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[Album] » Tope Alabi – Hymnal Vol. 1


Gospel iconic singer/minister, Tope Alabi releases a new body of work titled “Hymnal Vol 1”. After celebrating her 50th birthday on October 27, 2020 and successfully concluding The 5o Days Golden Praise to celebrate her Golden Age, the gospel singer fills our soul with this masterpiece project.

Year: 2020

Song: N/a

Artist: Tope Alabi

Album: Hymnal Vol. 1

Feat: N/A


Tope Alabi, also known as Ore ti o common, and as Agbo Jesu is a Nigerian gospel singer, film music composer and actress.Tope Alabi was born on 27 October 1970 in Lagos State, Nigeria to Pa Joseph Akinyele Obayomi and Madam Agnes Kehinde Obayomi.... 




MP3: Dunsin Oyekan – I’ll Be Here | Gospel

Renowned Nigerian Gospel song artist, Dunsin Oyekan has returned with another masterpiece worship track titled “I’ll Be Here.”

Year: 2020

Song: I’ll Be Here

Artist: Dunsin Oyekan

Album: N/A

Feat: N/A





MP3: Ayo Alabi – A Friend (ft. Tope Alabi) | Gospel

Ayo Alabi who is the Daughter of the renowned gospel minister, Tope Alabi has featured her mother on this new praise and worship song titled ‘A Friend.’

A Friend by Ayo Alabi and Tope Alabi talks about God being the one and the most trusted friend which everybody can rely on.

Year: 2020

Song: A Friend

Artist: Ayo Alabi

Album: N/A

Feat: Tope Alabi


ft tope alabi




MP3: Tim Godfrey – Calling | Lyrics

Ace Nigerian Gospel song artist, Tim Godfrey shares a brand new gospel song titled ‘Calling‘ with a befitting music video.

Year: 2020

Song: Calling

Artist: Tim Godfrey

Album: N/A

Feat: N/A



[Verse 1]

How many Times
You keep Calling my name
Back to You
How many Times
I keep going my way, Far from You
How many times,
Do I go against Your will, JESUS
How many times,
You keep Forgiving, JESUS

But, You keep waiting,
Waiting for me
Waiting, Waiting for me
You keep waiting,
Waiting for me
Waiting, Waiting for me


I’m running, running
Running back to You
I’m running, running
Running back to You
I’m running, running
Running back to You
I’m running, running
Running back to You



Nigerian Gospel Singer Pass Away.

Nigerian gospel musician, voice-over artiste and producer, Yemi Oluwadaisi has passed away.

Late Oluwadaisi was the presenter of ‘How E Be’ with Ododo on Faaji 106.5 FM and also a co-producer and researcher of the morning show ‘Oyela’ on the same station.

Journalist Lara Wise, who confirmed the news on Monday, said that the ‘Araba Nla’ singer died on Sunday.

“I lost a friend yesterday.
I didn’t know she passed
A mutual friend called from Australia to inform me this morning
Yemi Yemi Oluwadaisi
Rest In Peace dear sister.
You have joined the heavenly choir” she wrote.


Sola Allyson – Igba mi tire ni (ft. TY Bello) | Mp3 & Lyrics >> N.Rs


Year: 2020

Song: Igba mi tire ni

Artist: Sola Allyson

Album: N/A

Feat: TY Bello



(8.93 MB)

ft. TY Bello


Igba mi, tire ni (My time on earth belongs to You)
Igba mi, tire ni
Aye mi yi o ma bu ola fun O ni igba gbo gbo (My life will always give You glory)
Igba mi, tire ni

(What ever it is)
Igba mi, tire ni
(Whatever may come)
Igba mi, tire ni
Imole a ma tan si ona mi ni igba gbo gbo (Your light shines on my path always)
Igba mi, tire ni

continue reading lyrics…



COVID-19: Yinka Ayefele did this on stage after coronavirus outbreak. {Photo}

Gospel artist, Yinka Ayefele was spotted recently performing on stage and at the same time preventing himself from the deadly coronavirus.

In the picture, the singer was seen using handkerchief to cover more than half of his face while he was singing at an event. It is obvious that so many people are putting the necessary preventive measures in place, not even our celebrities are left out.


Why I don’t sing Gospel songs – Lynxxx open up.

despite being a born again Christian

Nigerian singer, Chukie Edozien, popularly known as Lynxxx, has said he has not been directed by God to release a gospel song to conform with his new status.

The ‘Fine Lady’ crooner who announced to his fans that he has become a born-again Christian 5 years go, who once declared that it is not a sin to take alcoholic drinks, stressed that he is not a gospel singer.

