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[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 25 (Final Saga)


𝑩𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒐𝒏 🥱 – Test comes in this week and i promise you if we share this child together i’ll take care of him and you through and through i can promise u dat ✈️💕🙌🏽

𝑨𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒚𝒂𝒉- Look B… I’ve been telling you that he’s yours from the get go and all you need is a piece of paper to make you believe me????
Just know even when the results do come in 99.9% me and my son are good he already has someone in his life you’re not needed so go on and LIVE YOUR LIFE … hope you find peace❤️🙃

Oh how the table have turned the day Brandon denied my child and then walked out saying he hopes i find peace. No amount of money
in the world could make me drop to his knees and forgive his disrespectful ass.
I tossed my phone to the other side of the bed hitting Chris.

“Damn, aye watch where you throwing shit love,” He said rubbing his knee.

I started giggling, “I’m sorry bae i didn’t know your leg was right there.”

I got up from the couch and go into the bathroom then i feel something trickling down my thigh. I know my grown ass ain’t just pee on my-.
Then woosh a big amount of warm water just came out.

“CHRISTIAN” I yelled

“CHRISTIANNNNNNNNN!” I was holding the sink counter.

“Liyah the hell you yelling my nam-” He said opening the door

“Umm my water kinda broke,” I started laughing by the look on his face.

He was just there stuck in the door way his jaw dropped at the sight of me.


“Boy shut up and get me my gray tights and call the hospital QUICK”

He tossed me my tights i changed and collapsed on the couch that’s when the contractions started to kick in i hear Chris on the phone arguing with the front desk person. She’s saying i can’t come in until my contractions are 4 to 5 minutes apart.


The day me and my pops prayed for draft day is finally here and you know the vibes. Me and pops pulling up to the barber shop to get that fresh cut.
As i walk in i hear.
“there goes the neighborhood hero,” Somebody said.

“Mr.NBA,” I’m proud of you son Daylin said as i was walking up to him dapping him up.

“You know i has comeback to the O.G to get this special cut it’s only right g,” I said.

“How you feeling big dawg”

“Mannn ion even know to tell you, the whole community has been just waiting on this day.”

“So what we doing today.”

“Just line me up and cut the top off.”

Everyone looked at me as i said that i started to laugh.

“You had this same hair cut for god knows how long now you wanna chop it all off well i’ll be damned,” My barber said

“Shiiit i ain’t complain dale gon head and cut if off before he gets second thought i been telling that boy to chop it down forever,” My pops said

“I’m feeling like a new man now about to start this new chapter time to do new things.”

Before i head back to the hotel i went to go see my mama at the crib. I walked through the door seen everyone there my aunts, uncles, friends even Julyssa my mom ran up to me.

“i’m so proud of you son words can’t even explain, i just love you so much Brandon,” She was crying tears of joy

“Love you too ma imma have you not working in a couple of days” I said wiping her tears.

I greeted everyone then i seen Julyssa sitting on the couch on her phone. I attempted to walk right past he but she grabbed my hand.

“I know you didn’t just ATTEMPT to walk past me and not say anything,” She looked in shock.

I wish i could close this whole “Julyssa” chapter already in my life but we stuck for the next 18 years at least.

“My bad i for real ain’t see you it’s just a lot going through my head.”

She rolled her eyes and walked away.

I went up to my room to grab my chain i forgot. Then i hear a knock on my doo.

“Come in”

It was my mama with a envelope the letter we’ve all been waiting for.

“Well Brandon here’s your results,” She handed me the envelope sealed.

“Can i get some privacy ma i just wanna he alone when i open this.”

“Love you son,” She said waking out the door.

Here it is this test determines if i’ve been a complete ass to Aaliyah this whole time or shes just another groupie begging for attention. I’ve been sitting here with this letter for three minutes acting like if this is life or death for me. Damn i could potentially be having 2 kids on the way. I fuck with YoungBoy but i sure don’t wanna be like him with all these baby mamas. You know what fu—

“Brandon come on boy you got 40 min to get to the hotel we gotta go NOW,” My dad swung the door open.

“Aight pops imma be down lemme get my chain and shoes,” Said

Honestly this can wait i’m about the be on national tv as the number one draft pick. I put the letter in one of my old shoe boxes in the back of my closet and grabbed my chain and shoes. My mom stoped me before walking out the door giving me a look. I shook my head no. She had a sign of relief that came out on her face. I smiled walking out the door and getting in the car pops in the drivers seat.

“Your mom told me you got the test back you took awhile ago that’s why you was cooped up in that room.”

“Yea i just needed a moment,” I replied.

“So what did it say?,” He looked at me

“No grand children anytime soon boss.”

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[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 24


“I’ll catch you later coach i got somewhere to go,” I said opening the gym doors.
Time to get the truth i guess. I drove to the Center which was 30 mins away from campus gym. Not gone lie my hands are hella sweaty imma feel like i real asshole if those results come back 99%. On one hand it’s Like damn i was just out here denying my son and let another nigga pick up my slack, claiming my child and was gonna call him daddy. But on another hands i was just looking out for myself i’m not just gonna accept any female that comes to me saying she pregnant with my baby hell nah. Pulling up to the store office i see Aaliyah’s car nowhere in sight. Well i mean maybe BLANK was right she probably backed out and saved her self the embarrassment and the money because i sholl as hell wasn’t paying out of my pocket. I go inside anyways and walk up to the lady at the front desk she wasn’t looking too bad.

“Hi, Sir are you here for an appointment,” She said.

“Yea,Brandon Smith” I said biting my lip.

She stared to blush and started to enter my name in the system.

“Yep i see your name right here with an Ms. Aaliyah Cyril is she here with you?.”

“Nah i waiting on her,” I leaned on the desk.

“Brandon Smith huh i’ve heard of you before.”

“I mean i am the number draft prospect in the NBA,” I looked up and down

Her eyes widen when i said “NBA”

“Soooo what brings you here Mr. Number one draft pick,” She said

I can tell she’s feeling the kid i already know.

“A girl claims i got her pregnant and allat janky shit you know how that goes,” I rolled my eyes

“Well it looks like she’s a no show soo maybe i can take her place but the baby is 100% yours,” She bit the tip of her finger.

I heard a laugh behind me.

“You white hoes be some Athlete junkys FORREAL that was sad as fuck,” Aaliyah continued to laugh

I turned around and took her outside.

“Please don’t grab me like you’re my daddy nigga fuck wrong with you.”

“Why are you so late?” I questioned her.

“Well … Chris came home last night and didn’t sleep so i had to make sure he was good and i woke up late plus he doesn’t know about the whole ordeal so i had to wait till he actually fell asleep,” Aaliyah explained

“Damn you cou-”

I was interrupted by the girl at the front desk as she came outside.

“Sorry to interpret this conversation but the doctor is waiting so if y’all could come hurry and come inside that would be nice,” She said with an attitude then looked over and gave Aaliyah the most dirtiest look then went back inside.

I chuckled by the expression on Aaliyah’s face she was stuck.

She went to open the door.
I grabbed her and and pulled her back.

“Stop don’t go entertain her please,” I look her in the eyes.

Damn her eyes are beautiful especially in the sun when you can see the brown pop.

She rolled her eyes “Like your thot said the doctors waiting,” Aaliyah mocked the front desk girl.

We walked in together and seen the doctor out waiting.

“Sorry for the wait ma’am i was having some pregnancy issues.”

The doctor chuckled. “Whew tell me about it it’s alright come in.”

We walked straight into the room Aaliyah keeping her distance from me.

“Ok so Ms. Cyril if i’m correct?”

“Yes that’s me,” Aaliyah replied

“And i will be assuming you’re Mr. Brandon Smith?”

She looked over at me.

I looked up from my phone, “Uh yea that’s me.”

“So you two are here for a Noninvasive Prenatal Testing.”

“Yes,” We said in unison

“Okay so noninvasive test is the most accurate way to establish paternity during pregnancy. I will taking a blood sample from the alleged father and the mother to conduct a fetal cell analysis. Because blood from the placenta is present in the mother’s blood stream and The result is more than 99 percent accurate.”

“Okay so i’ll go first,” I said rolling up the sleeve of my hoodie.

“I’ll be outside im getting little claustrophobic in here.”

The doctor started to talk to me while preparing to taking my blood.

“My son is a really big fan of yours,” She said.

“Damn that’s cool tell him i said wassup,” I said.

I looked down at my phone then excused myself from the room.


SHIT! i didn’t tell Chris anything about me and brandon’s sit down or this whole DNA thing because i knew he would be opposed to it like he always says “Our son already has a father and that’s me no other way around,” and i will help me raise my child but i would just feel bad if i denied my son the chance of having his real father. So i answered this is no big deal i have nothing to hide.

“Hey babe”
“Wassup love where you at?”
“Um i am at the doctors office”
“Damn you had an appointment today why didn’t tell me?”
“I’m sorry babe you were sleeping so peacefully and i didn’t wanna wake my mans up for some petty

The nurse cane out of the room Ms. Cyril i’m ready for you.

“Alright i gotta go love you i’ll see you soon,” I hung up.

20 minutes pass by and she was finished taking my blood.

“Well we are all done here i will be mailing your test off and you should be receiving the test in the mail in about a good 2 weeks.”

“Thank you,” I said

“Alright preciate you doing this for us doc.”

“No problem and Brandon good luck at the draft if you don’t mind can i get a picture?” She said

I forgot Mr. Brandon Smith was gonna be an official “Baller” in a couple of days. I took there picture and me and Brandy headed off our separate ways.

AN: y’all the book is coming to an end soon, WHEW

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 23


11:25 pm

“Yeah, didn’t write this song, but I’m recordin’ with this lead Know it sound strange but I’ma die for all my Nobody really know how he feels I always thought that you would be here Why do I always question God but I never pray because
i think about you, I end up cryin’ on my best days”

Blasted through the speakers of the car while speeding down the highway riding back to Tae house. My mind is just racing right now i got a text from Tae that he got the drop onnat bitch ass nigga who killed my brother him and my brothers trynna lay his ass out tonight since the laws are busy at the shooting that happened off North Street between 22nd and 33rd. Im about to become the man my mama steered me away from but i hoped in the same route my brother decided to take. I’ve done all my mama’s ever wanted i was the first in the house to graduate high school and the first to step foot in a college classroom. But now i gotta be a man and do what i promised if i everr seen that fuk nigga again. I arrive at Tae crib i park my car by the 7/11 down the street and while walking over to his apartment i call Aaliyah.

“You still up?”

“Yeaaaa i just been up thinking about alot right now,” She said letting out a big exhale

“What you got to think about i hope it ain’t no bs keeping you up.”

“Nah you don’t gotta worry about it bae but where you its late as hell.”

“I had to make a quick store run at 7/11 my mama ain’t go no snacks,” I laughed

Just looking at Aaliyah through the phone all tired while still lookin’ fine is just doing something to me. This may be the last time i’ll ever speak to her that wither i get killed or arrested on the spot i may not even get to see my son be born over some street shit. Man i love this girl with all my life i know i’ve fucked up alot in the past and she still doesn’t know about all of my infidelity but i don’t think i could ever bring myself to hurt her and her idea of our perfect relationship. So just incase i make it out of here in a body bag or in handcuffs i wrote her a letter to pass on to her just incase anything happens but it’s all in gods hands now.

We continued to talk.

“Aye, Aaliyah i love you bae and i hope you don’t ever switch up on me promise me you’ll never switch up no matter what.”

“Christopher why you talking like that?” She sat up very concerned.

“Ain’t nothing happening love sometimes a nigga needs so reassurance,” I laughed awkwardly

“Alright Christopher Jermaine Monroe i love you and i promise to never switch up on you UNLESS you fuck over me or my son but i love you babe.”

“You already know that won’t happen but imma talk to you soon get some rest i love you,” I hung up.

I opened Tae door.

“Damn son finally we been waiting on yo ass had me thinking you ran,” Tae laughed

“Nah nigga know how im coming behind my brothers name.”

“Fasho i got yo stick inna car.” He said going outside.

“Bet that up.”

30 mins later


I heard the screams from inside the house as everyone outside. We had a lil jawn set KJ up she told him to wait in his car so she can pull up for them to “Talk” and I ran up on the car and three caps into the drivers seat “This for my brother mane,” I said after shooting him i took off into the alley way where tae was waiting in the car.

“KAYLEN NOOOOO!” I hear his mother wail

“CALL 911”




Is all you could hear as we speed off into the next street. We seen the ambulance pass by Tae laughed.

