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James Brown drags BBNaija organizers for doing this…


Celebrated Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown has accused the organizers of trending reality show, Big Brother Nigeria of discrimination.

According to James who expressed his displeasure on his social media handle, revealed that the show discriminates against his people. James opined, the organizers do not accept people of his kind. His post reads ;

“Big Brother does not accept people like us but we live on cheers 🥂”

It would be recalled that, January, the cross dresser made his intention of auditioning for Big Brother Naija season 5 known to reality star and actress, Venita Akpofure.

The duo went live on Instagram and Akpofure said she is going to give him all the support he needs and she prodded him to go for it.

However, if he did audition, and for wasn’t selected which resulted in the post he made


Fine Face, beards, Six Packs and you’re broke – then you’re stupid – Bobrisky says


Controversial Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Okuneye Olorunwaje, popularly known as Bobrisky has taken to his official Instagram page to drag the life out of poor people who are cute.

According to the Yoruba born bleaching expert, a guy is stupid if he has 6 packs and a handsome face but has no money.

The alleged UNILAG graduate made this assertion on his Instagram page.

He wrote:

Fine face, 6 packs,, 6 feet, beards gang etc and you are broke, you are just stupid. I will rather go for some pot belly with some billionaires cash



I’m under pressure to marry but I don’t want to leave my sugar daddies – Bobrisky


Controversial Nigerian born cross dresser, Idris Okuneye Olorunwaju, popularly known as Bobrisky has revealed that he is under pressure from his parents to get married.

The 28 years old Yoruba born bleaching expert took to his Instagram page to share his pain.

Crying out, he revealed that he is not ready to leave the over 10 sugar daddies in his life.

He shared the above screenshot and wrote:


“My parent are waiting for yams and money from my husband family…. Me that have over 10 rich sugar daddies that doesn’t know themselves how will I do it ?”

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that Bobrisky made the rounds days ago after he attended his father’s birthday dressed as a man.

He ditched his nails, wig, high heels, female attire, make up , fake boob and butt pads.

He then went to his Instagram page to reveal why he dumped his female attire.


According to him, he respects his family. He said there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what he wore to his father’s birthday, and it wasn’t necessary to ‘paint his face’ while visiting his father.

After the whole saga, he went on to teach girls how to become a rich side chick. He wrote:

“Now listen up girls. Go get a pen and write dis down. How to become a rich SIDE CHICK

1) Never show or tell anyone who u are fucking

2) you think you have friends ? Naaa you don’t. Don’t ever tell ur friend who is paying ur bills. No matter how close u guys are

3) learn how to keep SECRET. It important because it helps a lot.



Men don’t resist spending on me – Bobrisky


Popular Nigerian cross dresser and alleged gay man, Idris Olorunwaje Okuneye has opened up on why men spend money on him.

According to the Yoruba born bleaching expert, Men spend on his because of his “beauty” not minding his gender.

He even added that men can spend their “last card” (The only money they have) on him.

In a video he shared on his Instagram page, The Yoruba born social media sensation said that the reason why men treat him so is because of his beauty.

Bobrisky added that the hate that people have for him will not stop him from collecting money from all their “boss”.


Sharing the video, Bobrisky wrote;

“Y do u think dis men spend their last card on me… They don’t even care about my gender anymore . All they care about now is my beauty. Forget I fine die. Haters will hate. See ur hate won’t stop me from collecting big money from all ur boss ”

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that Bobrisky recently made the rounds online after he attended his father’s birthday party dressed as a man.

He went without wig, nails, fake boobs, fake butt, high heels and female wear.

Bobrisky practically went in a black jalabia and a face cap.

watch video here



Real Reasons For Bobrisky’s Funny Giveaway. [Nigeria]


Controversial crossdresser and self acclaimed male barbiedoll, Bobrisky has taken to his Instagram page to declare that he is not doing giveaway for people to love him. According to the 28 year old, he gives out to appreciate people that stood by him despite being tagged badly in the society.

Bobrisky added that he does not care if people like him or not, stating that those who do not like him should never like him.

