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COVID-19: U.S approves chloroquine for treatment.

The Food and Drug Administration on Sunday (FDA) issued an emergency-use authorization for a pair of anti-malaria drugs as health officials work to combat the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus.

The Health and Human Services Department (HHS) said in a statement that the authorization would allow 30 million doses of hydroxychloroquine sulfate and 1 million doses of chloroquine phosphate to be donated to the Strategic National Stockpile. The doses of hydroxychloroquine sulfate were donated by Sandoz, while the chloroquine phosphate was developed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

The products will be “((distributed and prescribed by doctors to hospitalized teen and adult patients with COVID-19, as appropriate, when a clinical trial is not available or feasible)),” HHS said.

President Trump has repeatedly touted the anti-malaria drugs as a possible coronavirus “game changer,” despite warnings from health officials that not enough is known about their effects on COVID-19. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert, said during a press briefing earlier this month that much of what is known about the drug is based on “anecdotal reports.”


COVID-19: NAFDAC orders production of chloroquine

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) says it has ordered the manufacturing of Chloroquine for emergency stock for possible clinical treatment of Coronavirus.

The agency’s Director-General, Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, in a statement made available to Channels Television on Monday said the old antimalarial is now being repurposed for the clinical trial treatment of Coronavirus.

Adeyeye said the decision follows the use of chloroquine in other countries to treat Coronavirus.

“Other researchers in France, US have used the drug for the clinical trial treatment of COVID-19 and they reported effectiveness of the drug.

“Lagos State will be starting a clinical trial on chloroquine to evaluate the effectiveness,” she said.

She also explained how Chloroquine was demonstrated in China to be effective in treating COVID-19.

“In a very recent publication, chloroquine was reported in a press briefing by the State Council of China, indicating that chloroquine phosphate had demonstrated marked efficacy and acceptable safety in treating COVID-19 associated pneumonia in a multi-center clinical trials conducted in China.

“The study involved 10 hospitals in Wuhan, Jingzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Ningbo, and 100 patients.

“The investigators reported that Chloroquine phosphate is superior to the control in inhibiting the pneumonia associated with COVID-19, and shortening the course of the disease. ”

Adeyeye explained further that Chloroquine was discontinued in Nigeria many years ago for use as antimalarial because of the resistance that the parasite developed against the drug but now she has approached a manufacturing to make a batch of the drug for emergency stock.

“About four weeks ago, I approached a local manufacturing company (May and Baker), a member of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Group of Manufacturing Association of Nigeria (PMGMAN), whose flagship product in the past was chloroquine to make a batch of the drug for emergency stock.

“The company had NAFDAC approval for the production of the drug as antimalarial many years ago before the discontinuation.

“The Managing Director expressed possible difficulty in getting the API due to the fact that the drug has been discontinued. He called shortly after that he was able to get the API and was asked to manufacture a batch for emergency stock just in case more people become exposed and infected with the virus.

“The batch has been manufactured and the company plans to make more batches if needed.”

NAFDAC, however, advised the public to desist from the use of Chloroquine without the guidance of a medical doctor or clinician for treatment of COVID-19.

NAFDAC boss noted that the drug has side effects such as gastrointestinal upset, blurred vision, headache and pruritis (itching).

She added that through her regulatory activities of NAFDAC, it will ensure that the clinical trial protocol protocol guidelines are followed and wishes the clinical research teams great success in stopping the raging pandemic.


COVID-19: NAFDAC approve chloroquine for clinical test.

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has approved the production of Chloroquine for clinical trials in tackling COVID-19.

Director-General of the agency, Mojisola Adeyeye, made the announcement on Friday at the NAFDAC headquarters in Lagos.

She, however, pointed out that NAFDAC is not approving Chloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19 but for clinical trials to find treatment for the virus.

“In the case of Chloroquine, it has been demonstrated in the literature and with clinical research which is still ongoing, that Chloroquine is superior to the Placebo.

“NAFDAC is not approving Chloroquine as a product that has can be used for Coronavirus because there is no submission to us for registration but because it is under clinical trials, NAFDAC approves medicines meant for clinical trials.