“Yeah Chris you finally did it i remember when you first found out they killed Mucho i ain’t never seen you so fucked up before you ain’t talk for like two weeks straight”

Tae kept speaking but i was just zoned out thinking about how in less than a minute i altered his family’s whole life with just one simple tool. Hearing the screams and cries brought me back to when Mucho my brother died. KJ shot him right on our doorstep two bullet in his chest then he fled off. I witnessed my brother get murdered but i never told nobody. I told the police i ain’t seen nothing but all it’s crazy because 2 minutes before he went to open the door we was just playing on the game together then he was gone forever. Damn i miss my nigga but since i was a youngin i’ve always been told. “You live in Baton Rouge you either slang that iron or get yo head popped off.”

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 22


“Come in”

Brandon walked through my door. It just brought back memories of the last time he was sitting in my living room the day he looked me straight in my eyes and denied my child with little no emotion and never looked back. How ironic he sat in the same spot i just hope he didn’t come here to start or make any bullshit i’m 8 months pregnant and i don’t have patience for na soul.

“How you been?” He said sitting up

“I’m good,pregnant and living life day by day,” I said sitting on the couch across from him.

“Where’s Chris at?”

“BRANDON what exactly did you come here for it’s almost 12 am and i still don’t understand WHY YOU’RE HERE?”

“Aaliyah chill i’m just asking where bro at?”


“Ight look i’ve been doing some thinking and as you’ve probably seen by now Julyssa is pregnant with my child.”

I rolled my eyes at the sound of her name even my son doesn’t like that bitch as he started to move around. I REALLY hope he didn’t come here to consul me on his ex bitches pregnancy. Because frankly I’ve already came to peace that my son won’t be having his biological father in his life but he will have a father figure in Chris which is all i could ever ask for.

“Okay and … am i supposed to care.”

I took a deep breath in “Brandon i’m EIGHT month pregnant and i have class in the morning which you are depriving me from MY SLEEP i could careless if your ex bitch is pregnant WHY IS THAT MY BUSINESSES?”


Holdup up. wait a minute is he yelling at me i should get my nigga to beat his ass

I set a timer on my phone and placed it down “You’ve got five minutes talk.”

“Since me and lyssa broke up I’ve been thinking about you and your child as well just hearing Julyssa was carrying my child and you are claiming that he’s mine i just wanted to talk about this situation more.” He said pointing at my stomach

“What would you like to know about our situation.”

“How do you know for sure that it’s my baby?”

“We fucked at a party that you and i were obviously drunk at and i was still a VIRGIN at the time i’m guessing you forgot to wear a condom, you underestimated your pull out game or the condom broke but eight months later here i am.”

“I’ve heard this story before from so many lying females that doesn’t prove shit Aaliyah.”

Its like im having deja vu all over again i don’t understand what was the reason for coming over here to talk to me if he’s still going to continue say the same thing and deny our child i just don’t understand.

“Look i don’t know what more i can do to convince you but i’m honestly not pressed to have you in this child’s life if that’s the decision you wanna make then that’s what you’ll have to live with regardless my son is gonna be straight.”

I stood up and continued “Im really tired i hope you came with all your questions answered.”

He stood up too and followed me to the door.

– Brandon –

“How about we just do a DNA test?” I said walking out the door

“Sure i’ll make an appointment tomorrow around 3 if you’re free?”

“Yea just text me Goo-,” She closed the door on me.

A couple days ago my uncle gave me some advice to face all my demons before going pro and that’s exactly what i’m doing. Draft day is one month away and i don’t need any distractions. Going to my nigga Jalen’s house i just need to have a real nigga conversation all this alleged baby mama drama and my ACTUALLY baby mama im just blowed right now.

“wassup brodie,” Tre said opening the door

I dapped him up walking in the crib.

“You know what time it is B and you at my crib?”

“Damn! i just can’t come talk to my brother,” I laughed

Tre sat on on the couch going back to playing 2K.

“I went to see Aaliyah,” I blatantly said

His jaw dropped. Tre is the only one that knows about me and her situation i’m just tryna keep this shit lowkey as possible.

“Oh word, what happened she admitted it ain’t yours?”

“Nah bro i wish she gave me the same bullshit as story so i just told he we just finna do a DNA test.”

“She ain’t look scared or nothing?”

“Nah we going tomorrow after practice,” I ran my fingers through my hair

“TWO KIDS damn better hope Julyssa not carrying twins.”

Tre laughed.

“This my real life nigga ain’t shit funny bro.”

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 21



I’ve been in Baton Rouge for the past couple of weeks i got some news that the nigga that killed my brother is back in the city talking reckless and i can’t just let that slide mane. My brother had two little girls waiting at home for him to comeback. i just can’t let my brother’s name die and vein like that son.

“Say mane what you trynna do about this lil sitcho.” Tae said drawing me away from my thoughts.

“Shidd ion know this shit crazy bro but we gone have to see him fasho.”

“Say we can slide on him tonight im with whatever say i know where all his folks lay they head”

Tae a crazy nigga son at first i wasn’t even with the fuck shit like my brother been gone for four years and im still numb to it everyday since the day he passed i swore on his grave that a nigga gone get theirs and i ain’t no hoe bout my words.

“Bet say no mo.” I dapped Tae up

“What about yo li yeah she know you outcha?”

“Nahhhh mane she ion need nun of this street shit in her head.” I shook my head looking down

“Plus she 8 months son.” I continued

Aaliyah been on my hip non stop since i got in BR i just told her ass my mama needed me to handle some family shit. She offered to come down here with me but i heard Amiri been speaking on me and her lil hotel situation Liyah don’t need NO TYPE of stress. Plus my peoples still not feelin’ this “father” role im trynna play so they ain’t too cool on her right now.

“Damn dip got my whoodie on lock down finna be a whole father outcha.” Tae laughed

“You got smoke?”

Tae continued to laugh “Son you talkin to tap in tae fasho i got that gas!”

“Bet i need a gram then im finna slide my mama waitin’ on me at the crib”

We havin a boil at the house but im not trynna let the whole block know that im back inna streets. Especially not my mama since im the only last child that hasn’t touched a jail cell yet and that ain’t gone happen. Im smart bout all my shit i make sure everything straight and secure ain’t nobody gone miss that rat ass nigga he gon catch this whole clip regardless.

– Aaliyah –

” So Ms.Cyril do already have the style of birth you will doing like a home birth or Hospital?”

My OBGYN asked me i’ve been dreading this moment since forever. Like damn im really gonna be responsible for a whole other life and he’s coming straight out my vagina i hope. Chris has been in Baton Rouge for a little minute now he just left so suddenly but he says its very important family issues so im gonna just step back on this one and ask no questions.

Kinda sad though this is the first appointment he has missed since we’ve been together.

“I will be doing a hospital birth.”

“Okay, epidural or no?”

“No i wanna try something different and get the natural raw experience.”

“Bold choice i don’t see that often with many first time mothers.” She said, “And when i do first they’re all confident that they can take on the pain but once those contractions hit WHEW.” She chuckled.

My appointment ended and i walked to my car i started to chuckle at my own thoughts. Chris would be pissed if he found out i was driving. He set me up with one of his homeboys and all i need to do is just call and say i need a ride “My own personal uber” he called it. I decided to facetime him.

“Wassam love.” Chris said with a loud background

“I miss you bae.”

“I miss you too love, imma be back REAL SOON just gotta handle something.”

I pouted looking at the camera.

“AYO stop allat poutin’ imma be with you and my son real soon i promise.”

“Alright bae imma let you go i see your busy.” I rolled my eyes

“Now why you gotta attitude son?”

“UGH! i just miss yo-. No WE miss you.”

I rubbed my stomach putting it in the camera.

“Imma be with you soon but imma fuck with you later though.”

“Alright love you.”

“Love you.”

It is currenty 9:30 pm and i get a text from Brandon saying we need to


Wonder what this could be about? So i respond back

Aaliyah – about ??

Brandon – this been heavy on my mind lately but im trynna discus in person 😬

Aaliyah – ion know what games you got going on just because and your mutt broke up don’t mean imma fw u

Yea i heard about the mutts pregnancy announcement and i could’d give zero fucks. Fuck her and them kids she better be glad that im not pressed about her because once i dropped this baby i would’ve been on my bully shit!

Brandon – bro chill im not even trynna vibe like that imma slide by in a bit if thts coo?


Brandon – im trynna talk 2 u bout ur baby 🤷🏼‍♂️

Brandon – just vibe bro


[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 20


Okay now … I’m not ACTUALLY pregnant god forbid me pregnant with Brandon’s baby TUH I have to laugh I know about all his infidelity’s during our relationship and I really didn’t mind because I knew as him being the top player in the country when he gets drafted that paycheck was gonna be immaculate and I get to drop out off this hell hole called college and get enough fame to leave him and make a name for myself basically pull a baby mama move without the babies. But I know Brandon’s heart he’s gonna come around and take care of me and our “baby” and I’ll just wait till my 2nd trimester to say had a miscarriage and we Grieve blah blah blah & we just end up being together and now my plan is back together . This was actually all my mothers idea as an agent she knows what she’s doing then if this all follows through she can quit her job. All I need to do is get that bitch Aaliyah out the way while me and Brandon were together I’ve caught him looking at her Instagram page and it just worries me that he really thinks that this baby is his and even if it is. Her fault for having a baby with a man that she doesn’t even know. Brandon wants to meet at his place tonight and i need to really play the role to secure this bag.

Sheesh man … I cannot believe that Aaliyah nay be carrying my baby and that Julyssa is allegedly carrying mines too I just don’t understand any of this . I invited julyssa back to my crib tonight so we can talk because if this is my baby I don’t know what to do man …

Hours Later
“What’s good with you lyssa?”
She looks liked she’s been crying for days with no sleep it reminded me of Aaliyah.
We sit on the couch
“Brandon I’m so sorry I didn’t even know I was pregnant I swear and when I found out I didn’t wanna tell you because I was scared” She said in a distraught voice.
“Yo I thought you was on birth control my love what happened to that I literally watched you take pills in the morning?”
“Well I stopped taking them a few weeks ago because I i was getting big and I didn’t think that you would love me anymore”

“So you didn’t even think to consult me in on this decision so I AT LEAST KNOW IF I SHOULD STRAP UP OR NOT?!” I stood up and yelled


“Aye chillout with all that yelling if your pregnant I will love and support you unconditionally anything you need I gotchu love just know our kids is gonna be straight when I make it pro baby”

She falls into my arms. This took me back to the good times when we were cool and actually loved each other.

I pull away from her “So what are your plans Yas you wanna stay and finish college or you wanna wait till I make it pro”

“Um well I actually wanna try and graduate but if it’s too much stress I really don’t know bran” She wiped her tears

“Look I got practice and imma head out but you can stay here for however long you want I’m cool with that I just wanna make sure you’re good”
I say heading out the door

Brandon is such a damn sucker UGH! I wanted entertainment I had a whole script ready If he was gonna pull an Aaliyah on me and try to deny the baby but phase one complete .

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 19


Aaliyah C.
I have a fat ass headache from crying the other night i was just so emotional since Chris didn’t come home and the thought of him cheating on me broke my heart into pieces because he’s always been there for me and we’ve been through so much together and he’s really the only person I talk to now with Krystal in her own relationship but that’s still my bitch through I’m happy for her . I go in the kitchen and Chris had cooked me some breakfast and I just stood at the entrance just looking at him put the food down. Ugh god truly blessed me with this one.

“Shawty so you just gon stand there or you gonna come eat” He looked at me and chuckled a bit .

I laughed “you always ruining the
moment I was just admiring how blessed I am with my baby, I wouldn’t trade you for nothing else”

I went to sit down.

“Chris I’m sorry for that while little episode I had last night I was just really in my head”

“Nah you good babygirl I should’ve called you to tell you wassup don’t stress over it I gotchu”

He walked over and kissed my head.


We ate our breakfast and just chatted up about everything.

I got up and to put my plate down but now and days I can’t even get outta bed with out being out of breath I walked passed the mirror and did a reverse and seen how the baby had dropped”

“Lord haven’t even noticed that he dropped”

Chris walked behind me “See my son ready to come out and meet his daddy”

He rubbed my stomach.

“Go get dressed I’m finna take you out bae”

“Where are we going Chris?”

“Love don’t worry about allat just take yo sexy ass in that room and get dressed”

“Okay daddy” I said while walking to the room

“Call me that again and we not even gon make it out the house son”

I go shower & then I I look in my closet trying to decide what I’m gonna wear. Hmmm it’s a bit hot so I’m just gonna wear a dress with some sandals something plain but cute .

