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BBNaija: Ghana should be called ‘Giant of Africa’ instead of Nigeria – Gifty said.

blasts Nigerian govt.

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Gifty Powers has slammed the Nigerian government while praising Ghana.

She opined that Ghana should be called the Giant of Africa, and not Nigeria.

She said this as she shared a screenshot of an article stating that “Kolkota International Airport is Africa’s best and most improved airport.”

Gifty then wrote: “Honestly ehn, Ghana should be called the giant of Africa, because they make good use with their heads and not with their belly/selfish interest.

“Every country does politics (corruption), I get it, Ghana hides theirs but Nigeria opens theirs like say na we own the Galaxy, say nothing fit happen. Like say na we own “ODESHI”. No respect at all. SMH.

“Why can’t our government for once just forget about their stomachs and f***ing put things straight in this country.

“It’s annoying when i see people, especially foreigners, talking good about some African countries, and when Nigeria is mentioned in the topic, they’ll be like, ‘hell nooo, not Nigeria. You people scam all the time’… It’s f***ing annoying.”

She added: “Person wey dey steal regularly no dey tell person say e dey thief. He tells people that he is a business man.

“Make we dey hide our yansh small naa. Imagine a whole giant of Africa is banned from entering USA. SMH. Kpele ooo we really do have a long way to go.”


Fan blast Burna Boy – says pride comes before fall (See Reactions)

In a tweet, Burna Boy said he has always known that he is the best since Fela Kuti and that everyone knows that. A follower then asked him where he has been from 2010-2018, and that he came in when the table has been set, also that those in the industry paved the way for the ‘Ye’ crooner, the singer said nothing like that happened and he found his lane by himself.

OluwaBurna, as he is sometimes called while replying to the follower, disclosed that those before him made Africans look weak because they begged and paid the Westerners to like us.

Burna Boy’s African Giant’ album was nominated for a Grammy award in the World Music Album category in 2020 but lost to 59-year-old Beninese singer-songwriter Angelique Kidjo whose album “Celia” won the Best Contemporary World Music award.

Kidjo dedicated the award to Burna Boy as she declared Burna as part of the new generation of African musicians who will take the world by storm



Kidjo hangs out with Burna boy days after Grammy event ..

Angelique Kidjo, a Beninese singer, has met with Burna Boy, Nigeria’s Afrofusion singer, and Bose Ogulu, his mum, days after winning the Grammys.

The 59-year-old actress and activist, who is known for her diverse musical influences, appeared to have paid a visit to the home of the ‘African Giant’ singer.

The duo took to their social media platforms on Friday to share pictures they took brimming with smiles.

In one of the videos on social media platforms, the talented songster can be seen discussing with Burna Boy and his mum, while the duo listened attentively.

Kidjo had snagged the Recording Academy’s 2020 ‘Best World Music Album’ award in the same award category in which Burna Boy was nominated for his ‘African Giant’ project.

While receiving her gramophone statuette on Sunday, Kidjo had dedicated her win to Burna Boy, describing him as being among those changing the narrative of music-making in the continent.

“He’s among those artistes from Africa that are changing the way that our continent is perceived and the way that Africa’s has been the bedrock of every music,” the four-time Grammy winner had said.

Burna had, following the loss, reassured his fans around the globe of his commitment to music-making, charging the world to get ready for his comeback.

Reacting to the ‘Ye’ crooner’s loss, Nigerians had flared while Naomi Campbell, an English actress, had criticized the Grammy organisers for failing to recognize Afrobeats as an award category.

“Afrobeats is a musical genre played on mainstream and primetime radio not only across the continent of Africa but across the world,” Campbell wrote in an open letter to the Academy.

“Recently, the genre was put in your ‘World Music’ category at the 2020 Grammys. This misrepresentation diminishes an entire genre in which such a high standard of talent has emerged.

“Did the world get to vote for this award? What will this neglectful categorization of music mean to individual cultures who contribute their blood, sweat, tears, and every level of their creativity?”




#Newsworthy …

You were not awarded because you lack education – Model writes to Burna boy ..

Popular model, Naomi Campbell has written an open letter to the organizers of Grammy Awards after Burna Boy lost to Angelique Kidjo at the 2020 edition of the awards.

Naomi Campbell who praised Angelique for spreading light and opening minds through her music, stated that Burna Boy has not been given the accolades he truly deserves due to lack of education.

The supermodel averred that categorization of afrobeats in the ‘World Music’ category of the 2020 Grammys, diminished an entire genre in which such a high standard of talent has emerged.