In a recent interview with Punch’s Saturday Beats, Lynxxx said he is still making hip hop music even though his lifestyle has changed.

He said, “It has been five years since I have been a born again Christian and I’ve never said I am doing gospel music. I am still Lynxxx and I still make good music. The only difference is that my lifestyle has changed. I am not releasing gospel music or album anytime soon because I don’t feel like God has pointed me in that direction. However, expect new music from me.”

Lynxxx also disclosed that he has been spending his time building businesses instead of doing music for now. “For the past five years, I have been building businesses. To be realistic, I cannot bequeath a music career to my children but I can give them businesses I have built for them to inherit. I no longer think about myself alone. Now, I am concerned with building and leaving something for generations to come. If I have been able to sustain myself without making music for a certain period, it means I have been doing the right thing by thinking of more ways to generate income.”He added.

He, however, admitted that music had done amazing things for him. “Music did amazing things for me by putting me in key positions to be able to build further. Everyone needs to understand that knowing someone for something doesn’t mean that is what the person will die doing. If one doesn’t invest in more streams of income, when the music stops selling, how would one be able to sustain oneself? I have a background in business, so for me, it is beyond just music.”


Tope Alabi – Orile Ede Mi “My Country” | Lyrics >> N.Rs Gospel


Orile ede mi Nigeria o
Ilu ibile ta fo ri mi so le si
Abi amo abi dun dun o
Olo oja to re wa
Ni le logo leyin odi
Eduwa lo da o
Lolo oja a rogba rogba o
Gbo gbo omo ton mun mu la ya areh un kpariwo
La shey wun fo wun wa kigbe
Kele dun agba wa
Ka ma fo o ori shokpon

Edumare ye
Ko gbawa ka ma ma shugbun

Alagbara toh di aye mun
Gba wa ti le to kun
Lowo ogun abe le yi

Ko gun ma ja wa
Ko gun ma ja wa ni Nigeria o
Ko gun ma ja wa ni o
Ani ko gun arawa ko ma ja wa be be eh eh
Ko gun ma ja ni o
Gba wa lowo ogun
Iwo lo da wa sinu okpor oro yi o
Ko gun ma ja ni o

Agbara eni o ka aye
Ton gbogbo tun oshele yi to jun sun mi o
Ko gun ma ja ni o
Oye ye wa wey emo wo lu ubo o
Ogo e tile oun la wa yi
Ko gun ma ja wa ka ma jawa ra lokun o
Ko gun ma ja ni o
Ara ati e shon ta
Te fiwa da Eledu wa
Ah gbawa lowo ewukun iya yin por
Ikun loso ogun la ji mu o
Ibon okor ati ada
Eni yon dudu fi rawon shele ya o
Ami fowo ara wa
Shey ra wa o
Lori le de kon sho sho
Afe ki ra wa eh
Iko ri ta ta wa yi
Eledu wa fi fe so wa gbon lo ron o
Eh ekogun ko deyin o

Iko ri ra un lota
Fi wun ja wa o
Ko gun ma ja ni o
Ikpa yin keke
Akpa di ninu aye eh
Layi gun
Ino mu ni eh keke o
Ogun da no gbe ka ri

Ko gun ma ja wa ala bebe o
Ko gun ma ja wa ni o
Ko gun ma ja wa ala bebe o
Ko gun ma ja wa ni o

Ikun kpo dor lo ju agba o
Agba sun kun ani le ni re yin
Ewo lo ja wa bo ti run do jaru
Ofo shey oja ko re ni no o oun
Yea o
Kpate kpate wa bu ta ta
Eshey amo di ya wa kon
Ati eshe ta wa ko mo mo da o
Oun lo da bi ru o
Owo agba gba kun fu eje o
Owo omo de kun fu are kereke
Eh Eleduwa wa gba ni o
Oro orile ede yi
A ole da o la bi o
Towo tinu wa oun lo ko lowa o
Ori awa dudun
Ara wa dudun
Shey kowa ye kinu wa fufun

Gbawa lowo ogun
Ta o fi dara wa o
Ko gun ma ja ni o
Ta ye lun kehinde kpa
Idowu lu alaba shey leshe
Ewo wo ogun ote ti je wa ni ya o
Eledu wa jowo o

Nigeria ka gba wo gbowo
Ka jo be be
Lodo Eleduwa wi kpe
Ko gun ma ja ni o
Ani ko gun ma ja wa ala bebe o
Ko gun ma ja ni o

