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Fahim Saleh: Former P.A to late Gokada CEO apprehended


The Personal Assistant to Fahim Saleh, who founded the Nigerian ride-sharing app Gokada, was arrested on Friday in the shocking murder of the 33-year-old tech entrepreneur in his Manhattan apartment, Noble Reporters Media reports.

Saleh’s body was found dismembered and decapitated in his luxury condo on Tuesday, New York police said.

The suspect, identified by the Times as Tyrese Devon Haspil, 21, is expected to be charged in the murder, NYT said citing two officials briefed on the matter.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the New York Police Department disputed the report.

“Last I was told, we don’t have anyone in custody,” police spokesman Sergeant Vincent Marchese said by phone.

“There is no arrest. I don’t know where they’re getting the information from.”


Fahim Saleh: Gokada CEO death cause ‘revealed’


After the gruesome murder of Chief Executive Officer of Gokada, Fahim Saleh, the reason why he was brutally murdered has been revealed.

It is now believed that he was killed by an assassin in a “financially motivated” operation.

Before his death, Saleh was sued by a former prison guard turned criminal who was jailed for using his app PrankDial to secretly record and listen to employees’ phone calls. The app allowed Kirk Eady, the former deputy director of Hudson County Correctional Facility, place a call between two employees without them knowing he was behind it, then listen to whatever they said.


He listened to their complaints about him and about their jobs then retaliated against them in the workplace, according to prosecutors. Eady who was jailed for 15 months, sued Saleh for fraud in 2017, claiming the app made him think what he was doing was legal.

NRM reported that Fahim was killed by a professional who rode with him up in the elevator then got out when it opened directly onto Saleh’s apartment. The killer, dressed in a mask, gloves and hat and wearing what police sources described as a ‘ninja outfit’, had a suitcase with him – presumably to remove his remains when he’d finished the job.

The killer was said to have abandoned the scene and escaped midway into the operation when Saleh’s sister showed up unexpectedly. He reportedly left his electronic saw behind.

Noble Reporters Media reported that police sources said;


“He used a stun gun to incapacitate Saleh before murdering him.

Fahim Saleh

“He was dressed like a ninja, full out, so you can’t even see his face. He clearly knew what he was doing. We think his intent was to get rid of the body parts and go back and clean it up and make it look like nothing happened. He left before he finished the job.”

Police found that Saleh’s legs below the knees and his arms had been removed, with the missing body parts placed into bags. Surprisingly, there was very little blood.

Noble Reporters Media reported that some effort had been made to clear up evidence. Cops are now trying to work out whether the arrival of the victim’s sister interrupted the dismembering of Saleh’s body.


Fahim Saleh: ‘Gruesome’ – Nigerians react to death of Gokada CEO


Nigerians have mourned the late Saleh Fahim, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ride-hailing service, Gokada, describing his death as gruesome.

Saleh was said to have been dismembered with his decapitated remains found at his apartment in Manhattan’s Lower East Side on Tuesday afternoon.

The company confirmed his death in a series of tweets on its handle on Wednesday morning, describing the late Saleh as an inspirational leader.


“Our hearts go out to his friends, family, and all those feeling the pain and heartbreak we are currently experiencing, here at Gokada,” the company said.

Since the news of Saleh’s death broke, some Nigerians have taken to the social media platform, Twitter to condemn the killing.

Fahim Saleh, the late Gokada CEO. Photo: Instagram@Fahims

According to some of the Twitter users, he contributed immensely to the country’s transportation sector and was an inspiring young man.

Others lamented the manner of his death which they say is devilish and prayed God to grant rest to his soul.

See Reactions Below;


Fahim Saleh: Gokada CEO assassinated in New York


Fahim Saleh, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of ride-hailing company, Gokada is dead.

He was said to have been dismembered with his decapitated remains found in his apartment on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, New York on Tuesday afternoon.

However, his dog, Laila, was found alive in the house at 265, East Houston Street near Suffolk Street.

The company confirmed his death in a series of tweets on its handle on Wednesday morning, describing the late Saleh as an inspirational leader.


“We are deeply saddened to inform you about the sudden and tragic loss of our founder and CEO, Fahim Saleh. Fahim was a great leader, inspiration and positive light for all of us,” the tweet read.

Fahim Saleh, the late Gokada CEO. Photo: Instagram@Fahims

“Our hearts go out to his friends, family and all those feeling the pain and heartbreak we are currently experiencing, here at Gokada.

“Fahim’s vision and belief in us will be with us forever, and we will miss him dearly. Thank you for understanding as we get through this.”

It added that further updates about his death will be revealed as events unfold.


“Forever in our hearts,” the company added.

Saleh’s headless and limbless torso was seen in his swanky Manhattan condo on Tuesday with an electric saw lying close to his body.

According to the New York Police Department (NYPD), contractor bags were found close to the torso but the cops did not open them to know if the body parts were inside.

Detectives were waiting for fingerprints and forensics tests on the body, the police said.


Okada/Keke Ban: Oride, Gokada has no right to operate – Lagos Deputy Governor

Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Obafemi Hamzat, has claimed that motorcycle hailing companies came into state for visit.

Hamzat, who spoke on an interview with Channels Television, said the state never gave approval for their activities.

He also restated that motorcycles and tricycles were banned to curb crime rate and decrease road accidents.

He said, “The truth of the matter is that Okada is becoming an avenue to perpetrating crimes. And we cannot wait until a major disaster happens. We knew what happened in Kano State some years back when the Emir of Kano was attacked through this means of transportation. Our lives are important.

“Some of them had knives and guns. If you are interested in riding Okada, why do you need a knife or a gun? Not every one of them but those who had the weapons on were arrested. The ban is majorly about security and safety.

“Data from the 27 general hospitals in the state indicated that on the average monthly, we record 28 deaths related to Okada. So, we cannot as a government let this continue. In the last two to three weeks since the ban, the accident rates have reduced from 28 to 7. So, if we saved 21 lives, is that not important? So, this is about saving lives.

“We did not endorse Okada ride-hailing operators in Lagos. Anybody can come on a courtesy visit. They actually came on a courtesy visit and we told them clearly that there is a law regulating Okada operations in Lagos. But that is not an endorsement; it was just a courtesy visit.

Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Obafemi Hamzat

“The most populous areas of the state are not even affected. The most populous areas are Alimosho Local Government followed by Mushin, followed by Kosofe, followed by Oshodi/Isolo. So, people can do their businesses. All we are saying is, don’t ply the major roads, the bridges because it is not just safe and it is also a way for criminals to act.

“Okada riding is not a job that most people want their children to do but the economic situation forced them to do it and now we are saying, let’s give them better alternatives; let us get people trained to do welding and other vocations.”


Lagos Gokada rider: I earn N600k monthly

A female Gokada rider has revealed the staggering amount she is potentially earning daily, working as a gokdada rider. She was among the many Riders of Max and Gokada, motorbike hailing services, that steppped out to protest against the ban on okada in several parts of Lagos state.

Speaking to Newsmen during the protes, the Gokada rider who claims to be a student of one of the polytechnics in the country said that she makes about N20,000 daily from being a rider with Gokada.

Lagos state government earlier announced its decision to implement the ban on okada and tricycle taxis in 15 local councils from February 1.