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Operation Amotekun: We are finding out the true Tinubu

“Òro se ni wò, ká lè m’eni tó fé ni.”
– Yorùbá Aphorism
Translation: “Be afflicted and know those who love you.”

“Ká rìn gèrè, ká f’esè ko, ká w’eni tí ó se ‘ni pèlé.”
– Yorùbá Aphorism
Translation: “You know your true friends in time of trial.”

Time is a very powerful element in nature. Time derobes and robes. It disarms and arms. It convicts and acquits. Time exculpates and exonerates. Time vindicates and rehabilitates. It corroborates and extenuates. With time, assumptions are confirmed or thrown to the curb as baseless and vacuous. Time is never oblivious. Neither is it ever stagnant. It is ever conscious. It never sleeps.

In Nature, there are legion of variables. These variables are centripetal to the definitive characteristic of Nature. But there are very few tools of Nature. Among the few tools is Providence which some would understand or characterize as a sort of Divine Intervention. Providence intervenes at auspicious times, to salve, save, salvage or sink, sag or submerge.

The awesomeness of the ways of Providence is why it is viewed as Divine Intervention by many. It is why it is viewed with amazement by not a few. This is because at the intervention of Providence, all doubts are erased. All prevarications are vacated. All caviling are crammed. All carping are cramped. The rain would be gone, completely. And the people would be able to see very clearly, crystally. Translucently.

As to the true identity of Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT), with every passing second, every passing minute, hour, days, weeks, months and years, we are finding out who he is and what he is about. With the manifestation of every important event in the trajectory of the Yorùbá Nation, we are finding out what he is about.

The Yorùbá Nation in every hour of its need had found Bola Ahmed Tinubu wanting. It has found him absent. The Yorùbá Nation is earnestly searching for him in its hour of acridity

BAT has had several opportunities. He has had several chances of rebirth. He has missed them all and has continued to miss them.

When the Yorùbá were murdered in Ile-Ife, Bola Tinubu was nowhere to be found to defend the Yorùbá people. He was nowhere to be found in the defence of the people he claims to lead. The rest of Yorùbá sons, who escaped being murdered by the prowling Fulani territorial adventurists were rounded up and taken to Abuja to be tried, Tinubu had no courage to stand up for them. He could not be found.

When the Fulani went on rampage at Ketu in Lagos, burning and murdering the Yorùbá owners of the land, the self-acclaimed “Asíwájú” could not be found. He could not stand up for the Yorùbá victims of usurpers of the Oòduà land. He was silent deafeningly. He was not willing to offend his Fulani masters to whom he has sold the Yorùbá Race, the Yorùbá Nation. The Yorùbá people who have offered him support when he needed it.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been found wanting when Yorùbá farms were being invaded, when our investments were being destroyed by Fulani herdsmen, when our sons and daughters were being murdered on their farms. Tinubu has repeatedly refused to stand up for Yorùbá sons and daughters, when they were being kidnapped, killed and extorted.

Not a word on record has he said unequivocally, in support of the Yorùbá sons and daughters across the aisle. He was silent when Chief Olu Falae was kidnapped and his farm invaded. He was silent when Chief Falae’s guard was kidnapped and killed. When the daughter of Afenifere leader was murdered, Tinubu’s way of commiserating was asking, “Where are the cows?”

Now, Àmòtékùn has become an issue, Bola Ahmed Tinubu Tinubu is nowhere to be found again. The self-acclaimed “Asíwájú” has become an absentee one. At every turn when he is expected to stand up for the Yorùbá people, the Yorùbá Nation, the Yorùbá sons and daughters, Tinubu has always been found wanting.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu at every turn, at every opportunity, at every chance he gets or he has gotten, he has had no qualms, he has had no problems, throwing under the bus, the Yorùbá Nation to please his Fulani masters. To Tinubu, it does not matter how many Yorùbá sons and daughters are murdered or maimed. It doesn’t matter to him how much of the Oòduà land is appropriated by the Fulani aggressors and neo-colonialists.

To Bola Ahmed Tinubu, anything, everyone and everything is expendable. It does not matter how much gnashing of teeth is going on the streets of the Yorùbá Nation. It does not matter to him how much tears is being shed by the Yorùbá sons and daughters. It does not matter to him, how much suffering, agony and misery is inflicted on every corner and cranny of Yorùbá Nation, on Oòduà land by his Fulani masters, as long as he is protected and his ambition is on course, he is perfectly alright.

The question now remains, how many sons and daughters of Oòduà have to lose their lives for Tinubu’s ambition to be realised? How much more blood have to flow for his Fulani masters to be happy to be able to guarantee him the Presidency, if ever they would? How many more have to die needless deaths? How much more land do we have to give up? How many more have to be kidnapped and killed? How much more of have to be maimed and deprived? Obviously, “Tí ikú ilé ò bá pa ni, t’òde ò lè pa ni.”

Bola Ahmed Tinubu has to understand that it was never enough to get himself the title of “Asíwájú.” (thank God, it was the “Asíwájú of Eko Island” and not the “Asíwájú of the Yorùbá Nation” as many of his paid sentries have always wanted to portray him). Was the purpose of his title to lead whoever follows him to the Golgotha to be slaughtered? Was that the purpose and or the objective?

The creation, launching and the continued subsistence of Àmòtékùn Project is an act of Providence. It is an act of Providence incubated by Nature to identify the true enemies of the Yorùbá Nation. The role of Nature here is the affirmation of its very first Law – self-preservation. In this trajectory, the ever conscious TIME has vindicated the characterization of Tinubu’s politics as mercantilist and not beneficial to and or in the interest of the Yorùbá Nation.

Thus if you did not hear anything from Bola Ahmed Tinubu on this matter of Àmòtékùn, you now know why. But never the less, we must still ask this question:- ÀMÒTÉKÙN: Where is Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

“In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility – I welcome it.
-John F. Kennedy, January 20, 1960


Malami does not have the power to call Amotekun illegal – Seyi Makinde

Governor Seyi Makinde has reacted to the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami’s (SAN) declaration of Amotekun which is a South West security outfit ‘illegal’.

Speaking in Ogun during a visit to former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday January 14, the Oyo State Governor insisted that the AGF does not have the power to label the regional security outfit illegal.

Governor Makinde also stated that Abubakar Malami is yet to officially communicate the stance of the Federal Government on Amotekun.

He said;

“My personal position is that you actually don’t run government on the social media. If I see a letter or if I get a call from the Attorney-General of the Federation telling me what you just said, then it would be a different fact of reaction.

“So, I’ve been reading just like you read on the social media; I haven’t seen anything official to that effect. And besides, I don’t think for a country like Nigeria, the Attorney-General will just wake up and make his own laws.

“He may interpret and advise the President if there are legal issues, but I haven’t seen anything that gave that power to the Attorney General to make such declaration.”

Makinde who revealed that the security outfit will bridge the existing gaps in security in the six South-West states, added that it will complement the police and other security agencies.

The Oyo Governor said;

“I did say that this outfit is complementary to the Nigerian police and other security agencies. In Oyo State, the government is being placed on four major pillars: education, health, security and expansion of our economy through agri-business.

“So, security is a major pillar for us and we believe you cannot have any development in an atmosphere that is not secure. If you look at investments, money coming into an economy, such money is a coward. If such money sees anywhere that is not secured, they would fly and run away. So, security is key.

“The security agencies are doing their best, but there are still gaps. Just like in most sectors of our body polity, we do have gaps in education, in healthcare delivery. So, in security also, there are gaps and we believe that playing complementary roles will also help to narrow those gaps.”


Amotekun: Malami has no power to proscribe Leopard – Femi Falana

…forbid him from proscribing any group

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) said the law forbids the Attorney General of the Federation Abubakar Malami from proscribing any group in the country.

“The Attorney General of the Federation, Malami SAN, has no power whatsoever to proscribe any organisation in Nigeria,” the activist and human right lawyer said during an interview on Politics Today, a Channels TV programme.

Falana was reacting to the statement of the Minister of Justice who on Tuesday declared the new Western Nigeria Security Network, codenamed Amotekun as illegal.

