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Aloma of DMW shade wizkid’s birthday gift of wrist watch to his manager, another analysts, called Mike said it is fake.. show us how the original RM55 looks like. (Photos)

Analysts on Social Media are calling out Wizkid for buying a fake Richard Mille wristwatch for his manager, Sunday Are.

Recall we brought you reports about how Wizkid’s manager, Sunday Are turned a year older, and to thank him for a job well donw, Wizkid bought him a Richard Mille wrist watch worth $200,000.

After the report went viral, many folks on Social media, claiming analysts are saying the watch is fake!

@Junimill1 tweeted; “I asked my self. How can som1 dat doesn’t even take care of his kids and babymama spend 70 million on a watch he didn’t even buy for himself? Why should wizkid claim to buy a RICHARD MILLE watch for his manager? Bcos DAVIDO bought it for himself?? Lol D watch is not brand new.”

Aloma, a member of DMW’s camp also threw shade at Wizkid!

Another ‘analyst’ identified as Mike, @michaelhermann_, a Richard Mille Expert gave details as to why the Watch is fake, wrote; “RM55 don’t have that bezel case color at all. The skeleton movement is much smaller and the dial makers are longer”
Mike also shared what an Original RM55 looks like!

BBNaija: Nina Tweets, Says.. I am not the naive Nina you used to know, Come to me with your shit and I will feed you with it.

Nina in a tweet which served as a warning to those that underrate her said she is still being mistaken for the little naive Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate.

The reality show star who stated that she is no longer at the receiving end, added that she now serves people whatever they give her

Nina tweeted “I guess I’m still being mistaken for that naive Little Nina in Bbn that can take anyone’s shit …. Come to me with your shit I will feed you with it”

True Love Indeed As Teddy A And BamBam’s Wedding Photos Pops. (Video)

Our favorite Big Brother Naija 2018 couple, Bamike Olawummi (Bambam)and Temitope Adenibuyan (Teddy A), officially had their white wedding in Dubai.

The white wedding was attended by family, friends, Big Brother Naija stars and celebrities.

Here are the first photos and videos of the newly wedded couple.

Insta video•



Record Breaking Tonto Dikeh Deported From Dubai . (Details..)

Tonto Dikeh visit to Dubai has been cut short after she was deported from the city.
Report emanating from Dubai has it that Tonto Dikeh has been deported after she got into a brouhaha with a security guard because she was denied entry into “One Music Fest” event centre.

According to report, the actress was involved in an altercation with a security guard after she was denied entry into an event.

Read the full report below;

On Friday night (November 15th) at an event in a hotel in Dubai,Instagram drama queen Tonto got into an exchange of words with the security at the entrance and before anyone could say Jack,the brouhaha had escalated into one which involved the Police and arrests being made…

According to sources ,Tonto arrived the venue of the event and the security refused to allow her in while others walked pass her into the event ..Tonto got upset and the sources who say she appeared high on something launched a verbal attack on the security guard and her two friends Timi and Bob shifted to the side when they could not stop her or control her….

Relationship Expert, Okoro Blessing Gets It On Her Head With Ifu Ennada As She Threatens To Reveal Her Dirty Secrets One Day.

There is yet another brewing fight on Instagram and it is between relationship expert, Okoro Blessing and Ifu Ennada.

Okoro Blessing accused the reality show star of “having a sharp mouth and trolling” over an undisclosed issue. She also warned that she is an extremist and will definitely come for Ifu Ennada one day with all dirty facts about her being put out.

I will come for you one day and I will put out dirty facts about you - Okoro Blessing tells Ifu Ennada as they clash on Instagram

However firing back at the relationship expert, Ifu Ennada dared her to put out dirty facts she claims to have about her. She further alleged that she made a “mistake” and everyone now wants to ride on the wave.

This is coming after Ifu Ennada apologized after chats in which Alex sought her advice after Yvonne Nelson asked her not to work with a certain stylist, leaked an went viral on the internet.