I walked in the living room seeing Chris sitting on the couch. He looks up at me and says

I laughed come on I grabbed my keys.

“Woah woah why you got ya keys” he took them out my hands

“Um I wanna drive” I took my keys back

“Nah love you cant be driven no more, I ain’t nothing gonna happened to you on my watch” He took my keys and threw em across the room

“Alright boss man”

I walked out the door and carefully walked down the stairs before Chris has some type of aneurism.

He took me to juicy crab first and I didn’t eat much but Chris was going in looked like he was at home with this food.

He looked up at me after eating his last crawfish.

“Is it good” I started laughing

“It’s ight but it ain’t touching that real deal New Orleans Food” he shrugged his shoulders

I started laughing because this man literally looked like he was in heaven eating but while he went to go pull the car up to the front I take a few pictures and post them.

Brandon S

Brandon – How the hell you gon tell The Who Internet you pregnant but not come to me first
Yasmine – Because I can do what I want and so now you know I’m pregnant and it’s your baby Brandon
Brandon – I thought you wan on birth control our whole relationship so how the hell you magically pregnant
Yasmine – Well actually I stoped getting my prescription last month I wasn’t thinking much of it
Brandon – But how you just finding out you pregnant now if we been having sex whole last month and this month now magically you pregnant

– She hung up –
I threw my phone on the floor and stood up dawg what the fuck I can’t be having no kids at the prime of my career this shit don’t be making no sense dawg first Aaliyah now Her DAMN man .

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 18


“My apartment is just up the street daddy”
“Ight … let’s dip then” I said holding her waist

We walked out the club and drove all the way to her apartment just a couple blocks. She was already feeling on my dick in the car so I know she a lil freak and I’m ready to GOOO .

“You can pull into the next street”
She pointed as she was giving me and directions

We got to her place and she lead me straight to her room it was about 2am she hopped on top of me and started undressing . and we know how that all goes .

-Hour Later-

“NIGGA WAKE THE FUCK UP!” She said as she slapped my arm .

“Yo who the fuck is you hitting on like I’m yo step child son” I looked at her crazy

“WHO THE FUCK IS THIS” She showed my phone

Wife💙 (now)
(8)Missed Calls

How the hell she get my shit .

“Why the fuck you got my phone?”

“Well maybe if you didn’t have your ringer on I would’ve heard shit” She mocked me.


“aye don’t call her no bitch on my son hoe”

I stood up putting my clothes on it was 5am


“You better be lucky you didn’t”
I walked out the front door

God damn I’m tired as fuck and why Aaliyah up at 3am always …

I got so many text from her .

Wya??! 1:40 am
It’s 2am CHRISTIAN. 2 am
ight bet. 2:18 am
answer my call hoe. 2:40 am
Imma fuck you up 2:45 am
NIGGA FUCK YOU ! 2:50 am
On my son I hate you. 2:50 am

Ah shit I done fuck up . Sheesh the fuck imma say to her now DAMN . I make my way to Chick-fil a just to get her favorite so I can easy her worries I put my phone on high brightness and open all my apps so my phone can die faster and imma just tell shorty my phone was dead .

I got to the crib … aha the moment of truth … I walk upstairs and open the door there she was knock out on the couch I could tell she was crying and her phone was unlocked in her hand . I take her phone put it on the table and carry her to the bed she was so sleepy I don’t think she noticed she was even being carried
I slipped the promise ring back on her finger and started taking off my clothes to hop in the shower.

“Please don’t leave me again Chris” I heard her say in a soft voice

She really sounded hurt like she watched me fuck another woman. So I went back on the bed and held her.

“Ma I promise imma be here forever I got so drunk at the club and I ain’t want you to see me like that I slept at Chez crib ”

I said stroking her head . She looked up at me .

“I will love you forever Aaliyah and you know that, and I’m gonna love and protect OUR child till they put me under”

I said . I mean I don’t cheat on purpose it just happens and I really don’t be aware of the situation .

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 17


I was just laying down on my bed looking up at the fan just having one of those reflection moments . I was thinking about on the night liyah told me she was pregnant . I didn’t mean to imply that she was a how because I will admit I know I did take her virginity no doubt but how am I supposed to know if she didn’t fuck any other nigga after me . Maybe i got her pregnant but at the same time liyah truly is not an attention seeker and stays out the mix so maybe she really is pregnant with my child but at the same time people show they true colors at anytime . But I’m really just trynna focus on moving forward with my life & just making my mama proud and making sure she doesn’t step foot in a work place again … I mean that . I’m headed to my first Atlanta Hawks Pre Draft Workout and as I’m driving to the gym and my phone is blowing up . Everybody is just texting my phone and I can’t even enjoy my Lil Baby & Gunna in peace . I arrive and just completely shut my phone off not caring about what going This right here is my only priority my ONLY PRIORITY. I walk in and see Melvin Hunt one of the assistant coaches welcome me in and then he introduced me to Head Coach Lloyd Pierce with Jeremy Lin . I mean ain’t ever been a Hawks fan but I do look up to Jeremy Lin as another fellow shooting guard. So we swapped names & whoopty whoopty allat & just start working out me and Jeremy had a little shootout ya boy went to work. You feel me so I go on my phone and call my nigga Cuddie to see what’s the deal and he don’t really be calling a lot so I know it’s gotta me something.

Brandon: aye unc what the bidness is .

Cuddie:damn nephew you wasn’t gon tell nobody she was PREGNANT ?!

Brandon: Mannn quit playing with me bro.

Cuddie: ain’t nobody playing with you nigga she posted it we all know foo

Brandon: who nigga I ain’t get no girl pregnant.

Cuddie: yo girl nigga JULYSSA

What ? She pregnant ain’t no why she’s pregnant she was on birth control the whole time we was fuckin’ lemme go see this bullshit for my self . I got to her Instagram page and seen her recent post.

1,239 likes julyssamarie Through The Struggles & Pains I Promise Your Forever Mine
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julyssamarie Through The Struggles & Pains I Promise Your Forever Mine . 🤲🏻#BLESSED all praise to the most high

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Nah Man she told me she was on birth control throughout our whole relationship. And why the fuck she ain’t call me first to tell me she might be having my baby . Damn female and these days can’t keep nothing private and always quick to social media . For stupid ass people who could give a damn about you .

Fuck !

Aaliyah C.

Honestly Chris has been way More over protective than he used to be maybe because I’m close to my last months. And he wants nothing to go wrong . Like He Has my Instagram Password and I have nothing to hide so why not . I got a new number because somehow my number got leaked and that’s why some unknown number was Texting me talking hot shit was just a lil internet troll . I mean it’s questionable but I guess whatever … UGH! It’s the first time in our relationship Chris is going somewhere without me . I wanted to go but lemme stay my big ass at home .

“Aye bae I’m finna go” Chris said

“Alright baby, don’t be drinking too much because remember you have my sexy ass to come home to and tell them bitches to keep they hands & eyes to themselves because I’m not the one to fuck with PERIOD.”

“Damn shawy you trip too much but I’ll try to keep em off you know the ladies love me ya heard me”

He laughed .

“Boy bye get out my face”

“I love you” he said walking out the door

( 30 mins later )

My🧡 : 2 Photo Attachments

My🧡 : 2 Photo Attachments
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My mans so sexxxxy whew imma lucky girl
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My mans so sexxxxy whew imma lucky girl . He Loyal and Fine whew lord won’t he do it .


[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 16


I arrived at the hospital and I was in the waiting room . Krystal came in running then she stopped and looked at me .
“What is going with Aaliyah Chris?” She asked worriedly

“Something happened” I told her

“What the fuck do you mean something happened CHRIS I drop her off and then 30 mins later I get a call saying she in the hospital are you serious Chris tell me what the fuck happened!” She yelled with her finger at me

“LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE AND GET OUT MY FACE” I shouted getting up from my seat .

I walked outside bumping Krystal’s shoulder I couldn’t take all of this bullshit . Like how the hell did Krystal even know she was here ? I honestly needed about 5 blunts right now cause a nigga can’t take all this stress .

Chris : you trynna match bro ?
Chez 🐍💚 : fasho wya I’ll pull up
Chris : Grady 🤦🏽‍♂️
Chez 🐍💚 : ight

I just can’t take this shit anymore like I gotta get away I’ve lost too many people in to be in the hospital with the person i would kill for because of my dumbass. Krystal just kept looking at me and I wanna sock her ass so bad .

Chez 🐍💚: come on

I walk outside.

“Chris where the fuck are going?” Krystal got in-front of me

“Get the FUCK out my way”

She moved .

I got in chez car and he took off .

“You good why you at Grady ?” Chez pulled over into a parking lot

He pulled out the stuff and starting rolling up .

“It’s nothing” I shook my head

“Ight hows the old lady ?” He asked

“Can we quit talking about Aaliyah damn”

“Well my bad mane. Here light this shit up you need it more than me” Chez passed it

And we pretty but much was high all night . Then I got to texting.

Chris – wya?
(225)3470428 – In the same place you left me baby 💋
Chris – ight bet imma pull up

“I’m trynna go to the hotel on peach street” I told Chez

“bet shid a nigga to geeked to be driving all the way back to the crib”

We drove to the hotel and I told Chez I’ll catch his ass later so I went up to her room and open the door with the key she left .

“hey baby bout time” she said

“you trynna do sum or not mane” I rubbed head

“Damn Chris you high as fuck lemme hold some loud den” She kept fucking talking like damn bitch shut the fuck up

“Say mane can we just get to fucking”
I said blankly

and it went down from there .

—next morning—

I woke up to my phone going off but I just turned it off fuck all of them on my soul . I look down and see a female arm wrapped around me . I slightly lifted her arm off me and got my shit I call chez and some female answers his phone like damn Chez pull pussy everywhere he go . I was in the lobby waiting on Chez ass when it hit me that Aaliyah is in the hospital. So I called a Uber and i to Grady and once I got there I went to the front desk.

“Can I get the room number to Aaliyah Cyril please” I asked the lady

She checked some clipboard and then looked up at me .

“Well it says here sir that she was checked out this morning around 12 pm” she told me

“Alright thank you” I left and went straight to the crib I seen unfamiliar car outside my apartment.

I opened the door and I seen Krystal on the couch.

“The fuck are you doing here mane” I said

“Taking care of my best friend because her nigga was off fucking some other bitc—” I cut her off

“Wasn’t nobody doing shit now the fuck out my house ho”

She left I was just so damn irritated. I walked to our room and see her lying there sleeping . Thank god she was still pregnant I take off my shirt and lay next to her .

3 Hours later I woke up to see Aaliyah on the couch eating I walk up to hug her but she rejects it .

“What chu you tweakin For ?” I asked

“You smell like straight gas my nigga it’s irritating that’s why I left in the first place” She replied

“But where were you when I was in the hospital Chris” She asked me as she sat up

“I was the first one there liyah hell is you talm bout” I looked at her

“I didn’t even see you Chris then I hear you arguing with Krystal and my mama like what is wrong with you ?” She tried to keep calm

“They was all in my face and you know I ain’t fa nun of that” I shook my head

“Sooo … where did you go?” She asked

“I went to match with chez”

“Okay so you’re telling me that while my ass is in the hospital your ass was out here getting high oh okay”

She got up and went to go pick up her car keys and I grabbed her arm .

“Where you going ?” I asked her

“To my mama’s hotel why you wanna come?” She looked at me stupid

“The fuck you gotta attitude for folk?”

“Nigga let me the hell GO!” She yelled

“You actin’ real goofy on my dead homies mane”

She rolled her eyes and slammed the door .

Ion know what she’s twekin for cause i ain’t do nothing with wrong yea I busted a lil thot but I was high asf I ain’t even know what I was doing .

Aaliyah C .
I was driving to the hotel on peach street going to see my mama before she left Atlanta to go back to Houston with my dad . And honestly Chris was irritating my damn soul he’s playing this like he ain’t do nothing wrong like . I’m in the hospital fighting for TWO LIVES and just because two folks was asking you questions you have the right to leave and not come back … nah mann now that’s some real goofy as shit right there . I pulled up to my the hotel and I seen Brandon In the lobby all dressed up maybe he has one of those basketball press conferences again. Then he stared staring at me and I looked away quick & walked to the elevator. I knocked on my moms room and she opens it .

“Where’s dad?” I asked

“He went out to go get something and plus I wanted us to have a little girls chat”


“I seen that Brandon boy today when i was getting breakfast; you should’ve seen how bad your daddy wanted to go and ‘talk’ to him” She chuckled

“I mean Brandon is doing whatever he’s wanting to do and that isn’t my business or yours I’m happily in a relationship” I looked at her

“happily” she mocked me

“Whew child that Chris boy is no good do you know he was acting a damn fool in the lobby and then had the nerve to talk to me like that when I asked about my own daughter … lord Jesus help that man” She put her hands up on the air

Then she looked at my hand .

