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Just in: Lasisi Elenu Mickey Lawyers | Video


Content creator and comic act Lasisi Elenu comes through with yet another funny skit to thrill his 2 million plus

The Nigerian comedian portrayed the difference between a Nigerian and foreign lawyer, and how they handle cases in the court.



Truth Behind Comedian Cute Abiola’s Arrest. [Nigeria]


Hours ago, NobleReporters learnt of the arrest of popular Instagram comedian and Naval officer, The Cute Abiola also known as Ankara Gucci.

According to reports making the rounds, he was arrested after “after one of his overzealous fans made a video collage of his birthday pictures just to celebrate him. The video, however, went viral on WhatsApp and ended up with the Naval hierarchy.”

NobleReporters gathered, the Yoruba born Naval officer’s arrest was ordered by one of his superiors. A Captain who doesn’t like the fact that Cute Abiola is into entertainment and a Naval officer at the same time.

“It’s one of his superiors oh. A Captain who has warned Abiola several times to choose between entertainment and Navy. He said him posting such photos with uniform isn’t expected of an officer” N.Rs found

NobleReporters recalls that Cute Abiola in a now deleted post, had once taken to his Instagram page, sometime in 2019 to cry out about how a captain asked him to choose between both careers and talked about how depressed he was.


He wrote:

“Hello everybody. I need to talk to all of you.No much introduction. You all that are following me knows me already! What I love doing is comedy and to always make you laugh. You all know that. I never want to type this but I can’t just hold it anymore.

I’m in serious pain. And I am in a great fear because I am not able to focus on my comedy career like before. I am typing this with tears and a lot of depression. If not everybody. I know that some of you knows that I am a NIGERIA NAVY PERSONAL . but before I joined this job .i did not think so deep and I was carried away because of some lies I was told.

Let me keep that for now! I thought as I joined the job I would get more peace but not knowing that I actually sold my peace away!!! . I thought I would be able to do my comedy and acting together with the navy job but it’s not just easy to cope with both.


I joined this NAVY on the 7th of March 2018 if you remember very well and I come back to you guys on the 8th of September after I finished my 6month malicious training. Those that knew me as a celebrity on the training ground those days called me a fool and told me I did not plan well before joining.

I was just so depressed those days. And I moved on with faith. Because I just wanted to finished the training and know what next if I would be able to cope with my acting career and the navy . To say the fact.

This job has given me a lot of respect but all the same . You guys don’t know wat I am feeling. Let me tell you the truth . Not that I have the time . Some times I would just sneak out of my office and change up to do videos for you my fans just to remain consistent and never to make you forget Your ANKARAGUCCI .


So these days, a captain in the Navy threatens me a lot and told me to pick one. Am I choosing navy or entertainment?. That if I am to do the navy Job I must leave acting or else ……….. or else what please? for what ?

For crying out loud . I can’t leave this comedy alone . It’s what I have passion for. I have a lot of advert skit now that I never shoot and I lost my Samsung s7 edge last week . I also lost my 31 skits on it .just need to get a solution ASAP. I am not an happy man”



Nigerian Comedian in tears as unknown man gift him brand new car. (Photos)


Comedian The Cute Abiola has shared pictures of a brand new ride he got as a gift from a man he says he has never seen before in
his life.

To show appreciation to the unidentified man who has been motivating the comedian since 2015, The Cute Abiola shared the below post.

“I don’t even know what I have done to deserve this from you boss 😭 I never even set my eyes on you before in my life and you did this for me. You only motivated me back then in 2015. I don’t even know if this is a dream. Haaaa! MY LIFE 😭😭😭 thanks so much. I don’t even know how to thank you. THANKS TO ALL MY FANSMILLY. your support motivates me always and I will always do more”.



Nigerian Comedian, Ali Baba Celebrate 14th Wedding Anniversary With Wife.

Atunyota Akpobome, Nigerian comedian better known as Ali Baba, and Mary, his wife, have celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in a romantic way.

The lovebirds took to their different social media accounts on Wednesday to thank God as well as family and friends who have continued to support the union.

