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Gist+: Deported, Poverty Stricken Donation Recipient: Adetutu drag Kemi Olunloyo


London based social media commentator, Adetutu Balogun and self acclaimed investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo have been throwing shades and dragging each other on social media.

Although the cause of their quarrel is unclear, Kemi accused Adetutu of being and APC prostitute. She also added that she buys her fans’ loyalty with giveaways.

“Tutsy is doing an all day giveaway. Trying to buy fan loyalty for followers is real… with open mouth and cold sweat I have no fans, just followers. U come to my page, get your information after I post it and I leave. No giveaways from WizKid, Cuppy, Kemi OlunloyoThe ones that support my work don’t need it.” Kemi Olunloyo tweeted.

Firing back, Adetutu “dragged her by her hairs” by calling her a beggar.


She tweeted…

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones like cancer. While u are begging for N1k from younger generation on SM, l am busy supporting younger generation to build biz & careers. US trained, Canada deported, poverty-stricken N10 donation recipient! At 56!”

“When Hushpuppi baited you to bark like a dog for money… within 24 hours, you are doing “woof woof woof” upandan social media like a chihuahua. Adagba je Raufu, o san ju Ogundeji ba n mugawa!”

“I give, you beg. Investigative beggar. If you want N1,000 let me know.”



BBNaija: Nina ivy complains about her pregnant look.

Reality star, Nina who is reportedly pregnant has taken to social media to complain about her new looks and how pregnancy has changed her.

The light skinned Imo born beauty who got married to her husband by proxy took to her twitter page to complain about her swollen nose, fat face and more.

Nina who is reportedly about six (6) months pregnant shared the below photos and wrote…


Lady narrate how she bought her boyfriend ring to propose but what he did was shocking. {Check}

Lady reveals how she bought an engagement ring for her boyfriend to propose to her only for him to sell it to fix his car.

According to the social media user, Malondi, she bought an engagement ring and gave her man because he had mentioned he couldn’t buy it for her because he had no money, only for him to sell it off and use the money to fix his car.

She took to her social media page to recount the ordeal, she wrote;

I bought an engagement ring for him to propose because he once told me he couldn’t afford to buy one for me. He took the ring, pawned it and fixed his car.
I’m still breathing through the wound!


Nawe uyi Clown Clown face – dont be that desperate, if a man wants to engage u he will make means even when broke….. – @samnyakudya

Dont do that next time, you dont buy a ring for a man, when he wants to propose he will definitely have money to get a ring for you even if it’s a cheap one. – @biife007

But baby… why didnt you want to stay unmarried? How did you think a guy that can’t afford a mere engagement ring would fulfill their patriarchal ordained duties of providing. – @redvelvetcake4

No matter what, dont compel a guy to commit you..be it being pregnant for him or paying your bride price for him or buying engagement ring for him…
Dont even show him you want to be his wife until he shows that he wants you to be his wife. – @NewestBaby

Just nicely ask him to borrow the car just for a day and go to Vaal………your investment would be very profitable – @tmd1195

I’m starting to feel like my ancestors did something wrong cause ive never met someone this kindFace with tears of joy Leave him and live for yourself, you can do much better than him – @uncle_wii


Man beat Granny blue and black after pastor declare her witch.

A man has been spotted flogging his grandmother over alleged claims by a pastor that she is a witch.

The man whose identity is yet to be uncovered as at the time of filing this report, was seen manhandling his grand mother and flogging her without pity.

According to reports, he was doing so to cast demons out of her after his pastor declared her a witch.

A Twitter user known as Sam Itauma shared the video on the social media platform.

Itauma wrote as he shared the clip:

“Can you imagine this man beating his grandmother consequent upon a pronouncement by his greedy pastor that this hapless, poor woman is a witch?

“I hope he hasn’t killed this woman yet.Some pastors with blunt conscience are bent on destroying families to…”


I have become too accessible – Tiwa Savage cries

Nigerian top female artiste, Tiwa Savage has revealed that she is changing her personal info as she thinks she has become too accessible.

Tiwa Savage shared on her social media page;

‘Def changing my personal info. I think I’ve become tooooo accesible’


It is unclear what could have happened recently that would warrant her making this decision but we can only imagine what it means to have your personal info flying around at this time.

Tiwa grew to fame under the management of her ex-husband, Tee Billz who she had a son with before their marriage ended.

She was signed under Don Jazzy’s record label, Mavins Records before she got signed under Universal records. She has steadily been climbing the ladder to success and she is currently one of the biggest artistes in Africa.


