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Veronica Adeleke was my bestie – I have known Davido from womb – Kemi Olunloyo spills.


Self acclaim investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has finally revealed the real reason why she is upset with singer Davido and why she may never forgive him.

In a chat with Seye Kehinde, the controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo said ” People say I’m not in good terms with Davido, I’ve never met Davido as an adult, I knew him as a baby when a carried him in 1993 beside his mother. I lived on a street in Atlanta and I followed his pregnancy and was with his mum at the hospital. I was so close to Veronica but I wasn’t too close with the husband, he just knew us as friends.

David was born in Atlanta, I helped his mother during the whole thing. But at the end of the day, he’s now a rich musician who feels that money can buy everything. He has always liked money, I have a video of David at 10 years old when a reporter came to interview his Dad and he was screaming ‘say something’, I have a lot of pictures of him but at the end of the day, I’m very vexed, I’m bitter and I feel very hurt because a child that I carried was rude to me and I will tell you the root of this because some people will say what did Davido do to this woman, why is this woman obsessed about him and all those stuff.”

Speaking further Kemi Olunloyo said “A month ago, I gave a fan a hundred thousand naira for addressing me properly. I don’t do giveaways, it was a random thing and then, he came back to me and returned the hundred thousand and then said ‘you are a cheerful giver and God loves cheerful givers’, this is something I had to do. So, I did a contest three days ago and said for a hundred thousand naira, who can show me the tweets of where Davido insulted me. You know these stupid children, they all know what he did and they will keep saying what did Davido do? Everybody wanted the money but I didn’t give any money and they were all posting the tweets because I wanted Davido to look stupid.

October 20th, 2018, I posted a tweet where I said Davido was trying hard to cope with his breakup from Chioma, the next thing I saw was a reply to my tweet saying ‘old ass woman go and oil your pu**y you’ve been lacking sex, cheap drug user, were,’ what warranted that, ehn? Like Naira Marley said, it was utter disrespect, that’s sexual harassment and I made it clear that Davido sexually harassed me. Would he write that kind of tweet if he was on US soil? Would he write that kind of tweet when he was on his four promotion in America? You think Americans won’t look at that tweet and say who is he talking to? Se oun to lati se yen? It was disrespectful. In two years I’ve asked Davido to apologize for his sins and he has refused. Ok, different stars are talking about this, everybody, DBanj, Tiwa Savage, Sam Klef, everybody has spoken to me about it to forgive him; then he sent somebody to me that the devil made him do it. That person said ‘leave him alone, just forgive him and forget.’


I can’t forgive Davido, I can only do one, I will forget but I can’t forgive him. But if I forgive him, then I can’t forget, I can’t do both. People have come to apologize on his behalf, even his father went to my dad and my dad told me ‘please just leave Davido alone, forgive him’ I said no.

Davido is not a child, he’s a 27-year-old man, he will be 28. Davido has five children and five baby mamas. He knows what he’s doing. If you have children, you need to be an adult, you are not a child. Davido has to beg, apologize for what he did. When he berated that lawyer, that female lawyer on that case, he came to twitter and apologized to her. People said what of Aunty Kemi?

October 20th, 2019, he gave birth to a son on the same day he abused me and people were saying ‘you caused it, who told you that he had broken up with Chioma’ but I knew that authoritatively. Was it not I that announced that Chioma was pregnant when Chioma said she was not? Was it not me that announced that she was having a boy? Was it not me that announced that she was due in October? I got everything right because I know my sources, they never let me down.

Remember when Davido wrote ‘I want to take the vitamin that this woman is taking’ because he knows that he couldn’t beat me. Was it not me that told people that Deji Adeleke was getting ready to buy a jet and that Davido was not going to get a jet? Remember Davido actually tweeted ‘it is time for a new plane’ and people thought he was buying a plane and then I busted him again.


