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Bandits kill 8 Muslims in Afghanistan Mosque attack.

Gunmen opened fire in a mosque in central Afghanistan on Tuesday evening, killing eight worshippers, who are breaking their Ramadan fast, wounding five others, officials said.

“Unknown gunmen fired on people praying inside a mosque during iftar (referring to the meal eaten to break daytime fasting) time,’’ said Wahida Shahkar, spokeswoman for the Governor of Parwan province, during the Islamic holy month.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed the attack in Parwan’s provincial capital Charekar, blaming it on the insurgent Taliban.


The Taliban denied responsibility and said Afghan security forces were to blame.

The United Nations has warned of an alarming uptick in violence against civilians in Afghanistan.

A shocking attack on a Kabul maternity ward last week killed 24 people, including newborn babies.


Violence increased around the country even after a Feb. 29 U.S.-Taliban pact on the withdrawal of U.S.-led foreign forces in exchange for Taliban security guarantees.

Afghan security forces, on Tuesday, clashed with Taliban fighters around the city of Kunduz, a strategically important centre that has been one of the Taliban’s main targets and which the group has briefly captured twice in recent years.

Security forces largely repelled the Taliban offensive with the help of air support.


Assadullah Khalid, acting Minister of Defence, said during a visit to the city that more than 50 insurgents and eight security force members had been killed.

The Taliban have rejected repeated calls for a ceasefire by the Afghan government.

They deny any involvement in the maternity ward attack and the U.S. believes the Islamic State was responsible.


The U.S. has sent special envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad, to Doha and Kabul to press the Afghan government and the Taliban to start stalled peace talks.

Khalilzad has said he will push for a reduction in violence during the trip.



Libyan hospital for COVID-19 treatment suffer attack.

Libya’s UN-backed government says it has suspended activity at one of the main hospitals in the capital, Tripoli, which has been repeatedly targeted in bombardments.

The health authorities said the al-Khadra hospital was hit again on Thursday – the third such strike in a matter of days.

The government’s supporters have blamed the attacks on forces from eastern Libyan under the control of Gen Khalifa Haftar.

Earlier in the week the UN’s humanitarian co-ordinator for Libya, Yacoub El Hillo, warned that the coronavirus pandemic together with the attacks on the hospital, which houses a coronavirus ward, were a deadly combination.

He described the shelling as a “clear violation of international humanitarian law”.

“The fighting parties must stop killing innocent civilians now and focus on defeating the virus,” he said.

The conflict in Tripoli has intensified in recent weeks.

Libya has been wracked by conflict since the 2011 uprising which ousted long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The Libyan National Army (LNA), which is loyal to Gen Haftar and controls most of eastern Libya, launched its attack on Tripoli a year ago.

It rivals are the internationally recognised government in Tripoli and several armed groups allied to that administration.

The country officially has 19 confirmed cases of coronavirus but it has tested fewer than 400 people.


Don’t avenge! – PMB warned after katsina attack

President Muhammadu Buhari has warned citizens against taking laws into their hands in seeking revenge following an attack on two communities in Katsina state.
More than 30 people were killed in the communities located in Batsari local government area of Katsina on Friday night.

The police say they have been able to arrest a suspect connected to the incident.

In a statement on Sunday, Garba Shehu, presidential spokesman, quoted Buhari as saying that authorities must be allowed to investigate any security breach.

“No one in the country has a right to take laws into his hands by the way of self-help or revenge,” Buhari was quoted as saying.

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Insecurities: 30 killed in Buhari’s state

“Local communities that catch bandits should hand over the suspects to law enforcement authorities instead of meting out capital punishment, leading to a cycle of revenge and counter revenge.

“The authorities must be allowed to investigate and deal with any breach that occurs. There is no place for violence in a decent society.”

President Muhammadu Buhari

The president urged community leaders to work with law enforcement agencies to ensure that there is peace between farmers and herders in the state.

Buhari prayed that God will comfort families that have lost loved ones in the attacks.


NAF deploys Fighter Helicopters to 2 northern states

The Nigerian Air Force says it has deployed its newly acquired fighter aircraft to Birnin Gwari in Kaduna and some parts of Niger state to flush out bandits from their hideouts inside the forests.

This was disclosed by the chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, during the commissioning of blocks of accommodation for personnel of the service on Saturday.

