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Gist+: Kunle Afolayan apologizes to Mike Ezuruonye.


Award-winning movie maker and actor, Kunle Afolayan, has tendered a heartfelt apology to his aggrieved colleague, Mike Ezuruonye, after sharing an incriminating screenshot which implyed he was fraudulent.

According to Kunle, the actor had him misunderstood as he never intended to put him in the bad light.

“While I did not see my innocent reaction to an indicting post by a random IG follower as capable of further hurting my friend and colleague, Mike Ezuruonye, to be labelled a tribalist in retaliation is very unfortunate,”
“Honestly, I was misunderstood,”
“My reaction, which was rather spontaneous, was to chide the IG follower who appeared to be reporting the actor to me. And I merely asked (in Yoruba) how all of that was my business. It was like saying ‘when did I become an officer of the law’. Obviously, my colleague took the context of my post wrongly and angrily accused me of tribalism.
“I do not know what gave birth to such misrepresentation. However, while I am famous for living and promoting everything that my tradition stands for as a Yoruba man, I have maintained a mutual friendship with people of other extractions, Igbos especially. It is therefore not in the interest of both of us (Mike Ezuruonye and I) to politicise our emotion with tribal colouration. For me, this is undeserving of our other friends, and goes to offend the sensibility of genuine relationships we have each cultivated with people of other tribes.”
On how he has been promoting inter-tribal relationships through his works, Afolayan says the facts are there for all to see.
“The ideals are reflected in the themes and plots of my movies, some of which include; The Figurine, The Bridge, Phone Swap, Omugwo, and Roti.”
The movie maker futher said he has offered an olive branch on the matter. “I have told Mike ‘I’m sorry’ since he found my post offensive. I am also apologising to anyone who also may have seen things from his point of view. Ire o.” He wrote;


[Nigeria] Actor Mike Ezuruonye fights dirty with movie producer, Kunle Afolayan.


Veteran Nollywood actor, Mike Ezuruonye has taken to Instagram to fight his colleague, Kunle Afolayan for tagging him as a fraudster.

This was after Kunle posted his chat with someone who accused Mike of scamming women.

According to Mike, Kunle Afolayan did not dim it fit to ask him or inform him about such allegations. Instead he took to his Instagram page to leak his chat with the person who defamed him.

Sharing a picture of the chat, the 38 year old wrote;

“@kunleafo.. The small respect I had for you is gone,yes I wrote u that in your sick DM. U touched the wrong guy by posting this on your twitter and Instagram stories… Guy,U buy wrong Market!! U now acting like u don’t know impersonators are using Actors/Musicians/politicians /celebs fake profiles and videos to Defraud people world over???? Or haven’t u seen the ones caught in my respect and even jailed for impersonating me by @officialefcc ????.


Why am I surprised ,you’ve always HATED IGBOS..Are we going to forget in the Press ur statement years ago saying
“IGBOS are the ones spoiling the movie industry..U dont like casting them.”
Well this IGBO ain’t like u cos he was born in Lagos and speaks flawless Yoruba..And loves the Yoruba people
U Tribalistic human!!!!!

Guyyyyy I don come meet u for anything for this life???…OMO HOLD YOURSELF O,before we for inside Nollywood go talk your matter outside..Rubbishhh … Kunle U ARE TOO SMALL to bring me down with this stuuuuuupidddd unethical act…smh
If u were wise ,wouldn’t u as a colleague call me ,ask questions before posting this Rubbish on your Instagram and Twitter?…
WHO DOES THAT….Obviously u…Mtcheww…

DUDE,,,if u want a problem ,boyyyyyyy BRING IT ON …I’m so freaking READY!!!. I’ve never called OUT any of my colleagues on social media but NIGGA u messed up this time …smh.. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish..

Where were u when GOD CHOSE ME??#alwaysfavouredinhisgrace #youtoosmall”.


Actor Kunle Afolayan buys latest Benz – join league | Photos


Nigerian filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan has joined the league of Benz owners as he acquires 1929 vintage Mercedes-Benz-Gazelle.

The excited film maker took to his instagram to show off his recently acquired whip.