He lies a lot and the next thing is Chioma is writing things like ‘if I have to arrest her now you people will be saying it’s not fair” who are you arresting? Who is Chioma? Chioma is a blacklisted person in the US embassy, ok, she has a bad past and if I start it, you won’t like it. Chioma used to sleep with Peruzzi that was her lover. Peruzzi was living in a house that was rented for him by his label owner, Patrick of Golden Boy Entertainment, he broke that contract and went to Davido and doesn’t know that all the hits he made with Davido actually belong to Patrick. There is a legal backup for that. So when people say I’m shading Davido, I’m doing this and that, no, it’s not because I’m shading him, I’m putting things out there because the truth needs to be known. He has sex tapes, I’m seeing them and I told if you talk rubbish about me or step on my toes, those sex tapes will be played. At the end of the day, I don’t even think Chioma wrote that stuff, Davido wrote it, he has his writing on it, they will be using Chioma’s name to put stuff on their account, we know the trick, social media tricks.

So Seye, I met a guy who lives around me and that person knows Davido very well, he said he wants to arrange for us to meet. I don’t want to meet Davido anywhere because of security threats, I don’t know where we’re meeting, I don’t know anything, I don’t know whether it’s an ambush, I don’t know… I don’t want anything Davido to come near me, I don’t want it. What I want, maybe you Seye can call Davido and tell him is an apology where he insulted me, where he sexually harassed me, the very medium he used “Twitter” nine million. For me to see that apology, he has to unblock me, 9 million and I may not even accept his apology, I don’t know. As of yesterday, I told my twitter fans and followers that I leave Davido to God because God will deal with him restlessly, that’s it. God is a merciful God but he will deal with him restlessly.” Kemi Olunloyo concluded


Kemi Olunloyo reveal messy things Precious Chikwendu did in her relationship with FFK.


Controversial self-acclaimed journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has taken to the microblogging platform to share more interesting details about the messy divorce between former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani Kayode and his now estranged wife, Precious Fani-Kayode.

According to Olunloyo, Precious use to be a prostitute before her marriage to former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani Kayode. Kemi went further to state that Precious wanted an open relationship and cheated on FFK countlessly.

Read her tweets below;

Prisca Nduka is the sister to Precious Fani-Kayode. She wrote the viral FB post. Her marriage to an alleged swindler crashed, her husband left her for Swaziland. FFK paid for their wedding out of love for Precious. Prisca once told their late mom “I will rather you die”

Prisca would rather have their mom die than live with Precious meaning under FFK’s care and roof. They insult their uncle’s, aunties and even grandparents. FFK paid for the funeral of their mom and dad. Femi basically “bankrolled” their entire family.

Precious was getting vast amounts of money monthly from her husband. She wanted an open marriage. She had two knife incidents, one at everyone and the other a friend who was visiting. She attacked and beat security guards, maids and other staff. Many quit and left.


When Precious’ father died, FFK paid for all expenses including ambulance, mortuary etc. Prisca insulted the mortuary driver that he threatened to drop their father’s body at a petrol station unless they APOLOGIZE. Both sisters pocketed the funeral expenses and got more

A source told me Precious was dating 2 men b4 Femi started courting her. Ike Ogbonna a Nollywood star who she described as a “homosexual and rogue who BEAT her.” She destroyed her former boss George ruining his business financially and allegedly supporting Ogbonna with.

I’ve never known Ik Ogbonna as a gay man and once interviewed him this year. Precious reportedly said she wasn’t having good sex with him and thus started cheating with her boss George who she eventually allegedly stole his money ruining his business says my source.

Precious Fani-Kayode has a sad sad past before FFK marriage. She told her friends that her dad pimped her to her uncle at the age of 16/17yo in Onitsha as a sex slave and it affected her psychologically. Her friends attribute that to her psychological problem with FFK


Precious was once raped by a man in Lagos in another uncle’s house. She lived thru years of sexual abuse but friends say Fani-Kayode protected her doing so much for her to improve her life. Due to her mom’s health, she raised her own siblings with money from

Precious shared a lot with friends, family and staff who are all sharing this info to me now to set the record straight. Femi was reportedly covering up Precious’ mental status. Prisca her sister has provoked a lot of people by her allegations of abuse by Femi

Friends say Precious was seeing a psychiatrist before meeting Femi. They also told me that she was “sleeping” with another man while FFK was in EFCC detention. The extramarital man said he did not know she was married


Kemi Olunloyo slams ‘Mummy Calm Down’ video, says it’s disgusting and child abuse


Controversial and quite outspoken journalist Kemi Olunloyo has reacted to the viral video of a young boy telling his mother to calm down.

