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Bill Gates denies COVID-19 ‘invention’


Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates on Thursday pushed back against some of the conspiracy theories spreading online accusing him of creating the coronavirus outbreak.

“It’s a bad combination of pandemic and social media and people looking for a very simple explanation,” the Microsoft founder said during a Town Hall interview.

Doctored photos and fabricated news articles crafted by conspiracy theorists — shared thousands of times on social media platforms and messaging apps, in various languages — targeting Gates have gained traction online since the start of the pandemic.

A video accusing Gates of wanting “to eliminate 15 percent of the population” through vaccination and electronic microchips has racked up millions of views on YouTube.


“Our foundation has given more money to buy vaccines to save lives than any group,” Gates said, referring to his eponymous foundation.

He has pledged $250 million in efforts to fight the pandemic, and his foundation has spent billions of dollars improving health care in developing countries over the past 20 years.

“So you just turn that around. You say, ok, we’re making money and we’re trying to kill people with vaccines or by inventing something,” Gates continued.


“And at least it’s true, we’re associated with vaccines, but you actually have sort of flipped the connection,” he said, adding he hopes the conspiracies don’t generate “vaccine hesitancy.”

Since the start of the crisis, AFP Fact Check has debunked dozens of anti-Gates rumors circulating on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram in languages including English, French, Spanish, Polish and Czech.

A number of accusations, including posts claiming that the FBI arrested Gates for biological terrorism or that he supports a Western plot to poison Africans, share a common thread.

They accuse the tycoon of exploiting the crisis, whether it is to “control people” or make money from selling vaccines.


“I’m a big believer in getting the truth out,” Gates told Media (known to Noble Reporters Media).

It is not the first time Gates has found himself targeted by conspiracy theorists. When Zika virus broke out in 2015 in Brazil, he was one of several powerful Western figures blamed for the disease.

Other rumors claim he is secretly a lizard, an old favorite among online trolls.


Oxford English Dictionary add danfo, mama put, 27 others to updated version

Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has released an updated version of the widely used dictionary for January, 2020 — with 29 new Nigerian expressions making the cut.

The list, released earlier this year, featured several words used by popular authors including Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigerian writer and Wole Soyinka, Nigeria’s Nobel laureate.

Danica Salazar, world English Editor of the dictionary, noted the addition of the new words was to “give flavour of English-speaking rooted in a Nigerian experience”.

“By focusing on contemporary language in this update, and adding words and phrases that form part of the everyday vocabulary of today’s Nigerians, we hope to give a flavour of English-speaking which, as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie put it, is rooted in a Nigerian experience,” Salazar said in a release note.

“The majority of these new additions are either borrowings from Nigerian languages, or unique Nigerian coinages that have only begun to be used in English in the second half of the twentieth century, mostly in the 1970s and 1980s.

“By taking ownership of English and using it as their own medium of expression, Nigerians have made, and are continuing to make, a unique and distinctive contribution to English as a global language.”

Some of the new words and expressions on the list include ‘mama put’, ‘Kannywood’, ‘chop-chop’ among others.

Below are the new additions to the updated version of the dictionary:

+ agric, adj. & n.
+ barbing salon, n.
+ buka, n.
+ bukateria, n.
+chop, v./6
+ chop-chop, n./2
+ danfo, n.
+ to eat money, in eat, v.
+ ember months, n.
+ flag-off, n.
+ to flag off in flag, v.
+ gist, n./3
+ gist, v./2
+ guber, adj.
+ Kannywood, n.
+ K-leg, n.
+ mama put, n.
+ next tomorrow, n. & adv.
+ non-indigene, adj. & n.
+ okada, n.
+ to put to bed, in put, v.
+ qualitative, adj.
+ to rub minds (together) in rub, v./1
+ sef, adv.
+ send-forth, n.
+ severally, adv.
+ tokunbo, adj.
+ zone, v.
+ zoning, n.


Africa’s first versace home showroom opens in port harcout.

Africa’s first Versace home showroom opens in Port Harcourt,Nigeria

The vision is to fulfill your lifestyle desires with glamor and finesse that cuts across luxury dining, living, bedding and bath from finely crafted tableware to sofas, armchairs, cushions, consoles and more.

It’s masterful fusion of contemporary and classic motifs means Versace home offers bragging rights like no other.

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Spectranet launch ‘Car-Fi’ lifestyle product.