“Aaliyah what is that” she said raising my hand up to her face

“Please don’t tell me y’all are engaged” She wouldn’t even let me get a word out

“No mama it’s not an engagement ring it’s a promise ring” I said assuring her

“What did he promise?”

“A lot and I believe he’s always gonna keep them”


She knew i was lying but she didn’t speak any more of it .

“All I’m saying is you need to check that boy Aaliyah cause I don’t like how he’s acting”

“Okay mama”

“Where do you wanna go eat ?”

“Let’s go to The Cheese Cake Factory” she said

After we went out to eat I was so tired I don’t think I could’ve drove myself home so I slept in my moms hotel room .

I woke up at 3 am to my phone being blown up in text , phone calls & FaceTimes . I read the name

“My❤️ (8)”

Wow. I called him back .

“Aaliyah where the hell you at?”

“Damn no hello Chris”

“No I’ve been worried about yo ass all night you ain’t even call me”

“I was out with my mom Chris and you got my location the fuck you trippin for?”

“I’m not tripping it’s just you ain’t even tell me where the hell you was gonna be at or that you was even sleeping there?!”

“My bad I was too tired to drive”

“You want me to come get you ?”

“No I’ll stay here the night”

“Alright love you”

Sorry for this late ass update took me a good 2 months to finish this chapter because of school and other things but I’ll try to keep this book regularly updated

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 15


Aaliyah C.
Today me and Krystal decide to have a ladies day because as I was getting closer to my due date and days like these aren’t gonna come very often so first up was to get my hair done before baby I love being natural team 4C all the way but sis I’m not gonna be able to put up with my hair with this baby so I decided to do something different just in honor of my little blessing.
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liyaahcyril for my lil baby 🧞‍♂️
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1solidchris ♿️ baby too federal
liyaacyril @1solidchris we don’t gang bang sir !
_lifeasamiri ooou shawty wanna be a crip 🤣👎🏼

Ew these little weird ass bitches be under my page just talking out they mouth like baby hush for once and let me live . Me and Krystal stopped by chick-fila to get something to eat .

“Sisss I can’t wait to get his fat ass outta me I swear I’m finna have to work extra hard to get my snap back” I said

“You still gonna be the baddest whoever did it okay”

“okay PERIODT!” we laughed & said in unison

It’s been 30 minutes since we’ve ordered our food and this ain’t the chick-fila i know and my hungry ass is tired .


“Oh I’m sorry ma’am what I was your order”

I handed her my receipt .

“Oh I’m so sorry ma’am I’ll get your order” she said

GAH why the fuck are these people so nice like I feel like an asshole for yelling at poor baby . She handed me my order .

“Thank you , I’m sorry for yelling at you sweetheart” I smiled

Krystal dropped me off at “home” since I’m really not supposed to be driving and even if I wanted to Chris hid my keys . I haven’t even been in my apartment me in a minute since Chris moved out the dorms and got an apartment in the college village . I open the doors and I could hear my baby’s in the shower so I wanted to cook for him and surprise him . While I was making some fried catfish for him he left his phone in the kitchen and bitch his phone was going off the got damn walls . And so as the lovingly girlfriend I am I went to go see what was the tea . I walked up to his phone and I seen “Amiri” like who the hell is this bitch . So I unlocked his phone and went through his message cause baby boy got me fucked up to the max .

“CHRISTOPHER!” I yelled so hard

“Oh damn baby you good ?” he came and rubbed my stomach

“Don’t touch me who the fuck is this bitch on your phone and why is she talm bout some when we gone link again I’m confused because I don’t know about no bitch?!”

“Calm the fuck down Aaliyah damn you pregnant you can be doing all that yelling and shit mane” he said back

“So you cheatin’ now huh like damn nigga so what the fuck this promise ring mean huh?” I threw the ring at him

And I started walking up on him and hitting him .

“Aaliyah get the fuck outta my phone on god mane you know I don’t like that shit” he yelled in my ear

“No fuck you I hate you and yo ass always talm bout how you gon ‘treat me right’ and ‘won’t leave me to do no wrong’ but no your just a dead beat ass nigga!”

“Nah don’t call me no dead beat when I’m taking in This child cause it’s HO ASS MAMA couldn’t wrap it the fuck up and now he gotta dead beat ass daddy” He yelled

Okay yea now he just crossed the line with that . why the fuck would he even say that like I’ve confided so much in this man for him to hit me with that low ass blow Seriously ?

“No fuck you I hope you go die like ya brother bitch , I hate you !” I screamed to the top of my lungs

And he raised his fist up and I thought he was gonna hit me but he punched the wall instead and I always knew he had anger issues but that ain’t ever scare me until now cause I ain’t go lie I did flinch. Then i walked out of the front door I felt so dizzy I didn’t even know where the stairs ended and then I felt a sharp pain in my stomach side . I yelled and I had crouched down on the floor as I held my stomach and I heard Chris run down the stairs .

Chris D.
“AALIYAH, AALIYAH damn what the fuck man!” I rubbed my face

She was holding her stomach in complete pain until she passed out I took her phone from her hand and called 911 .

911 – hello 911 what’s your emergency?
Chris – yea my girl she’s pregnant just passed out and she was holding her stomach in pain
911 – okay sir can you tell me what happened
Chris – i honestly don’t know she walked out my crib and I heard her yell so I really don’t know if she fell downstairs or what
911- okay I have an ambulance heading your way .

Damn I really fucked up it wasn’t even that serious I met Amiri in Baton Rouge she was the hotel clerk and my Ex girlfriend and honestly she was talking all that sweet shit so yea we did a couple rounds at the hotel because liyah had stressed me out that day. she was probably thinking I was the perfect man and I was over here fucking on another woman.

The ambulance came and they approached me and a unconscious Aaliyah with a stretcher.

“Excuse me sir can you please step to the side” on of the paramedics said

I moved and they first turned her on her left side to check her heart to make sure she’s still breathing & and thank god she was they lifted her on the stretcher and into the ambulance.

“Wait can I come with y’all” I asked

“What are your relations to our victim?”

“Victim” He said it like she was dead or sum

“Uh sir she’s carrying my child” I said scratching my neck

“Never mind I’ll just meet y’all at Grad—” I said and then they just took off like that

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 14


Aaliyah C .
Me & Chris we’re just sitting here thinking of names for the baby and honestly we’re not getting anywhere.
“I got it Christopher Dwayne Dotson JR” He said with confidence

“Hmmm no I’m not naming my child after you” I said pointing at him

“Your just a hater”

“Good luck getting up by yourself” He laughed and walked to the kitchen

I started to cry “I’m so fat and ugly I look like a damn pig I can’t even get up how do you even love me”

Chris ran over to me with guilty eyes .

“Noooo baby I was just playing your perfect, beautiful—”

I cut him off laughing “ahhh you’re so soft wow”

“Okay bye” He walked away mad

All I could do was laugh he’s so cute when he’s angry .

I wobbled to the babies room and It was just boxes and clothes on the floor which i hated because disorganization is a BIG pet peeve .

“Hey Chris can you come help me fix up this room!” I yelled

1 hour later
So we finished and organized everything in a corner and just stacked all the pampers and junk and it didn’t turn out bad .

946,013 Likes liyaahcyril yeaa he’s straight 💙
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liyaahcyril yeaa he’s straight 💙.
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_lifeasamiri …

Brandon S .
Since I’ve been done with that broad I’ve been thinking I was just looking Aaliyah’s pregnancy pictures and just thinking like could she be really carrying my baby i mean it doesn’t seem like but I’m fully gonna rule it out again. I don’t have long until the NBA draft and I’m too hype because I can’t wait to be balling on Stephen Curry & Shooting 3’s on LeBron And give the folks I love the world.
Julyssa’s mom has been contacting me nonstop since we broke up like she’s more invested in our relationship than we ever were . I had an meeting with Nike at the indigo hotel they want me to represent them as a first round draft pick on and off the court even though adidas offered a pretty decent check ion know Nike could be the Jordan plug for me man … In the morning I was downstairs getting breakfast and I seen bitch ass Chris maybe him and Aaliyah were staying here . But I don’t really ain’t give a fuck but it sad that Aaliyah is really fucking with a bum ass nigga . pitty .

I’m back to get what the fuck is mine and I’m gonna get it PERIODT. Ion give a fuck about no baby mama , my baby or no lil “ring” fuck allat bullshit. I let him play house with some dumbass ho but playtime is over and it’s time to put that lil dumbass ho back in the toy box and be done with it . If he really got that bitch pregnant it’s not gone be pretty AT ALL fuck nigga thought shit was gone be sweet no no no baby thought wrong .

Amiri – the nigga you laid up with is not ya nigga HO we ain’t playing house no mo periodt fuck that ugly ass baby and abort that bullshit 🤣!
Aaliyah – who tf is you groupie ass ho don’t ever text my phone on some bullshit like ya mama needs to get painted for having yo dumbass don’t ever speak on my child . PERIODT HO

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 13


Aaliyah C .
Seeing them dirty ass comments that bitch had the audacity to comment has me heated as hell like My whole mood was ruined for the night and I didn’t even get to enjoy my baby shower because this bitch just kept commenting on Chris’s post .
julyssamarie this bitch tried to say my nigga is the father of that thing in her stomach like 😂
julyssamarie you played yourself he WOULD NEVER and COULD NEVER 💅🏻
julyssamarie on the episode of “FIND THIS HOS BABY DADDY” update she’s still blaming others
julyssamarie her baby is gonna be like “Happy Father’s Day mommy” Headass 😂😂😂😂😂😂
julyssamarie “Mommy where’s my daddy” “idc you might have seen seen him in the streets”
julyssamarie should’ve got an abortion 😩😩😩😩 babies cost a lot GOFUNDME COMMING SOON …
julyssamarie mmmhmm go vote on my Instagram poll if I should kick the bitch in the stomach 👏🏻👏🏻
And it just kept happening Chris seen wasn’t feeling the baby shower so he called Chez to help Krystal at the baby shower to load the gifts . Like how could Brandon let her do this type of shit like she’s lucky my ass is pregnant cause I would’ve been stomped and spit on that ugly ass ho .

“Yo Aaliyah what’s wrong” Chris said as I was sitting in the car with a straight face .

“Nothing I just wanna go home to post this Instagram picture” I lied

“Cut the bullshit I know you don’t ever trip off of some petty shit like that tell me what really up baby”

I handed him my phone showing him her comments .

“I swear I want that bitches head I’m dead the fuck serious” I said angry

“NAH CUT THAT you pregnant liyah you ain’t fighting nobody I’ll handle this shit just don’t entertain it”

And I wasn’t even gonna try Chris cause he was serious and as im get close to my date he’s been so over protective of me like I can’t even go somewhere without telling him like he has my location 24/7 it’s weird but cute in a way .
But besides all the bullshit Chris told me I was coming home with him and I finally post my pictures .

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liyaahcyril blessed👩‍👦💙
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krystalsmith godson 👩‍👩‍👦💙

Brandon S.
I woke up to a bunch of text and of course about Aaliyah having boy but checked my Instagram and seen “1solidchris wants to send you message”

I accepted it .

1solidchris control julyssa mane and tell her to quit speaking on my girl & her child mane that shit is disrespectful 💯.
brandon_steel idgaf nigga ain’t my problem
1solidchris it is gon be a problem when she gets touched fr
brandon_steel ain’t nobody gon touch SHIT you and that BITCH can fuck outta here with y’all bs
1solidchris so when she get stomped I told you to control yo bitch nigga
brandon_steel congrats your son tho
1solidchris nah mane congrats on ya boy deadbeat bitch
brandon_steel 😂😂😂 tell Aaliyah to HMU when she drop the baby I’m trynna hit again

He read my message but didn’t reply “Deadbeat bitch” that was actually funny as fuck but I don’t really care cause it ain’t my child and I don’t even know what the nigga is talking about like Julyssa ain’t worried about they dumbasses yea I like Aaliyah’s photo I mean she looked good as hell and I wasn’t joking I would most definitely fuck her again
no cap .

I was on my way to class and boom I see Krystal & Aaliyah as I walked past them I was given the hardest mean mug ever then I heard Krystal say
“Missed you at the baby shower B”

Why is she talking to me ?