In his words ” Don’t mix the feeling please, I’m not giving people money to love me naaaa. Just wanna appreciate people who stood by me no matter what people say to them. So if you don’t like me, let it remain so, i care less.”



[Nigeria] Tonto Dikeh in clash with Bobrisky?

>>> Tontolet vows not to invite Bobrisky to her birthday, why? <<<

Tonto Dikeh who many believe is Bobrisky’s best friend has threatened on Instagram not to invite the cross dresser to her birthday party.

This conversation ensued after Bobrisky shared a picture of a beautiful outfit he suggested Tonto should wear for her birthday party which will be holding in 2 months time.

To everyone’s surprise, the mother if one clearly told Bobrisky that she was not going to invite him for her 35th birthday.

In her words “You honestly willl not be invited Or I will have a change of dress for you at the gate…. Not in my day Noooooooooooooooooo”

Though we believe Tonto Dikeh gave a sarcastic answer because what is a birthday party without ones best friend?

#Newsworthy ..

Mad o! Nigerian Barbie, Bobrisky flaunt interior of his house. [Video]

Popular Nigerian cross-dresser, Okunneye Idris Olanrewaju otherwise known as Bobrisky is renowned for flaunting his luxurious lifestyle to motivate his fans and haters.

The 28 year old is readily available to flaunt his wealth at any slightest given opportunity.

Bob recently took to his Instagram page to show off the interior of his house and indeed it is worthy of show.

In the video, Bobrisky who was seen eating on his dinning table eating , could not stop lamenting about how tired and hungry he was.

He captioned the video ; My home… luxury


My ‘Barbie’ hustle has paid me, go and hustle – Nigerian Crossdresser, Bobrisky tells troll.

Popular Nigerian Male Barbie, Idris Okuneye otherwise known as Bobrisky, has taken to her instagram account to advise fans on the importance of ‘hustling’.

Bobrisky stated that he’s living well today because of his decision to hustle as a cross-dresser and she advised her fans/trolls to get busy and stop depending on giveaways/freebies on Instagram.

Bobrisky’s post reads ;

Just imagine ! I’m not where I am today. So you all except me to join those people crying out on d street begging for food and money to feed. I picked a hustle because I don’t wanna beg no motherfucker out there for money. But some of you won’t mind your business and face your own problem. All you do is sit your stupid ass in a ghetto and type shit here. I’m happy I never listen to no one thou . Anyways my hustle and journey as BOBRISKY pay me. Find a hustle and get busy today. Cheers


Bobrisky react as single mothers won’t stop begging him for money.

Bobrisky has warned women to stop getting pregnant for certain types of men after he received DMs from a lot of single mothers begging him for money.

Bobrisky reacts to single mothers begging him for money

The crossdresser wrote: “Quick notice! I have lot of single mothers in my DM begging me to assist them. Ladies be careful of the kind of men you open legs for.

He added:

“Some of dis ladies won’t ever hear. Not every man that comes your way you open your leg for. Some men are useless ! I repeat some of them are useless. After impregnating you they will get BUSY. When they are busy running after u their phones are open. My dm is filled up with single mothers sending me their baby pic. If you will have to have fun use CONDOM pls. Don’t just bring an innocent child to suffer. Pls take note !”


I now have hole – Bobrisky says as he declares himself complete woman.

Widely popular and controversial Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has announced that he is now officially a woman and should be addressed as one.

In an Instagram post he shared, the crossdresser refused disclosing if he has removed his male member. Bobrisky however disclosed that he has other body parts women have.

He wrote;

Bobrisky is a Nigerian internet personality who is known as a transgender woman in Nigeria, a country with no LGBT rights. She is also known for her presence on the social media app Snapchat.

Bobrisky recently warned Nigerian women, saying he would beat up anyone who confronts him of dating their man.


Bobrisky send message to haters amidst arrest.

Nigerian male barbie Bobrisky has reacted to his arrest and detainment by the police over a failed business deal.

NobleReporters as of yesterday reported the alleged arrest and detainment of the popular Nigerian Barbie.

