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BBNaija: Kimani Victoria in fire as Nigerians blast her for saying trash. (Check).

Nigerians are attacking Victoria Kimani for saying Big Brother Naija reality TV show keeps people ‘dormant, distracted & jobless.’

The Kenyan singer took to her Twitter page to criticise the reality show and those who watch it, stressing that fans of the reality show should have invested that same amount of time building their businesses instead of watching other people’s lives.

She wrote: ‘No offense to anyone who watches big brother ….. but imagine if you invested that same amount of time Building your business as you watch other people’s lives …. sometimes I think certain tv shows conspire to keep people dormant, distracted & jobless.’

Meanwhile, this didn’t go down well for some angry Nigerians, who are already on her page blasting her.

See some reactions below.


BBNaija: See what Mike’s wife Say concerning Finals. (Pics and video).

BBNaija housemate, Mike’s British wife, Perri Shakes-Drayton, has thanked all the people that supported her husband.

She landed in Nigeria few days ago and campaigned for votes for her husband. She has now thanked all the people that voted for Mike.

She also met with some ‘Team Mike’ members that supported her tall and lanky husband.

Sharing shirtless photo of her husband, Mike, she said:

“Good Morning all on behalf of Mike. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all who have supported at some point for Mike while in the big brother house. You have shown so much love and admiration and most definitely the definition of die hard fans. You all got Mike to this point, one that he is so grateful for and he didn’t expect. Results will be revealed (today) Sunday. We’ve all done the best we can do and regardless of the result THANK YOU again our cruise president got to the 99th day and gained more family than we could of ever of imagined.”

In another post, she shared photos and video with ‘Team Mike’ and wrote:

“Ever wondered who are the #Mikings and ##Miqueens look no further. Here are some of them, there are plenty more and team Mike appreciate each and every one of them. Wish I could tag them all #teammike”.

Mike got married, (watch Wedding video here)
packed up his bags and headed back to Nigeria to get into the Big Brother competition. His wife perri, was willing to give up all the good experience that comes with been a newly wedded bride just to make sure her husband achieves all his goals. Time and time again we have all heard Mike speak on how he wants to be able to provide for his wife and make her proud because she has had his back and stood by him for the past 4 years. She believes in his dreams, goals and hustle so he wouldn’t want to let her down. Mike said that it is thanks to her,he has become the Man that he is today.

see more photos and watch videos after the cut.

click to watch video via link


See how kiki osinbajo reacted to Twitter user who dissed her for campaigning for seyi of BBNaija. (Tweet below)

Kiki Osinbajo had a response for an Instagram user who criticized her for campaigning for her cousin, Big Brother Naija’s, Seyi Awolowo.

The daughter of the Vice President of Nigeria asked her followers to vote for Seyi Awolowo to emerge winner of the Big Brother Naija season 4 reality show.

A follower replied: “The rich voting for the rich.”

And Kiki replied sarcastically: “yeah voting for my cousin. I hope that’s ok by you.” She also added an eye roll emoji.

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R.I.P. Ex-BBNaija Housemate Joe lost father.

Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Joe Abdallah has just lost his father.According to Joe, his father, Alfred Abdallah died at the age of 69 and he went on to pen an emotional tribute to his late father that reads;This handsome young man, My Father, Alfred sang songs to us kids, cracked jokes till we were at ease, never allowed chaos, never angry ever but smiled forever.I am glad you burried no child. I am glad we made you proud. I am glad you were always happy. As I am so sad you left early. May your beautiful soul rest’.

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See the moment BBNaija finalist Mercy seductively exposed her boobs   (18+video)

Big Brother Naija finalist, Mercy put up a raunchy display in the Big Brother House this afternoon. The housemate, who is the last woman standing in the reality show seductively exposed her boobs while doing a catwalk in a draping nightie.

Watch the video below Via link.

mercy exposes her boobs


BBNaija: Jaruma, Nkechi Blessing Sunday and Uche Elendu calls out Tacha’s boyfriend and others, tells them to account for all the money sent in.

A drama involving Tacha’s boyfriend, Ladi, her boyfriend’s brother, Sampson and Didi said to be the person handling her social media accounts is playing out on social media, and it is all centered on the money sent in by fans of the reality show star and other celebrities.