“Therefore the medicine is being approved just for the clinical trials,” Adeyeye said.

She, therefore, called on experts and researchers that are interested in doing a clinical trial on Chloroquine to approach approved outlets, adding that a drug company has been given an approval to produce chloroquine in batches

“Right now, we have asked one company to make a batch of Chloroquine for the purpose of clinical trial,” Adeyeye added.

The NAFDAC DG also urged Nigerians not to use Chloroquine as anti-malaria.

“Nobody should use chloroquine as anti-malaria because of the resistance that has been proven to develop in the past after the use of chloroquine in the population.”


COVID-19: Chloroquine use may lead to death – NCDC warns.

According to the NCDC, the World Health Organization WHO has not approved the use of Chloroquine for the treatment of Coronavirus. N.Rs gathered

On Thursday March 19th, US President Donald Trump on said that the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of Chloroquine in the treatment of coronavirus, how the FDA later refuted.

NCDC has warned that self medication with the drug could cause harm and lead to death.


COVID-19: People now suffering from chloroquine poisoning – Lagos govt.

The Lagos State government says hospitals in the state have begun receiving patients suffering from Chloroquine overdose.

Recall with NobleReporters that US President Donald Trump announced on Thursday March 19th that the drug is a possible cure for Coronavirus.

Some Nigerians immediately rushed to the pharmacists to purchase and drink Chloroquine as a preventive measure.

The Lagos State government, through the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Health, Dr. Oreoluwa Finnih was quoted by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr Gboyega Akosile, as saying that some hospitals in the state are now treating patients who took too many quantities of chloroquine, leading to poisoning. Finnih urged residents of the state to desist from the massive consumption of chloroquine in the hope of curing coronavirus, adding that the best to do is to visit hospitals.

The tweet from the Press Secretary reads ;

Please note: Hospitals Now Receiving Patients Suffering From Chloroquine Poisoning, Says Gov @jidesanwoolu’s SSA on Health, Dr @Oreoluwa_Finnih. She urged people against massive consumption of Chloroquine as a measure to fight #coronavirus.”

The Commissioner for Health in the state, Professor Akin Abayomi, also spoke at a press briefing where he stated that no evidence yet to back up claims of Chlorquine being effective in the treatment of Coronavirus


COVID-19: Abuja residents full pharmacies to buy ‘chloroquine’ to fight coronavirus.

chloroquine now sold N1000

after announcement by United State.

Abuja residents on Friday flooded pharmacies to purchase Chloroquine in a bid to protect themselves against the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic.

President of United States, Donald Trump, had on Thursday hinted that the country was fast-tracking the anti-malarial drug for use as a treatment against the virus.
Armed with that information, Nigerians trying to avoid the virus coming close to them, stormed Abuja pharmacies on Friday in search of the item.

As a result, pharmacies across most parts of the city were now taking advantage by selling Chloroquine for N1000 as against N400 before today.

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COVID-19: U.S recommend chloroquine as cure.

A pharmacist told SaharaReporters on Friday that demand for the item had shot up significantly as some customers buy as much as 10 to 20 packs each.

According to him, many people are buying drugs with Chloroquine in an anticipation of a scarcity especially as the virus continue to spread in the country.

He said, “Many customers came here this morning to buy as many as 10 to 20 packs because it was announced in the US that it can cure the virus.

“As you can, see I don’t have a single pack left in the shelve again. They have bought everything.”

He added that suppliers have started hoarding the drug and refused to sell to them again.

Also, many residents were seen buying food items in large quantities in anticipation of a lock down.


COVID-19: U.S recommend chloroquine to cure coronavirus.

United States President, Donald Trump says the country has approved the use of Chloroquine for the treatment of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

NobleReporters quoted Trump as saying that the US had approved its use on Thursday.

“We’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately, and that’s where the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has been so great,” Trump told reporters.

“They’ve gone through the approval process — it’s been approved. They took it down from many, many months to immediate. So we’re going to be able to make that drug available by prescription,” he said.