The reality show star was accused of leaking the chats all in a bid to bring down Alex but she has since denied it stating that she was careless with her phone and someone she trusted leaked it.

BiodunFatoyinbo: OMG! See how Busola Dakolo Reacted To Court’s Order, Says Coza Still Not Declared Innocent Yet. (Read Details..)

Busola Dakolo has reacted to the decision of the High Court of the Federal Capital Terriroty Abuja to dismiss her rape case against the Senior Pastor of COZA, Biodun Fatoyinbo.

In a statement released this evening, Busola expressed her reservations over the court’s decision.

Read her full statement below•

I have just been briefed by my lawyers on the court’s ruling in the matter before it pertaining to my stand against injustice represented by the reprehensible actions of Mr. Biodun Fatoyinbo and, in light of the present and anticipated inquiries from friends, family and well-wishers, it is pertinent to convey my sincere reaction to said ruling.

When I set about confronting one of my biggest fears and a horrible experience from my past, the first hurdle was finding the confidence to. Victims usually do not find a place for their voice, certainly not in our deeply conservative country where might is right and a virtue while innocence is a licence for abuse and disregard. I had no illusions about the herculean task before me in not only openly confronting the man behind the mask but seeking remedy and sanction against him before the court.
I set out to ease the hurt, the sense of shame and abuse, the nightmares and traumas not by securing judicial victory only but by boldly sharing my story and calling out my transgressor robed in the vestiges of clerical power and pretence. I understood and accepted that by voicing out I was silencing the screams in the night.

Ever since my story broke, the reactions were mixed but largely comforting. I noted that otherwise hushed victims of rape and sexual abuse were taking a cue from my stoicism in the face of ridicule and opposition and sharing their equally appalling stories. It is in this response that my victory was sealed, in knowing that one woman’s boldness could encourage others and challenge the institutionalized silence and the repression of the victim’s narrative by a culture of guilt-tripping, stigma and an inexplicable clamour to make irrational excuses for sexual offenders.

Even so, there is much to be said about what transpired in court. In the court’s wisdom, my legal action is statue barred and that means the time has passed within which I could or should have initiated the suit.
The substance of the suit which is my allegations of sexual abuse leading to emotional distress on my person against Mr. Biodun Fatoyinbo has neither been entertained by the court nor ruled up

The substance of the suit which is my allegations of sexual abuse leading to emotional distress on my person against Mr. Biodun Fatoyinbo has neither been entertained by the court nor ruled upon. I believe that the effect of the injurious claim is a continuous one that transcends time and place.

This has only made me to wonder more what a country we have? I was particularly surprised at the hearing of the case when the court said the file was missing and later when the court said my own processes cannot be found and finally the case is out of time. This only shows that we have a lot to address to bring sanity to our country.

Today, I am glad that my voice is not silenced and this is victory for me. I must encourage every woman out there to keep the pace and never stop voicing out against the evil of rape and sexual abuse. Do not be dispirited by today’s court decision.

No judgement has been made declaring the innocence of Mr. Biodun Fatoyinbo. It must be stated that while our experience have a shared theme, the circumstances are different. We must not give up for our victory lies more in finding our voice than anything else.

I thank my dear husband for his continuous support, friends, our legal team and all who have been standing with us on this as I assure you all I am very fine.

Thank you.

Envy and Comparing Yourself To Others Is A Slap In The Face To God – Actress Adesua Shared.

Nollywood star actress Adesua Wellington-Etomi has shared a word of encouragement to her fans and followers.

Taking to Twitter, the Nollywood Sweetheart shared a piece of advice to encourage her fans and to remind them on the dangers of jealousy.

Recall that the actress took down her social media accounts in hopes of taking time off just for herself and her family.

The actress recently logged back into her social media and is ready to take on all it means to be a celebrity, including motivating her fans.

On Twitter, she wrote: “Jealousy…Envy…comparing yourself to others are not only thieves of your Joy but are also an absolute slap in the face to God that has been so good to you.”

10 weird habits women possess that men seems not to understand.