According to acclaimed award winning journalist Kemi, the video is a disgusting video of child abuse and can cost the mom a lot in the future.

She pointed out that In the United States, the child would have been taken away to DSS custody for emotional abuse.


Taking to her Facebook page on Friday, she wrote: “Mummy Calm Down video” mom said she doesn’t know how it got leaked to the internet. You or someone next to you videotaped your child being emotionally abused by you on a phone and you still don’t know how that got online? Bullshit liar! Go see the governor for your big break. Pray he comes home with you. If you know, you know. Three diplomatic missions also watched the video shocked. Nigerians are foolishly praising their emotionally abusive culture that raises Yahoo boys, Terrorists, Kidnappers and cultists. Think outside the box. That video could cost the mother a lot in the future. This is not stardom or blowing. Learn about EMOTIONAL ABUSE. It is a form of domestic violence. The mother may not be able to get a job relating to children, may lose employment opportunities, may be denied travel visas etc etc. Now as always every dumb Nigerian is following the trend screaming “calm down” as if it’s a new phrase. You guys at home are totally fucked up with your follow follow mentality and this why you never progress. #DrKOO”

Recall that The executive governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Wednesday, July 29, asked to meet the boy in the viral video.


COVID-19: Hushpuppi test positive in prison?


Ramoni Olorunwa Abass aka Hushpuppi, has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus, a virus which has infected over twelve million people globally.

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo took to her Twitter page to make the claim.

Kemi, before now, said she has link with the people holding Hushpuppi, adding that she gets information from them.


Though her claims about Hushpuppi is yet to be properly confirmed, Kemi Olunloyo claimed to have gotten the information from a source within the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI.

Taking to her Twitter page, she wrote that Hushpuppi has tested positive to COVID-19 and asymptomatic. She wrote;

“#BREAKING Ramoni Olorunwa Abass has contracted #coronavirus on detention??#COVID19 is real. You never know where you’ll catch it. Stay home stay safe and don’t be a person that will be uprooted from your home for alleged fraud. HushPuppi will now have to be isolated in solitary. Hope he does not commit suicide. Good luck to him.”

BREAKING #Kemitalksinfo A source @FBILosAngeles told me Ramoni Olorunwa Abass reportedly tested #Covid19 +ve asymptomatic. Remember that it CAN’T be announced on US soil due to the HIPAA law. He is locked up at MCC Chicago, a #COVID19 ravaged federal prison??



Gist+: Hushpuppi to face 20 years amid LA charges


Nigerian-Dubai based Big Boy Hushpuppi is reportedly to face up to 20 years in prison after prosecutors from the US Attorney officially pressed charges against him.

Recall the controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo disclosed yesterday that the big boy about 47 countries are allegedly fighting for the custody of the alleged fraudster. Kemi also disclosed that Hushpuppi has named his crime partners he has been laundering money for which has sparked some controversies on the internet.

However, the new update on the arrest of the alleged fraudster suggests that Hushpuppi could face a jail sentence of 20 years for his fraudulent activities. The US Attorney updated the case on Hushpuppi on Twitter disclosing that Hushpuppi has been charged.



Gist+: Deported, Poverty Stricken Donation Recipient: Adetutu drag Kemi Olunloyo


London based social media commentator, Adetutu Balogun and self acclaimed investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo have been throwing shades and dragging each other on social media.

Although the cause of their quarrel is unclear, Kemi accused Adetutu of being and APC prostitute. She also added that she buys her fans’ loyalty with giveaways.

“Tutsy is doing an all day giveaway. Trying to buy fan loyalty for followers is real… with open mouth and cold sweat I have no fans, just followers. U come to my page, get your information after I post it and I leave. No giveaways from WizKid, Cuppy, Kemi OlunloyoThe ones that support my work don’t need it.” Kemi Olunloyo tweeted.

Firing back, Adetutu “dragged her by her hairs” by calling her a beggar.


