreased from 19 cases in week 13 to 12 cases.

“Cumulatively from week 1 to week 14 of 2020, 188 deaths have been reported with a case fatality rate of 19.5 per cent which is lower than the CFR for the same period in 2019 (22.7 per cent).

“In total for 2020, 27 states have recorded at least one confirmed case across 126 Local Government Areas.”

A breakdown of the confirmed cases according to states showed that Edo State has the highest number of confirmed cases with 314.

The state is followed by Ondo (309), Ebonyi (73), Taraba (55), Bauchi (43), Kogi (34), and Plateau (28), among others.

Of the 188 deaths, Edo again has the highest number of 39 deaths.

The state is followed by Ondo (44), Taraba (21), Bauchi (18), Ebonyi (16), Kogi (8), and Plateau (6) and Kaduna (5) among others.

Kaduna State recorded the five deaths at a period it recorded seven confirmed cases.

The number of suspected cases in the country has increased significantly to 4,287 compared to the 2,133 reported for the same period in 2019.

As part of response activities, the NCDC said the National Emergency Operations Centre had been activated to coordinate response activities across states while states with confirmed cases gave activated state-level EOCs.

It added that National Rapid Response Teams had been deployed from the centre to support response activities in 10 states.

It said the five molecular laboratories for the Lassa fever testing in the centre’s network were working full capacity to ensure that all samples are tested and results provided within the shortest turnaround time.


Lassa Fever: 185 killed in 951 cases confirmed by NCDC (Nigeria)

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has revealed that a total of 185 people have died of Lassa fever with 951 cases confirmed in the country since the beginning of the year 2020.

It made this known in its latest situation report on the disease for week 13 posted on its Twitter handle on Thursday.

It noted that the number of new cases confirmed decreased from 28 cases in week 12 to 19 cases in the reporting week.

According to the agency, the new cases were reported in eight states of Edo, Ondo, Ebonyi, Bauchi, Taraba, Plateau, Kogi, and Delta.

It added that one new death from Lassa fever was reported in week 13 while the predominant age-group affected was 21-30 years.

Lassa fever, a viral haemorrhagic fever, is endemic in some parts of West Africa and is usually passed on through food contaminated with infected rat urine or faeces.

In 80 per cent of cases, the fever is asymptomatic but for some, the symptoms include high fever, headache, mouth ulcers, muscle aches, haemorrhaging under the skin and heart and kidney failure.

It has an incubation period of between six and 21 days and can be transmitted through contact with an infected person via bodily fluids and excretion.


COVID-19: Prof. Maduike boast he’s found cure for Coronavirus, Lassa Fever

gives chemical equations of therapy

A Nigerian Professor, Maduike Ezeibe has announced that he has discovered a possible cure for the dreaded coronavirus and lassa fever.

The Professor of Virology at Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU) who once claimed to have discovered the therapy for the cure of HIV/AIDS, expressed confidence that the therapy which according to him, had already proved reliable in the “treatment of HIV/AIDS,” would make coronavirus a thing of the past.

Ezeibe who gave the chemical equation of the therapy as (AI4(SiO4)3+3Mg2SiO4-2AI2Mg3(SiO4)3) and also disclosed that “it’s a mechanism for curing Covid -19 and Lassa fever”, urged countries affected by the deadly virus to adopt his therapy for clinical trials on patients.

He said;

“Electrostatic attraction would make electrically charged medicines mop pathogens which have opposite charges, is a known scientific fact and that viruses and abnormal (infected /tumor) cells are electrically charged is now known.

”Covid-19 virus and Lassa fever virus (DNA viruses) are negatively charged . Small sizes of viruses enable them infect cells, inaccessible to big molecules. So, existing antiviral medicines need immunity to complement their effects but some viruses cause immune deficiency.

“As a silicate, AMS also normalises immunity and as a stabilizing agent it enhances efficacy of antimicrobials to achieve effective treatment secondary infections.

“Effective treatment of secondary infections would cure any viral /abnormal cell diseases including Covid -19 and Lassa fever”


Lassa Fever: 118 killed in 2 months – NCDC

The number of people killed from the outbreak of Lassa fever since the beginning of the year has risen to 118.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) disclosed this in its situation report on the disease.

It explained that the figure covered between January 1 and February 23.