Let’s take a look at these so called weird habits that you might not understand.

1. Getting angry but refusing to address the issue

Sometimes I want kubembelezwa before I tell you what has made me angry. Sometimes I expect you to know why I’m upset. And other times if I opted to speak up, I (or you) might regret it.

Solution: Just apologise. If you’re lucky I’ll eventually explain the origin of my anger.

2. Making a big deal out of small things

It could be that I’m hormonal or that I’m upset at someone and you happen to be the one I take it out on. Or you wronged me in the past, we didn’t address it, and now you’ve pushed me to the wall.

Solution: Just let me vent. Most times I will feel better afterwards and go back to my angelic self.

3. The ‘Do I look fat in this?’ trap

The answer to this question is and will always be no. Even if I do look fat, tell me the dress is okay but am I 100% comfortable in it. Chances are I’m not and I might rethink my outfit.

4. ‘How do I look’, another trap

Never say fine. Try, ‘You look gorgeous, babe’ or such monikers. Fine denotes that I look like any other woman on the street. No girl wants to feel like she looks like any other girl on the street, particularly when she probably spent days picking an outfit and hours getting ready.

5. Acting hormonal

Okay, short biology lesson. A normal, healthy woman has a monthly cycle which is characterised by the rise and fall of certain hormones. This often results in our moods changing sometimes multiple times in a day. So please, don’t tell me that I’m acting hormonal. I know I am. Understand me and either leave me alone or give me a hug depending on which part of my cycle I am on.

6. Getting upset when you compliment another woman

Even though I might have commented on how hot another woman is, you are not allowed to agree with me. I am your woman and you should only have eyes for me. Bonus points if you hug me and whisper, ‘Not as hot as you’!

7. Involving my friends in every aspect of my life

A woman’s friends are like her third eye, ready to point out when she is being dumb or when she has made a boss move. Understand that there will be some of my friends who know everything about my life and what I discuss you with. However, they might know everything about me but it doesn’t mean that I make my decisions based on what they say, dating you included.

8. Reading too much into texts

One worded texts often denote disinterest. I know you might be extremely busy, probably in a meeting with your boss or a potential client, but I expect a lengthier reply. If you can’t write me some good prose there and then, tell me so and then make sure that when you do get free time, you send me a lengthy text.

This also goes for the many questions I might send you. You are required to reply to every section of my message.

9. Sometimes we like it rough, other times handle with care

I once read a post where an old man said that being married to his wife was like spending a lifetime with many different women (or something like that). There will be days or moments when I want a cuddle and to be called darling or baby. And there will be moments when I want you to grab my braids or leave a hicky on my neck.

10. I have nothing to wear but my closet is overflowing

This basically means that I don’t feel inspired by anything currently in my closet. You can help by picking an outfit for me and telling me how much you like me in that dress. That might help. Alternatively, I will just go shopping and add more clothes to my already overflowing closet.

Brother Falz/Pastor Charley: Falz To Team With Charley Boy To Drop New Hit. “Fake Pastor”

Noble Reporters

Singer and popular entertainer Charlie Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, is set to release a new song with comedian, rapper Falz D Bahd Guy.

The duo, according to Charley Boy, are targeting at fake pastors and fake prophets in this new song which is yet to be released.


10 Trending Make Ups In The World. #Exclusive

While sharing a teaser on his official Twitter handle, said, “Every age has its pseudoproblems created by its fake prophets and pseudo-philosophers.

“Fake Pastors Watch-out

“Pastor Charles and Brother Falz

“Coming soon………………”

Charly Boy is widely known for his strong stance on societal issues and governance. He is a co-convener of ‘OurMumuDonDo,’ one of the popular movements against bad governance.

Trained as a lawyer, Falz’s is also known for his philosophical style of music which addresses leadership issues.

His track, ‘This Is Nigeria’ released in May 2018 drew reactions and criticisms from different quarters.

Inspired by Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”, the song features popular human rights activist, Femi Falana who is also Falz’s father performs background vocals on the track.