Naomi who queried the recording academy on the voting pattern of the category, urged them to use the next 363 days to reassess and reflect on their perspective of ‘World Music.’

She wrote;

First, I want to say deepest congratulations to @angeliquekidjo for her award on Sunday, and thank you to you for spreading light and opening minds through your music… •

And to our AFRICAN GIANT, @burnaboygram… it is only due to lack of education that you have not been honored with the accolades you so truly deserve. You are always a winner in our hearts. ALWAYS. •

And to The @RecordingAcademy,
There is something that brings joy, strength and happiness to myself, and to so many people that hear it, and it is called Afrobeats. Afrobeats is a musical genre played on mainstream and primetime radio not only across the continent of Africa, but across the world… •

Recently, the genre was categorized into your ‘World Music’ category at the 2020 Grammys. This misrepresentation diminishes an entire genre in which such a high standard of talent has emerged; a genre that has been a force of hope and positivity for many, and a vehicle for artistry on the continent of Africa. •

Please take the next 363 days to reassess and reflect on your perspective of ‘World Music.’ Did the world get to vote for this award, or was it only the people in the United States a part of The Recording Academy? What will this neglectful categorization of music mean to individual cultures? Cultures who contribute their blood, sweat and tears, and every level of their creativity and work ethic into making music for YOU and for all of us. •

Please get up to speed on the state of all popular music today, and include Afrobeats Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year and all the subcategories that this genre so deserves – just as any other respected and recognized musical genre. •

This is bigger than you, so open your eyes, ears and minds and treat us right and with the respect we deserve.


Beninese singer dedicates ‘Best Music Album’ to Burna Boy..

The Beninese singer Angélique Kidjo has dedicated her Grammy award in the World Best Music Album Category to Nigerian singer Burna Boy.

Angelique Kidjo defeated Burna Boy, Altin Gün, Bokanté & Metropole Orkest Conducted By Jules Buckley, Nathalie Joachim & Spektral Quartet to win the award on Sunday.

Kidjo won, for the fourth time, leaving Burna Boy still waiting to win his first.

However, Kidjo saluted Burna Boy and said that he is changing Africa

“Four years ago on this stage, I was telling you that the new generation of artists coming from Africa are going to take you by storm.

“And the time has come. This is for Burna Boy.

“Burna Boy is among those young artists that come from Africa that is changing the way our continent is perceived and the way African music has been the bedrock of every music,” BBC Africa quoted Angelique Kidjo.


2020 Grammy: Burna Boy honored outset

Everyone knows it. Eyes are watching. Minds are rethinking possibilities. Music consumers and creatives alike have their hearts in their mouths, observing his every move for minute predictive clues ahead of the long-awaited moment.

There’s no gainsaying that there’s an unusual interest in Damini ‘Burna Boy’ Ogulu’s stake as the 28-year-old Afro-fusion singer stands a chance of snagging a plaque at the 2020 Grammys on Sunday evening — just one year after he dominated the limelight as an Afrocentric artiste.

It didn’t help our anxiety that Burna took to his Twitter — two days to the D-Day, asking if fans could “keep a secret” in a move that suggested he, PERHAPS, already got notified by the Academy that he’ll be getting an award, just so his presence is guaranteed.

But beyond wild speculations and hearsays, many would agree that a game-changing peculiarity heightening Burna’s chances ahead of the 62nd Grammys is the fact that his critically acclaimed ‘African Giant’ album came at a point when the west seems to finally be grasping the Afrobeat concept.

Burna Boy’s ‘African Giant’ sets new record on UK albums chart

While he further gained traction as a thriving creative in 2019, the singer had long had his grip on fame, joining forces with the likes of Wizkid in collaborative hits and drawing inspiration from Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, before the global spotlight finally beamed on him.

Burna Boy before ‘African Giant’

Burna had debuted his first studio album ‘L.I.F.E’ in August 2013. This had come sequel to his 2011 mixtapes including ‘Burn Identity’ and is reported to have sold over 40,000 copies on the first day of its release alone.

Upon graduating from high school, the Port Harcourt-born music star had temporarily migrated to the United Kingdom, where he enrolled in college, but later gave up on tertiary education and returned to Nigeria to pursue his passion in music-making.

He had started making beats at 10 but kick-started his career in 2010 when he signed a two-year contract with Aristokrat Records, a label he later left in 2014 for his own imprint Spaceship Entertainment.

Fusing dancehall, reggae, Afro-beat, and pop, Burna Boy, over the course of time, emerged as one of Nigeria’s fastest rising stars, having paved way for himself in 2012 with his breakout single ‘Like to Party‘, which keeps topping playlists till date.

