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Kebbi college expel students over lesbianism.

The Kebbi State College of Science and Technology in Jega has expelled four female students for engaging in lesbianism.

Confirming the incident to journalists, the Provost of the institution, Alhaji Aminu Dakingari said the female students were caught red-handed by the school’s security personnel and cleaners.

It was further revealed that two of the students are from Kotangora in Niger State while two others are from Kebbi and Sokoto respectively.

However, the four students owned up to indulging in lesbianism and were eventually expelled from the institution.

“The students confessed to the committee that they committed the crime and we just have to expel them from the school”, Dakingari said.

“They resorted to threatening my life through text messages but the security agents were able to rescue me from them,” he added.


Actress bukunmi oluwasina speak on being lesbian.

says Tom boy doesn’t make you lesbian

Nollwood star actress, Bukunmi Oluwashina has opened up on being a lesbian. The Yoruba thespian has come out to inform the public that even though she dresses like a Tomboy she is not in any way a lesbian. According to her, she has numerous boyfriends.

The actress who recently became a producer cum director after she worked on her personalproject titled “Traffic”, made the statement in a chat with blogger, Gbolahan Adetayo.

“Tom boy does not mean you are a lesbian, as a matter of fact, I don’t get to keep girlfriends (Female friends) closer like I do keep my boy friends. The closest people around me are all guys, plenty. And all we do is to discuss businesses not prick (Laughs).

Productive conversation is the only thing that can get me addicted to someone. I’m not that romantic like people think. I’m a freaking introvert” She told him

“But When its time for you all to meet my man, when he shows up, you probably see him. Not promising though because I love a private life. I always don’t like talking about or posting the most beautiful part of my life on the media, because people ruin beautiful things. I kinda have anthropophobia. But God would help me when that time comes sha. The most important thing now is hustle”, she added


Bobrisky, Tonto Dikeh to become first married lesbian in Nigeria {Video}

Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky has asked for Tonto Dikeh’s hand in marriage in an attempt to make history together.

Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh and Cross-dresser Bobrisky

The controversial celebrity said she wants to marry the actress so they can be the first lesbians to have a wedding ceremony in Nigeria.

Bobrisky also shared a note of warning to people who intend to be her friend, saying;

“When new friends come around to me pls always know that @tontolet is around and I can’t be friends to no one biko.”

In December 2019, the duo celebrated their 4 years friendship anniversary and Dikeh penned lovely words to her bestie.




Denrele Edun reveals how he is being treated for being a gay

Nigerian Media Personality, Adenrele Oluwafemi Edun popularly known as Denrele, has revealed the way he is treated by people who perceive him to be a gay man.

He narrated the awkward experiences he had with the husband of a friend of his whom he met on two occasions.

On one of the occasions, Denrele Edun said he could hear the man express disgust for him and also called him a homosexual.

Read his post below ;

You are NOT for everyone, and that’s not just okay, that’s AMAZING!

There’s a close friend of mine (we go way back) whose Expatriate husband can’t STAND the very sight of me. Considering the fact that we have mutual alliances, we run into each other occasionally. And she’s in the strategic Media industry so that’s even more than often.
First time he sighted me at a dinner party for one of my close buddies (and just so you know, my sensory organs are exceedingly sharp), I heard him whisper to his wife (my friend), “I HATE THE VERY SIGHT OF THAT GUY.

I HOPE HE’S NOT YOUR FRIEND”. And I knowingly walked up to them with the biggest welcoming smile plastered all over my face, hugged my friend, shook his hand in a limp shake which he withdrew quickly like I had the Coronavirus and moved away.

I thought to myself, “White man? That’s a first!”
They usually find me intriguing and assume I’m some sort of RockStar!

The other day, we were at a Champagne oriented event and forgetting my resolve, I ran up to her.
Hugged her. Told her how I had missed her (very true) and and moment I tried to greet her husband, she laughed and said to all our other friends around us,
I decided to break the ice again. Tried to say hi. This time he backed hurriedly away from me with an irritated demeanor and moved further down the patio muttering
“I’LL KILL SOMEONE…” and something else I didn’t quite catch!
Everyone noticed this but it still fell down to this look; MY WIDE CLEVER FOOL LAUGH! And wholeheartedly too!

Suddenly, a group of friends sighed me, screamed my name and whirled me away to meet their foreign friends who were enthusiastically THRILLED to meet me!

You are not for everyone, and that’s okay. The world is full of people who, no matter what you do, will point blank NOT like you.
Being disliked by some is simply a byproduct of being authentic to who you truly are.
But it is also filled with people who will LOVE YOU FIERCELY!
You are not for everyone, and that’s okay!