No fewer than 2,633 cases of Lassa fever have been reported since the beginning of the year, out of which 689 cases were confirmed to be positive.

The cases were reported in 115 local government areas from 27 states of the Federation.

In the eighth week – February 17-23 – which the latest NCDC report focused on, 102 of 456 reported cases from 46 local government areas from 18 states were confirmed.

The states include Ondo, Ebonyi, Edo, Bauchi, Plateau, Benue, Lagos, Enugu, Gombe, Kaduna, Katsina, Kogi, Sokoto, Taraba, Delta, Rivers, Adamawa, and Nasarawa.

A total of four new healthcare workers were also affected in Edo and Ondo States in the reporting week.

The NCDC confirmed that the number of suspected cases has significantly increased compared to the figure reported for the same period in 2019.


Lassa Fever: First case recorded in LUTH, Lagos

Lagos State has recorded her first case of Lassa fever following the outbreak this year. The hemorrhagic fever is currently raging in over 19 states in the country.
The Lagos State Commissioner for Health Prof. Akin Abayomi, in a statement early Wednesday, confirmed that the patient is currently in isolation at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

Abayomi called on residents to be calm and not panic, noting that the situation is under control.

He assured the residents that state government, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, will do everything possible to control the spread of the disease in the state.

He said, “The Ministry of Health through Epidemiology, Biosecurity and Global Health Directorate is currently carrying out ‘contact tracing’ to determine those who may have been infected in line with international standards while we beef up our other surveillance strategies.”

The Commissioner stressed the need for members of the public to ensure and maintain adequate personal hygiene and environmental sanitation at all times as part of prevention and control measures against the spread of the disease in the state.

Abayomi noted that the prevention and control of the disease remained a shared responsibility of all citizens through the observance of the highest possible standards of personal and community hygiene as well as environmental sanitation.

He urged residents to store house-hold refuse in sanitary refuse bags or dust bins with tight-fitting covers to avoid infestation by rats and rodents; dispose off refuse properly at designated dump sites and not into the drainage system and store food items in rodent-proof containers.

He stated that a case of Lassa Fever should be suspected in any person with persistent high fever not responding to standard treatment for malaria and typhoid fever or bleeding from the body surface.


Edo: NYSC, Editorial C.D.S group road work on health awareness – Accident occured

The program started with an opening speech from omolewa oyebode, from the charity CDs group rendering a vote of thanks to hon. Eghe Ogbemudia and the Local government inspector Mr. Nosa, Ogboghodo for his support towards the success of the program.

The presentation of award was done by the A.D. before the supposed walk on health awareness to Hon. Eghe Ogbemudia, the vice chairman of NYSC Egor local government.

Photo of Olua pupils

The Editorial CDS group in conj. With the Egor Local Government chairperson, V.P and L.G.I led a street walk to sensitize the people of the local government and it environs of Lassa fever, it’s causes, control and prevention.
The walk kick started at about 10:30am, with the local government chairperson with her entourage from the local government all in attendance, the nysc LGI was also on ground with all Editorial CDS group members.

The troops left the Secretariat, into the environs of the Egor Local government area down to Olua nursery and primary school. The aim of this road work is to sensitize the community, especially the pupils of Olua primary school on the outbreak of the Lassa Fever Virus, Its Causes and prevention. several placards were held high and also chorus of corps members saying *we don’t want Lassa Fever in Egor and help us put an end to the virus*. Some of the placard contained different messages, like *”we don’t want Lassa Fever in our state, wash your hands regular, keep your environment clean and safe, Lassa is deadly”*

The troops arrived Olua nursery and primary School in Uselu, the V.C. Mrs. Eghe Ogbemudia addressed the pupils, she told them to always wash their hands with handwash or soap and water. And also these children were taught how to wash their hands. They were also told to abstain from burning bushes.

Coming back from Olua nursery and primary school in uselu, an accident occured, involving a car and a truck at uselu market in front of access and zenith bank on the centre of the U-Turn.

Vice Chairman, Egor Local Government, Hon. Eghe Ogbemudia

NobleReporters learnt that there was no casualties but the car was damaged.

The Chairman, Egor local government move closer and other officials at the incident area.

N.Rs saw the owner/lender of the car crying and angry. He was unsettled.