“Happy Anniversary,” the 54-year-old comedian wrote on Instagram, in a terse post accompanied by a lovely picture of himself and his wife.

In the same vein, Mary shared a picture in which she is brimming in smiles with her hearthrob.

“Happy anniversary to us. We thank God for keeping us and family/friends who have cheered us on,” she wrote on Instagram.

The couple tied the knot in 2006 and since then their union has been blessed with five children namely: Ejiro, Tejiri, Valerie as well as Xsara and Brenda, their twin boys.


Born June 24 1965, Ali Baba has etched his name on the minds of many of his fans for his creativity and unique comic style.

The couple further stretches the list of other celebrities who have also marked their wedding anniversaries since the turn of the year.



People pay N5M for my dry jokes – Nigeria Comedian, AY open up.

Ayo Makun, Nigerian stand-up comedian better known as AY, says people pay up to five million naira for his jokes because of the grace upon him.

NobleReporters had earlier learnt how the award-winning comedian came under heavy criticisms for backing Funke Akindele, Nollywood actress, who violated the Lagos state’s lockdown directives.

The actress and Abdulrasheed Bello, her husband, were arrested and consequently sentenced to 14-day community service each for flouting social distance measures put in place to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the state.

In his response, AY had tackled Nigerians who pushed for the arrest of the actress but continue to keep mute over those he referred to as their “oppressors in government.”

His comment had opened the floodgates of criticisms with many calling him out on social media platforms.

But reacting to one of such criticisms on Thursday, the gifted comedian admitted making a mistake with his comment but tasked those hurling insults at him to go beyond personal sentiments.

According to him, 95 percent of those who buy tables at his shows are not politicians as insinuated in some quarters.

“I was humble enough to see my mistake, courageous enough to admit it and wise enough to correct it. If you go beyond the insults and do your research you will find out that 95% of the people buying my tables are not politicians. As for the dry jokes, they pay up to 5M too. It is called grace,” he wrote on Twitter.


AY Makun’s wife forced to celebrate her birthday in isolation. (Nigeria)

AY Comedian’s wife, Mabel Makun has celebrated her birthday in isolation due to coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria.

The Federal Government declared a 14-day lockdown in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun State as a measure towards curbing the spread of the deadly virus which now has 131 confirmed cases in Nigeria.

This has forced many people in the mentioned cities to stay indoors with social activities brought to a standstill.

This hasn’t prevented AY Comedian from celebrating his wife Mabel Makun on her birthday as he decided to surprise her by spraying dollar notes on her.

Sharing on Instagram, he wrote:



I will personally sue you to court – Comedian funny one threatens Seun.

says he attended AMVCA 7 positive with COVID-19

Just like popular Instagram comedian cum actress actress, Wofai Fada who was super excited sharing her Coronavirus result after she exposed to someone who tested positive to Coronavirus at African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA 7), Comedian Funnybone has done same.

But this time he is promising to sue Seun, the celebrity who flew in from London with the dreaded virus.


Funnybone whose real name is Stanley Chibuna maintained that his family members and friends were worried sick about him when they heard that all attendees of the award were exposed to the virus.

He wrote, “14days after Amvca and I kept getting calls from family and friends asking me the same question , Stanley hope you are good ? Are you coughing ?

“Well I am not showing any symptoms yet and I won’t by his grace. I did the test finally and it came out NEGATIVE. So fam I am well, alive and safe.

“Stay safe and be safe. Meanwhile before I forget oga SEUN who arrived from London sick and yet decided to turn up for Amvca . Pls get well soon o and recover fast if nobody will . I will personally sue you to court. But first get will soon you hear.”

Recall that Lagos State Ministry of Health had confirmed that attendees of the just concluded Awards party were likely exposed to the novel coronavirus as an attendee tested positive.

In the wake of the reports, all attendees were advised to self-isolate and report symptoms to the toll free numbers made available.


Seyi Law celebrate 9th wedding anniversary with wife.

Nigerian Comedian, Seyi Law and his wife Ebere, are celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary today March 27.