He said that the fighter aircraft are expected to complement existing efforts being made to combat the rising cases of banditry, kidnapping and other related crimes in the affected states.

“The helicopters inducted have already been deployed; one is already in Kaduna at the flight line, they are working very closely with the other air assets in Minna to make sure we support the efforts in Kaduna Birnin Gwari, Minna and other areas within Niger state.

“We are working round the clock with other security agencies to ensure that what needs to be done is done to secure the lives of people,” he added.

The Air chief explained that 10 out of the helicopters are being used by 32 student pilots to train, owing to the need for more pilots to fly the aircraft.

“22 aircraft have been inducted, 10 are trainer aircraft here in Kaduna, but they are important because without the training we cannot get pilots to fly.

“They are crucial and they are doing very well. There are 32 student pilots training right now,” he stated.


90% of Boko Haram attacks are on Muslims

President Buhari has said that contrary to the opinion in some quarters, Boko Haram is not primarily targeting Christians as Muslims form about 90 per cent of its victims.

The President said this in an op-ed published in Christianity Today, titled “Buhari: Pastor Andimi’s faith should inspire Nigerians,”.

In the article which was published on Monday February 3rd, the president eulogised the chairman of Michika, Adamawa State Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Lawan Andimi, who was recently beheaded by Boko Haram for refusing to renounce his Christian faith.

President Buhari in the article, stated that the attacks by Boko Haram members have repeatedly shown that it is not religious based. According to the President, the sect members have over time attacked and kidnapped many Muslim faithfuls.

“Christianity in Nigeria is not—as some seem intent on believing—contracting under pressure, but expanding and growing in numbers approaching half of our population today. Nor is it the case that Boko Haram is primarily targeting Christians: not all of the Chibok schoolgirls were Christians; some were Muslims, and were so at the point at which they were taken by the terrorists.

Indeed, it is the reality that some 90 per cent of all Boko Haram’s victims have been Muslims: they include a copycat abduction of over 100 Muslim schoolgirls, along with their single Christian classmate; shootings inside mosques; and the murder of two prominent imams. Perhaps it makes for a better story should these truths, and more, be ignored in the telling” the article in part reads

He appealed to Nigerians never to allow themselves be divided along religious lines. The president said Andimi’s attribute even in the face of death, should inspire all Nigerians.

Read the article below

Nigerians everywhere, those of belief and those of none, are mourning the death of pastor Lawan Andimi, taken from us by Boko Haram for his refusal to denounce his Christian faith.

I did not know Pastor Andimi personally. Yet Nigerians and I both know him and his church by their works: healing, caring, feeding and educating, particularly in the northeastern regions of my country—in those areas threatened for too long by terrorists. Every day, the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN) places itself there bravely where the brotherhood of man is most in need of sustenance.

Pastor Andimi’s ministry was located only 60 miles from the town of Chibok, from where in 2014 the world witnessed the shocking kidnapping of 267 schoolgirls. That even one individual—this time a man of the church—could still be taken by the terror group seven years later might be viewed as evidence the terrorists are fully functional, and undefeated. But it is not.

Since I was first elected to office in 2015, 107 of the Chibok girls have been freed. Today we seek the others. Boko Haram are no longer one, unified threat, but fractured into several rivals. These splinters are themselves degraded: reduced to criminal acts which—nonetheless no less cruel—target smaller and smaller numbers of the innocent. We owe thanks to the Nigerian defense forces, bolstered by our partnership with the British, American militaries and other countries that we are winning this struggle in the field.

But we may not, yet, be completely winning the battle for the truth. Christianity in Nigeria is not—as some seem intent on believing—contracting under pressure, but expanding and growing in numbers approaching half of our population today. Nor is it the case that Boko Haram is primarily targeting Christians: not all of the Chibok schoolgirls were Christians; some were Muslims, and were so at the point at which they were taken by the terrorists. Indeed, it is the reality that some 90 per cent of all Boko Haram’s victims have been Muslims: they include a copycat abduction of over 100 Muslim schoolgirls, along with their single Christian classmate; shootings inside mosques; and the murder of two prominent imams. Perhaps it makes for a better story should these truths, and more, be ignored in the telling.