President, Egor Editorial CDs Group

After the sensitization that took place in Olua nursery and primary School, the troops headed for the Uselu Market where the V.C. addressed the traders on the importance of keeping the environment clean, usage of rat killers and proper disposal of dead rats.

The LGI also gave the market women the hand washing gesture and taught them how to properly wash their hands.

Corps members took pictures with Olua pupils

The group all headed back to the Secretariat at around 12pm , were the V.C., L.G.I and the.president of Editorial group gave the summary of what the walk was about. Afterwards, refreshments were made available for the corp members courtsey of the chairperson.


Editorial CDs corps member speaking on Lassa fever

Vice President, Egor Editorial CDs Group (Left) | C.L.O (Right)

P.R.O, Egor Editorial CDs (Left) | Vice President, Egor Editorial CDs Group (Right)


Anthony Aanu


Lassa Fever: Four dead in Kogi

The Kogi State Ministry of Health has confirmed nine cases of Lassa fever with four deaths recorded since the outbreak of the deadly disease in the state about a month ago.

Dr Austin Ojotule, the State Epidemiologist, disclosed this in a statement in Lokoja on Sunday.

According to Ojotule, the state’s statistics on Lassa fever outbreak update as of Feb. 8, 2020, have a total of 31 suspected cases.

He said out of the 31 suspected cases of Lassa fever, one was probable, 17 negative, nine confirmed, while five had pending laboratory results.

He said that four deaths had been recorded among the nine confirmed cases with Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of 44.4 percent; the percentage of deaths from the confirmed cases.

The official said that the nine confirmed cases were from five local government areas of Ibaji with two, Okene, two, Idah, three, Okehi, one, and Igalamela Local Government Area, one.

He, however, noted that contact tracing and follow-up were ongoing, adding that a total of 177 contacts had been line-listed.

Lassa fever broke out in the state about a month ago.


Unnamed disease not Ebola, HIV or Coronavirus killing people in Benue – FG inform

Nigeria’s Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire on Friday February 7 stated that the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) is working hard to unravel the mysterious disease that has left many people dead in Benue State.

Ehanire who disclosed that the NCDC has activated an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to coordinate response activities in conjunction with Federal Medical Centre in Makurdi to ascertain the nature of the illness, said victims of the disease showed no symptoms of Ebola, Lassa fever or coronavirus after medical tests were conducted.

The Minister disclosed that some of the symptoms victims of the disease showed were headache, internal heat, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache, weakness of the body and swollen stomach. He urged Nigerians to contact NCDC immediately on its toll-free number on – 0800-970000-10 to report strange cases.

Recall that the disease which broke out in Oyi-Obi community of Benue State on Wednesday January 29, has already killed 15 people. The number of the people affected by the disease have already exceeded 100


Lassa fever in 27 Nigerian states – Minister of Health

The Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire on Thursday February 6 announced that the Lassa Fever epidemic has been confirmed in 27 states of the federation.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of a two-day seminar for 36 State Health Commissioners’ organised by the Nigerian Governors’ Forum in Abuja, the Minister disclosed that the Lassa Fever epidemic has also claimed the lives of two doctors.

Ehanire also revealed that the Nigerian government is working with a German research firm to develop a vaccine for the virus, as pointed out that government cannot curb the spread of the disease alone.

He said;

”I thank you all at this point for commendation the federal ministry of health has received in its efforts to contain the outbreak of Lassa fever which has moved to about 27 states as at last count. And we are also in collaboration to ensure that the Coronavirus does not enter Nigeria

”The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and other services are coordinating the government response to control the outbreak and also prevent importation, progress is being made on developing a vaccine against Lassa fever with the help of a German medical research firm.”

Ehanire also urged all state health commissioners to speak with their various governors and also make them see the importance of secondary healthcare system.

He added;

”The temptation is to go for large visible hospital complexes, which are very impressive. But forget that down below, the needs there are not met, these large hospitals can convey about six, five general hospitals.

”We know that our country’s health system does not yet provide the level of quality of service required to meet the population.

”There is a need to have a sound primary healthcare system with a secondary PHCs including a functional general hospital in at least one in every LGA, there can be many more though.

”But I have always believed that private sectors always have a role to play here, states cannot meet this responsibility alone.”