The comedian shared the above photo of himself, his wife and their daughter, Tiwa, on his Instagram page and wrote;

“It’s 9 years and we are still counting.
She said, “I love your confidence on stage” 13 years.
I got beautiful Yes when I proposed 11 years ago.
I almost made her Lord of the rings for 2 years.
We walked down the aisle exactly 9 years ago.
Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to Us.
It’s been God through it all.
Thanks for sharing our joy always.
EBYLAW 2011 now SST 2020 (STACY, SEYI, TIWA)


“Before you complain of the Arsenal tracksuit. It is significant. It means despite our losses, the things we are yet to attain, we count our winnings and blessings, hopeful for a better tomorrow and the loyalty to stay with each other. TIWALOLUWA is a beautiful blessing beyond the losses.””



I haven’t retire from comedy – Agwu.

Comedian, actor, and master of ceremonies, Julius Agwu, has said that the entertainment industry is now a safe haven for many Nigerian graduates who do not want to get involved in fraudulent activities.

The 46-year-old multi-talented entertainer also maintained that the comedy industry is not congested but comedians only need to re-strategise.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Agwu said, “When I look around, I’m excited about what is happening in the industry, because many graduates are now into entertainment.

“I thank God for Instagram because everybody now has the privilege to make money for themselves so far they are not stealing or doing any fraudulent activity to earn a living.

“I also don’t think the comedy industry is congested. If it is congested, then people should stop laughing.

“Comedians will always be there but after sometime, people may feel that the comedian should go back and re-strategise because he or she is no longer funny.”

Speaking about his career since his recovery from a brain tumour, the comedian said that he has not retired but is taking time to rest.

He said, “I have not retired from comedy; I’m only taking my time and I would come back. I have been resting after my sickness. I may mark my 25 years on stage this year.

“Many people will be proud of it. Health-wise, I’m good. Many people have been telling me that I look good too.”

Agwu also noted that life has taught him some salient lessons. He added, “I have learnt a lot about life. I wouldn’t want to say some things but the fact is that I have grown. Life has taught me that it is important to strategise. The truth is one doesn’t win all the time and at some point, one has to settle down and watch certain things unfold.

“But in all, one unforgettable lesson is that one needs to hold God tight and not despise Him. I also learnt the value of friendship but I don’t want to say more than that.”


Anita Joseph speak on how she cope without sex anytime her hubby travels

Nollywood Actress, Anita Joseph, who got married to the love of her life on February 14 has opened up on her married life thus far.

In a recent interview with The Sun, the curvy actress revealed the real reasons she married MC fish.

In her words ;

“What attracted me to my husband is that he loves God, he’s a power dresser, he speaks well, makes me laugh, respects and adores me and above all, he enjoys my company.

“Our relationship started after we met at an event. It was love at first sight and it was like magic. I settled for MC fish because you know, sometimes you just see someone and you know in your heart that God has settled this one.

Nollywood Actress, Anita Joseph

“I was looking forward to it because we were so close; we think alike, behave alike and we love everything about us. When he brought it (the marriage proposal) up, I said why not? It was a beautiful one. Who again I for marry? He’s the best person to marry. So, I’d say yes over and over again.”

Speaking on how she copes sexually when her hubby is not in town, Anita Joseph said, “Sex is spiritual; it needs to be done with the right person. When my partner is not around, Haaaa, I control it o! We talk everyday, every morning, afternoon and night… So, I don’t yearn for sex that way. Before he travels, he makes sure he refills my tank. You know that type that will last for at least a week?”


MC Macaroni prostrate before Dbanj. {Video}

Nigerian comedian, MC Macaroni, real name Debo Adedayo recently met top musician, Dbanj at an event and could not contain his excitement.

MC Macaroni who is popularly known for his comedy skits on social media was filled with joy when he met the award winning singer for the first time in his life.

The actor shared a video of the memorable time with fans on his Instagram Page as he could be seen in the video prostrating for Dbanj.