Falana attributed the statement credited to Malami as diversionary and hypocritical considering the existence of security groups in the northern part of the country, which the minister has not pronounced as illegal .

“In this case, the statement credited to the Attorney General of the Federation is clearly diversionary and hypocritical. Hypocritical in the sense that the governments of Kano and Zamfara states have set up Hisbah Commission. Just recently, the Hisbah operatives in Zamfara State arrested a police officer caught in the midst of three women.”

Falana cited several other instances of paramilitary groups recognised by the government including the recent neighbourhood watch set up by the Lagos State government, adding that the Federal Government had to approach the court before it could proscribe the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN).

He said the minister should have advised the government appropriately, stressing that while Malami occupies the position of an attorney general, the concerned states also have their independent attorneys- general.

Attorney General of the Federation Abubakar Malami

Falana, however, advised the South West state governors to ask their respective State Houses of Assembly to enact laws to back up the initiative.

He said such law should spell out operational models of Amotekun, the funding strategies as well as areas of partnership with the Nigerian police.


South West Amotekun awaiting Malami’s letter – Makinde

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state has chided Nigeria’s attorney-general and Justice Minister Abubakar Malami for declaring on the pages of newspapers the Western Nigeria Security Network illegal.

Makinde, who visited former Nigerian leader, Olusegun Obasanjo in Abeokuta, Ogun state said the governors are still awaiting Malami’s official letter, and until then his objection should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Government, he said, cannot be run on the pages of newspapers or through the social media.

Makinde told newsmen, that the security outfit with codename, “Operation Amotekun” was established to complement the work of the security agencies and bridge the gaps in the security of the geo-political zone.

The Governor claimed that the Minister’s comment was misguided, stressing that the Minister lacked the moral and constitutional power to make such declaration.

Makinde said Operation Amotekun has not in any way violated the nation’s constitution, but rather, it was an intervention to narrow the gaps in security in the South-West.

He added that given the centrality of security to governance, the governors of the South-West designed the Operation to complement efforts of the Nigerian Police and other security agencies.

“You don’t run a government on social media. If I see a letter or receive a call from the Attorney-General of the Federation saying that Amotekun is illegal, it will be a different reaction. For now, I have been reading on social media just like you and I have not seen anything official to that effect. Besides, I don’t think that in a country like Nigeria, the Attorney-General should just wake up and make his own law.

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state

“He may interpret and advise the President about legal issues but I have not seen anything that gave his office the power to make such declaration. This outfit is complementary to the effort of the Nigerian Police and other security agencies. In Oyo State, the government has four pillars; namely education, health, security and expansion of our economy through agribusiness. So, security is a major pillar for us and we believe we cannot have any development in an atmosphere that is not secure.

“If you look at investments, the money coming into an economy is like a coward; if such money sees anywhere that is not secure, it will fly. So, security is key and security agencies are doing their best but there is still a gap. Just like in most sectors of our body polity, we do have gaps; in education, health care delivery and the rest. We believe playing complementary roles will help to narrow those gaps.”


ZBM congratulates imo’s Sen. Hope Uzodinma

Zikist-Buharist Movement (ZBM), a pro-Buhari group has congratulated Imo All Progressives Congress (APC) Governorship Candidate Sen. Hope Uzodinma, on his victory at the Supreme Court.

Reacting to the Supreme Court judgment in Enugu on Wednesday, Mr Godwin Onwusi, Secretary of ZBM, on behalf of the group, congratulated Uzodinma on his victory.

Onwusi said that the victory was God-ordained.

He commended Uzodinma for his diligence and the meticulous manner his campaign team assembled the results sheets in 388 polling units of the state.

“We of the ZBM commend Sen. Hope Uzodinma, and his team for the uncommon diligence in not only assembling the 388 excluded result sheets, but the meticulous manner they presented them at the Supreme Court.

“The team did not behave like PDP which relied on a non-existing server but presented genuine result sheets, which were collaborated officially.

“It is highly commendable,’’ he said.

He said the recovery of Imo by the APC has returned South-East to mainstream politics in Nigeria and kept Ndigbo’s Presidential Aspiration alive.

“This victory has returned the South-East to the mainstream.

“We are excited because we are the only geopolitical zone without APC presence after the 2019 general elections. Imo for eight years was not governed by PDP.

“Our quest for a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction in 2023 is highly reinforced. In fact, the victory at the Supreme Court has kept the hope of Ndigbo alive,’’ Onwusi said.

He said the recovery of Uzodinma’s mandate in Imo was a clear indication that APC would win Anambra in 2021 and one more state in 2023.


Amotekun, IPOB are illegal, Hisbah, Ok – FFK reacts

Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to the decision by the Federal government to declare Amotekun, the security outfit set up by southwest governors, an illegal organization.

In an earlier released statement, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, said that Amotekun is not backed by any law in the country. He insisted that the Federal Government is solely responsible for security of citizens of Nigeria.

Reacting to this decision, FFK in a post shared on his Facebook page this morning, wondered why the Hisbah Police in the North West and Civilian Joint Task Force in the North East can be seen as legal but Amotekun which is to protect indigenes of the South West is illegal.

He wrote; ”Hisbah Police in North West is ok. Civilian Joint Task Force in North West is ok. Civilian Joint Task Force in North East is ok. Meanwhile, IPOB in South East are terrorists and Amotekun in South West is illegal! One day Nigerians will get tired of this bullshit, get sense and free themselves from this insufferable bondage.

Femi Fani-Kayode

“The bitter truth is that what the Federal Government has done by claiming that Amotekun is illegal is to strengthen the hand and harden the resolve of the more radical and forceful elements and the more extreme nationalist forces in the South West who have always challenged the erroneous notion, flawed logic and questionable assumption that the unity of Nigeria is not only settled but also sacrosanct.

If you say that we cannot defend ourselves and our people from tribal and religious bigots, ethnic cleansers, genocidal maniacs, barbarous savages, bloodthirsty jihadists, blood-lusting terrorists, racial supremacists, and cold-blooded mass murderers simply because we are southerners then to hell with your Nigerian unity”.


There should be a day to celebrate ‘Disables’ – Group to FG

The Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD), has urged the Federal Government to declare January 17th as National Disability Day in Nigeria.

Mr. David Anyaele, CCD Executive Director appealed while speaking at an interactive forum with media executives in Abuja in commemoration of the first anniversary of the National Disability Act.

Anyaele appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to fast track the establishment of the National Commission on Disability as prescribed by the Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities Prohibition Act 2019. He said establishing the commission was imperative towards speedy implementation and enforcement of provisions of the law.

“The need for the establishment of the commission cannot be overemphasized. The commission is as good as the law itself; without the commission, implementation of the law may not be 100 percent achievable,’’ Anyaele said.

He also urged media stakeholders not to relent in mainstreaming disability issues in their reports whether online or via print or electronic media platforms.


Omo-Agege wared group over conviction

The Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege has opened up on alleged conviction slammed on him in California, United States of America (USA) over perjury.

The senator representing the Delta State central senatorial district admitted that he was tried but not convicted.

This comes after a coalition of youth groups led by one Solomon Adodo, called on Omo-Agege to resign immediately as Deputy President of the Senate.

The groups had at a media briefing, alleged that Omo- Agege was tried and convicted for perjury in the State of California in 1996 which according to it made Omo-Agege to be an ex-convict in the eye of the law not deserving to be the number four citizen of the country presently.

“The Guardians of Democracy and Development, Partners for Legislative Agenda for Nigeria (PLAN), Empowerment for Unemployed Youth Initiative and our partners under the Coalition of Civil Society and Youth Groups in Nigeria herein call for the immediate resignation of the Deputy President of the Senate – Senator Movie Omo-Agege – owing to available evidence that he was convicted by The State Bar Court of the State of California, Los Angeles, USA in case No. 94-C-14401.

” Furthermore, Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege willfully concealed the fact of the said conviction from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the Nigerian Senate thereby contravening the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution and the Rules of the Senate.