Lassa Fever: Declare state of emergency – Doctors urge FG ..

With the rise in number of casualties of Lassa Fever in the past few weeks, medical doctors under the umbrella of Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) have called on the Federal Government to quickly declare a national emergency on the deadly disease.

It also asked the government to evaluate hazard allowances paid to health care workers considering the increased risks they faced in tackling diseases.

National President of NARD, Dr Aliyu Sokomba, told journalists at the end of their National Executive Council (NEC) meeting in Abuja, yesterday, that such action would attract the needed financial and logistics attention required to contain Lassa Fever and other communicable diseases in the country.

He said: “In the past three weeks, Lassa Fever has spread to 18 states with several deaths. Some health care workers were among the casualties. We are deeply concerned about it, hence the call for the emergency because of poor preparedness of our health institutions in handling cases of Lassa Fever.

“The emergency, when declared, would help our preparedness and response in addressing cases of Lassa Fever and other relevant ailments in our various health care institutions.”

Meanwhile, he said that NEC-in-session discussed several issues that border on welfare of its members, patients and entire medical practice in the country.

He said that the NEC was unhappy with the continued physical and verbal attacks and assault on its members at different health institutions, and threatened to take unfriendly actions if the attacks continue.

He disclosed that the NEC has appealed to the Federal Government to ensure speedy payments of arrears of minimum wage, consequential salary adjustment to its members on the GIFMIS platform.

“They were particularly concerned about non-implementation of corrected salary scale of NARD members in many state tertiary health institutions and other irregularities in payment of salaries particularly the unpaid 12 months salary arrears of members at Ladoke Akintola University Teaching Hospital, Ogbomosho (LAUTECH) in Oyo State and 14 months salary arrears being owed its members at Abia State University Teaching Hospital in Abia State,” he said.


Lassa Fever: New cases in Kaduna ..

One person has died of Lassa Fever in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

The state government confirmed this in a statement issued on Saturday.

Also according to the state Commissioner for Health, Dr Amina Mohammed-Baloni, another case has been identified and the victim, a 34-year-old man has been sent to the Infectious Disease Control Centre.

The commissioner further explained that so far, a total of 23 cases were suspected, and out of that number, 15 test results have returned negative, while six test samples are still pending.

Mohammed-Baloni also noted that a total of 40 people who had been in contact with the cases are being monitored and none has shown any symptoms.

However, she explained that contact listing and follow-ups, as well as active case search are ongoing.

While advising residents to observe strict personal hygiene in order to avoid contracting the disease, she also gave an assurance that the outbreak of the disease in the country is under control in the state.

The commissioner added that the Kaduna State Government is complying with the recent advisory on the Corona Virus Disease issued by the Minister of Health, Mr. Osagie Ehanire.


Lassa Fever: UNIZIK student infected ..

A student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University has been confirmed positive for Lassa Fever virus in Anambra State.

The student was confirmed positive at the Chukwukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital.

The unnamed female undergraduate has now been moved to Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, after necessary decontamination.

The outbreak of Lassa Fever has spread to a handful of states across the country including Osun and Ogun.


Lassa Fever: Nasarawa confirm one case, 2 still under check ..

Nasarawa State government Thursday confirmed one case of Lassa fever and two new suspected cases of disease in the state.

Commissioner of Health, Ahmed Baba Yahaya, disclosed this at news briefing to mark this year’s World Neglected Tropical Diseases in Lafia, the state capital.

He explained that the confirmed case of Lassa fever was reported at Karu, while the two new suspected cases were reported in Lafia 48 hours ago.

According to him, samples of the two new suspected cases of Lassa fever had been taken to Abuja for clinical analysis, saying both the family members of the Lassa fever patient and the doctors that treated the patient have been isolated and are being monitored.

The commissioner disclosed that the state has since reported the outbreak of Lassa fever in the state to the Centre for Disease Control in Abuja, stating that government had mobilised health personnel to respond swiftly to any suspected case of the disease in the state for necessary action.


Lassa Fever: Alimosho General Hospital on alert ..

The Medical Director of the Alimosho General Hospital, Dr Madewa Adebajo has disclosed that the hospital has been placed on alert for any cases of Lassa fever.

Adebajo told the media in Lagos, that the hospital has set up an Emergency Preparedness Committee and Infection Control Committee for any eventuality.