“What Baby shower ?” I said

“Nigga don’t front like you ain’t like my picture” Aaliyah said

Well damn …

“And next time control ya bitch since she wants to talk shit on social media about my child and won’t see me in real life that she’s not untouchable and I’m gunning for that ho period !” Aaliyah said and then walked away

And it’s just me and Krystal just standing here because i guess we were both surprised about how Aaliyah just snapped.

“Brandon control ya female before shit get ugly DEADASS cause she’s talking with too much heat” She said then walked away too

Okay Damn what the fuck did Julyssa say to be having everybody mad .

I walked to Julyssa class and pulled her out .

“What’s the problem?” I asked her

“Tf is you talking about” She looked me up & down

“OH ! are you talking about that girl and the mutt she’s carrying inside of her” She rolled her eyes

“Why don’t you mind yo fucking business and stop creating problems” I grabbed her

“Don’t fucking touch me ! who are you and why are you talking to me like that especially over some ugly ass black bitch!” She was yelled

“You fucking do the fuck to much like damn, why I’m I here putting up with your bs bro QUIT TALKING ABOUT AN DAMN UNBORN CHILD AND GROW THE FUCK UP” I said backing her into a corner

“What do you mean why are you here like do you wanna break up Brandon cause your defending that dumb ho like she your girl”

“I ain’t say th-” She cut me off

“Nah fuck you Brandon” She spat in my face and crossed her arms

“Fuck you too bitch” I said walking away

I was never taught to call a woman a bitch but Julyssa was just getting on my last nerves like damn i don’t even feel sorry talking to her simple minded ass like that . I guess I was a single man now and good because i couldn’t come into the NBA tied down fuck no so I saved her tears because I was bound to slip up with all them NBA groupies .

Chris D .
I stepped outside of the doctors office because I didn’t wanna bother Aaliyah during her check up and I get a text

(225)3470428 – im here daddy
Chris – who ?
(225)3470428 – Hotel Indigo Atlanta Downtown, 230 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303 ( Room 130 )

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 12


Chris D .
Let’s just say liyah put the pussy on ya boy last night and that having sex with a pregnant girl ain’t bad at all cause i don’t know if it’s all pregnant girls or just liyah know how to put it down .
I put my phone on ‘Do not disturb’ because I knew niggas was gon start trippin over our picture but oh well tho mane but my patna Chez texted me so I gotta respond .

Chez 🐍💚 : nigga ….

Chris : what mane

Chez 🐍💚 : you committed?

Chris : i mean thats my lil yea yea

Chez 🐍💚 : damn nigga say no mo 😂

Damn niggas acting like it’s rare to see a nigga down like be “down” or some shit .

—3 weeks later—
Aaliyah C.
Today is my BABY SHOWER ! and I don’t know why I’m so happy but I am but before I go to my baby shower I am at my photo shoot that i nobody knows about and I’m finna surprise they ass cause originally I wasn’t gonna do one and everybody wanted me to but I was on Instagram and a photo shoot was on my explore page and I thought it was cute as hell so I wanted to do one . After we were finished taking pictures My baby shower was approximately in 3 hours and I was ready honey .

Brandon S.
I’m at my parents house just kickin it and I went downstairs to see on the counter .

Like why was this sent to my parents house
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Like why was this sent to my parents house . My moms walked into the kitchen looking at me .

“Oh Brandon we got this in the mail yesterday and I didn’t wanna throw it away because I thought you might know the person” She said

“Oh no ma ion know who this person it might be mixed up mail so I’ll go throw it away” I said walking to the trash

I don’t know what kind of childish ass game Krystal or Aaliyah is playing right now but that shit is dead why you sending shit to my parents house and “Free throws or Pink bows” I just know that’s a slug to me which is stupid like grow up dawg . Then I gotta text from Julyssa.

Julyssa : bae guess whatttt 💀💀!

Brandon : what up 😂

Julyssa : tell me why I got this in the mail . 1 Attachment

1 Attachment
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Bruh what the fuck is Aaliyah trynna prove like damn bitch leave my and my people alone.

Brandon : I got one too😬

Julyssa : I think it’s Krystal trynna be petty but idgaf bout that pressed ho

Brandon : ofc hos gon be mad that In a few months they not gon be rocking Gucci from head to toe & not driving that Rolls Royce & not having Cartier on they wrist yea bae I see why they mad 🤫🤫

Julyssa : duhhh 🤗 but yk what fuck it imma go .

Brandon : why ?!

Julyssa : I was invited wasn’t I ? So imma go simple

Brandon : yo don’t start no bullshit making me have to come

Julyssa : 🤣😘.

Oh yea she’s finna start some .

Krystal S.
So Aaliyah’s baby shower is starting and she’s getting ready but baby can I say I look bomb tonight. So had to snap it up for the gram of course.

20,743 likes krystalsmith : peachy 💅🏽 #yesimteamboytf 💙 view all 526 comments liyaahcyril see I was about to hype ya ass up but ya caption na 🤬🤬!
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krystalsmith : peachy 💅🏽 #yesimteamboytf 💙
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liyaahcyril see I was about to hype ya ass up but ya caption na 🤬🤬!

Aaliyah is such a hater omg . but she needs to hurry the fuck up and Chris to yes I did mail cards to Brandon and his Chihuahua because like he needs to be here for his child and why not invite the dog ass “step mama” I was just trynna be nice .

I arrived at my Aaliyah’s baby shower and i guess Krystal had everybody outside for the gender reveal and Aaliyah wasn’t here yet so I seen everyone talking pictures and you know ya boy had to get snap it up too .

6,366 likes 1solidchris F E D B A B Y ! 🤫 #teamminime 😈 view all 93 comments liyaahcyril #teamgirl ho 🤪!1solidchris #hurryyobigasstfup !
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1solidchris F E D B A B Y ! 🤫 #teamminime 😈
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liyaahcyril #teamgirl ho 🤪!
1solidchris #hurryyobigasstfup !

Damn Aaliyah can comment on everyone picture but can’t hurry ha pregnant ass up . Like I nigga is hungry .

Aaliyah C .
Lol everyone is texting me saying I’m taking I’m sweet precious time but you can’t rush beauty na . I literally just got in the car and I look cute honestly . we arrived at my baby shower and everyone is outside so I don’t know what the fuck Krystal got going on . I step outside the car and immediately all eyes on me but I can’t blame em though.

“Wow Aaliyah you look beautiful” someone said

that’s all I heard as I was walking to Chris and Krystal damn everyone was hyping my pregnant ass ion .

“Damn shawty you look good”

Chris said as he kissed me and grabbed my ass .

“I have the baddest bestie PERIODT pregnant or not” Krystal said

“yess been killing the game since 2000 bitch”

I said as we both laughed .

“Wait lemme go get something” Krystal said running to the building

Ahhh I’m too excited this junk seems so surreal like I’m really having a baby.


As she handed me the black balloon & a needle . Chris was standing behind me and everything just felt perfect and peaceful like I’m celebrating this unexpected milestone in front of people I love and I could ask for anything else more .

“3…2…1 G—” everyone shouted

But I interrupted them .

“Wait … Wait Chris I want you to pop this with me because you’ve been my rock and Obviously Krystal too but still I want you to pop this with me”

I told Christopher handing him a needle .

“Of course I will baby” He said giving me a kiss

“Okay Okay y’all can start again”

I said and everyone started laughing .

“3…2…1″ They all screamed as we popped the balloon .

1” They all screamed as we popped the balloon
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“ITS A BOY” Krystal screamed & jumped

I was excited as hell because like I’m having a boy like no matter what I’m having I’m gonna love my child REGARDLESS . I was a little pouty for a second but I’m happy .


Like no my son will not be no player and will not have these females running in and out my house cause best believe imma snitch.

Everybody was heading inside and best believe it was beautiful and best believe I was finna fuck up some food tonight.

“Okay everyone I have another surprise for y’all that I did earlier today” I said I’m the mic

They all looked up on the screen i told Krystal to set up .

And I put my maternity pictures up on the screen .

I heard everyone gasp and I just smiled they where talking pictures of it and everything
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I heard everyone gasp and I just smiled they where talking pictures of it and everything.

I seen Chris walking towards me

“Damn Aaliyah lemme see your phone real quick ” He said

I gave him my phone and like 30 later he gave it back and all he did was send himself the picture .

“I gotta show my baby off maaan” He said licking his lips

“I bet niggas gon beat to yo picture that’s a fact liyah” He said laughing

Then I got a notification “@julysaamarie mentioned you in a comment”

Bitch just comments like damn Chris just post this picture and you the first one on it do better babes .

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1solidchris love of my life 💙 .
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julyssamarie community pussy all out have class for your baby honey @liyaahcyril 🤢!!!
julyssamarie let’s pray that the baby’s father is not ugly cause thats finna be one ugly ass child whew … sis somebody call cps STAT 🤣.

Okay yea the first comment is just a hating ass ho that loves me but the second went way too far and she now has a problem on her hands .

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 11


Chris D .
I just decided to go back to the hotel maybe she somehow she happened to get into the room because only my name is on the room.
“Did you happen to see a pregnant black girl in a dress come in or walk out in the past time” I asked the desk clerk

“No I actually didn’t sir would you like me to call you if I see her ?”

“Yea that would be nice her name is Aaliyah Cyril” I said writing her my number

Okay so she didn’t come back to the hotel . Where the fuck could she be ? I went up to our hotel room & all her stuff is still there exactly how we left it . So i just decided to check Instagram to see if she posted or maybe already blocked. But she didn’t & I seen that her Instagram says ‘ACTIVE’ so I dm her .

@1soildchris : Aaliyah wya !

@liyaahcyril : LEAVE ME TF ALONE !

@1solidchris : I just wanna know if you safe Aaliyah damn .

@liyaahcyril : I’m safe I’m going home nigga

@1solidchris : wym ? How you getting home

@liyaahcyril : are you stupid bitch ??! I’m getting on an airplane now & going tf home dumb ho

@liyaahcyril : now fuck off my phone

@1solidchris : aye say IDGAF if you mad at me but you fashoo gone chill on calling me out my name straight up 💯!

@liyaahcyril : what you gon do hit me , rape me or what kill me ?


@liyaahcyril : BITCH FUCK YOU HO

@liyaahcyril : sissy ho 🗣 !

@1solidchris : bet .

She had left me on seen after my last message like damn she gon do a nigga like that talm bout “are you gon kill me , rape me & hit me” like what type of shit is that mane she’s trippin mane but imma just go to sleep & see what I’m finna do tomorrow cause she just took all the energy out me .

Aaliyah C .
So I was just so fed the fuck up with Chris where I just ordered my plane ticket I don’t know if it’s my pregnancy thats making me act like this because I’m usually the one to talk shit out but all I know is that I’m not going back & that if he wants me he’s gonna have to come find me. I’m done . So I’m currently at home trying to finish some work I have due next week & my mind is just racing of the things that were said about me and how much of a fool I made myself look by storming out the house like that & just acting a total fool in his mothers drive way in front of everybody god man . I’ve never been so fucking embarrassed in my life like I’ve cried so many times over a nigga who doesn’t care like even if everything he said to his mom about me & the way he felt was lie it’s like what is he ashamed of me or something because I’m pregnant or not pregnant with his child . Gosh he made me sound like some type of charity on some real shit & I’ve tried to calm down because I’m still pregnant and not trying to endanger my baby . And I have bigger things to worry about because my mom called me for the first time in forever & she probably found out about my pregnancy even though she’s blocked on all social media and I gotta call her back .
Phone call – Aaliyah & Her Mom

Aaliyah : Hello

Mom : Hey Aaliyah sweetheart it’s like we haven’t talked in awhile baby

Aaliyah : I know mama we’re just two busy woman but I love you though

Mom : yes busy very much ( she faked laughed ) & I love you too baby

Mom : but …

Aaliyah : But what ma ?

Mom : So your auntie told me and your father you’re expecting liyah

Aaliyah : ummm I—

Mom : Don’t lie to me Aaliyah Simone

She interrupted.

Aaliyah : I wasn’t gonna lie but yes I’m 6 months pregnant

Mom : EXCUSE ME ! 6 what ?

Aaliyah : Months ma , Months

Mom : Wow so you just weren’t gonna tell me and your father especially liyah

Aaliyah : well actually I was gonna invite y’all to my baby shower

I lied .

Mom – oh really okay I will make sure we’re there & what about the babies father ?

Aaliyah – He has chosen not to be in our child’s life

Mom – SERIOUSLY?! he impregnated my daughter and doesn’t want to be in what he has created life

Aaliyah – ya he’s too much into his career & so he just denies my kid

Mom – what career liyah ?