‘African Giant’ album & the Coachella font controversy

Aface his fast-growing fanbase within Nigeria and critical global acclaims trailing his collaborative projects with the likes of Lilly Allen and Fallout Boy, Burna had sold out his O2 Academy concert in 2018.

With three albums and two EPs to his name already — including ‘On a Spaceship’ and ‘Outside’ — the Afrofusion crooner, was, in no time, billed to showcase his skills to the world at the 2019 Coachella Festival alongside Mr Eazi, a Nigerian singer-cum-songwriter.

But, unlike many expected, Burna was soon in a face-off with organizers of the annual festival after he was unable to spot his name on the lineup while peering at the graphics from the comfort of his toilet seat.

Lashing out at Coachella, Burna flared up and dubbed himself an ‘African Giant’ after deeming the “writing of his name in small fonts,” unlike those of some other global stars — an attempt at belittling him.

Reacting to the disapproval from Nigerians, the then-enraged singer had quickly thrown words like “backward unprogressive fools,” adding that many citizens from the country aren’t mentally advanced enough to fight for themselves.

However, events succeeding these would later see him go on a rampage in serial media interviews to better explain himself and this single development further ushered the unorthodox “Afrofusion god” into the global limelight in no time.

Burna Boy’s potential win and the prospects for Afrobeats, Nigeria’s showbiz

As showbiz moguls looked to spritz their music style with deft touches of the much-acclaimed Afrobeat genre, Beyonce had joined the bandwagon and enlisted Burna Boy, among other Nigerian superstars, for her 2019 ‘Lion King’ project.

However, what augmented Burna’s international acclaim came to be that his successive studio album, which he later revealed was unplanned, came to bear an identical name with his then-controversial ‘African Giant’ mantra.

Burna Boy offers to support victims of Sudan crisis

As a result, many, both in Nigeria and in the diaspora, developed a keen interest in “whatever it is the singer had to offer.” In no time, the body of work ended up with massive numbers across streaming platforms, earning the singer a slew of awards and heated accolades.

From his BET win as the ‘Best International Act’ of 2019, Burna went ahead to snag AFRIMA’s plaque in the ‘Best Male Artiste in West Africa’ category, earning a nomination for the 2020 Grammys.

While we can only make predictions, watch the D-day play out, and analyze the impacts of a possible win, there are many that are confident about Burna’s chances, after having observed the manner in which fans readily chanted the singer’s name for his categories at the 2019 AFRIMA.

Amid the rapidly intensifying scramble for Africa, a Grammy to Burna Boy’s name could potentially open the floodgates of showbiz deals unlike ever before, not for the singer alone, but for Nigeria’s many creatives as well.

This could also rub off on Nollywood and augment the industry’s recent successes — with many Africa-oriented narratives waiting to be re-told. Perhaps it might also change the perspective of Nigerian creatives who have long been said to have a penchant for edging toward eurocentrism.


[Album] African Giant – Burna Boy. (MP3 Download)


African Giant is the upcoming fourth studio album by Nigerian singer Burna Boy, who was born Damini Ogulu in Lagos. It is scheduled to be released on July 26, 2019, by Atlantic Records, Bad Habit and Spaceship Entertainment.
Burna Boy first revealed plans to release the album in April 2019. A private listening session for the album was held in Los Angeles on April 17, two days after his second week performance at the 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The album has been supported by four singles: “Gbona”, “On the Low”, “Dangote” and “Anybody”.

“Saying ‘African Giant’ goes [to] a lot more than music,” Burna Boy tells Apple Music. “It’s a symbol of strength. That’s what I want my people to feel like, to realise that they are.” On the Nigerian Afrofusion kingpin’s fourth studio album, that credo of understanding your worth and truth rings through songs which address success (“Gbona”), respect (“Anybody”), love and desire (“On the Low”) and poverty, aspiration and the daily grind (“Dangote”). Burna Boy might talk of ancestral influence overtaking his messaging and songwriting—“When it’s time for music to be made, it’s almost like my ancestors just come into me and then it’s them,” he says—but he continues to skilfully consolidate the new with the old. Leading-edge pop, hip-hop and R&B fuse with Afrobeat and reggae traditions in vibrant grooves that are rich but never overcooked. His vocals demonstrate a matching versatility, shifting gears with supercar precision and ricocheting between English, Yoruba and Nigerian Pidgin. “Music is supposed to be a universal language,” he says. “You understanding what I’m saying is secondary. The primary thing is what does the person inside of you hear? What does your spirit hear? That’s the job of music—that’s what it’s supposed to do.”

MP3 Download

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