“The moment I met @iambangalee !!! There are so many artists that I love and admire, but you see D’banj, I have always loved him!!! Always!!! Since Mobolowowon!!! Those close to me know that D’banj is my number 1 Artist in this WORLD!!! I swear I really tried to control myself!! “I really tried!! My family members know I don’t joke with D’banj! I have his unreleased music!! I still vibe to them!! This will be a moment to cherish for a lifetime! Long live the King!! The Legend!!! The Entertainer!!! I’m still in Awe!!! ”


Any man who is always available has no job – Alibaba

Comedian Alibaba who has recently taken up the habit of advising his followers, has stated that any man who is always available is jobless.

Taking to his Instagram page, in a post most likely addressed to his female followers, Alibaba urged them to choose wisely when selecting a partner, and not let online trends confuse them.

According to him, because a man sees his woman less often that another who is chanced daily, doesn’t mean he is not in love with her.

See what he wrote below;

“Choose who you want to be with. Don’t let all these people come online to confuse you.

“Any man who is available 24/7… is not the kind of man you want.

“And if your lady is busy, appreciate her efforts to make it up. Don’t burn out the few moments you have, quarrelling over the times she wasn’t available.

“Our jobs and time required differ. An actor may have all the time in the world for you. But a 9-5 worker can only be available at weekends.

“Some Naval officers can be away for months. Dont compare them with that photographer that covers weddings and sees you all week.

“Because he sees you every day doesnt mean he loves you more than the one who works hard and sees you once in a week…

“Be guided”


Breaking: Akpororo begs for birthday gifts {Video}

Nigerian comedian, Akpororo has taken to a begging spree on social media as a now viral video captures him begging all the social media “big men”to for a gift.

Addressing his roro gang at about 6 a.m on Tuesday, Jephthah akpororo revealed that he wants to receive a surprise package, a store, a Brabus, Mercedes Benz, G-wagon, as a present for his birthday next Friday.

According to the comedian, considering his birthday is on Valentines day, his fans should keep their luxury gifts coming. He added that they owed it to him to make him smile on that day as he often makes them laugh through his jokes

View this post on Instagram

My birthday gift 🎁

A post shared by Jephthahakpororo@yahoo.com (@akpororo) on


Bovi demands an apology from ThisDay newspaper after they apologized to Bishop Oyedepo

Bovi has demanded for an apology from ThisDay newspaper after they apologized to Bishop Oyedepo for the false report that he was denied US visa.

ThisDay editor issued an apology printed on their paper to the Winners Chapel founder. In the Editorial, it was stated that the report that Oyedepo was denied visa by the US embassy was found to be incorrect and an apology was tendered.

“If you?re apologizing to the Bishop, it is incomplete without recourse to me and my family” Bovi demands an apology from ThisDay newspaper

But comedian Bovi felt the apology was incomplete since he and his wife were not mentioned.

He pointed out that he and his wife Kris Ugboma were mentioned in the report to make it more sensational but when it was time to issue an apology, they left his family out and only apologized to Bishop Oyedepo.

It was claimed in the inital story that Bovi was issued a US visa while his wife was denied.

Bovi said the false report has affected his family greatly and he’s demanding an apology too.

“If you?re apologizing to the Bishop, it is incomplete without recourse to me and my family” Bovi demands an apology from ThisDay newspaper

He wrote: “Dear @thisdaynewspaper Editor, I just woke up to your apology to Bishop Oyedepo about the false story you published on him.

“I’m beginning to question wether you even read the story you’re apologizing for in the first place. Because if you did, you will know that in the reporters bid to add sting to the story, it was stated that I was issued the visa while my wife was denied.

“The slide above shows that neither me nor my wife was at the embassy on the said date, as your report suggests. Did you think my name and that of my wife in your sensational story were inanimate objects? Are you trying to measure us? What makes you think that the spice you added in cooking a poisonous meal should not be sifted as you try to purify your brand? Do you have any idea how damaging your story was to our peaceful life? Do you know how many calls and texts we had to respond to because of your story?

