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Aisha Yesufu reacts to demolition of Beer centres.


Aisha Yesufu, Nigerian sociopolitical activist and cofounder of the Bring back out girls movement has spoken on the trending issue as sh she calls it nonsense.

For some days now, the news of demolition of Beer parlours and alcoholic drinks in Kano by Hisbah has been trending and generating a lot of controversy on different social media platforms.

The same thing is reported to have happened in Kaduna as Hisbah destroys alcohol drunks and demolished beer parlours.


See her post below:

What nonsense is this for crying out loud? Businesses should sur the government and also the VAT from alcohol and co given to Kano should be used to compensate these businesses. Kano should stop getting such VAT.

When is hisbah focusing on the boys being sodomised by men in Kano?

She further says that the businesses affected should sue the government and that the Kano suould stop getting VAT (Value added Tax) from such products since they don’t want it sold in the state.


EndSARs: Aisha Yesufu blast, educates Arewa Youths. [Video]


Aisha challenged the Arewa youths to wake up from their deception and face the reality that Buhari has nothing to offer.

One of the patriotic Nigerians who have been fighting for years for good governance in the country, Aisha Yesufu, has called out Northerners over their ignorance on the ongoing crisis in the country.

The activist, in two minutes and a few second video clip posted on her Twitter account on Wednesday, October 21 said that the Northern youths have been brainwashed by their political and religious leaders.

According to her, the Arewa youth have been made to believe that the ongoing nationwide #EndSARS movement is targetted at removing President Muhammadu Buhari from the seat of power.


She noted that Buhari has brought nothing to the north rather than poverty and insecurity, wondering why they still blindly stand behind him despite been victims.

Speaking in the Hausa language, Aisha accused the president of enriching only his immediate family and careless about the progress of the north where he belongs as well as the nation at large.

Her statement reads; “Northerners, I salute you all, I understand that you have been brainwashed on the ongoing crisis by your leaders. Both the religious and political leaders amongst you have convinced you that the movement is against the North, creating enmity between you and the Southerners with claims that the movement is targetted at removing President Muhammadu Buhari from his position.”

“Youths all over the nation trooped out to protest against the poor governance and you are all there making fool of yourselves as a result of what your gullible leaders have brainwashed you with”


“Which of the Buhari are they asking you to support, was it the Buhari that act on killings in his home State Katsina or the Buhari that act on insecurity in Zamfara, or could be it Buhari that solve the incessant killing in Borno State?”

“Of what use is the Buhari, what has he brought to the North? except for the poverty and insecurity. He keeps enriching himself and his family, marrying his children out to children of elites when he himself was as poor as anything before he was elected into office.”

“You hardly could afford to buy even a mattress for your personal use while he keeps sending his children abroad, turning you all to slaves,”

“Continue with your foolishness while they keep using you to get votes”.


Aisha Yesufu says till date, no VP is better than Osinbajo


Nigerian activist and convener of the ”Bring back our girls” movement, Aisha Yesufu on Thursday, praised Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

According to her, since the inception of democracy, no other Vice President has done more than Osinbajo. She claimed that the professor isn’t a stooge and that he fights for Nigerian citizens.

Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

Aisha replied to a comment from a Twitter user who likes the Vice President.

”I totally agree with you that till date no VP has done more than Professor Yemi in being a stooge that cannot assert himself talkless of fighting for the citizens of his country” she wrote.