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BBNaija’5: Don Jazzy slams those insulting Erica after last night s^x with Kiddwaya


Mavis boss and music director, Don Jazzy has slammed those shaming BBNaija’s Erica for sleeping with billionaire son Kiddwaya on national TV.

According to Don Jazzy, all those shaming Erica and Kiddwaya are hypocrites as they might do worse than what the two did on national TV.

He said those who will use cucumber on national TV are those trying to ‘cancel’ someone who just fell in love with a fine rich boy.

His fans did agree with him saying those slamming Erica and Kiddwaya might even do worse than them.

People that if they leave them they will use cucumber on national tv want to cancel somebody that fell for fine rich boy. Hypocrites. Hisss


BBNaija’5: Singer, Don Jazzy reacts to Lilo’s eviction


Music executive, Don Jazzy has reacted to the shocking eviction that took place in the Big Brother Naija house.

Don Jazzy is an avid follower of the reality show and he took to social media to share his feelings following the eviction of LILO.

Don Jazzy took to twitter to share ;

I’m shocked for LILO

Biggie yaf put asunder oooooo

Biggie we need to see everybody’s vote oooo.

Ebuka revealed earlier to the rest of the housemates that they’ll be voting for the housemate(s) they want to leave the Big Brother house and as such, the remaining safe housemates were given the chance to vote two out of the four housemates who were nominated for possible eviction.

Following the votes of the remaining 16 housemates, Ka3na and Lilo were nominated to be the first housemates to leave the house.


Probe: Don Jazzy reveal why NDDC lost


Mavin Records boss, Don Jazzy has reacted to the probe on the budget of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC.

The music producer stated that the Niger Delta region lost the opportunity to be a model for the nation which the NDDC would have delivered.

This he says is as a result of the corruption of a few.

He shared:

“THOUGHTS ON NDDC: I read through this to know the Senate’s resolution on the back of the #NDDCprobe in the National assembly and so many things come to mind. NDDC’s birth in 2000 during former President Obasanjo’s regime was supposed to right the wrongs made under OMPADEC in the 90s but here we are, still digging the hole we found ourselves after two decades.

“Corruption has now become so endemic in our nation that we pilfer huge public funds with reckless abandon. We like to blame the elite and the govt for the sorry state of the country while so many of us are just waiting for our turns to be in public positions and become rogues. Let’s be clear here – 20 years of NDDC have had many key grassroots’ actors from the Niger Delta region who would supposedly understand the plight of the people. A very great opportunity for this region to be a model for the entire nation was wasted by a few selfish people whose intention was to convert Nigerians’ patrimony to their personal wealth. We keep talking about unimplemented and abandoned projects by unidentified contractors that were not rightly procured.

“Are our consciences so untouched that we continue treading this disastrous path even with the rising poverty level and the dearth of infrastructure across the country? How would future generations of Nigerians feel when they read this history of unabated rot? Ken Saro-Wiwa of blessed memory, lost his life for this region’s cause. If the dead could see after their demise, would he be proud of how things have turned out? NDDC, with this huge financial recklessness over the years, is just one of many government agencies. I can’t even imagine how surprised we would be if many other government agencies are perused this way? This isn’t just sad but also very unfortunate. My people, we have a very long way to go”.


MP3: DJ Big N – Ife (ft. Teni x Don Jazzy) | Lyrics

Year: 2020

Song: Ife

Artist: DJ Big N

Album: N/A

Feat: Teni x Don Jazzy


ft. teni x don jazzy


[Verse 1]

Omo gba gbe oo
Nobody fit to love you like I do
Mi o ba e shere ooo
Nobody fit to come close to you
Shey kin shalaye
The way you make me feel
And you know I won’t lie to you
Ife yi po
Ife yi po ju


Look into my eyes
Shey you see the star
This one be lie
This one no be lamba
No go fall my hand
No go leave me hanging
Standing in the rain
I would be waiting for you



EP: Dr Sid – The Interesting | MP3 Tracklists


Year: 2020

Song: N/A

Artist: Dr Sid [Mavins]

Album: The Interesting

Feat: N/A


MP3 Tracklists



MP3: Dr Sid – That’s Interesting (ft. Don Jazzy) | Lyrics

Year: 2020

Song: That’s Interesting

Artist: Dr Sid

Album: The Interesting [EP]

Feat: Don Jazzy


ft. Don Jazzy



Baby mi je a shere, carry your (?) wole, baby mi je a sere, carry your (?) wole
Baby mi je a shere, carry your (?) wole, baby mi je a sere, carry your (?) wole
Baby mi je a shere, carry your (?) wole, baby mi je a sere, carry your (?) wole

(Chorus – Dr Sid & Don Jazzy)

