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[Nigeria] Tears as 2 teenagers drown in Lagos beach.

Two teenagers have reportedly drowned while swimming at a community beach in Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

The tragedy occurred on Saturday.

The names of the deceased were giving as Dare, 16 and Fawas, 15.

Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos Police Police Command, Baal Elkana, in a statement on Sunday said the Police received a distress call that Dare and Fawas, both residents of Epelemeje Orofun community, Akodo, Ibeju-lekki, allegedly got drowned while playing in the community beach.

“The Command has deployed its Marine Police Team to the area on search and rescue operations.

“The Command advised parents to monitor their children and ensure that they remain at home during this lockdown period,”

He said.


Teenager brutalized at Suntan beach for theft suspicion.

Earlier at a Suntan beach in Seme area, Badagry, Lagos Nigeria, a young man was allegedly beaten and accused of theft and further disagreement to succumb to accusations.

Some horsemen and securities reported that he was seen ‘trying to steal other people valuables at the beach bank’. NobleReporters witnessed

The suspect however frowns to the allegations, says he had no intention to steal from anyone. The continued by saying he was looking for his wears as well.

After some while at the Beach’s checkpoint, he was feud and wanted to fight some horsemen up to 3 who kept on saying he is a thief and that he had come with the intention all the way not to celebrate xmas but to steal from others and not to swim.

After the fight between them, he was handed to some police officers and was taken to the police station close to the beach.

He got his Merry Christmas present today.

…Further story about the truth and the allegations has not been covered yet.