Aaliyah – Nothing mom

Mom – Aaliyah tell me who is he ?

Aaliyah – Brandon Steel

Mom – Number one college basketball player ?

Aaliyah – Yea sadly

Mom – Oh wow, liyah I’ll call my lawyer and we w—

I interpreted her .

Aaliyah – No I don’t want to take any legal actions against him mama

Mom – What do you mean Aaliyah? He is the father of this child and needs to support him or her in every way and situation possible I will be calling Tammy .


I hung up .

Wow never in a million years would I have ever thought I would hang up in my mothers face like that but I’m just so fed up with everything . Like why do people feel the need to but in my like let me live the fuck .

In my mid thoughts I heard .


I went to look in the peep whole & it’s no other than the one & only Christopher J. Dotson at my door step like I ain’t tell this nigga to quit trying to be in contact with me .

“Aaliyah I know you in there” Chris said

I didn’t respond back & decided to make me a sandwich .

“I seen yo car Aaliyah I’m not stupid”

“Well you gon continue to see it” I said

“Aaliyah I’m deadass I just wanna talk just for a bit mane”

Uggh I hate myself I walked over to the door to let him in gosh even though I’m still mad at him I just still love this boy I don’t know why but I do . Lawd please help your child cause I don’t know what the hell I just did .

“Finally Aaliyah like I’m really trynna talk baby girl” Chris said

I sat down on the couch completely forgetting about my sandwich and I seen that he brought my stuff from the hotel .

“Well thank you for bringing my shit” I said

“Aaliyah what’s your problem honestly talk to me baby”

“Baby” who does he play me for like I was just ya little charity now I’m ya “Baby girl & Baby” Like dude get the fuck outta my face with that nigga .

“Chris you don’t understand how embarrassed I am like I made a total complete fool out of myself Chris and you contributed to that” I said

Trying to hold back my tears I hate being so damn emotional like omg .

“Aaliyah I feel you I know what I did was deadass wrong mama but I just wasn’t thinking because it’s just that my mama invested so much in me & she just looked so disappointed & I hate making her sad mane & it’s just I wasn’t thinking I’m not even gone try to make excuses because I know what I did was wrong like hell and I was just talking out my body” He said moving closer to me

Now we’re on the same couch .

“Aaliyah I’m sorry” He said

“I accept your apology Chris”

I don’t know why I did but I did & I don’t regret it because I just love this boy regardless.

“Lemme get a kiss” He said

I gave him one and I honestly missed him we was like my little “Bear” I just need his ass .

“Wait I got something for you”

He said pulling something out his bag and lemme tell you BITCHHHHH .

“Even though we aren’t officially together on some shit I just want you have this & this is a promise I’m making to you that even though we could be going through something I promise I’m gonna be by you and our baby all the time regardless & I promise yall will forever straight” He said

I honestly i don’t know if I can fully trust him to live by his words but hey Actions speak louder than words yunno but this ring is cute as hell im not gonna lie .

“Wait come here lemme take a picture with my babies” I said

This picture is cute as fuck I’m finna post it on Instagram and make these hoes mad .

172,696 likes Liyaahcyril 💋 view all 1,655 comments krystalsmith yessss boss lady 😩❤️!baddiespost who trap phone 🤨😂 ?
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Liyaahcyril 💋
view all 1,655 comments
krystalsmith yessss boss lady 😩❤️!
baddiespost who trap phone 🤨😂 ?

And for all my android users who possibly not see the 1st emoji in the second comment it is basically a questioning face

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 10


Aaliyah C .
So we arrived at Chris’s mothers house & I’m not gonna lie I was nervous as hell like folks so quick to judge someone who is young & pregnant it’s irritating and with me being pregnant my patience level is all the way down so if his people respect me & my life I will respect them period .
“So what’s gonna happen now” I said as we just sit in front of his mamas house

“I mean of course when you go in there greet everyone especially the elders & just be you”

“Chris I gotta tell you this now my tolerance for ignorance is not here anymore” I said seriously

“What are you talking about liyah ?” He questioned

“I’m just saying if anyone asks me about ‘your gonna drop out , don’t you think your too young to have a baby , why don’t you know the baby daddy ect.’ I will flip Okay”

“I gotchu Aaliyah I’ll be by you so you’ll feel at ease & I’ll shut down any dumb questions” He said while kissing my forehead

So we were getting out the car & my outfit was actually cute . we decided to put our things in a hotel for tonight until Chris decides on either for us to stay with his mommy or his friend . When we were at the hotel I tried wearing this over size romper to hide my baby bump but Chris caught on to what I was trying to do & he said “Stop trying to hide it Aaliyah; Fuck it & embrace being beautiful and pregnant” So I changed into a dress because those & jumpsuits are the only things that fit me now & it’s cute looking at it now .
( Aaliyah’s Outfit )

UGH ! I was just to meet his family & just do something else because it’s killing me and I’m ready to get this over with
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UGH ! I was just to meet his family & just do something else because it’s killing me and I’m ready to get this over with . Chris has finally opened the door and BOOM instantly all eyes on my not Chris but on me & my stomach Chris was just getting so much love from his aunties & it just gave me joy In my heart I don’t why but it did and the fact that everyone thinks that im carrying his baby is rough I didn’t say anything like yes or no but the are talking about it & suddenly Chris’s mama taps me on the shoulder and i just turned around.

“Wow you look so beautiful & your really big” She said

“Well thank you so much Mrs.Lee”

” So how my months are you ?” She questioned

“I’m actually 6 months”

“Wait can I go talk to my son right quick ” She faked smiled at me

And if you know me I’m the queen of fake smiles and I can tell one from miles away . As she was heading up stair to go talk to Chris I couldn’t help it but to follow her because i have to know what she thinks .

“CHRISTIAN!” She yelled

“Ma quit yelling” He looked at her

“Sooo who’s that pregnant ho down there in my house Christian”

Ummm did that lady just call me a “ho” like she doesn’t even know me first of all & Chris told me that he has mentioned me to his family so and from the looks they don’t know who the fuck I am and it’s deadass embarrassing .

“Ma , her name is Aaliyah” He said calm

Like why the hell is he so calm like I’m not telling him to curse his mama out but like at least make her know that I am an important person in your life & that you care about me & love me like you tell me .

“I don’t give a damn what that bitches name is I just wanna know with who & what she is doing in my damn house” She said Sternly

“Ma she nobody just a friend I met & she asked to come so I said yes not to be rude”

Wow this nigga is lying straight through his teeth like damn Chris damn he’s making me look like some sorry ho he picked up off the street . Like nigga what ?

“So she told me she’s 6 months pregnant Christian. How could you be so dumb to impregnate her like your in college Chris college ! I didn’t send you there to fuck on these little girls Chris”

Wow she sounded so disappointed like even though he’s not fathering my child it like wow you wouldn’t accept your grandchild.

“Ma that is not my child I could never. Like I said she means nothing to me she’s a girl from class that is having issues & needs support because of her s-”

That’s it like I’ve heard enough like who does the play me for like I’m some type of charity. I was just so mad like how could he ever describe me like that I ran downstairs and out the house one of Chris friends tried grabbing me but I was moving to fast I just feel embarrassed I really thought we had something going but I guess not.

“Say mane yo girl just ran out the house looking pissed the fuck off” Dre told me

Damn who said something to her . I ran downstairs & opened the front door to see a sobbing Aaliyah in the street on her phone . Wow I ain’t never seen her cry before.

“AALIYAH!” I screamed running up to her

She ain’t even turn around.

“Yo why the fuck are you trippin baby girl what happened ”

She just looked at me with hatred in her eyes something I’ve also never seen before well especially not at me . I looked down at her phone & I seen she had called an Uber.

“Aaliyah what the fuck is you doing why you calling an Uber If your tired why ain’t you tell me I could’ve took you home baby”

“Oh I would’ve told you but I seen you are too busy with your mama to help your charity” She said with disgust

“What is you talking about ?” I was honestly confused


She was mad & crying still and I was still in confused.

“Yo calm down you gon hurt you and the baby & I can’t be having that Aaliyah”

I said trying to rub her belly but she instantly smacked my hand away .

“You don’t give one single fuck about me or my child Brandon … I mean Chris you don’t care for me & I’m not your little help I didn’t ask to be here Christian I didn’t ”

She was so angry .

DAMN ! shit she heard me talking to my mom man I didn’t mean it like my mama she just looked so disappointed when she thought Aaliyah was carrying my child & I never wanna disappoint her she did so much for me so I was just so caught in the moment .

Aaliyah Uber pulled up and I seen she was breathing hard like hell and she’s a little hot head so I needed her to calm down. So i went to her Uber’s driving side and he rolled down the window .

“Aye man can you keep an eye on her she’s a little mad right now and she’s 7 months pregnant and I just need her to get to the hotel safe man” I told him

“Alright sir I got you covered I’ll watch her” He said shaking my hand


“Can you fucking drive already & quit talking to the bum ass nigga” Aaliyah told him

And he just pulled off like damn man what the fuck did I just do .

2 Hours later
After we were done visiting my brothers grave . I got in my car and drove to the hotel & I noticed that I still had the hotel card in my car so Aaliyah could be anywhere right now so I tried texting her & she didn’t respond so I tried to FaceTime her and I got this

I got in my car and drove to the hotel & I noticed that I still had the hotel card in my car so Aaliyah could be anywhere right now so I tried texting her & she didn’t respond so I tried to FaceTime her and I got this
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She blocked my number so I have no clue where this girl is and she’s not even from around here mane .

So I get a hella of a frantic call from Aaliyah talking about Chris like wow I thought they was really gonna work & how dare he do her like that like I won’t beat his ass . Niggas play too many games with her and it’s annoying she’s pregnant like what the fuck . I wanna go down to BR so bad but I had things to do and I was planning on visiting areas for her baby shower like omg Chris you had one job sir one job .

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 9


So I finally know what my God baby is gonna be & now phase 3 of this whole pregnancy thing Plan the baby shower which I’ve been waiting on Aaliyah’s entire pregnancy. I already had a baby shower book in place for her since I found out . So I’m currently trying get this guest list together and geesh this girl hasn’t told her family about the baby so I honestly really don’t know who to invite. But I do know one thing is that I’m one petty bitch & Brandon will be receiving an invitation in the mail i may even mail his parents one just for the hell of it yunno . & I also wanna know is Aaliyah will have Chris sit with her in front .
( Aaliyah & Krystal )

Aaliyah : Hey babes wussup
Krystal : Nothing I’m literally here trying to still plan your baby shower
Aaliyah : KRYSTAL omg you have time girl like whew … chille
Krystal : AALIYAH you have 3 more months sis my godbaby is coming soon
Aaliyah : UGH ! Don’t remind me damn like I need a name for my mini me sooo…
Krystal : Sooo… no you can have 2 names prepared already
Aaliyah : Okay, but what you want sis I’m studying
Krystal : Oh yea alright soooooo are you gonna have Chris sit up front with you
Aaliyah : Well yea I am going to because why not
Krystal : Fr tho you might as well tell people that he’s ya baby daddy
Aaliyah : Yea nah he might be feeling me now but ain’t no baby physically here so when the time comes we’ll see boo
Krystal : lol alright well imma let you study Pooh
Aaliyah : Alright love you bye boo


So that answers my question .

Aaliyah C .
So today would make the 4th years Chris’s brother died and he wanted me to go back to Baton Rouge with him for his family’s memorial cookout they do for him & to be honest I was really honestly surprised when he asked me to go cause its not like we together or some anything & I’m really about to meet he’s family . So he said he was gonna come pick me up & we can get this “trip” started .
Just as I was admiring my outfit & how sad I was nobody is here to take my picture my boo Chris pull & he finna take these pictures .


“Aaliyahhhhh!” He shouted back

“Would you be a doll and take my picture for me babes Thank you”

“I ain’t even say yes like the fuck you say thank you for” he questioned

I laughed handing him my phone
“Oh honey you don’t have a choice I just asked to be nice pooh”

He took my phone and snapped my pictures while hyping me up .

“ouuuu I look fye Chris”

“I ain’t gone lie my thoughts are R rated I got The FINEST BABY MAMA ON THE BLOCK RIGHT HERE” He laughed

“You know it pooh but lemme go get my junk so we can hit the road” I said

“Nah imma go get em for you just go sit in the car”

I handed him my apartment keys so he can lock the door & i decided to post this picture on Instagram while I was waiting.