“Incontrovertible documentary evidences available to us reveal that sometime in April 22, 1996, Augustine O. Omo-Agege believed to be one and the same Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege was ordered to be suspended from the practice of Law following his conviction for violating California Penal Code section 470, a felony criminal offense involving moral turpitude, under the authority of subdivision (a) of rule 951, California Rules of Court”, they alleged .

But Omo-Agege in a statement issued by his Special Adviser on media, Yomi Odunuga, refuted the claim of the group, by insisting that he was not at any time convicted in the United States of America over perjury allegation that came his way in 1990s in California.

The statement titled: ” Alleged Conviction of DSP Omo-Agege by Court in USA ” reads in part ” Over the past few days, Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege visited the United States of America and Canada for personal and official reasons respectively, holding aloft the beacon of progressive ideology and an agenda for improving Nigeria’s image internationally.

“On the contrary, an unscrupulous band of mischief-makers at home calling itself a ‘youth group’ purportedly led by one Solomon Adodo is seeking to mislead gullible people with lies and propaganda by calling for the immediate resignation of the Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, over a spurious and malicious allegation of a conviction by a Californian court.

“Ordinarily, we would have ignored this latest effort by political jobbers to drag the name of the Distinguished Senator into disrepute.

“However, in a political environment like ours where silence could be misinterpreted as consent and evidence of guilt, we make haste to dismiss the entire allegation as not only unfounded and illogical; it is the residue of the warped imaginations and misleading rumour peddled without conviction some years back.

“For the umpteenth time, we would like to reiterate the fact that Senator Ovie Omo-Agege was cleared of all charges in the said case and he was never a convict in the USA as being alleged. Till date, he travels freely to and within the country without any hint of harassment.

“The fact is, at a point in his brilliant and bright legal career in California, USA, Senator Omo-Agege (then a young attorney) was alleged to have broken the law in California but in the end, he was found not guilty.

“Accordingly, he was declared innocent by the honourables Lance A. Ito (who presided over the popular O.J. Simpson murder trial case) and G. Magnera of the Court of California, County of Los Angeles. Omo-Agege had to fight hard for his innocence and God vindicated him against the expectations of evil men now blackmailing him.

“Today, he remains an active member in good standing at the State of California Bar Association – an impossibility if a valid and subsisting conviction were hanging on him. These are verifiable public facts and truths” .

Odunuga in the statement stressed further that the planned distraction will not in anyway distract Omo-Agege from his mandate as Senator representing Delta Central Senatorial District and Deputy President of the 9th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria .

“We state, without any equivocation, that Senator Ovie Omo-Agege is committed to his mandate and would not be distracted by the antics of disgruntled and defeated politicians hiding behind a so-called ‘youth group’ without any meaningful antecedent, seeking to stir up confusion through mere mischief and without facts”, he said


NGF mourn with Tijjaniyya Movement leader over wife’s death

The Northern Governors Forum has condoled with a prominent Islamic Scholar and leader of the Tijjaniyya Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, over the death of his wife, Aishatu Dahiru Usman Bauchi.

Chairman of the forum and Governor of Plateau, Simon Lalong, made the condolence in a message on Monday in Jos.

The condolence message was issued by Dr Makut Macham, the Director of Press and Public Relations to Gov. Lalong.

Lalong described the death of Sheikh Bauchi’s wife as a huge loss, not only to the family but to many who depended on her love and goodwill, saying the death had created a vacuum which would be difficult to fill.

He said the Northern Governors grieved with his family and the entire Tijjaniya Movement.

The governor said her legacies would continuously be cherished and her memory honoured.

Lalong urged the revered Islamic Scholar and members of his family to accept the sad development as the will of Allah, trusting that Allah will comfort them and give the family the fortitude to bear the loss.


Crisis in PDP as group tackles secondus

…Tension mounts in state chapters

… APC endangering national unity

Crisis is brewing in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as some leaders of the party are reportedly plotting an offensive against the National Chairman, Uche Secondus, and members of the National Working Committee (NWC) over alleged poor management of party affairs.

The source said the planned offensive is fuelled by the growing discontent over Secondus’ leadership style.

The NWC is accused of stoking the embers of discord in some state chapters and for not convening regular meetings of the National Executive Committee (NEC).

Daily Sun gathered that some aggrieved party leaders who are dissatisfied with Secondus have commenced moves to sack him as part of efforts to realign the party in readiness for the 2023 election.

“Party leaders are unhappy with Secondus and the NWC over the handling of the crisis in the House of Representatives caucus of the party, as well as the circumstances surrounding the lose of the last governorship election in Bayelsa State,” NobleReporters learnt

It was learnt that five state chapters including Lagos, Kano, Plateau, Ogun and Bayelsa are enmeshed in crisis.While Lagos, Kano, Plateau and Ogun chapters are torn apart by leadership crisis, Bayelsa PDP is polarised by the outcome of the last governorship poll.

Section 31(4) of the PDP constitution( as amended in 2017) stipulates that NEC, which is the second highest organ of the party, meets at least once in a quarter to take decisions on key issues,including matters affecting states and zonal organs of the party.

Investigation revealed that the last time the national chairman convened a NEC meeting was June 20, 2019. A source at the PDP national secretariat in Abuja told Daily Sun that “a cabal” has hijacked the daily operations of the party.

“We can’t be happy with him ( Secondus). He has not been handling the party well, especially the case of Lagos. If they have held NEC, people would have drawn their attention to this misgovernance. But they didn’t hold any NEC meeting. Some people just take decisions and give it to the national secretary, he signs it, and sends it out in the name of the NWC.

“The NWC has not been doing what it ought to do. In fact, it has been causing more confusion all over the place. There is hardly any state where the NWC has not caused one crisis or the other. Many people believe that the national chairman should go, the NWC should be disbanded. That is what many of our people think.”

A NEC member, who is also a former governorship aspirant in one of the southern states, said members of the Board of Trustees (BoT) came short of passing a vote of no confidence on Secondus and the NWC late last year.

He, however, said stakeholders had been managing the crisis so it doesn’t harm the party.

Another PDP NEC member told Daily Sun that some aggrieved leaders of the party, including governors, have concluded plans to move against Secondus in no distant time.

“We will demand for a new chairman. You know our national chairmanship slot should have gone to South West. We still believe it should go there. It is not late. People are not happy with the party leadership. We are just coming from an election. Wait and see what will happen. What I can assure you is that no person is bigger than the party,” he said.

Ike Abonyi, media aide to Mr. Secondus, declined comments, saying Kola Ologbondiyan was in the best position to speak on the issues affecting the NWC.

When contacted, the PDP spokesman told Daily Sun that the party does not respond to rumours. He noted that the NWC since its assumption of office has followed laid down format in carrying out its activities.

“The party does not respond rumours, innuendos and beer parlour gossips. The PDP is a structured political party with established organs, much more than any other political party in Nigeria. And as such it has an established format of carrying out its activities. And under leadership of Secondus these responsibilities have not been called to question. I am sure that NEC has been called as when due, “ Ologbondiyan said.

Meanwhile, PDP has accused the All Progressives Congress ( APC) of endangering national unity by allegedly pursuing exclusionist policies and failing to bring perpetrators of violence to book among others.

The PDP in a statement said efforts by well-meaning Nigerians and groups to ensure unity and harmonious co-existence were allegedly being destroyed by the APC and the present administration through alleged disregard for the federal character principle in appointments, projects and programmes.

The opposition party stated that President Muhammadu Buhari’s habitual body count and reference to the sordid experience of the unfortunate civil war, particularly to the youth, is rather fuelling disunity, as his administration is still perpetuating similar, if not worse injustices, inequality, corruption and impunity that lead to disunity.

“It is sad that Mr. President is always trying to face the nation backward instead of looking ahead to a glorious future. This is a sorry situation, which further confirms that the Buhari Presidency and the APC have nothing cheering to offer to the future of our nation.


Group charge Muslims to protect Nigerian Constitution

A group, Al Ikhwaan Fillahi Muslim Society of Nigeria South-East and South-South, has urged Muslims to protect the rights of all Nigerians and speak against policies that contravene the constitution.