She tweeted…

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones like cancer. While u are begging for N1k from younger generation on SM, l am busy supporting younger generation to build biz & careers. US trained, Canada deported, poverty-stricken N10 donation recipient! At 56!”

“When Hushpuppi baited you to bark like a dog for money… within 24 hours, you are doing “woof woof woof” upandan social media like a chihuahua. Adagba je Raufu, o san ju Ogundeji ba n mugawa!”

“I give, you beg. Investigative beggar. If you want N1,000 let me know.”



Kemi Olunloyo want Davido to sign her as ‘MummyDMW’


Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has taken to social media to beg her arch enemy, Davido to sign her to his DMW record label.

The Yoruba born self acclaimed investigative journalist took to her Instagram story and posted a video of herself doing what she called “rap” adn she wrote:

:”Davido call me, you need to sign me as mummy DMW”.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that, Kemi Olunloyo and Davido have not been best of friends as Kemi has taken to social media several times to call the singer unprintable names.

On one occasion, Kemi called him a bastard. This was after he bought his “Banana Island mansion”.


Hitting hard at him, the Yoruba born social media commentator is insisting that Davido is trying to deceive his fans with the Banana Island house he reportedly bought.

According to her, Davido did not buy any house in banana island. She said the house belongs to his father, and he’s just claiming ownership of the house for no reason.

She also stated that she has no intentions to use Davido to trend on social media, because she is a journalist and her job is to post news, no matter her relationship with the subject.

Speaking further, she tagged Davido an ungrateful bastard while recounting how she knew him since he was a little child.



Hushpuppi, Woodbery’s properties sealed – Kemi Olunloyo


Kemi Olunloyo claims that Mr Woodbery, Hiushpuppi and others are on their way to America after they were allegedly arrested by INTERPOL on their way to Dubai.

According to Olunloyo, Hushpuppi was implicated by the secret service in a Nigerian Unemployment Insurance scam, Scattered Canary where he allegedly cracked into the system and filed 174+ fraudulent claims.

She shared on her social media page;



@mrwoodbery and @hushpuppi implicated by the @secretservice in a Nigerian Unemployment Insurance scam named #ScatteredCanary. For those who don’t know what this is, this is money the US government gives us monthly when we lose our jobs while we are looking for another. Somehow the Nigerian ring cracked into the system and filed 174+ fraudulent claims. People’s #COVID19 stimulus payments gone. It is too elaborate. Only thing I can say is everyday for the thieves, one day for the owner. It is a dark day in Nigeria. HushPuppi and Woodberry and others are on their way to America. I was also told that their properties have been sealed with warrants.


Wodbery and Hushpuppi on their way to America, properties sealed – Kemi Olunloyo#kemitalkscrime



Veronica your mother die of cocaine overdose – Kemi Olunloyo blast Davido.


Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has claimed that Davido’s mother died of cocaine overdose.

She made this known while calling out the singer for sexually harassing her back in 2018.

“Sexual violence in Nigeria starts with sexual harassment. @davido fans don’t know how he sexually harassed me October 20th 2018. His fans and associates endorse this reckless behavior and it spirals. He has found it hard to say “Sorry”, an easy word that goes a long way.”


What warrants you to call me “cheap drug user?” and “Werey” in three tweets? Did your mother teach you manners? No! Vero died of a cocaine overdose. I lived on your street in 1993 and even babysat you occasionally. You told DJ Abass you don’t know me. True!”

@SAMKLEF plead to me to let things go. I said NO! Nobody forgives and forgets. You cannot do both. I am NOT forgiving you as I told @SaharaReporters and will never forget. I HATE U @davido with passion. You sexually harassed me! You apologise! It was WRONG”



Kemi Olunloyo tackle Davido again – Says his Banana Island Mansion is Audio.

Controversial investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has again unleashed her venom unto Davido, saying he lied about buying a house in Banana Island.

Recall that Davido splashed millions of naira on a new mansion in Banana island. The singer also revealed how he was able to afford his newly purchased Banana Island home.

“David Adeleke didn’t post the title of his house. You told us you are buying a new private jet, it was your dad’s. Cooking show for Chioma, never launched, Porsche for Chioma never driven, Wike gave you money to groom artists, no artist. A sick audio clout life.”, she said.