So you say you go dey if I no carry, you go dey as I no get Ferrari, that’s interesting oh, so interesting oh
You go dey as I no get Bugatti, you go pray and your blessings go cover me, that’s interesting oh, so interesting oh
My baby girl so interesting oh, so interesting oh, you are the only one I go invest in oh eh, I go invest in oh
You dey always dey impress me oh, dey impress



MP3: Mavins – Safe (ft. Don Jazzy x Falz) | Lyrics


Year: 2020

Song: Safe

Artist: Mavins

Album: N/A

Feat: Don Jazzy x Falz

Prod: Don Jazzy

ft. Don Jazzy x Falz




EP: XBusta – 7 Days More | MP3 Tracklists


Year: 2020

Song: N/A

Artist: XBusta

Album: 7 Days More

Feat: N/A


  • Enemy ft. Don Jazzy
  • OK
  • A Place (T.O.T)
  • Check



MP3: XBusta – Enemy (ft. Don Jazzy) | Lyrics


Year: 2020

Song: Enemy

Artist: XBusta

Album: 7 Days More

Feat: Don Jazzy


ft. Don Jazzy




[Nigeria] Don Jazzy Reveal His Respect For Funke Akindele. #WCW

Don Jazzy has applauded actress Funke Akindele-Bello for owning up to her mistake after her faceoff with the Lagos state government.

Recall that the actress and her hubby, JJC Skillz, were arraigned before an Ogba Magistrate court by the state government for holding a house party in their Amen estate home on April 5 despite the social distancing order. Funke acknowledged her mistake and thereafter apologised to Nigerians.

In a post shared this morning, Don Jazzy says he has more respect for her for making such a mistake and owning up to it.

‘‘#WCW I have always admired your talent and hard work but I have more respect for you now as a person. You made a mistake and you owned it. This takes courage and you have shown all of us that you are courageous. As humans, we must make mistakes. Only God is perfect. My prayer everyday is that I don’t make a mistake that will cost me my life or reputation.

You have made yours and the whole world has seen. Thankfully, it didn’t cost you your life or anyone else’s. Just a tiny reputational damage that in my opinion you have already restored because you have paid the price with jara on top. If you dey shame, stop am o, because as TuBaba talk, “nobody holy pass”. I pray that henceforth, you continue to be the good example that you have always been to us all. Amen. One more thing, I don dey act now o. Tenks! #IDJA cc @funkejenifaakindele” he wrote


Don Jazzy gives N100k to old Nigerian woman that offered sex for N500 as lockdown hardship hit her.

Michael Collins Ajereh, Nigerian music producer better known as Don Jazzy, has gifted an elderly woman N100,000 after she had offered sex to any man who could give her N500 to feed herself and her children.

On Friday, Kolawale Atanda Adejojo, a journalist, had shared a touching video of the aged woman making this demand in Igbore, Abeokuta, Ogun state, on his Instagram page.

In the short clip, a man can be heard in the background talking to her in Yoruba dialect as he asked her what she intends doing. She answered, saying she is willing to sleep with any man who gives her N500 to get food for her children.

“You said if you’re hungry, you would do what?,” the man asked. “I will sleep with a man,” she replied.

“Are you still sexually active?,” he prodded further. “Yes I am, I still have a vagina,” she answered.

“You said you will do this for how much?,” he asked again. “I will sleep with any man that can give me N500 to feed myself and my children, look at them over there, they have not eaten this morning,” she replied.

“So you will let a man sleep with you?,” he asked once more. “Yes, it is better than stealing isn’t it?” she retorted.

The video, which had gone viral on Saturday, caught the attention of some sympathetic Nigerians including Don Jazzy, who then sent his contributions to alleviate the plight of the elderly woman.

Don Jazzy would then bless the woman with N100,000 which was delivered through Kolawole.

Old woman in viral video offering to sleep with any man who gives N500 thanks @DONJAZZY for gifting her N100k

Kolawole also posted a video in which the woman confirmed she had received the money. She also expressed her gratitude to the music producer through thanksgiving and prayers.


[Nigeria] Don Jazzy react after Rihanna dance to Rema’s Dumebi

Don Jazzy was so elated after his lifelong crush, Rihanna listened and danced to a song, Dumebi by one of his signees, Rema.

Recall, the Mavin Records boss had earlier posted a photoshopped photo of himself laying on Rihanna.

The music producer finally got to watch the International singer, Rihanna shows off her dancing skills to a song by his very own protege on Instagram Live.

Sharing the video clip, Don Jazzy wrote;

“Father lord when? We getting closer guys lol @badgalriri on that #Dumebi by @heisrema”



Nigeria Singer, Rema thirst of being in relationship, he haven’t found any yet.