Things are happening everyday, everywhere
Brothers hurting each other

Killings here and there
I don’t even understand

No fear of God, trust is dead
Love is no where to be found anymore
Otoge, kaye fun ogun moriwa

Ani ko’gun majawa la bebe oh
Ko’gun maja ni o
Awon kan fe fowo si Eleduwa nimu
Won ki ko di orun mu, kawon o d’aye mu
Shokoto ti e fe kese boyi
Ibosi lefeke
Oloro tonwe awure, so fe d’olorun ni o
Ema gbagbe, asiwaju yin de’boji o

Eduwa gbawa oh
Olorun wa gba wa
Wayo Nigeria yi oh
lowo Ogun ton lemo
Gbawa lomo aisododo ese ati aimoh oh
Ko darigi ni oh atuba

Ikorita tawa yi Eleduwa
Fife sowapo loran oh oho oh
Eh eh
Ko’gun kodeyin o


Gospel singer, Esther Osaji wants to empower 500 youths in Kogi

About 500 youths in Kogi state are expected to benefit from the empowerment scheme of popular gospel artist, Esther Osaji.

The artist said she would use her mega musical concert themed “worship untamed” to unveil her plans for youths in the state.

The concert will hold in Lokoja, the Kogi State capital, its Host, Dr. Tobi Bello, said in a statement in Abuja.

The concert is being organised in collaboration with Pastor Alfred Owoyemi-led youth wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Kogi State Chapter.

According to the statement, the musician-turned philanthropist will unveil her empowerment program that will serve as a means to an end.

Osaji noted that evangelism had gone beyond preaching the word alone to empowering people.

Bello said it was important for youths in the country to be usefully engaged.

The statement reads: “When you pray for God’s blessings, it is important for you to be actively engaged in one thing or the other. The Bible said that God will bless the work of your hands. What we plan to do is to ensure that 500 youths are equipped with different skills.

“With the skills, they can work and fend for themselves and God will then be able to bless the work of their hand. It is important to worship and praise God.”

Bello also said the concert would provide opportunity for Kogi people to link up and have a good time with their creator.

“It is time to praise God again in a grand style. This is going to be the biggest gospel concert Kogi has ever seen. Come and worship God,” he added.

Other gospel artists who will be ministering at the concert are: Lord Bishop, David G, Jonas Dan, Yohanna and TAP, Joshua Kings and many others.


Leaving a country to another doesn’t guarantee success – Nathaniel Bassey

Nigerian gospel artiste, Nathaniel Bassey has revealed the secret to becoming a success in a series of tweet that he published on his social media page on Thursday.

The gospel singer reveals that the geographical location of a person does not guarantee success except you are where God wants you to be.

He wrote;

Relocating to Canada doesn’t Guarantee Success. Being where God would have you be is the secret.Ur provision is normally tied to ur divine location & placement. And if it’s Canada, Great. But make sure you’re where God wants you to be & not just following the trend. Blessings..

And let me add that if God says leave Nigeria, staying back here would amount to living outside His will for your life. The key here is being where God would have you be. Even if it’s Iraq.


Tope Alabi react to critics on her dance

Nigerian gospel singer, Tope Alabi has reacted to being called out over her “worldly dance” in a video which went viral on social media.

Some social media users who called out the gospel singer, said she is deviating from who she was 10 years ago.

“This is Evangelist Tope Alabi oo.. What is this world turns to for God sake. The Tope Alabi I knew 10 years ago is totally different from this one. Hmmmm Ogun Esu gbe ‘bon o!”

According to the gospel singer, she was dancing at her father’s burial and people with “spiritual eyes” will understand its meaning.


Tope Alabi attend her dad’s burial in styles (videos)

The final burial of Gospel musician Tope Alabi‘s father, Joseph Akinyele Obayomi, is presently happening in Oshodi, Lagos.

Unlike actress Funke Akindele who chose to shun her dad’s burial, Tope Alabi ensured she participated in all the burial activities of her late dad.

NobleReporters learnt that the late Obayemi was aged 89 and is survived by children and grandchildren.

In celebrating his passing away, Tope Alabi had a wake keep yesterday at 4pm, folowed by a praise night that held between 5:30pm and 11pm.

The praise night was led by gospel singer, Big Bolaji and Tope Alabi herself.

Abraham collapsed during pregnancy
For the wake keep, Tope Alabi and family settled for white native attires, with a gele mix of silver and green, while an emerald lace was used for the praise night.









Singer Sinach dedicates her son in church in the mid week

Gospel singer Sinach and her husband Joe Egbu dedicated their daughter in church on Wednesday, February 12, 2020.

Joe Egbu took to Instagram to share photos from their child’s dedication.