The group made the call in a communique issued on Sunday by its Chairman, Mr Muhammad Elunor, at the end of a meeting held at Anwai, near Asaba. NobleReporters culled

He called for justice and fair play in government’s dealings with Christians and Muslims in the geo-political zones, especially in political appointments.

Elunor said Muslims in both regions must continue to hold on to the tenets of Islam and emulate the teachings of Prophet Muhammad in dealing with their neighbours.

“The executive arm of government should ensure strict obedience of court orders and respect of rights of Nigerians by security operatives.

“The recent video of a young man being assaulted by officers of the Nigeria Police Force in Enugu State is one example too many.

“Officers of the Nigeria Police Force need better training on human rights and de-escalating techniques,” he said.

Elunor called on the National Orientation Agency (NOA) to live up to its responsibilities, including educating the public on national values and unity of the country.

“The National Orientation Agency should do more in orienting Nigerians in a bid to arrest the spread of fake news and misinformation especially in relation to security.

“We are ready to partner with NOA and other related agencies and bodies in the re orientation of Nigerians,” he said.


Ye! AfAWs stand to stop killing of witches in Africa

A group, Advocacy for Alleged Witches, has called for a decade of activism against witch persecution in Africa from 2020 to 2030.

According to the organisation, the main objective of the initiative is to create a witch hunting free Africa by sensitising Africans on the issue and spearheading the advocacy for alleged witches on the continent over the next 10 years.

To realise this objective, AfAW said it will share latest news on witchcraft allegation/witch persecution, engage state and non-state actors in the field of witchcraft accusation, intervene to protect alleged witches, and also educate accusers.

In a statement, initiator of the campaign, Leo Igwe, disclosed that the organisation will also lobby local, national and regional and global institutions in tackling abuses that are linked to witch persecution and witch hunting.

He said, “The organisation will also cooperate with institutions with similar aims and objectives, organise public education and enlightenment campaigns to reason people out of the misconceptions that drive witch persecution and other harmful traditional practices through trainings, workshops and seminars for various interest groups.

“AfAW’s campaign is founded on the principles that witchcraft is a myth and an imaginary crime which no one commits, attributions of causing harm through occult means are based on hearsay and misinformation, panic and anxieties, fear and superstition, witch persecution, killings and trials are forms of human rights abuses that should not be tolerated in the name of religion, culture or tradition.

“I urge all Africans including those in the Diaspora to join efforts with us to achieve this important objective.”


CAN frowns at FG over withdrawing troops from troubled bases

The Christian Association of Nigeria has kicked against the planned withdrawal of troops from troubled regions by the Nigerian Government.

President of the organisation, Supo Ayokunle, expressed the body’s disagreement with the plan on Sunday in Yola, Adamawa State, while inaugurating a N115m secretariat of the association, describing it as a “policy somersault”.

He said, “I call on President Muhammadu Buhari to abandon his planned withdrawal of troops from troubled regions. I see it as a policy somersault.”

Chairman of CAN in the state, Stephen Mamza, while lauding government’s efforts in the fight against insurgency, urged the military to do more.

The Nigerian Government had on December 30, 2019 expressed readiness to gradually withdraw troops from the country’s North-East region where Boko Haram terrorists have sustained a deadly attack on civilian and military targets for almost a decade.

The government said the move was to allow the police and other law enforcement agencies take control of security in such places.

However, the plan has been opposed by several sections of the society including state governors, who have told President Muhammadu Buhari to suspend the plan.


Northerners hate christians – CAN

John Hayap is a Baptist Reverend from Kaduna State. A former Special Adviser on Christian and Pilgrimage Matters to Governors Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa and Alhaji Ramallan Yero of Kaduna State, Hayap is currently the Kaduna State Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and Vice-Chairman of CAN, Northern Nigeria. In this interview, he spoke on the state of the nation and sundry issues.

What is your assessment of the state of the nation as appears to you?

Nigerians are hungry. And you know a hungry man is an angry man. Many of the things we see and read on the pages of newspapers and possibly watch on television, almost 80 per cent of them are pure propaganda. Our leaders are not in touch with the reality on ground. Our leaders want to compel us to sing their praises even when we are dying. Our leaders want to compel us to say they are angels even when actually they are worse than the devil. Our leaders want to compel us to clap for them even when our hands are actually hurt by the wound they have inflicted on us. I tell you in this country it is only when you are privileged or you have something doing that you can eat three square meals. But the number of people who will come thinking you have everything will be more than you can contend with. We are gradually grooming an army that would consume us tomorrow. I want to appeal to our leaders to fear God and forget the name of their religions. Just fear God and do what is right. The leaders of countries that have progressed do not go to Churches or Mosques, but they are committed, patriotic and do what is right. Our leaders are not doing what is right. Today, in this country people are not safe; people can no longer travel, but you still hear our leaders telling us that all is well, but they can’t ply that road. A leader tells us in the morning that Abuja –Kaduna road is free, but they still go to train station with their family and go to Abuja. If it is safe, let’s go together. If they are willing to go they must have five to six Hilux vehicles with policemen in front and back. Let’s just move together like everybody. Insecurity has degenerated into a terrible situation. In Kaduna today and in many northern states do you know that criminals and kidnappers come to people’s homes, knock on their doors, they open and they take them away. One woman in our village, just few days to Christmas on Abuja –Kaduna road was kidnapped. She is pregnant, her husband and her brother. They killed her husband right in front of her and then kept her brother, then released her to go and look for money. They were asking for how much? N40 million. How does she get N40 million? At the last count, sometimes between July and August, I told Nigerians that the number of Christians that have been kidnapped was about 500. As at the last count we are almost hitting another 600 because between August and today we have almost 60 to 90 Christians that have been kidnapped in many communities in Birnin Gwari. Even a while ago I got a text concerning a Church leader and one of the moderators in Kankumi who is still with kidnappers. At that time I said we have paid N300 million as ransom to kidnappers. It was after that that the Engravers Secondary School girls and two of their teachers and other kidnappings took place. We are now hitting N400 million paid as ransom to kidnappers because I was involved in the negotiation in the case of the kidnap of the Engraver Secondary School girls. We paid N13.6 million. Relations, loved ones and people came to help us. A former governor in Kaduna State also helped. If government starts paying kidnappers will not allow us sleep. And I do not want government to pay because if anybody asks government to pay he is not being fair to government. I will not ask government to pay kidnappers. All we want is for government to secure the place. Like when they kidnapped the Engravers girls, first, they have agreed with us to give them N3.6 million, but the moment our governor said in Abuja that they were negotiating with the kidnappers, they took that to mean that we are collecting money from government to give them. They changed and demanded N10 million for each child. We had to start a fresh negotiation. They collected the N3.6 million and we had to start another negotiation before they now agreed that we add N10 million. We the Church also contributed. But we have resolved that the Church will no longer pay ransom because this is enough. If government will not act decisively to arrest and stop kidnappers and allow them to have a field day, it is shameful. If we talk about economy, people are hungry; they have lost jobs, they are not being paid. The story of payment of salary is only in the newspapers. Ask the workers whether they have been paid. The workers have not been paid, but newspapers say they have been paid. Pensioners have not been paid, but we see in the newspapers they have been paid. In your lack of payment you are struggling to help your brother or relations out of the hands of kidnappers. Every day they say they have blocked excesses and leakages. This is not true.

As a member of the body of ecclesiastics in Nigeria and a reverend gentleman, Vice President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Northern State and Abuja Chapter and also Chairman of the Kaduna State Chapter of CAN who has worked with two governors as Special Adviser on Christian and Pilgrimage Matters, the statement by the US government through the US Department of State and US Secretary of State, designating Nigeria, “a country of particular concern” with regard to religious freedom and freedom of thought and conscience did not come to you as a surprise. But even though Christians are claiming to be the worse victim, Muslims are also insisting that they have incurred more losses over the years. We’ll want you to reconcile the statement of the US government and that of the JNI by way of rationalization.