It is a simple fact that these now-failing terrorists have targeted the vulnerable, the religious, the non-religious, the young, and the old without discrimination. And at this point, when they are fractured, we cannot allow them to divide good Christians and good Muslims from those things that bind us all in the sight of God: faith, family, forgiveness, fidelity, and friendship to each other.

Yet sadly, there is a tiny, if vocal, minority of religious leaders—both Muslim and Christian—who appear more than prepared to take their bait and blame the opposite religious side. The terrorists today attempt to build invisible walls between us. They have failed in their territorial ambitions, so now instead they seek to divide our state of mind, by prying us from one from another—to set one religion seemingly implacably against the other.

Translated into English, Boko Haram means “Western teachings are sinful.” They claim as “proof” passages of the Quran which state that Muslims should fight “pagans” to be justification for attacks on Christians and those Muslims who hold no truck with them. They are debased by their wilful misreading of scripture—at least those of them who are able to read at all.

Of course, there is much of Christianity and Islam—both in teaching and practice—that are not the same. Were that not so, there would be no need for the separateness of the two religions. Yet though these unread terrorists seem not to know it, there is much between our two faiths—both the word and the scripture—that run in parallel.

For the Bible teaches, “Each one must give as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion” (2 Cor. 9:7), while the Quran states: “There is no compulsion in religion” (2:256). Similarly, the Bible states: “For if anyone is a hearer of the Word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks intently at his natural face in a mirror” (James 1:23). The Quran concurs: “Those who believe and do good works, theirs will be forgiveness and a great reward” (35:7).

I call on Nigeria’s faith leaders, and Nigerians everywhere, to take these words of concord—and the many more that exist—to their hearts and their deeds. Just as my government, and our international partners, quicken our campaign to defeat Boko Haram within and without our borders, we must turn our minds to the future. There is no place in Nigeria for those who seek to divide us by religion, who compel others to change their faith forcibly, or try to convince others that by so doing, they are doing good.

Rather, we might all learn from the faith and works of Pastor Andimi. There seems little doubt he acted selflessly in so many regards—giving alms and prayers to both Christians and Muslims who suffered at the hands of the terrorists. And he passed from us, rightly refusing to renounce his faith that was not for his captors to take, any more than his life. His belief and his deeds are a lesson and an inspiration to all of us.

Muhammadu Buhari is President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Ogun community protested over herdsmen attack ..

Hundreds of farmers – men and women- from over 12 villages in Oja Odan community and its environs in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State have protested the incessant attacks by herdsmen and wanton destruction of their farm crops by grazing cattle.

The grieving farmers who took their protest march on Wednesday to the Palace of the traditional ruler of the area, the Eselu of Iseluland, Oba Akintunde Akinyemi, alleged that one of them was killed last week by violent herdsmen, who also cruelly chopped off one of the hands of the murdered man’s son.

They further alleged that they have also lost tens of millions in farm crops to the over 8,000 heads of cattle that routinely graze on their farms, devour the crops and trampling down others as they move indiscriminately from one end to the other.

The Jagun Oba of Iseluland, Chief Festus Olabode Aina, who spoke on behalf of the protesting farmers at the Palace of Oba Akinyemi, said the herdsmen were intruders from Republic of Niger and Chad.

He said having been chased out of Republic of Benin, they surged into their villages and practically took over the farms and forests.

Aina urged the monarch to convey their plights to the state and Federal governments to come to their rescue quickly and drive the herdsmen away, fearing that they could be bloodshed as witnessed in 2007, should the “peace loving villagers’ patience” thinned out and gives way in self defence to direct confrontation with the offending herdsmen.

According to him, their age- long stream that supplies them water for drinking and domestic purposes have been muddied, polluted and soiled with cow droppings by the cattle which go their for water daily while their women, daughters and sisters also suffer dehumanisation, abuse and humiliation in the hands of herdsmen.

Responding, Oba Akinyemi lauded the farmers for their peaceful conduct and advised them to continue to be calm and not take the laws in their hands, assuring that their message would be communicated to the governments.

The monarch lamented that the herders returned to the community in their large numbers after the Benin republic soldiers vent their anger on them over the boarder closure and sent them packing from their country.

Speaking with reporters, the Eselu appeals to the government to intervene and let the fulani herdsmen leave the community immediately before things goes out of hands.