Divine Ikubor, Mavin Record’s teenage singer, says he really wants to be in a relationship but hasn’t met the right person.

The 19-year-old trap musician was speaking to City People Magazine about how he has been coping with all the frenzy of activities typical of artistes who make it to limelight at tender age.

Admitting that camera flashlights, meetings, and studio sessions could be confusing, the singer explained that he only has his mother and sister as trustworthy persons with whom he shares secrets.

“I really want to be in a relationship but still looking for the right one. I want to enjoy the peace because it’s really noisy: cameras flashing lights, meetings, studio sections,” he said.

“This whole music stuff is beyond ordinary for me that’s why things are happening differently for me and I am very spiritual from my angle and I don’t do my things the same way as everybody.

“Home is actually my peace. I find peace either in church or home. My own personal space, but yeah! It will be nice to find someone I can share it with, but then, I have not found the right one.”

Speaking on his early days in the industry and how past experiences prompted him to take up music at 11, Rema said he worked sleepless nights that God had no opinion but to bless him.

He said he started considering music as far back as when he was seven but only decided to take it for a profession four years after his politician-cum-publisher father had died.

“I worked really hard for it, having sleepless nights, prayed, gave my seeds, tithes and left the rest for the lord which gave him no other option to bless me,” Rema explained.

“It is actually spiritual how I found myself in the midst of Don Jazzy and everybody in a blink of an eye, everything worked very fast for me. Everything that came to me, I deserve it.

“I’m not the kind of guy to post on Instagram. The only thing people see about me is my music and my studio sessions but a lot is happening behind the screen, a lot of tears, sweat and blood.

“People tend to believe that we over hype, but it’s not over hyping because it’s really happening while some people where sleeping, I was on the road every single night.”


I am tired of Gabon – Singer, Reekado Banks plead Nigerian govt to reopen borders.

Reekado banks has pleaded with the federal government of Nigeria to reopen its border, as he is tired of Gabon.

In a bid to check increasing cases of coronavirus in Nigeria, the Federal Government had closed all land borders in the country.

The government said the border will be closed for four weeks, from the 23rd of March, 2020.

Taking to Instagram moments back, Reekado Banks revealed that he is stuck in Gabon due to the border closure, as he urged the FG to reopen the border, so he could return home

He wrote; “Smiling like everything is okay but deep down , Gabon ti su mi. E ba mi shi border ejo 🙏🏾😪.”


Teni reveal her emotional crush on Mavins boss, Don Jazzy.

Popular Nigerian Singer, Teni ‘The Entertainer’ has taken to her twitter page to reveal that she has an emotional crush on renowned music entrepreneur, Don Jazzy.

Teni, who is also known for her playful personality has made it a habit to tease her followers with her remarks on social media.

Teni’s fans have since reacted from the moment she sent the tweet.

Her words ;

I have an emotional crush on Don jazzy!


Don Jazzy sob as Nigerians beg for financial help on his Twitter handle.

Foremost Nigerian producer, Don Jazzy was in tears after seeing the number of Nigerians that have flooded his social media handles, dropping their account numbers as they request for financial assistance during these trying times.

In a post shared on his Twitter handle, he wrote

I swear scrolling tru my mentions just gets me so sad. I’m in real tears. Account numbers everywhere. And I cant blame them becos if they have enough they won’t ask. This is not even a tweet to bash the govt. How can our lives be better?? Where do we start from?


Rema, Fireboy not my rivals – Joeboy open up. {Read..}

On another thrilling episode of MTV Base Behind The Story, one of the most talked-about names bubbling out of the Nigerian music scene, Joeboy, sat with host, Sammy Walsh.

Born Akinfenwa-Donus Joseph, the singer talked about his childhood, family, music, relationships and his plans for the future.

During the episode, Joeboy revisited places that were pivotal to his rise to the top and talked about the moments that made him. From a very religious family, Joeboy, revealed that his parents were very accommodating when he told them he wanted to do music full time.

The ‘Baby’ hit-maker was encouraged to make this decision because of the high rate of unemployment in the country.

Fireboy DML

Many surprising facts about Joeboy were unravelled in this edition of ‘Behind The Story’, and the singer opened up on how his elder brother’s relationship with 9ice and ID Cabasa sparked his interest in music.

He also revealed that he met Mr Eazi in 2017, through a friend in Europe who sent his song to Eazi via Instagram and how his life has changed since then.

In the episode, Joeboy, who is 22 years old, disclosed that he has been making music since he was 17, but officially went mainstream in 2017.

The singer also gave fans more than a glimpse of his life before his rise to fame and how his life has changed since 2017.