(Aaliyah’s outfit excuse the girl )

Liked by 1solidchris,julyssamarie and 129,515 others liyaahcyril : I’m great 💕! view all 2,619 comments1solidchris FINEST BABY MAMA ON THE BLOCK RIGHT HERE in my voice 😌krystalsmith fans in the likes I see 🐷
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liyaahcyril : I’m great 💕!
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1solidchris FINEST BABY MAMA ON THE BLOCK RIGHT HERE in my voice 😌
krystalsmith fans in the likes I see 🐷 .
krystalsmith & forever will be bf 🏋🏾‍♀️

AHHHH I hate Krystal so much she is too petty but I peeped Brandon’s Broad in my likes . But whatever I’ve always had a lot of followers so maybe she’s one . But anyways Chris got done putting things in the car & we was on our way to the airport even though Chris wanted to drive but 5 1/2 months pregs. + pee = a stop every 30 mins .

Julyssa C .
So i was on my explore page just looking though it & I seen Aaliyah’s photo she look okay I guess but I just liked it & I see Chris claim her as his “Baby mama” like awee how sad first she goes from my nigga to his ex friend I feel bad for her child & so I refresh the picture and I see her friend comment something referring to me like damn … if she wants to be petty let’s be petty then I have time Krystal.

3,000 likes julyassamarie : mce 🤤 @brandon_steel #futurebabyzaddy oop 🤭🤰🏻 #futurebasketballwife 💍brandon_steel ❤️❤️❤️❤️krystalsmith @liyaahcyril lips look familiar bestie ? liyaahcyril @krystalsmith 🤣🤣 yunno view all 600 c…
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julyassamarie : mce 🤤 @brandon_steel #futurebabyzaddy oop 🤭🤰🏻 #futurebasketballwife 💍
brandon_steel ❤️❤️❤️❤️
krystalsmith @liyaahcyril lips look familiar bestie ?
liyaahcyril @krystalsmith 🤣🤣 yunno
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Wow Does Aaliyah & her dog have nothing else better to do like wow .

Brandon S .
I go to dms to see Trell had dmed me
@trellsimmons7 – nigga I know that this yo baby mama son & you really gon let another nigga father ya child taking her on flights & shit 🤦🏿‍♂️???!
@brandon_steel – wym ?
@trellsimmons7 –

I go to dms to see Trell had dmed me @trellsimmons7 – nigga I know that this yo baby mama son & you really gon let another nigga father ya child taking her on flights & shit 🤦🏿‍♂️???! @brandon_steel – wym ?@trellsimmons7 –
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He sent me this pussy nigga Chris Instagram story like he wants that to be his baby so bad like damn son .

@Brandon_steel – NIGGA IDGAF ! that’s not my bm we only hooked up once & she not carry my child simple 💯.
@trellsimmons – it only takes one time dumbass but ard Brandon .
@trellsimmons7 – just know child support is a bitch ! I know

I just left the nigga Trell on read like nigga always saying some irrelevant shit that’s not my child & fuck you if you believe it is too simple.

I try on these chapters 🤷🏾‍♀️

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 8


I’ve decided that in every chapter I’m gonna get my readers hip to some music I listen so
Enjoy !
So today me and Krystal are planning my baby shower I really did want to have but she begged and pleaded me too so why not for her since she has been the only one on my team besides Chris . Brandon has been acting really weird towards me lately like at first he wouldn’t even talk to me but he would give me little head gestures but now he doesn’t even wanna come near me . I really wanted to invite him to the baby shower even tho he’s in denial that my baby isn’t is when he comes to his senses he’ll be glad that he came but I doubt that Julyssa would even let him come but Oh well …

“Aaliyah. Aaliyah ” Krystal was snapping at me

“Wait huh what ? Yes Krystal ” I said lost

“Did you even hear a word I said Aaliyah ?”

“I’m sorry Krystal. You have all my attention Krystal I’m serious ” I told her

“Oh so I was thinking what about we do a Surprise Gender Reveal ! ”

“That sounds great it will be a surprise to everyone but me ” I told her

“Aaliyah sweetheart that’s not how it works it’s gonna be a surprise to everyone but Me as in Krystal ”

“But how come you get to know that not fair ” I pouted

“Because who’s gonna plan it if nobody knows ”

“UGH FINE . I guess KRYSTAL ” I rolled my eyes

“Good girl , now when is your appointment to find out the gender ?”

“Today” I mumbled

“What did you say”

“I set the appointment for 3:00 today so like I gotta go in an hour ”

“I got Work a Three Aaliyah”

“Welp guess like it will be me & you who knows isn’t that exciting Krystal”

“No, Aaliyah it’s not you know what who says I can’t be late to work I’ll call in for car troubles”

“No , Krystal it’s alright ”

“Yes , Aaliyah what are Besties for a reason babes it will be exciting”

“Yayyyy” I said with a fake smile

“You’ll thank me later now let me go call in & get ready to see my Nephew” Krystal said

“Correction your NIECE but okay” I said bluntly

“Uh Okay” Krystal laughed

After my doctors appointment i decided to meet up with Chris at my FAVORITE frozen yogurt place

‘Sweet Frog’ and just talk with my guy like I’ve really just been feeling him over the time I’ve known him like he’s came to almost all my ultrasounds & has just supported me so much you’ll think I’m carrying his child he’s just fulfilling a role Brandon wasn’t ready for .
So I arrived at sweet frog to see Chris got us a good seat outside not too on the sun & enough shade for me and my baby.

“There go my BABY MAMAAAA” Chris said as I was approaching the table I laughed

“Hey Boo”

“Damn My baby mama lookin real edible today mmmm” He smiled

“Thank you Thank you I try Chris I try” I said doing a little spin around for him as he was recording me on his instastory

“Thank you Thank you I try Chris I try” I said doing a little spin around for him as he was recording me on his instastory
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“I got ya yogurt for you already Aaliyah”

UGH! I just love/hate how Chris treats me because I try not to get too attached to people .

“Oh thank you boo I do appreciate it love” I said

Brandon S.
I just got done meeting coach talking more about me going pro & junk . When my Instagram starts Blowing Up with the homies sending my the same @ story “@1SolidChris” so I just decided to open it because Chris used to be the homie I mean we had a fallout before this year but I got over that shit .
So I opened it and I see Aaliyah on his Instasnap hearing his voice say “DAMN , my baby mama lookin real edible today mmmm”
The fact that ain’t his damn baby mama piss me tf off like it’s not my child AT LEAST BUT still don’t be claiming another nigga child mane. That nigga Chris always been a little bitch ass nigga & forever will be on MY SOUL .

Chris D.
“So what we having Aaliyah ; a mini me or a mini me ?”

She laughed “Well Chris darling i have no clue because Krystal wants to have a gender reveal baby shower”

“Oh well still a mini me no matter the outcome but ya daughter is gonna be straight regardless ”

She gave me a high five “FINALLY someone who has sense around hear like I’m fashoo carrying a Ms.Aaliyah around here”

I pull out my phone & go to see my Instagram story like damn 700+ views already .

I showed Aaliyah “Damn my followers must love you”

“Wait … Lmfaoooo why is Brandon looking at ya shit?” She questioned then laughed.

“I mean dude don’t follow me sooooo … ” I shrugged

“Sips tea Chris . I’m sipping my tea” She Grinned

Man I just love this goofy ass girl like damn lord why can’t she be actually carrying my baby so we can skip all the bs that’s gonna come with this shit .

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 7


Chris D.
After my late class I went home I don’t even think i was paying attention in class i was thinking about was Aaliyah. GAH damn . Even though we kinda just met I nigga stuck on her dawg.
So I enter my dorm and see my roommate just chillin’ like always like swear he doesn’t study for shit. Sometimes it’s like ion even think he goes to here.

“Aye, wussup Chris”

“im chillin’ bro I’ve been doing my thang today.”

“What you do I wanna know” He said laughing

“I mean … I was with this girl all day just chillin’ at her crib nun major.”

“Awwe shit . How was it ? Did you get some ? She gave you some top ? Chris finally that nigga now ” He said exited

“Nah man nun of that we just kicked it & chilled like I said nun major Dan”

“So what’s her name ?” He asked curiously

“You probably won’t know her” I said scratching my neck

“Crack Head ass . Just tell me I may know”


“Aaliyah Nigga , Big Booty Aaliyah” He said shocked

“Yea Aaliyah Cyril ” I emphasized her name .

“Bro … As in PREGNANT AALIYAH as in the girl that is saying that her “baby daddy” is Brandon Steel when she probably not even pregnant” He chuckled

“Yo Bruh chill on her dumbass like you don’t know nothing about her and she is pregnant FUCK that nigga Brandon i don’t give a fuck if that’s his baby or not . Real shit nigga”

“Damn son calm down it’s probably not even his baby” He shrugged

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“Alright man you talking out to ass right now imma just go to sleep”

TIME PASS | Aaliyah.C
So I just switched my class times around because 6:30 am is just not working for me anymore . I’m currently 5 months pregnant &’ it’s getting harder as I’m getting bigger and I’m showing I’ve tried as hard as I can to hide my bump &’ avoid Brandon and Julyssa but fuck it I really don’t care anymore . The more that I think about it I really don’t need Brandon at all he’s shown no interest at all in being in my child’s life so it is what it is and plus Chris has been there for Me and has been taking care of me like I’m carry his child . I still haven’t told my parents about my pregnancy and i don’t think I ever will .

Brandon S.
I’ve been super hyped these pass days because it’s only 3 months till draft day and I’m really just trynna put all work in. My final basketball game is coming up Friday and I’m just excited . Im pulling up to campus and I see I’m behind a familiar car we park exactly right next to each other and and then I wait to see who gets out the car and it’s Aaliyah she is REALLY pregnant like shes big like a beach ball . So I get out my car to approach her .

” Aaliyah ” I shouted she looked and kept walking So I just ran to her because who is she kidding she can’t go far I could probably walk faster than her .

“What Brandon what do you want ?!”

“I’m just trynna see whats good , How have you been”

“Well one I’m 5 months pregnant and don’t have time for bullshit so I’m doing pretty good” She said with a major attitude

“Oh i didn’t even notice” I lied

“Just like you didn’t notice that you nutted in me yea. You don’t notice a lot of things”

Ouch that one hurt she still stuck on me being her child’s father .

“Just like you didn’t notice that you had sex with another guy & your child’s not my child”

“Brandon fuck you stupid ass nigga . Fuck outta here”

“I’ve already did that” I smirked

She stop and started leaning forward holding her stomach “Omg Omg my stomach”

She looked like she was in pain I don’t know what to do

“Oh my god , Oh my god are you okay you want me to take you to the hospital Aaliyah talk to me ”

She got up laughing “For someone who isn’t the father you seemed pretty concerned”

“Dude you play entirely too much I was just being nice and helping you now I gotta go to class Aaliyah” He said

I’m not gonna lie I was pretty worried that my child was coming. Pause did I just say “MY CHILD?!” I mean never mind .

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 6


So after the test Me & Chris we’re just chopping it up & I could feel Brandon’s eyes just staring into our conversation . Just when the bell rang I was picking up my stuff because this was my last class of the day .

“Hey,lemme walk you to your car just lighten the load for you.”

He said to me all of the sudden.

“Ummm you really don’t have to I’m good.”

“Nah I got time”

“If you say so.”

I said to him handing him my bag.

“Damn girl I’m glad I helped you this junk is heavy. ”


I laughed at his comment but no lie my bag is really heavy asf .

” So congrats on your baby Aaliyah ”

“Oh … thanks you know imma try and be the best single mother ever and still finish college ”

I told him & he look shocked asf like I said something bad.

“Damn. Wow ”

“What ? Did I say something ?”

I looked at him confused

“No it’s just that how you said you’re gonna be a single mother has me shocked because who would abandon a girl like you . & especially just deny/ give up on their unborn child like that”

” I mean I tried to make it work I guess some people aren’t ready to face reality or are just too caught up in themselves to realize what’s going on”

I just shrugged my shoulders at him .

” That’s really Fucked up because personally my mama was a single mother of three & I know how hard she wanted the best for us but things ain’t turn out all peaches & cream. So I’ve always vowed to myself that if I got a girl pregnant on accident or purposes I
would be there for her & my child .”

Well damn kinda makes me wish he was my baby daddy instead of this person i let out an awkward laugh.

“Hey, what are you doing after you leave me ?”

I had asked him.

“Nothing really i was gonna go back to my dorm & chill before my 12 am class . ”

Great ! I exclaimed to myself .

“Well i was thinking maybe you could come to my apartment & just chill for a minute because honestly my best friend is not gonna be home till 12 am & imma be bored .”

I looked at him with soft eyes .