Spectranet Car-Fi

“Spectranet Car-Fi is a premium lifestyle product and addresses the need of the people who are always on the move. The product is borne of insight that due to heavy traffic most people, within the city, spend good productive hours on the road. As a consumer-centric brand, which believes in delivering “more” to its customers, we decided to introduce this innovative product, enabling our customers to work from the comfort of their vehicle while on the go.”

Aside from work, “the Spectranet Car-Fi is also a device for multiple co-travelers in a vehicle, like in a staff bus, who can stay connected and use the travel time in a productive manner. ”

Spectranet launches Car-Fi, a lifestyle product targeting premium Internet customers

Spectranet CEO, Ajay Awasthi with the product.

Leading internet service provider, Spectranet 4G LTE has once again launched an innovative product for the very first time in the country, a Car MiFi (called Car-Fi) to enable internet services/broadband on the go.

The Spectranet Car-Fi is the first of its kind in this part of the world since the commencement of internet service offering. Spectranet Car-Fi is a thumb-sized, integrated 4G mobile wireless router that takes power from the car lighter socket. Once it is powered, the device can convert 4G signal to Wi-Fi signal, thus connecting up to 10 phones, tablets and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. The Car-Fi draws power from the car battery ensuring continuous availability of internet services on-the-move. The occupants of the car can enjoy a seamless internet browsing experience.

Spectranet Car-Fi also comes with standard USB charging interface that can provide 5V/2.1A output to other devices. It also supports micro USB input interface.

Chief Executive Officer Spectranet, Mr. Ajay Awasthi, at the unveiling of the product, said ”Spectranet 4G LTE, as a leading Internet Service Provider, always endeavor to launch innovative products and services for its discerning customers. By staying at the cutting edge of innovation, we ensure that the evolving needs of our customers are addressed well-in-time and well ahead of others. The launch of Car-Fi is going to further endear the Brand Spectranet to its customers and strengthen its position as a leading and an innovative internet service provider.

“Spectranet Car-Fi is a premium lifestyle product and addresses the need of the people who are always on the move. The product is borne of insight that due to heavy traffic most people within the city spend good productive hours on the road. As a consumer-centric brand which believes in delivering “more” to its customers, we decided to introduce this innovative product, enabling our customers to work from the comfort of their vehicle while on the go.”

Aside from work, “the Spectranet Car-Fi is also a device for multiple co-travelers in a vehicle, like in a staff bus, who can stay connected and use the travel time in a productive manner. ”

The unveiling event was a colourful one, bringing together influencers and members of the information technology reporting community. The event culminated with a firsthand experience of the quality of the product for the community through a special drive within the city of Lagos in a car with the Car-Fi.

Spectranet launches Car-Fi, a lifestyle product targeting premium Internet customers

Marketing Manager, Spectranet Limited, Samson Akejelu; Chief Executive Officer, Spectranet Limited, Ajay Awasthi; and Senior Marketing Manager, Spectranet Limited, Jagadish Swain during the launch of Spectranet Car-Fi for seamless internet connectivity on the go held in Lagos.

According to some of the media representatives commenting on their experience, “Spectranet Car-Fi is a unique product in the Nigerian market and this launch in the country through an innovative brand such as Spectranet 4G LTE gives huge credence to the quality and reputation of Spectranet 4G LTE.”

Spectranet Limited was the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to launch 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria. The brand is known for providing an affordable, faster and more reliable internet broadband to Nigerian homes and offices. Its internet service is currently available across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt. Its state- of- the art 4G LTE network ensures high speed internet connectivity for the customers.
Spectranet 4G LTE is a recipient of multiple awards for Best Internet Service and 4G LTE Provider in Nigeria in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Spectranet launches Car-Fi, a lifestyle product targeting premium Internet customers

Spectranet launches Car-Fi, a lifestyle product targeting premium Internet customers

#What’s New?


Just in – China set to move sales of electric vehicles come 2025.

China should adopt a plan that will see electric vehicles make up a quarter of all autos sold in the country in six years’ time, the industry ministry said Tuesday, as the sector struggles with falling sales.

A draft blueprint for the development of the “new energy vehicle” sector — which includes hybrids and fully-electric vehicles — comes after the government withdrew subsidies for carmakers earlier this year.

China is the world’s largest new energy vehicle market, but sales of electric motors plummeted 34 percent on-year in September, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s draft proposal said China should seek to ensure one in four of all vehicles sold in 2025 were either hybrids or fully-electric vehicles.

The measures are partly to ensure the country meets its air pollution targets, and to reduce Beijing’s dependence on imported oil.