“In property law, a title is a bundle of rights in a piece of property in which a party may own either a legal interest or equitable interest. It also refers to a formal document, such as a deed, that serves as evidence of ownership. Post your title and deed papersFace with rolling eyes#Kemitalks”, she added



Kemi Olunloyo On Chioma Again, Says Her Engagement Ring To Davido is…

Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has taken to her Twitter page to claim that the engagement ring that Davido gave to Chioma has been taken away from her.

The controversial journalist insinuated that Davido collected back the engagement ring which he gave her some months back.

Taking to Twitter, Kemi asked her fans whether any of them was aware of the reason why Chioma Rowland‘s engagement ring was taken back.


In her words;

“#BREAKING EXCLUSIVE. Does anyone know why Chioma Rowland’s engagement ring to singer Davido taken from her?#Kemitalks”.



Igbo girls are least educated in Nigeria – Kemi Olunloyo.


Kemi Olunloyo has sparked controversy by saying that Igbo girls are the least educated in Nigeria.

She also stated that they display the mentality of housegirls and street prostitutes.

Kemi Olunloyo blamed it all on their female icons whom she aid have failed to empower them.

“Igbo girls are the least educated in Nigeria. The HOUSEGIRL and street prostitute mentality is still there. Igbo female icons don’t empower their women enuff. Once they reach the top, they forget the girls in the village. People like Blessing Okoro are changing that”, she tweeted.


See reactions below

@DaraChidinma: I’m an Igbo girl from Orlu LGA, in Imo state
I am educated, I studied Hospitality Mgt in Yaba college of technology, I am a Licensed
Dance fitness Instructor, I am a professionally trained Dancer and a backup dancer for NINIOLA.
Thank you!


@omnidavinci007: I am from orlu too sis, even in imo state we are called British for plenty reasons. She’s on her cheap weed again

@o_luwafemi: My igbo female frds are doing well and educated, so I can’t relate to what u are saying ma Face screaming in fear


@RealAfesoAkanbi: That’s how you people live in delusion, the same delusion of self importance that has made Nnamdi Kanu what he is today…you speak of south east girls being most educated when the facts say something different…

@Fuomatic9: I have few female Igbo friends and they are doing good financially and good hustlers. They are educated too.



[Nigeria] Kemi Olunloyo Mess Chioma On Her Birthday.


Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has mocked Davido’s fiancee Chioma who is celebrating her birthday today.

Joining the long list of those who wrote a note to celebrate the mother of one, Kemi Olunloyo reminded Chioma of the Porsche car she got from Davido as gift on her birthday back in 2018.

Kemi Olunloyo also reminded her of the cooking show which she signed a deal for two years ago and which ought to have kicked off by now.


According to her, the cooking show and Porsche car are all Audio, which means they were only heard of and not seen.

She wrote: “Happy birthday Chioma. Audio cooking show nko? You announced two years ago today? 2018 Porsche nko? Have you gotten your driver’s license?



[Nigeria] Nnamdi Speaks On Live Broadcast Amid Kemi Olunloyo’s Death Claim.


IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu has shut down claims of being dead.

The leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu in a live video on Facebook rubbished the death rumours perpetuated by controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo.

Recall that Kemi had claimed that Kanu died and was buried with many of IPOB supporters bashing her on Twitter. She had earlier claimed that Kanu didn’t die, but later said that her source confirmed that the IPOB leader is actually dead.

Watch the LIVE Video below:

click to watch Nnamdi Kanu’s live broadcast



Will Nnamdi Kanu Appear on Live Broadcast to Clear Death Rumour?


Pro-secessionist, Nnamdi Kanu has promised to appear in a live broadcast in order to dispel rumours of his death. Over the last few days, rumours of Kanu’s death have been trending on social media.

This started after self-acclaimed journalist, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo tweeted that the IPOB leader had died from COVID-19 and had been cremated in Italy.

In a statement he posted on his official Facebook page, Kanu stated that he will appear live on his official Facebook page during his usual radio broadcast, tomorrow being Wednesday 29, April 2020.