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Falz in new photo changed his look, blonde his beard.

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Things that you can’t but have in your make up bag to make u…

Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps: Fireboy release release date. See fans’ reactions.

Noble Reporters

Fans react as fireboy disclose release date of his album.


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(Don’t Miss This) Latest Short Men Hair Cut That Will Keep Y…

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Fireboy Alert Fans Ahead His Album, Says ‘Which Of The Songs Will You Listen To’. See Reactions.

Lastly, I Sabi ‘Ke re wa’ pass Yahaya Bello – Dino Melaye.

Noble Reporters

Dino Melaye has once again taken a swipe at the incumbent governor of his home state, Kogi state, Yahaya Bello.

Melaye is currently canvassing for votes in the November 16th rerun election for Kogi West Senatorial district.


Election: INEC Fixes Date For Sen. Dino Melaye’s Rerun.

While speaking at one of his campaign rallies recently, Melaye stated that he is finer than the state governor, taller than him, more educated than him and lastly, ‘sabi ”Kerewa” pass Governor Bello’. Kere wa in local parlance means sex.

Watch insta video;


Watch YouTube video;


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Kogi west senator Dino Melaye’s Election got Dismissed, Court Demands Another file. (Check)

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See full details of defeat as Sen. Dino Melaye says, No Pain, No Tension.

Africans Unite: Burna Boy Set To Set A Show At South Africa. (Details…)

Burna Boy has confirmed rumors of his scheduled performance in South Africa months after weighing in on the recent xenophobic attacks in the country.

In a recent tweet, Burna Boy noted that the show, which is tagged Africans Unite, will be the first of many and also hinted that he will be donating part of the proceeds from the show to victims of xenophobic attacks in the country.


Check out more photos as burna boy thank fans and davido comment on RISKY. (PHOTOS)

“Part of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of Xenophobic attacks by me!” Burna Boy’s statement said in parts.

Recall that SA rapper, AKA promised to wait for Burna Boy at the event and it’ll be interesting to see how the re-union of the one time friends will turn out.


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Burna Boy Becomes The First Afrobeat Artiste To Sell Out the SSE Arena. (Check..)

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Burna Boy has a show in South Africa and AKA has just dared him to put his hands on him. [Check..]

Access Bank Unveils Independence Campaign, set to Splash Cash Prizes on over 30 DiamondXtra Customers Daily

In commemoration of Nigeria’s 59 years’ independence anniversary, Nigeria’s leading retail bank, Access Bank Plc has unveiled a cash incentive campaign tagged “DiamondXtra Independence Splash” to reward over 30 DiamondXtra customers daily with cash prizes.

The campaign is set to run from October 2 to October 31, 2019 and will reward over 600 customers during the campaign period.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony in Lagos, the Executive Director, Retail Banking, Access Bank plc, Victor Etuokwu said the bank introduced the daily rewards promo in commemoration of the country’s independence to give as many Nigerians as possible financial freedom and empower them to fulfil their day to day needs as they celebrate Nigeria at 59.

“The DiamondXtra Independence Splash which is going to run from October 2 to October 30, 2019 is a testimony to our commitment to empower Nigerians financially irrespective of their educational, religious and social status.

For 30 days of celebrating Nigeria at 59, we will be rewarding more than 30 lucky customers daily with cash prizes ranging from, N10,000, N20,000 and N50,000 respectively. This is our own little way of giving back to our loyal customers.

To qualify for the DiamondXtra Independence Splash reward scheme which is open to both new and existing customers, new customers are required to open a DiamondXtra savings account with just N5,000 by dialling *901# or walking into one of our branches to open the account. However, the more multiples of N5,000 both new and old customers save, the higher their chances of winning at the daily draw” Victor concluded.

DiamondXtra is an interest yielding hybrid account which allows deposit of both cash and third party cheques. Hybrid means a combination of both savings and current account features. The DiamondXtra reward scheme has given away over N5 billion in cash and household items to over 15,000 loyal customers over the last 11years. Please click HERE to learn more.