“For us in Alimosho General Hospital, a lot of emphasis has been laid on the prevention and control of Lassa fever and we also emphasis on universal precaution at all times.

“Some of these viral infections has been with us, it comes and go and that is why we should be ready at all time.

“More importantly, we are suspicious and look for any cases that comes to us and threat accordingly.

“We have two committees in place already and we do engage our patients and staff regularly while we have also provided personal protective equipment.

“If we do these, we will not be caught unaware because some health workers fall victims due to carelessness or when adequate precautions are not taken,” he said.

N.Rs reports that the cases of Lassa fever have been recorded in over 10 states across the country with over 20 deaths including Ogun state which is a neighbouring state to Lagos.

The Director explained that the hospital is working in accordance with the Lagos State Health Ministry to report any suspected cases to the appropriate channel.

He commended the Lagos state government for its proactive measures ahead of any outbreak of the virus in the state.

N.Rs also reports that Lassa fever is endemic in Nigeria while the cases are recorded all year round.

The Lassa virus is transmitted by rodents which are ubiquitous in the country.

Early symptoms include fever, headache, diarrhea, abdominal pain, sore throat and others, while infected persons bleed from body opening in severe cases


Lassa Fever: 3 persons dead in Rivers ..

The Rivers State Government has confirmed three persons dead in an outbreak Lassa Fever in the State.

The Acting Permanent Secretary ,Ministry of Health, Dr Chinwe Atata, confirmed this on Wednesday during a press briefing to give an update on the status of the disease in the State.

She told newsmen in Port Harcourt that the ministry had earlier begun proactive effort o contain the outbreak.

Atata said “we have received preliminary confirmation that three of the samples tested positive to Lassa virus, the Rivers State Public Health Emergency Operation Centre had earlier commenced proactive effort for containment of the outbreak.

”All hands are on deck for facility decontamination, line-listing, presumptive prophylaxis and surveillance to ensure public health safety and security of people.”

Atata, who is also Director Planning, Research and Statistics assured that the state had procured large quantities of anti-viral agents, adding that isolated centres had also been setup across teaching hospitals in the State.

In her words: ”the state has procured large quantities of antiviral agents and isolation centres have been designated and are being setup across the teaching hospitals in state in case of any eventuality, the state government is doing everything to contain the Lassa virus.”

She called on residents of Rivers to continue all necessary preventive measures and enjoined all to promote good community hygiene to prevent rodents from entering homes.


Lassa Fever: 258 cases confirmed this year – FG ..

Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, briefs reporters in Abuja on January 28, 2020.

At least 41 people have died of Lassa fever in parts of the country since the beginning of 2020, the Federal Government has confirmed.

The Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, disclosed this on Tuesday during a press briefing at the ministry’s secretariat in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

Giving an update on the raging outbreak of the disease, he revealed that at least two health professionals were among the 41 deaths recorded.

Ehanire added that there were at least 258 confirmed cases recorded across 19 states in the country.

He urged Nigerians in various parts of the country to practice good hygiene and protect their foods from rat contamination.

The minister also spoke about the outbreak of coronavirus reported in China, Germany, the United States, as well as two African countries.

He noted that the Federal Ministry of Health had issued a health advisory in the outbreak of the disease, saying that the risk of importation was high even though no single suspected case has been reported in Nigeria.

Ehanire was, however, worried about the presence of suspected cases in the Ivory Coast and Kenya, considering that coronavirus was being transmitted by humans who infected with the disease.

As part of efforts against the spread of the disease, he said the Federal Government has raised surveillance at all entry points into the country.

The minister was specific about the preventive measures being taken at the five international airports in Nigeria – in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), as well as Lagos, Enugu, Rivers, and Kano States.


Lassa Fever: No Corps member, pregnant women died in Edo ..

Authorities of Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (ISTH) in Edo State have dismissed rumours that two pregnant women and serving Youth Corps member in Asaba Delta State admitted suffering from Lassa fever died in the hospital.

The management explained that the two pregnant women were brought in from Ondo and Ogun states respectively.

Medical Director of the hospital, Prof Sylvanus Okogbenin, disclosed this Tuesday in an interview with journalists.

He said the Youth Corps member had received treatment and is recovering.