“I will be LIVE here on Facebook, on this page at 7 pm with no edited speech or digitally remastered video by the Chinese.”


“No photoshopped background, no hyper-reality face mask, all questions answered, mother tongue spoken, Igbo in evidence, correct date mentioned and confirmed.”

“No hiding from the public. Raw painful truths delivered live and direct to the world with LIVE question and answer sessions,” he stated.



Nnamdi Kanu is Dead Already – Kemi Olunloyo Claims


Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has again taken to her Twitter account to speak on the state of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) whom she reports has possibly passed away.

The US-trained journalist some days ago made an assertive claim that the IPOB leader is alive and well as uncovered by her investigations.


It could be recalled that Olunloyo stated on her Twitter account last week that she would unveil secrets about the possibility of Kanu being dead and already replaced by a body double as Nnamdi of Sudan.

Kemi Olunloyo few moments ago, hinted that he is gone when she made a post and added a virus-displaying emoticon to signify the coronavirus. She wrote: “Nnamdi Kanu is already GONE.”


God spoke to me to save Nigeria from COVID-19 – Kemi Olunloyo.

Journalist Kemi Olunloyo has taken to her social media account to claim that God has chosen her to heal Nigeria of coronavirus.

This is coming after she claimed she introduced s*x toys to Nigeria.

She wrote:

“#BREAKING HOLY WEEK REVELATION🙏🏾🙏🏾 I had a BAD BAD DREAM last night! I’m a self professed Evangelist @Evangelistkemi and God spoke to me and woke me up 3 times overnight about #COVID19. He said I’m the one he chose to heal Nigeria not the Government or the Church. Said if I don’t people will DIE massively.

He told me to unblock people and massively start educating everyone. He says I should empty my bank account and start funding #IJcovid19 with my entire life savings with no penny left😲 He’s treating me like Job in the Bible. I must obey him. I skipped a heart beat at 3am telling him I will obey. He also told me to REVIVE the hashtag #ProtectNigeria. I begin God’s word and work today. He also told me I cannot talk to anyone during this assignment and work around the clock😳😵😓 I Begin now. Pray for me🙏🏾”


COVID-19: Top members of Buhari’s cabinet die of pandemic. – Kemi Olunloyo

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has claimed that a high-ranking member of President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet has died.

She made the claim on her Twitter page, saying that the cabinet member died of coronavirus complications.

She tweeted:

#BREAKING A HIGH RANKING member of President Buhari’s Cabinet has DIED ⚰️of #CoronaVirus #Covid9 ☠️ complications. I will give the feds the honor of announcing it. U cannot hide it like Yar’Adua. I’m not telling because I value NATIONAL SECURITY OF NIGERIA



COVID-19: Abuja could be disastrous soon – Kemi Olunloyo.

Controversial investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has said Abuja could be a disaster zone for the COVID 19 pandemic which is slowly finding its way into different states in Nigeria.

Olunloyo stated this while reacting to a report which affirmed that certain lawmakers in Nigeria are refusing to subject themselves to medical tests at airports.

Kemi wrote on social media ;

“An internal memo was leaked to me as an Investigative Journalist which revealed that TWO LAWMAKERS in both house and Senate may have been EXPOSED to #CoronaVirus. This is a THREAT to NATIONAL SECURITY☠️🇳🇬

I’m recommending the #NCDCgov to mandatory test all members of the national assembly ASAP!! Abuja could be a disaster zone soon. We need to flatten the curve and not have 100 people infected at the same time. This disease has entered US, Brazilian, Canadian, Burkina Faso and Iranian governments.

It has caused Positive carriers and even death. We need these same lawmakers to pass economic stimulus packages for Nigerians sent home not spread the infection. We cannot afford to shut down NASS!😠 Airport’s SHUT DOWN NOW so no in and out anymore.”


Keep Quiet Or I Will Tell The World Your Son’s True Father – Kemi Olunloyo Slam Busola Dakolo

Something amusingly shocking is about to happen as Kemi Olunloyo fired up at Timi Dakolo and Busola Dakolo.

Controversial Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo is spitting fire again and this time it is not directed to Davido and Chioma but to Timi Dakolo and his wife Busola.