The vintage Mercedes-Benz Gazelle joins his other three cars, including a 1965-1972 Mercedes Benz SE; a 1979 Jaguar XJ Series III; and a 1965 Ford Thunderbird.

He shared pictures and a video of his new car, where he accepts that he has love for old fashioned and vintage assets.

In the post shared by the Kunle, the film maker described himself as an old soul with a vintage mind and a classic blood in a temporary body.

In his own words;

”I am an old soul, vintage mind, classic blood in contemporary body.”


Kunle Afolayan reveal why he is featuring ‘Temi Otedola’ in his coming movie

Popular Nigerian filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, has revealed why he chose Billionaire Daughter, Temi Otedola, to play the lead role in his new movie, Citation.

During a media briefing in Lagos on Thursday, the movie producer said;

“Whenever I scroll through her social media pages, I used to wonder at how energetic and enterprising she is. Then, when I saw her on a CNN programme, her talent seeped through and I knew I would like to work with her. Here we are now.”


JTO Fashion CEO, Temi Otedola set to feature in Kunle Afolayan’s movie

According to Afolayan, Citation is a coming-of-age movie, which tells the story of Moremi Oluwa (Temi Otedola), a happy-go-lucky 21-year-old undergraduate who is harassed repeatedly by a smooth-talking university don.


JTO fashion CEO, Temi Otedola set to feature in kunle afolayan’s movie

When Citation, the seventh movie of filmmaker par excellence, Kunle Afolayan, is released in cinemas across the world later in the year, one of the new faces that would wow audiences is that of billionaire heiress, Temi, the winsome fashion and arts-loving daughter of Femi Otedola. Temi, the last child of the billionaire businessman, would be starring in the movie alongside tested thespians like Haitian-born Hollywood actor, Jimmy Jean Louis, Sadiq Daba and Gabriel Afolayan among others.

Billionaire businessman,  Femi Otedola?s daughter, Temi, to star in Kunle Afolayan?s New Movie?

Knowing Afolayan, the producer of such cinematic classics like Irapada, October 1st, Phone Swap and CEO among others, and his time-tested ability to turn a newbie into a maven, Temi may be on to a new career far bigger than fashion or entrepreneurship where her father has morphed into a mogul. And, why not? Temi is young and beautiful and has the backing of her dad who has been a major force behind her two older sisters’ blooming careers in entertainment. DJ Cuppy has toured the world and performed at big concerts as a Dee Jay and budding musician; while Tolani, the dark-hued singer-songwriter took the Nigerian music industry by storm in 2019 with her hit single, Ba Mi Lo, featuring Reekado Banks.

Temi, 23, is a fashion and travel blogger and owns JTO Fashion, a multimedia platform from which she expresses her adventures through the arenas of fashion, beauty, art, and travel. She had whetted the appetite of her over followers on Twitter when she announced earlier in the day, “Today will be monumental. Big news coming later on.” Her timeline, she acquiesced, went wild, with many postulating that her relationship with the afro-pop star, Mr Eazi, may finally be getting consummated. She would reply later; “I can already see comments going wild. This has nothing to do with an engagement!! Lol,” she tweeted.

The news was about her starring role in Citation. Written by Tunde Babalola, ‘The Citation’ is a university drama surrounding a female postgraduate student who has to find a way of dealing with the awkward situation of sexual harassment from a popular male lecturer. It will be shot in Nigeria, Senegal and Cape Verde where Afolayan had sealed production deals ahead of a proposed January 2020 shoot.

According to him, ‘The Citation,’ apart from its thematic premise, will attempt to market Cape Verde to Nigerians and the rest of the world while also establishing film and cultural affinity between the two countries. In a statement made available to the media months back, Cape Verde’s Culture and Creative Industries Minister, Abrãao Vicente, who led the government team that included the Director-General of Arts and Creative Industries, Adilson Lima Gomes and the Coordinator of Cultural Goods and Music, Luhena Correia, in negotiating the deal, was quoted as saying that she believes that the collaboration will enhance a good relationship between Cape Verde and Nollywood