The monarch said:”Well, my people are here today to agitate against the abuse, killings, destruction of crops by the Fulani herdsmen in our community. It is surprising to me to see my people , representatives of different communities where we have over 26,000 voters protesting this morning.

“Ever since I have been on the throne, this has always been a problem we have been trying to tame, but, because of the stubbornness of this herdsmen, it has became so difficult to tame them.

“The problem have become more tedious because many of them are now from Benin republic and Niger. My people are saying they can’t take it anymore. The soldiers in republic of Benin have chased the herdsmen out and they have now seen our community as an alternative at the expense of the peace of our people in our land.

“They are now destroying our crops raping our women, maiming our men among others. So, as a matter of fact, I have to employ an appeal to the government to please come to the aid of our people as a matter of urgency.”

However, the Ogun State Police Command said it is aware of the community’s protest but assured that there would be security beef up in the to support those already on ground to ensure safety for the villagers and farmers.

Speaking through the Command’s Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, it added that the Police would continue to put measures in place to prevent a breakdown law and order in that part of the state.


Plateau not safe – Barr. Gyang ..

Deputy Chairman Senate Committee on Defence and Senator representing Plateau North, Barrister Istifanus Gyang, has said the people of Plateau State are no longer safe anywhere in the country.

He added that the people are not safe in the North East and even in their ancestral homes.

Senator Gyang in a press statement signed by his Special Assistant on Media and Protocol, Musa Ashoms, condemned the gruesome killing of 13 people in Kwattas and Ruboi villages in Bokkos Local Government Area of the state.

He said : “The successive attacks and killing of 13 natives of Kwattas and Ruboi villages in Bokkos LGA, Plateau State in successive attacks of Sunday night 26 and Monday morning 27 January by bandits is another sad commentary that is negativing all efforts at peace building in the state.

“The renewed escalation of deadly attacks on host communities raises questions on the state of security in the state. Only last week, Kombun village in Mangu LGA was attacked and now, it is Kwattas and Ruboi villages in neighboring Bokkos LGA.

“Plateau citizens are now in double jeopardy. Away from home they are not safe, at home in their ancestral neighborhoods they are not safe! What a tragedy,” Senator Gyang laments.

Deputy Chairman Senate Committee on Defence and Senator representing Plateau North, Barrister Istifanus Gyang

The lawmaker notes with concern how the renewed attacks are coming on the heels of the abduction and killing of Plateau citizens by Boko Haram.

While condemning the Kwattas and Ruboi attacks in strong terms, Senator Gyang urged Nigeria’s security agencies to live up to their constitutional responsibilities of securing citizens and to deal decisively with bandits bent on displacing and vacating Plateau citizens and host communities from their ancestral homes.


PMB pleads end of violent attacks ..

President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday, warned Nigerians to desist from revenge and violent attacks.

The President, in a statement by his spokesman, Garba Shehu, pledged that terrorism, banditry, kidnapping and associated crimes would be defeated.

“In Plateau State, gunmen launched yet another bloody attack, killing innocent citizens. This shocking and sad incident should be condemned by all citizens.Revenge, hatred and violent attacks should have no place in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society as we have in this country,” Buhari said.

He called on community and religious leaders to counsel youths on the need for peaceful co-existence.

He spoke against the backdrop of the killing of 14 persons by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Kwatas village, Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Confirming the attack, former Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Titus Ayuba Alams, described the incident as unfortunate: “My village, Kwatas, was attacked Sunday evening, between 6pm and 7pm, at the village market square by suspected Fulani herdsmen who killed 14 persons.”

He noted that Kwatas shared boundaries with Plateau State University, Bokkos.

Alams said the attack came a few weeks after armed herdsmen killed 12 people in Kulben village in Mangu LGA.

However, the Plateau State Police Command, in a statement by its spokesman, Ubah Ogaba, said 13 persons were killed and five injured.

“Yesterday, at about 8:30pm, we received information that, at about 7:30pm, gunmen suspected to be herdsmen attacked Kwatas village in Bokkos. As a result, 13 persons were killed, while five others were critically injured and are currently receiving treatment at the General Hospital, Bokkos. Immediately the command received the information, the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Isaac Akinmoyede, deployed a team of detectives, conventional policemen and other personnel to the affected area. He directed them to restore peace and effect arrest of the perpetrators of that dastardly act,” he said.