She took to her Instagram page to call out Busola based on an interview she granted to Journalist, Azuka Ogujiuba, publisher of Media Room Hub where she said Busola kept mentioning her name during the interview.

Well, this didn’t go well with Kemi Olunloyo and she didn’t hesitate to call her out while also exposing more shady things about Busola Dakolo and her rape case against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo. She accused her of not being a virgin when she married Timi and that the paternity of her first son with Timi is still questionable.

Recall that last year, Busola accused Pastor Fatoyinbo of raping her as a young girl and this generated a lot of raucous on social media. Some believed her while a lot of people doubted her story saying there were a lot of half-truths in it.

Well, Kemi felt provoked by Busola because she mentioned her name in a recent interview she granted and decided to expose more things about her.

See her rant here:

Busola Dakolo next time you do an interview, keep my name off your mouth. @azukaogujiuba when you called me, you could have told me straight up you were doing a feature on the Dakolos rather than ask me random questions about the case. We are both media professionals and I felt baited. Busola YOU ARE out there secretly begging CAN pastors to facilitate YOUR apology to Fatoyinbo for LYING that he raped you 20 yrs ago when the baby or the car didn’t exist later being allowed to change rape dates on police documents as another Journalist caught you doing courtesy of the Bayelsa top cop in Abuja from Timi’s village. You had no idea that you divided the Christian Association of Nigeria and like the judge in your frivolous lawsuit said; you INJURED a pastor and his congregation. I’m still yet to meet or speak to Pastor Fatoyinbo. Tell the world how I intercepted your sympathy GoFundMe which you would have used to cash in on Nigerians. If I ever ever hear my name in your mouth again, I will SUE YOU FOR N500M and Timi makes 10M per weekend. Don’t try me! You are a liar, cheat and fraud who was blackmailed by your own husband based on the paternity of your oldest son Timi denied when you were working at Zenith HQ. I don’t play around with LCF’s madam photographer giving fake awareness to rape. Your global exposure in foreign newspapers using Nigerian correspondents of those platforms failed. Women like you are a DISGRACE to womanhood. You were clearly standing in front of me exactly 6-7yrs ago Valentine’s 2013 and your husband 2014 when your husband professed to me he married you as a virgin. I have audios and have not posted them because the criminal case hasn’t ended while you are trying to forcefully end it. Disgusting liars.

What do you make of this fresh accusation against Busola Dakolo by Kemi Olunloyo? Drop your comments below. Don’t forget to follow me by clicking the button above.


Which baby shower?! – Davido has a secret wife since 2017 – Kemi Olunloyo speaks. {Photos}

Controversial journalist, Kemi Oluloyo, has taken to her social platforms to claim that singer Davido is already married.

According to the controversial journalist in an Instagram post which she has since archived, Davido got married to his second baby mama, Amanda in 2017.

Olunloyo also shared the photo of a man and Davido, claiming the man is Amanda’s dad.

”Which baby shower? Davido and his FIRST Father-in-law Togolese American Mr. Teko Samlan, Hermadine Samlan-Adeleke’s dad during their parlor wedding in 2017.
Swipe to see how Hermadine aka Amanda aka mama Hailey who Davido hid her real name from you for years dropped a disturbing Message to Chioma today. She ain’t happy I blew her cover. She and Chioma don’t talk. Teko did not let Adeleke impregnate his daughter without a ring. I told you 2 yrs ago that Adeleke is already married.

“Chioma will be the second wife. A big wedding is planned outside🇳🇬 Deji Adeleke’s new Gulfstream jet will be used to wash am. He just paid for it fully. Davido was teasing his fans with it. Dad owns the jet🙄 Family gets bigger when Deji Baba Olowo’s 28yo girlfriend delivers his baby this month I think. That baby was due Valentine’s😲👶🏾 Sophia! Sophia! You remain the babymama. Go marry someone else and have another kid. 😁😁😁#kemitalksgist I have the Adeleke’s in the palm of my hand. Even the DSS can’t protect them 😁😁😁”


Kemi Olunloyo’s Son Call Her Out – Says, She Flirt With Random Guys

Controversial Nigerian social media personality and journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has been called out by her son Enitan Robert as he turns 33.