Well, if we want to grow above our denials what the US government has said or putting Nigeria on her “Watch List” of nations that have issues of religious persecution or violation of religious rights is absolutely correct. Those who are familiar with happenings in northern Nigeria and Nigeria at large will agree to that, not just now, but that we have had so many issues of religious intolerance where individuals disrespect other individuals because of their religious beliefs or identity. Unfortunately, the state that is supposed to give them equal opportunities and is supposed to protect the rights of others becomes bias. There was a time someone raised a false alarm against a woman in Kano. She was lynched, killed without legal sanction. The man was taken to court. What was the judgement? When a teacher, because of a woman’s examination issue, raised the alarm that she has desecrated the Holy Book or blasphemed the Prophet in Gombe, she suffered the same fate. What did the government do? In this country we have evidences to prove that certain people are not allowed to be in certain offices; not because they are not competent, but their crime simply is their faith. You are first judged by faith, by your name. If you bear any name that sounds English nobody wants to know whether you do not go to Church. You are treated as you don’t belong. I have said this in the gathering of Northern Governors and Senators and I want to repeat it. I reminded them that even contracts in northern Nigeria, Christians who think they are experts when they go to seek for it, how do they end? They will do all the quotations and biddings. Their crime is not because they cannot do it, but their crime is in their name. You know in our state if I dare give any job to a John I will be asked questions. These things are there. In fact, part of the new tactics now is that they will speak kindly and friendly and keep giving you promises that will never be fulfilled. Oh! Wait next quarter. Oh! Let it be next year. You will just be surprised that you have lasted four years receiving the same story. Meanwhile, your proposal is being used. But because we are not used to raising the alarm the truth is that we are far from each other. So, if you have a country where citizens are not given equal rights and facilities what are we saying. Okay, I want to use my state as an example and let them refute this. You collected on behalf of Kaduna State N54 billion. I am just using a figure. And the total amount you invested in a senatorial zone that is Christian dominated is not up to N800 million, then something is wrong. What is the crime of the people? One senatorial zone out of three you have not in your four years invested N800 million, what are you saying? You think everybody is a daft; nobody can see? If they are disputing this let them show us the projects. Out of the many projects that are going on in Kaduna State; please show us where they are and then give us the cost of the roads. They are there in government papers; unless if they read this interview and quickly go and start roads. Look, Christians have come here and challenged us why we are not talking. They say to us they are not building roads in our communities, but are busy building old roads that are still good looking in the northern part. I have always told them just allow them. It is not everything you fight. Let them keep building. If they like let them build to the bedroom of their parents. A day will come when they will not be able to build roads again. And that day they will realize that there are places without roads. On that day the ones they are going to build will become new roads because the ones they have been building and keep building will become old. But this is happening. It is a fact. Go and check the records of projects done by this government in Kaduna State, the total number of roads being built in the three senatorial zones and you will assume that there are no human beings in the southern senatorial zone. The road we are using from Kaduna to Kachia and from Kachia to Kafanchan is as old as how many years. Let them just show me one good road. Check the road from Samaru Kataf to Saminaka. Even check the road from Zangon Kataf to Kagoro you will see nobody cares. All these roads are in the southern senatorial district. Recently, a Senator of the Federal Republic is requesting for the establishment of a Federal Medical Center. Look at it; the Federal University Teaching Hospital which is Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, ABUTH, is in Shika-Zaria, northern senatorial zone of Kaduna State. The Barau Dikko Specialist Hospital which is also a teaching hospital for the university is in the Kaduna metropolis in central senatorial zone. Ordinarily, common sense will tell someone that if we need another Federal Medical Center it should go to the southern senatorial zone so that if we have emergency situation you don’t need to rush to Kaduna. Today, if you are terribly sick or have an accident, once you have gone beyond Crossing, a town in the southern senatorial zone, the shortest point in terms of the hospital they will take the patient to is Jos in Plateau State. Do you know that we don’t even watch the television station of Kaduna State in southern Kaduna? Even the FM that they put there for us to listen to how many people can hear the station? It will work for two hours and in the next three hours it is not there. So whose news do we hear in the southern senatorial zone? It is Plateau Radio Television, PRTV. So, we can tell you everything that is happening in Plateau State, but we don’t know what is happening in Kaduna State because they want the information we will have to be limited. After a lot of struggles there was an NTA. Go and ask what is happening to that station. When you pick Kaduna State out, go to Christian states in northern Nigeria. Go to the Christian communities in Gombe State; go to other Christian communities in the northern state it is the same story. Don’t even talk about admission. As a Christian you come with your A grades and you want to read Medicine they will say okay go and read History or Geography while those who do not have up to your grade because they belong are being asked to read Aviation Technology. Just ask yourself; is that the way to build a nation? Is this not persecution? I want to say this so that they can refute it. My daughter got a good grade and sought to read Medicine in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria here in Kaduna State; this same ABU that they are arguing and saying it is not true. The day I took her papers to a former Vice-Chancellor and he saw the grades he was surprised. I told him I was not angry they didn’t give her Medicine, but that they did not consider her for another course. Is this not also persecution? That is to tell you that we have become so used to these problems that anything they give us we are willing to take. So, I was ready even if they give her any other course provided she attends a university. In Kano, I have papers and documents to show. When we buy lands in Kano they will sell the lands to us but they will, first of all, say that the rule here is that you don’t buy land without having the endorsement of the District Head or Mai Angwar . They will then write on a piece of paper that this land you are building you must not build a Church or beer parlour. How can you choose to make a Church equal to a beer parlour? Elite are watching and listening to this and no one is saying anything and when we say we are being persecuted someone will say we are crying foul.

But the Nigerian government through Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the Information Minister says the statement by the US government is incorrect and that Nigerians enjoy unfettered freedom of thoughts, conscience and religion and added that failed politicians and disgruntled elements are the ones behind the statement by the US?

If Lai Mohammed said that I will just want to go like other Nigerians who, sometimes out of sarcasm, will say that his name is Lai and he lied. That is a lie from the pit of hell. But what do you expect him to say. He needs to defend his office and government. We are talking about the reality of what Christians are facing. I have read the defense about admissions recently and I laugh. I said in this 21st Century you are giving this kind of defense and you think nobody can think? When schools are looking for the best students you are giving us flimsy excuses for not admitting good students? Giving us excuses that are not tenable and true because of religious purpose? So, for Lai Mohammed to say that…which one will I even agree because Lai is from Kwara State and he is a northerner; let’s ask Christians and Kwara Christians will tell you worse things than I have just said. He has not finished sorting the problem in his state; let him first go to his state and find out what Christians are going through in his state. I speak as the Vice-Chairman of CAN Northern Nigeria so not just as Kaduna State Chairman of CAN. We have figures. I can send to you details of the crises, the killings and others. We have cried out. I have worked closely with Chairmen of Northern Governors Forum. We have presented our cases in black and white with figures. They will just promise to do something and it ends that day. So if anybody says I should give him details I will not be sure now whether I am not just going to arm the person to go and write his thesis and pass his exam. We have facts and figures. Let’s come to Kaduna State. Is it also a lie that in the whole cabinet of Kaduna State only three of them are Christians? The Governor is Muslim, the deputy governor is Muslim, the SSG is Muslim, the Head of Service is Muslim, the Chief of Staff is Muslim and you tell us you are looking for the best. Is the governor telling us that of all the lots in Kaduna no one is qualified only this group of people? And we know those people very well. How informed and how exposed are they? These people that make up the five people I mentioned who are they? Oh! My goodness. It sounds ridiculous. Is it also a lie and is this not persecution? If I am lying please let’s take a look at it. The justification is that oh! We are looking for the best brains. Oh! My goodness. I can give you 2,000 best brains around. But they are not best brains enough because of their faith. What disqualifies their brain to be best brains is their faith. Where we have 100 opportunities you carry 95 away and just give five to us Christians. Even by ratio of numbers we can have 45. Why giving us five. But you know what they do? They go to the file, check among us those who can easily compromise, those who can easily sell out, those who can easily betray, those who are greedy because when you have a situation where everybody is being punished and they just come and pick only two of you, you feel you are highly favoured. So, you are even willing to kill your mother as long as you will keep that opportunity they have given you. This is the kind of situation they are pushing our people to. But we are happy that there are a lot of us that understand this and we are saying we have hands enough to work and eat. We have brains enough to think and create and work and eat to feed our children. We must not do funny things. But if it is religious persecution we are suffering it; we are hearing it….