He also said that both women delivered their babies safely.

The hospital is a special centre for diagnosing and treatment of Lassa fever in the country.

Prof. Okogbenin said a medical doctor from Jalingo, Taraba State that was also admitted suffering from Lassa fever and presumed dead is responding to treatment.

Okogbenin stated that 61 patients were currently admitted for Lassa fever and three deaths recorded since January when the outbreak occurred.

He said 27 were treated and discharged.


Lassa Fever: Osun records two cases ..

Osun State has recorded two cases of Lassa fever as confirmed by the state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Rafiu Isamotu and the Special Adviser to the governor on Public Health, Dr. Olasiji Olamiju.

The cabinet members who spoke to newsmen in Osogbo yesterday January 27, said adequate measures have been put in place to contain the spread of the deadly disease.

Isamotu stated that all hands were on deck to check the spread of the disease as he revealed that the affected persons are currently getting medical treatment at Obafemi Awolowo Teaching Hospital in Ile-Ife and Ilesa.


Lassa Fever: Another doctor diagnosed positive..

Hope of a possible letup in the Lassa fever epidermic that has claimed no fewer than 30 lives was dashed yesterday, following reports that a doctor had been diagnosed with the ailment in Jigawa State. The epidermic has infected more than 200 across 11 states in Nigeria.

Acting permanent secretary, Jigawa State Ministry of Health, Salisu Mu’azu, who confirmed the latest victim, Anthony Etim, a staff of Medicins Sans Frontieres, also known Doctors Without Borders, was being treated at the isolated Infectious disease control unit in Jahun Hospital, Jahun Local Government Area, Jigawa State.

Etim developed symptoms following an official engagement at an internally displaced persons (IDPs) camp in Borno State.

He said about 11 people in Birnin Kudu LGA of Jigawa State were being closely monitored afetr contact with a relative, a medical doctor now quarantined in Kano, over the Lassa fever.

Meanwhile, at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Lokoja, Kogi State, Dr. Bernard Ododo, head of clinical services, yesterday, said five suspected cases were reported in the hospital in the last one week, out of which three tested positive to the virus, while one patient died.

“Five suspected cases reported at the hospital in the last one week, three already tested positive, of which one died. Two cases already transferred to Lassa Fever Management Centre at Irrua Specialist Hospital, Edo State.Two others (of which one has died) have their results awaited from NCDC laboratory in Abuja,” Ododo said.

The physician, therefore, advised residents to adopt all necessary precautions to prevent the outbreak of the epidemic-prone diseases in the state.

Ogun confirms 1 case

Ogun State has confirmed a case of Lassa fever, with a firm assurance that all was being done to contain it.

Commissioner for health, Dr. Tomi Coker, made this known in a statement yesterday, in Abeokuta.

She said the suspected Lassa fever case was confirmed by the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) virology laboratory on January 24.

According to Coker, the patient was a pregnant 29-year-old, who took ill and was referred to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Abeokuta.

She stated that, contrary to some reports circulating in the media, “the patient is not dead, as she was transferred to the Federal Specialist Hospital in Irua, whose facilities provided the patient with the full benefit of multidisciplinary care required for her due to her pregnancy.”

She added that the Rapid Response Team had commenced line listing of all who had come into contact with the patient for surveillance purposes, including her relatives and hospital staff that managed her case.

Sokoto mobilises health workers

Sokoto State government says arrangements were in full swing to tackle the resurfacing Lassa fever in some parts of the state.

Commissioner for health, Dr. Ali Inname, said the state had deployed experts to sensitise people on what must be done to prevent the disease.

He said the state government, through the Ministry of Health and other agencies, was doing everything to save residents from the disease.

According to him, although there is no reported case of Lassa fever in Sokoto, his ministry had stocked PPE, drugs and other emergency equipment,” he said.

Enugu denies remoured death of nurse

Enugu Government has dispelled rumour that one of the nurses that treated the patient who died of Lassa fever has also died.

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Dr. Ifeanyi Agujiobi, said the information was false, unfounded and misleading.

Dr. Agujiobi advised the public, especially residents of the state, not to panic but go about their normal duties.

He stated that the health ministry will continue to ensure that universal health precautions are strictly observed”.

