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Coronavirus: Facebook set to remove fake reports ..

Facebook, world’s biggest social network, says it will start removing false contents aimed at misinforming people about the spread of coronavirus.

In a statement released on its blog, the social media giant said the move was necessary following the declaration of global emergency on the deadly virus by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Thursday.

Facebook stated its support to the ongoing global campaign against the outbreak of the decease would be in three forms.

This, it said, will include: “Limiting misinformation and harmful content, providing helpful information and support, and empowering partners with data tools.”

“As the global public health community works to keep people safe, Facebook is supporting their work in several ways, most especially by working to limit the spread of misinformation and harmful content about the virus and connecting people to helpful information,” the statement read.

“Our global network of third-party fact-checkers are continuing their work reviewing content and debunking false claims that are spreading related to the coronavirus.

“When they rate information as false, we limit its spread on Facebook and Instagram and show people accurate information from these partners. We also send notifications to people who already shared or are trying to share this content to alert them that it’s been fact-checked.

“We will also start to remove content with false claims or conspiracy theories that have been flagged by leading global health organizations and local health authorities that could cause harm to people who believe them. We are doing this as an extension of our existing policies to remove content that could cause physical harm.

“We’re focusing on claims that are designed to discourage treatment or taking appropriate precautions. This includes claims related to false cures or prevention methods — like drinking bleach cures the coronavirus — or claims that create confusion about health resources that are available.

“We will also block or restrict hashtags used to spread misinformation on Instagram, and are conducting proactive sweeps to find and remove as much of this content as we can.”


Bobrisky’s fake death shows the level of Fake News in Nigeria

Fake news is no longer a new topic anywhere. But if we are to keep a keen eye on developments nowadays, we’d understand that perpetrators are starting to use new methods. The conundrum about the death of a Nigerian Snapchat celebrity, Bobrisky, if anything, either brings the tact to light or reemphasizes its menace.

Bobrisky ‘Dead’
At the beginning of the week, a news portal broke that the Nigerian crossdresser and social media sensation, Idris Okunye, popularly known as Bobrisky, was dead.

The fake news was peddled by a Facebook page who many, at the time, believed to belong to African Independent Television (AIT). The report which took social media by a grip said the transvestite passed on at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), after a fatal car crash the previous night.

The “fake news” appears to have been fairly convincing. Both fans and critics made social media, especially Twitter, agog.

It was somewhat easy for most people to believe because the story was reportedly carried by the operator of Free To Air in Nigeria – one of the largest privately operated terrestrial television networks. AIT has stations in twenty-four out of thirty-six states in Nigeria, so it was assumed that professional journalism would be a given.

Other news portals who carried the news referred to AIT as their source, which made the situation even more complicated. With the damage caused by fake news in Nigeria and Africa over the years, it is expected that an organization such as AIT would verify news before publishing.

But Not So Much
It was barely a few hours earlier before the news broke that Bobrisky posted a photo on Instagram. Supposedly coming across the reports of his demise, the closet queen took to social media to discredit the news using rather strong words.

While all fingers pointed to AIT for pushing unverified information, the real truth of the matter appears to have surfaced.

Well, African Independent Television has an official Facebook page with 486 K likes. AIT News Nigeria, who broke the Bobrisky news, has 68K likes, which is a little below bar if considered in many terms.

More interestingly, this second news portal has not taken the post down even after the crossdresser himself debunked it. It is expected of a professional media house like AIT to have done so, on any platform possible.

Also, the official AIT seems to either missed the drama or intentionally paid it deaf ears – perhaps because they absolutely have nothing to do with it. At the time of reporting, the fake remains live on the page, even after all the kerfuffle.

Since no official publication was made by ‘the real’ AIT, then there is hardly any way to associate them with the matter. So, thanks to social media for making the news go viral. In this case, Nigeria’s well-criticized social media bill comes to mind.

Here, there is a strong case of impersonation. The fake news carrier caused an uproar which AIT had to inadvertently absorb. It’s not everyday that such a popular media house would stay quiet about such things.

The Point Is?
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Source: Naijaloaded
A professional view on the matter decries, at the same time, unprofessional journalism and impersonation. Emmanuel Ujiadughele, a news correspondent at Rave 917 FM in Osogbo, Osun State, iterated in an exclusive with WeeTracker, that many media houses are quick to publish without checking their veracity and authenticity.

“No matter how many justifications we put forward, it is both unethical and unprofessional. It is borne out of the desire to be mischievous and drive traffic.

You may want to call it sensationalism but when the news is false, then it borders on mischief. My station has the philosophy of breaking news first but sometimes, we break the news about an hour later because we want to be very sure”.

Emmanuel pleads a compelling case, especially for the other media houses who carried the news with AIT citation. If they had at least checked the activity on Bobrisky’s page or made relevant contact, they would not have been misled.

But again, everyone is supposed to trust AIT, only that this time the media house seems to have nothing to do with it. Noticeably, leading publications such as Vanguard and This Day did not carry the news.

Point Of Significance
Emmanuel, who is also a graduate of Mass Communications, reminds that fake news and misinformation can begin from the top because of the recklessness of media practitioners who latch on to hearsay and grapevines or gossip, and then make it the mainstay of their broadcast.

“The danger inherent is that many people trust these traditional media houses, they just run with the information and consequently, you have a society of misinformed people running around, causing chaos and ultimately throwing the nation into a quagmire.

This is not the first time this is happening. Most times, this impunity occurs because of our lax laws and the fact that a simple retraction and apology often salvages the situation. Until people learn to stop settling out of court and make the culpable media pay, they won’t stop,” he explained.