Korede Bello learns to be patient

Singer, Korede Bello, who was born on February 29, speaks to TOFARATI IGE about his career and how it feels celebrating his birthday once in every four years

You went off the radar for some time. Did you intentionally take a break from the music industry?

Yes! My short break was intentional and very necessary for my sanity and personal development. I needed time and space to catch my breath and prioritise my health over my work.

What inspired your latest song, ‘Sun mo Mi’?

It was the beat that inspired the song. Usually, I write with my guitar first. But when I started creating this from scratch with Princeton (the producer), I just connected with the rhythm and progression. I would say the song chose me. All I had to do was listen and download.

Is there anything that has changed about your music?

In terms of direction and aesthetics, yes. Everything is more mature and people-centered now. Any style that fits the message I’m trying to pass across works for me.

Some people have labelled you a womaniser because of your lover boy persona. Is that true?

I don’t even know what that word means anymore. I guess when one attracts a lot of female attention and love, they call one a womaniser.

What challenges do you currently face in your career?

My only challenge, as far as I’m concerned, is to make music for as many people that need to hear my message all around the world.

You were born on February 29. How does it feel not being able to celebrate your birthday every year?

I must confess it does make me feel special. I don’t have to feel like I’m getting older every year (laughs). It is truly special to anticipate something for four years. It teaches one a lot about patience and rewards.

What’s the most memorable birthday celebration you’ve had?

All the birthdays I’ve had have been memorable because I had four years to plan for them.

What do you still aim to achieve with your music career?

I aim to connect more people with my voice. I would also like to perform at the biggest venues, as well as support and unveil new talents to the world.

Some people feel you haven’t lived up to expectations career-wise. What’s your reaction to that?

I don’t react to issues, I would rather respond. As for this question, I would let my music answer it.

You were rumoured to be in a relationship with Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla. How true is that?

I think Priscilla would be in a better position to respond to that (laughs).

Do you plan on getting married anytime soon?

Wedding bells are always sounding every Saturday. Perhaps, you have not been paying attention. I even try to put bells in my songs because my name is Bello. If you listen closely to the song, ‘Sun mo Mi’, you would hear wedding bells and hints of a potential wedding.

What qualities would you like in your dream woman?

The only quality that truly matters is a strong connection. A connection with God, herself and with me. Every other thing doesn’t really matter. Besides, a dream woman will always be a dream. I want a real woman.

At this stage of your career, do you have any regrets?

If there are, I don’t remember any. I don’t live in the past or in the future. If one lives in the past, one would be filled with regrets. And if one lives in the future, one would have many worries. However, there are no regrets in the present and that’s where you would find me.

What are the greatest lessons you’ve learnt in the course of your career?

I have learnt quite a number of lessons over the years, including the fact that a star starts to die from the moment it is born.

Also, the purpose of a star is to give life and share light.

Is your contract with Mavin Records still valid? If yes, when would it expire and what are your plans after leaving the record company?

I’m still a ‘Mavin’ and what we have is a mutually beneficial business relationship.


Bryan Okwara expecting first child

Nollywood actor and model, Bryan Okwara and his longtime partner, model Marie Miller are expecting their first child together.

Taking to his Instagram page on Saturday morning, the soon to be father announced the pregnancy with a photo of the former Miss Earth Nigeria happily flaunting her bare baby bump.

He wrote in his caption: “My valentine.

“With a very gentle and beautiful heart. I cant find the words to tell you how truly happy you make me feel. In an imperfect world… you are perfect in every way. You are a blessing to me… and May God continue to bless you and our beautiful child. Amen”


Tonto Dikeh told to rebuild her life

A recent post from Olakunle Churchill, estranged husband of Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh seems to be an indirect shot fired at Tonto.

Churchill has advised his followers to stop looking for a partner, and focus on their lives through hard work and determination.

According to the astute businessman, the right partner will find his or her way to you when the time is right.

The part of his message that really seems like a direct message to her ex-wife, is the part where he advised his followers to focus on rebuilding their lives.

“Stop looking for partner. Focus on your goals and rebuilding your life. The right person will eventually find their way to you,” he said.

See his post below;


NBA legend and daughter laid to rest in private funeral

NBA legend, Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Bryant have been laid to rest in a private funeral which took place yesterday (Feb.11) in Los Angeles.The funeral comes just two weeks after the pair died in a tragic helicopter crash along with seven passengers, Christina Mauser, John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Sarah Chester, Payton Chester, and pilot Ara Zobayan. .

Bryant, 41, and Gianna were on their way to basketball practice when the helicopter they were in crashed, killing everyone on board.
A public memorial will also be held on February 24 at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, where fans will be giving the opportunity to pay their respects.