Ogaba called on residents of the area and the state to be law-abiding, adding that the police would bring the perpetrators to book. He also urged those with useful information that could aid the police to apprehend the criminals to make it available.

President Muhammadu Buhari [PMB]

Meanwhile, Governor Simon Lalong has expressed fury over Sunday’s attack on Kwatas village. Lalong, in a statement by his spokesman, Makut Macham, described it as yet another attempt by criminals to take the state back to the dark days of insecurity.

The governor commiserated with victims and directed security agencies to go after the perpetrators of the crime.


Yobe Emir’s attack: Senate presidency, Ahmad frownsk

President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has condemned the gun attack in Kaduna on the convoy of the Emir of Potiskum, Yobe State, Alhaji Umaru Bubaram.

Gunmen on Tuesday night attacked the convoy of the Emir around Maraban Jos on Kaduna-Zaria road, killing some of the Emir’s aides and leaving others injured.

Lawan expressed his condolence with the revered Emir and the families of those killed in the sad incident.

The Senate President also prayed for speedy recovery of the Emir and others who were injured.

President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan

Lawan called on the security agencies to ensure that everyone with a hand in the heinous crime is brought to justice.

He also called on the security agencies to ensure quick rescue of those who were abducted in the incident.


UNSC frowns at Niger Attack

...as 89 soldiers reported dead

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has condemned Thursday’s terrorist attack on a military base in Niger which left no fewer than 89 soldiers dead.

The council’s position came in a resolution along with a one-minute silence in honour of the victims at its meeting in New York on Monday.

Media reports quoted a government spokesman as saying the incident occurred when heavily armed militants attacked an army outpost at Chinagodrar in western Niger.

It came barely a month after jihadists killed 71 soldiers in a similar attack on a military outpost in the country’s west.

After the resolution, the Permanent Representative of Niger to the UN, Amb. Abdou Abarry commended the council and the international community for condemning the “cowardly’’ act.

Abarry said the Sahel Region and the whole of West Africa needed the support of the council to end the scourge of terrorism.

“I would say all of you supported because the threats that the regions face today is a threat to international peace and security and so in that respect, it requires the action of everyone,’’ he said


Withdrawing Military from affected areas could cause more disaster – Sule, Ortom plea

…no mock exam candidate should be asked to pay ‘N6500’ extra fee

Governors Abdullahi Sule and Samuel Ortom of Nasarawa and Benue states have appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari not to withdraw the military operation “Operation Whirl Strokes” in the two states.

The governors made the appeal, yesterday, at a joint security meeting of the two states in Lafia, the Nasarawa State capital.

Ortom and Sule also disclosed that they have written formally to the authorities concerned to stay put on the withdrawal till the situations on the border line of the two states improves.

Leading discussion on the matter, Governor Sule suggested to the federal government to give the two states another two years to work on a complete master plan for the return of peace among citizens of the states living on the border line.

Sule, argued that the withdrawal of the Operation Whirl Strokes at the moment as planned by the government would not augur well to the affected communities as security in such areas was still fragile.

However, he applauded his Benue State counterpart, Ortom, for embracing the federal government’s National Livestock Transformation Programme (NLTP) which according to him, “its implementation would go a long way to mitigating the skirmishes between herders and farmers in the two states.”

Also speaking, Ortom insisted that the Benue State anti-open grazing prohibitation and ranching law had come to stay in the state,. However, he called on governments at all levels in the country to support herdmen with incentives as been done to farmers.

Ortom appreciated his host, Governor Sule, for initiating the peace process for the two states and pledged to be committed to anything that will add peace to them.

The Emir of Lafia and Chairman of the Nasarawa State Traditional Council, Justice Sidi Bage (retd), on his part appealed to the Benue State governor to review the state’s anti-open grazing prohibition and ranching law.

The monarch, however, commended the governor and people of the state for coming up with the anti-open grazing prohibition and ranching law.

to protect their lives and property.

Meanwhile, Ortom has directed the State Examination Board to immediately revert to the old registration fee of N4,500 for mock Senior School Certificate Examination in the state.

This was contained in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary (CPS), Mr Terver Akase, on Sunday in Makurdi.