China would also continue to develop electric vehicle battery technologies, improve infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and driverless cars, it said.

The draft proposal, which includes guidelines for the development of the new energy vehicle sector from 2021 to 2035, is open for public feedback until December 9.

A previous state target set in 2017 had called for 20 percent of cars sold to be electric vehicles by 2020, but the draft released Tuesday gave no indication whether China was on track to meet that goal.

Fuelled by rising incomes and government sales incentives, China is the golden goose upon which the global automotive industry has staked its future.

But after years of strong growth, car sales fell last year for the first time since the 1990s, hit by a slowing economy, US trade tensions and a Chinese crackdown on shady credit practices that has crimped car-financing channels.

Passenger vehicles sales in China have now fallen for 15 consecutive months, according to the CAAM.

The government had earlier said it was planning to impose quotas requiring carmakers to maintain a certain percentage of new energy vehicles in their Chinese production.


OMG! An innovative Nigerian of 25 made and unveil first Carbon fibre car. (Video, see how it works)

25-year-old Fabrication Engineer and CEO of Bennie Technologies LTD, Jerry Isaac Mallo unveiled Nigeria’s first carbin fibre car which he manufactured on Thursday November 28.

25-year-old Nigerian man manufactures Nigeria

The Engineer who hinted on creating more innovative products said he was inspired to create the sports car because Nigeria and Africa is a very big market for luxury vehicles.

“In Europe, we learnt that making the car is just half of the challenge, and selling it is the other half; Africa is usually is the target place to sell these vehicles, so I feel there’s a big market for it here,” Mallo told Channels Television Sunrise Daily on Friday November 29.

25-year-old Nigerian man manufactures Nigeria

The Plateau state indigene who said his state government has been quite supportive, disclosed that Governor Simon Lalong was the chief unveiler of his car named Bernie Purrie.

Government of Plateau State@PlStateGovt

Plateau ingenuity and innovation on the rise as Governor Lalong’s support for young entrepreneurs yield more results. Gov. Lalong unveiled the BENNIE PURRIE, a sports car manufactured by Jerry Mallo of Bennie Agro & Automobile Technology Ltd.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

He further disclosed that his cars are built with tubular chassis which gives it a firm body for Nigerian roads, conducive temperature-wise and also made with fibre which has the characteristics of glass and breaks like glass when hit, with the airbags protecting the individuals.

25-year-old Nigerian man manufactures Nigeria

Mallo said most people get crushed in cars because those cars are made from aluminium or galvanized sheets that cannot absorb shocks at high speed. He added that his cars comes with 130 big horsepower which goes from 0 to 120 in 12seconds and also has a 2.0litre engine.

Here are more photos and a video below;

25-year-old Nigerian man manufactures Nigeria

25-year-old Nigerian man manufactures Nigeria




Founder of the Lagos computerized vehicle inspection service gets an honorary award.

Mr. Segun Obayendo, the Managing Director of Temple Group of Companies, operators of Lagos Computerized Vehicle Inspection Service (LACVIS) has won the AfriSafe Award held in Lagos.

He was recognized for his tireless efforts at improving the Health, Safety, and Environment of the African people.

Speaking after receiving the award, Mr. Obayendo dedicated the award to almighty God, all stakeholders in the transport sector in Nigeria working tirelessly to reduce carnage on the road.

Pioneer of Computerized Vehicle Inspection in Nigeria Wins Award

Mr. Obayendo is the pioneer of computerised vehicle inspection service in Nigeria.

With support from the Federal Government, State government, and the Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) across the nation, the company started in Abuja and has spread to other states of the federation.

The introduction of the computerised vehicle inspection in Nigeria has brought sanity into the issuance of Road Worthy Certificate by VIOs.

The computerised inspection process is a fully automated process which check the roadworthiness of a vehicle, old and new vehicles, using the advanced technology obtainable in developed nations of the world.

The computerized vehicle inspection process include checking of the following systems in a vehicle: braking, steering, chassis, alignment, emission testing, lighting, headlights, axle wheels, tyres, suspension, visibility etc.

Pioneer of Computerized Vehicle Inspection in Nigeria Wins Award

In Lagos, all these inspections are conducted across all LACVIS centres.

LACVIS is currently operational at 15 centres in the state. More can be found here: www.lacvis.com.ng

For centres across Nigeria, check www.cvis.ng

You can call +2348186797195 or +2348186797195 for more information.

You can also follow us on @officiallacvis across all social media platforms.