The permanent secretary disclosed that the state Ministry of Health has constituted a MULTI SECTORAL Rapid Response Team charged with the responsibility of containing and mitigating against the deadly Lassa fever menace.

No new case in Lagos

In Lagos, commissioner for health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, said there were no cases of coronavirus or Lassa fever in the state, but declared that the state was stepping up its level of preparedness.

He added that the state was collaborating with the Federal Airports Ports Authority of Nigeria in screening and surveillance of passengers, while advising citizens on precautionary measures against contagious infections.

The NCDC at the weekend confirmed 29 deaths and 195 cases in 11 states. Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu, Director General, NCDC, who disclosed this in a statement, in Abuja, explained that the figures were as at Friday, January 24.


Lassa Fever: FG commends Kano for quick reaction..

“We can see that the level of the state preparedness to contain the situation so quickly is highly commendable.

“We are therefore commending the government for taking proactive measures.

“So also the quick release of funds by the state government assisted tremendously towards achieving the good results,” the Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, said this during a condolence visit Gov. Abdullahi Ganduje on Sunday in Kano.‎

Enahire however charged health workers to always observe ethical standard while dealing with such kind of diseases so as to avoid further complication and spread of the deadly disease.

According to the statement signed by Mr Anwar Awal, the governor’s spokesman, the minister commiserated with the government, people and family of dwo Doctors who died when they got in contact with the first casualty, whom they conducted a surgical operation for.‎

“The state and other stakeholders are doing their best in this respect. We commend the state Ministry of Health for taking the situation very seriously,” it said.

‎The minister, who expressed his shock over the death, prayed for the repose of their souls and the families the courage to bear the lost.

The state Commissioner for Health, Dr Aminu Tsanyawa, who was represented by the Permanent Secretary, Dr Binta Bala, disclosed that the ministry took proactive measures immediately after sending the sample to the National Referral Centre in Abuja.

“When we received the information of the outcome of the result, we swung into action immediately by mobilising the State Isolation Centre at ‘Yar Gaya, prepositioning of PPEs, Drugs, Ambulances and other measures.

“Other measures include activation of Rapid Response Teams, Conduct of State Emergency preparedness and Response Committee Meeting, Contact Tracing and Contact follow-ups were instituted promptly,” he added.‎

He further stressed that Daily Coordination Meetings at State Emergency Operation Center (EOC), Strengthening and intensification of Surveillance at all levels of healthcare delivery and communities, sensitisation of health workers and production of IEC materials as well as production and placement of radio jingles, were some other measures adopted to contain the disease.

Ganduje assured the health minister that the state would do everything possible to make sure that all strategies are employed to curbing the problem.

“As we are facing the situation squarely, I am assuring you that the state will continue to join hands with all the stakeholders for successful fight against Lassa fever. That is why we are not relenting in our efforts,” the governor said.


Lassa Fever: 4 cases recorded in Rivers..

Four suspected cases of Lassa fever has been recorded in Rivers State as confirmed by the Acting Permanent Secretary of the state’s Ministry of health, Dr. Chinwe Atata.

While the four main cases have received prompt and adequate medical attention, 57 persons have also been placed on surveillance after a speculated physical contact with the affected individuals.

The permanent secretary also said that they have sufficient quantities of commodities and drugs for therapeutic and preventive interventions.

She said;

“We are working assiduously to ensure public health safety to exposed substance especially among public health personnel as first respondents.

“We are working in partnership with state and federal agencies and al stakeholders in the interest public health security and therefore, there is no cause for alarm.

“The situation we have recorded is firmly under control. In addition, we have enough self-sufficient quantities of commodities and drugs.”


Lassa Fever: 5 recorded cases in Jos

The Plateau Commissioner of Health, Dr. Nimkong Ndam, yesterday confirmed five cases of Lassa fever in the state.

Ndam told newsmen in Jos that the patients suffering from the ailment had been admitted in two hospitals in the state, adding that three of them were undergoing treatment; one just completed treatment, while the fifth one had been discharged.

He said Lassa fever was not new in the state because the area had experienced the disease before. “However, the health personnel are on the ground to handle the situation and they have the required protective kits to wear while treating such cases.

“We are in contact with the hospitals in the state to address such cases promptly and to curtail the spread of the disease. We also have the protective kits required of health workers to wear when treating such cases,” he said.