Bisi Alimi’s message to fellow Gay after celebrating 45th birthday

Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi who celebrated his 45th birthday on the 17th Jan. 2020 has shared a piece of advice to all gay Nigerian living in the country.

Bisi Alimi took to social media to advise to find means to escape from the country that ” is designed to kill you and your dreams!”

The Berlin-based university lecturer shared a post which reads thus; ”Dear Nigerian LGBTQ Individuals, if you can find your way out of Nigeria please do it. To be honest, start investing in getting out of that jungle. Your future matters.”

Bisi who is married now and now lives abroad with his husband went on to caption the post;

”Enough said……. That jungle is designed to kill you and your dreams!”

Bisi who clocked 45-year-old on the 17th January, 2020 in another post on his Twitter page, said “I was 29yrs old when I was diagnosed with #HIV, the year was 2004, we had three options as gay men in #Nigeria; 1, wait & die. 2, get on AZT and deal with side effect, 3, be disowned by the community.

“Today I am 45yrs, I am still here, still living and still slaying,” he added.

Bisi is the first Nigerian to come out on national TV as a gay.

He is and activist who has been appealing to the Nigerian government about laws against same-sex affairs and a draconian law that makes even befriending a gay person a crime punishable by 10 years in jail.




Breaking: See how same sex marriage went in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has announced that same-sex marriage is now legal after an October 2019 Westminster bill changed the law, five years after other provinces in the United Kingdom, allowed the civil ceremony.

The law comes into force on Monday 13 January, 2020 with same-sex couples now allowed to register to marry in the country, and those who are already married will have their union recognised by law.

The first same-sex weddings are expected to take place in February as couples have to indicate their intention to marry 28 days before getting married.

The new law brings Northern Ireland into line with the rest of the UK including England, Scotland and Wales who all made same-sex marriages legal since 2014.

Speaking to BBC News NI, Mr McGinn said ‘everyone who values equality, love and respect can celebrate today’.

‘It’s a good day for Northern Ireland, an important day for citizens’ rights across these islands and an exciting day for same-sex couples who can now register to marry,’ he said.

Patrick Corrigan from Amnesty International said it was a ‘historic day for equality and human rights in Northern Ireland’.

‘For too long, LGBT+ people in Northern Ireland have been treated as second-class citizens. So, today is an incredible moment for same-sex couples who can finally marry and have their relationships recognised as equal,’ he said.


Am a hard rock – Bobrisky replies death wishers (See..)

Nigeria’s cross-dresser Bobrisky has promptly reacted to his/her death rumour, tweeting: ‘Na them go die”.

Moments after she posted another tweet: “Am a hard rock & notin can break me”, posting along her photograph, in which she appears to be full of life.

The death rumour began with a report credited to a TV station and went immediately viral.


21 year old Lesbian jailed after disguising as 16 year old boy to sexually assault teenage girls

21-year-old Gemma Watts is currently facing jail time after posing as a boy to sexually assault up to 50 girls as young as 14 after grooming them online.

The lesbian who pleaded guilty to seven charges relating to four victims aged 14 and 15 in November 2019, created an online profile as 16-year-old Jake Waton. Her Snapchat and Instagram accounts were used in targeting girls aged 14-16 by liking their profiles.

Lesbian faces jail time after posing as 16 year old boy to sexually assault over 50 teenage girls

Watts who would share skateboarding videos, use teenage slang and flatter the girls with complimentary messages, tied her long hair into a bun and wore a baseball cap, baggy jogging bottoms and a hoodie to convince the underage girls that her male alter ego is “real”.

Her victims all believed they were in a relationship with a teenage boy who travelled by train to meet them, until her real identity was busted. She also met the parents of some of her victims and had conversations with them

Lesbian faces jail time after posing as 16 year old boy to sexually assault over 50 teenage girls

Detective Constable Phillipa Kenwright, from the Metropolitan Police, said;

“It’s been life-changing for all of the victims involved. They believed they were in a relationship with a young teenage boy, to then find out this was actually a female.

“For some of these girls it was their first relationship… She’s duped them the whole time.

“A lot of these victims are young, quite innocent. They have been completely taken in by Gemma Watts. They all believed they were in a relationship with a male.

“I think there will be further victims, who were in a relationship with Watts, who will now realise she is a woman.

“I think there could be 20 to 50. I think she had been grooming other young victims online using social media profiles, which are very believable.”

Investigations into the sexual assault case began in 2018 after a doctor raised concerns of an underage girl being in a relationship with an older boy. She was finally charged in September 2019 and she pleaded guilty to seven offences in November which include: Assault by penetration, sexual assault and grooming against 14-year-old girl from Hampshire; sexual assault and grooming against a 15-year-old girl from Surrey; grooming a 15-year-old girl from Plymouth; sexual assault against a 15-year-old girl from the West Midlands.