Sharing a voicenote she got from a concerned fan who seems to be leader of a group, Tacha’s management were accused of lying about the money they received and making no impact in the life of the disqualified Big Brother Naija housemate who the money was meant for.

Jaruma also told them to account for every money sent in from different groups, people and celebrities. According to the sex therapist, this will ensure transparency.

She wrote;

#AUDIO……. I have heard all ur cries
On my part, this is what I know…… Sampson should come out & tell the world how much everyone sent with dates! LET EVERYTHING BE TRANSPARENT
Sampson told me that Peter sent them only 100k in August, He said Bobrisky did not send a penny! (Now I’m hearing something different in the voice note above ??)
He said Nkechi B S sent them only 20k in August, he said RealAngela O did not send a penny & no one else has sent any money to them…….

Uche Elendu and Nkechi Blessing also shared their experience with the trio who claim to be Tacha’s management.

Video via link



BBNaija: Perri, Mike’s Wi fe in Nigeria To Support His Hubby Ahead Of The Finale This Weekend.

Perri Shakes-Drayton, wife of Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem” finalist Mike Edwards is currently in Nigeria to support her husband in the final week of the show.

Perri, an olympian and TV personality, arrived Lagos on Wednesday night, from London and according to her, ‘it’s been a long time coming and I now have a good enough reason to be out here. Out on these streets showing support for my husband. Already feeling the love’.

See 2 other photos below


BBNaija: Several reactions over diane’s eviction. (See below)

Nigerians have continued to express mixed reactions over the surprise eviction of housemate, Diane Russet, from BBNaija Season Four show.

Diane was evicted on Monday night in a funny game of chance.

Frodd, as the ultimate veto holder, had previously nominated five housemates for eviction and as a result, Elozonam, Cindy and Ike were evicted from the pool.

On Monday night, he was asked to perform the final eviction as veto holder in a game of chance between Omashola and Diane.

Diane and Omashola wrote their names on their gold Bet9ja coins and dropped it in a magic hat with the rest of the Coins.

This left Frodd with the final Ultimate Veto job of picking who among the housemate would go home through an unlucky draw.

It was a tense moment in the House as Frodd reached into the sac picking again and again till he eventually picked Diane.

The eviction sparked a lot of emotions as Frodd and Mercy could not hold back their tears. Mike, Omashola and Seyi tried to maintain their composure.

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Diane evicted through an unlucky draw, frodd got the blame. (Reasons)

On social media, fans expressed mixed feelings about the method of eviction. While some felt it was cruel to put housemates on the spot, others supported the twist.

@Razzi said, “Biggie is the main pepper in this game of BBNAIJA. See how he is peppering the Viewers.#BBNaija”

@Joneslotty tweeted, “For how much I wanted Diane to Leave. I cried watching her leaving this evening; I really felt for Mercy. Let the housemate with the highest vote win come Sunday.”

@Miss_Shazzy said, “This show is emotionally exhausting!!! All the best baby Diane can’t wait to see you in the movies.”

@Jones said, “This made me shed a tear….. Biggy this was so unfair and the most painful way of evicting someone.”

@Sampee tweeted, “I think Diane left at the right time, they saved her the stress of staying an extra boring week among strong competitors.”

Mercy, Mike, Seyi, Ike and Omashola are the top five housemates left to contend for the Grand Prize worth N60 million.


BBNaija: Her mother abandoned her while she was seven years old – Nigerian lawyer shared tacha’s past.

A Nigerian female lawyer, Awele Ideal, has shared her inspiring story with the aim of faulting claims made by some Nigerians that the character portrayed by Tacha during her stay in the Big Brother Naija house is because she lost her mother at a tender age.

Awele in a post shared on her Instagram page, narrated how her mother abandoned her when she was seven months old and she had to the live with a torturous stepmother who made life a living hell for her. She recounted how her stepmother would make her starve for days and how she resorted to eating their dog’s left over when she became hungry.

According to Awele, though the experience was nasty she was determined to become a loving person and eventualy bagged a degree in law. Posting these photos of herself on Facebook, she wrote


Anytime I hear them say Tacha has no mother. I ask myself if that’s enough excuse to become unruly and mannerless?. Don’t get it twisted I’m not being judgemental. I just want to share a bit of my childhood story with you.