“What you have done is irresponsible, unprofessional, condescending and indecent. Your job is based primarily on research and information gathering. So if you really do not know me, note that I’m as global as your mind can imagine.

“If you’re apologizing to the Bishop, it is incomplete without recourse to me and my family.
I urge you to further your education to avoid such errors in future. Thank you.”


See how Naira Marley, Toyin Abraham, others reacted to Tiwa Savage’s Bikini [Photos] ..

Nigerian Singer, Tiwa Savage recently sent tongues wagging and fingers typing with a new set of photos she shared on her IG Page.

The ‘My Darling’ singer left her fans drooling on social media after she teased them with beautiful photos of her bikini body.

Tiwa Savage who is obviously out holidaying made sure her fans, as well as celebrity colleagues kept gushing over her body.

Knowing full well her photos would cause commotion, she wrote in the caption ; How many times did you zoom in

On another photo, she wrote ;

“No one watches you more than your haters, make sure you give them a show 😎


AY, Mabel Celebrates daughter, Michelle on her birthday ..

Comedian, AY and his wife, Mabel are celebrating their daughter, Michelle, who turned a year older today.

Proud father, AY shared the adorable family photo above and wrote; ‘A virtuous daughter is one of the greatest achievements in any Dad’s life. Having a good and beautiful daughter is the greatest gift of life. Happy Birthday, Michelle Adeola Makun. You’re great in all aspects of life. May God continue to bless you.’



Kobe, na you kill yourself – Instagram comedian, Mr. Jollof..

Nigerian Instagram comedian cum politician, Freedom Astepoyi also known as Mr. Jollof has ignited the wrath of social media users due to the comment he made regarding the tragic death of former NBA Star, Kobe Bryant.

Mr. Jollof, who has carved a niche for himself as a social media ranter, took to his Instagram page to react to the death of the star and in doing so, insinuated that Kobe caused his own death by acquiring the helicopter in the first place.

However, in an effort to save face, he deleted the video but that was not after the video was saved and shared on social media and as such, he’s currently facing a backlash for his comment



Mompha slam friends shading him for doing a skit with broda shaggi (video)

…flashes new ride

Popular Nigerian Socialite, Ismaila Mustapha popularly known as Mompha featured in a skit by popular comedian, Broda Shaggi.

The Dubai based big boy, received heavy backlash from Internet user over the comedy skit.

Watch the skit below;

In the skit, Mompha had played the role of a wealthy individual that was being accosted by officials of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF).

Reacting to criticisms, Mompha stated that he does not understand why people were getting triggered over his feature.

He said that the people talking against the skit were nowhere to be found when he was going through a bad time, yet, the same set of people frown against his decision to support Broda Shaggi.

Mompha went on to share a skit that featured former president Olusegun Obasanjo. He stated that if the revered leader can be featured in a comedy skit, then he should be able to do the same.



Lifetime: Biography of Gbenga Adeboye. International tours, versatility, others


Gbenga Adeboye, The first internationally successful Nigerian comedian you never heard about

Everything huge Nigerian comedy stars like Basketmouth, Bovi, and Alibaba do with standup or film today was pioneered by Gbenga Adeboye. The same goes for today’s viral social media comics like Maraji, Crazeclown and Twyse – the characters that inform their comedy and the skit format was pioneered by Gbenga Adeboye. He was an MC, radio host, actor, producer, poet, musician and multi-disciplinary entertainer who dominated the Nigerian comedy space in the mid to late 90s before his passing in 2003.

Born Elijah Oluwagbemiga Adeboye in Ode Omu, Gbongan LGA, Osun State, Gbenga Adeboye started out hosting a radio show on Radio Lagos called ‘Funwontan’. The show was mostly freestyle sessions with Gbenga’s improvised characters and his blend of Yoruba dialects interwoven with ewi. The show soon took off and became very popular leading to demand for Gbenga’s content. The name of the show even became one of his aliases. The characters, Yoruba dialects and incantations remained throughout his career.