When you spoke recently you sounded as though religion is being used as a basis for political and economic imbalance. Can we understand you more because the Sultan of Sokoto who is the leader of Muslims in Nigeria also dismissed the report of the US government?

It is unfortunate that our respected Sultan is living in denial about young Christian girls that are being taken away and their faith is changed, their names changed and you go, there is nothing you can do. Those things are evident, We have one million and one evidence to give. The other time we discussed that where did we end? I cited the example of Kaduna. Is the Sultan living outside Nigeria? Is the issue of appointments I have mentioned in Kaduna not true? Look, ABU, Zaria is supposed to be a federal institution, let them tell us how many Christians from North and South of Nigeria they have admitted. Even northern Christians are rarely given admission not to talk of a southern Christian. If the Sultan says this is not true I challenge the ABU, Zaria management to publish the list of those admitted in the 2019/2020 session, the names against the courses they have been admitted, their JAMB scores and WASCE results. Are there no Christians in Sokoto State? Who gives indigenous Christians any appointment? The Sultan says there are “Fulani Christians” as there are “Fulani Muslims.” Where are the “Fulani Christians in the Sokoto State cabinet? The Sultan should tell us since he said there are “Fulani Christians” and “Fulani Muslims.” We want to see a “Fulani Christian” as the SSG of Sokoto State, a “Fulani Christian” as the Chief of Staff of Kano State, a “Fulani Christian” as the deputy governor of Zamfara State. I have indigenous Christians from Katsina, Zamfara, Kano, Sokoto, Jigawa states who are well read. Since the Sultan’s argument is that there are “Fulani Christians” can he just find out from those he is referring to as “Fulani Christians” whether they are given the same rights as others, whether they are given appointments. Even in government, the so-called “Fulani Christian” will not be a permanent secretary. If you become permanent secretary you must have left your state for Abuja. In the states the issue of qualification is secondary as a Christian. Can the Sultan please release the names of the “Fulani Christians” holding positions of permanent secretary and above in Sokoto, Kano, Jigawa, Zamfara and Katsina states? In one of the states in northern Nigeria today, the leader of one of the agencies is a young man who was picked from level 09. They jumped those on levels 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 who have every knowledge and brought him to lead an agency. Is that not even an abuse of procedure? I wish that was done to those in the northern axis of the state you would have had cries everywhere and they would have come to you media men to say injustice is being done and you are keeping quiet. Is there anything more than this? What they did was to direct those on grade levels 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 to the office of the Head of Service to go and wait for posting. What a shame. Is the Sultan aware of this? What sort of persecution can be more than this?

There is a related matter for which I seek your reaction. The Chief Justice of Nigeria spoke the other day about the need to amend the constitution to reflect the concerns of Muslims and the Shari’a law. He believes they have the number to do that and…?

(Cuts in) Let me be honest with you. Why I have refused to be part of that conversation is that the CJN was not there in person. He was represented by someone who, from my findings did not read from a script from the CJN. So, what I have always said is that the CJN must do what is right and come out to tell us his stand on this matter. The reason is that if we don’t give him that benefit of the doubt we will become so prejudicial in our judgment about him. The challenge now is for the CJN to prove to Nigerians that those were not your words. Let’s not continue this new year thinking that you have said what you didn’t say. If we continue like that tomorrow this baby you are about to give birth to will come back and haunt you. Let me, therefore, give the CJN the benefit of the doubt that probably the man he sent to represent him went beyond his brief to say what the CJN did not ask him to say. But let’s look at it from the clear point of view; if the CJN did say what he was quoted to have said then it means he has lost touch of what Nigeria is going through. Today, our major challenge is not about the Shari’a law because some years back the National Assembly promoted a bill that there should be a Canon Law. We Christians because we want togetherness said no. We asked them to focus on what will unite us. So, for the CJN to now come out to promote Shari’a to the extent of creating departments in universities it shows that we are gradually drifting into nepotism in Nigeria. And when you were taking oath Mr Chief Justice of Nigeria did you take oath to defend the constitution of Nigeria or defend a particular religion? So, you need to come out and clear the air so that Nigerians will know whether it was your position or that of the other man. Your silence is only making us to think you truly said so. So, denouncing it or clarifying it will be safer for you than silence. By the way when have we ever done census in Nigeria that you know that there are more Muslims in Nigeria than Christians. I was part of the leadership and part of the last Census Committee. We did everything humanly possible to get religious questions in the census and those things were denied. So, in the next census Christians must come and say we must have religious questions. At least for once, let us know that truly you are in the majority or not. But this one that we have no clear and gazetted data and anybody can say we are in the majority, this must stop. It is this false statistics they used to give that the CJN is building on.

You seem to believe that equity and justice in power sharing, economic opportunities, the way we regard one another is part of the solution to the problems Nigeria is facing. But many Nigerians are saying the solution resides in the restructuring of the country…

(Cuts in) No, no, no, let me put it this way because you have brought in the issue of restructuring. This is one of the challenges we have with the way we are being led by propaganda and falsehood. We make promises we cannot fulfill. I think one among the many promises is the promise of restructuring. The truth about it is that if we do not restructure Nigeria we would suffer tomorrow because everything everyday keep segmenting us. For once let people go back to where they think belongs to their father and work it out and see because the over centralization of government in Abuja is what is making this country what she is today. We must decentralize Nigeria in such a way that different regions will operate in a way that will benefit them. The configuration of some of these states is faulty. We need to restructure the faulty configuration of senatorial districts, local governments and possibly wards to suit the reality on ground.

Let’s look at 2023 and the northern question. The North through Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, of which you are a member, being a northerner, says it is for a northern candidate…

(Cuts in) Who did they consult and took that decision?

Well I am supposed to hear from you

No, no, no, you are telling me and, of course, I am not denying being from the North because since geographically I belong here…see, North is not a religion. North is a region. So, if you are a Christian or a Muslim and your state of origin falls within that geographical entity you are a northerner. The trouble we have been having and trying to correct is that so many people think North is a religion. They do not understand that North is a region. I am proudly a northerner, a Christian of northern extraction. If I go to Sokoto, Kano, Jigawa, Borno , Kebbi, Zamfara states, I will speak like a Christian, a northerner. So when you speak for us as North then we ask questions whether it is our North or your North because there is a North, “NORTH” and there is a “NOT.” Now, you say Arewa, of course, the meaning of Arewa is North in Hausa. Is it “Are” or “Wa”? We are talking about Nigerian question and we have not even addressed the problems we are facing in Nigeria as ACF; you have not addressed the problems of insecurity we are facing in northern Nigeria as ACF; you have not addressed the problem of imbalance, injustice that is going on in Nigeria, but every day you want to use our name to talk leadership, leadership, leadership because through that you gain and we continue to suffer. That is why Christians and Muslims who understand this evil, these lies and selfish groups that are using our name must be resisted. I can assure you that it is already in the pipeline because people are beginning to understand and talk. In the past they used to go to the Muslim groups to say Christians hate them. Gradually, they are beginning to realize that we do not hate them; we love them, but we are only fighting for our rights. Now that they have started hitting another Muslim group in the North that’s to tell you that it was simply divide and rule. Gradually, we are beginning to understand them and we are now forming a group of like mind people, people who are subject of persecution and discrimination. One day we will show them it is enough of this nonsense and it is coming. For the ACF to say they are backing a northern candidate and not talking about our peace, health, security, progress, schools, education, not about our industry, nothing, it is time we asked them questions. So, if we die, northern candidate; if we are hungry, northern candidate; if our children are sick, northern candidate. Has a northern candidate helped our children that are sick or stopped our hunger and poverty? Has a northern candidate helped improve our education? In fact, statistics show that lack of literacy and out of school children are from the North. So, is it a northern candidate issue? They have never sat down to holistically look at the things that are troubling us northerners, their own is northern candidate so that when the person become president he would assume that they helped him to become it so that they will continue siphoning and stealing our money.