My Childhood…..
I was abandoned by my mother at the age of seven months (7months) with my father and stepmother. My stepmother was mean and not so nice to me, but I still called her “Mother” till tomorrow, cos she’s the only mother I knew, although she’s late (may God rest her soul). I endured all manner of maltreatments she meted at me. Sometimes I went hungry for days. She would so starve me that I would be seeing death. On one occasion, I was very hungry that I had to eat our dog’s leftover food. Our neighbor’s son caught me eating the dog’s leftover food (eba and egusi) and he told his mother who later that evening invited me to her house and asked me if what her son said was true.

I was so terrified that I begged her not to tell my step mother, because she will kill me if she knew that I ate the dog’s leftover instead of throwing it away. The woman wept and promised to give me food everyday without my stepmother’s knowledge, a promise she kept till we left the compound. As if starving me was not enough punishment, my Stepmother flogged me mercilessly until I would faint at times. She would also apply pepper in my vagina, eyes, armpit and neck, tie me up and abandon me in one of the toilets for days without food. In fact, no week passed without pepper being applied on me for minor offenses a child could commit like failure not to wash clothes or dishes well, It wasn’t as if I stole or told a lie or fornicated. During these dark days of my life, I often prayed for death, but it never came.

Despite all these experiences, I was very bright academically and was loved and favored by God and people. I knew that the only way to escape was to achieve educational success, so I never joked with schooling.
So you see, I have every right to be hateful, bitter, jealous, arrogant, sad, negative and toxic but I chose not to. Rather I embraced positivity, kindness, peace and love. My life is beautiful. I am a happy person. I’m at peace with God. I am hardworking, beautiful and smart despite all I’ve been through and I have only Almighty God to thank for it. If I was able to subdue my demons then I believe everyone has the power to conquer his/her demons also.


Nigerian female lawyer shares her inspiring story as she faults the idea BBNaija


Diane evicted through an unlucky draw, Frodd got the blame. (Reasons)

Big Brother Naija Housemate, Diane has left the House after being randomly picked out from an unlucky draw.

The Task of picking Diane to leave was performed by Frodd as the second and final part of the privilege of his Ultimate Veto Power. The choice wasn’t entirely in his hands as he had to randomly pick from a magic hat.

To get the ball rolling, the Housemates were asked to fetch all their remaining Bet9ja Coins including the big gold Bet9ja Coin they were each given four weeks ago. The Housemates were asked to drop all their Bet9ja Coins in the magic hat except the big gold ones. Their ordinary Bet9ja coins had become redundant at this point. It was a good thing some of them spent theirs when they did.

Diane and Omashola wrote their names on their gold Bet9ja coins and dropped it in a magic hat with the rest of the Coins leaving Frodd with the final Ultimate Veto job of picking which Housemate to go home through an unlucky draw. It was a tense moment in the House as Frodd reached into the sac picking again and again till he eventually picked Diane.

The Final Five

After yesterday’s Eviction that saw Ike and Elozonam leaving, the Pepper Dem Gang were left with six Housemates and the Finale only had slots for five so someone had to leave. But before the process started, a few of the Pepper Dem Gang were assured of their presence in the Finale. Seyi, by virtue of winning the Head of House the previous week, secured a spot for himself in the Finale. The Immunity Mercy bought got her sitting pretty in the Finale while Mike’s public save during the Live Eviction Show guaranteed him a spot in the Finale. Diane and Omashola were the only two left without a guarantee so the decision had to be made between the two of them on who will bid the House goodbye.


BBNaija: Comedian Mr. Jollof threatens Tunde Ednut, Says he would beat him. (See reasons).

Disqualified Big Brother Nigeria housemate Tacha has received staunch support from many Nigerians despite her failure to win the N60 million cash prize.

On the contrary, several others have equally expressed their dislike towards the 23-year-old from Port Harcourt.

Blogger Tunde Ednut is one of many Nigerians who has unabatedly trolled Tacha on his Instagram page as he seemed to have a personal dislike for her.

But the latest to throw his weight behind ex-housemate is comedian Mr. Jollof who has threatened to beat up Tunde Ednut for making distasteful comments about Tacha.

According to Jollof, Tunde “is bitter because he is always a failure in everything he lay his hands on” that’s why he hates “Tacha who is only trying to grow.”

Taking to his Instagram story to serve a warning to the blogger, Jollof wrote; “Tunde Ednut is just a biter soul, how on earth will you hate Tacha that is trying to grow? I understand his bitterness because he is always a failure in everything he lay his hands on.”