Reacting to his arrest, Bobrisky criticised people who do not celebrate good things but the downfall of others.

The crossdresser took to his Instagram page to express that he was prepared for haters before choosing the path he has chosen.

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Bobrisky arrested, cried out loud in prison

He said: “People never celebrate good news when it happen to someone they know. Wait till something bad happens or any bad gist, You will see them happy and gossiping.”

Bobrisky, who described himself as one of the strongest people on earth, said he does not care about haters, adding that nothing can bring him down.

The male barbie said: “I am a special soul from God made to be totally different from everybody.”

Bobrisky claimed that his party of over N20 million was cancelled unexpectedly because haters could not stand his progress.

He said: “So what else can break me if I can let go 20 million just like that? They are looking for broke and jobless partners. Not me and you.”

We previously reported that popular crossdresser Bobrisky was arrested again, but this time around it was not for his gender or transformation reason.

The internet sensation was picked up by men of the Nigeria Police Force over a failed business transaction. He was said to have been arrested on the night of Friday, March 6.

Bobrisky was arrested by the Lagos police division over his business transaction with Mrs Rosemary who is said to be the original owner of Bob Wing eyelashes which he claimed to be his own when it was launched.

Mrs Rosemary before now had dragged the cross-dresser to court, for allegedly not remitting the revenues generated from the joint venture.


Bobrisky allegedly cries out in prison. {Photo}

Popular Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Okuneye Olorunwaje popularly known as Bobrisky was arrested yesterday for a business deal gone wrong as he stands accused of defrauding a business partner to the tune of 7 Million Naira.

In the wake of his detainment, Bobrisky reportedly lamented in the cell over the excruciating pains he is feeling from the alleged pile he is suffering from.

According to NobleReporters, Bobrisky claims he can’t go more than 24 hours without applying his medications on the alleged infection and he is crying bitterly and in severe pains.

“Bobrisky is crying bitterly that he has serious pile infection with serious sours on his anus, he claims he must apply his medications on it every 24 hours else the sickness will deteriorate”

Piles or Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lower rectum. They often subside on their own or with treatment from over-the-counter products. But in rare cases, hemorrhoids can become infected.

Just in: Bobrisky react to alleged arrest.

Nigerian Cross-dresser, Bobrisky has taken to his social media page to react in the aftermath of his reported detainment in a police station after a failed business deal.

The male-barbie, in a series of snaps, wrote that he was created differently and he’s a special soul from God. Bob also said he’s the strongest person in the world and nothing can break him.

His posts reads;

People never celebrate good news when it happen to someone they know.

Wait till something bad happens or any bad gist, You will see them happy and gossiping.

It is sad the SOCIETY and the ECONOMY has turned some peole to zoo… they love to watch their fellow human downfall. It’s a pity.

Well… I really do not care because i am one of the STRONGEST person on earth. Nothing can bring me down. I have not seen that thing yet!

Before i decided to choose this path of my life, I’m already well prepared for haters and losers. Nothing meet me unexpected.

I am a special soul from God made to be totally different from everybody.


Don’t harass me when you find your hubby with me – Bobrisky

Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky has taken to his social media page to warn the ‘wives’ of his ‘Sugar Daddies”.

IN his words ;

It doesn’t make any sense fighting your husband side chick.

What id the man did not open up that he is married ?

How am u supposd to know he is truly married. You will now leave that man and come for me, i swear will beat you hospital will reject you.


‘I love him’ – Bobrisky professes love for mompha.

Popular Nigerian cross dresser and self acclaimed transgender, Bobrisky has professed love for Mompha.

In a recent post made on social media, Bobrisky shared a picture of Ismaila Mustapha aka Mompha where he inscribed the words “I love him”.

This comes a day after Mompha was re-arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC before a Federal High Court, Lagos, over N32.9bn alleged Internet fraud.

Mompha was first arraigned by the commission on 14 counts bordering on fraud, money laundering and running a foreign exchange business without the authorisation of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He was arraigned alongside his firm, Ismalob Global Investment Ltd.