Enitan took to his Instagram page to share a lengthy post about what he called his “deep story.”

According to Enitan’s post, Kemi is now his ‘former biological mother’ and she has stopped wishing him a happy birthday after they had a falling out over the phone a year ago.

He alleges that their fight was about Kemi “telling these filthy nasty Nigerians to wish me a happy birthday.” He goes on t say he does not know these people personally and he wishes she would have kept “her big trap shut.”

Enitan then launches into his mother’s controversial life talking about how she “tells lies on everyone, especially she had no compassion, love, respect and no nothing.”

His post also accuses Kemi of using him and his siblings as “pawns in her game to get what she wants.” Enitan adds that she does evil things and hurts people, himself included because everyone wants to be her friend.

He hits heavy on his mother when he alleges that she “loves to be a whore just to sleep around with random dudes so she can get pregnant.” He says this includes his younger days.

His accusations do not end there as he also accuses his mother of sending him to Nigeria to feel trapped so they can kill him.

He concludes his post by saying he is still here and nothing can tear him down as long as he moves on with his life because God will protect him.

Interestingly, when Enitan turned 30, Kemi took to Instagram to admonish single mothers. She wrote:

“30 years ago today, I had my first child. I raised him alone and made it. To all the single moms out there, success is possible so better learn from me. Happy 30th birthday ?Enitan Robert. February 17th 1987”.

In the past, there has been a controversy concerning Kemi’s children. Tokunbo Aboderin who was called a family member claimed she was related to the Olunloyo’s and she knew the true story behind Kemi’s children,

Aboderin alleged that Kemi’s children were fathered by her father Omololu, ex-governor of Oyo state, emphasising that Olunloyo is mentally imbalanced.

Aboderin further revealed that Kemi’s children were taken away from her in the United States (US) because she harasses them and has not seen the children ever since.

In her response, Kemi said she found the story funny and slammed Aboderin as an attention seeker who her father slept with and dumped in the ’70s.


Kemi Olunloyo: Marriage is a total waste of time

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has stated that marriage is a total waste of time and that was why she was never married.

She made the comment in an Instagram post in reaction to the sad death off Barrister Eric Agboegbulem, who was found dead after a sex romp with a 17-year-old girl.

She Wrote:
What’s your opinion of my assessment of the death of Barrister Eric Agboegbulem? It is a lesson for all married women. Your husband’s are frequenting prostitutes EVERY DAY! Even with the aid of Sildenafil (Viagra etc) Marriage is a total waste of time. I’ve never been married, never will, I even introduced sex toys to Nigeria in 2012, now it’s everywhere. Even lawmakers are fighting in sex shops🙄. Ladies you don’t need a man. Masturbate all you like, no diseases, no condoms or Tramadol needed.

“This honorable attorney died a disgraceful death on top of a 17yo Prostitute younger than his own children if he had any. He used a brand of Sildenafil that should NEVER exceed 200mg a day and that’s if you are having sex 6 times daily. 12 holes punched in sachets. 120mg X 12=☠⚰ May his soul rest in peace. The wife should pray with me and move on. I asked God to forgive him and accept him into his kingdom. Anytime you sleep with anyone other than your wife. You have committed babanla adultery and violated the 10 commandments. His wife is a top CBN official and should tell the police to release the prostitute.

“In America, Prostitute Miss Precious would have written a book and became a Billionaire. I am extremely ANGRY AT THE BIGGER PICTURE. BELIEVE IT OR NOT. NAFDAC KILLED HIM!! Always focus on the bigger picture and think outside the box. If the Nigerian feds let me be the DG of NAFDAC Agency, in 30 days I will regulate the profession of Pharmacy where records of Viagra purchase can be logged by pharmacies.

“He was also said to be on a nitrate anti-hypertensive ⚰😳PRESCRIPTION ONLY ERA HERE IS HERE PRESIDENT @muhammadubuhari if you like, don’t make me NAFDAC DG, Soon I’m converting my green card to US citizen🇺🇸 then I get to work at the US FDA. Everyone I educated here, should have been a N50K seminar.