“As a comedian he failed, as a musician he failed woefully that’s why he is hiding under his keypad to shade everybody. Very soon he will fail as a blogger”

“I pray he doesn’t try me because I will beat him up anytime we see I no dey make mouth. Naturally God bless me with power and if I see who I go beat I know, tunde ednut is one of those that I can beat without thinking twice.”


American Model, Blac Chyna Started Following BBNaija’s Mercy on Instagram.

With barely 9 days for the 2019 Big Brother Naija to end, Mercy has become the favourite of many bookmaker to win the show.

The Owerri-born turn 26 today, and she was celebrated by many Nigerians on social media for her behaviour throughout her stay in the house.

Her fans were pleasantly surprised today when American superstar model and socialite Blac Chyna followed Mercy on Instagram.

To Mercy fans, the move, though a tad strange, means their fave is gradually getting international recognition.

Meanwhile in an interesting turn of event, some Tcha fans have decamped to Mercy, supporting her to win the show. This is surprising because it was a fight with Mercy that led top Tacha’s disqualification from the house.


BBNaija: Mike’s wife reveals mood as he successfully arrives among the finalist.

BBNaija 2019 housemate Mike was confirmed as one of the six housemates to make it to the finals.

His wife Peirresha Alexandra Shakes-Drayton who has been his biggest supporter on social media, took to her Twitter account to congratulate him.

Sharing their wedding photo, she wrote, “Yaaaaaaay Mike has managed to make it to the final of Big Brother Nigeria.

Read also;


Wowwwwww. So proud of him. Big thank you to all those who voted and supported my husband it’s means so much.”



Yaaaaaaay Mike has managed to make it to the final of Big Brother Nigeria. Wowwwwww. So proud of him. Big thank you to all those who voted and supported my husband it’s means so much. .

View image on Twitter

Peirresha, 30, is an athlete who has represented Great Britain in several athletic competitions.

Mike, unlike past housemates like Thin Tall Tony of the BBNaija Season Two and DeeOne of the BBNaija Season 3, was truthful about his marital status.

Popular Nollywood actress, funky akindele offers BBNaija housemate Diane a role in Jenifa’s diary.

Nollywood actress and producer, today visited the housemates in the ongoing reality show, Big Brother Naija.

The housemates were beyond elated to see the Nollywood Superstar and they begun the conversation by talking about her passion for the youths and how she believes they are the leaders of today.

She subsequently asked the housemates to talk about themselves and their various vocations and while they spoke one after the other about what they would venture into at the end of the reality show, Diane revealed her passion for acting.

After Diane made that statement, Akindele invited her to join the cast of ‘Jenifa Diary’.

“I can’t wait for you to join Jenifa’s Diary,” she told Diane.

BBNaija finalists in styles, make their say. (Read below).

The Pepper Dem season of Big Brother Naija reality show will wrap up next weekend and a winner will emerge.

With the final week kicking off already, there are six finalists left out of 26 housemates that began the journey about three months ago.

The show started with 21 housemates, saw the inclusion of 5 more housemates mid season and now, 19 evictions and 1 disqualification, we are left with Frodd, Omashola, Mike, Mercy, Diane and Seyi who all stand equal chances of winning the grand prize.


Oluwaseyi “Seyi” Awolowo has had many highs and lows in his three decades of existence. The bubbly entrepreneur once tried to commit suicide but has since risen above that dark period of his teenage years and has turned his life around. He is committed to his journey of self-acceptance, his girlfriend and his beliefs. He demonstrates the latter with a “Jesus’’ tattoo across his arm. Seeing his own face on a billboard for the first time is one of the highest moments of his life so far.

What irritates you most about other people: Fake people and those who lack of originality.

What will you do with the prize money: Invest in my company. May also help a charity or two.

Why will you be a fan favourite: I’ll stand out from the rest of the Housemates.


Diane Yashim describes herself as an easy going girl whose favourite outfit is a shirt, trousers and sneakers. The model and aspiring cook is also a graduate of the University of Debrecen in Hungary. Studying and living there was an eye-opening experience she’ll forever be grateful for. One of the highlights of her life is being chosen as a Big Brother Naija Season Four Housemate and she says that nothing would make her quit the game. She adds that she likes to try new things and wants to see the whole experience through.