See crossdresser’s reaction to her death

Controversial celebrity, Bobrisky

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has slammed a report that he died in a car crash last night.

Recall a few hours ago, media house AIT reported that Bob had died in a car crash last night.

According to AIT, Bob died on her way to a party.

Bob, has now taken to social media to react to the news, saying anyone who wishes her dead will be the one to die, adding that she will slay to such person’s burial in all black


Buhari’s second wedding Faker, kabiru gets 3 years imprisonment

Kabiru Muhammad, the alleged mastermind of President Buhari’s fake wedding to a second wife has been arraigned before a Kano Magistrate court.

The suspect was arraigned by the DSS before the court on Tuesday January 14, on a two-count charge of defamation and injurious falsehood contrary to section 392 and 393 of the Kano Panel Code.

Kabiru is currently facing three years imprisonment without fines if found guilty of the charges. It is also speculated that securing the jail sentence will serve as a warning to other social media users.


Man get jailed as new year gift after forging letter.

A Nigerian visa applicant has been handed a jail sentence after being arraigned for presenting a forged letter of invitation to the officials at the United States Embassy in Lagos.

38-year-old Lukman Owolabi Ogunsuada who presented the fake letter to secure B1 and B2 Visa categories, was found guilty of the two count charges of forgery preferred against him by the police at the special fraud unit (PSFU) Ikoyi.

Before the court judgement in the trial which spanned for three years, the convict confessed to editing the original letter of invitation with his phone and inserting his name. Ogunsuada said he thought the embassy officials won’t be able to detect that the letter of invitation was forged.

Chief Magistrate N. A Layeni of Apapa Magistrates Court sentenced Ogunsuada to one year imprisonment or alternatively to a fine of N100, 000 and 200 hours community service in count one of the charge. He was also handed a fine of N20,000 in count two of the charges. The sentence is expected to run concurrently


2 trucks seized by Kano state task force.

…loaded with fake and expired drugs.

The Kano State Task Force on Fake and Counterfeit Drugs has impounded two trucks loaded with fake and expired drugs.

According to statement from the health ministry signed by Malam Ismail Gwammaja, Public Relations Officer of the ministry, the Chairman of the task force and Commissioner for Health, Dr Aminu Tsanyawa, led the hunt for the trucks on receiving an information about them.

It said that the trucks were found in an incomplete building at Unguwar Dabai in Dala Local Government. The statement said that government was committed to curbing the sale and consumption of illicit and fake drugs “especially by youths and women in the state”.

It said that government was strict on its resolve to end the rampant use of the substances and had ordered that the drugs market in Sabon Gari be moved to Dangwauro in Kumbutso Local Government.


Police warns, say Security alert video in circulation fake

Kaduna State Police Command on Friday evening debunked a video circulating on social media showing people dressed in police/military camouflage to kidnap unsuspecting motorists in Kaduna, Abuja, and Lagos.

Police Spokesman for the Command, DSP Yakubu Sabo in a statement said, the video was an handiwork of mischief makers whose intention was to instill fears in the mind of motorists this yuletide season.

Sabo’s statement read in part, “the attention of the Kaduna State Police Command has been drawn to a fake news mischievously fabricated and virally circulated on social media space that “some people dressed in military/police uniforms in Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos to stop vehicles along the roads, demand for particulars and thereafter kidnap their victims”.

“The Kaduna State Command wishes to categorically debunk the fictitious and misleading circulation aimed at causing fear in the minds of peace loving people of the State particularly as we approach yuletide season.

“It is on records that, there was no any report of such incident in Kaduna State and we urge the general public to disregard the video in its totality.

“In view of the above fake social media circulation, the Command wishes to warn the fabricators of such falsehood to desist from sharing messages that are detrimental to security and safety of the State particularly from unverifiable sources, as the Command would not hesitate to deal decisively with any person or group of persons who engaged themselves in such malicious publication.

“The Commissioner of Police, Ali Aji Janga, enjoins the people of Kaduna state to continue to support the Police with useful information which will go a long way in sustaining the peace the state is currently enjoying rather than making fake news and passing inflammatory messages to the gullible populace.

“He equally encourages the Public to use the Command’s emergency lines (08075391105, 07039675856) in times of distress.”


Asia: China Rule Out Fake News Created By A.I.

China has issued new rules banning online video and audio providers from using artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality technologies to produce “fake news.”

The regulation published Friday by China’s cyberspace authority said that both providers and users of online video news and audio services are “not allowed” to use new technologies such as deep learning and virtual reality to create, distribute and broadcast “fake news.”

“Fake news” has been generalised to mean anything from a mistake to a parody or a deliberate misinterpretation of facts.

The rules come into effect on January 1, 2020.

Failure to follow them could be considered a criminal offence, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said, without offering details on punishments.

The rules require videos and audio tracks produced using AI or virtual reality technologies to carry clear labels warning users.

The regulations particularly stressed the dangers of “deepfakes,” or technology that manipulates videos to appear genuine but which depict events or speech that never happened.

Deepfake technologies could “disrupt social order and violate people’s interests, creating political risks and bringing a negative impact on national security and social stability,” the cyberspace authority warned.

Concerns over deepfakes have grown since the 2016 US election campaign which saw wide use of online disinformation, according to US investigations.

China’s top legislative body said earlier this year it was considering making deepfake technology illegal.

A Chinese face-swapping app Zao, which allows users to convincingly superimpose their own likeness over characters in movies or TV shows, led to a heated debate on the abuses of deepfake technologies in September.