Soon after he began to produce his content independently and setup his own production company called Gbenga Adeboye Productions through which he released his comedy albums, videos and films. It is unlikely that the publishing deals behind these works are properly structured but Gbenga Adeboye definitely made a lot of money from his business ventures across entertainment in his lifetime.


Though most of Gbenga Adeboye’s content revolved around humor, he tapped other aspects of entertainment to push his art. He released music regularly, made short films and comedy albums. He made well-told skits, created numerous characters that became monikers and embraced it all in his personal life. He often referred to himself with the religious titles “Alhaji Pastor Oluwo” and would often quote bible verses, quranic verses and incantations in succession. Also known as Jengbetiele 1, he claimed to be both a Christian and a Muslim. He did stand up, performed at shows, featured in movies and toured. In an interview with Yemi Shodimu on the popular Mainframe TV show “Arambada”, Gbenga Adeboye said, “I’m just grateful to God for this talent. Being able to do what I do is not easy and I am aware of how great a blessing that is. That is why I just love to talk, my parents used to scold me as a kid because i would talk too much.”

International tours•

In 1994, Gbenga Adeboye went on his first standup and music tour of a few American cities, later releasing the audio and video from it as the “American Exposure” series of comedy albums. He was the first Nigerian comedian to go international and pioneered many aspects of the industry today both on the creative side and the business side. Before his death in 2003, he went on a few more tours to the US and Europe.

Impact and legacy•

Gbenga Adeboye gave Fathia Balogun her big break. Photo: Naijarchives.COM
Though Gbenga Adeboye played primarily in the Yoruba and Southwest market he often spoke Igbo and Hausa and even had characters in those languages. He also mentored other entertainers like Yinka Ayefele, Abbey Fagboro, Ereke ni Soobu, Bashiru Adisa also known as Baba Gboin. Nollywood actress Fathia Balogun also got her big break after featuring in a Gbenga Adeboye music video. He pioneered comedy albums before Gordon’s even had a comedy career and toured decades before Basketmouth and Bovi. Gbenga Adeboye predates the ‘founding fathers’ of modern day Nigerian comedy Muhammed Danjuma, Alibaba and Opa Williams. He made skits before Maraji and Twyse and created colorful characters before either of them were even born. Even in death, there is arguably no one as talented nor as versatile as Gbenga Abefe Adeboye. A whole legend.

Unfortunately, a lot of his work has not been digitised yet but some of it can be found on YouTube. His estate needs to get his comedy albums on Apple Music and Spotify so the next generation can experience the greatness of this legend. They should also get his videos on Netflix or original versions on YouTube. There is so much content to immortalize him with and hopefully we get to have them someday.



BBNaija: Mercy, Give me my N3,500! – Broda Shaggi

Instagram comedian, Broda Shaggi has taken to Instagram to remind Big Brother Nigeria winner, Mercy of the N3500 she borrowed from him.

It all started when the reality TV star shared a new photo on her Instagram page which she captioned: “Your best teacher is your last mistake.”

Broda Shaggi Reminds BBNaija’s Mercy That She Is Owing Him N3,500

Taking to her comment section, the comedian wrote; “My Government teacher for Methodist girls high school that time na the biggest mistake for this world. YOU ARE RIGHT, but where that level na mercy? My 3,500.”


Comedian I Go Save’s Wedding With Iyabó

Popular Comedian, Otaghware O. Onodjayeke popularly known as I Go Save has taken his lover, Iyabo, before a registry to exchange vows in the presence of his family members and friends.

The comedian and his fiance, Iyabo, who months ago threw him a surprise 40th birthday party in Austria, have been getting congratulatory messages from friends and well wishers.

Sharing beautiful photos from the event on his Instagram page, the ace comedian wrote; “So today I sealed a forever move with the one I love.. officially Mrs IYABO ONODJAYEKE welcome to the family baby.. wedding party loading..”


(Videos) See reactions as lasisi elenu gimmicks YAHOO Boys & SARZ

Instagram comedian and content creator, popular for his funny skits have made a video of how Yahoo Boys and Sars clash on a daily.

The comic act didn’t miss a thing while putting together this visual. Twitter fans are reacting to the video.