Rema (@heisrema on twitter)

Speaking of relationships, Joeboy revealed that he is a private person, and he is currently in a relationship with many people. On his relationship with other industry new stars, the singer identified Rema, Fireboy and Oxlade as “motivations” rather than competition.

The artist shared some exclusive stories about his Unilag days, the constant pressure on him always to release dope music and the challenges faced by a young artist growing up in the industry.


Don Jazzy Reacts As Rema Show Off His Expensive Car

Mavin Signeee, Rema has shown off his expensive whip.

The young singer who is basking in the euphoria of his success in the music industry, posted a photo of his expensive luxurious car and the social media has been on fire ever since.

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Rema Says He Just Had His First Kiss

While appreciating his fans on his new song Beamer which reportedly has now become the number 1 song in the country, the singer flaunted his car and even his label boss, Don Jazzy had to drop a comment.

Don Jazzy stated that he was not in the middle and that Rema should know what they say about being in the middle – well, it is not obviously clear what Don Jazzy meant with the statement.

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Rema Reveal Where He Do Get His Inspirations From


See how Naira Marley, Toyin Abraham, others reacted to Tiwa Savage’s Bikini [Photos] ..

Nigerian Singer, Tiwa Savage recently sent tongues wagging and fingers typing with a new set of photos she shared on her IG Page.

The ‘My Darling’ singer left her fans drooling on social media after she teased them with beautiful photos of her bikini body.

Tiwa Savage who is obviously out holidaying made sure her fans, as well as celebrity colleagues kept gushing over her body.

Knowing full well her photos would cause commotion, she wrote in the caption ; How many times did you zoom in

On another photo, she wrote ;

“No one watches you more than your haters, make sure you give them a show 😎


2020 Grammy: Wizkid, Davido, Don Jazzy celebrate Burna Boy (see their tweets)..

Burna Boy has done the entire country proud at the Grammys, despite narrowly missing out to Angelique Kidjo on the honour.

After several worthy nominations of Nigerian musicians and expressions of ambition to one day win the gramophone by plenty others, Burna Boy almost achieved the unthinkable. He was in a strong position to be the first homegrown Nigerian to bring the Grammy home at the 62nd edition of the award ceremony.

On the night of the ceremony which was held at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, the entire country stayed up at midnight, rooting for the Nigerian music superstar to become the first homegrown singer to win the highly coveted award. And he nearly did it in style, as he competed for the honour against three-time Grammy winner Angelique Kidjo, as well as Altin Gün, Nathalie Joachim With Spektral Quartet, Bokanté And Metropole Orkest Conducted By Jules Buckley, in the World Music Category.

Burna Boy’s rise to glory had started from his Burn mixtape days, leading to the release of ‘African Giant’, a critically acclaimed album which nearly earned him the ultimate prize. But he respectably lost to music veteran Angelique Kidjo on the night, leaving the hearts of millions of his fans in Nigeria and worldwide, shattered.

His colleagues, many of whom had been touted to be the first to bring the coveted award home, have commended him on a good showing, saying how proud they are and offering words of encouragement.

Davido, sent his early congratulatory message to Burna, saying: “Congrats in advance fam !!!! Big weekend for you ! It’s already yours in Jesus name.“

Don Jazzy had also offered words of support in a series of tweets, writing on his Twitter before the ceremony: “Grammy should better not be unfortunate today.”

Wizkid, who himself has gone close to achieving the honour through his collaboration with Drake, has had this to say in support of Burna shortly before the ceremony “King Burna! Bring it home!”

It has taken Burna Boy four albums, two mixtapes, one EP and several singles – to nearly achieve this feat. His first mixtape, Burn Notice, was released in 2011 but it was his 2018 hit single, ‘Ye’ from his third studio album, ‘Outside’ that exposed him to a global audience.

This loss comes after a very impressive year of winnings for Burna Boy in 2019, in which he won a BET Award for ‘Best International Act’ and ‘MTV: EMA awards for ‘Best African Act.

Juju maestro, King Sunny Ade (1984 & 1999); Afrobeat king, Femi Kuti (2002, 2009, 2011 & 2013) and Seun Kuti (2019) have also all previously gone agonisingly close to winning the Grammy award.

As the accolades deservedly pour in for Burna Boy, he and his peers will relish the chance to work harder towards achieving the honour, knowing fully well that it is indeed, doable.


BBNaija: Tacha finally influence Don Jazzy. #Tacha

Former Big Brother housemate, Tacha Akide popularly known as Tacha has been spotted spending time with musician and boss of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy.

Tacha who recently launched her luxury collection rocked her collection while interacting with the music icon inside a car.

The duo were spotted singing along to popular Nigerian songs and having fun in a Karaoke series the reality star hosts on her Youtube channel.