NDYF tells Akpabio: Stop blackmailing Nsima Ekere.

Niger Delta Youth Forum has described as untrue and blackmail reports linking former Chairman of Niger Delta Development Commission, Mr Nsima Ekere, with the $16m allegedly found in the account of Brig. Gen. Charles Nengite and his wife by authorities in the United States.

According to NDYF, the report is a ploy by Minister of Niger Affairs, Godswill Akpabio, to unjustly indict Ekere. In a statement signed by Dr Eket Udo, the group said there were deliberate attempts to bring down the former NDDC chairman.

The statement reads, “We see this report as another ploy to tarnish the image of Nsima Ekere by Akpabio who has embarked on vendetta against his perceived enemies using this Interim Committee of the NDDC.

“This is even more embarrassing and shameful giving the fact that the same Akpabio is facing several charges of corruption during his tenure as governor of Akwa Ibom and in order to evade prosecution he joined the ruling All Progressives Congress.

“However, our take is that the Federal Government must call Akpabio to order because his activities so far in using the NDDC interim committee to witch-hunt perceived political enemies will plunge the Niger Delta region into fresh crisis.

“We have discovered that the report was deliberately sponsored to paint Nsima Ekere in bad light.

“We advise Akpabio that rather than allowing himself being used by enemies of the Niger Delta to destabilise the region by hanging fake allegations against our leaders, he should meet with elders of the region and resolve his matter with any of these leaders he is fighting.

“The progress of the Niger Delta region must be paramount to him and not his personal interest.”

When contacted, a media aide to Akpabio told our correspondent that the minister had nothing to do with the allegations and was focused on attracting development to the Niger Delta region.


We can’t have further patience, Nigeria needs restructuring – Ohanaeze group

The apex Igbo organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, yesterday, warned that the nation is tottering on thebrink with the refusal of successive governments to restructure the country.

President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo, in a keynote address at the 90th birthday of Chief Mbazulike Amechi, one of the icons of pre and post-independence Nigerian leadership, heaped the blame on the military for imposing a unitary constitution on the country that should operate a federal structure.

Chief Nwodo said contemporary Nigeria was no longer the same country Chief Amechi and his colleagues bequeathed when they left governance 53 years ago.

“I have argued elsewhere that our present constitution is an imposition by a group of military officers without any democratic credentials or mandate. It was not subjected to a plebiscite or referendum.

Nigeria’s legal basis is untenable. If we continue like this, this nation is tottering on the brink. We need a national conference. We cannot exist by force.

“Speaking for Ndigbo, our patience is running out We cannot continue to belong to a country whose constitution is imposed on us without any move to allow freedom of discussion, agreement or disagreement.

The circumstances that led to the Nigerian civil war are once more being allowed to fester.

“Every Nigerian patriot must speak up and help to seek a peaceful solution. So long as foreigners are daily entering our country to swell the numbers of a particular ethnic group, so long as the leaderships of the vital armed services are in the exclusive control of one section of the country, so long will a threat be posed to the peace of our country,” he said.

Chief Nwodo lamented the marginalisation of the Igbo in infrastructural development, administrative units and budgetary allocations by the Federal Government.

“We no longer feel Nigerian. So soon after the Nigerian civil war? This is sad. We are continuously reminded that there was a victor and a vanquished. By implication, we are reminded of Biafra. So long as Nigeria marginalises the Igbo, so long will Biafra remain in the consciousness of Ndigbo.

Biafra is an unforgettable experience. Biafra is a virtual state easily recalled when Nigeria visits us with the pangs of hatred, despise and marginalisation.”

Nwodo said restructuring remained the only peaceful and reasonable way to go.

“No Federal Republic in the world runs a unitary government. Ours cannot be an exception. The only way we can let our past leaders rest peacefully is by returning to the agreements they entered into in Lancaster House and all other constitutional conferences they held. It worked well for the First Republic. There is no reason why it cannot work now.

If each region takes care of its own area, controlling their God-given resources and donating agreed powers and obligations to a loose federal government that runs external relations, defense, Customs and other common functions, Nigeria will be more peaceful and prosperous. This will be a sure way to ensure the labours of our heroes past shall not be in vain,” Nwodo said.

Former Minister of Aviation, Chief Osita Chidoka also warned that any attempt to shut-out the South East in the 2023 political calculation would be ill-conceived.

Chidoka said the country cannot make progress with its current composition.

Chidoka while reviewing the book, “A Political History of Modern Nigeria: Words and Thoughts of Mbazulike Amechi,” said alienating the South East from the 2023 presidential contest will “open old wounds.”

He said the South East had remained committed to the unity, harmonious co-existence, mutual understanding, economic development, social and political wellbeing of Nigeria.

He, therefore, called on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC) to respect the principle of zoning and cede their presidential tickets to the South East.

“I crave your indulgence to use the words of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) in an advertorial where they warned President Jonathan not to contest the 2011 election, to sound a note of warning: “If the country’s two major political parties do not continue in the tradition of the agreed rotation, they will undermine the peace and tranquility of Nigeria.”

Chidoka said using the perceived strength of the other geo-political zones or ethnic groups to alienate the Igbos in 2023 “would open old wounds of primitive politics where ethnic, sectional, religious and other primordial, undesirable sentiments will assume center-stage with attendant unpleasant consequences.”

He said electoral results showed that the South East is ethnically blind when it comes to voting and that it was a proof of the cosmopolitan ethos of Ndigbo.


Group demands replacement of 1999 Constitution.

The Southern and Middle Belt Forum, a group of Nigerians in Europe, United States and Asia, has called for the jettisoning of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, asking for it to be replaced with the 2014 National Conference report.

The group also welcomes the release of Omoyele Sowore, urging the Nigerian Government to strike out all cases against him.

In a communiqué issued after a meeting of Nigerians in the Diaspora and signed by it’s President, Sidney Imohbio, and Secretary-General, Napoleon Akhuemonkhan, SNMBF noted that Nigeria was faced with inherent contradictions that may spill over to a major conflict unless the country restructured to guarantee self-determination.

The group stated that the replacement of the 1999 constitution with the recommendations of the 2014 Confab report will bring a halt to the arbitrary use of power, devolution of power, decentralisation of the security architecture and a complete overhaul of the political system to reflect the principles of Federalism, adding that it is the only way the country can move forward.

It said, “The so-called constitution was full of nebulous, anti-people, draconian and fascist items that failed to address the fears and aspirations of Nigerians.”

The group said the country currently has no respect for human rights and that the unlawful detention of Sowore and others was an indication that the regime was orchestrating a vicious campaign against leading opposition figures.

It added, “There can be nothing more reasonable than to drop the charges against Sowore.

“The charge of treason is ridiculous. It is not enough to free him on bail. The charges are frivolous and are mere elements of political persecution.”

The Nigerian Constitution Of 1999

SNMBF described the fight against corruption as endemic, saying it embodied nepotism, tribalism, favouritism, bribery and ethnocentrism, which are all agents of corruption.

It also condemned the appointment of northerners to major positions in the country without due regards for the federal code guiding appointment in the country.


No plan to attack DSS office – MASSOB.

…MASSOB, nonviolent organisation

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) said it has no hands in rumoured plan by pro-Biafra agitators to attack the Anambra state office of the Directorate of State Security (DSS).

In a statement disassociating itself from the rumoured plan, the MASSOB leadership said violence was in no way part of the group, saying it finds the allegation frivolous.

MASSOB, in the statement signed by its National Secretary, Ugwuoke Ibem Ugwuoke said:

“MASSOB wish to clarify as a nonviolent organisation that we have no intention or plan to indulge in acts of violence or terrorism.

“The rumored plan or information to attack Anambra State headquarters of DSS through the instruments of explosives and bombs by pro-Biafra agitators is not achievable and realizable. It is a suicide mission that will derail our principles of nonviolence and peaceful agitation.