Before the development, secondary school final year students have been instructed by the state examination board to pay the sum of N6,500 instead of the N4,500 previously paid.

Samuel Ortom – Benue (Left) & Abdullahi Sule – Nassarawa (Right)

He also directed the Ministry of Education to ensure that school principals strictly comply with the directive.

“No candidate for the mock examination in the state should be asked to pay the new fee of N6,500”, Ortom warned.


National Assembly set to give passage of vigilante bill over plateau attack – Reps

In a bid to secure various communities in the country, the member representing Mangu-Bokkos Federal Constituency of Plateau State in the House of Representatives, Solomon Maren, has said that the National Assembly will give accelerated passage to the bill for establishment of Vigilante Group of Nigeria .

Maren disclosed this at the weekend during a visit to Kulben Village in Mangu Local Government Area of the state where 12 persons were last Wednesday night murdered by suspected herdsmen.

“The bill for the legalisation of the vigilante is before the National Assembly. The bill has already passed second reading and is currently at the committee level, which is the last stage of the legislative process.

“I will work in collaboration with my colleagues to ensure that the bill receives speedy passage for the protection of various communities in the country.”

While directing security agencies in the state to provide adequate security for the people, the lawmaker described the incident as tragic and unfortunate.

“This is most tragic and I lack the right words to describe it, seeing this hieves of sand under which our beloved brothers are laying. But what else can we say? First it’s to make them feel secured wherever they are’’he assured. And to also show them that we are with them.

“I know that what has happened to you has happened to all of us. It is also to assure you that we have not forgotten you. We are doing the needful to ensure that all of you are secured.”


Presidency frowns at plateau gunmen attack

President Muhammadu Buhari has condemned in strong terms the gunmen attack on Mangu Local Government Area in Plateau State.

In a statement, Senior Special Assistant to the President (Media and Publicity), Garba Shehu, said, Buhari was expecting to be fully briefed by the governor, Simon Lalong, the military, police and other security agencies in the state to ascertain details of what happened and what can be done to forestall a future occurrence.

President Buhari said he was shocked and grieved by the incident, even as he urged security agencies in the state to increase vigilance to stop further attacks on innocent communities.


U.S vs Iran: Iraqi claims 80 Americans died in attack

Iranian state television claimed that Wednesday missile strikes on bases in Iraq killed 80 Americans, in a report citing what it called an informed Revolutionary Guards source.

Iran launched 22 missiles overnight at the Iraqi bases used by US and other US-led coalition troops, the Iraqi army said. NobleReporters culled

“At least 80 American military (personnel) were killed in this attack,” the state television website reported.

In addition, it said, unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters and other military equipment had been severely damaged in the attack.

The Revolutionary Guards source said at least 140 targets of the US and their allies had been identified in the region and would be attacked “if the Americans commit any kind of mistake again”.

The source said 15 missiles hit Ain Al-Assad base and none was intercepted by “radars of America’s terrorist army”.

It was the first action of Iran’s promised revenge for the US killing of top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in Iraq last week.


Al-Shabaab Attack Military Base Used By U.S And Kenya Forces

Jihadists from Somalia’s Al-Shabaab group on Sunday attacked a military base used by US and Kenyan forces in Kenya’s coastal Lamu region, a government official said.

“There was an attack but they have been repulsed,” Lamu Commissioner Irungu Macharia. NobleReporters learnt

He said the attack took place before dawn at the base known as Camp Simba, and that “a security operation is ongoing”, without saying if there had been casualties.

“We are not sure if there are still remnants within,” he said.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement, saying they had “successfully stormed the heavily fortified military base and have now taken effective control of part of the base.”

The group said there had been both Kenyan and American casualties; however this could not be immediately verified.

Al-Shabaab said the attack was part of its “Al-Quds (Jerusalem) shall never be Judaized” campaign — a term it first used during an attack on the upscale Dusit hotel complex in Nairobi in January last year that left 21 people dead.

The Somali jihadists have staged several large-scale attacks inside Kenya, in retaliation for Nairobi sending troops into Somalia in 2011 to fight the group, as well as to target foreign interests.

Despite years of costly efforts to fight Al-Shabaab, the group on December 28 managed to detonate a vehicle packed with explosives in Mogadishu, killing 81 people.

