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Jimi Agbaje’s “Politics of recriminations” – By Omobolaji Waliyullah


Beyond his oratorical prowess, uncle Jimi Agbaje appears to be appealing more to our emotions, and forgetting that some people are pretty discerning and could decipher and differentiate between “issue-based campaign and that of recriminations.

He probably would have done himself a lot of good if he could raise the bar by dwelling more on life-transforming policies and take a break from politics of recriminations and divisive tendencies that will only make him appear to some minds as lacking what it takes to bring in fresh ideas that could rapidly turn things around in Lagos State.


Only emotions could do it in some other States but not in a highly sophisticated State like Lagos State, where captains of industries are driven by government policies and even the artisans who form the largest chunk of the voting population have come to a conclusion that the alleged Political god-father is more of a benefactor to them than a predator!

To me, the alleged god-father might be worthy of emulation, however not in all ramifications, his political brilliancy and dexterity, his vision to identify potential leaders is quite enviable and commendable, and that stands him out amongst several of his likes in Nigeria today, whose god-fatherism posture in their State is overly parasitic and without vision and the inner sight to propel and position their respective States for meaningful development.



Lagos Okada Ban: Jimi Agbaje’s point of view

Jimi Agbaje has reacted to the ban of okada (motorcycles) and keke napep (tricycles) in Lagos state.

Agbaje, who was PDP’s candidate in the 2015 and 2019 Lagos state gubernatorial election, opined that proper planning is needed in Lagos but banning okada and keke abruptly has negative effects.

He tweeted: “A Lagos City state for the 21st century needs proper planning. The reasons for the ban on commercial motorcycles (Okada) and motor tricycles (Keke marwa) by the Lagos State Government are noted. But what about the people?

“My view is that such outright ban on major routes will be counterproductive and difficult to enforce. It will also have negative ripple effects on the economy with so many already out of work & cause inconvenience to commuters.”