He wrote: “I wish I can increase the Paternity Leave. Our baby was dedicated to JESUS CHRIST yesterday.”

Sinach and her husband dedicate their child in church during mid-week service

He added in another post: “Our baby went to Church yesterday. Glory to God.”

Sinach and her husband dedicate their child in church during mid-week service

Sinach also posted about her child’s dedication, writing: “I think happiness can sometimes overflow and you can only be grateful forever and just say thank You Lord! #mypreciousgirl Thank you to our friends and family that came out to celebrate with us.”


Busola, Timi Dakolo pledged remembrance to late Eric Arubayi jnr.

Late West Africa Idol star and top Nigerian gospel artiste, Eric Arubayi jnr., who died in 2017 at the Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara, aged 34, is being remembered today by celebrity couple Timi and Busola Dakolo.

Timi shared a photo of Eric and penned the caption below on his behalf:

Hey soldier, I miss you every time o.still doesn’t make sense at all but are we are still holding it down on this side,Saving some aproko for you for later. And your boy Jayden is a guy man like you, Nonso is a strong woman. I love you forever Eric Arubayi.

Busola Dakolo also wrote:

I remembered you a lot yesterday. My dear friend and brother keep living.
Eric Arubayi lives on.

The deceased took ill after taking an expired drug meant to treat his malaria and typhoid ailment.

Eric, a son of a former Vice-Chancellor of the Delta State University, Eric Arubayi, was a popular worship leader at the House on the Rock Church in Lagos, who shot into limelight after he emerged as a finalist at the West African Idols in 2007. He launched his debut album, ‘Redefined’ in 2011 in Lagos.

The late singer tied the knots with a former model, Chinonso, in 2016 and the union is blessed with a son.

Timi Dakolo


Busola Dakolo



When I sing, I sing with so much authorities that people get healed – Seyi Weli

Talented gospel singer, Seyi Weli, has a passion for inspiring and encouraging people through her music.

Coming from a musical family, she sang in church choirs from elementary school through to university. For over a decade, she was an active choir member and worship leader in Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Fountain of Love, Scotland, United Kingdom. She has supported fellow church members as a backup vocalist for their albums and was a member of Sound of Many Waters, an interdenominational and multicultural gospel band also in Scotland.

In this chat, the Chartered Engineer and mother of two, who recently released two singles, Agidigba and Victory, talks about her music career and other issues.

Could you tell us briefly about yourself?

I am Seyi Weli, a wife, mother and a gospel musician. I am also a Chartered Engineer.

What is an engineer doing in music?

I am a singing engineer. I am actually doing the work of God through music. It is something God has called me to do, so I see it as a privilege to minister and to lead people in worship.

What kind of engineer are you. Are you a civil, electrical or mechanical engineer?

I am a Safety Engineer.

What does a safety engineer do?

We take care of people in danger, like fire victims and all.

How exactly did you receive your musical calling?

I grew up in a music family. My dad was a music director, so that already got me into doing music.

You were a choir member, did you play any musical instrument or you just sang?

As a child, I used to play piano but I lost it due to other things that occupied my time. But then, I am getting it back little by little now. My daughter is learning how to play piano, so I am learning with her.

What inspired Agidigba, your first single and what year was it released?

Agidigba was released August last year and the video dropped October 2019. Agidigba is an Afrobeats gospel song, which reflects on the greatness and goodness of God. The song is a re-commitment to God. It’s also a way of showing how big God is. It came on my way back from one of my business trips, and I was thinking of where God has taken me to, looking at all the challenges. I was just reflecting on the past and the song came.

What of your other song, Victory?

Victory came during a time I was going through a challenge, and my father was also ill. But through it all, God gave me the assurance that ‘I have my victory’. In whatever you are going through, if you’re believing God for a child, marriage or a job, believe that Jesus has the final say. When the time is right, he will do it. He makes all things possible in his own time.

This sounds like a testimony. Did you wait long before you had your child?

No, I didn’t wait long. I actually had my child a year after I got married, but it’s just that there were things I was expecting from God. So, that was my own waiting period and God came through.

Between Agidigba and Victory, which is your favourite?

Both of them have different messages but I think I love Victory a lot because of the time it came, and the way the song helped me through (difficult times). For Agidigba… it’s so hard to say that I love one song more than the other, but I love Victory, most especially, the visuals.

You’ve been a Christian from childhood, when exactly did you have that turning point in your life?

I remember vividly that I was 13-years-old when I got baptised by the Holy Spirit. I went for a youth event here in Nigeria and before I knew it, the power of the Holy Spirit came upon me and I found myself on the floor, and seriously, that was a turning point for me.