“As MASSOB remains apolitical and nonviolent, MASSOB warns other pro-Biafra groups to resist and avoid any activities that will endanger the lives of their members, because hundreds of lives of gallant Biafra agitators have been lost unnecessarily. We cannot heat up the polity now that millions of Biafrans are in their respective villages celebrating Christmas and the upcoming New Year.


“The rumoured plan to attack Nigeria security outfit is orchestrated by rumour mongers and enemies of Biafra who always delight in blackmailing the actualization struggle for Biafra.”

The group went on to warn those it called “desperate politicians who are planning to use thugs and cultists in disguise as pro Biafra Agitators to cause mayhem in Igbo land, especially in Anambra State because of election, to desist from such destructive ambitions and plots as we shall resist any illegalities that will discredit our image.”


Muslims in Nigeria are good set of people – Sokoto Sultan.

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, has said that the Muslim faithful in Nigeria are good people.

The traditional ruler, who is also the President-General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, said this while addressing participants at the 34th National Qur’an Recitation Competition in Lagos.

The Christian Association of Nigeria had backed the United States report, saying Christians are being persecuted in the country but Sultan insists nothing of such exists, stressing that not all Fulani herdsmen are Muslims and they were not after the Christians as insinuated by CAN.

He said, “And I want to assure you that no Muslim would be provoked into taking up arms against anybody based on what you have been seeing in the media particularly of recent.

Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar

“These are issues we need to tackle; these are issues the various governments at all levels need to tackle by sitting down and talking to one another because making public comments don’t normally help.

“They aggravate situations. And I want to assure all, everything is right with us. The Muslims in Nigeria are very good people. We will continue to do the best. But among all good people, there are also bad people and we know there are bad people among all societies.”


Calabar: Group attack rapist and beat him to death.

…body dumped in a waste bin

An angry mob in the early hours of Wednesday, December 25th lynched a suspect for allegedly robbing and raping a girl in Calabar, Cross River State.

The incident occurred on Ekong Etta Street by Okoro Agbor in the early hours of Wednesday when an angry mob pursued a suspected thief who allegedly raped his victim.

A witness said he suspected the rapist was trailed by the mob who later beat and dumped him in a waste bin, close to Apostolic church where he later gave up his ghost.

He said: “They were three (3) of them that committed the act, but the other two ran away, but he (the victim) couldn’t as the mob caught up with him and mobbed him.

“People said he’s a first-timer and that he followed the other two who have been robbing the area and going scot-free. They even raped the girl they robbed.

“The incident happened in the early hours of Wednesday and the screaming from the girl alerted the mob who later came to her rescue.”


Agitation of Biafra is for the good of all ethnic groups – IPOB

…for the restoration of the nation

The proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), said that its agitation for the Biafra nation was not for the liberation of Biafrans alone but for the good of every living soul unlucky enough to be trapped in a corrupt, backward country like Nigeria.

“IPOB agitation is not just for the liberation and well-being of Biafrans alone but for the betterment of every living soul unfortunate enough to be trapped in the cesspit of corruption, backwardness, hardship and totalitarianism that Nigeria has become,” the Media and Publicity Secretary of the organisation, Comrade Emma Powerful wrote in a statement issued yesterday.

The statement read: “We the global family of the IPOB, wish to felicitate and commend Biafrans, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom over their resoluteness, determination and support in the ongoing righteous agitation for the restoration of the nation of Biafra, especially in this season of goodwill.

“We are equally wishing a happy holiday season to all media houses, both print and electronic, online platforms as well as e-warriors and bloggers for their courage and often unbiased reportage in the face of unrelenting dictatorial onslaught and shrinking of civic space in Nigeria.

“They are the true heroes in this divine effort to enthrone freedom, justice and fairness for all ethnic groups in Nigeria. IPOB agitation is not just for the liberation and well-being of Biafrans alone but for the betterment of every living soul unfortunate enough to be trapped in the cesspit of corruption, backwardness, hardship and totalitarianism that Nigeria has become.

“We IPOB are warning all corrupt Lagos/Abuja politicians and groups who were involved in the conspiracy with Fulani cabals to bring RUGA and Fulani military into our land as a way of silencing IPOB, reducing our population and intimidating us into accepting the Fulanisation of our way of life, to retrace their steps. We caution them to stay away from anything that may cast them in bad light given that our people are highly upset and would not hesitate to vent their anger on any person or group of persons found to be a Fulani collaborator.

“It is in the interest of these traitors to stay away from Biafraland because they would bear the consequences of any move by the Fulani to force our land to become volatile to justify their murderous military occupation.

“We are well aware of the antics of core Arewa north and their current effort to intensify their divide and rule strategy in Biafraland by constantly seeking to pigeon-hole us into a meaningless South South and South East when they have one monolithic political North dominated by the wandering Fulani tribe. IPOB by successfully uniting all the people of the Eastern region and Mid-West, has brought this terrible era of Fulani divide and rule internal colonisation in the Middle Belt and South to an end.

“In this season of goodwill we call on our people who wish to come home from abroad to do so because there will be no hiding place for any criminal in uniform or their informants that may seek to bring harm to our people. Biafraland is peaceful and will continue to remain so until Biafra independence is duly and finally restored.

“Nigeria government and her security operatives will be compelled in due course to dismantle all their extortionate Police, Army, Road Safety, Customs and Civil Defense Corps checkpoints along major roads into Biafraland. Nigeria Army and Police should take their security checkpoints to the north where there is raging Fulani induced insurgency and soldiers are being slaughtered like animals.

“Also the dictatorial and lawless Nigerian government must stop their usual killing, abduction, intimidation and humiliation of commuters during this festive period as every death, disappearance or abduction of any Biafran will attract a commensurate response from the public.”


21 Days: Group Gives Buhari Ultimatum To Reverse Anti-poor Economic Policies

The Save Climate and Democracy Naija Coalition has issued a 21-day ultimatum to President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately reverse all anti-masses economic policies.

A statement by the group co-signed by Ayo Ademiluyi and Kunle Wiseman Ajayi called for a strategic meeting with the labour movement to discuss an all-encompassing strategy to defeat attacks on living conditions and democratic rights.

The statement reads, “We hereby issue a fresh 21-day ultimatum to the Major General Muhammadu Buhari-led regime to reverse all anti-poor economic attacks including but not limited to Value Added Tax hike commencing on January 2, 2020, which shall cease and dissipate on January 8, 2020 failing which from January 9-16, 2020 which shall embark on a week-long occupation and mass protest.

“This is in commemoration of the eighth anniversary of the January 2012 mass uprising which took place from January 9 to 16.

“We condemn the plausible argument of the Major General Muhammadu Buhari-led regime that the increase in fuel subsidy costs necessitate the increase in Value Added Tax.

“We view this argument as the reality is that fuel subsidy is inexistent. We hereby give notice that any attempt by the Major General Muhammadu Buhari-led regime to increase fuel price in 2020 will be resisted with mass action.”


Violence in Aguda, surulere.

A gun battle is currently going on in Aguda, Surulere, as tension between rival cult groups got out of control.

Residents report heavy gunfire around Pako, Yeside, and Cassette bus stop in Aguda. They say the streets and major roads have been taken over by hoodlums. Massive looting is also taking place at Aguda market.

According to reports, the tension has been going on for days but it reached a fever pitch this morning and erupted in violence.

People have been warned to avoid that area and residents are reportedly staying indoors to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

See tweets below.

Violence erupts in Aguda, Surulere, as rival cult groups engage in gun battle

Violence erupts in Aguda, Surulere, as rival cult groups engage in gun battle

Violence erupts in Aguda, Surulere, as rival cult groups engage in gun battle

Violence erupts in Aguda, Surulere, as rival cult groups engage in gun battle

Violence erupts in Aguda, Surulere, as rival cult groups engage in gun battle

Violence erupts in Aguda, Surulere, as rival cult groups engage in gun battle

Violence erupts in Aguda, Surulere, as rival cult groups engage in gun battle