Brazilian judge orders Netflix to remove movie tagging ‘Jesus’ a gay

Netflix has been ordered by a Brazilian judge to stop showing a film depicting Jesus as a gay man and which prompted a gasoline bomb attack on the satirists behind the film.

The ruling by Rio de Janeiro judge, Benedicto Abicair, on Wednesday responded to a petition by a Brazilian Catholic organization that argued the “honor of millions of Catholics” was hurt by the film.

The special was produced by Rio-based film company, Porta dos Fundos, whose headquarters was targeted in the Christmas Eve attack.

Judge Abicair said the program’s withdrawal “is beneficial not only to the Christian community but to Brazilian society which is mostly Christian.”


It’s shameful that same sex marriage is still unaccepted in Nigeria – Kiki Mordi said.

Journalist, Kiki Mordi, has said it is a shame that same sex marriage is still illegal in Nigeria.

In 2014, ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, signed the anti-same sex bill into law, banning all forms of gay associations or marriage. The law places a 14-year jail term for any offender.

Kiki who came to limelight following her Sex for Grades documentary released a few months ago, stated that Nigeria is on the wrong side of history for banning same-sex marriages.


Check out Christmas swags from 9 families, including Okojies, Okoyes, Yobos. (Who killed the swag)

Here are beautiful Christmas card photos of some celebrities and their families.

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie and her family.

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others

Music executive, Jude Okoye and his family.

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others

Nollywood actress, Uchenna Nnanna-Maduka and her family

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others

Former Nigerian footballer, Joseph Yobo and his family

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others
Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others

Nollywood actress, Lilian Esoro and her son, Jayden.

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others

Singer Paul Okoye’s wife Anita and their children

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others

Fashion Enterpreneur, Toyin Lawani and her son, Lordmain

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others

Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari and her family

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others

Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi and his husband Anthony.

Beautiful Christmas card photos featuring The Okoyes, The Yobos and others


U.S president criticized the imprisonment of a gay couple in Zambia.

The US ambassador to Zambia, Daniel Foote has been recalled following a diplomatic row that ensued after he criticised the imprisonment of a gay couple.

Foote who said he was “horrified” that the men were handed a 15-year jail sentence after being caught having sex in 2017, was declared persona non grata and also accused of trying to dictate policy by President Edgar Lungu.

Home Affairs Minister, Stephen Kampyongo told Hot FM radio;

“The dos and don’ts for those who represent nations in other nations are very clear. So if one crosses the line, it’s not about bilateral relations between the two countries. They (Washington) listened to the complaint”

An embassy source told Reuters that Washington decided to recall its ambassador because it was difficult for him to work in Zambia if his hosts did not want him.


Gay Activist, Bisi Alimi replies people posting the importance of family.

…says they should think about the impact it has on those who have toxic families

Bisi Alimi has asked those posting about the importance of family this holiday season to think about the impact their posts will have on those who have toxic families.

The gay rights activist wrote: “Since yesterday, I have been seeing posts on Facebook, instagram and twitter about the importance of families at times like this and why we should spend this time with them irrespective.

“I really do hope that the people posting this know that to many people, family is a reminder of what a toxic upbringing is. Many of us dread the thought of spending 3hrs with our families not to talk of a full day.

“I do understand your family means a lot to you, however, and not that I am censoring your post, think of what impact your post might have on some people reading it and maybe put a caveat to that post, so that many of us won’t feel guilty reading it.

“Have a happy holiday.”

Bisi Alimi tells those posting about the importance of family this holiday season to think about the impact it has on those who have toxic families

Cross dresser, Bobrisky show off perfect body after surgery.

Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky, has unveiled his ‘new body’ following his recent liposuction procedure to have a perfect body.

Bobrisky took to Instagram to showcase his new body in a video of him boarding a private jet. The procedure reportedly took place in Dubai last month.






Hilary Clinton says ‘NAY’ as she was asked if she’s ever had an affair with same female gender.

Former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made an appearance on Howard Stern‘s SiriusXM show, where she spoke on politics, her love life, and many more.

When Howard asked about the rumors that Hillary might be gay, the 72-year-old politician and former First Lady of the United States replied: “Contrary to what you might hear, I actually like men.”

Howard then said, “Raise your right hand, you’ve never had a lesbian affair?”

“Never, never, never!” Hillary declared. “Never even been tempted, thank you very much.”

Hillary then went to say that she had “dated a lot of different people” and added, “boys were not my problem.“

Hillary Clinton, who lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, served as First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001 when her husband Bill Clinton was President. She also served as a United States senator from New York from 2001 to 2009, and as the 67th United States secretary of state from 2009 until 2013.