He had pleaded not guilty to the charges and was granted bail in the sum of N100m with one surety in like sum.

On Wednesday, the amended 22-count charge was read over to the defendant and he pleaded not guilty to all counts, NobleReporters learnt


Jay Boogie react after Tonto Dikeh said 60% Nigerian married men are bisexual.

Nigerian cross-dresser, Jay Boogie, has said that most bisexual men in Nigeria crave sex with men more than women do.

He said this while reacting to Tonto Dikeh’s claim that 60% of married Nigerian men are bisexual.

The crossdresser wrote on Instagram: So I’ve been going through tables @king_tontolet have been shaking lately makes me realize, cause I’m perplexed. Is bisexual the new queer in our country now?

“Most of the bisexual guys/men even crave d**** in them more than girls.”


Tonto dikeh react to lesbian accusations

Popular Nollywood actress turned Instagram drama queen has denied being a lesbian. Coming after the on-going messy online fight between the actress and her former husband turned sworn enemy, Churchill, fans have sought to know if she herself is a lesbian as rumors have always had it that she swings both ways.

Recall that the actress alleged that her ex-husband Olakunle Churchill is bisexual and she left the marriage after she found out.

One of her followers however asked in her comment section if she is gay or straight. She responded; ”Straight as a ruler”.

Her ex-husband Olakunle Churchill however in his reaction to her allegation of him being bisexual, mentioned that actress seems to be drowning and needs everything possible to stay afloat. She fired back calling his a “goat she made famous”


COVID-19: Bobrisky should be used as cleansing sacrifice – Man allege

Coming after the deadly Coronavirus was confirmed to have entered Nigeria through an Italian man, a Nigerian Twitter user has taken to the micro blogging platform to suggest that popular cross dresser, Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky should be used as sacrificial goat to avert the deadly virus.The twitter user wrote: “I suggest we use @Bobrisky as sacrifice goat to avert this looming #CoronaVirus”

Bobrisky who is currently in Dubai replied the tweet in a hilarious manner saying he will not be coming back to Nigeria again.

“I’m not travelling back to Nigeria again” … Bobrisky replied quoting the tweet.


My living mom is dead to me – James brown allege. {Video}

Nigerian cross-dresser, James Brown has spoken about his relationship with his mother.

The video which he made just a few hours to his birthday is making the rounds on social media.

The cross-dresser who turned 21 a few days ago pointed out that his birthdays make him sad as it reminds him of how much he was rejected by his mother.

In the video, James said his mother had tagged him a ‘born-by-mistake’

He, however, pointed out that the mother is currently trying to reach him but she is dead to him.



{Video} Nigerians Attack Bobrisky In Dubai

A video has surfaced on social media showing the moment Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky was verbally attacked by Nigerians in Dubai over his crossdressing lifestyle. From the video, one can discern that Bobrisky had the worst time of her life at that moment.

According to what we gathered, he was going to a program when some Nigerians spotted her. Instead of mobbing her and maybe asking for photos or autographs as they would do any other celebrity, they rather started lobbing insults at her.

The video has attracted several reaction online and some fans condemned the act saying that Bobrisky’s lifestyle may not be the best and you may not agree with it but you have no right to verbally or physically attack anyone



James brown speak on his elevation as he clocks 21

Controversial Cross-Dresser, James Brown Obialor is a year older today, February 22.

Obialor, or ‘They didn’t caught me’, became popular when he got arrested few years ago.

The arrest and police parading was a blessing in disguise as the dancer shot into the limelight after he was shown on national television.

To mark his 21st birthday, James shared a cute photo of himself and recounted his grass to grace story.

” Hey 👋 Durling it my birthday 🎂 wow 🤩 am so happy!!!!! I can’t believe i make to my 21 years omg 😳 with everything I have pass in my life I’m so happy to make it here.I can remember when I use to Hawk in the street of Lagos😭, I can remember when I use to beg for transportation to go work, Thank God the bills are being paid with no stress 😎 God has changed my story through entertainment. I love you all,” he wrote.