Is your husband also an Engineer?

Yes, he is.

A Safety Engineer as well?

(Laughter) Yes.

How did you meet your husband?

My husband was a friend to my elder brother, but I didn’t know him because he moved to Scotland for a new job. He contacted me on Facebook and the rest is history (laughter).

Did he propose to you through Facebook?

No! I wouldn’t have accepted that. He proposed normally. He met with my parents after three months we started dating. He knew what he wanted and went for it straight away. I went into deep prayers that until I hear from God, I would not accept his proposal, and then God gave me multiple signs. Since then, I have no regret marrying him. Yes, God has blessed me with this great and supportive husband, though we had a time in our relationship when I was waiting on God.

As a pretty woman and an artiste, how do you cope with pressure from men?

Thank God, I don’t really face such things. But if it happens, I will tell them that I am a mother and a wife. It will be nice if people respect the fact that somebody is married and let them be. I would like to advise men who approach married women for love to refrain from such act. Do not break marriages and homes, because when marriages are broken, it affects the children and society as a whole. And for women in such circumstances, stand firm, do not disrespect yourself. Tell the person that you are married and the person would back off.

Some entertainers are facing difficulties in their marriages, what advice do you have for them?

Christ should be the foundation of your marriage in the first place. The entertainers should first make sure that they get the assurance and leading from God. I believe anything established by God will stand. So, they should take out time to seek God’s face and His direction so that when storm comes, they will run to God and say ‘God, you are the one that asked me to go ahead in this union’ and He will be there for them.

As an artiste, which was the biggest stage you have performed?

The biggest stage I have performed was the Festival of Life in Scotland, which is similar to the Holy Ghost Congress here in Nigeria. They have one in London and also in Scotland, which houses about eight thousand people. I wish to perform at The Experience. I do watch it online in London and I am so proud of what Pastor Adefarasin and his team are doing. So, it will be a great honour to perform on that platform.

Whenever you perform, what kind of feedback do you get from people?

People do come to me and say they are blessed. I have also had a testimony of healing during my ministration. It’s something God has spoken about, and to see it come to pass is fulfilling. It’s very humbling for God to use this small me. For me, it’s a privilege and I am not taking it for granted at all.

What advice would you give an up and coming artiste who aspires to be like you?

I will tell them to rely on God only, because if you rely on man, he will fail you. God can’t fail you. When He lifts you up, He will sustain you and keep you higher. Networking is also important. So, do it well but never say this is the person that will take you there, it’s God that will take you there.

Who would you say has mentored you?

My dad and my pastor, Chris Gbenle, he’s the head pastor of our headquarters church. And also Pastor Alex Omokodu, his family has been supportive.

Who among the local and international gospel artistes has influenced your music?

I like Sinach, Mercy Chinwo and Nathaniel Bassey. On the international scene, I love Don Moen; he’s a legend when it comes to gospel music.


Ema – You No Dey Use Me Play (ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu)| N.Rs Gospel >> Mp3

🎶 Click below to download MP3



ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu


You carry me
When some carry their God
You feed me, Lord,
When some feed their God
You fought for me
When some fight for their God

You no dey use me play oh
Na Na Na Na Na Na
You no dey use me play oh

You carry me
When some carry their God

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You feed me, Lord,
When some feed their God

You fought for me
When some fight for their God

You no dey use me play oh
Na Na Na Na Na Na
You no dey use me play oh

Osinachi Nwachukwu (Igbo)
Ikum naka
Mgbe ndi ozor ku chi ha na aka
Ina azum dika aturu
Mgbe ndi ozor na enye chi ha nri
Inahu ekwe ka ihere me npuru obi mo
Eze ndi eze onweghi chi di ka gi

Obu gi bu chi na agbanwe onodu nile
Oke mmanwu na eti onwe ya
Ibu ogbara nkiti oku biri na onu ya

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Eze ndi eze
Okwa gi bu epekue dike obilie megharia aru
Chi na edobe ogbuba ndu
Onweghi onye dika gi

Odighi okwu obula
Nke ana adihu ikwupu na aha gi ebibi
Ikwesiri ekele mu eh
Nnam kam bulie aha gi elu

Life Giver
Life Changer
The covenant keeping God
Destiny Helper
Mountain Mover

The covenant keeping God
Life Giver
Life Changer

The covenant keeping God
Destiny Helper
Mountain Mover (x3)

The covenant keeping God
Covenant keeping God
Covenant keeping God (x5)

Na Na Na Na Na
You no dey use me play oh (x4)