” I mean yea I can come over & chop it up with you ”

” I’ll give my address & you can meet me at my place ”

“Alright I’ll see you Aaliyah ”

“Okay Chris”

So we got in our cars and left I’m glad I actually talked to him today because who knew i had this cool ass dude sitting by me this whole time for the whole semester . Probably because I was too caught up in Brandon’s dumbass. UGH fuck ass nigga I can’t stand him.
So I pull up to my apartment complex & Chris was already there before me & I was very much confused. Because how the hell he get here first when I took off before him ?

“How in the world did you get here before me ?”

I asked confused.

“I mean … when you gotta gps it shows you a faster route to your destination .”

He looked at me .

“OOOOH ! Wow I never knew imma have to check that out. Well you can follow me up here. ”

And as were walking up the stairs could feel him behind me like he was prepared to catch me if I fell .

” You know I’ve walked up this stairs many times and haven’t fell yet . So I think I’m good Chris ”

I told him as I was opening up the door . So I walked in and let him enter first & he just was just looking around my apartment like he was in a museum.

“You can sit down & we can just talk .”

“Oh alright my bad ”

“So if you don’t mind telling me what did happen to your siblings ?”

I asked curiously .

“& I know that’s a personal thing you don’t have to say ”

I added .

“Well … My brother died 3 years ago because he was Into the street & gang life . He got set up by his own homeboy & they just left his body there to rot & My sister was/is a dope head we’ve sent her to rehab a lot of times she seems to be doing good the first 3 weeks or so then she’s back with her drug dealing boyfriend. That is why I left Baton Rouge just to escape the streets & poverty. ”

He said as he looked down at his shoes like he was ashamed of his family.

“Wow … & I’m so sorry for your loss I would’ve never thought your life was like that , & I’m glad that your trying to break the family chain . Because it would be sad to see another black man falling victim.”

“Yea I’m trying but now miss mystery girl tell me about yourself”

I chuckled “well … I’m actually from Houston & I’ve had a privileged life you know my main goal in life was to always make my parents happy because they did so much for me & I always felt like I should return the favor you know I don’t have any sob stories I’m just an average black girl pretty much.” I shrugged my shoulders at him .

“Alright then tell me about your current situation” he said outlining my stomach .

“Oh yea … well I got pregnant by some dumbass who’s too selfish to realize what’s hes done to me & is putting him self & his career before his unborn child but you know I’m actually not phased by him not wanting/believing that’s this is his child because I know no matter what I’ll be a great mother.”

“OH wow so your baby daddy is not gonna be in your child’s life?”

“From the looks of it no”

“Well , Aaliyah imma be here for whenever you need me to. You know I’m not trying take his place as a dad but I’ll be there for you and the little man.” He smiled

“Little man ?” I said confusedly

“Oh i know it’s gonna be a boy ” He winked

I laughed “Omg Chris you a mess what I’m a gonna do with you.”

“I mean … you could lemme eat that Pussy” He thought & looked up and smirked

We just sat on the couch just talking about life &’ how much of a dumbass my baby daddy is . Then Chris asked me who my baby daddy was I told him I don’t know. Because I’m here honestly over peoples reactions to Brandon being my “Baby daddy” so I for now on I just had a stranger hook up on a drunken night .

– “I should get going my class is about to start” He said getting up

So I join him and get up to open the door .

“Well bye Chris see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Ba- I mean Aaliyah ; My bad i was thinking of something” He said looking embarrassed .

“Lol , it’s alright I have brain farts all the time especially now that I’m pregnant so I understand Chris”

“Alright well I’ll see you later Aaliyah”

“Bye Chris.” I said closing the door .

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 5


Aaliyah C.
So I was sitting in my living room just rubbing my stomach like I know I won’t be able to feel anything but still it’s still surprising that there is a life growing inside of me and then my phone starts ringing. I’m panicking because the only people that call me is either Krystal or my mom & dad . And Krystal is with me so I was worried until I seen it was my cousin . And I’m confused because first of all she has never called me so why now I wonder . So I answered it to see what she wanted.
Phone call
Aaliyah – Hello ?
Dayjah – Aaliyah hey cousin it’s been sooo long . I missed you
Aaliyah – I know I missed you too Day
Dayjah – Sooo …
Aaliyah- Sooo what ?
Dayjah – So you weren’t gonna tell me that you were PREGNANT !
Dayjah – So it’s true OMG I can’t wait to te-
Aaliyah – NO , you can’t tell anyone
Dayjah – why your having a baby.
Aaliyah – I’ll call you back and tell you later bye .
oh my god how did she know JESUS CHRIST like if she knows who the hell else in my family knows. For one I just hope I can trust Day because my mama doesn’t need to hear about this especially from somebody else but me. Thank god she just doesn’t know who my “baby daddy” is because I’m not even gonna lay Dayjah is what I like to call a “clout chaser” & if she ever found out who impregnated me I’ll hear from her non stop.

Brandon S.
Damn ! It’s either Aaliyah over here running her mouth claiming that I’m her baby daddy which I’m not or it’s her rude ass friend Krystal but still somebody needs to hush because I’m not trynna have Coach start questioning me on this bull shit. But anyways I hop inna car and pull up to campus for my class and I see Aaliyah friend Krystal sitting on the bench on the phone & while I was getting out the car I could hear her conversation.
“Are you okay Aaliyah I was worried about you while you were in the hospital” she said . What ? Aaliyah went to the hospital. Why ain’t she call me ? I said to myself. But anyways as I walked past Krystal she gave me the MEANEST mug ever and that kind of hurt I’m not gonna lie but really all that’s still on my mind is that Aaliyah is at the hospital or was there . So I “low key” searched campus for her & I couldn’t find her so I went to the black room in the library & called the hospital to make sure she was okay. Even though it’s not my baby Aaliyah was once my “friend” & why can’t an ex friend check up on another. So I called the hospital they could only tell me that she was discharged & im glad that it wasn’t anything serious. Not that I care.

The Next Week
Aaliyah C.
So it’s my first day back on campus after my little health scare with my baby and I’m now showing so it’s no more hiding the bump he/she is saying “Hello” & wants their presence to be known. So yesterday Krystal kept bugging me to have a baby shower later in my pregnancy but honestly I don’t really know if I want one but I told her I was gonna think about later when the time comes . So when I walked into class I could just feel all eyes on my stomach & as much as I want to leave I sat down in the closet set to the door . 40 minutes the bell rings & as I’m getting my stuff ready I hear “Aaliyah Cyril” see me after class. Oh shit what does she want I turn around and go her desk .
“You wanted to see me Mrs.Anderson ?”
“Yes I would like to talk to you about how you’ve just randomly showed up to my class because you haven’t been here for the past week Ms.Cyril” she said sternly. “Well … Mrs I’m actually pregnant and last week I had a little health scare & I was prescribed to rest so I took the week off” I explained to her “Well then my apologies I didn’t know & congratulations,” Then I left her room everyone was just looking at my stomach like it was Beyoncé or something. But now my next class is with the one and only Brandon Steel & but I was walking to class I had to take a detour because I needed to go use the bathroom. And I knew I was gonna be late but who cares at this point. So after I got done using the bathroom I started heading to class & I walked in class BOOM everybody looked at Beyoncé aka My stomach even Brandon did & his bitch just gave me a dirty look . See my baby is not even here yet and already has hoes mad. So i made my way to my seat which was in front of thing one & thing two. As were taking a test the baby decided to be active and kick so I let out a loud ass “OW” putting Beyoncé back on the center of attention “Are you okay?” This boy beside me asked “Yes, I am she or he is deciding to be active today” I replied “HUSH quiet Ms.Cyril & Mr.Dickson were talking a test” Our professor says

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 4


Aaliyah C.
So instead of returning back to campus i went back to my apartment and Krystal went back to campus because i asked her i just needed some time to my self just to recuperate i just thought to myself . Like damn im really gonna be a single parent . I never imagined my life would be like this i always thought i would be married or at lest in a stable relationship when i have my first child with a selfish guy who puts himself before anything even his own offspring. But im gonna do right by my child me & mines are gonna be good fashoo . i don’t need no help from a man im gonna finish college get my degree and take care of me and my child . I got up and went the store because i was really craving some pickles right and i could really get some fresh air so i got in my car and made my way to Walmart. I was in the pickle isle and i seen some cute baby clothes i was so tempted to buy them but i don’t even know what the gender of my child let alone he/she is still a little fetus. I was in the check out isle and i seen two boys looking at me and i swear if one of them came over here i was gonna say somethings. Then i could hear one of the say “Aw nah mane she pregnant bruh” I was shocked like even tho i ain’t want them to come over here why does me pregnant have to be a bad thing but on the bright side my baby is a Fuckboy repellent.

Julyssa C.
As bad as it was i didn’t want to believe those stupid rumors about Brandon and Aaliyah but it was still kinda on my mind so i was gonna wait for Brandon after practice. So i pulled up to our campus gym and parked my car and waited for him to get out the gym.

Brandon S.
We where just wrapping up practice and i was walking outside talking to my homies when i seen Lyssa car i mean she do be poping up at my practices so i went to go see what happing with my baby. So i walked over to her car and she got out and i gave her a kiss but she looked worried and i knew what she about to confront me with and i was already tired of hearing this bullshit about the baby situation.

“Whats the deal my baby. Why you here” i asked her she gave me a stank look and rolled her eyes .

“What i can’t pop up on my baby” she said

“You right baby”

” But for real i gotta ask you something” she said

“Lay it on me”

“Alright, so i heard that you are gonna have a baby by that bitch Aaliyah is it true?” she asked

“No baby its not you gotta stop listing to people; i want you to be the mother of my first child and also my only wife trust me baby you gonna be my number one beach houses in Miami , Condos in Cali. trust me baby when i get drafted your gonna be there.”

“Awww baby, i love so much” she told me

“I love you too babygirl just don’t worry that pretty little big head of yours”

“Oouu i hate you but i gotta go”

Then she had pulled off and left .

[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 3


I just sat there in disbelief because how could he just deny my unborn child . It really heart my heart because I really don’t want to be single a single mom and take care of my child alone . Krystal came running out the room after she heard the door closed and she rapped her arms around my body .
” it’s gonna be okay Aaliyah if he wants to deny his child that’s on him . But don’t let that stop you from being an amazing mother you still gotta raise this child with or with out him . And imma be there every step of the way . Okay I love you liyah.”
“I just need some alone time that’s all” I told her .
“Alright liyah imma let you be but if you have any problems I’m here” she told me
I always loved how supporting Krystal is to me and she’s really the only human that I’ve ever fully trusted but im still thinking like how could he deny his own child it’s heartbreaking because I’m basically gonna go through these 9 months alone .
I really don’t understand how Brandon could walk out in liyah like that it just hurts me knowing that she might have to go through this pregnancy without the dad and who knows Brandon might not even care anymore and the baby will be fatherless and yeah I know he has a girlfriend but so what Aaliyah didn’t know he had a girlfriend she not a bad person .

Next Day
Aaliyah C.
After that horrible night last night I got ready to go to school I wore something slight I mean I gotta enjoy my body now because that belly is gonna come in soon . I was in my class and I felt like i need to throw up so I excused my self from class and ran to the bathroom and then I hear three girls come in it’s Julyssa and her two little sidekicks. I try to stay silent in the bathroom so they won’t know I’m in here.
and the I hear Klarissa say “omg y’all so I heard that Aaliyah Cyril is pregnant and she tried to pin it on Brandon” how did she know OMG I haven’t even told my family and the whole campus probably knows already Jesus.
“I know I heard too and I don’t understand why she would try to do that like omg just because he’s going to be nba player you got bitches coming left and right trying to take my place lmfao but they can’t but for her sake i would just get an abortion” Julyssa said
I just wanted to open the stall and just rock her shit but maybe she right I should just get an abortion instead of looking stupid because there is no way he’s gonna accept this baby. they had left the bathroom and I didn’t know what to do but just cry and rethink my whole. Decision on whether to keep the baby or not. and all of the sudden I was pouring out so much tears I couldn’t cry and just in the Knick of time my baby Krystal came to look for me.
“Aaliyah. Aaliyah.” I heard her say and I had came out the the stall in her arm telling her I couldn’t breathe and she called the nurses and they put me in a wheelchair and took me to the nearest hospital. after the doctor had gave me a check up she asked me a series of questions like how old i am , who’s the baby’s father , and did I know I was pregnant i could answer all those questions except one I was ashamed of my self honestly she told me that I need to stop stressing and that it’s gonna affect the baby’s health and that is exactly what I’m gonna do .