The spate of attacks highlights the group’s resilience and capacity to inflict mass casualties at home and in the region, despite losing control of major urban areas in Somalia.


CAN Chairman declared missing

…after Boko Haram attack

Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Lawan Andimi has been declared missing after a foiled Boko Haram attack on Thursday January 2.

District Head of Michika, Mr Ngida Zakawa disclosed that Andimi was last seen among strange men as he received a delegation of the Adamawa State Government who paid a sympathy visit to the community.

He also revealed that some women told him they saw the CAN chairman boarding a Hilux van with unknown occupants.

Zakawa said;

“We did not lose any civilian life but some shops were looted by the insurgents while the whereabouts of CAN chairman is unknown, except that some women claimed they saw him boarding a Hilux van.”


Attack in Tawari, Kogi state killed 19 – Police confirmed

The Kogi State Police command has confirmed the gunmen attack in Tawari community in which over 19 people were killed and also led to burning of buildings including the palace of the king of the community.

The gunmen suspected to be herdsmen allegedly rode into the village on motorcycles, killing and burning buildings until the early hours of Friday January 3. It was further gathered that the herdsmen who stole foodstuffs, were communicating with each other in Hausa language.

Hon. Musa Tanko Mohammed, the administrator of Kogi local government confirmed that 19 persons died in the midnight invasion.

Kogi Police Commissioner, CP Ede Ayuba Ekpeji in a statement released on his behalf by the police spokesperson DCP William Aya condoled with the traditional ruler of Tawari, the entire community, the Kogi Local Government and Kogi State Government over the unfortunate incidents.

Ekpeji also disclosed that the special forces, Federal Anti-Robbery Squad, Counter Terrorism Unit, Police Mobile Force, as well as the conventional Police have been deployed to the community to forestall any breakdown of law and order.

He said;

” I have ordered the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Investigation to commence investigation so as to unravel the cause of the attack.”

Governor Yahaya Bello who condemned the attack, ordered a full scale investigation into the killings.

In a statement by his Chief Press Secretary Mr Onogwu Muhammed, Governor Bello urged the people to be calm and law-abiding, assuring them that his administration as security operatives have been directed to ensure that those who carried out the dastardly act face the law.


How my brother escaped from kidnappers – Lady narrates.

…they disguised as police

A Nigerian lady took to Instagram to narrate how her uncle almost got kidnapped by some men in police uniform after being flagged down at Agbarho/ Warri road by Urohbor hall, Delta State.

According to hennesse_, her uncle was arrested by men who claimed they were police officers who insisted on taking him to their police station after finding drugs he purchased from a pharmacy in his car.

She further revealed that her uncle jumped out of the car, after it dawned on him that he might be kidnapped by the men who drove past two police stations.

She wrote;

My uncle escaped kidnappers today in police uniform this morning at along agbarho/ warri road by Urohbor hall. This is the story

The men on uniform waved me down and requested that I should open my vehicles for a search . Of which I obliged.
After a thorough search of my vehicle and nothing was found, the saw a pain relieving drug (in sachet) inside my car handrest and they asked for a doctor’s prescription that warranted me to get hold of such drug.
After a few explanations , and I told them that I purchased it from a pharmacy store. They insisted that I should be arrested and be taken to their station.

I then requested that i put a call through to my people or my lawyer for them to be aware. Immediately, they engaged their guns, pointed it at me , seized my phones and handcuffed me.
I then insisted they should tell me where they are taking me to, but they said when I get to their station, that I will know. *I then remembered of a story about one headmaster that was kidnapped by some* *uniformed police men along that same road and he paid 300k ransom before he was released* .

They picked him up from 9am and drove along side with him for a very long distance. And while in the vehicle, they started negotiating for ransom (from 3m till it got down to 300k). No reason for arresting him and he was threatened to be killed if he doesn’t comply.
So we drove passed agbarho police station and they didn’t branch. Got to DSC round about, I was hoping they will take me to ebrumede police station. Yet again we passed the station.

Then I realized I was in for something serious. My vehicle has this Central lock thing. So the moment you engage the gear system, the entire doors automatically gets locked down. So I first of all opened up my own side of the door from the Central luck. Lucky enough, they didn’t notice it.

So immediately I got to Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) junction, they slowed down a little then I quickly opened up the door handle and jumped out of the vehicle while on motion, still on handcuff . There were crowed at the junction and I know that people must ask questions.