What irritates you most about other people: Liars and loud talkers.

What will you do with the prize money: Travel as well as try to get into the entertainment industry as an actor or television presenter. I will also go back to school.

Why will you be a fan favourite: I’m an open book, I believe I’m relatable and people will understand me easily.


Mike Edwards is a husband, CEO and athlete who doesn’t know how to quit. The highest point in his life was the day he got married to the love of his life. Mike owns the first Black-owned cigar line in the United Kingdom and he’s also a professional athlete. The lowest point in his life was when he was banned from representing Nigeria at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. He’d still come to the Big Brother Naija House even if he had a million dollars because he never backs down from a challenge.

What irritates you most about other people: Negativity.

What will you do with the prize money: I would continue to grow my business.

Why will you be a fan favourite: I am positive and I have a keep it real personality.


Chemeka Frodd Okoye is a soft-spoken Investment Adviser and Sales Executive from Anambra State. The 28-year-old believes family is everything and that’s why he lists paying for his mother’s surgery bill as one of the proudest moments of his life. He says nothing can make him quit Big Brother and even if he had a million dollars, he would still  participate in the game because “the experience can never be bought.”

What irritates you most about other people: Pride, fake people and bullies.

What will you do with the prize money: Start a fashion line and an NGO for single mothers.

Why will you be a fan favourite: I have my charms.


26-year-old Mercy Eke is a video vixen and businesswoman based in Lagos. She loves cooking, swimming, travelling and dancing. No matter the setbacks, Mercy always picks herself up and does her best. “I’m grateful for each and every day. Being alive today is already the highest point of my life”. When she’s not dancing, singing or rapping, Mercy makes time to enjoy her favourite food: white rice and pepper soup. If she had a million dollars in her account, would Sugar still be in the BB Naija game? “Yes, I would. I want the fame. The popularity is very important for my business”.

What irritates you most about other people: I dislike people who are proud.

What will you do with the prize money: I want to start my own fashion brand or label.

Why will you be a fan favourite: I’m a fun person and I’m a sweet girl. Some people call me “Sugar”. Plus, I can be crazy!


Model and Entrepreneur Omashola is originally from Delta State, but now calls Lagos home. He loves playing basketball, cooking and “being in the water, even though I can’t swim”. Putting his life’s motto “If you want it, go get it – don’t just sit down” into action this year, Omashola got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. But the worst happened; she turned him down! Now single and focused on building his brand, Omashalo comes into the Big Brother Naija House ready to make his dreams come true.

What irritates you most about other people: I hate liars.

What will you do with the prize money: I will invest and triple it in less than a year.

Why will you be a fan favourite: Because I’m different, I’m special and I have a story to tell.


BBNaija vs Tacha: We deserve something worse than this Government! – Angry Nigerians React. (See reasons via tweets).

Nigerians on Twitter are reacting to the surprise move of those raising funds through ‘GoFundMe’ for Big Brother Naija disqualified housemate, Tacha.

While many disapprove of the move saying it is ‘dumb’, others especially Tacha fans have stated that they won’t they won’t back down until they reach the 50million naira goal.

See some Twitter reactions below.


Cindy’s evicted earlier today, BBNaija says there would be one more eviction. Who would that be?

Another Big Brother Naija housemate will be evicted tonight. Despite Cindy’s eviction earlier in the day, Biggie has said fans of the show should brace for ‘one more eviction’ tonight tagged ‘The Dinner Edition’.

At the moment, Tacha, Mike, Ike and Elozonam are still up for possible eviction.

So who would it be?


BBNaija: To be fair, after the clash experienced, tasha is guilty and deserves the punishment – Isiloma.

Isilomo joined the social media conversation on the clash witnessed in the Big Brother Naija house this morning by saying that Tacha should leave the reality show for putting her hands on Mercy.

She stated that Mercy flipping her hair is not an excuse to act like a barbarian. Admitting that she always made excuses for Tacha before now, the reality show star who was one of the first housemates to be evicted commended Mercy for her self control.

Read Isilomo’s tweets below;

BBNaija: If we are being fair, Tacha should leave the house - Former housemate, Isilomo comments on clash with Mercy

BBNaija: If we are being fair, Tacha should leave the house - Former housemate, Isilomo comments on clash with Mercy

If you missed the fight, here is the video below;