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5 Reasons why haaland Is more better than Jovic


Luka Jovic cost Real Madrid 60 million euros, and Zinedine Zidane has acknowledged that it was a signing made on his request, yet the Serbian hasn’t yet lived up to expectations at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, all whilst Erling Haaland is going from strength to strength.

There is clear uncertainty with regards to Jovic’s future in the Spanish capital, whilst fans are clamouring for the signing of Haaland to take his place, with some even going as far as to wonder just why he isn’t at the club already.

There are five clear reasons as to why Haaland would be a much better fit with Los Merengues than Jovic:

  1. Passion against coldness
    Jovic showed his ability as a goalscorer during his excellent spell with Eintracht Frankfurt, but he is a very cold player. He’s too cold for what the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu and Real Madrid stand for. Haaland is the polar opposite, he exudes passion in every single player he is involved in and easily connects with supporters, whether they are in the stands or not. In this regard, Haaland would very quickly create a bond with the club’s fans, something even Karim Benzema didn’t always do.
  2. The speed of the Norwegian
    Haaland is possibly the fastest player in world football right now. His moving starts are barely believable and Los Blancos miss that kind of player in their attacking line. Jovic doesn’t have that speed.
  3. Haaland is a leader
    Despite only joining the club in January 2020 and being just 20 years old, Haaland is already a leader at Borussia Dortmund. On the pitch he makes his teammates better and he drags them forward when things aren’t going well. Jovic is different, on the pitch he is a secondary figure and hasn’t showed the propensity for leadership in any of his appearances for the Spanish club. He doesn’t have the soul of a natural leader.
  1. Haaland’s reliability is beyond question
    The Norwegian international gets better with every season that passes. He didn’t notice the change from Salzburg to Dortmund, the goals just kept coming, despite the fact the German side are one of the biggest in the world. His goalscoring averages are consistently excellent and you have to consider that the current iteration of Real Madrid is possibly one of the worst going forward that there has been since 2000. Jovic has only had one standout season and that came in Germany, and this generates doubt where there is none with Haaland.
  2. Jovic has too many off-pitch problems
    The Serbian has had a difficult year on the pitch, but also away from it. He has too many problems away from football as we saw with him bypassing lockdown and travelling to Serbia, he then was at a barbecue in the middle of the pandemic, which was clearly prohibited. Finally, he suffered a strange injury whilst he was on holiday. This is simply too many problems for a club like Real Madrid. Where Haaland is concerned, you only ever hear about him scoring goal after goal, nothing away from the pitch.


Jovic’s agent to AC Milan to meet Boss Maldini


The striker’s agent is up in Milan to hold a meeting with Maldini and Massara, who are looking to strike a deal for Rebic and the Real Madrid striker.

Fali Ramadani continues his sojourn in Italy. Last week he was down in Naples where he spoke about three players who are expected to be on the move this summer – Nikola Maksimovic, Kalidou Koulibaly and Luka Jovic (Napoli’s first option if the Victor Osimhen operation falls through), and today the agent was spotted in Milan, Sky Sport report. Ramadani held a meeting with AC Milan directors Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara to discuss the situation concerning Ante Rebic and Jovic. Rebic, who played a big part in the team’s return to form in 2020 by hitting 11 goals, joined on loan two seasons ago from Eintracht Frankfurt in a 5 million euro deal which included the option to buy him outright for 25 million. The Italians however are looking to buy the player at a discount price which could end up scuppering the operation as 50% of the transfer fee will go directly to Fiorentina.


Jovic to Milan?

Jovic meanwhile, is on the Rossoneri agenda to lead their attack if Zlatan Ibrahimovic ends up leaving at the end of the season which is looking increasingly likely. Milan would not be able to meet the 40-50 million euros which Real Madrid would be looking for if they decide to sell the Serbian forward and the player would also have to take a pay cut if he moved to San Siro. All of those issued were discussed today and talks are set to continue. Maldini will try to reach some kind of middle ground with Real Madrid and if successful, it will be Milan’s second piece of business with Madrid in 12 months following Theo’s move to the Italian club in 2019.

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Jovic to appear before public prosecutor in Serbia over breaking self-isolation rules

Luka Jovic will have to appear before the public prosecutor in Serbia for breaking self-isolation rules.

The Real Madrid striker was reported by Serbian police on March 19 for breaking his 28 day self-isolation period.

Jovic insisted then that he thought he was allowed to leave the house once a day to buy essentials and was only going to a pharmacy.

The punishment for breaking self-isolation in Serbia varies between a 1,275 euro fine and a three year prison sentence.

Serbia international Aleksandar Prijovic has been handed a three month house arrest sentence for breaking the restrictions to go have drinks with friends.