I started shouting and pleading for help from those at d junction

Lady narrates how her uncle escaped from kidnappers in police uniform in Delta

Lady narrates how her uncle escaped from kidnappers in police uniform in Delta
Lady narrates how her uncle escaped from kidnappers in police uniform in Delta


Bayelsa attack: Jonathan and wife can check on injured soldier.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife Patience on Sunday December 29, visited a soldier who was injured during the gunmen attack at his residence in Otuoke, Bayelsa state.

During the visit at the hospital where Lance Corporal Umar Muttaka was receiving treatment, the former President commended him and other security operatives over the bravery they exhibited during the attack. He stated that they stood firm and fought for the interest and security of the nation.

Goodluck Jonathan visits soldier injured during gunmen?s attack at his Bayelsa home

It was gathered that the injured soldier is responding to treatment as security has been beefed up at the residence of the former President, both in Yenagoa and Otuoke since the attack.


DSS behind my attack – Deji Adeyanju tweets from Dubai

Human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju who is currently recuperating in a Dubai hospital has claimed that the leadership of the SSS is behind the attack that got him hospitalised.

According to him, the SSS contracted a Kano based tout to carry out the attack on him during a “Free Sowore” protest in Abuja on December 23rd.

The SSS is behind my attack - Deji Adeyanju Tweets


5 thugs arrested for alleged invasion into Edo deputy governor’s abode

Five suspected hoodlums were on Saturday, December 28th arrested by operatives of Edo State Police Command for allegedly invading the family house of the Deputy Governor of the State, Philip Shaibu.

The house is located in Jattu-Uzairue, Etsako West Local Government Area of the State. It was gathered that a patrol team responded to a distress call from members of the family and swung into action.

According to reports, “one of the thugs scaled the fence and was caught inside the family house of the Deputy Governor.”

The Police eventually arrested five of the thugs, who disclosed that other members of their gang had escaped and are on the run. Some of the items retrieved from the attackers include locally-made gun, cutlass, battle axe, gunpowder, among others.

The police said the suspected thugs have been transferred to the Area Command for onward movement to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Benin, while efforts are being intensified to arrest others who are on the run.


Alleged gunmen attacked Edo state deputy governor. (Details)

Some gunmen have invaded the home of Dr Philip Shaibu, Edo State deputy governor.

The gunmen were reported to have stormed the home when the occupants were sleeping.

They were however, repelled by neighbours while one of the hoodlums was caught, NobleReporters culled.

The name of the arrested suspect was given as Victor John. He named other suspects to include Uche Ogoke, Monday Kingsley, Pius Lucky and Sunday Goodluck.

Read also: Goodluck Jonathan confirms attack in his hometown

Other suspects were arrested at different locations but one of them was able to evade arrest.

The suspects have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department for further interrogation.


Those gunmen that attacked my commune must be arrested – Jonathan said.

…assailants in a fierce gun duel

Nigeria’s former President, Goodluck Jonathan has called for the arrest and prosecution of gunmen who attacked his home in Otuoke, Bayelsa, South South Nigeria.

He also thanked Nigerians for the continuing show of solidarity and sympathy following the Christmas eve attack by unknown gunmen in his country home in Otuoke, Bayelsa State.

The former President who stated this while conducting sympathisers round the scene of the attack on Friday also commended the Nigerian military for their gallantry in repelling the attack by engaging the assailants in a fierce gun duel that unfortunately claimed the life of a soldier.

Jonathan noted that since the assailants attacked his marine security post on December 24, 2019 many Nigerians of different social status, including President Muhammadu Buhari, state Governors and political party leaders as well as foreigners had either visited him or called to express their heartfelt sympathy over the unfortunate attack in his house.

He also reiterated his call on the concerned security authorities to expose and bring the criminals to book as a means of ensuring that such dare-devil criminality did not happen again in his community or any other place in the country.

On December 24, 019, the assailants had stormed Jonathan’s country home in about five engine boats and attacked the marine security post located within the periphery of the residence at about 1:30 am on Tuesday and sought to take control of a gunboat belonging to the military.

They were however resisted by gallant soldiers who engaged them in a firefight. The gunmen who couldn’t stand the firepower of the military were forced to beat a retreat.